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Go ahead, go way low

Where I can do no harm

Go ahead, go way low

In my honey-lovin’ arms

Go ahead, go way low

Where I can do no wrong

Got you ‘round my finger like a lonely lover’s charm

-“Get Some” by Lykke Li

There were side effects to being close with both sons of Odin.

I just never thought this would be one of them.

So the night of my birthday, I had a dream.

But not just any dream.

The kind of dream I hadn’t had since I was a lonely, hormonal teenager.

Only dialed up to eleven.

In the dream, it was also my birthday, or actually, my fake birthday. I was an orphan, so we had no actual idea when my birthday was on account of when I’d been left at the orphanage. They’d narrowed down the month, but not the day, so I just knew vaguely sometime in February, and I threw dart at a calendar to pick the day. Although to be fair, the dart had originally landed on Valentine’s Day, but I said fuck that and tried again, settling for the 22nd instead.

“Are you sure this is entirely necessary?” I groaned at my Asgardian boyfriend as he led me towards the bedroom with a blindfold on.

“Absolutely necessary,” Thor insisted, guiding me forward by my shoulders.

“I warn you: I’m not too big on surprises.”

“I’ve noticed,” he teased. “But I think this one is worth it.”

“If you say so,” I muttered. The temperature changed just slightly and I could smell the familiar scent of my black cherry candles in the bedroom. Thoughtful of him to do so; it never failed to relax me. He nudged me to stand where I knew wasn’t far from the bed and then shut the door.

“Alright, my lady, you may remove it.”

I slipped off the blindfold.

“Ta-da,” Loki said in his driest possible voice from where he lounged against my dresser across from the bed. I stared at him. He stared at me.

“Okay,” I said after a moment. “What the fuck?”

Loki’s lips pulled into a positively filthy little smirk. “Choice words, in fact, kitten.”

“What,” I repeated, glaring at Thor. “The fuck?”

“Well, milady,” Thor began, not at all affected by my hostile tone somehow. “As I considered what to get you for your birthday, I thought about something that you would enjoy, something a little unorthodox.”

I lifted an eyebrow. “What? You’re going to let me beat the living shit out of him like I’ve been wanting to do for so long?”

Thor chuckled. “Ah, no, my lady, I’m afraid not. I thought perhaps you might be interested in a different physical activity.”

He paused, and then gave me a very coy smile. “Between all three of us.”

I stared at him. He stared at me. The implication finally dawned on me. I turned beet red and held out one finger accusingly at him. “No.”

I pointed at Loki’s smirking face. “No. Fuck no. Absolutely not. No, no way, nope, nope, nope, all aboard the Nope Train to Fuckthatville.”

I marched for the door, and Thor caught my shoulders. “Now, now, milady, I know what this sounds like—”

“It sounds like the King of Asgard just asked me to fuck his brother!” I seethed. “Are you out of your mind, Thor? What in the hell makes you think I’d go along with this nonsense?”

Thor arched an eyebrow. “If you would permit me, dearest?”

“Oh, please explain yourself,” I spat as I crossed my arms. “I’m dying to hear it.”

“I know that both of you got off on the wrong foot immediately, and for good reason.” He paused, as if considering how to phrase his next words. “But I have also always noticed a shade of attraction between you two. Even before he made it so very obvious by stealing a kiss. I also do not think it is one-sided, and that while you are perfectly happy with me, I think it would be very exciting and enjoyable for you to be with the two of us at the same time. I think it would release a good bit of tension, and honestly, it would be the kind of mischief I think you’d like if you gave it a chance.”

“He’s tried to kill me,” I told him plainly.

Thor shrugged. “We have that in common.”

“Oh, yes, because that makes it so much better, Odinson. You’re imagining things. There’s nothing between us except occasional vitriol and an appreciation for Shakespeare.”

Loki’s silken voice spoke straight into my ear, and my soul nearly left its mortal shell. “Is that right, kitten?”

