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Non-Zero Something for Everyone

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(Timestamp: August 2012)

In this rendering of a reality, there were faint lights but no stars; colors, but no surfaces; lines, but no direction.

Here, the peridexis took watch in silence. True, there were many other ways in which to do so - more interactive planes, some that wizards would count as more 'cartoony' or 'fun' - but this was work, not enjoyment.

The Powers had ordained the peridexic effect take this watch, to keep a metaphoric eye on what possible life could arise outside of human awareness or deliberate action, and to its understanding that did not mean indulgence in even the least fashion. If, for what it had done, that required waiting in silence, in this not-even-twilight, alone-

Presently, the peridexis realized it wasn't quite alone. There was - not another sentience, nor sapience, but an awareness.

The peridexis returned to an uneasy watch and wait, as that awareness maintained...