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Karma's A Bitch

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The sound of breathy moans and sloppy kisses filled the thick humid air of Tetsu’s dorm room. His filed teeth gritting as his hips pistoned back and forth roughly into you beneath him on your knees, chest pressed into the sheets. Tonight he couldn’t help but leave a few marks on your pretty skin, random patches of purple blossomed on your hips and teeth indentions trailed the back of your shoulders.

For the last two months, you and Tetsu had a casual thing going, or friends with benefits situation as most would call it. However though your situation was slightly different, a little more hopeful if you might say. The two of you would practically sleep in each other’s bed each night, even without a rigirous session of mind-numbing sex. You’d cuddle together, talk in the dark and finally started to share small kisses everywhere but on the mouth. It felt like things were going past the level of friends and blossoming into something much more serious. But, neither of you were very obvious in public about it yet. Of course you hung out all the time with your shared group of friends and there were hugs for days but Tetsu was just a hugging machine. Hell he’d hug his fucking professors on any given day. 

The point was, you didn’t care. You figured that maybe Tetsu needed time to get familiar with more public displays of affection. If patience is what he needed then that was fine. You had been patient since attending high school together. Once you became a junior and he a senior in college, the two of you just started fooling around at a party and it spurred from there. Hooking up multiple times a week, hanging out like normal. You were positive Tetsu was aware of your feelings and most of all you were sure of his! He wouldn’t do the things he was doing with you if he didn’t like you, right? Especially now as he had you turned over, his fingers intertwined with your own on the mattress as he kissed the base of your neck. It made butterflies dance in your stomach and grow bigger, leaving no room and building a familiar warm pressure in your lower belly. 

Yeah, he most definitely liked you.

“Mmm T-Tetsu, I’m so close,” you breathed out.

He smirked and sweetly kissed your cheek before biting at it and eliciting a gasp, your cunt clenching around him even tighter from the action. 

“Fuck baby, you’re so perfect - take me so fucking well. You wanna cum huh?”

You whimpered and nodded, legs wrapping around his broad muscular waist and your fingers clawing down his back. Your mouth struggled to give steady kisses to Tetsu’s throat as he started to fuck even harder, chasing after his own undoing. In no time he was nearing the edge, his hand gripping your thigh and clawing, sure to leave even more marks.

“Cum for me baby - ah fuck yeah, that’s it, good girl,” Tetsu praised as your back arched and you came on command, contracting around his cock and making him cum right after. 

His hips slowed, still making deep languid thrusts as he milked himself into the condom before finally stopping. You both breathed heavily and you grunted when he collapsed and rested on-top of you. Giggling, your hands ran through his now damp with sweat silver hair. Tetsu hummed contently and kissed between the valley of your breasts. In no time you were both cuddling under the covers, the A/C running on full blast along with a box fan at the end of his bed. 

It was nice being in Tetsu’s strong arms, feeling his fingers rubbing your scalp and his soft lips kissing at your forehead. It's in these moments when you and Tetsu are honest with each other. Asking if the cuddling is okay to do, if the kisses are crossing a line. He wouldn’t ask these questions if he didn’t care. Each time you reassure him it's more than okay, that you’d never get tired of any of it, but keeping that sometimes it’s never enough inside your mind. He chuckles every time at the confirmation and just bear hugs you before you both are passed out. The mornings after are routine, waking up together and gifting kisses on the cheek before getting dressed and heading out for breakfast.

This morning in particular had you hopeful. Instead of making you re-dress in the clothes you arrived at his dorm with, Tetsu loaned you a t-shirt and sweats of his own. They may have swallowed you but your heart was too content with the simple fact that Tetsu even wanted you in them. And as the two of you made your way down the floors of rooms to the dorm common area, you couldn’t help but hope others would notice. Once in the kitchen, you beamed when a familiar wild set of blonde hair came into sight. Of course Bakugou would be cooking.

“What’cha cooking Kat?” You questioned and hurried to his side.

“Fucking food.”

Your eyes rolled and you snatched a piece of bacon to munch on as you turned around and leaned against the counter. The rest of the gang happened to be in the kitchen, Denki, Kiri, Mina and Sero. Tetsu joined them at one of the tables, easily making his way into their small talk. The pink haired girl turned and looked at you, a knowing smile growing on her face.