I whirled. “Hey, hey, don’t get cheeky, serpent. I meant what I said. You’re both crazy. Contrary to what you believe, I don’t think of you that way and I never have and I—”

The rest of my rant evaporated as Loki stooped to my height and kissed me like I belonged to him. He cupped my cheek and tilted my head, running his tongue across my lower lip. He slipped it into my mouth and an undignified noise crawled out of my throat. I shuddered hard as he sucked my upper lip and then drew back, resting his fingers lightly underneath my chin, his voice low and hungry and smug.

“I’m sorry, what was that, darling?”

I opened my eyes. Shit. I’d closed them? “Fuck you.”

“I certainly hope you will,” he told me with an impish grin.

I blushed harder. “This is a bad idea. The worst idea. Unacceptable. There is no way in hell that I can—”

Loki pushed me back into Thor’s arms and kissed me again. Thor twined those burly arms around my middle and lowered his lips to the side of my neck as his brother lavished me with long, deep, messy kisses that had me panting in mere seconds. My knees nearly gave out at the combination of Thor’s soft touch and Loki’s sensual assault. Before I could help it, I was moaning into Loki’s mouth, my fingers clutching Thor’s forearm for strength, and all at once, I just collapsed back into the God of Thunder’s embrace, entirely overwhelmed from the attention.

Loki lifted an eyebrow haughtily. “You were saying, pet?”

I panted for a few seconds, trying to find actual words, but my brain was monkey chatter. I could hear bits and pieces of my thoughts, most of which were screaming, “FUCK THE HELL OUT OF THEM BOTH YOU STUPID IDIOT.”

“But—he’s your brother!” I protested, tilting my head to throw an incredulous look at Thor.

“Adopted,” Loki offered. “There is no blood between us, and frankly, he and I are merely facilitating your pleasure. We will not be acting upon each other in any way, shape, or form.”

“Exactly,” Thor said cheerfully, kissing my temple. “This night is for you, sweetheart. Be honest with yourself. It will not hurt my feelings, I promise. I believe in total honesty between us. Is this something you want?”


Thor squeezed me gently. “Do not listen to your guilt. You do not need it here. I want the truth, my lady. Just the truth.”

I fidgeted under his patient stare, and I could feel Loki’s on my skin like I’d felt his lips only a moment ago. God, it was so hard to focus with two intensely handsome men waiting for me to answer a question that shouldn’t have been asked. And yet it had, and…and…well…if I dropped the guilt that made me feel like I’d be cheating…

Thor sort of had a point.

Loki pissed me off about 75% of the time we were around each other.

And yet there were other times where he made me feel…other things.

It was in smaller moments, since Thor and I had been going out for close to a year now, and Loki had actually accepted my offer of friendship. He refused to openly show me anything resembling affection if Thor or the other Avengers were around, but when we were alone, he acted like an actual person, for once. We’d read on the couch together, me leaning into his side, his arm around me, saying nothing for hours at a time but enjoying the company. Sometimes he’d “mistakenly” order too much Thai food and bring it to me to eat in my apartment. He still trained me on close combat weaponry on a weekly basis, and while he was still hard on me, there were little gestures like helping me up from the floor or adjusting my stance that let me know on some level, we were actually friends.

Also, I could protest and pretend all I wanted, but I’d known all along that Loki was an attractive bastard. He flaunted it, of course, but it didn’t make it any less effective. I adored his facial features, personally, the combination of such pale skin and vibrant eyes and dark hair. He was striking as hell to look at, even moody and cruel as he could be sometimes. To say nothing of that evil, velvet voice. He delighted in dropping it to a low tone and whispering in my ear, knowing damn well it always got to me. He could read the fucking phone book and make it sound like goddamn erotica with that stupid voice.

Loki was infuriating. No doubt about it.

But he did intrigue me nonetheless.

“Shit,” I grumbled, embarrassed as I came to my realization. “You do realize if we do this, he’s never going to let it go.”

“It’s true,” Loki said gleefully. “I am going to torment you until the end of time.”

“I will remove both of his arms if he even tries it,” Thor told me, and I got the distinct feeling he was glaring at his brother over my head. “You have my word, milady.”

I buried my face in both hands. “Thor, I can barely keep it together when you and I are going at it. How am I going to ever survive both sons of Odin?”

