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...losing my mind...

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Prologue: Welcome back kid,


You wake up in a hospital. 


You don't remember being in a hospital or falling asleep in one, but then again you don't remember anything.


In fact, you don't remember anything. Not your name, your family or anything else for that matter.


Anxiously you stare at the strangers around you, tall, short, skinny and wide. None of them look any sort of familiar. Your throat hurts and the water beside you looks very ravishing right now. 


The tall lanky women walks up first. Her bony shoulders straight, crossing her arms as if she has better things to do. She probably does, you imagine, maybe she's a detective or somebody in a position of great power. She looks like she would be. 


With a lavender wrinkled suite she stares with slanted green eyes at you. Biting your lip, you realise that you can't feel from your nose to your lower face down. 


"Y/n. I need to be honest with me, do you remember what he did to you?" Says the women. Her fingers grip the bedside. She holds so hard you swear you can hear it creaking in pain. Why was she holding it so hard? Was she going to break it? But what did she again. She said something about a Y/n?


Y/n? …….Who's that? Is that your name? 


Y/n, y/n, y/n that sounds right. Y/n , yeah that's you r name. What's your last name? Does it rhyme or is it just plain and simple, does it have the same initial as your first name or does have a great meaning. What does mean if it does. Does Y/n have meaning too? 


So many questions, so little answers. 


"-- Is that normal? For them to space out, I mean they never did that before. Is it normal?" 

The odd high pitch voice says. Quickly grating on your nerves. How annoying, it sounds as if somebody grabbed a dog and badger and decide to breed them together. 


What an awful combination.


You look at the short balding man in a white coat, doctor? he sighs when he catches you looking. 


"Mr/s. L/n I'm going to be frank here. Do you remember any sort of thing and do recognise any of the people in this room?"


All of heads shoot up staring at you with wide eyes from the question. 


"What a foolish question, of course, my own child  would recognise me!" Shouts a man in long beige coat. 


"Right Y/n? Of course you do," he asks. His e/c eyes narrowing at you. 


You stare blankly at the expecting group. Straightening yourself up as best as you can, you open your mouth and "No. Who are you?"


And as if your word is gospel. Chaos erupts in a second. The beige coat man pales and stumbles back in horror. The squeaky voice women cries out in denial. Others scream and turn at the monotonous looking doctor. All while the lavender suite women stares solemnly at you. 


Her hand rests against your own wired one. You note her eyes seem more melancholy than angry or outraged. Almost as if she expected this, that look makes something stirrs within you. It doesn't make sense but you feel some sort of kinship with this strange women. 


Gently you squeeze her hand, your eyes meeting her green ones. A soft smile appears on her face as she squeezes back. 


You may not remember anything or anybody but you do remember the feeling of sympathy and trust. And you would be damned if you didn't comfort this women who definitely needs it.

Y/n L/n is your name. 


Well at least is what people tell you. With short and easy steps the women in the lavender suite helps you out of bed and gently hands you a bundle of clothing. The rest of your "family" has gone outside to well… do something? 

 (What do they even do for a living? 

What type of school did you go? Who's your best friend? Favorite subjects, books, tv shows---, Stopyoudon'tneedthinkifyoudohe'sgoingtokillyou----)

She then pulls you forward to a room. You remember  when her fingers were intertwined with yours, it had a soft touch and would have lasted longer had not the man who calls himself your "father" try and shake you. Luckily the women shielded you from the madmen, you don't like him.


In all honesty you really don't care for them, they're supposed to be your family but you don't even recognise them. The only person you feel any sort of familiar love is with the women in lavender. 


You slip off the hospital gown and put on the clothing that had been given to you. Tiredly you struggle with the shirt and slacks put still successfully complete the operation of putting new clothes. After that you put the deodorant and other hygienic goods that been given to you back in a f/c box. Finally you take off your slippers and put on some socks and shoes. And with that you open the door and leave the small room. 


Or would've had you not stopped to look at the mirror. Large white bandages hide your face from view, only your eyes, nose and a slanted chunk of your face and cheeks show. Your mouth, chin and forehead all hidden. Blinking you raise your hands to your head and palm over the bandages. Slowly you unwind them off your face. 


They fall so quick you only see a blur of white hit the floor before you can even try to catch them. Your face feels loosed? Or fresh. You stare again at the mirror. A large white scar stretches from your left collar bone up to the corners of the left side of your mouth. Without a second glance you made your way out.


Closing the door behind you, you look at the women in lavender who fiddles with a button her sleeve. "Um -m, I'm done." You mutter, shuffling your feet as you come near her. She blinks and straightens her suite. Sighing she walks towards you, " Alright. Now let's go home Y/n, I'm sure your stressed and confused but for now let's get you familiarized with the others."


Something in your mouth tastes bitter but you nod anyways. " Alright, I'm Whitney L/n your mother." 






Ah, ah, ... ah 


"...ah…" you say, still not understanding but somewhat handling it with sanity.


You stared puzzled at her, you had only woken up recently to find out that you can't remember anything and now this, this woman was your mother. That, that did make some sense, that would explain why you felt some sort of affection towards her. 


Whitney, your mother (you have a mother, of course you have a mother why wouldn't you?) stares softly at you, placing her hands on your shoulders. "I know this is a lot to take in a small moment but we have to go now. We can and we will explain everything later. " Her fingers go up and lift your chin. Your mother frowns when she traces where the bandages had formerly been.


"That's new." She mutters tracing the white pinkish scar. 


Yeah, you know that. Blinking you raise your hands to hers and grab them. "Can we get this o- over w- w  wit- th," your voice breaks as you talk. 


Your mother hums and takes your hand, "Right lets go now." 


And the door opens, leaving behind the curiosity and going straight back to your former and currently unknown life.