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Class 1A Are Fuckig Gays

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mido(bi)ya has added upupupandaway, gotta go fast, icythottticusprime, and 14 others to Class 1A Are Fuckig Gays

dollarstoretapestry: fuckig

dollarstorepikachu: fuckig

ThatHardcoreAcid™: fuckig

BlackButBetter: fuckig

Yaogaygay: fuckig

upupupandaway: fuckig

rockhardabs: fuckig

mido(bi)ya: I mean...

mido(bi)ya: yall can fucking leave if ur not having fun

upupupandaway: who the FUCK LET MIDO CUSS

rockhardabs: our pure boy has been tainted??? Whomst the fuck allowed this?

gotta go fast: Midoriya! Your language is quite unbecoming of a future hero!

gotta go fast: Who’s to blame for this???


dollarstorepikachu has changed rockhardabs name to rockharddabs


rockharddabs: …

rockharddabs: ill allow it


BlackButBetter: gee, wonder who midoriya could’ve gotten that foul language from?

lordexplosionmurder: SHUT THE FUCK UP


mido(bi)ya: yah

mido(bi)ya: eat shit

mido(bi)ya has kicked lordexplosionmurder from Class 1A Are Fuckig Gays

ThatHardcoreAcid™: shit

dollarstoretapestry: dude…

dollarstorepikachu: OHMYGOD

(Can’t)WatchHerGooo: hello 911?

(Can’t)WatchHerGooo: I just witnessed a  murder

ThatHardcoreAcid™: anyone else think midoriya doing the online equivalent of yeeting someone hot or is that just me?

ThatHardcoreAcid™: no? ok.

icythotticusprime: oh no it was

ThatHardcoreAcid™: HELL YEAH

icythotticusprime: you should see him actually throw someone

icythotticusprime: it’s how they say?

icythotticusprime: An Experience™

mido(bi)ya: abdafjdkjsdgjdjgn todoroki!

mido(bi)ya: the only person I’ve thrown is you during training?

icythotticusprime: An Experience™

mido(bi)ya: akjndakjfhkhsdgkjsdhgkjKJSAKJFHKJDGHLKDAHG

(Can’t)WatchHerGooo: god I wish that were me

ThatHardcoreAcid™: same

dollarstorepikachu: same

dollarstoretapestry: same

catchthese8hands: same

Darkness The Void: same

BlackButBetter: same

upupupandaway: same

YourCatTalksShitBehindYourBack: same

rockharddabs: same

One of Them Is Wearing Pastel Shorts: same

I’mGonnaKermit: same

dollarstorepikachu: damn

dollarstorepikachu: midoriya even brought out the emos to the yard

Darkness The Void: ngl but…

Darkness The Void: I’d go outside to see that

BlackButBetter: god me too

BlackButBetter: I know I’m like…

BlackButBetter: A big Lesbian but hot DAMN

Yaogaygay: but…babe

BlackButBetter: Babe look…I love you and I’m in lesbians with you…

BlackButBetter: but…babe

BlackButBetter: It’s midoriya

BlackButBetter: and he can YEET just about anyone in this class without trying

Yaogaygay: you know what?

Yaogaygay: understandable have a nice day

dollarstoretapestry: even got the lesbians

dollarstoretapestry: midoriya how

upupupandaway: us lesbians have taste

I’mGonnaKermit: obviously, ribbit.

upupupandaway: ur so cute Tsuyu<3

I’mGonnaKermit: <3

dollarstorepikachu: so are we just gonna ignore that todorokis name is icythotticusprime or???

rockharddabs: yeah bro, what’s up with that?

icythotticusprime: I’m a raging homosexual

rockharddabs: nice

Darkness The Void: understandable have a nice day

dollarstoretapestry: mood

dollarstorepikachu: I thought you were japanese?

Darkness The Void: everyday you stray farther from god’s light

Darkness The Void: and into the darkness of the pit where the soulless go

catchthese8hands: babe

catchthese8hands: calm it down a bit

Darkness The Void: I know not of calm

Darkness The Void: my resting heart rate is panic

mido(bi)ya: god what a fucking mood

upupupandaway: same

icythotticusprime: same

gotta go fast: I worry for you three sometimes

gotta go fast: This is one of those times.

mido(bi)ya: hey iida?

gotta go fast: Yes Midoriya?

mido(bi)ya: Shhhhhh

dollarstorepikachu: did anyone know a walrus can suck the skin right off a seal?


