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Happy birthday Kookie

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"Do you think she forget about

It?"jungkook asked feeling so down right now,

"nah i really doubt it..., ya know how much she

cares about things like that!" Seokjin said ,

rubbing the younger's back . Junkgkook is

about to reply when his phone's screen shined

with a notification.


LOVE❤: Happy birthday baby!


YOU: thank sweetheart :)


LOVE❤: i'll be there to wish u at 8!🎂


YOU: ok bb, promise?


LOVE❤: ofcourse, i'll be there no matter what happens.
I luv u (•ө•)♡


YOU: luv u too honey (ㆁωㆁ*)
I am gonna prepare dinner for us now!


LOVE❤: yayy! C'ya.


Jungkook grins' so big satisfied with his

girlfriend's messages , seokjin sights while pleaded:" so

pleas can we just get OVER with dinner so i can

fucking go to my date?", "sure, hyungie~"



8:00 pm. No sign of the girl. Kook waits. One

hour passes. No sign still. Finally she comes at



"Hi baby, so good to Se ya. What kept you so


" sorry bae lots of traffic " Jimin said while

giving her boyfriend a bear hug .

" that's fine, so glad to see you "


They where in the middle of thier dinner

when jungkook's phone rings with his Gf

mom's name on it.


He hears sobbs, " Son, it's me. am so sorry to

break the news... B-but jiminie is in hospital .

She.. she H-had an accident " she cries.

"Wh-what are you talking about? "

"Doctors think she won't make it..." her voice

trails off.


Jungkook turned slowly only to see

the girl right behind him " told i would be

here. Never worry baby. I'm always with you

no matter whet happens..." she said smiling.


Maybe he is dreaming. maybe its a

nightmare but the next thing he knows he is on

the floor before everything went black...