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Kuma Kuma no mi Yeti Model

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Bear Bear Fruit: Yeti Model


Luffy eats a mythical zoan fruit not only granting him beastly strength but some unique powers over ice and snow. He seeks to become king of the pirates and gains a rather unique crew, while he thinks 10 would be a good start before going into the grand line he likes to find interesting people to join him. His ship is actually an island turtle Luffy befriended.


Chap 1 


The marines didn't know what to do with Monkey D. Puffy. The boy had announced to the world he was a pirate and despite only being one for a month and some change, he had a crew, a flag, a ship, and had defeated some heavy hitters already. 


From reports and eyewitness testimony he crushed the Alvida Pirates by himself, and weakened them enough for capture by marine ships, although Alvida herself got away. 


He took down Axe Hand Morgan and broke Pirate Hunter Zoro out of custody. Though the man was a corrupt marine and abused his power, such details were not made public, or the reason why Zoro was in their custody. 


His ship is, in fact, an island turtle, which was highly impressive. It was a young one so about the size of a small island, but island turtles were quite strong and very rare. It was hard to keep track of the crew, as the turtle can submerge itself, its shell secreting an air bubble protecting the island on its back. They had a smaller ship for docking they called Merry. 


The marines received a report that Kuro had faked his death and infiltrated an island, and was planning a mass murder. This was confirmed as the Black Cat pirates became active again. Another report from a town that Buggy the Clown was using as a base, Luffy had bested them and chased them off. 


He gained a cook from the Baratie and managed to crush Don Krieg, this would have given him acclaim enough, but that wasn't even his greatest exploit. This report was received from Fullbody, a disgraced and demoted Marine, who had a run-in with the crew before he even had a bounty. 


The Arlong Pirates were a scourge on the East Blue. Their superior strength and skills as fishmen put any rebellion from humans down for the count. To make matters worse Arlong was paying off marines to avoid reports of his actions. He was also terrorizing a girl named Nami, holding her village hostage and using her unique skills to make sea charts and steal money for them. 


Luffy helped her out for his own reasons, reports saying he stated. "She's my nakama! That is all I need to fight!" The fishmen pirates were arrested, with only 1 escapee. Arlong had the highest bounty in the East Blue, it would have been higher if they knew what he was up to...and yet Luffy bested him. 


He was a power holder, a zoan, not just any kind of zoan either. He ate the Kuma Kuma no mi model Yeti a mythical zoan. It was unknown to the marines how he got his fruit, but Buggy knew. Luffy spilled the tea on how he got his fruit and his treasured straw hat. 


It was a gift from the man who saved his life as a kid. The man who was a skilled pirate in his own right taught Luffy his way of being a pirate and a man. Luffy had his own dreams and goals, he was aiming for the ultimate freedom, becoming the Pirate King!




Luffy's crew consisted of 8 members currently. Roronoa Zoro, given the epitaph of Pirate Hunter, and is a user of the three sword style. His dream was to become the world's strongest swordsman. He was seeking Dracule Mihawk and ended up meeting him at the Baratie, they dueled but Zoro was outmatched.


His determination and strength did push Mihawk to fight him seriously. Zoro lost but earned Mihawk's respect, he survived and swore to Luffy and himself he'd get stronger. Even while injured, he took on many fishmen in Arlong's crew and even defeated one of his elite members Hachi, who was an octopus fishman and a skilled swordsman. He had lost two swords dueling Mihawk and was seeking two new ones before they entered the Grand Line. 


He joined Luffy's crew respecting his strength, and seeing he wasn't like other pirates. This man who saved his life was a strange one, full of surprises and a wild side that excited him. 


His crew also had a cook, one of the toughest cooks you'll ever meet. He was a kicking master not believing using his hands to fight, a cook's hands are for the kitchen. Sanji was a man, and in his own words was born to love the ladies, but Luffy had a special place in his heart. 


