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Fight the loneliness

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Title: Fight the loneliness
Author: xfimnotdone
Rating: NC 17
Spoilers: Fight the Future AU
Summary: The scene when Mulder shows up at Scully’s apartment at 3am...smut ending
Tags: smut, nsfw, MSR, fingering

Author's Note: No beta. Just a little something I wanted to get out.

Scully’s Apartment

She opens her door and takes a deep breath when she sees the state of him.

“I woke you. Did I wake you?” Mulder pushes past her as she hangs her head.

“No,” she half smiles at the floor, standing there in her satin white pajamas.

“Why not, it’s three in the morning?”

“Are you drunk, Mulder?” she stares at him with wide blue eyes. He reeks of alcohol but still looks incredible in his day old suit and tie.

“I...I...was until about twenty minutes ago, yeah.” He lies. He turns and wobbles a bit, sitting on the armrest of her sofa, hoping she does not notice his lack of gross motor skills. She does. Of course she notices.

“Mulder,” she approaches, one finger extended up to his face. “Follow my finger.”

He doesn’t even try. He knows. She knows. “Why did you come here?” Scully asks, running one hand through the right side of his hair then down to his shoulder to peel off his jacket.

“I...I...didn’t want to be alone.”

“Well. Alright then,” Scully nods and bites her lip. She is hesitant, this situation is entering a gray area and shes not sure how to navigate. Scully stares at him for a minute, waiting for him to say something, do something...nothing...he just stares at the floor. He’s about to pass out.

“C’mon,” she huffs, pulling his one arm over her shoulders and gently guiding him to stand and walk into her bedroom. She decides it might be better for him to sleep in her bed so she could keep an eye on him. She honestly didn't think anything of it. Boy was she wrong.

Mulder kicks off his shoes, unabashedly begins unzipping his pants as Scully gulps and turns away. He strips to his t shirt and boxers, his clothing piled in a heap at his feet. He crawls into her bed, snuggling right up into the pillows not really looking back at her. She wonders if he even sees her. She flips out the light and crawls into bed, laying on her side with her back to him.

Scully hears heavy breathing, hot air in puffs along the small hairs on her neck. It tickles. It’s distracting. But...Good, he’s asleep, she thinks. And then she feels it. Mulder’s hand slides under her pajama bottoms, over her underwear.

“Mulder...what are you…” and her question falls short as soon as his fingertip gracefully rubs over her clit through her underwear. Her voice is stolen by shock, by how good it feels. How it’s been so long since anyone has touched her this way. She feels her sex swell with heat and he keeps rubbing his long finger up and down her slit.Her body reacts swifty and gushes wetness soaking her panties. I have got to stop this.

“Mulder,” her cry is panicky. He nuzzles into her ear, not seeming to notice her distress.

“Please, let me do this,” he begs her, slipping one finger under the edge of her underwear to find her sopping wet heat. He groans, pressing his body into her backside. The weight of him beginning to send her reeling.

Scully’s heart clenches in her chest. She was terribly afraid she was going to come with one more swipe of his finger. She grabs his hand, stops it, pulls it out of her clothing.

“No Mulder, this is wrong,” she inhales, closing her eyes and holding his hand still around her stomach.

“Then why does it feel so right?” he whispers.

“Because...we’re lonely,” she barely finishes speaking when shes tearing out of the bed headed for the bathroom.

Scully looks at her reflection in the mirror. With flushed pink cheeks she watches a single tear trickle down her cheek. I want him so much. She quietly cries, then blows her nose with a tissue. She grabs another tissue, wiping away her desire for him from between her legs.

She exits the bathroom and sits in a comfortable chair in her bedroom, staring at him in the moonlight. He is sleeping, peacefully sprawled out on his back, with his long legs extending for days. He’s a sleep. Good. Maybe I’ll just stay over here. I didn’t expect this. Will he even remember it in the morning? Oh God. What if he does? What if he doesn’t? What am I going to do?

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