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I Want Your Heart, Not Just Body

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Nineteen years ago, demons swept through the earth, killing humans in an attempt to rule the world as they did before the dawn of time. When the human race was on the verge of extinction, a Vampire King emerged from the shadows with his warriors and vowed to protect the humans. The protection, however, came at a cost- their freedom. By the time the war was over, humans were subjugated to slaves.

Blood slaves.

While the war was going on the mainland, Jimin was sent to escape to a faraway secret village on Jeju Island, and it was there he lived a safe life. His safe and secure life burned to ashes when rogues hunters discovered the village and killed everyone except for children and young adults that could be sold off slaves. He soon found his wrist bound with thick iron cuffs and ankles shackled weighed down by heavy chains. He remembers staring into the eyes of one of the strangers that invaded his village. He had the eyes that were the same color as the ocean and smelled of danger.

It made his skin crawl. The cry of horror still echoed in his ears. The stench of smoke, blood, and death stung his eyes. 

In two days, Jimin lost everything he held dear. His village burned. His family slaughtered. Only twenty of the 400 people that lived on Jeju Island survived, and they were condemned to live life as slaves.

The next couple of days, those who survived were taken on a boat to what was formerly South Korea but now went under the name The District of Korea. It’s Capital, Seoul was where the shadow of the Vampire King reigned. Many died on the journey. Killed. Beaten. Starved.

Throughout the journey, Jimin kept quiet and still.

Finally, when they arrived in the city, Jimin remembers barely able to look at the place, so large with many ships.

The air smelled salty. Once they were taken off the ship, they were lined up, and cold water from buckets was tossed on them. The little clothes they had on them were torn and barely covered their bodies. Exposed. Jimin’s gaze was on the pair of eyes looking at them. Confused and lost.

He’d heard the stories of the world before the vampires ruled, and though that world sounded amazing compared to the reality of this one.

Jimin fought back hot wash of tears flooding his eyes. He straightened his shoulders, refusing to show weakness, in front of the monsters now standing before them.

 A thin man caught his gaze and made his way towards him. Without warning the man lifted his chin, turning his head side to side before locking gaze with him once more. Jimin glared at him, eyes dark with anger.

“Open your mouth,” demanded the man. Jimin stared at him puzzled, “Open your mouth slave!”

Terrified Jimin did as he was told. The man lifted his upper lip, then his lower lips. He ran his fingers along with his teeth and gums. He inspected his tongue and underneath and when he was satisfied, he moved on. Jimin followed his gaze as he inspected the boy next to him. He knew him. The boy was young, thirteen of age, and he trembled when touched. The boy whipped his head to the side which caused the man to slap him so hard, he fell to the ground, and then the man yanked him back to his feet, opening his mouth.


An hour passed as they stood there on the dock with the sun blazing on them, a man dressed in better clothing then the other men eyeing them walked with the thin man to where they stood. The man appeared a few years older than him, yet he was not a man. Nor was he a boy.  The two men spoke in low voices, as the man gazed at them. Jimin swallowed hard, shivering with fear and disgust. He caught the man’s gaze and quickly lowered his head, but it was too late the two men made their way to where he was standing. Jimin bit his lower lip, refusing to meet their gaze- his stomach tighten. He feared what was to come.

Jimin felt the gaze of the man on him, but kept his eyes focused on the ground, “Look at me,” spoke the man. His words echoed in his ears but Jimin remained still, head lowered.

“I said look at me,” the man’s voice demanded. Jimin lifts his head, meeting his dark lifeless eyes that sent shivers throughout his body. The man scanned his face, and smirked, without uttering another word, he turned to the thin man,

“They are a new batch?”

“Yes, my lord,” replies the man.

“Alright, he will do,” replies the man, placing a brown cloth on the thin man’s hand, as they exchanged smiles.

A few moments later, another man grabbed Jimin by the arm and yanked for him to walk. Unable to fight back with the heavy chains, Jimin did as told. He glanced back to his people, his former friends. Jimin knew he never sees them again.


Hours passed, and it was impossible to tell if it was night or day. His eyes were covered shut when he was brought to a place. His eyes were uncovered, and he was in a room, but there were no shackles on his ankles just cuffs. The room was a beautiful old faded reddish with cream walls and wooden chairs. Everything was so astonishing and strange. He’d never seen anything like it nor imagined it.

“Beautiful isn’t it,” a voice came from behind him. Jimin turns around startled, as a man dressed in a black collared long sleeve shirt and black pants. He was handsome with brown hair and dark eyes. Jimin heard of vampires with soulless eyes, and he did not doubt that the man standing before him was a vampire. Jimin watched as the man stands in front of him, taking his hands, and unlocking the cuffs around his wrists.

“My name is Yoongi, what’s yours?”

Jimin stares at the man blankly, confused, “Where am I?”

“At the capital,” replies the man, “You’re at my estate right now, so what’s your name?”

Jimin takes a look around the room once more before meeting the man’s gaze, “Jimin.”

“Jimin?” says Yoongi, nodding his head, “That’s a beautiful name. It suits you.” The man reaches for his face, startled Jimin whips his head to the side, taking a step back. Yoongi chuckles, retracting his hand.

“You have such fair skin,” says Yoongi, “You’re not from around here?”

“No, I’m from a village far from here.”

“Hmm?” says Yoongi, “So there are places untouched by the shadow of the Vampire King.”

Jimin glares at him with contempt, “It no longer exists, it burned to the ground.”

“Apologizes,” he says, “You should get cleaned up, you must be starving.”

Jimin clenches his fist, “Am your blood slave?”

“No,” replies Yoongi, “You are a gift for a close friend of mine.”

“A gift?”

“Yes, a gift,” replies Yoongi, “You will be whatever he chooses.”  


Two days later, Jimin found himself sleeping on a cushioned bed underneath cool breeze, and a stomach filled with food but found no sleep. Tales about the creatures of the night that ruled the world, echoed in his ears. He was told Vampires loved to torture, use, and abuse human until there was nothing left of them. Bleed dry until there was nothing left. Those who were lucky were worked in a factory and donated blood regularly, but some were taken in as personal slaves. Aside from being walking and talking meal, he was used for sexual entertainment.  Despite no longer having chains, Jimin found that planning to escape was a foolish thing, the place was heavily guarded.

On the early morning, Jimin was woken up by one of the servants that served him food in the room he was locked in. None of the servants spoke to him, and when he asked a question, they ignored him. He has been soaking in the honey and milk bath for two hours. He was not sure why. But it felt good, and when he rinsed, he saw his skin radiate. It was fascinating. It was as if he was sparkling and shining like the moon. His thoughts were on Yoongi’s words from before. He was a gift. Jimin couldn’t help but wonder if that is why he was treated with such care and tenderness. Whoever that close friend was, he had a feeling it was someone important. He wanted to ask. He had so many questions but Yoongi was nowhere to be seen.


When the night approached, Jimin was feed and dressed in a white shirt, black tight jeans, and a brown silk top. He was groomed. The door opens once more, and it was Yoongi.

“Let’s go,” he orders.

“Go where?”

“To meet your master,” he replies, turning away before Jimin could utter another word. With no choice, Jimin quietly walked behind Yoongi, counting his footstep. He made no noise. It was unsettling. He couldn’t figure out if it was confidence or cockiness that made Yoongi walk with his back turned towards him. Does he not see him as an enemy? Or was he that strong?

“You are a gift,” speaks Yoongi, as they walk out the door, as the two guards join them. In front was a black car.

Yoongi comes to a halt, and turns to Jimin, “Do as you are told, and you may just survive the night.”

Throughout the car ride, Yoongi gave him many warnings. None made sense to Jimin, but he nodded anyway.

When the car came to a stop, Yoongi told Jimin to get out and came out after him. Jimin’s eyes widen as they stood in front of a massive palace. He’d heard stories about the palace’s exquisite designs and beauty. It was breathtaking. There were guards posted at every corner, and he felt overwhelmed. One minute he was playing in the lake with his friends, and the next he was standing in front of the palace, he’d only imagined in his mind. He couldn’t fathom that such a beauty harbored a monster.

“Follow me,” Yoongi’s voice snapped him out of his daydreams. When they entered the palace, Yoongi was met by two other men. Jimin guessed they were acquaintances. They whispered among each other before all three turned to him.

“Wow, he’s really beautiful,” commented one of the men with brown eyes and glasses, ogling him.

“You must’ve paid a fortune,” added the third one.

“Well, the royal Prince deserves nothing but the best,” replies Yoongi, “Where is the Prince anyway?”

A Prince? Wonders Jimin, shocked, and motionless. He was going to be the blood slave of a royal. Not just any royal but a Prince. Jimin heard stories of the feared royal family, and the Vampire King that has been alive before the dawn of time. He sired many, but only three harbored his name, all but the youngest one, who was the son of the Queen.

“It is his birthday,” replies the man with the glasses, “We need to be in the Great Hall soon too.”

“Let me escort the slave to the Prince’s room. This is going to be a surprise of a lifetime.”


Jimin’s eyes wondered as he follows Yoongi as they went up sets of stairs and turns. The mansion they were in was like a maze. Was it design like that on purpose? He wondered. Yoongi came to a stop in front of the room with one guard,

“Good evening, my Lord,” greets the guard.

“Good evening,” replies Yoongi, “This slave here is a surprise gift for the Prince. Let him wait inside his room, and do not speak of this. Is this clear?”

“Yes, my Lord,” says the Guard, unlocking the door.

Yoongi turns to face Jimin, his eyes cold, “Do not make attempts to escape if you wish to live.”

For the first time, reality sunk in. He’d been too stunned, too upset, too overwhelmed and too confused to fully understand the reality of his situation. It wasn’t good. His heart pounded fearfully against his chest and rib cage. The Guard opens the door, gesturing for him to walk inside,

“I’ll entrust him to you,” Yoongi says, addressing the guard. He sighs and makes eye contact with Jimin, “He may young, but he is a vampire. And if you give him any troubles, he has my permission to use force.”

The guard stared unkindly at him, his dark eyes burrowing into him. Then with his cold voice, he spoke, “Sit on the couch!” Jimin jumped at the sudden commend. Jimin walked towards the black couch that was in the middle of the room. He scanned the room; it was perfect and plain. Nothing personal about it. The curtains were linen, there was a small bookshelf in the far right corner, and above it hanged photos. They were not painting but were in black and white. He has never seen them. The door was closed, and he wanted to go and explore them but feared the guard will sense any movement he makes. He was ordered to sit, not wander around the room.

As the hours passed, Jimin’s butt was feeling sore from sitting. He pulled his knees closer to his body, pressing his head on them. It was a default gesture, ingrained through years of habit, and a way of comfort. He hated silence. It brought back the painful memories of the brutality of the few days that came to pass. The screaming. The blood. The smoke. He shivered. Anxiety roiled in his belly. He fought the urge to vomit, as tears clouded his vision.

Don’t cry. Be strong Jimin. Don’t show weakness. You’ll escape from this hell. A small voice in his head uttered words of comfort. His nightmare has become a reality.


The door clanged open, and Jimin lifted his chin. At the doorway stood a handsome young man dressed eloquently. He wore a white collared shirt that was tucked in his black pants, with a white lilac-blue blazer. He had light brown curly hair with silver hoop earrings. Jimin froze, unable to move or breathe as he stared in disbelief at the stunning gorgeous man. A man who had never known hunger or fear, or who stared at him with open animosity, and shock.

“What’s this?” he demanded coldly as he turns to Yoongi who was standing beside him.

“Your gift,” replies Yoongi, placing his arm on his shoulder, “A personal slave to do whatever you want with.”

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Jungkook’s eyes widen at the sight of the beautiful human sitting silently in the corner of the room. Body curled and eyes staring at him. He was groomed and dressed like royalty, not a slave. The boy kept his eyes on him, greyish-bluish Ash locks falling forward. He was mesmerizing.

Damn it, he thought, regretting promising to accept the gift Yoongi brought without thinking, but how was he to know Yoongi would bring him a slave. Everyone in the Kingdom knew how he felt about the slave system. This was a sick joke. Jungkook turns to Yoongi who had a smirk, unamused.

“What’s going on?” Jungkook asked.

“Beautiful isn’t it,” says Yoongi, arm still around Jungkook as he pushed him to walk inside.

“What’s it doing it here?” Jungkook says, shrugging his arm off.

“As I said, it’s your gift,” replies Yoongi, “A personal slave.”

Barely able to contain his anger, Jungkook inhaled and exhaled, “What am I supposed to do with him?”