Thor laughed and scooped me up with tender care, placing me on the edge of the bed, his grin playful and full of salacious promises. “Don’t worry, sweetheart. You’re stronger than you look.”

He knelt enough to remove my heels—we’d gone to a fancy dinner at his urging, I personally would have been fine with staying in—and then ran those long, strong fingers over my feet. I suppressed a deep, satisfied groan. I’d come to find that Thor was excellent at foot rubs and could pretty much get me to agree to anything he asked while he was giving me one. I tried to fight the luxurious fog of pleasant sensations and instead fixed my attentions on Loki. He crawled onto the bed behind me and I couldn’t help tensing as the mattress pitched under his weight.

“Relax,” Loki murmured into my right ear. His spindly fingers skimmed my upper arms and then settled onto my shoulders. He massaged them in slow circles, down over my shoulder blades, then up to the nape of my neck. He waited until I sighed in relief at the two points of sensuality, and then kissed the side of my throat.

I moaned.

Then I turned red and clapped a hand over my mouth.

Loki laughed. The sound wasn’t full of malice and mocking, like usual. It was a real laugh, and I didn’t hear them often from him. It was a rare, but lovely thing, honestly.

Thor squeezed my calf, giving me a fond look of patience. “It’s alright, my sweet. You know very well that I love your sounds.”

“And I certainly am not the shy type,” Loki chimed in, brushing my hair over one shoulder. “Let me hear more, kitten. Purr for me, for us, as much as you like.”

To encourage said behavior, Thor’s hands slipped up my legs to my knees and then to the hem of the dress. He kissed the inside of the right one, and the rough scrape of his beard against the delicate skin made me whimper in anticipation of more. Loki kissed the spot beneath my jaw. I almost missed the sound of the zipper to the back of my dress unraveling my distracted state. Loki angled one hand past the soft silk and drew it down the right half of my spine, brushing the bra along the way. I jumped a bit as it snapped loose and began to fall forward along with the top half of the dress. On instinct alone, I grabbed for it, but Thor stopped me, his warm hands on my wrists.

“It’s alright,” he assured me, and then lowered my hands into my lap. He gently tugged the material down to crumple at my waist. Thor licked his lips as he beheld my bare breasts, but he stayed the course by pushing the skirt up higher over my legs.

Loki, however, took the more direct approach.  

His hands tickled over my ribs and then he gripped my breasts.

I squirmed, crying out, and clutched his wrists in a knee-jerk reaction of resistance. Loki sighed wistfully and let his fingertips graze the delicate sides of my breasts before drawing them up towards my nipples. He toyed with them, running over them again and again, and squeezed another moan out of me. Thor’s hot mouth reached my inner thigh and my nails dug into Loki’s arms as I tried not to completely lose it from so much attention, so many rushing sensations, so much teasing pleasure.

“So sensitive,” Loki purred. “You are a lucky man, brother.”

“You have no idea,” Thor agreed as he bit a light kiss mark into my thigh and then licked the spot to soothe it. His hands crept to my hips and he pulled my lacy underwear off, his breathing rapid with excitement. He tugged me further forward on the bed and draped my legs over his broad shoulders. I wriggled nervously as his gaze zeroed in on my bare, wet sex beneath the dress. Loki adjusted behind me and pulled me back against his chest, letting me recline against him. He hiked the dress up over my thighs, and I couldn’t have said why, but it turned me on to a ridiculous extent to see him making way for Thor.

Thor gave me a roguish smirk as he settled those big hands on my thighs, nudging them even further apart. “Milady?”

I swallowed hard, struggling to reply. “Y-Yes?”

“You are very wet,” he told me, feigning innocence when that smirk all but dripped with nefariousness. “Are you enjoying yourself?”

“Maybe,” I mumbled, flustered and ashamed as I thought about the fact that he was right.

“Good.” He lowered his mouth to meet me. He let his tongue curl across my slick heat at first, tasting the nectar that had already spilled out, and then parted his soft lips to taste more of me. I hissed and tensed all over as the first wave of pleasure dragged me under. The heat inside me leapt to furnace levels, capped off by Loki’s patient, sure touch over my sensitive breasts.

