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The Lion King: Scar's Reign (editing)

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A/N, August 2021:

Before this story will continue, I am going to edit/partly rewrite the previous chapters. Thank you for understanding. 
Process: 2/23 chapters done



*All rights regarding The Lion King belong to Disney!!

Introduction/Background story:

Ever since I watched The Lion King film as a kid, the film carried on in my imagination after it ended. I couldn't believe my favorite Disney character was gone forever. And after knowing of Disney's deleted scene of Scar, & a bit of his past, my imagination developed this. Be welcome in my imagination: 

In my head I imagined watching a (animation) film called 'Scar's Reign' with of course the voice of Jeremy Irons! It starts with an animation saying:  'Scar's Reign'. At the top you see a close-up of his eyes, the scar is clearly visible. His gaze becomes less mean when the name Scar is changed to Taka. It changes back soon.

Well, let's see how Scar's Reign will look like ;).