Yoongi and his other friends, Minho and Heechul laughed, “It’s a slave, you can do anything you want. If not as a blood bag, then for sexual pleasures or house chores.”

“There is already house slaves, I do not need a personal one,” he barks.

“But you promise to accept any gift,” grins Yoongi, “Surely, the Prince is a man of his words?” Jungkook clenched his jaw. He hated the tone of Yoongi’s voice, always testing and taunting. He glances at the boy once more, “If I had known this is your gift, I wouldn’t have promised to accept it?”

“Well,” says Lord Minho, clearing his throat, “You could always make money off it if you have no use for it.”

Jungkook’s glare turned towards Minho, his hands fisted at his sides, disgusted that Minho would suggest such a cruel thing to him.

“Be a sport and accept my gift,” says Yoongi, “There is no doubt the boy will be better off with you right?”

Jungkook sighs loudly, “Why did you this?”

Yoongi’s grin fades, his face hardening, “Because at least this will kill the rumors that taint your name among the nobles. This will force King to see that half-breed or not, you are a royal Prince.”

Jungkook stared at him quietly. Yoongi has been at his side since they were kids. Always protecting him against all the noble children that teased him for being a half-breed. Unlike his three siblings, Namjoon, Taehyung and Suzy, Jungkook was not a full Vampire, nor was he the King’s biological son. The Queen illicit bastard from an affair with a human, even though the story was that the human-forced himself upon her, Jungkook knew it was a lie. His mother told him the truth, that he promised to take to his grave. Unlike the others, he was a Daylighter, a rare kind of vampire able to walk in the sun without a daylight ring, worn by the others.

Maybe Yoongi was right, owning a slave will get him closer to his father. The man had more slaves than anyone could count. Owning personal slaves, was a show of royalty, one he denied for many years but also widen the gap between him and his family. He longed to belong.

“Fine,” Jungkook mutters, “I’ll keep the slave.” Yoongi smiles, playfully hitting him on the back,

“Alright, we will leave you to tend to your slave,” he says, gesturing to Minho and Heechul to leave.

The door closes and he turns to the slave, frustrated. Jungkook had always run a fair and consistent household, but never liked the thought of a slave linked to his name. Many of the other nobles teased him for his softness towards humans, and aside from half-breed, they called him a vampire with a human heart. An insult, he dreaded. He might have a kind heart, but he was still a vampire. A blood-sucking creature.

“Are you hungry?” asks Jungkook, keeping a distance from him. The slave stared at him, silently.

“Are you hungry?” Jungkook asks again, wondering if the boy was deaf or mute, but the way his eyes were following him, he doubted it.

“I’m speaking- “

“Yes,” the boy cut him off. His voice was soft and shakily. It was unnerving the way the slave stared at him. It was as if he was reading him. Such an intense gaze. He was exceptionally beautiful. Jungkook could hear his heart thumping against his chest and could sense his fear.

He walks away and opens the door, as the guard stands in front of him, “Go tell the kitchen to prepare food for the slave,” he orders.

“Yes, Your Highness,” says the guard, as Jungkook closes the door, turning back to the boy who was still sitting on the couch, curled up like a puppy.

Jungkook sighs. He couldn’t blame him. “Relax,” he says, exhausted from the party. It was his 100th birthday, 18 in human years and yet he got nothing but a headache. He grunted as he makes his way to his bed, as he ripped off his tie. He took off his jacket, tossing it on the bed. He glances back at the slave-his eyes followed his action, unblinking, completely bewildered as he gazed at him.

“I’m going to shower,” he says, standing up, “Can I trust you not run away?” The boy silently stared at him with no response. Jungkook chuckles. Deep down, he wishes the boy would run away at least then his fate would be in his own hands.

He made his way to the bathroom to relieve himself and wipe a cool rag over his face. After washing up, he came out of the bathroom with a white robe, towel drying his wavy hair, that was getting long. It has been a while since he had his hair cut and liked it that way.

“Aren’t tired of sitting like that?” Jungkook asks again, stealing a glance at him, as he pulls out grey sweatpants, putting it on underneath the robe, before untying it and letting it fall, as he puts on a white shirt. He picks up the robe and makes his way back to the bathroom, to hang it.


Feeling refreshed, and clean, Jungkook made his way towards the boy, as a knock came at the door.

“Come on in.”

Two house slaves walked in with plates of food and drinks. The aroma filled the room, Jungkook glanced at the boy whose attention was on the food. No longer curled up to himself, as his eyes widen. Jungkook couldn’t help but smile at the sight.

He must have been hungry.

The house slaves place the food on the table in front of the table in the room and quietly made their way out of the room.

“Will that is all, Your Highness?” asks the guard.

“Yes, thank you.”

Jungkook settles on one of the chairs, “Come and eat.”


“Yes, I prefer blood,” he teases, as the boy stares at him dumbfounded, “Don’t be shy, this is yours to eat.”

The boy stood up, hesitant, and that was when Jungkook noticed the dark bruises around his wrists. They made his stomach turn. He turned his gaze to examine his body. He was in shape, not too skinny like the slaves he’d seen. From the look of it, it seemed this human was accustomed to luxury, aside from the bruises and scratches, he had more meat on him than a slave should. There was no way this boy was a born slave. That’s impossible, after the war, the humans were gathered and condemned to live in the east side of the district as slaves. Jungkook studied him, as the boy sat at the chair across from him, eyes glued on the food.

“What’s your name?”

“Jimin,” he replies, meeting his eyes. His eyes were light brown, full of disbelief, uncertainty, and fear.

“Jimin,” Jungkook murmured underneath his breath, “Where are you from?”

“From a village far from here,” he replies, “It no longer exists thanks to the men that burned it down.”

It must have been rogue hunters, who seek out humans who are hiding. Jungkook clears his throat, noticing the boy’s brow scowled, and body tensed. He harbored hatred.

“What’s the name of this village?”  he inquired.

“What’re you going to do with me?” Jimin asked, dismissing his question. Defiance and pride radiated from him.  Jungkook stared at him, taken aback.

Just who was this boy?

“I don’t’ know,” replies Jungkook, which was the truth. This was the first time he had a personal slave. He knew what others did with them, and he didn’t like it. It was disgusting. He had no use for a blood slave. There was enough blood supply to last a lifetime, and humans were allowed to mate with each other, creating more offspring so blood was never going to run out.

Jimin sighs, picking up a piece of chicken and cautiously taking a bite of it. Jungkook watched, intrigued as his eyes widen up, sparkling with delight. He leaned forward, tilting his head as he watched him eat.

After gulping the wine, he exhales with relieved, then glanced up at Jungkook. He stared silently for a few seconds before speaking,

“Why’re you nice to me?” he asks, his forehead furrowed as his gaze ran over him. Jungkook chuckles softly,

“I’m not being nice,” he replies, “I’m just treated you as everyone should be treated.” Jimin lifted an eyebrow in disbelief,

“Humans are slaves used for your entertainment and meal,” Jimin spoke, his melodious voice no longer quiet, “My fate is in your hands, so don’t lie to me.”

Jungkook scoffs, offended, but kept himself from getting upset. He couldn’t blame the boy for speaking the truth.

“You’re right but I honestly do not know what to do with you,” he replies, “I never had a personal slave before.”


“I don’t need one,” he replies, “Their useless and a pain in the ass.” Jimin appeared intrigued, tilting his head, studying him. It was not only utterly mind-boggling to Jungkook, but also a little disconcerting. He wondered who the slave is and who was the master?

“How could that be?”

Jungkook chuckles, “You ask a lot of questions.”

Jimin averted his gaze to the food with a small smile, and glanced at him again, and saw humor instead of fear.

“A vampire who has never had a personal slave,” he spoke quietly, more to himself than Jungkook.

“I’m a rare breed,” he replies.

Jimin gazed at him, his gaze distrustful once again, “I don’t give you permission to do anything to me,” he declares, “So anything you wish to do to me will be done by force or mind control.”

Jungkook burst out laughing. Usually, he wouldn’t tolerate that tone with anyone let alone a slave, but he found him amusing. It was obvious Jimin was not used to being ordered around.

“Is this your first time being a slave?”

“They killed my family and brought us here,” he replies.

“Is that so?”

Jimin nodded, “Yes.”

 Jungkook shrugged indifferently. He knew rogue hunters went around the world, searching for runaway or hidden slaves, but whoever these hunters were, they managed to discover humans who lived under the radar with freedom.

Jimin yawned, and Jungkook’s eyes widen when he realized he hadn’t thought of where Jimin was going to sleep. He couldn’t sleep on his bed. There was no way. Jungkook glanced around,

“You can sleep on the couch for tonight,” he replies, “I’ll have the servants prepare somewhere for you to sleep.”

Jimin stares at him, quietly, but refrained from speaking, and nods his head. Jungkook sighs. There was so much to owning a personal slave, and he hated it. They were considered personal property and depending on the owner, they could either live freely or in shackles. The thoughts of someone’s fate being linked to his forcefully, made him stressed and angry. Although one thing was for sure, he wasn’t going to force himself on him. He had done a lot of things in his long life, many of them not good, but he had never forced himself on an unwilling person.


When he woke up, the next morning, he had forgotten about the slave he got as a birthday gift and was stunned to find Jimin sleeping on the couch. His presences startled Jimin, who sat up quickly, squinting as he stares back at him.

“Damn, it wasn’t a dream,” mumbles Jungkook heading towards the door, as the guard greets him.

“Can you tell them to send breakfast to my room,” he orders, not sure he was ready to let his family see his slave. Not sure if he wanted to keep him close by or just have him wander around the palace, in hopes he runs away.

“Go wash up,” he says, making his way back to the bed, and falling on it. He groaned as he thought of all the things, he had to do to for others to recognize Jimin as his slave. He had to get him branded with his name and place a collar on him. He had to buy him new clothes that deemed him worthy of being his personal slave. The thought of it all disgusted him and made his head pound against his skull.

He has no choice but to cancel his appointments for today and get him situated.

The daylight glistened through the drapes, and he was surprised by how late in the morning it was. He was usually up at the peak of dawn. Jungkook jumped when he heard the roaring coming from the bathroom and sits up.

He chuckles wondering when Jimin got up and made his way to the bathroom, without hearing his movements.

He sure was sneaky.


Chapter Text


When Jimin came out of the shower- his hair was still wet. He wore the clothes that he went inside with, not sure if he had permission to use anything besides the shower. He shivered a little as a breeze caress his face. He inhaled the soap, a light touch of a vanilla perfume filling the air. He loved it. It was relaxing. He glances around the room, to find it empty. He found Jungkook fascinating- not just because he was indescribably handsome but because he was different from everything he was told about the royal family. Vampires are monsters, the words the Chief spoke echoed in the back of his mind.

Flashes of that unfortunate day invaded his memories. Those hunters were not just vampires, among them were humans, so why would humans kill their kind, he wondered. That morning was ordinary. Villagers were going on their business before an explosion louder and horrifying than anything he’s heard before filled the air.

Screams filled the land that used to erupt with children laughter. Confusion and dust swirled throughout the village. Jimin watched as people flee. He could still see the image of that horrible day as clear as day.

He remembers seeing his mother hurled to the ground, and his father the Chief running towards her but was stopped by another explosion that sent him flying back. There was a huge red bleeding hole in the center of his chest, as he fell to the ground. He stood frozen, heart beating, wanting to scream but nothing came out. Frozen in agony. Then that’s when he heard his mother’s voice, screaming. “Run! Jimin! Run!”. He stared into his mother’s eyes, unable to move, she was enraged, fighting with the man holding her. She held the weapon he had, and within seconds, another explosion came, and his mother was silent. His parents were dead. Jimin trembled, as the man grimaced, looking at him. More explosions followed in rapid succession. Then screams. Then he heard his name, and someone grabbing his hand. It was his older sister, Se-Ah.

They ran, and her hands held him tightly. The smell of sharp, smoke, the flames of destruction followed them along with thudding footsteps. Then just like that, one minute they were running and the next, he heard a scream as Se-ah’s hand slipped from his. They slumped onto the ground; she was bleeding and silent. They were defeated.


The image of his dead parents and sister, lingered before his eyes as he sank to his knees. The heaviness was in his limbs as much as his mind- filled with bitterness and rage. He covered his ears in hopes to shut out the screams that echoed from that painful day. He never had a chance to mourn his parents' death, and his sobs and pain deepened as reality sunk in that he will never hear his mother’s nagging, his father’s tales, and warnings and his sister’s laughter again.