“Hmm, I think she likes that, brother,” Loki mused, lightly pinching my nipples. He kissed and licked at my neck, grazing my pulse with his teeth. “Do you like it, pet?”

I stubbornly refused to answer. After all, it was still Loki, for God’s sake. He caught on that I didn’t want to cooperate, and he must not have been pleased. He shifted so that he was no longer kneeling behind me, but sitting with me almost in his lap, his legs on either side of me, not touching Thor but trailing over the edge of the bed. It put my ass dead center against his groin, and he was already hard as a rock. I moaned on reflex alone, trying to scoot away, but he kept me firmly in place.

“I asked, do you like it, pet?” he whispered darkly into my ear, squeezing my breasts as he said it.

He rubbed his cock against the curve of my ass and it felt amazingly good in combination with Thor’s steady laps against my cunt. I lost my head in seconds, mumbling, “Y-Yes, I like it.”

“There’s a good girl,” Loki said. “Are you watching him?”

Jesus Christ. He was about as kinky as I thought he’d be. My eyes had been closed since I’d been trying to resist the very tempting urge to come so soon. I never lasted long if I watched Thor go down on me.


“Why not?” Loki asked teasingly. “He is yours, is he not? Do you not appreciate your lover’s efforts, kitten?”

“I-I do, I just, I can’t, I can’t w-watch him or I’ll come.”

“That is the point, is it not?”

As if on cue, Thor sunk his tongue all the way inside me and I moaned piteously, writhing between the two of them. Thor growled against my cunt and sucked, sending a sharp spike of pleasure through me.

“Watch,” Loki ordered, sliding his hand around my chin and tilting it down. “Watch him fuck your pretty little cunt with his mouth, kitten.”

I shook my head. “N-No, it’s going to make me come, please.”

“We want you to come,” Loki whispered in my ear. “Open your eyes, little pet.”

I couldn’t really help it. I was a bit of a sub when it came to being told what to do in bed. My lashes fluttered up halfway, enough to see Thor poised there between my legs. He caught me looking and his lips pulled up in one corner in a rather filthy smirk of satisfaction. He slid his tongue free enticingly slow and then pushed it back into me, repeating the gesture in a slow sequence that had me melting around him in seconds. The roughness of his beard against the edges of my pussy and down near my ass made me hypersensitive, and I climbed towards the climax faster and faster with every pass of his delectable mouth. I could see the passion in his expression as he tongue-fucked me, and it was both lewd and somehow weirdly affectionate. He liked pleasing me just as much as I liked being pleased.

And just at the right moment, Loki slipped his hand down enough to stroke my clit.

“Ah!” I jerked in place, trembling, but Loki didn’t stop. He ran the flat of his middle finger over my spot as Thor kept licking and sucking and lapping at me. I couldn’t take it. A knot tightened deep in my center. Moans and cries for mercy fell from my lips over and over again. I wasn’t going to last, not when it felt so phenomenal.

“Come,” Loki commanded, rubbing faster, circling my clit as his brother’s tongue turned me inside out with pleasure. “Come for us, kitten.”

I did. I came. I came so hard on Thor’s tongue that it made the bed groan and squeak in its frame as I rocked up into him uncontrollably as my orgasm raked through me. Thor groaned in delight as he felt it, taking it all in stride, bringing me down from the heavens with light, gentle strokes of his tongue. He didn’t fight it as my legs wrapped around his neck by habit, and he petted my thighs patiently until I’d finished. He let me slide back against the bed again, and it made a truly obscene slurping sound as his mouth fell away from my sex. Christ. I wasn’t sure I’d ever been this much of a mess before.

Loki didn’t want to overstimulate me, so he instead wrapped his arms around my middle to keep me in place as I came down from my high. He lavished my neck with more little kisses until my breathing evened out and then let out another evil chuckle. “Well, that was quite eventful.”

“Shut up,” I muttered, more out of habit than true annoyance. “You’re so mouthy, Loki. I don’t know how any woman can stand you enough to sleep with you.”

He laughed then. “Oh, I’ll cure you of that false belief soon enough. Now then, can you move yet?”

I considered my high-as-a-kite feelings for a moment and then nodded. “Sort of.”

