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Samhain Rituals

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It was a few weeks before Halloween that Severus found the Room of Requirement. He was prone to skipping meals – he wasn’t often in the mood for food anymore, nor for the company the Great Hall offered. The more time passed, the more of a misanthrope Snape became, now shunning even the company of Avery and Mulciber these days, for the most part – as much as he could get away with it, that is. And, so, it was no surprise that when dinner came, Severus Snape was not to be found with the other students.

No, Severus Snape had been wandering the hallways of the castle, alone. Content in the knowledge that those blasted Marauders were too busy shoveling their faces full of food to seek him out and harass him, Severus had taken the opportunity to explore: Something he had done before, of course. It was his sixth year, after all. But a castle the size of Hogwarts held some secrets from even it's older inhabitants. And so, when he walked thrice through a certain seventh floor hallway - having received a rather helpful tip from Lucius, with whom he had stayed during the summer holidays -, Severus was glad to find out that his information had, indeed, been correct... And at the same time, as nervous as he was excited in regard to what he would find inside.
You see, there are many things Severus Snape wanted a great deal. A way to mend his shattered relationship with Lily Evans, for example, might have been near the top of his list, but he had seen how she'd been growing closer and closer to that arrogant toerag, to use her prior description of him. He wasn't blind - he could see the way they looked at each other these days. No, Severus had more or less given up on that, at this point, although it still hurt.

Power, then, perhaps? The ability to protect himself, and those few who he cared for? The ability to take vengeance on his tormentors? Admittedly, he did hold a strong desire for that. It was part of the reason why the Dark Arts were so appealing to him: They offered him a way out, and a challenge at the same time. Plus, he thought with a scoff: Any magic can be used for good, or for ill. To label certain magic as innately evil, just because most witches and wizards are too stupid to figure out ways to use it for things that aren't malevolent, was simply ignorant and short-sighted. Of course, such sentiments were common in Slytherin house. But no, not even that is what Severus truly desired - what he'd asked for, what he'd wished for deep in his fractured, freezing heart.

Severus Snape would have never written it down, nor told it to anyone. He would not have even said it out loud to the empty hallway, nor formulated it in words into his mind. But what Severus Snape asked for, what he knew he craved deep inside, was someone who simply cared. Someone who wouldn't reject him, who wouldn't judge him for being who he was. Someone who would take away the pain and sorrow, and provide him with comfort and love.

Hesitantly, the Slytherin student stepped towards the doorway that had taken shape, placing his hand up against if, as if to test if it were truly real, before then pushing it open at last. Behind it, he found a peculiar sight.

A large room, with in the far right corner, a luxurious four-poster bed, clearly designed for two people. Dark brown wood made up it's base, and deep green bedsheets laid atop the mattress; a green so dark it almost approached the blackness of the student's eyes.
At the centre of the left-hand wall, meanwhile, a half circle shaped alcove provided just enough room for one or two people to stand in - into the floor, an intricate pattern was carved; a circle, completing the half circle the alcove already made, within which a pentagram along with various occult symbols could be found; the sigils of various arcane powers and entities were on proud display.

A bookshelf stood at the far end of the room, containing various ancient-looking tomes; a reading desk with a comfortable-looking chair stood up against the wall, next to the entrance to the room. A book already laid open upon it, the right page already having been found.

Severus' eyes widened, as the reality of what laid before him dawned on him. He hesitated. He was intelligent enough to figure out what the room was suggesting for him to do: A summoning of some variety. Of course, not all summonings were innately malign. The Sidhe, for example, the more reclusive and dangerous cousins of the house elves and goblins, drove hard bargains and held them, but weren't considered Dark; at least, the Seelie were not. The Winter Court, on the other hand, were considered Dark by most of the wizarding community; a reputation well-earned, Severus begrudgingly acknowledged...

He pushed his doubts aside, and stepped into the room, closing the door behind him, and locking it – if someone were to walk in on him in a place like this, he’d truly be in some serious trouble. Not that he hadn’t, before, but it was something he’d prefer to avoid if possible. He walked over to the desk and sat dow, then taking a proper look at the text before him.

It detailed, first, the way the ritual would work: The summoned entity, for now unspecified, would be unable to leave the circle unless granted permission to by the summoner. The entity would be able to be banished by means of a second ritual, described in detail before the summoning rite itself was further laid out – probably in order to keep dunderheads from rushing straight into summoning whatever entity the text was about, without first knowing how to get rid of it again.

Then, the tome detailed the ritual itself. It would take a minor blood sacrifice – his own blood, and a small cut would suffice. A chant in Latin; real Latin, not the bastardized version employed by wizardkind… He ran his eyes across the foreign words, mulling over the grammatical conjugations, and translating the words themselves, his eyes widening further and further as he did – in equal measure fascinated and terrified. As he finished translating, his hand shook ever so slightly, before he ironed his nerves… And gulped. The Slytherin student closed his eyes for a moment.

‘’… Okay, then…’’, Severus Snape thought to himself: ‘’… I guess that now I know how to summon Lilith.’’ – to call him baffled and dumbfounded would be an understatement.
He placed a bookmark in-between the pages, and closed the book, looking briefly at the title: ‘’Liber Inferni’’ – quite literally, ‘’Book of Hell’’. Not the most imaginative title, Severus thought with a scoff, but it got the message across, he supposed.

He sighed, leaning back into the chair… Yet in truth, he already knew what he’d end up doing – it was too much of a tempting opportunity, too much of an alluring idea, to pass out on. But, he decided, he wouldn’t jump straight down the deep end… He’d take this slow. Methodically, he’d work his way up towards the good stuff: start small, end big. And, so, he began his research.