The door opened, and it was Jungkook. Jimin was frozen in pain, oblivious to his presences. Jungkook’s footsteps echoed as he strode toward where he was sitting on his knees, tears falling like a waterfall. Jungkook moved with the eerie agility inherent to his kind and stopped in front of him. Jimin felt the tears burning in his eyes as they fell. Jungkook kneeled before him, placing his hand on his shoulder. Jimin glanced up to meet his eyes. Jungkook’s doe eyes stared into his soul with shocked, confusion and sadness.

 Jimin gazed at him, silently before instinctively leaning closer to him, inhaling his masculine scent of spices, earth, and something more potent. A shocked gasp escaped Jungkook’s mouth, frozen as Jimin sobbed into his chest quietly, hands clutching at his shirt. Jungkook didn’t hold him but didn’t push him away either- He sat in silence as tears soaked his chest.

Jimin’s chest felt heavy, overwhelmed. His body shivered and trembled and his eyesight began to blur but not because of the tears. His consciousness floated, heart pounded loudly, echoing in his ears and then everything went dark.

“Jimin?” he heard a voice call out to him in the darkness, but he could not put a face to it. Then ultimately the voice disappeared as well.


When Jimin woke his eyelid weighed down and his head felt like someone smashed a hummer on it. He laid on a bed covered in a cotton white sheet, his body aching, cheeks burning with the flush of fever. There was a cool cloth on his forehead. His eyes are drawn to a drape on the curtain, confused. He recalls coming out of the bathroom, breaking down and overwhelmed.

“I-I- “he says in a croaky whisper, tossing the sheet aside, “I want to go home.”

“Hey, Hey,” a familiar voice came from the other side, as Jimin turns to see Jungkook standing beside the bed, arms crossed

“What happened?”

“You fainted because you had a fever,” he replies, “I had the doctor give you medicine, you need to stay in bed for the rest of the day.”

Jimin tries to move but fails, his bones ached, and his body temperature went down, feeling chilled.

“Aish,” whines Jungkook, muttering something incoherent before speaking clearly, “I have things to do, stay and rest.”

Jimin watched him silently, confused, he didn’t know whether to hate him or not. Jungkook was his master and he was a slave, and so far, he was treated like a friend, a companion. Was it all an act? He wonders.

They gazed at each other silently, oblivious to the door opening as a woman walked purposely towards Jungkook, as they both broke the eye contact, turning to the woman. She was dressed beautifully, and her umbra hair was pulled back in a bun, with jewelry emphasizing her beauty and features. On her head was a golden Crown with a small ruby stone in the center, that aired authority.

“What’s this I hear about you having a slave?” she demanded coldly.

“Looks like word travels fast in this palace,” Jungkook replies mockingly, with slight irritation.

The woman blinked in surprise, as her gaze turned to Jimin filled with disgust and disdained. Jimin wanted to shrink and hide underneath the blankets. He’s never felt such hatred before, it sent chills throughout his body.

 “You have a sick slave lay on your bed, are you insane?” she roars.

“No, I am not,” he replies, “I had the doctor check on him, he has a fever. He’ll be fine- “

“I do not care whether he is dead or alive, what we’re thinking about purchasing a personal slave without your father’s permission and bringing him into your manor.”

She must be his mother.

Jungkook exhales, “I was on my way to speak with father,” he replies, not bothering looking at Jimin, but simply stared at the woman, “I’m sure he will be happy I decided to own a personal slave.”

“You need to get him processed thoroughly,” she replies, “No slave, personal or not shall be above other slaves. Go through the proper procedure of owning a personal slave.”

“I was going to, but I cannot do that until he is well mother,” he retorts, “I will take care of it immediately.”

The woman shakes her head, glancing at Jimin for a split second before turning around and walking out.

Jimin watches Jungkook who watched his mother walk out of the room, as the guard closes the door after her.

“Damn it Yoongi,” Jimin heard him say, as he turns to catch his gaze. Jungkook gives him a soft smile but was unable to conceal the concern in his eyes. But what is he worried about? Jimin wondered.


The rest of the day, Jimin spent in bed, trying to sleep but each time his eyes would close. An image from that horrifying day flashed before his eyes. He felt alone and lost. Jimin hadn’t seen Jungkook since that morning with his mother.


 As night fell, he was moved by orders of the Prince into the next room beside Jungkook’s room. His mothers must’ve taken a hold of him, Jimin thought. He was glad when they left him alone for the rest of the night, aside from being served a bowl of food and water. His fever broke in the nighttime, and between the nightmares, he managed to sleep.


The next day, when he was well enough, Jimin had to follow Jungkook to get registered as Jungkook explained but refrained from answering when Jimin inquired what that meant.

In the car, Jungkook sat silent, and kept his gaze forward, glancing at Jimin now and then but proceeded to remain silent. He seemed to be bothered by something, but Jimin refrained from asking. It was not his business, nor his place to ask questions.

When the car came to a stop, Jimin peered out the window. They were in front of a small white building, that seemed to stand out from all the rest.

“Get out,” says Jungkook, as he pushes the door open. Jimin steps out of the car, closing the door shut, as he makes his way to where Jungkook was waiting.

“Where are we?”

“This is…” Jungkook’s voice trailed off, lost in thoughts. Jimin scanned his face, notices the disgust on his face. He turns back to the building, filled with anxiety.

“Let’s go,” Jungkook finally spoke again.

Jimin glanced around, it was still early in the morning, and the streets were empty. No soul roamed the streets. It made him nervous. He turns as Jungkook speaks to the man guarding the door of the white building. He kept his distance. A part of him urged him to run, and another told him to stay still, not wanting to make things worse. Running killed his sister. The man nodded his head, glancing at Jimin for a second before opening the door.

As they enter the building, the air was stagnant. From ahead come muffled voices, some angry, some placating. Jimin bites down on his lower lip.

This isn't going to be fun.

After the walk down the long white bright hallway, they came at a door. Jimin gulps as he looks down the hallways, no single life insight, yet came muffled voices behind closed doors. Jimin glanced at Jungkook, who seemed more tensed than he was.

Why? wonders Jimin.

Taking a deep breath, Jungkook knocked on the door, and within seconds the door opens. A man with brown hair and glasses stood before them, his eyes widen. He wore a long white coat, like a doctor.

But why would he bring me to see a doctor? I’m not sick anymore.

“Prince Jungkook?” he says, with disbelief.

“Are you busy?” Jungkook spoke quietly.

“Of course not, Young Prince, is something the matter?” replies the man. Jungkook exhales, turning to Jimin,

“I’m here to register him as my slave,” the words sounded foreign and strained to come from Jungkook.

It made Jimin wonder if he never owned a slave before? And from the looks of it, it seems like he hated the process more than anything? Just what was this process? And judging by the man’s shocked expression, it must be something horrifying, the process.

“Oh? He must be the boy Yoongi told me he bought for your birthday,” says the man, “I thought he was joking.”

“Yeah, his sense of humor is uncanny,” Jungkook replies, “Now I’m stuck with this responsibility.

This? Jimin coiled at the word. I’m human not an animal.

“Okay, come on in,” says the man, moving aside. The room was painted white, with a small window, and a bed, and a desk with a computer on the other corner. It looked nothing like a room for a doctor, nor a hospital. Living in the Village, Jimin saw such equipment in his father’s office, and he wondered if the man was a Chief of some kind?

“I’m surprised you kept him,” says the man, “Why not just sell him to Sunshine House?” Jungkook scoffs, “And have that on my consciousness, not thanks.”

The man chuckles, “Your consciousness will be the death of you,” he says, turning his attention to Jimin, “He’s beautiful.”

Jimin watches as Jungkook moves to lean against the wall, arms crossed. He seemed nervous, as his index finger tapped his shoulder repeatedly.

“Have sat on the bed,” says the man, bringing his attention back to him. Jimin glances around, sitting on the bed. He walks around to the computer, pressing on something, and it lights up.

“So, what’re you going to use him as?” the man asked, still facing the computer.

“I don’t know,” replies Jungkook, “I’ll have him help me or something.”

“Oh? A slave as a personal assistant,” the man spoke with a teasing tone, “The King will love that.”

“He’s my slave, and I shall do as I please,” replies Jungkook. Jimin quietly listens to them. They seemed to be acquainted with each other. The man didn’t speak to Jungkook like he was of high status, it was more like a sibling relationship. The man got quiet, typing at something, and pulling up a page,

“I’m surprised you came yourself,” he says, “You hate this place, why not just send one of the guards to do this for you?”

Jungkook shrugs his shoulder, glancing at Jimin, who sat quietly, not sure of what was happening?

“Alright let’s start with the formalities,” he says, “What’s his name?”

Jungkook clears his throat, “Jimin.”

“Jimin?” says the man, “That’s a rather ambiguous name, female and male.”

“Oh yeah?” Jungkook replies dryly. The man chuckles again, typing away, as he mutters something incoherent.

“And you are living his status blank yes?”


“Okay,” says the man.


After the back and forth questions between the man and Jungkook, Jimin felt like a child in the room. Afterward, the man examined him once more and told him to sit on the bed with his shirt off.

“He’s healthy,” the man says stunned.

“Yeah, it seems like rogue hunters discovered a village of humans living in hiding. He has no clue about being a slave.”

The man now stood in front of Jimin. Jimin stared at him confused. The man smiles kindly at him.

“Are you sure you want to be here for this?” asks the man, turning to Jungkook, who just stared at him, expressionless with a slight nod. The man turns back to Jimin.

Overwhelmed, Jimin glanced at Jungkook who seemed to be hugging himself tighter than before. His pulse raced, scared.

“What’re you going to do?” Jimin asks, shakily.

“Just a little mark,” says the man, “Take a deep breath, and lay on your back.” Jimin gulped, hesitating,

“Come on the sooner we do this the faster you get to leave,” says the man, adjusting his glasses. Jimin sighs, slowly putting his legs on the bed, and lies down. He took a deep breath and exhales, focusing his gaze at the fan circulating above him.

“Put your hands to the side,” says the man. Jimin does as he told, as a thick white strap restrained him, both of his hands and legs.

“What’re you doing?” Jimin exclaimed, panicking, wanting to skitter and head towards the door. He yanks his hands, looking for an escape.

“Relax!” says the man, standing over him.

“Let me go!”

“The restraints are for your protection,” replies the man, “You need to relax right now.”

“He won’t harm you,” spoke Jungkook, softly. Jimin tried to look at him but couldn’t through his voice provided an unexpected comfort.

“Please relax,” says the man, gently touching his shoulder, “I promise this will be over soon.” Jimin was breathing hard, but nodded his head, trying to calm himself down. Jimin followed the man with his gaze until he was out of sight.


A few minutes later the man appeared before him again, with a small brand iron. He was familiar with it and often saw it in the shops around the Island, and it was used to brand animals or products.

“Now this is going to hurt a lot,” he says, calmly, “Just relax, and it will be over soon.”


Jimin watched as the man placed the object on the left side of the chest, and his face went pale. Is this what Jungkook went by registering? He was going to be branded like an animal. The small brand iron felt cold but as the man pressed it against his chest, agonizing pain burned inside of him, as if some invisible flame were held against his skin.

Jimin screamed, the pain taking over a portion of his brain. He felt nauseous.  He kicked his legs and closed his eyes shut. The assault on his body kept him from passing out, even though he desperately wished he could. Tears streamed down his face as he waited for death.

“Hey…” Jimin hears Jungkook’s voice, closer than the last time, “You’re hurting him.”

“It’s almost over,” says the man, “He’ll be fine.”

 A bright blue flame came from underneath the brand iron.

“Whoa!” the man exclaimed, lifting the iron brand.

“What?” says Jungkook.

“Um…that’s strange, the light is usually red not blue,” says the man.

“What does mean?”

“Um…I don’t know,” he says.

The pain dissipates and as the light vanishes, two dark letters, JK within a royal crest appear on Jimin’s chest, as the area around was red. It throbbed but didn’t hurt.

“Now this boy is all yours,” says the man, taking off the straps that restrained Jimin to the bed.

“Fuck,” Jungkook spoke quietly, “Why not use Anesthesia?”

“It won’t work,” replies the man, “The medicine interferes with the magic, and also it's forbidden.”

“Damn it!” Jimin heard Jungkook, as a loud thud echoed around the room.

Jimin laid there, unable to move. He was no longer in pain, but his body was still recovering from the shock.  He'd nearly died with the agony.

Tears flowed silently. He began wishing the hunters or the fever had killed him.

