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Don't Change For Me, Cause I'll Never Change For You

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Chief of Police Charlie Swan was really looking forward to his daughter Isabella coming to Forks to finish high school and at the same time, he was dreading it. She had changed so much since she stopped visiting him here each summer about age thirteen. Gone was the chubby, clumsy child everyone knew and in her place was a confident young woman. She really was the ugly duckling turned into a swan for the fairytale. He had no one but himself to blame, getting her into Self Defence classes run by Phoenix Police Dept. She lost her clumsiness, becoming graceful and kicked the butt of the puppy fat stage.

In fact, she had excelled in her classes and was now training to be a Self Defence instructor herself. This she was going to finish with Seattle Police Dept, once she got here. So with the training and the fitness came a toned, well-defined body and this was what worried her father the most. He envisioned a future where his jail would be overflowing with wannabe suitors. Not that she couldn't kick them all into touch if she wanted. But to top it all off his daughter was nice, kind and friendly. She saw the best in people and made friends with them easily, people gravitated to her, like satellites orbiting her, as if she was their sun.

As he waited for her plane to land, Charlie hoped Isabella, no Bella she preferred that, wouldn't be bored here in his little hometown. She was used to a bigger bustling community, her old school had more students than there were occupants in Forks and La Push combined! But she had wanted to come and he was really happy to have her home once more. He had been making an effort for her and not only had he redecorated her room, but had turned the basement into a gym for her as well. He didn't need to get her a car as she was having her own one shipped, so he used that money to set up the gym.

Fitness wasn't her only love, Bella read, played chess and enjoyed all sports equally. But fashion designing was something her mother had gotten her into and it had taken on a life of its own. Bella and Renee ran a small, up and coming fashion business called  'BelNee Designs'. Charlie had been worried about taking her away from that, but in this age of technology, it was no problem they told him. Just insisted he has a good secure internet connection for her at home, she was bringing her laptop and the state of the art computer would come with the car. There only other stipulation had been about security, which he'd sorted out first. Charlie knew when her plane had disembarked because several heads were turned watching the approach of the young woman who was his daughter.

As she yelled, "Daddy!" and ran towards him, his heart as always swelled and several men now averted their gaze upon seeing his police uniform. This was something he would never really get used too.

He wanted to arrest them all, "Bloody Perverts" he mumbled to himself with his hand on his gun. Then she was in his arms and planting big sloppy kisses on his cheek and he knew he was blushing deeply. Bella was not afraid to show her emotions and her love for him was obvious for all to see.

As was their similarities, she had his hair and eye colour, nobody could understand how he was surprised by his daughter's beauty. She got her looks from his side of the family and Charlie was a good looking man behind that moustache. He had grown it many years ago to alleviate his baby face and kept it. The only thing Renee had added to their daughter's looks was the porcelain complexion which enhanced her dark eyes that much more. Bella looked as if she'd stepped off of a catwalk, rather than a plane after a long flight. Stunning was the adjective she incited in the people around her.

As they collected her belongings, Bella introduced him to a family she'd sat with on the plane. The little boy was impressed with his uniform and had gasped as they made it outside and saw she really would be riding in a cruiser as she'd told him. Bella sat him in the front and whispered to him,

"Push that button, just the once!" His whoop of joy as the siren sounded, had his parents smiling and thanking both Bella and Charlie on his behalf, she had made the flight fun for him. Charlie shook his head, only Bella would get stuck with a kid on the plane and make his day. Charlie was still chuckling as they got in and waved goodbye.

"What! I loved it at his age didn't I?" she deadpanned. He couldn't disagree, everyone knew when she was visiting. His siren could be heard at the strangest moments all over town. The journey back to Forks was filled with the sound of Bella telling her father all her news and plans, now she was here. They made only two stops when they reached Forks, one at the school to pick up her schedule for starting on Monday and the diner for lunch. It was Thursday today and Charlie was giving her a couple of days to reacquaint herself with Forks before tackling school.

The whole town was agog, nobody quite believing that this was the Chief's daughter. But also unable to deny it when seeing them together, they were so alike. The students who'd caught a glimpse had inundated Mrs Cope for information. Because it had been a rare sunny day here in Forks, one family the Cullens had missed the impromptu flying visit. But on their return to school on Friday, they were swamped by talk of Bella Swan, the Chief's daughter. She was constantly on the local boy's minds.