Thor rose from his knees and chuckled, taking my calves in his hands. “We’ve got you, my lady, don’t worry.”

Loki shimmied back towards the headboard and Thor followed, half-carrying my lower body. They settled me against the pillows and I took a moment to pull the dress the rest of the way off. Loki approved, vigorously, if the way he was staring at my naked body was any indication. I tingled in the places his eyes roved over, surprised by how arousing it felt to see the open lust in his features directed at me. Thor hadn’t been lying. I had every reason not to have any feelings at all about Loki, not after what he’d done, and yet I felt a wealth of affection and desire for him anyway. I was a strange creature, it seemed.

“So,” I said, clearing my throat. “That was a thing.”

“Eloquent as ever, my dear,” Loki said with a roll of his eyes, but he was smirking.

“What happens now?”

They shared a look. Thor went first. “Well, do you have any boundaries we need to discuss?”

“You know all my preferences. I guess that’s up to this one.” I pointed at Loki. “I assume the God of Mischief is kinky as hell, naturally.”

Loki’s smirk widened and his sea-colored eyes glittered. “You are precisely right, kitten. However, I can tame myself for your sake. After all, this is for your enjoyment, not simply my own.”

I nibbled my lower lip. “Fine, but…you can…suggest things or ask for things. You’re irritating as hell, but I don’t mind accommodating you.”

“Within reason,” Thor added, giving his brother a mild look of warning. “Do not strain my lady in patience nor in physical activity.”

“The patience thing is a lost cause,” I told him. “I’ve just accepted the fact that he likes working me up and he’s never going to quit.”

“A wise decision.” He punctuated the statement by undoing the button to his suit jacket, staring pointedly into my eyes as he did so. I turned red and averted my gaze. Damn him. Why did he seem to know my weak points?

“Oh, no you don’t,” he drawled. “Eyes up, darling.”

I fidgeted and finally grabbed one of the pillows, holding it protectively to my chest to give me some form of comfort. I felt slightly better with some cover and worked up the nerve to look up at the two of them as they started to undress in front of me.

Both were wearing suits; Loki in all black, Thor in a navy suit with windowpane designs the same color as his wintry eyes. There were just so many nice things to see that I didn’t even know where to start. Loki’s collarbone peeked out at me as he undid the dress shirt, and I almost hyperventilated at the sight of his smooth, pale skin. Thor had been very revved up after what we’d just done, so he moved faster, and I got to enjoy an eyeful of his carved chest and biceps as he let his shirt fall away. Loki’s hands slowed as he reached his pants, his shirt gone, and I had a sudden urge to run my tongue between the runnels of his abs. Thor finished stripping down to his dark grey boxer-shorts, and his thick cock lay straight up against his stomach underneath the cotton, enticing me to come and play. Loki’s black silk boxers teased at what lay beneath them, the cloth even darker around the area where the tip of his cock lay. They were both perfectly handsome and desirable in entirely different ways; like opposite ends of one beautiful spectrum.

And they were all mine to play with.

And I was theirs.

“Oh, boy,” I whispered hoarsely, clutching my pillow for strength.

Loki’s smirk stretched into a grin as he glanced at Thor. “Is she always this shy?”

“Always,” Thor confirmed with a matching grin.

“Lucky bastard.” He slipped one hand around my ankle, running his thumb over the delicate bone, cooing softly at me with that stupid, sexy voice of his. “Come here, little kitten. Loki wants to play.”

I turned even redder. Goddamn him. I was a sucker for that sort of talk. “W-What do you want me to do?”

“Let me play with you,” he murmured as his eyes roamed across my legs. “I want to fuck you slowly, deeply, your pretty legs around my waist, and listen to you cry out for me.”

He licked his lips. “I want your cunt, darling. So very badly.”

I gulped. Goodness me. Hearing him say it out loud had turned me into a liquid mess down below. I glanced furtively at Thor, unsure of his reaction to such conduct, but he didn’t seem at all bothered by it. “Um, is that okay with you, Thor?”

“Is it okay with you, milady?”

I chewed my lip. “Um, y-yes.”

“Then it is okay with me as well.”