Chapter Text


To conclude the registry, Hoseok placed a small customized metal Slave Inhibitor bracelet around Jimin’s wrist. Hoseok was a warlock who has been by the royal family since he could remember. His father was the King’s right-hand man who died fighting against the demons that raised on the earth. His mother lived in the city of Gwangju, where she trains and schools young witches and warlocks. The warlocks and Witches were allies with the vampire since the dawn of time, and together they made sure the world was theirs for the taking. Hoseok mother’s being the head of the coven, is considered royal making Hoseok a noble as well, despite not acting or caring about such status. He chose to become the royal Registry of slaves, and as a scientist and a magician, he is consistently trying to find a way to improve the lives of the slaves. But there is only so much one man can do. Jungkook learned most of his philosophy from him, and like Hoseok, he came to hate the slave system as well.

“What’s this for?” Jimin inquired.

“Nothing you have to worry about as long as you behave,” replies Hoseok with a smile. Jungkook forced a smile, ashamed at what just happened. He clenched his jaw, as his father’s words echoed in his brain.

“Oh, so you are finally washing yourself of that disgusting human scent,” his father, the King simply replied, “I’m glad, you are embracing your true nature.” His father grinned, and Jungkook froze, his father never smiled at him before. If owning a slave could repair the rift between his father and him, then he was willing to do what it takes.

As the third Prince, he knew he would never have a chance on the throne, not that he wanted to anyway but the one thing, he yearned for was his father’s love. The warm embrace that was ripped from him as he aged. He had no clue whether his biological father was alive or not, nor did he care. The man that raised him, that saw him as a mere child and left alive instead of killing him, was his father. His father chose to recognize him as his son and placed a nobility before his name, and for that, he could not hate him no matter how much he wanted too. His father hated the human side of him but loved his mother too much to afflict pain upon her because his mother loved him more dearly.


But now standing here, witnessing the cruelty of it all, Jungkook felt like vomiting the blood he drank when he woke up.

“Are these your initials?” Jimin asks his voice bringing Jungkook back to the reality at hand. He stares at the letters on his chest. Like a cow being branded. He felt ashamed that he was the cause of his pain, but it could be far worse if he had a different master. The words comforted him, as he dismisses Jimin’s questions, unable to look at him.

“Is he done?”

“Yap,” says Hoseok, “Don’t be mad at Yoongi, he did this for you.”

Jungkook scoffs, “Who says I’m mad?”

“I don’t know but you look like you want to kill someone,” replies Hoseok, “Don’t lose your temper, you’ll become your own enemy.”

Jungkook rolls his eyes, as Hoseok, hands him a small remote for the bracelet, the same size as a whistle with only two functions, on and off. He never thought he would ever touch such a disgusting piece of device.

Hoseok exhales gently placing a hand on his shoulder and squeezing it, “Jimin is lucky to have you as his master,” he whispers.

Jungkook chuckles softly, “You don't know that,” he replies, glancing at Jimin who seemed more interested in the mark on his chest than anything. Hoseok chuckles, heading back to his chair. 

"Take it easy, Young Prince," he says.


Jungkook contemplated what exactly he should have Jimin do. House chores? Help out at the office, doing what exactly? Jungkook himself as the third prince barely had any responsibilities. His older brothers, Namjoon had the whole country to run to be prepared to take over the throne once his father steps down. His other brother, Taehyung was the Grand Duke of Daegu and had a city to look after. Even his sister, Princess Hara, had a manor of ladies to look after and educate. His job, overseeing the factory is the one job he was proud of his father to have trusted him with, aside from being an assistant, there was nothing for Jimin to do? But he also didn’t want to force Jimin to do things he didn’t want? Maybe finding out what he likes will be helpful. That’s the least he could do after the pain he inflicted on him today.

Jungkook stops suddenly in front of the car and turning to Jimin who was quietly walking behind him, surprised at the sudden halt.

He clears his throat, “Are you hungry?”

“I could eat,” replies Jimin, dumbfounded.

Jungkook smiles, glancing at his watch, it was lunchtime by the standards of humans, “Um…let’s go to the market and grab something to eat, and afterward, we can head to the office.”

Jimin nods his head silent, his gaze studying Jungkook, it was unsettling. His brown eyes seemed to glisten with understanding and a slight confusion even though he refrained from talking.


Once they arrived in the market, Jungkook tried his best to not make eye contact with anyone, the last thing he wanted was more rumors about the Prince roaming around the marketplace with his slave. He didn’t hate the marketplace, but it was also the place where slaves were auctioned and sold off regularly. He hated seeing that, so he just kept his distances, usually only came for business or to buy errands. As he looks for a place to eat, he notices a clothing shop, and glances at Jimin who wore borrowed clothes, they seemed loose on him.

Jimin glances at him, catching his gaze, as he quickly turns forward, and notices a restaurant, “Let’s go there.”


As Jungkook walked, he noticed Jimin was fascinated by the things, and strayed back, as he got lost looking at things.

Is this his first time in the city?

They enter the restaurant and notices half of the people in it were slaves, house slaves, personal slaves. The established was owned by a human. Some humans especially those who had wealth before the war ended managed to gain status due to their money. Some owned business in the marketplace- places like the Sunshine House was run by humans to train personal slaves, mainly females but could be males as well to be courtesans for the nobleman. All personal slaves came from such establishments. These were the people who abandoned their people. Humans who had given themselves over to the vampires in exchange for not having to be subjugated to the same treatment as those who fought back. Humans who rat out or hunt their fellow human beings if it meant furthering themselves. Most humans considered them to be traitors.

As eyes notice him, the restaurant filled will chatters and whispers, and he knew he was now the center of attention. An older woman makes her way towards where she stood.

“Good afternoon, Your Highness?” she greets him, bowing.

“Is there a place for my slave and I to eat?” he inquires.

“Yes, off course,” the old woman replies, nervously. Jungkook tried not to focus on her rapid pulsing and a racing heart. His presence must be making her nervous, it’s understandable.

“Would you like the place to yourself, Your Highness?”

“That’s not necessary, we’ll be by that empty table near the window,” he replies, “I would like some meal for my slave.” The woman glances at Jimin for a second, confused but keeps her gaze and head lowered.

“Yes,” she says, “What will he have?”

“What do you want to eat?” Jungkook asked, turning to Jimin, who was zoned out looking at the eyes looking at them, “Jimin?”


“What do you want to eat?”


“He’ll have a little of everything, Ma’am,” Jungkook replies, forgetting that Jimin probably has never eaten food not cooked by his family. Where he is from is far different from the city, it appears.

“Yes, Sir and for you?”

“Um…I’ll have a glass of A-negative,” he replies.

“Yes, coming right away,” she says, moving to the side, as they walk past her. Jungkook ignores the whispers, sitting down. It was rare for a master and slave to be sitting at the table together, it appears.

“I don’t understand,” he hears Jimin say.

“You don’t understand what?”

“Humans are slaves, why’re are some here, roaming around without masters?” asks Jimin, in a serious tone. A look Jungkook is seeing for the first time, and the question made him feel a tinge unsettled.

Jungkook glances around before meeting his gaze, “Well, some are slaves that work for their families, not everyone has masters, only personal slaves and house slaves have mastered.”

“Oh? So limited freedom than?”

Jungkook bites his lower lip, feeling his fangs itch from the tension, “As long as they follow the laws, they can live as they wish.”

“But not as they want?” Jimin said in a disgusted tone, hands fisting. Jungkook studied him, loss at what to say. The perplexity on Jimin’s face was more than a little disconcerting- rattled and unsure yet had a fire in them. He’s seen those eyes in the faces of the many rebels that were captured and placed in prison or killed.

It was not good for a slave to have such fire in his eyes, and he knew he would have to place restriction and expectations on him before he brings unforeseen trouble. And yet, deep down, he was amused. Intrigued even, wondering how long that fire will burn and towards what end? Revenge? Freedom? Or Both?


Two slave girls walked towards their table with plates and bowls of food and drinks, and on one of the plates, a beautiful shinning one was a glass of blood. The Slaves kept their head down, and Jungkook noticed their hands trembling as they place the plates on the table, backing away as soon as they were done.

“Go ahead and eat,” replies Jungkook. The fire in Jimin’s eyes turned into awe as he stares at the lavish food in front of him. His eyes were as big as saucers and sparkled brighter than the stars in the sky. Jungkook chuckled.

He must be a big eater.


He picked up his glass, taking a sip of it, and smiles happily. It was perfectly prepared, and the taste lingered on his tongue, feeling like a child as his fangs ached to come out. It was sweet nectar, but he preferred drinking from the source. A preference is known only by the humans who he has drunk from directly- willingly off course.

He gulped down the blood, licking his lips with satisfaction, nothing better than a cup of hemoglobin.

 Jungkook glances up to meet Jimin’s gaze who stared at him wide eyes, filled with disgust at he just witnessed. But quickly turned his gaze to his food, and Jungkook gazed at him with curiosity.

For someone who knew so much of the outside world and vampires, it seems like he has not lived in it.


As they left the restaurant, they came by a loud commotion with a crowd gathered in a circle.

“What’s going on?” asks Jimin.

Jungkook glances at him, shrugging his shoulders, and then came a scream from the center followed by a loud echoing slash and a whip. Public flogging? Something must’ve happened. It was none of his business,

“Let’s g- “says Jungkook but before he could speak, Jimin was already heading towards the crowd, “Jimin!”

Jungkook groans, annoyed, as he follows him, without much effort Jimin pushed himself through the crowd, and Jungkook was behind him. In the center was a slave woman in a fetus position, blood on her back from the lashes. Besides her stood a man, a slaver. He glances at Jimin, who watched barely unable to contain himself, overwhelmed with anger, hatred, and pain. He felt it himself. The crowd watched mouth opened but nothing came out, eyes filled with confusion. Hatred.

Jimin turned to him, eyes silently pleading for him to do something. Jungkook clenched his jaw, the matters on the marketplace were not his business, and interfering will make matters worse, not better.

“Let’s go,” he says, turning around.

“But- “says Jimin, his gaze cold, and confused.

The man’s shouts and cursed came again with another stroke landing on the woman’s back, who begged for mercy followed by cries.

“Let’s go!” Jungkook ordered face-harden, “I will not repeat myself.”

Jungkook hated witnessing such cruelty but that was an everyday occurrence in the market, even if he was to intervene, the woman still had to go with the man, who knows what else would do to her behind a closed door. He’d made that mistake once, and he was not going to do it again, not even if it changes the impression Jimin had of him. He was a monster by default.


Chapter Text


Silence had fallen in the car, as the image and the screams of the woman from the marketplace echoed in his mind. Fidgeting with his slave bracelet around his wrist, anger boiled within him. That was the first time, he’d heard Jungkook use such an authoritarian tone with him. He cursed himself for forgetting his place. He was a slave and Jungkook, his master. Nothing more. Nothing less. He is to obey and do as he was told. To witness the cruelty, he couldn’t help but wonder what his people must be going through? He wondered where they ended up. Who their masters were?


The car came to a stop, and Jungkook ordered for him to get out of the car. Jimin exhales, avoiding looking at him, as he pushes the door open. He glances around, and they were in front of a huge building, a factory of some sorts. What kind of work the slaves were subjugated to within the walls? In front of the door, stood two large men, bodyguards, he guessed.

 It took a while for Jungkook to come out of the car, Jimin watches him and averted his eyes when Jungkook turns to him. The car drives away, as Jungkook walks pasts him heading towards the building.

Jimin cautiously started walking assuming he should follow him, keeping his distances.

“This is a clothing manufacturing company,” speaks Jungkook, clearing his throat, “You’ll be my assistant, but as a personal slave, you won’t receive any wages. It’s against the law. We’d be spending a lot of time together so if there is anything of interest you want to learn, feel free to tell me.”

There was a moment’s pause as Jungkook is greeted by the guards, and they open the door, letting them inside. It was a long hallway. Jimin silently followed.

He was led through a side door into a room that smelled of Jungkook. He felt the stillness in the room, as Jungkook assumed a seat behind a medium size mahogany desk with a computer, a phone, and books on top. Jimin glanced around the room, there was nothing on the wall, except for a huge map behind the wall Jungkook sat beside. Running a factory is not something royals do, so he wondered why Jungkook was in charge of such labor?

“I’ll have Eunwoo give you a tour of the place,” he says, picking up the phone. Jimin watches him, as he dials the number. He speaks into it for a few seconds and hangs up.

