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The Infinity Of Us

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Life had a tendency to be funny at times. Kind of like a jokester who was put in charge of writing a script for an ongoing show that will never end. Sometimes one can delve deep into it’s serious side, only to throw in a twist to shake things up. All for the purpose of entertainment, of course. Never satisfied with the original script and are always adding new plot holes, endings, beginnings, characters, relationships, and purposes. New material constantly edited because nothing is ever “set in stone”. However, once it is performed than the jokester has no choice but to follow what is now fixed into the story line. In contrast, nothing is ever truly fixed if one knows how to play their trump cards right and create loopholes within their own story. Keeping the audience on their toes. Life, the unpredictable trickster.

At least, that’s how Lance likes to look at it. Especially when you go from being a Garrison student who was barely accepted into fighter class to becoming one of the chosen paladins of a powerful mecha space cat to defend the universe from evil, purple, Nazi furbies.

It was apparent the jokester had a creatively vivid imagination, after all.

However, in this moment Lance couldn’t help but think the jokester as cruel.

He found himself unable to move; with an intense, nauseating feeling from experiencing a disconnection between his body and soul; thanks to the Robeast that currently has them pinned to the Earth’s surface. No energy to escape and no strength to be able to do so. Left to hear the panic screams from his teammates and feel one emotion dominate throughout Voltron’s bond: fear. The fear of possibly dying, losing the war, and never being able to see their loved ones again. At least, he can say they tried. In the end, they were finally able to see their families since this whole crazy adventure started. He would go with no regrets… well, maybe just one. With that thought in mind, Lance felt the darkness start to slowly encompass his vision while a tear made its way down his cheek.

Just as he was about to submit, the Atlas suddenly appeared in the form of what seemed to be a new and improved version of Voltron. He didn’t even know the Atlas can do that! Man, he should really pay attention more during the meetings. It arrived just in time to rescue them from their impending doom. The minute they were free; everyone quickly separated an regrouped so they can come up with a strategy on how to take that thing down! At this point, everything became simple and straightforward in thinking. No time to focus on how others are feeling. No time reflect on their near death experience. Right now, the only thing that mattered was to fight with everything they got and hope to live to see another day.

Hunk quickly named off possible weaknesses the Robeast could posses while Pidge helped narrow down the ideas that actually sounded plausible. Keith and Allura were already laying out possible strategies and deciding which ones to go forward with. Lance listened and started to list off the ultimate battle strategy using the input that everyone else was listing off; putting it together like they were the puzzle pieces. Everyone else had laid down the necessary building blocks and it was up to Lance to be the one to put it together. Once he finished putting together the big picture did he allow Keith to take total control while also adding his own suggestions here and there. Nobody had room for questions, doubts or concerns. Just complete honest trust radiated throughout their bond and that was all that was needed. Keith quickly notified Shiro within the Atlas about the plan of attack and soon after they were back in the fight.

However, even though they manage to bring the Robeast down, it wasn’t going down without doing everything possible to bring them down with it.

Of course, if they have to go with it to ensure everyone else’s safety than so be it.Once it activated it self destruct sequence; they only had a matter of seconds to act. Quickly they grabbed the Robeast and rapidly made their way towards Earth’s stratosphere. Once the were confident that Earth was out of it’s blast radius did they push it away and began to make there descent down; praying that they found themselves out of range before the blast went off. While the seconds felt like hours, Lance decided if this is the way he is going out than he rather go on his own terms. With that in mind, he mentally orders Red to open up a private video link with a specific paladin in mind.

Keith instantly appeared on screen with a look of shock that morphed into one of confusion. Lance just sat there staring at Keith hoping his eyes can communicate everything that’s ever needed to be said as words seem to be failing him at the moment. He is taking everything of Keith in as it may be the last time he can appreciate the boy for all his worth. For once, he didn’t have on a mask to hide behind and allowed all his emotions to appear on his face. Fear, pride, admiration, frustration, desire and so many more feelings-that ran so deep that Lance himself can’t quite put a label on them- were all out on display for Keith to witness. Keith himself just watched with fascination as he tried to understand what Lance is trying to project onto him. Unsurprisingly it seemed that he got the overall message as a look of complete awe and understanding settled on his face as his deep violet eyes pierced through Lance’s own. As if that’s the last thing he wants to see before he meets his maker.

A huge explosion encompasses all of Voltron causing a complete shut down and taking everything offline. They went from soaring down to falling in a tick and suddenly all Lance could feel was fear. He no longer had the image of Keith in front but continued to stare straight ahead as if the connection was never lost. He can see a clear view of the ground coming closer at an alarming rate and that didn’t make the situation any better. He shuts his eyes as tightly as possible and tried to think of anything else rather than their approaching demise. The last thing he sees behind the darkness of his mind is of him and Keith sharing bittersweet smiles, staring at each other, taking in his eyes that seemed to hold the galaxy and all its secrets in them. Secrets that were for Lance and only Lance. He lets out a sigh and allows a contented smile encompass his face as his world was slowly filled with intense heat, fire and pain until everything went black.