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Once there was a beautiful land. It was filled with rich rolling hills, calm soothing valleys, white-peaked mountains, and swirling rivers.

And above all it was filled with exotic magic.

Fairies lived in this land, and if you were lucky enough to be on good terms with them, they may give you a birthday present. But if you upset one...

This land was called Misthaven, and it was ruled by King Charlie and Queen Renée. For many years they could not have a child, but finally they had a daughter, the baby Kirstiana.

Kirstiana was an ordinary royal baby, not particularly beautiful or magical in anyway.

But King Charlie hoped to change that, inviting the fairies Alice, Leah, and Rosalie to the baby’s christening.

Also on the guest list was King Billy of the neighboring kingdom Bluffs. Their land was flatter and better for hunting. Billy had a son, Jacob, who was just a toddler.

It was Charlie’s hope that one day Jacob and Kirstiana would marry, and their alliance would be one of marriage and not just an agreement. 

Such was the life Kirstiana was born into. An ordinary baby, and yet a princess.

A child with eyes blue as the dawn-rent sky.

The first sound she heard was the kingdom’s voices raised in celebration of her birth.

“Hail to the Princess Kirstiana!”