“He’ll be here in a while so just stay put.”


Jimin nodded his head, moving to the chair in the corner and taking a seat, as Jungkook grabs a book, flipping through it.


Jungkook had gotten into his work so quickly that he hadn't even glanced at Jimin once, who was bored just sitting there, waiting for the man called Eun woo. A few minutes felt like hours, as he stares at the clock ticking. He had so many questions, but wondered if it was a good idea to disturb him?

He sighs, casting a glance at him. What kind of man is he? Why didn’t he intervene back at the market? Was his kindness all an act?

A faint knock on the door drew both of their attention as the front door opened, startling Jimin as he quickly turned to see a tall young man with dark black hair dressed in a suit. Jimin scans him and notices the Slave Inhibitor bracelet. He must be a slave who had risen to a higher and more valuable position.

“Eunwoo, I want you to show Jimin around the factory,” orders Jungkook.

“Yes Sir,” replies Eun woo, “Is he a new worker?”

“No, he’ll be my assistance,” replies Jungkook, “Jimin go with him.”



Jungkook turns back to his work, as Jimin gets up and follows Eun woo out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Eun Woo smiles and turns to face him. Jimin noticed now he was tall, maybe 6’ feet, and really handsome. Not skinny like the other slaves he saw around but healthy, with fair skin and muscular body. Servant or not, he must come from a wealthy family.

“Cha Eunwoo, manager” he introduces himself, holding his hand out for Jimin, who stared at it for a second before shaking it.

“Jimin,” he replies.

“No surname?”

Jimin stares at him, “Lee.”

“Lee Jimin?” he says, sounding unnatural, “That doesn’t go together.”

Jimin shrugs his shoulders, “Well, it’s my surname.”

“Assistances? How come?”

“Well, I’m his personal slave,” replies Jimin, disgusted at the words, “He needs me close I gather.”

“Personal Slave?” Eun woo response, eyes widen, “The Young Prince has a personal slave? That’s surprising.”

Jimin studies Eun woo wondering what his relationship with Jungkook is. Just master and slave? Or were they acquaintances like that warlock doctor that branded him?

“Manager?” says Jimin, curious, “Such a high position for a slave?”

“Jungkook is fair and kind,” replies Eunwoo, “He rewards handwork, so you should be alright as long as you do your work properly.”

Jimin sighs, “And if I don’t? How will he punish me?”

Eunwoo smirks, “You don’t act like a slave.”

Jimin clenches his jaw. How is a slave supposed to act?

“Let’s go,” says Eunwoo, “Wouldn’t want to get in trouble now do we?”


The distances between the office and the slave workers were considerably huge with maybe a hundred or something guards at every corner. It was unnerving.

The workshop was on the top floor, black squares of the windows reflected the sun that seemed to be setting soon, as the sky was orange and purplish. Clattering machines echoed in the room, as slave workers sat in a line, sewing away at speed, Jimin found impressive. Eun woo, the manager glanced at them and smiles, quickly acknowledging them but everyone else bent their heads with perseverance over their work.

Jimin glanced around, the slave workers were a mix of young and old but mostly older woman, like mothers or something. Seeing them made him remember his mother, she would probably be working in the factory if she were captured. She was talented in many things, and one of them included patching up the clothes, his sister, Se-ah and he ripped up from playing around too much.

The thought and memories sadden him, as he came to halt. The hunters didn’t spare any older women or men. They killed them all.

“Is everything alright?” Jimin heard Eunwoo ask, facing him.



The rest of the day ended with Jimin touring the place and then eating dinner with the rest of the slaves, as he requested, not wanting to be locked in the office all night. Jungkook never spoke a word of what happened in the market, and it made Jimin wonder just what kind of man he was?

He tried asking Eunwoo, but he was reluctant in answering the questions, if anything he was evasive aside from expressing that the workers are lucky, the young Prince took over supervising the factory. Apparently, the factory used to be in charge of a noble, who was the meanest vampire Eun woo had encountered, and it was just two years Jungkook took over the factory, and they have seen the factory change. The workers treated like humans once more instead of work machines as their previous boss did.


The couples of days consisted of a repeated pattern of waking up in the morning and going to the factory. As his assistance, he did rather minimum work, just organizing and filing paperwork.

 It was boring, and he wanted something to challenge himself, but a slave asking for more work, seems rare apparently. Back in his village, Jimin was in charge of the farms, as the son of the Chief, and he had to get his hands dirty. He loved it. It made time go by quickly.


Today was different, it was still early Saturday morning, and instead of going to the factory, Jungkook had to go to the main manor but never said why. The atmosphere in the main manor was exquisite and eerie. There wasn’t a speck of dirt or dust anywhere, not even a smudge or footprint on the floor. The main manor had a rounded roof with beautiful artwork and paintings.

They came to a stop in front of a room with double doors, and Jungkook turned to face him,

“Wait for me here,” he says, “I have to attend meetings with my brother and the King.”

“Where are we?”

“The Royal Court,” he replies.

“How long will you be?” he found asking, looking around, there were guards standing as still as statues but nothing else but a long hallway.

“Not sure,” says Jungkook, “You cannot go roaming around in the court.”

Jimin nodded his head, as Jungkook acknowledges his understanding, as the guards pull open the double door room, and he walks in. The doors slammed shut after him, startling Jimin.

He has not done anything to earn Jungkook’s trust, and he wondered why he would believe Jimin would stand here without movement? Could it be, his docile appearance making him look weak, he guessed. Jungkook was not that much taller than he was, just two inches but he was larger built- broad shoulders compared to Jimin’s muscular yet slim and thin built. Thoughts of defiance haven’t surfaced but he knew deep down, he was not planning on living life under the commends of others.

But if he were to run away where will he go? The only place he knew was across the ocean and it was burned to the ground. He stares at the bracelet, surely this device that every slave wore, made running away impossible.

When he glances up, he meets the gaze of one of the guards stared unkindly at him, his dark eyes piercing into him. It made Jimin shiver, as he averted his gaze into the empty hallway.


As an hour passed, Jimin fidgeted needing to go pee, no longer able to hold it. He glances around, wondering how long Jungkook was going to be. He turns to one of the guards standing at the double doors, who didn’t give him the death stare like the other one.

He smiles, “Um…where is the bathroom?” he squeaked, dimly. The guard blinked, silent, “Bathroom?” Jimin repeated not sure if the man heard him.

“Down the hall, turn right,” he replies, his voice deep, and commanding.  

“Thank you,” he says, moving cautiously, not sure if the guards would tackle him as to prevent him from leaving, but none moved as he made his way down the hallway.

He sighs relieved.

As he turns the corner, Jimin realized the bathroom was not as near as the guard described, it was down the other hall. Once he reached it, he was relieved as he entered it. It was shining and beautiful, nothing he had ever seen, and he wondered why would vampires need such lavish bathroom in the courtroom when they do need to eradicate any waste unless the residences are not just vampires? Humans? Witches?

After using the bathroom, Jimin washed his hands, quietly staring into the mirror. Amazed, at quickly his life changed.

As he made his way down the hall back towards the room, his hand unconsciously, trailed across the beautiful works of art lining the wall on his left, completely taken in by the bright colors, oblivious to his surroundings. When he reaches the corner, he bumped into a figure causing him to take a step back. He glances up to see a man, dressed in a suit with dark black hair. He was very handsome.

Jimin stared at the man with a vague sense of familiarity. He’d never seen this man before, but the world felt like his earliest memory, like a dream half-remembered. The man stared at him with the same look reflected from his eyes.

 “Sorry, I was absent-minded.” He moved aside, walking past the man, feeling strange.

“Stop,” the man’s voice commanded from behind him. Jimin prickled at the command, and came to a halt, turning around. The man moved towards him, coming to a stop, and staring into his eyes,

“Do I know you?”

“Um…I don’t think so,” Jimin replies.

“Who are you?” asks the man, “I’ve never seen you around here before.”

“Jimin,” he replies quietly, “Prince Jungkook’s slave.”

The man lifts an eyebrow in disbelief, “Prince Jungkook’s personal slave?”


“Jimin, you said?”

“Yes, I should be heading back,” says Jimin, the man’s familiar eyes made him nervous, not afraid, for some reason.


“There you are,” Jungkook’s voice came from behind him. Jimin glances at him, as he made his way towards them, “Is everything alright Seokjin-hyung.”

“Yes,” replies the man with a smile, “This young man here was telling me, he is your personal slave?”

“Yes, a gift from Yoongi-hyung,” he replies, with a sigh.

“Hmm?” says the man called Seokjin, “He is always doing drastic things, well I’ll be leaving now.”

“Yes, do not let us keep you,” replies Jungkook.

“It’s nice to meet you Jimin,” says the man, turning and walking away before Jimin could utter a response. A feeling of déjà vu washed over Jimin, and his heart ached.

“Is everything alright?” asks Jungkook.

“Yes, who is that man?”

“Seokjin-hyung,” says Jungkook, “He’s a warlock, Hoseok’s Hyung’s older brother, why do you ask?”

“He’s handsome,” replies Jimin.

Jungkook stares at him, silent for a split second before scoffing, “where did you go?” he asks, dismissing his comment.

“Bathroom,” replies Jimin.

“Oh? I forget you’re human sometimes,” mutters Jungkook, but loud enough for Jimin to hear. Jimin gazes at him, baffled at the comment.

“That took long,” he replies.

“Yes, mandatory meetings with the covens,” Jungkook replies, “They are so boring.” Jungkook chuckles.

Jimin smiles. This was the first time, he’d seen Jungkook smile since that incident in the market.

“Are we going to the factory?”

“Not today,” he replies, “Actually, I want you to meet my brothers and sister.”

“The royal princes?”

“Yes, my brothers are finally back in the capital, so we are meeting for lunch,” he says.


“Do not worry,” he says with a smirk, teasing, “Your blood is safe, you are my slave after all.”

Jimin watched him, his face was lite up, and he smiled. Something must’ve happened to put him in such a good mood. It must be his siblings. He must have a close relationship with them.

“You seem happy,” Jimin commented.

Jungkook glances at him, as they walk, “Do I?”

“Yes, your face is shining and eyes sparkling,” he replies. Jungkook comes to a halt, gazing at him for second before turning forward, without uttering anything, but Jimin could tell he was smiling. Jimin liked it. He was cute when he smiles. Jungkook was handsome but had boyish charms when he smiles.


Chapter Text


Jungkook opened the doors into the garden where his older brother, the Crown Prince, Namjoon, Second Prince, Duke of Daegu, Taehyung and sister, Princess Hara waited for him. He could hear the chatters and waves of laughter, as he made his towards them. It’s been a while since the four gathered together like today, and he missed them.

“Look who is here,” he heard Taehyung, as he made his way towards him, pulling him into a headlock.

Jungkook laughs. Taehyung despite being older than by two years him behaved as his twin rather than the older brother. He was a tease and a joker. Never liked being serious despite being a Duke. He mentioned more than once; he loved the social aspect of being a Duke than the responsibilities that came with it. Taehyung lived the life Jungkook wished he had, carefree and a bit foolish.

Jungkook slightly pushes him away, greeting Namjoon and Hara. Beside his siblings stood their slaves, two of whom he knew but there was one he’s never seen before.

He sighs, turning to Taehyung, “Already got a new slave?”

Taehyung chuckles glancing at the boy, who was maybe the same age as Jungkook, he guessed.

“His name is Minjae, cute isn’t it?”

Taehyung was notorious for always changing a slave. He was never one to get attached to just one person. Namjoon had the same slave since he was young. A slave he considers to be a friend. Loyalty was important to him as the next King. Namjoon was reserved, and at times Jungkook would look at him and see their father. Hara was the partier in the family, like Taehyung, she also loved the social life but was a fool when it came to her personal life. She easily falls for men and has been taken advantage of more than once, but still believes in love. A fool at heart. Jungkook often teased her but also understood her. He once had been a fool in love.

That seemed like a lifetime ago. 

“Well, well,” says Taehyung, as Jungkook glances realizing Taehyung was now standing in front of Jimin, “This one is stunning, is he the one Yoongi-hyung got for you as a gift?”

Jungkook clears his throat, “Yes, his name is Jimin.”

Taehyung whistles, taken in awe as he circles Jimin, “Wow. His beauty is breathtaking.” Jungkook clenches his jaw. He hated the way Taehyung was gazing at Jimin. He knew the thoughts that went through his mind. Taehyung as wild as he was charismatic.

“Taehyung,” calls Namjoon, “Sit down and leave the boy alone.”