Edward relayed their thoughts  "She was the hottest thing I've ever seen" and "Please god let her like me when we meet!", "Will she talk to me!", "Hell, I'd be happy, even if she told me to get lost!".

The two females in the family were extremely disgruntled to be told and to overhear things like, "Wow, even without makeup, she was way better looking than Rosalie Hale!" or "Did you see what she was wearing yesterday? That had to be a 'BelNee design'!" and "She was way more fashionable and current than Alice Cullen!". But what upset them the most was that these comments were from the girls, but also none sounded upset or put out about this new girl at all.

This was because unknown to the Cullens when Bella had come out of the school office with her dad she'd met a group of three girls. Charlie introduced them by saying, " You must remember these three, Angela, Whitney and Katie!", Bella had known when they were all little and Angela and she still had a sporadic online friendship.

So Bella asked them to help her out on Monday saying, "I'll need all the friends I can get, it's going to be all new and a little strange for me". They were not the most outgoing, or the best looking, not even the best dressed, but they were the most real and normal girls here in Forks. Although they were about to be thrown into the limelight for once, that their old friend would bring them.


Everyone was in an uproar in the Cullen house, except for Jasper, Rose's pretend twin. He never understood how people fell for that, he had a southern accent which she did not. The emotions at school today were great for him, he was still basking in their glow and ignoring the pettiness going on around him. Why worry about some girl? He had Alice, what did it matter who came to the school. Rosalie or Rose as the family called her was devastated, never since her change in the thirties had anyone ever said someone was more beautiful than her! Emmett her mate and husband tried hard to placate her, saying that no matter what, she was still the most beautiful to him, but it was to no avail.

Alice, Jasper's mate and wife couldn't see the new girl or her future no matter how hard she tried, that was how she never saw her coming here! This was unprecedented but to Alice much less important than what she'd heard today and which she refused to believe. No one had better taste than her! No one wore more up to date fashions than her, ever!  They were all wrong and her clothes would just be knockoffs, not real 'BelNee' ones, of this she was totally convinced. Alice needed to be the most current, most special, most important! This was her failing although she never saw it herself.

Edward had tried to act nonplussed, saying she would be just another girl. No better or worse than any other small-town girl and he like them had met hundreds over the years! As long as she didn't drool all over him like the others did, he cared not, he said haughtily. But Jasper knew he secretly revelled in all the attention he got and even considered it his due. Since Edward thought he was so, to his own mind anyway exceedingly handsome! Why wouldn't these small-minded humans find him to be better than their peers because to him it was true? What he didn't understand was initially yes they found him more handsome, but his disdain and arrogance made them lose interest quickly, not their natural fear of vampires.

Carlisle and Esme, the pseudo-parents didn't understand what the girl's problems were. They would only be here another year at most and then on to pastures new, so what did it matter, they'd be ignoring her just like all the rest! Although they had heard she was quite the looker from the townspeople and some of the hospital staff. So to distract their overly anxious daughters they suggested a trip to Seattle shopping, that usually did the trick when the got all bent out of shape over nothing. So on Saturday morning, they set off for the big city, driving through the town in two cars.

That's when the inevitable happened, they saw Miss Isabella Swan. She was returning from her morning jog and where others would have been red and sweaty, Bella was flushed and glowing healthily. Wearing normal running clothes to other people, but were seen for what they were by the Cullens. As the top of the range, made especially for the body they enhanced, designer sports apparel. She was stunning and if not for the heartbeat and flushed skin, could have been mistaken for a vampire.

Their reactions to seeing her were right across the spectrum. Carlisle and Esme commenting on how lovely she was and a credit to her father.

 Emmett huffed out an "Oh, Shit!", Alice moaned a "No, No! I don't have that",  Rose just growled darkly.

Jasper smiled, musing "Nice emotions, so pure and strong!" and Edward floored them all by his unexpected reaction of, "Fuck me!"

They were just passing the house as Charlie Swan waved and flagged Carlisle down. "Dr and Mrs Cullen, this is my daughter Isabella," he said proudly, Bella wiped her hands down her shorts, before shaking the hands of the doctor and his wife.