“But what about you?”

“I can be patient. And it would be thrilling to see you in ecstasy from an outside perspective. Restraint can be just as pleasing as indulgence.”

Wow. Thor was very open-minded, far more than I had thought. It was exciting that he’d still get off watching me be pleasured by another man, and his brother, no less. Maybe he was kinkier than he let on as well. Go figure.

“Um,” I mumbled, trying to keep my voice from cracking. “Okay, then, that’s fine.”

Loki chuckled as he crawled up towards me. “Such a shy little kitten. I’m going to enjoy this immensely.”

Thor moved to the head of the bed and to one side, giving us plenty of room on our own, and yet still within range to enjoy himself. It made me feel better that he’d at least be in my peripheral.

Loki gripped a handful of the pillow in my hands and gave me another sinful smile as he slowly drew it away from my body. I was shaking by the time I let go of it, panting slightly from both fear and anticipation of letting another man have me right in front of my boyfriend. Loki perused my curves and then planted his hands on either side of me, trapping me between his lanky arms. I gripped the sheets underneath me as I tried to stay calm, but I ached all over just from the intensity of his gaze.

“I am certain he has told you this before,” Loki said. “But you are beautiful, kitten.”

“T-Thanks,” I stammered back. “You too.”

“I know,” he said, and that made me roll my eyes. But it also relaxed me a bit, and maybe that was why he said it. “Hmm, so many nice places to touch. It’s hard to know where to begin, little pet.”

He slipped those long, elegant fingers around my throat and stroked it, then slid it down until his hand mapped the space over my racing heart. His pupils dilated. Naked hunger rolled over his handsome face. He knew he excited me, and he liked it. He cupped my left breast enough to cajole another moan out of me, and then skated his hand down to my arm. He untangled my hand from the sheets and pressed it to his chest.

“Do you feel that, pet?” he whispered. “How you make my heart race?”


He skated his hand down my belly until he reached the apex of my thighs. I’d kept them clutched together in an attempt to hide just how ridiculously aroused I’d become by now. “Spread your legs for me, darling.”

It took a lot of will power to obey him, but I managed to part my legs for him. He slipped his fingers down over me, and I convulsed on the bed, moaning helplessly at the sudden stimulation. Loki growled as he felt how wet I’d gotten, soaking wet, undeniably wet. He slid two fingers into me all the way and then withdrew them. “Fucking hell. Do you see how badly you want me, pet?”

He lifted his slick fingers between us and then licked them clean, purring as he did it. “How sweet you are. Just like I always imagined.”

I shuddered at his confession. It was so embarrassing to know, and yet I felt oddly flattered that Loki thought of me this way. I’d always thought I was simply the low-hanging fruit, someone with a prior relationship with him that would be an easy lay had I not been with Thor, and yet part of me knew that wasn’t entirely true. Maybe Loki really was attracted to me because he liked me, not simply because I was there.

He kissed me with surprising gentleness as he aligned our bodies on the bed, and then lowered the band of his boxers. Oh, hell. Like Thor, Loki was hung, just not quite as thick around as my God of Thunder. He rubbed the shaft up against my slit, wetting the length of it, driving trembling moans from me one at a time. He circled my clit with the hot, wet tip of his cock and then lowered his weight onto me.

“Look at me,” he ordered, a sudden hiss of authority in his voice. I did.

“Watch me take you,” he murmured against my lips. “Watch me take you in front of your Thor.”

“Loki,” I protested, blushing profusely.

He chuckled. “Don’t worry, pet. He’s going to enjoy this almost as much as I am.”

Loki nudged my legs further apart with his knees, and then sunk into me.

Oh. Oh, God. I’d been right before. I had no idea how I would survive the Brodinsons.

Loki felt unbelievably good inside me.

So good I broke from his mouth and just screamed out, “Fuck!” I couldn’t articulate anything else. My core tightened around him immediately, desperate for the contact after so much teasing, and I felt every silken inch of him as a result.

Above me, Loki moaned low and long. “Oh, this cunt. Mm, what a delicious little cunt. So tight.”