“I’m just admiring him,” says Taehyung with a smirk, “Have you tasted him?”

 Jungkook scoffs, “No, I have no plans too.”

Jungkook watched as his siblings exchanged an odd puzzled look.

“A slave is either used for blood or pleasure,” says Hara, “Why to put him on such piddle stole?”

“I am not,” Jungkook replies defensively, “I have interest in using someone, and he is my slave. I decide what he is useful for.”

“Alright,” Namjoon exclaims, a slight furrow in his brow appeared. He didn't want to discuss politics, “We’re not here to argue or fight. Let us sit and drink.”


Time passed with idle chit chats and gossiping.

“Oh, I have an idea,” says Taehyung, “Why don’t invite Yoongi-hyung, your friends and go to Crimson tonight. This is rare that we can all be together like this.”

“Crimson?” says Jungkook frowning, “I’m not interested, hyung.” Crimson was the name of the only luxurious Vampire blood bar in the capital, Owned by his nemesis, Lord Choi Minho.

Taehyung laughs, “Little brother, you have your slave, don’t you want to show him off?”

“No, I do not,” he replies.

“Pity,” says Taehyung, “With a beauty like that, surely Lord Minho and Taemin would be bitter and jealous.”

Jungkook’s eyes darts between his brothers and at Jimin, as Taehyung’s words, echo in his mind. He had always wanted to find a way to get back at Lord Minho. He hated him like he’s never hated anyone before.  Lord Minho was the son of the second Vampire family, who served the royal family for generations. He is arrogant and wants nothing more than to destroy Jungkook, something he succeeded at, years ago when he stole his love, Taemin.  Lee Taemin was the son of his mother’s maid. A human who lived in the Palace since the kids and became friends. With him, he dared dreamed of love.

Jungkook’s hands curled into a fist.

“It would be fun to see the look on their face,” joins Hara, smirking. Jungkook glanced at Namjoon who sipped his whiskey, silent. He wouldn’t dare do something as disgusting as what his siblings were suggesting but showing off Jimin to his nemesis surely was not a bad thing. They were Jimin is beautiful beyond words.

What would be the harm in appreciating it?

“Fine,” he replies, avoiding looking at Jimin, “Crimson tonight, then.” Taehyung and Hara cheered. They lifted their glasses clinking them together as they all chuckled.

“You guys go,” says Namjoon, “But no trouble. I have too much on my plate to be cleaning up your mess.”


Jungkook’s hand hesitated as he reaches to knock on Jimin’s door. After the gathering with his siblings and agreeing to go to Crimson, he avoided Jimin. He knew he would ask questions, and if it was just any other slave, he would have ignored him or ordered him to stay silent, but he couldn’t bring himself to behave so authoritatively with him. Deep down, he felt disgusted that he let his siblings talk him into doing such a repulsive thing, but another part also wanted to see the look on faces of the two people whom he trusted that betrayed him. And if parading Jimin around to accomplish then so be it.

Dressed up in a white shirt with a black leather jacket and black jeans, Jungkook shrugs off all worries and concerns and knocks on the door.

He takes a step back, adjusting his jacket. Nervous. Not sure why. Jimin was a mere slave. Why worry about what he thought?

When the door opened, all thoughts ceased as he stood breathless. Jimin wore a black shirt, red jacket with black leather pants. His greyish bluish hair appeared the same color as the moonlight underneath the light. His plump lips were in a pout. The cologne he wore, was sweet and citrus.

Seductive and tempting. He’s seen never really looked at him until now. He was incredibly sexy. And dangerous.

Jimin watched him with a keen gaze. Jungkook broke eye contact and stepped back, realizing with surprise that he was staring. He didn’t need to read his thoughts to know that many questions ran in his mind but refrained himself from asking. Since that incident in the market, Jimin refrained from asking too many questions.

“Let’s go,” he says.

Without uttering a word, Jimin stepped out of his room, closing the door behind him.


The bar was an old warehouse with boarded-up windows to stop the sunlight in the morning, even though they wore Daylight rings, the sun was not something desired. The interior filled with a mishmash of furniture culled from elsewhere.

As they entered the bar, candles burned everywhere. Vampires and Fire. Ironic really. Classical music filled the atmosphere casting warmth over images that belonged in a horror movie as vampires, male and female entertained themselves with their blood slaves. Jungkook’s gaze slides to Jimin, insistently placing his hand on his lower back and slightly pulling him near him. He felt Jimin flinch and turn to him, surprised.  He had felt the air fill with sensual awareness. 

“Stay close,” he whispered to him as he follows Taehyung and Hara towards the bar.


Before they could reach the bar, they were ambushed by Choi Minho and Lee Taemin, standing in front of them. Jungkook’s jaw clenched. He fucking hated them. He wanted to kill them for different reasons. Minho for stealing Taemin from him and Taemin for choosing to give in to Minho’s threats and power and become his blood slave, and not telling him why.

“Oh my,” says Lord Minho, “We have been blessed with the presences of royalty.”

“Lord Minho,” says Taehyung, “It’s been a while.”

“Yes, it has been,” he replies with a smirk, turning his attention to Jungkook, “Prince Jungkook, I’m surprised to see you here.”

Jungkook scoffs, stealing a glance at Taemin, “I have better things to do but I thoughts why not come see this ratchet place once in a while.”

Minho laughs, his eyes glancing at Jimin, and then back at Jungkook, “Well, I have the perfect place for the royal family,” he says, “Please follow me.”


Jungkook glances at Jimin with a forceful smile, as they follow Minho and Taemin to the VIP section of the bar.

It was a small room with a pathway to the dance floor with red velvet couches. They each take a seat except for the slaves who remained standing behind them, as Minho and Taemin sit across from them.

“I heard the Young Prince has a slave now.”

“Yes,” says Hara, glancing at Taemin and Minho then at Jimin, “Isn’t he beautiful?”

Jungkook watches as Minho stares at Jimin, silent for a second, his eyes focused and black. He knew what he was doing, trying to read his thoughts.

“Don’t even think about it,” Jungkook warned, his brow furrowed.

“Think about what, Young Prince,” he replies, lips curved, “I’m just in awe in his beauty.” Jungkook watched as Minho slightly ruffles Taemin’s hair as he leans whispering into his ear and while he pinned Jungkook with his dark gaze. The challenging in his eyes was enough to cause Jungkook’s blood to boil. He was dangling Taemin in front of him on purpose.


Without uttering a word, Taemin got up, and left the room, as Jungkook’s gaze followed him. All these years and he still affected him.

Minho cleared his throat, “So what drove the righteous Young Prince to own a slave?”

“He was a gift,” replies Jungkook, “I merely accepted, not that I had a choice in the matter.”

“A gift?” says Minho, his expression changing, “Well, that means you don’t want him. My dancers are getting old, and I am recruiting new slaves to dance at the bar. I can buy him if he is such a burden?”

Jungkook clenches his fist, “I may not have purchased him, but I also would not hand him to be eaten by a dog like you.”

“Hey Jungkook,” says Hara, cautiously.

“It’s alright, Princess,” says Minho, “It’s like him to be protective of the things he possesses. Not to mention he is still bitter about- “

“Finish that sentence and we won’t be just exchanging words,” warned Jungkook, having enough of his bullshit. Dark energy filled the room as Jungkook’s fang instinctively itched to rip his throat out. He feels Taehyung hand on his knee, and turns to him, as his brother speaks telepathically.

Don’t let him work you. you are here to show off Jimin remember. Make them jealous not the other way around.

Jungkook calmed himself, as Taemin walked back in the room with bottles of beers.  He cast a glance over his shoulder at Jimin for a split second before turning back. He needed to drink. This was not him. He could not do this without drinking.


Despite being a vampire, his tolerance level was low and always has been. With just four bottles down, he was already drunk. He felt the alcohol swimming around in his body, taking a hold of his senses.

Jungkook leaned back as he watched the slave Minjae bent over Taehyung’s arm as he ripped at his neck, drinking his blood. Hara was nowhere to be found, probably dancing with her slave somewhere.

Minho and Taemin left to take care of their business.

 Jimin was now settled beside him. His body was aware of his presence. His scent was hypnotizing and tempting. The smell of fresh blood in the air and the alcohol in his system sent his sense of overdrive. On alert. He has to leave before he truly gives in into his animalistic nature, as all the vampires in the bar have. It was disgusting and repulsive, yet it was something that was a part of him. Maybe as much as his father hated his human side. He hated his vampire side.

He glances at Jimin, who never spoke a word, throughout the whole night. His silence drove him crazy.

What happened to the fiery opinionated Jimin? He wondered.

“Let’s go,” he says, standing up.

“Where are you going?” asks Taehyung.

“Home,” he replies, walking away as Jimin follows him. He had enough. It was pathetic to have come anyway. He failed to do the one thing he came for. Taemin never spoke a word to him, and his reaction to Jimin remained indifferent as always.


As they reached the exit, Jungkook felt someone grab his wrist, startling him as he quickly turns around, defensively. It was Taemin.

He turns to Jimin who watched him, curiously, and silent.

“Go wait in the car,” he orders, not ready for a slave to hear his problems. Jimin watches him for a second, glancing at Taemin, and with a curved to the corner of his mouth, turns and walks out of the bar.

They stand in silence, facing each other, as the color of the club changes due to the spinning disco ball. The tension was thicker than the blood that was sucked out of the blood slaves. It sucked the oxygen out of the sweat heated room.

“I’m surprised you accepted a slave,” he speaks breaking the silence, as he tucks in a lock of light brown hair behind his ear. His hair was long, down to his back and tied back at the nape of his neck with a purple velvet ribbon. He dressed fancy.

Jungkook stared at him for what felt like an eternity before clearing his throat, “I’m not a boy anymore,” he replies, “What is it to you what accept or don’t accept?”

“It means something to me if it taints your image,” replies Taemin, “You owning a slave goes against everything you believe.”

Jungkook chuckles, taken aback. Not what he expected to hear from the man that betrayed him and chose another vampire to be his master.

“Not long ago, you wanted me to take you in as my slave,” he says in a mere whisper.

“But your mother refused.”

“And when I told you to wait for me to convince her,” he says, “You decided to run to Minho’s arms instead.”

Taemin smiles, but the smile didn’t reach his eyes, “I did what I had to do, and I won’t apologize for it,” he replies.

“Then we have nothing more to say to each other,” says Jungkook.

As he was about to leave, he spots Minho walking towards them, “Your Master is looking for you.”

Taemin glances over his shoulder, “He is interested in your slave,” Taemin says.

Jungkook stares at him dumbfounded, “What’re you talking about?” Minho comes and stands besides Taemin, placing his arm around him,

“Leaving already Young Prince, the fun is just about to begin,” he says mockingly. Jungkook scoffs, shaking his head and turning to leave, dismissing his taunts.

“Hey,” calls Minho, standing behind him a mere second, “My offer still stands, I can take him off your hands, for the price of something you long for. Think about it.” He whispered.

Jungkook exhales, not wanting to think about what he was insinuating or purposing. He smirks and walks out.

Son of a bitch.


Jungkook still drunk, strode up to the staircase to his room, which overlooked the gardens, as Jimin followed, quietly as a mouse. The stiff steps behind him told he was angry or upset. At his door, Jungkook came to a halt, taking in a deep breath

“Jimin,” he calls softly. Jimin turns to face him, his anger was palpable. As he gazed into his eyes, he could imagine the hot mixture of feelings boiling inside Jimin.  He had the same fire, that he saw when they were in the restaurant. He wanted to kill him.

“You’re angry why?”

“Why did you take me to that filthy place?” he demanded. His nostrils flared with fury and jaw clenched.

Words left Jungkook, as he stared into the milk chocolate eyes that burned with anger and his heart fell silent.

“Do you realize who you are speaking to?” he demanded. Jimin hesitated to answer, his knuckles turning white.

“Yes,” he answered, still holding the appearance of defiance. A seed of anger curled within him as he watched him, studying him. Doesn’t he realize his position in this world? Jungkook wondered. He was nothing special. He was a slave.  A slave that needed to learn the meaning of the word.

Jungkook took a rapid step towards him, powerful with his large body and rugged masculine beauty, as Jimin took a step back, trapping him between himself and the wall. He stopped before him, placing his hands on the wall beside his head. He wanted to scare him, and he did. He could hear his heart and breathing speeds up. The smell of his breath on his face as he stared at him wide eyes. Frozen.