“Hmm, wearing Tetsu’s clothes I see.”

At this Bakugou quirked a blonde brow and looked at you from the corner of his eye. His jaw clenched and the grip he had on the pot handle may have gotten tighter. You didn’t notice though, too busy blushing like an idiot and shrugging.

“What the fuck does that matter?” He blurted out, going back to cooking.

Mina smirked and shrugged herself, eyes looking at Tetsu now.

“Well aren’t you two dating?”

Tetsu glanced from Mina and around the table at everyone else who seemed to be interested in the same question. The silver-haired male waved them off and smiled.

“Nah, it’s nothing like that. Just a little sleepover.”

Oh. You deflated and wrapped your arms around yourself. A sleepover.

Kirishima and Sero both tilted their heads at the other, Denki deciding to drink from his coffee mug and Mina pouting. Suddenly the fun vibe had dulled, everyone except Tetsu painfully aware of the awkwardness of his words and the embarrassment that crossed your face. Bakugou sighed as he flipped a piece of ham in the skillet, his red eyes peeking over at you under his lashes. You weren’t able to hide the small tear that formed in the corner of your eye before excusing yourself from the area, making up an excuse that you forgot there was somewhere else you needed to be, ignoring the sound of both a concerned Bakugou and confused Tetsu calling out your name.

Once upstairs and back in your own dorm room, quickly you changed out of Tetsu’s clothes, tossing them onto the floor and ignoring how there were now wet spots on them from you wiping your teary face with the fabrics. For a few hours you laid in bed and cried, wondering how you even managed to think someone like Tetsu would even want you like that in the first place. He was a college football star, absolutely beautiful in every way and could have any girl he wanted, of course what the two of you had wasn’t anything near serious because you just didn’t deserve someone like him. He deserved someone much better.

In the midst of your sulking session, there was a knock at your door. Your head jerked up from the pillow and you wiped the tears from your face with a sniffle.

“Hey babe, you okay? It’s been a few hours since I’ve heard from you.”

There was no way you were in the mood to see Tetsu right now, especially in the condition you were in.

“I’m fine Tetsu, I just don’t feel good.”

“Oh well do you need anything? I hate to see you feeling bad you know.”

Your stomach knotted at those words, suddenly making you feel guilty. 

“No thank you T, really I’ll be alright, just leave me alone please.”

“Alright well you know how to get in touch with me and where to find me. If you do happen to need anything later or just want to talk, you know I’m here, my door is always open for you.”

With that you heard Tetsu walking away. Sure he said he was there for you, but unfortunately it wasn’t in the way that you wanted.

The weekend passed by and you managed to avoid everyone by staying holed up in your room. However, you weren’t exactly able to avoid Bakugou. The fucker basically threatened to call the dorm staff on you if you didn’t open up the door for him. Thankfully he didn’t bother trying to make you talk about what happened, instead he was just there for you, like he had been since highschool. Bringing you food he made, washing your clothes with his own so you wouldn’t have to leave the comfort of your bed, coming up with the excuse that you were sick to your friends, although he may have embellished on the whole ‘coming violently out of both ends’ part.

Come Monday you were over the whole situation, no longer upset or mad at Tetsu. It wasn’t his fault you took things for more than what they were or that you were starting to become selfish and even assume that he was yours. Needless to say Tetsu was relieved to see you were ‘feeling better’, still he seemed to notice how you aren’t as giddy around him anymore and that can only explain why the guy started to touch you casually so much more, even in public. You wanted to hate it but you couldn’t, it had been only a few days and it's like Tetsu was a drug, you needed more than just hugs and soft squeezes of your elbow and cute pinches on your cheeks.

And it’s for that reason alone why you’re knocking on his door around midnight the following night. Of course Tetsu welcomed you with open arms and a smile too fucking beautiful to be mad at. You wanted to slap yourself for coming back just for sex, knowing it wouldn’t mean a thing and only hurt you further but you needed him. After being able to feel what it was like being like this with the silver-haired beauty, you needed to feel it again. Tetsu was the only person who seemed to accept you and remotely want you, even if it wasn’t in the ways you wanted - it was still something. So it’s easy to fall back into old habits and to be waking up naked the next morning wrapped in Tetsu’s strong warm arms in the comfort of his bed.

