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There is no Snake in this Garden

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A beak could be seen poking out of the ground, before an entire large bird emerged. The bird quickly shook of the dirt and ruffled out it’s feathers. It took a moment to be vain and preen its enormous wings until it was satisfied, before flying off in search of its target.

The bird found Eve sitting alone, and quickly settled down on a large rock behind her. He clicked and murmured in her ear of the delicious fruits in the garden, in particular, the forbidden apple tree. After all, if God didn’t want the humans to eat from it, why put it in the garden? Temptation accomplished the proud bird sat and watched as the humans ate of the fruit and were shortly after discovered and kicked out of the garden by an angel with long red hair, wielding a flaming sword.

Later, after the humans had left, the bird saw the angel watching from one of the garden walls and flew up beside him, before turning into his humanoid form. This man, or man-shaped being rather, was just slightly shorter than the angel. He had hair so light it was almost white, but for the faint hint of blonde. His eyes were blue, but startlingly had multiple pupils. Behind him, his large black wings stretched out, before folding neatly, marking him as one of the Fallen. A demon.

It was the angel who spoke first, surprising the demon, “Well, that went down like a lead balloon.” His tone was droll. The angel rocked from foot to foot, his large white wings twitching restlessly behind him for a moment, before seeming to relax. Long curly hair bounced as the wind began to pick up.

“What did you say?” the demon asked incredulously, shocked the angel was even talking to him and hadn’t tried to smite him.

“Said, that went down like a lead balloon.” He replied, enunciating carefully, almost tonelessly. The angel motioned carelessly towards the humans off in the distance, still walking away from the garden.

"Yes. Yes, it did rather.” The demon replied, not taking his eyes from the angel next to him. “Bit of an overreaction if you ask me,” The demon paused for a second as the angel inclined his head to show he was listening, but continued watching the humans, “first offense and all.”

The angel seemed to consider this for a second, “not sure what’s so bad about knowing the difference between good and evil. Well, it must be bad…” The angel trailed off, looking at the demon, as if asking for its name.

“Fell.” The demon said, tonelessly.

“Fell,” The angel said, one eyebrow raised, “bit on the nose innit? Well, it must be bad, otherwise you wouldn’t have tempted them into it.”

“Ah,” Fell, his voice falling in pitch as he purred, “they just said ‘get up there an’ make some trouble.’ Well, obviously, I’m a demon. It’s what I do.”

“Not very subtle of the Almighty,” the angel said, the thoughts causing a wrinkle to his brow, “a fruit tree in the middle of the garden and told not to touch. Could’ve put it on a mountain or the moon.” He sighed, and took a deep breath before continuing, as if he was reciting something he’d heard dozens of times, “best not to speculate. All part of the great plan. It’s not for us to understand.”

“It’s ineffable,” Fell said, a smile tugging at his lips. What a strange angel. “It is beyond understanding,” amusement coloured his tone, bleeding into a mocking tone, “and incapable of being put into words….” Fell trailed off, realizing something was missing from this angel. “Didn’t you have a flaming sword?”

The angel startled and looked away. If Fell didn’t know better, he swore he could see the faint dusting of a blush on the angel as he began to stutter out all sorts of noises. He jumped on the opportunity to needle at this, “you did! It was flaming like anything! What happened to it?" After a second or two, when it didn't seem the angel could figure out a response yet, Fell continued, "Lost it already, have you?”

It took a moment for the angel to really respond, several aborted noises came from his mouth before he somehow managed to mutter out a petulant, “gave it away.”

“You what!?” Fell exclaimed, absolutely delighted by this.  

“I gave it away!” The angel said, finally turning his gaze onto Fell. And oh. That’s not fair. The angel had the loveliest golden eyes, with a heart-wrenching look about his face. “There are vicious animals, it’s going to be cold out there, and she’s expecting! And, oh, I never even wanted the thing, and I said ‘here you go! Flaming sword! Don’t thank me. And don’t let the sun go down on you here.’ Hope I didn’t do the wrong thing.”

“You’re an angel, don’t think you can do the wrong thing.” Fell replied, all honey and soothing. He looked off, and sure enough there was Adam, fighting off a lion with the flaming sword.  “Been bothering me, what if I did the right thing, with the whole ‘eat the apple’? Demon could get into a lot of trouble for doing the right thing.”

“Be funny if we both got it wrong, eh?” The angel looked at the demon from the side, keeping his head turned towards Adam and the lion. “If you did the good thing and I did the bad one?” A smile tugged at the angel’s lips.

“No!” Fell smiled, laughing a bit, “wouldn’t be funny at all!”  He looked up as the sky rumbled, staring at dark clouds before he could even think about it, he found himself putting a wing over the angel's head. He carefully did not look when the angel's head snapped to look at him. He waited until the dear scooted closer under the protection of his wing, before glancing back at him.

“You know, I never did get your name, dear boy.” Fell inquired, still watching the angel’s face carefully.

The angel looked around for a moment, his eyes settling on the black wings of Fell before his lips quirked and he said, “Crowley.”