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Of Doctorates and Dæmons

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wolfsongblue asked: I know the rest of the team didn't show up in the epilogue, but have you thought about what their dæmons would be?

Skye / Daisy - Weasel (they can sense vibrations!)
Coulson - Mink 
May - Red Kite
Trip - African Golden Cat 
Mack - Badger 
Elena - Cheetah 
Hunter - Hyena 
Bobbi - Mockingbird  
Raina - Malayan Coral Snake 
Garrett - Rottweiler 
Ward - Bee     (I can see the look you’re all giving me. But they thrive in military-esque formations and he would carry it in one of those HDM metal carrying cases in his tact gear, which would make him seem unnerving at first because he wouldn’t seem to have a dæmon. Plus, there’s the Hive joke.)

I especially loved thinking about how their dæmons would affect all of their first reactions to each other. So, for example - weasels and lizards are hunted by birds like kites, so Skye’s and Fitz’s dæmons would be naturally wary of May’s. but Skye’s & Coulson’s dæmons are very similar, so they get along like gangbusters really quickly. Trip & Jemma’s dæmons also get along really well right off the bat for the same kind of reason. 

Before I could figure the others' dæmons out, I also had to have longer brainstorming conversations about what Inhuman terrigenesis would do to the dæmons. we decided in the end that it doesn’t change the dæmons, but that the dæmons were always reflective of the abilities that the Inhumans would ultimately display (were they to go through terrigenesis at all). This makes the terrigenesis always a part of them while also not actually being necessary, because the daemons settled like that to begin with.