He wrapped my legs around him and I moaned again, digging my nails into his shoulders. My arms locked around his neck and I crossed my ankles over his lower back, unable to stop myself from grinding my pelvis up against him. The extra friction spilled wave after wave of pleasure through my veins like hot syrup. I was gasping already and he hadn’t even started yet. How embarrassing.

“Oh, yes, my little kitten,” Loki whispered. “You are every bit of what I thought you would be. And now you’re mine. All mine.”

He rocked back, pulling out, and then pumped back into me, and my toes curled. “Fuck!”

Loki grinned. “Like that, do you?”

“Y-Yes,” I whimpered.



He shifted slightly to balance on his palms and drove into me steadily, fucking me in the exact middle between hard and soft, pleasuring me thoroughly without making me feel crazed. I tried not to just lose it entirely, but he was gorgeous and sensual and he felt so damned good that I couldn’t keep quiet. He watched me intently as he fucked me, noting every change in my expression, his eyes tracing over my face down to my breasts and tummy, then back up over and over again. He loved it. He loved fucking me, and I knew it deep down in my soul somewhere.

“Will you do me a favor, my sweet?” Loki purred.

“W-What?” I managed through furious panting breaths.

He tilted my chin up, and that gave me a full, albeit upside down, view of Thor.

And that just made it all so much more arousing.

Thor’s face was flushed, and the heat in his lone blue eye nearly scorched me. He sat with one leg trailing down over the bed, the other bent, the band of his boxer-briefs lowered enough to free his cock, which was tightly clutched in one fist. Light sweat beaded his brow as he kept his gaze on our entwined bodies, and I shivered as I realized he liked seeing me this way. I’d never thought such a scandalous thing would be this fascinating.

“Look at him,” Loki said into my ear, never ceasing those succulent thrusts into me. “Look at how much it pleases him to see you this way. Such a naughty pet you are, fucking another man in front of him. How lewd of you, displaying your body like this for the sons of Odin. Such a bad girl.”

I whined, shaking my head and squeezing my eyes shut. “Mm, no, I’m not a bad girl, please.”

“Oh, yes, you are, pet. Open those eyes. I want to see it when you come.”

Oh, God, the thought of coming on Loki’s cock in front of Thor seized me with equal parts shame and excitement. Loki groaned as he felt my inner walls fluttering over his cock and he sped up his thrusts, slipping deeper into me, the tip of him smashing against my erogenous zone. I cried out and raked my nails down his pale chest. He liked that even more, growling as he leaned down enough to kiss me.

“Come, kitten,” he ordered. “Let me hear it. Let me feel it. Scream my name. Right now. Come for me.”

He gripped one half of my ass and suddenly shoved me down onto his cock just as he twisted his hips, and that tore it.

“God, Loki, oh, fuck!” I tumbled over the edge into oblivion. I clenched around his cock like mad, over and over again, no longer fighting it because I’d wanted it so badly. Golden heat seeped down into me from head to toe, soaking my skin, dousing my nerves in bliss. Above me, Loki gasped out my name in return and then shuddered hard. My spine arched as I felt him come inside me, releasing everything at once, his cock throbbing wildly. He groaned lowly against my lips and fucked his come into me as much as possible, as if not wanting a drop to go to waste. I’d heard Thor’s throaty sigh over the sound of our coupling, and that only made me shiver more with satisfaction. I’d done something probably not many women had done before: pleased both sons of Odin at once. Go me.

I had no idea how long I drifted on the wings of nirvana. Eventually, I returned to full awareness as Loki nuzzled my neck, dropping small, affectionate kisses against it, one forearm holding his weight, his other hand languidly stroking my side all the way down to my thigh. He lifted over me and kissed my lips, his blue-green eyes glazed with pleasure and affection. “You are exquisite, kitten.”

“Thanks,” I said in my hoarse post-sex voice. “You’re not so bad yourself.”

Loki gave me a little nod in return, and then glanced at Thor. “Well, I’d say we’re off to a good start, brother. Wouldn’t you?”

I sputtered, my eyes wide. “Wait, start?”

“Oh, yes,” Thor agreed, his tone rather playful and sinister. “With much more in store for our lady.”

God help me.

We’d only just begun.