“You do know how to be afraid,” Jungkook spoke in a teasing dangerous tone, deep and intimidating, yet not angry, “I’m drunk and not in the mood, do not test me.” Jimin’s scent, rich and heated, had him breathing hard to drag more of it deep into his lungs. His eyes fell on his lips and licked his. Jimin looked appetizing sexually.  If he wanted to, he could take him before he could even blink.

But that was not him, and yet Jungkook found himself lost in his eyes. They pierced at him with fear, anger, and hatred. Such feral expression was no doubt a turn on.


Chapter Text


Yes. I'm afraid.

Seeing Jungkook move as fast as he did and trapped him between the wall and his body, scared Jimin. He had been foolish to assume that perhaps Jungkook was different from the other Vampires. Foolish to hope. Now he'd raised his voice against him, surely, he was going to get punished. For the first time, Jimin found it hard to read his face. His eyes intimidated him and made him tremble. He’d been angry at all he witnessed at the Bar with vampires treating humans like cattle, and Jungkook parading him in front of those man like he was a piece of trophy.

It was all too much to take in one night but lashing out against the man whose name is curved against his chest and held his life in his hands was a bad idea.

“Are you… going to punish me?” Jimin spoke dimly, his voice and hands trembling. Jungkook gazed at him silent unblinking and breathing. It was such a rare thing, feeling Jungkook’s alcohol breath on his face. The vampires he heard about didn’t breathe, but he did.

How is that possible? Just what is he? A Demon or vampire?

Jimin was caught in his eyes, unable to move. He saw his eyes go darker as darkness swirled inside. As if hypnotized, the same supernatural force that was terrifying him was holding him still. Is this what compulsion was? It was frightening yet he somehow reveled in it. His heart began to pound violently against his chest.

With his gaze piercing deeply into his soul, Jungkook’s fingertips caressed his cheek, and Jimin flinched. This was the second time Jungkook had touched him in one night. It was that second, he realized, his darkness was overtaken by seduction and lust. Jimin’s heart leaped, heat thrilling through his body as Jungkook trails his fingertips from his cheek to his neck. Still holding him captive with his burning gaze. His fingers sent unfamiliar sensations throughout Jimin’s body. His touch overridden all his higher brain functions; he’s never allowed a man nor woman to touch so lustfully- arousing him.

He’s going to kiss me. This is getting out of control.

Jimin’s eyelids fluttered down without permission, closing shut. He felt his head gently tilted to the side and Jungkook’s warm breath on his neck. Time stopped. Jungkook was leaning down to kiss but to feed on him. Panic set in. Jimin squeezed his eyes shut.

“Drunk or not I know myself,” he heard Jungkook whisper, his lips brushing against his neck, burning and leaving an itch, where his lips touched, “You are my slave and I will be fair with you, just as I am with everyone. Unlike some vampires from the filthy place we came from, I find no pleasure in forcing anyone against their will. But never forget I am your master. You will respect me or you will be punished.”

Jimin felt a chill race down his spine, as he opened his eyes to meet his gaze once more- any warmth and seduction he felt washed out of his as reality was a cold slap to the face.  No matter how good and fair Jungkook is, he can never forget that he is- A Vampire. A Royal Prince. His master.

He was stupid for thinking otherwise.

Jungkook stared silently at Jimin for a moment before stepping away. Jimin watched him as he turns around and heads to his room. Feeling dazed and numbly grateful, Jimin exhales loudly as if he had forgotten how to breathe.

His eyebrows drew together as he stared quizzically at the floor, noticing the guards just now. His cheeks flushed red with embarrassment, as he quickly opened the door to his room, closes it shut, locking the door. He places a hand on his racing heart, rubbing it as to soothe himself.

“You idiot! How could you let him corner like that? Vampire or not. Master or not, you should’ve stood your ground,” he chastised himself as he wrapped his arms around himself.


The next morning Jimin was up early than usual. He was restless after everything that occurred last night. His mouth watered and stomach rumbled loudly, but he paid no heed to his hunger. He had enough of this place. He had to leave for the next time, he slips up and raises his voice to Jungkook again, he will be punished. Jungkook made it clear. His cheeks burned with anger, as his mind went to horrible thoughts, and images of the blood slaves from the Crimson bar. The vampire Minho’s gaze made him shiver. He came to a halt.

What if he tells me to become a whore in a bar?

Jimin’s face fell, the color draining from his skin. His body had never been touched. His heart has never beat for anyone, and he was not about to let some vampires defile him.

I would die before such fate befalls on me.

Jimin’s traitorous stomach rumbled again. It was taking Jungkook a long time to let the guards let him know he was awake. The usual knock that came at his door in the morning was delayed.

“Maybe eating breakfast will help me think,” he mutters as he makes his way towards the door. He takes a deep breath, and opens the door, looking at the Jungkook’s room across from his. He glances around, at the two guards who stood still as statues.

Do they never sleep or get tired?

“Morning,” he says, stepping out the door, “Is the Prince up yet?”

There was silence as the guard standing in front of the Prince’s room stares at him.


“The Prince is not here,” replies the guard.

“Not here?” asks Jimin, puzzled, “Where is he?”

The guards laugh, “We do not answer to you slave,” spoke the second one. Jimin rolls his eyes, and as he was about to walk back in his room, he halts, getting an idea.

“Did the Prince leave any instructions for me?”


“Oh?” he says with a smirk. This was the first time, Jungkook left him alone. It would be a waste to not put its use. This was the perfect time to survey the palace and get to know the exits and corners.

For the first time, he allowed himself to think of escaping but first, he had to learn about the Capital, and there is just one place to do that.

He clears his throat, “I’m hungry.”


“So, if Jungkook comes back and I tell him you two starved me, then he won’t be happy.”

“You dare take the Prince’s name, Slave?”

“I have permission,” Jimin lies, “So food?”

“What would you like?”

“I would like roast beef, rice, and kimchi soup.”

The guard's glance at each other, baffled, “Do you believe this is a restaurant human?”

“No, but I do know your Master is kind and fair,” he replies.

“Fine,” says the second guard, “I’ll go fetch your food.”

“Thank you.”

Jimin glances at the guard at Jungkook’s front door, as the other one disappears around the corner.

“Your master is quite a special vampire,” he says, making small talks.

“He is.”

“Yes, last night you witnessed what occurred between us,” he says, the image of Jungkook standing so close and feeling his breath turned his cheeks red, but he brushed it off.

“How come he can breathe?”

“You are a fool slave,” says the guard, “Not only does the master breath, but his heart also beats just like yours.”

Jimin stares at him confused, “How can a vampire have a beating heart?”

“Master is rare and cursed,” says the guard, “He has human blood flowing through his veins.” Jimin’s mouth opens, loss at words, “He’s half-human?”

“Yes, but that is something he would not like to hear,” warns the guard. Jimin nods his head in understanding. Everything made sense now. His humanity and kindness come from his human side, no doubt about it.

At the time he embraced him when he was crying and fell ill, he was never focused on Jungkook. How could he not realize his chest moved as he does.


Jimin clears his throat, “Oh, I forget to tell him I wanted some water with that food, mind telling him for me?

The guard narrows his gaze at him, “I cannot leave the manor unattended.”

“I’m here,” says Jimin with a smile, “I’ll wait in my room, please.” The guard contemplated for a moment and nods his head,



Back in his room, he paces back and forth. This was a rare opportunity to leave the manor and head to the library to learn more about the Capital. He needed to know where he was if he is ever to leave when his kind master decides to embrace his Vampire half over his human half. He wasn’t sure how long his compassion was going to last, and if he ever got sick of him, he would no doubt sell him to that Vampire, Minho.

Jimin glances around, as he heads downstairs. The manor was a maze of its own, and he was surprised anyone was able to make theirs around so easily. The house slave quarters must be on the other side, so if he were to leave now, there is no chance of bumping into the guards he sent to fetch him food and water.

Once at the door, his step got faster, all his instincts on alert, once he was out of this door, he would out of the manor and had to tread carefully since he was still in the palace. There would be guards everywhere.

He sighs, reaching for the door handle and as he was about to touch it, the doors pulled open, startling him. He stood still frozen, as he came face to face with the man that brought him to Jungkook. Lord Yoongi.


Jimin swallowed hard and took a step back as Lord Yoongi strolled forward, “You look shocked,” Yoongi spoke. His voice was low, controlled and the look in his eyes was dangerous.

“You start- scared me,” Jimin halts.

“Oh?” says Yoongi, stopping in front of him, as Jimin tried his best to stay composed, “You’re alone?”

“Um…yeah, um Junkoo- Prince Jungkook is not here,” he replies, nervous. His palms sweating.

Yoongi smirks focused. Studying him.

“You don’t address him as Master,” he spoke, “That’s interesting.” The aura surrounding Yoongi was not the same as Jungkook. His aura was somehow darker and more dangerous. He wasn’t cute or charming. He was something else entirely.

“So where are you going, if your Master is not here?”

Jimin chuckles nervously, “Food? I was hungry.”

“Is that so?”


“Well, in that case, join me at the dining hall,” Yoongi spoke with a smirk, “I came to speak to your Master, but he is not here.”

“I’m not sure, he would be pleased with me roaming the palace.”

“You won’t be roaming, you’ll be with me,” replies Yoongi, “Come.”


Jimin’s concern deepens, as Yoongi leads him into a room, and he knew it was not the slave kitchen or a dining room of any kind. Jimin watches as he speaks to the guards, and they glance at Jimin before nodding and leaving. He opens the door, and gestures for Jimin to get inside. Jimin glances around, there wasn’t anyone around.

“Where are we?”

“Have a seat,” commends Yoongi, pointing to a sofa as he closes the door behind him, “The guards will bring your meal soon.”

“Where are we?”

“You seem scared,” he says, “We’re in just in a resting room. I need to speak to you, so relax.”

“Speak to me? about what?”

“Have a seat,” says Yoongi leading him to one of the sofas and settled him on it, “I won’t harm you. I promise.”

Jimin watched as he pours water in a glass and hands it to him. He sits across from him. As Jimin studied him questioningly, unable to understand why he was doing this? Or what he wanted?

“What do you think about the slave system?” Yoongi asks, locking eyes with him. Jimin stares at him, not sure why Yoongi was asking him that? Was it a trap? Or did he want to know his thoughts?

“What you say in this room, won’t leave these four walls,” he says, in a serious tone, “You have my words.”

“Ever since the war ended, humans lost their will and freedom. We are nothing but cattle to amuse and feed the Vampires. The system forced us into menial roles meant to keep us submissive and weak while your kind beat, raped, and killed us for joy. By giving up our freedom to stay alive, we let a bigger demon take over the world.”

Yoongi gazes at him, “But you lived a sheltered life? How would know all this?”

Jimin scoffs, feeling insulted, “Sheltered yes but every day we were taught of the things that went on beyond our village, across the ocean.”

“So why didn’t they prepare you, the young ones to fight back?” asks Yoongi.

Jimin swallowed hard. He remembers asking his father why to do not have people trained to fight in case something happened, and his father saying, that they were protected, but never said by who or what. But it seemed like that was a lie.


“Because we believed that we were protected,” he speaks quietly, head bowed as he fidgeted with the Slave Inhibitor bracelet, “The elders believed nothing would harm us and that we were safe.”

“So, it was no mere coincidence that the hunters found your village,” says Yoongi, “Someone knew of your existences and sent them there. Who was protecting your village?”

“I don’t know,” replies Jimin, “You think the attack was planned?”

“I know the attack was planned,” he replies.

“Who was it?”

Yoongi chuckles, “There is so much happening in this world, that your people were sheltered from. I was there when the Vampire King and his warriors defeated the demons but in doing so took advantage and secured the world for themselves. Vampires increased in numbers, and what was supposed to be a coexistence of both races turned into cruelty. I don’t like the slave system, but Vampires and Warlocks believe it is a necessary tool to keep humans submissive in fear of returning to the shadows.”

“So, you are saying it is fair that we are enslaved?”

“No, of course not,” he says, “But how much are you willing to do to see a change in the world?”


“Don’t speak such words so lightly,” he says, his tone changing.

“Then why ask me and tell me these things?” asks Jimin, feeling a little insulted.

“I see a fire in your eyes, but I also see naivety from lack of experience of the real world,” he says, “All I can say now is that there are those fighting in shadows who want to see a fair and just world with freedom for all. If that is something that is of interest to you, then prove it to me.”


“By winning the Prince’s heart,” replies Yoongi, “You accomplish that then we will speak further.”

“Who are you?”