Luffy protected his dream and believed in it. He protected the Baratie from Krieg and his men, fighting with such tenacity even when the odds were against him. It made Sanji realize he was giving up on his dream of finding the All Blue. Luffy lit a fire in him in more ways than one.


The blonde was a talented cook, and couldn't abandon someone who was starving at sea, he knew that feeling all too well. Owner Zeff, had saved him and the two nearly died together marooned on an island, Zeff had given him all the food they had, keeping only a bag of treasure for himself. They later used the money to build the Baratie, and Zeff trained and taught Sanji everything he knew. It was a touching farewell between the two but, he had to leave the nest and chase his own dreams. He joined Luffy's crew, discovering many new things about his captain and himself. 


Luffy's Navigator was Nami, she was a skilled thief, and could fight in a pinch but she wasn't nearly as strong as Luffy, Zoro, or Sanji. She had a dream of making a map of the whole world. Her love of money and tangerines were developed from her past and present. She needed money to buy her village from Arlong, it was hard and she nearly died stealing from pirates, but Arlong betrayed her using his marine ties to confiscate her money. 


Luffy took him down, and she rejoined the crew officially this time. She didn't have the same kind of relationship Luffy had with Zoro or Sanji, he was like the brother knew she wanted but was glad to have. She lost a lot thanks to Arlong, a mother, her village, her freedom, but Luffy helped get her village, her freedom, and her smile back. 


He also got a long-nosed lying sniper. As it turned out, his father was a member of Shanks' crew. Usopp was a liar, first and foremost, while he had skills with a slingshot and decent marksmanship, he was mostly playing pirate. He told tall tales day in and day out, crying wolf about pirates or telling lies about his great adventures to a girl named Kaya. 


So when it was discovered that Kaya's butler was, in fact, Kuro, who was plotting to kill Kaya, take her money and even murder the whole village. He tried to tell the village but of course boy who cried wolf. Luffy and his crew protected the village and sent Kuro packing, with no one the wiser. 


Kaya gave them the Merry for docking purposes. Usopp may have been a weakling and a coward, but Luffy invited him onto his crew. He disbanded the Usopp pirates, and joined Luffy's crew but didn't quite show Luffy respect declaring himself captain. He did make the pirate flag.


Then there was Johnny and Yosaku two former bounty hunters and comrades of Zoro. The crew met them by chance, but ran across Fullbody, he recognized the two and made a report to HQ that they were in the hands of pirates, and later when they helped fight against the fishmen, another marine reported they had become pirates themselves. 


Luffy liked them, so he brought them into the crew. With Coby, it was easy to get the boy safely into the marines. With two reports saying they were on the side of pirates even if they called and denied it'd make them more suspicious. The two didn't mind, like Zoro, they saw how great of a man Luffy was and was willing to follow him and Zoro. 


His last crew member was actually his first. Titanus the island turtle, he met Luffy when he was smaller and some bandits were harassing him. Luffy kicked their asses and helped clean up the mess and graffiti they left. The two bonded and Luffy gave him a name. 


On his back, he had a volcano, that he could use for offense, near the volcano area were natural hot springs, to the east was a waterfall, taking in water from the sea purifying it through his shell and creating fresh clean water that was fed into rivers. To the west was a mountain area that Luffy set up most living areas. To the south was the grand forest, luscious from the minerals, fruits and veggies grew there based on what Titanus ate. The bubble made from when he dives was truly impressive perfectly protecting anyone living on his back.


Though he was Luffy's ship, he was nakama first, always. The crew had plans to head to the Grand Line, now that Luffy got his first bounty of 40 million. They couldn't go through the Calm Belt due to it being a giant nest of Sea Kings, Titanus was strong but it'd be a few years before he could face those monsters. Their sheer size was terrifying alone, some were big enough they looked like they could swallow Titanus with one bite. 


So the crew planned to go through using reverse mountain but not before where it all began. Where the first pirate king, Gol D. Roger was born and where he died… Logue Town!


To be continued...Ice Play