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I sit right now in front of my laptop, glasses perched on my nose, a cup of black coffee sits besides my laptop, she always asked me how was I able to gulp down something so bitter though she always followed up with a "It's just you things"  and smiled. But this was all before I lost her, I mean she's still alive and well, she just isn't in my life like that now. It's been years since I last saw her or talked to her but at times like this when I am all alone, it's her face that pops up in my mind or when ever something exciting happens, it's her who I want to text.

We met in high school, she was a junior of mine since middle school but I didn't new her until my final year in high school. It was September, there were tons of new faces around, fresh minds ready to take on the hard coursework they didn't knew would make them cry. We hadn't officially even met when you already had made up your mind about me, you told me later that you thought of me as an extrovert and you, yourself as an introvert and how we would never really be close. Little did you know at that time though how would you be proved wrong.

I had the cliche : extrovert jockey reputation, knew everyone from my batch and was now going around befriending the juniors, it was in one of these moments I actually met you properly : Moon Byul Yi. You sat their with your best friend Whee In, it was early morning, we had no class and I was walking in the Badminton court when I saw you two, I walked over and greeted you guys, Wheen In seemed comfortable enough but you were shy, you escaped looking into my eyes though your replies were perfect.

"Food" , that's what we discussed, the moment the word was mentioned we ranted and ranted about it, breakfast, lunch, dinner routines, what we liked or disliked, I learnt you loved sweets and soft drinks while I hated them. Your eyes were glowing, you seemed so fresh and active then, I knew one thing then and there : I liked a smiling , cheerful Byul Yi and would do anything to keep her smiling. 

I teased you about a boy few days later, you got flustered easily, your friends joining me in it and you trying to avoid it. I realised that I might have made you awkward with the whole situation, I went home and wrote a really formal apology, you were shocked at my formality and dismissed the whole scene. I was relieved.

Hi, My name is Kim Yongsun and I have never been good at first impressions, people generally just take my bitch resting face as my mood 24/7 *sighs. This story is about how my first love is the last one. How suddenly someone who was always in shadow became my own light. This story is about everything that will seem cliche to you with a happy ending, but trust me it isn't.