 Carlisle introduced Jasper and Alice as they were in his car and motioned to the one behind introducing Edward, Emmett and Rosalie. Bella gave a little wave to them and nodded to Jasper and Alice. She seemed totally unconcerned by them and they assumed like father, like daughter! But what didn't go unnoticed was her complete disinterest in Edward, barely giving him a glance. She actually excused herself to go and do some warm down stretches. Which pleased Carlisle, she obviously took care of herself and he doubted he'd see much of her at the hospital.

After another couple of minutes chat with the Chief they headed out for Seattle in utter silence, well outwardly anyway. Edward was so taken aback by her ignoring him, he didn't for once hear the others thoughts over his own. It would be several hours before he got over himself and realised he hadn't heard her mind at all. That's when it all started to go wrong, his initial attraction coupled with her silent mind became an obsession. Edward unused to such feelings and desires reverted back to the only thing he knew, his Edwardian morals and understanding of women learned from his real father.


Bella was happy to be here and for the change of pace, in Phoenix she'd made the mistake of getting in with the in-crowd, so to speak. Here she was going to have real friends, not hangers-on and people looking for freebies. Standing out from the crowd wasn't all it was cracked up to be. But a new place, giving her a new start was her mantra and she refused to let anything get her down. Her normal knack for spotting false people had let her down back in Arizona, but it was working overtime here. Several of the townspeople were less than pleasant, but that happened wherever you went in life.

But the family her dad had introduced her to this morning were all kinds of wrong. Her quick methodical scan and peripheral viewing gave her much to think about. In the first car in the front had been the Doctor and his wife, they were very friendly and as acquaintances would be fine. But every one of the seven of them was easy to read, their faces said it all. Bella hoped they never played poker because they'd lose, apart from Jasper none had a poker face at all.

Carlisle was a little pompous, but okay and Esme, Bella felt to be overly clingy and needy, but fine in small doses. In the back had been one of their son's and one daughter, Jasper was totally chilled and gave off really good vibes, Alice was way too chipper and very envious of Bella. In the second car, dear good if looks could kill! The other daughter Rosalie was radiating hatred and jealousy, even though they'd never met properly. The son who was driving Edward, oozed arrogance and conceit, Wow, someone sure loves himself and the other brother Emmett swung from happiness when smiling at Bella, to trepidation while glancing at the girl beside him and back again.

Bella firmly placed them in the those to avoid group, along with Jessica Stanley, Mike Newton and Lauren Mallory. The last three were not bad people just petty, self-centred teenagers and not good friend material. But enough of this, Bella thought to herself. More importantly today she needed to shop, the cupboards are getting a little sparse and tomorrow she was going to the Rez with her dad to see Chief Billy Black. She had known him and some of the others from La Push a long time ago and now it was time to get reacquainted with old friends. Just as she was leaving the house the couriers phoned saying they would be there that night about seven, Bella was ecstatic, that meant she had her car for Monday at school.

Her baby was a Chevrolet Corvette in Atomic Orange. She'd gotten a two-seater on purpose back in Phoenix, that way she could dissuade the hangers-on who wanted ferried about. She had a feeling it might be a bit flashy for here, but back there it was run of the mill. Plus she needed a decent ride to get back and forth from Seattle for training. She just got the basics at the store as she was walking, she'd do a more in-depth shop later when she had the transport. It was pretty well stocked and had everything she wanted, her plan was to do a big cook on a Sunday for the week and just reheat each night.

Much as she enjoyed cooking she didn't want to be tied to the kitchen every night. Also if she planned well she could freeze some as well for the can't be bothered days. Thank god her dad had a washer/dryer in the laundry room cause like most teens her priority was not housework. She did her fair share of that before her mother and her started up their business. Turns out he had someone come in once a fortnight, to do a more intense cleanup, so Bella and he just needed to keep it tidy. Mrs Ibsen also did some cooking for the Chief, so if she and Bella worked together they could get well ahead with the meals, that would be a bonus.

The rest of her day was busy, then Angela and Katie arrived to help her set up all her stuff that came on the van. Whitney had been roped into a family function or she would have been there too.  They talked about school and asked if Bella would be joining any clubs, Katie was in the chess club and was stoked when they unpacked her set. Angela was hanging up her clothes and had to ask why they were predominantly 'BelNee'? Bella was noncommittal for now and said she just liked them. She'd tell them soon, but not yet!