Your casual arrangement goes back into full-swing, as if it never stopped. The sex is amazing as usual but now it just leaves you feeling empty, things go back to normal, your friends keeping quiet this time and not asking anymore questions that could cause you anymore pain than what you’re already dealing with. The one thing that keeps you going is that small sliver of hope that maybe it’ll all mean something this time, that last time it was just nerves or pressure that got the best of Tetsu and someone talked some sense into him. It was a stupid idea but it made you feel less numb. 

The weeks go on and things are still the same, you may cry more here and there in your room while wondering why you aren’t good enough until finally you just come to accept that this is how things are. You’re unfulfilled but happy. Less and less it hurts, you become desensitized to those emotions that caused your heart to break - that was until Tetsu had to flip your world upside down one night by kissing you on the mouth. It had been a night of rougher sex, he was in a more dominant mood and when it was done and you were wrapped in his arms, back being rubbed by his warm and large hands, it just happened. You didn’t exactly kiss back, your eyes wide open and brows knitted.

Tetsu stuttered after he so impromptly kissed you.

 “I-I’m sorry, was that okay? If that’s too weird or something then I won’t do it again, of course.”


The word came barreling out of your mouth before you could rationally think, those repressed feelings and emotions storming the gates of your guarded heart and not giving a flying fuck if it was bad or not. 

Tetsu quirked a silver brow. You blushed and buried your face in his chest, earning a chuckle from him.

“I - I mean no it’s not weird … it’s perfectly fine Tetsu.”

You can’t help the first genuine smile that grows on your face when he cuddles you closer and kisses the top of your head with a quiet ‘good’ in response. And it is good, this means something!

After that night kisses become a very common occurrence and god - sex is so much better when Tetsu is capturing all your needy whimpers and moans with his mouth. His lips melding with yours perfectly, making you feel like you were made for each other. It’s no surprise that his kisses are just as addictive as he is. They vary from soft and tender, passionate, to rough and sloppy, more heated than you’ve ever had before. What makes your heart soar even more is that Tetsu doesn’t stop kissing you, even after fucking. In fact there’s a handful of nights when he holds you close, calloused and warm hands cupping your face as he kisses your lips for hours. Once again you’re sucked back in and hopelessly in love. Your happiness is back and there’s no way you’re reading things wrong now.

Even as another month passes and you don’t fuck as often as you did in the beginning, nothing can change your mind. The summer break is nearing and classes are stressful, exams are coming up so it’s crunch time. On top of that Tetsu is always exhausted now from football practice as the team puts in as many hours as they can before the off season. At the end of the day though, you and Tetsu still sleep together in each other’s beds and you still get kisses before you both pass out from exhaustion. 


It’s the afternoon before the last day of exams and classes. You and Bakugou are both sprawled out on your bed, textbooks and note cards scattered across your laps and the covers. Here and there, the two of you take a break to get a snack and talk about how the famous college drumline is that Bakugou is part of or anything new that may have happened to you. Not like you have too much to talk about because you and the blonde are almost attached at the hip throughout the day, always hanging out with the squad or just each other. Bakugou was your best friend, your rock. 

He was always there for you, even when you were a mess over Tetsu. You knew that Bakugou wasn’t exactly a fan of your not so boyfriend, he made that perfectly clear with the disgusted glares and scoffs everytime Tetsu was around. None of that changed even though you told Bakugou it was different now.

“He kisses me Kat, why would he do that if he didn’t like me in that way?”

“Because he’s a fucking tool.”

You smirked and kicked at Bakugou’s knee, earning a growl and middle finger in response. 

“So would you kiss someone, even if you didn’t like them in a romantic way or had feelings for them?”

Bakugou narrowed his red eyes at you, one of them twitching.

“Don’t you fucking try and compare me to that piece of shit, I’m nothing like him. I actually fucking care.”

“Care about what?” You questioned, head tilting like some sort of confused animal.

Bakugou cursed under his breath and looked away, trying not to become so immersed in how stupidly adorable you were looking at him like that and trying to hide his embarrassment from nearly outing himself. The blonde pulled his knees up to his chest, elbows resting on them.