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* * *


mido(bi)ya: anyone seen my boyfriend?

gotta go fast: He’s down in the common room last I saw Midoriya!

upupupandaway: yeah he’s down here

upupupandaway: sero and kaminari are helping him with the fire side of his quirk by having him pop popcorn bags

upupupandaway: it’s actually pretty impressive honestly

mido(bi)ya: not him

mido(bi)ya: my other boyfriend

dollarstoretapestry: what

dollarstorepikachu: WHAT!!!!!!!

BlackButBetter: excuse?????

Yaogaygay: …what?

I’mGonnaKermit: What????ribbit

rockharddabs: what????????????

ThatHardcoreAcid™: Ayyyyyyyyye midoriya get it!!!!!!

Darkness The Void: This is a surprise

catchthese8hands: who is it?

gotta go fast: I must say, I am rather curious.

One Of Them Is Wearing Pastel Shorts: That’s why you wanted two different cakes made.


upupupandaway: MIDORIYA!!!

(Can’t)WatchHerGooo: wait, Satou made you cake?

icythotticusprime: I think he’s in his dorm room @mido(bi)ya

icythotticusprime: he said something about a headache earlier

mido(bi)ya: okay!

mido(bi)ya: thanks shou <3

mido(bi)ya went offline

BlackButBetter: so...

Yaogaygay: shou huh???

BlackButBetter: :3c

icythotticusprime has left the chat


dollarstorepikachu: why does midoriya get two cakes???

BlackButBetter: He’s midoriya

dollarstorepikachu: understandable have a nice day


icythotticusprime  has joined Midoriya and His Plus Twos <3


icyhot boi: you okay toshi?

tired boi™: yeah

tired boi™: zukus here now so I'll probs take a nap and talk to you later.

icyhot boi: k

icyhot boi: hope you feel better<3

tired boi™: <3

icyhot boi: @marimo boi did you have to leave the class chat in flames?

marimo boi: it’s my tribute to you

marimo boi: also urakaka took my last pudding cup

marimo boi: this is pretty tame compared to what I actually wanted to do

icyhot boi: which was?

marimo boi: oh you don’t need to know

marimo boi: the least I can do is give you plausible deniability

icyhot boi: remind me not to get on your bad side

marimo boi: god ur so cute shou

marimo boi: thinking you could ever get on my bad side<3

icyhot boi: <3


Class 1A  Are  Fuckig Gays


rockharddabs: is anyone gonna change the chat name so it’s spelled correctly at least?

ThatHardcoreAcid™: If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

mido(bi)ya: thank you mina<3

ThatHardcoreAcid™: np boo<3

dollarstorepikachu: I’m sensing something here

dollarstorepikachu: I don’t know what it is but I’m sensing it

BlackButBetter: it’s probably bakugou

BlackButBetter: he blew up one of the couches in the common room again after midoriya kicked him

BlackButBetter: seeing that is only funny from a distance and out of earshot

dollarstoretapestry: yeah jirous right

dollarstoretapestry: don’t be within earshot if ur gonna laugh

dollarstoretapestry: trust me

ThatHardcoreAcid™: he speaks from wisdom and firsthand experience

ThatHardcoreAcid™: like any true shaman of the mountain

dollarstoretapestry: thank you mina

dollarstoretapestry: finally

dollarstoretapestry: someone that appreciates me

dollarstorepikachu: oh ok

dollarstorepikachu: I see how it is

dollarstoretapestry: wait

dollarstoretapestry: babe

dollarstorepikachu: its bro to you

dollarstoretapestry: ;A;

rockharddabs: damn bro

rockharddabs: you just got brozoned

BlackButBetter: can we get an f in chat for our fallen brother?

Yaogaygay: f

catchthese8hands: f

Darkness The Void: f

upupupandaway: f

I’mGonnaKermit: f

icythotticusprime: f

One of Them Is Wearing Pastel Shorts: f

ThatHardcoreAcid™: f

(Can’t)WatchHerGoooo: f

dollarstorepikachu: did anyone else know dragonflies breathe through their ass?


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