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Wrong time, Right place

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Mornings in the Bayou Nwa always started the same. The air was hot, dry, and humid. The hot and sticky air clung to you. Outside the songbirds sing there songs and the casitas soon joined them. It was annoying to deal with first thing in the morning. It only got worse at the day wore on. Most people choose to do as much outdoor work in the morning then hiding away in their house for the rest of the day. At least the old plantation house was a safe haven from the bayou heat.

But this morning was different, see it wasn't a quiet morning, in Shady Belle. No, it was a hot and humid morning in old Saint Denis. Angel was sitting in mayor Godwin office with Angelo. The mayor was sitting behind his desk with a glass of scotch in his hand. To his left was Angelo casually sitting there with a hand rolled Cuban cigar( she could tell by the smell and the stamp on the side), has he lazy blew out a smoke ring into the ceiling. As Angel sat in front of the oak desk sucking on her gourmet lollipop.

“I'm sorry but I don't think I heard you right sir.” Angel asks in disbelief, and shock, as she rolled the lollipop rolled around in her mouth.

The mayor gave Angel a nod, “Yes, you did hear me and Angelo right.” He sounded happy, when he told her.

“I don’t fully understand the why those. Many of these people have been dead for a good like a hundred and twenty years. And now you want to open a whole museum wing about them.” Angel questions while shaking her head.

Angelo quirked an eyebrow as blew a smoke ring as he crossed his legs, “Are you saying you don’t want to be part of the project?” He slowly asks her, as Angel looked down at the floor.

“You know I ain't saying that.” She mumbled as she sighed, “But this whole wing called ‘Legends of the West.’ just why?”

The mayor gave Angel a smile as he puffed out his chest, “The why is simple we live in the great state of Lemoyne our history is at our fingertips. We are living in it!”

Angel tilted her head to the side and looked at Angelo, “Okay, but that still doesn’t answer the why.”

“As you said a hundred and twenty years ago, these people were more then legends and tall tales, they were real. We want to capture that for all to see. The city of Saint Denis is celebrating her tricentennial we want her to have the best gift ever.”

“So a museum wing is your answer?” Angel asks looking at the pair, “And what will this museum wing be filled with?”

A bright smile graced the lips of mayor, “So glad you asked we have people looking high and low for artifacts, historical account, historical anecdotes, tall tales, folklore and so much more. And of course art. We are hiring the best of the best artists that we can find.”

“And you were on top of the list.” Angelo tells her.

“Alright, I’m in what do you need me to do?” Angel says giving in and leaning back in her chair, as she rolled her lollipop around in her mouth.

Angelo lips curled upwards into a smile, as he pulled a binder from his bag that was on the floor next to him. Angel quirked an eyebrow as she twisted the lollipop around in her mouth.

“We were hoping you would collaborate with Miss. Mary Bell on the prairie mural that would be on the walls leading into the wing. Next I was hoping you would paint the famous gunslingers, Flaco Hernández, Black Belle, Billy Midnight, along with the jack hall gang and the van der lind gang.” Angelo requests handing her a binder, “And of marshall Slim grant.”

Angel was visibly taken back by there offer, not only were they asking her to paint some of the must know outlaws of the old and forgotten west but, two of the most well known gangs as well. The fates of both gangs have gone unknown for so long that they were nothing but myths and tall tales.

"I'll do it." Angel tells them taking the binder from Angelo. It felt so much heavier than it looked.

“I thought you might.” Angelo tells her with a wink. The details were hashed out, and Angel would be paid half for each piece of artwork and paid the rest upon delivery. She was more than happy to see the money she got for this agreement.
That night at Shady Belle, Angel and Jack were sitting on the couch enjoying some boiled crawfish. As they watched some murder mystery show on TV.

“I think there taking advantage of you.” Jack tells her enjoying the sweet and tender meat of the crawfish.

“Darlin’ with the amount of money I’m making I don’t give a flying French fuck.” Angel tells him sucking the meat out of the crawfish tail.

“Still aren’t you worried?” He asks her, which made her pause.


“The van der linde painting? It’s been what long as time, and man oh man.” Jack mutters looking down at the food. “I can’t even remember what must of them sounded like any more.”

“I-yea I know that feeling.” Angel admits playing with her crawfish, “If it wasn’t for the large amount of photos I have then, I think I would forget them.”

“Will you be okay?”

“To paint them? Maybe, maybe, maybe.” Angel whispers tossing a crawfish at Jack head, “Thanks for bringing down my good mood you dick.”

“Sorry sweetheart, I just needed to point out the truth is all.”

“I know darlin’.”

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