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Even if i die it's you

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Taehyung knew he was doomed the second his eyes met with the sight of him .

He had never been the one for  love , always believing it to be the waste of time.  Never did he think that the cupid’s love bow would ever strike him . Never  thought he’d be feeling things he was feeling in that moment.

But guess what they say is true, love strikes when you least expect it to.

Now, two years later his feeling has bloomed into something beautiful that even thinking about  that person makes him smile and feel giddy, if love is for the fools then a fool he’d gladly be .

He remembers the first time he saw him, running in the rain with books covering his head as he entered  the gates of the college . He looked like an angel, big doe eyes , button nose and long , wet and messy hair . Now, that taehyung thinks about it, ofcourse he never stood a chance against him .

He had absent minded-ly approached the boy pushing his umbrella to cover both of their heads , normally he would’ve ignored if it was someone else and cared more about saving himself from getting wet but it was like at that moment he couldn’t think . His body was working on it’s own accord . He remembers how the boy had looked at him with his bambi eyes  widened in shock , but then slowly smiled at him in gratitude. He had bunny teeth, resembled a bunny and taehyung had resisted the urge to make a  comment.

“ You’re a super hero” the guy had blurted out with his eyes shinning and a wide smile on his face

If taehyung thought that the guys face was pretty  then his voice was unlike any he had heard . his voice was the best  tae had ever heard or  maybe tae was just biased.

Taehyung was the basketball captain, and a high scorer  in both his game and his studies. Taehyung never lost but that day he lost his heart and somehow  he was okay with that .


Taehyung was told to never show weakness , to put on a brave face and fight whatever life threw at him but what about the times  when he had to fight himself , fight his heart .

 Taehyung has changed, he’s told many times by his mother , his little siblings , his bestfriends , his  jungkook .

He’s trying , believe him he is. He’s trying to bring back that taehyung that everyone misses  so bad . But it’s hard because he don’t know how .


Taehyung took a deep breath as he clutched the bouquet of pink roses in his hand. Pink roses are jungkook’s favourite. He chuckled to himself when he remembered how the younger had given him a full explanation to  just why he liked pink flowers, when taehyung had asked .

“Hyung , pink roses  are the symbol of grace and elegance” he had said “ They are given as the token of admiration,appreciation and love. Also, they are so pretty . You know what hyung , I want to be proposed to by pink roses one day. Instant approval”

The words had been etched in his mind ever since .  

Reaching the café on the campus grounds he looked around trying to spot that one face in the crowd. His heart thudding loudly all the while.

He wanted to run  away , he felt like vomiting but he had to do this . Do it for him , for them .

“Taehyung” the loud call of his name snapped him out of his thoughts and he saw the person he was looking for approach him.

“it’s okay taehyung,  it will be okay , everything will be okay” He chanted  to himself and put a smile on his face as the boy came to a stop infront of him .

“You’re here” the boy sighed .

“I told you I would be” Taehyung anwered.

The boy’s eyes dropped to the flowers in his hand and his smile broadened , showing his teeth and taehyung’s heart hurt .

God , he was really doing this .

“T-These are for you” he spoke softly as boy’s eyes met his eyes again.

You’re a super hero

Taehyung laughed, “ it isn’t a big deal yoongi hyung”

The boy, yoongi laughed with him as he took the flowers from taehyung’s hand “ I’m so nervous taehyungie what if he-“

“You know he does hyung, we all know he does” Taehhyung reassured  the other man “ believe me I would know we’re soulmates after all”

“Yoongi? Taehyung?” called a voice from behind him.

Taehyung watched as yoongi went around him and towards the owner of the voice. Taehyung watched as yoongi went down on one knee and handed the bouquet to the other male. He watched as his eyes widened and all too similar smile appeared on his face, resembling  a bunny .Taehyung watched as yoongi  asked him “will you be my boyfriend jungkook”  He watched as the latter looked at him and taehyung gave a thumbs up to the boy as he nodded quickly “ yes I’ll be your boyfriend yoongi”

Taehyung watched, with a smile on his face and knives in his heart. Never did he think seeing jungkook smile would hurt this much.


Taehyung has changed, heartbreak does that to you.


His first love was left incomplete .



Conseal , don’t feel , don’t let them know .