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Heartfilia In Control

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Laxus' brain was still struggling to catch up with what was going on. He didn't pay much attention to the personal lives of the members of the Fairy Tail guild, aside from his own Thunder Legion members, but even he knew that Natsu and Lisanna were a thing now. He was pretty sure all of Magnolia was aware of that. It'd be hard not to be with how public they were with everything. So yeah, he knew about them. And yeah, he also knew Natsu and Lucy had been practically joined at the hip before but didn't spend nearly as much time together now that he was in a relationship. None of that explained why the blonde celestial mage had dragged him back to her room and was currently riding him harder than he'd ever been ridden in his life.

Maybe she had the hots for Dragneel and was using him as a plaything to release her frustration now that he was taken? Maybe she'd secretly had a crush on Laxus all along and seeing her best friend find someone gave her the courage to finally act on it? Or maybe she was just horny as hell and he'd happened to be nearby?

A more honorable guy probably would've tried to ask her what was going on. Some of them might have even been stupid enough to stop what was happening. Laxus wasn't honorable nor stupid enough to do either of those things, not with how incredible this all felt.

Sure, he was used to being the dominant one when it came to sex, but there was something to be said for this too. He'd always known Heartfilia's body was fucking awesome, but he was getting a whole new appreciation for it now. Her huge tits bounced uncontrollably as she drove her body up and down his length like a mage possessed. He had the almost irresistible urge to lean up so he could bite and suck at them, but he held himself back. He had the strength to overpower her easily if he chose, but he couldn't deny there was something sexy as hell about watching her take charge like this. So he contented himself with merely watching her voluptuous body move atop him.

Even on the rare occasions that he let a girl get on top, he'd usually be using his hands to guide her movements and make sure she knew who was really in charge. Here he let Lucy do whatever she wanted. His hands rested on her ass, but he didn't grip it firmly. He just held onto those smooth cheeks and passively watched her do her thing.

Lucy changed things up, ceasing her hard ride and switching to a less intense rocking motion. She surprised him when she grabbed two fistfuls of his hair and tugged his head up to hers none too gently to kiss him on the lips. It was a rough, aggressive, demanding kiss, made even more so when she took his bottom lip between her teeth and bit down. It wasn't hard enough to truly be painful, but it still drove the point home: Lucy Heartfilia was in control.

Her point made, Lucy started moving more urgently once again, seeking her pleasure without really seeming to care whether her partner found his or not. It was dismissive, selfish and completely out of character for the usually sweet celestial mage.

It also might have been the hottest thing Laxus had ever experienced in his life.