By the end of the night, she was going to join Art club with Angela, Chess with Katie and Track with Whitney. That wouldn't interfere with her training on a Friday night, which she told them all about and they seemed interested, thinking Whitney would definitely like to go with her. She'd ask her on Monday as the company would be welcome, it's a long drive on your own. She decided to set up her computer after they left, saying it would give her something to do before bed. There was a lot of security and stuff on it that would be too hard to pass off as normal.


Sunday morning she was up early as usual for her run, managing to throw a couple of meals together for during the week while she had her breakfast. She got them in the oven before leaving and knew they'd be ready when she got back, but set the timer and told her dad to switch off the oven if it rang. The streets were quiet and if she hadn't been used to this, it would have seemed a little eerie. At one point she did feel as if she was being watched as she left the house but passed it off as early morning paranoia.

When she felt the same feeling on the way home she took note of the place, as it was close to the house and kept moving. When she went up to change she grabbed her dad's binoculars and scoped out the tree's from her hidden position. There was one of the Cullens, the arrogant conceited one. She couldn't even remember his name, Edmund.., Edwin.., something old fashioned like that. Was he watching the house and her? God, she hoped not all she needed was a stalker.

Bella's room had two windows one to the front of the house and the one on the side which she was watching him out of. It faced the tree's and had one big tree close by, to close. So she decided it needed blocking up. Let's not make things too easy for the weirdo. Once she'd showered and dressed in the bathroom she went back into her room.

 "Dad? I'm closing the shutters on the side window okay? That tree casts creepy shadows at night and I don't need all that light" she called out and he called back, "Fine, it's your room".

There was no sign of the creeper as they left for La Push so Bella gave it no more thought. When they reached Billy's house it was apparent that a cookout was going to be taking place and the garden and surrounding area were heaving with people. The air was heavy with the smell of food cooking and a keg of beer was just being set up as they arrived. Half the village was here and the music was blaring from somewhere close by. Her dad led her around telling Bella who they all were, some she remembered and some not at all.

Jacob Black, Billy's son tried out some moves. as they were introduced so she quashed that immediately, "Sure I remember you, we made mud pies to torment your sisters with! How's it going, kid?" This was her way of reminding everyone that she was two, nearly three years older than him.

There would only ever be a family friends connections between them. He didn't look like that would stop him, so she pulled out the big guns saying, "Come on dad, introduce me to someone my own age. So far it's been the oldies and the kids! What you trying to do, line me up a job babysitting!" Both she and her dad laughed and he nodded seeing she was right.

That had the required effect and Jacob slunk off back to his friends who were trying not to laugh at him. Bella felt a little cruel, but she didn't need some little boy following her around like a puppy. When her dad led her over to a bonfire pit that was set up for later, she was met with a wall of muscle and hardly any clothes. Dear God, were they all on steroids! Looks like La Push has only puppies and Wolves. This was going to be a long day, at least there were a couple of females to talk to.

Leah, she remembered from before, but boy did she turn into a bitch. Kim seemed nice quiet though and Emily was lovely, her dad had mentioned the scars so Bella ignored them. She chatted for a bit then asked how they all managed to keep their hair so straight, the damp was causing havoc with hers? They asked how she kept her skin so light and Bella admitted that it was natural, she didn't tan no matter how hard she tried. The guys who were unattached tried everything to get her attention, but Bella wasn't interested in any of them.

Hell, they were stunning, but they knew it and used it to get everyone running around after them. This annoyed Bella and did them no favours in her eyes. She, on the other hand, got up several times and replenished Emily and Kim's plates. Leah sat with the guys and drew her dirty looks, this was nothing new to Bella. Some people couldn't, no wouldn't look past her outward appearance to see the real her. Suddenly Paul dropped down beside her and asked how she liked being back in Forks?

"It's okay, I'm enjoying the change of pace" she answered looking at them all and not just him.

"Met the weirdo's yet?" he quizzed,

"Yeah, my dad just introduced me to you!" she quipped back and everyone laughed at his expense.

"No, I meant the Cullens!" he hissed and Bella moved slightly away from him. Sam gave him a warning look that Bella didn't miss.

"Eh, yesterday. Dad introduced me to them!" she stated.

 "And?" he pushed her.

"And nothing, they seemed okay. Not my type but okay, apart from the blonde who spent the whole time giving me dirty looks!" Bella said looking directly at Leah, who huffed, got up and walked away.

 "Ooh burn, she didn't like being compared to blondie!" laughed Jared.