“Fucking nothing.”

“Kat - care about what? Is there some person I don’t know about that you’ve fucking fallen for?”

Yeah idiot. You.

Bakugou looked back to see you staring at him with curiosity now, a grin on your face and excitement just boiling at the surface. It took everything in him to not scream, to not blow up at your sheer obliviousness or get, dare he say it, hurt, by your joy of him being even remotely interested in someone that wasn’t you. Even though it was painfully obvious that you were so fucking head over heels for that silver-haired bastard that definetely didn’t reciprocate the same feelings for you, Bakugou still couldn’t help but be so god damn head over heels himself. It was such an idiotic situation that was happening here. 

You loved Tetsu. Tetsu didn’t love you. Bakugou loved you. You didn’t love Bakugou. 

Bakugou had come to accept that he was indeed a hypocrite and just as dumb as you. Any brash advice he’d try to give you about the one-sided relationship you had with Tetsu, he should’ve taken himself. All the times he sat with you sobbing in his arms over that piece of shit that didn’t love you back, Bakugou couldn’t help but cry himself when you’d leave because he knew that same exact pain, way more than you would ever know. It wasn’t fucking fun watching the girl he loved hurting herself over and over, always taking any new shit Tetsu laid on thick as ‘hope’. It made Bakugou’s blood boil to hear the strongly detailed things you and Tetsu would do together, to see the new marks that tarnished your skin that only you, Tetsu, and well, Bakugou, knew about. 

Bakugou would think that he’d be able to stop being so fucking hopeless and finally get over you, to move the fuck on. But he couldn’t, for years he tried, tried dating other people to see if there was something, tried to push you from his head - it was impossible though. Bakugou just couldn’t quit you and all for the same exact reasons that you couldn’t quit Tetsu.

Dumb, stupid, idiotic hope. 

Hope that one night you’d finally realize you deserved better and would find the power to leave Tetsu once and for all and maybe, just maybe, give Bakugou the chance he sought after all these years. God - hope was a bitch. 

“Kat - hello!” You loudly spoke, fingers pinching at Bakugou’s insanely still chubby cheek.

“Fuck off!”

You pulled back when the blonde abruptly snapped. Immediately he regretted it, the shocked and kicked puppy look on your face making him feel like utter shit. He let out a breath and you hugged your notebook close, eyes looking away from him as you chewed nervously on your lip.

“I’m sorry Katsuki, I didn’t mean to piss you off. I just got excited thinking that you may have found someone to make you happy. I feel like shit talking about me and Tetsu all the time, you know?”

Bakugou scoffed. “That’s rich.”

Shit, did he really just say that? Bakugou dared to look at you again and rubbed his face with a groan. Of fucking course he did.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“Not a damn thing,” he replied before checking the time on his phone. Bakugou started to gather his things and removed himself from the bed, packing everything into his backpack and slipping his shoes back on. “I’m fucking out. Don’t wanna be here when your ‘boyfriend’ shows up.”

You pouted and Bakugou ignored the look of utter defeat on your face as he turned and walked to the door. You managed to tell him goodbye with an empty tone, only making his chest tighten more with guilt.


Once out the door, Bakugou didn’t look back as he shoved his hands in his pockets and headed down the hall to the stairs, making his way to the other side of the dorms towards his own room. The further away he got the better he could breathe. 

Or not. Fuck. 

He couldn’t tell if he was relieved for the distance or keening to be back in your presence. Just for a moment he stopped at the top of the stairs and contemplated going back and apologizing. It wasn’t exactly unusual for Bakugou to stick his foot in his mouth and just snap. Every time it happened with you, you were quick to forgive him, accepting that it was just Bakugou being Bakugou. 

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, the tip of his shoe digging into the floor as he prepared to turn around. All that will to do so died as fast as it grew when a painfully familiar voice rang in Bakugou’s ears and a hand squeezed his shoulder.

“Hey man,” Tetsu chimed as he passed by.

Bakugou shrugged him off with a growl and proceeded to make his way down the stairs. Knowing all too well where that bastard was heading and knowing that nothing he did would make a fucking difference about anything.