"Well, I don't like people judging me by my looks! Neither knows me, yet they think they have the right to glare hatefully at me. What do they think will happen, that I might disappear or something?" Bella answered and they all heard the anger in her voice.

Bella had had enough and went looking or her dad, maybe she'd be safer amongst the oldies after all. The rest of the visit went by peacefully and Bella was glad to leave. This would not be being repeated very often. But one thing was certain the tribe hated the Cullens, funnily enough, she wasn't surprised. They looked like they would make enemies easily, their attitudes were disdainful at best. Wow, small-town politics, she'd forgotten about that! Well, they were her dad's friends on both sides, not her's.

When they reached home Bella decided on a hot bath since they stuffed themselves she wouldn't need to cook, maybe a snack before bed she mused. Walking into her room she knew something was wrong! Nothing was out of place, but she had a strange feeling someone had been in here. She always used an old trick of her dad's and had a small dish of coins by her bed. One she'd dropped on the floor, close as if she'd missed the dish, it was no longer there. Counting quickly she saw it was in the dish along with the others.

"Dad? Someone's been in my room!" she yelled. The Chief came running but saw nothing wrong. Bella explained how she always did the coin trick he'd taught her and it was back in the dish.  He told her to carefully boot up her laptop and computer. Because she had designs and business stuff on them they had some awesome security. But with a couple of keystrokes, Bella and the Chief saw someone had tried to access them while they were out, unsuccessfully thank goodness. Bella brought up the webcam log for both and there he was the Cullen boy caught in the act.

Next, they looked at the tape for the hidden camera in the centre of her ceiling. Renee had insisted Charlie set it up before she arrived, there was too much on her computers to do with the business that they needed it kept under wraps. He, Edward the Chief said,  had slowly wandered around her room, touching her things and looking in all the drawers. Bella felt dirty, violated and was ready to burn everything he touched. The Chief pulled out his phone and this suddenly became official police business.


In the Cullen household, this was what had happened since Edward had his epiphany, how he couldn't read her mind and all that. How she was the perfect woman for him, silent and beautiful, this he thought would be so easy. She would be eating out of his hand by the end of the week. But if he couldn't read her mind how was he going to know what she liked and disliked he wondered? Of course, he'd just follow her about and see, then get into her house and check out all her stuff, perfect what could go wrong? Not once did he see how wrong and creepy that was. Why did he not think talking to her would be better.

"Don't do it, Edward! Something bad will happen, I can't see her future, so I've no idea what's coming. But your's shows you in a police cell!" Alice warned, but Edward laughed.

 "Who's going to catch a vampire? Don't be so melodramatic Alice" he said before leaving to stalk Isabella Swan. Edward hid in the trees by Isabella's house and watched, he could see her room and her via the side window. He watched her dress to go running, his eyes never leaving her body as she changed. He saw nothing wrong in what he was doing, she was to be his mate and wife. So he had every right he thought, to see her half-naked.

He felt he unease as she ran past his hiding place but shook it off, humans weren't that smart. But as she returned he perceived it again and wondered if she was smarter than he thought. Then he realised yes she was when she never passed the window again until she told her father she was shutting the shutters on the side. As if that could stop him, he sniggered to himself. When he worked out they were going to La Push he was incensed, why was his mate going to see those dogs. He almost made a complete fool of himself by setting off to stop her when Alice texted him and he thought better of it. She could go, just this once mind you he decided!

 He smiled to himself, this would be the perfect opportunity to get into her room and see what his Isabella liked and if it was not suitable he'd change it later. Once inside, he looked around. Nice and tidy he thought, good, he hated slovenly women. Then he saw the stray coin and picked it up putting in the dish where it should be. He tried in vain to access her two computers, why did they have so much security? What could possibly be on here? What was she trying to hide from him? This was not his forte and so he shut them back down and search through her cupboard and drawers, touching and stroking her clothes and undergarments. They were a little racy he felt for his future wife, so they would have to go, he'd see to that later.

Once he saw he'd learned absolutely nothing from her room, Edward left as he'd arrived and set off back home to rethink his plans to ensnare the heart of Isabella Swan. Totally unaware that the fire alarm in her room was a hidden camera and had caught his every move. To the rest of the world, his actions would be seen as beyond creepy and verging on perverted, which they actually were, to everyone but him. Edward Cullen had just thrown his family into the limelight of the human world in the worst way. The ripples of his actions would travel far and wide.