“A friend,” replies Yoongi, “I didn’t randomly select you. With your beauty, you can capture any man, use it. I’ve been watching you.”

Jimin stares at Yoongi, not sure if he should believe what he was saying but something in him assured him that he was speaking the truth. But why would a vampire wish to abolish the system that ensures their survival?

“What would winning his heart accomplish?” asks Jimin, “And I how can I trust that you are speaking the truth?”

Yoongi laughs, “Prince Jungkook is kind at heart but he is a fool when it comes to love. Unfortunately, his heart has been closed off since the heartache, and the only thing he lives for is winning his father’s love. If we were to approach him with such ideas of overthrowing the King, he would never agree but if he had something to fight for. I’m sure he would stand up to his family.”

“Why him?”

“He’s a rare species, a hybrid,” replies Yoongi, “I cannot tell you more than that.”

Jimin stares at him, doubtful and suspicious, “You didn’t come here to meet with Prince Jungkook did you?”

“You’re a bit naïve but smart, I’ll give you that,” says Yoongi, “I heard he went to Crimson bar; it’s a known pattern. He intends to disappear whenever he does, so I decided to take this opportunity to speak with you.”

“Who are they? I’ve never seen him so- “

“Angry? Hateful?” Yoongi cuts him off, “You meet Taemin and Minho, no doubt about it. All three of them used to be friends. Taemin’s parents used to work in the palace and Minho comes from a noble family. Everyone knew he and Prince Jungkook were in love but then something happened, and Taemin went to Minho and became his slave.”

“That would explain his anger, and pain,” says Jimin, “That bastard told Jungkook to sell me to him to dance in his bar.”

Yoongi laughs, “I wouldn’t worry about that. Prince Jungkook might lose his temper at times, but he would never be so selfish.”

“You can guarantee that?”

“Yeah, if he were to fall in love with you,” says Yoongi. A knock comes at the door, as they both quiet downs, “Come on in.”


The house slave places mouthwatering mounds of food and drinks piled on the tray on the small table between the sofa. Jimin and Yoongi gazed at each other, silence filling the room, as the house slave stood up straight.

“Will that is all My Lord?” she asks, stealing a glance at Jimin, who gives her a small smile.

“That will be all for now,” replies Yoongi, “Thank you.”

The door closes and Yoongi turns to him, “go ahead and eat,” he says, standing up, “I have things to do.”

Jimin gazes at him, his stomach rumbling again, “You don’t want to hear my answer?”

Yoongi smiles, not a teasing or mocking smile but a genuine smile, “I’ll wait for your answer for the next time we meet.”

“He trusts you,” says Jimin, “Are you sure you want to do this to him?”

“The quicker he forgets Taemin,” says Yoongi, “The easier it’ll be for us to resume our relationship. I simply want you to win his heart, and in whatever form you chose is up to you. But never underestimate him. He might be kind, but he is loyal to his family.”

“Which is why you are afraid to talk this with him,” says Jimin, “Why would trust me?”

“Who says I trust you?” asks Yoongi, “I told you because I want to give you the chance, whether you take it or not is up to you. And besides, no one will believe you even if you decided to tell them what I said.”

Jimin laughs, “I see.”

“Well, young slave,” says Yoongi, “I’ll see you around.”


Jimin glances at the food on the table and then at Yoongi who was out of the door. Jungkook’s been kind to him so far, but how long could he expect that to last? With or without Yoongi’s proposal he wanted to know just who Prince Jungkook. Since last night, he witnessed his anger and his threats, and if he was hurting certainly, he wanted a friend. If he were to form a bond with him beyond slave and master, he might be an influence on him. There was nothing wrong with that, but one thing he would never do is play on someone’s emotion, not even a Vampire like Jungkook. If he is to form a bond with him, it will be genuine and sincere.

Chapter Text

March 2014, Five years ago…

The inky black knight has illuminated the moonlight and the lamps that lit up the garden. It was springtime and the weather was warm. The air was blessed with the never-ending rows of cherry blossom lining the Han river. Jungkook leaned forward, placing his chin on Taemin’s shoulder, his arms folded protectively over Taemin. A young Lover’s embrace. Soft lips trailed down Taemin’s shoulder to his neck. He felt his fang emerge from his gum and press against Taemin’s soft neck. Jungkook pulled away, embarrassed. With his desires came hunger and thirst for blood. He also did not have control over his lust for blood. Taemin turned to face him with a mischievous smile. He should be afraid of Jungkook but all Jungkook saw was love and desire. The moonlight fell on his face perfectly, on his pink lips. His long brown hair fell past his shoulders.

Without uttering a word, Taemin moved his hair to the side, exposing his neck, as he leans back against Jungkook hard body,

“Aren’t you curious?” he spoke.

“I’m afraid I’ll hurt you,” replies Jungkook.

“I don’t believe that,” replies Taemin with a soft chuckle, “You love too much. Don’t you want to form a blood tie with me?”

“Not just a blood tie,” he replies, “I want to form a bond with you beyond our bodies and blood.”

“Hmm? I thought we were already bonded by hearts?”

Jungkook smiles, placing small kisses on his neck, he loved his sweet floral perfume. He had a different scent, that intoxicated mind, and body.

“Take a bite, I want to connect with your body and soul,” pressed Taemin, “I want you to know me the way no one ever has.”

Jungkook licked his lips, finding it hard to resists, as Taemin’s cologne flooded his mind. With that permission, Jungkook’s fangs prodded at his skin, unable to decide whether to pierce it or not and before he knows it, his fangs sunk deep into Taemin’s neck. As he drank from his neck, felt an electric shiver. Lewd moans filled with pain and pleasure escaped Taemin’s mouth, and filled his ears, increasing the intensity.

He’s feed on many humans but Taemin was different. Their childhood love transformed into evolved into a burning passion, a noble bond he did not want to lose. While others tossed him aside from having a beating heart, Taemin embraced him, all of him.

It’s been years since he thought of that day in Spring underneath the cherry blossom and moonlight. He hated how the memories lingered in his dreams.

 Jungkook’s eyes snapped open, the hair on his neck stood, letting him know he was not alone. The numbness had taken over him, leaving nothing but emptiness inside, a large echoing space that I couldn’t fill, no matter how much he drank.

 Jungkook feels a puff of breath against his skin. Long fingers stroked his jaw, sending chills throughout his body. Turning his gaze to the warm body beside him, he stares puzzled,

“Who are you?” he asked, head pounding from a hangover, side effects for being half-human. His eyes adjust to the light glistening through the red curtains. A soft chuckle fills the room,

“Silly creature. You feed on me and keep me up all night, then don’t remember who I am?” Jungkook wanted to laugh but was not in the mood, he gazes into the boy’s beautiful greyish eyes, with pale skin.

“My apologies,” he says.

“No worries,” he says, and before Jungkook could figure out what he was doing, the boy leaned down, taking his lips in his. They were soft and chilled. Shocked Jungkook, pushed him to the side, sitting up,

“What’re you doing?” he roars.

“Well, aren’t you interesting?” says the guy, softly, watching Jungkook intently, “You couldn’t get enough of me last night.”

“Where am I?”

“Luna, a bar in Busan just how much did you have to drink?” asks the guy.  Jungkook sighs, feeling pathetic. He felt shitty last night for directing his anger towards Jimin, he could not sleep, and left, with no destination, and somehow ended up in a bar in Busan.

“A blood bar?”

“If that is what you prefer,” he replies, “It’s a regular bar with special services, especially for your kind.”

Jungkook gets off the bed, “You’re a whore.”

“I’m whatever you want me to be,” he replies, with a seductive smile. Jungkook scoffs, disgusted, as he stands, looking for his shirt. He found it on the table and puts it on.

“You nobles are interesting,” says the boy, laying on his stomach leaning on his hands as he watches Jungkook.

“You know who I am?”

“Who doesn’t know the royal family,” he says, “But don’t worry I spoke a word of this to anyone. Who believe me anyway?”

Jungkook runs his hand through his hair. Of all the places he had to end up at, it had to be in the bed of a whore.

Without glancing at him, Jungkook gathered his things, watch and shoes, and headed for the door.

“Can I ask you to come back?” asks the boy, now sitting up, embracing a silk pillow.

“No,” he replies harshly, reaching for the door but before he could turn the doorknob, the door opened, and he came face to face with another vampire. He takes a step back, surprised at the sudden appearance but quickly composes himself. The vampire’s gaze burned through him, and Jungkook’s vampire’s senses tingled, sensing trouble.


Without saying a word, he walked past the man who swept past him, blocking his, “I’m not going to ask you to move, if you value your life, you’ll let me leave.”

“I would listen if I were you, you don’t know who he is,” says the boy, standing at the corner of the bed,” his voice trembling.

“Shut up, you whore!” commended the man, “You beat up one of my men, and now you’ll pay for it.”

Jungkook stares at the man, and glances over his shoulder at the boy, “I did?”

“Yeah,” he replies, “You don’t remember anything?”

“I’m afraid not,” he replies.

The vampire laughed, “Doesn’t matter, you are not walking out of here alive, and afterward you will get it, you whore,” he threatened as his eyes flared and fangs popped out.

“Yeah?” Jungkook shot back. The vampire was and if it thought a threat could intimidate him into getting into a fight but felt for the boy. Whore or not, the man would harm him, no doubt. He sighs. What’s the harm in teaching a fool how to behave?

“You want to fight, then let’s take this outside,” he commends, “Don’t want to ruin such a beautiful place now, do we?”


Jungkook watched the vampire with a sharp gaze, studying him as the tall large vampire took on the offensive. The vampire’s poised and attitude was immature at best. He fought a laugh, as the crowd placed them in a circle, watching and waiting. Jungkook realized with him heighten senses that they were more humans than vampires. It must be a bar owned by a human who raised in ranks and positions.

Still and silent, Jungkook remained motionless. The sun made it unbearable as it blazed down on them, with a slight breeze that caressed his cheeks. It was late afternoon. Unlike the Capital, a city like Busan were not redeveloped after the war, though many buildings remained many were destroyed.

“Come on!” urged the vampire.

Jungkook smirked, he wanted this to be over with, “Give me your best shot,” he retorted, “I’ll allow you one hit. And only one. After that, you take your sorry ass and never come to this bar again. Is that clear?”

A hysterical laugh rumbled out of the vampire's mouth, joined by the others in the crowd. Without a moment’s hesitation, the vampire launched at him, but he remained still. The Vampire’s punch slammed on his jaw, sending him flying but instead of falling, he quickly gathered himself as he shrugged off the stars that blurred his vision and landed on his feet. The crowd erupted into awes and shock, as Jungkook spit out the pool of blood in his mouth.

“Alright, you got your punch,” he says, “We’re even.” The vampire smirked infuriatingly at him, and growled, face red with anger and sped at him again. Jungkook caught his fist as his other hand closed tightly around his neck and lifts him. The crowd erupted in gasps and cheers.

Rage took over Jungkook hard and fast. He’s never been good at controlling his temper. He tossed the vampire with a speed faster than an average vampire. The vampire landed on the ground, but despite that, the vampire didn’t seem to get the memo.

“I don’t want to kill you,” warned Jungkook. The vampire launched at him again, having enough of his foolishness, Jungkook dropped the shield he kept around the darkness and rage in his soul and drove his hand through the vampires' ribcage, as screams fill the air. His fingers gripped the cold, still heart and ripped it out from his chest. The vampire dropped like a ragged doll, and Jungkook dropped the heart to the ground, hand covered with blood.

“Well, should’ve taken the free punch and walked away,” he mutters underneath his breath, as the crowd went silent, watching him. Trembling with fear.


As he made his way through the crowd, the boy stood in front of him, and Jungkook sighs, and reaches in his wallet, taking out money. He takes the boy’s hand and places the money on it,

“I believe we are even now.”

“It’s Moonbin,” he says.


“My name,” he speaks eyes sparkling with awe, “For the next time you visit, Your highness.”

Jungkook smirks, “I believe this is farewell.”


When Jungkook arrived at the palace, he placed his bloody hand in his pocket as he was met by his friends Minho and Heechul,

“Your Highness,” says Heechul, “We’ve been looking for you.”

“Is something the matter?”

“The King wants to see you,” says Minho, “His servants have been asking for a while now.”

Jungkook sighs.

What does that old man want now?

“Alright, I’ll go shower and go see him,” he says.

“We told him you had urgent business at the factory,” says Heechul.

“Thank you,” he says.

“Oh? What happened to your face?” asks Minho.

“An unfortunate accident,” he replies walking away.


At his manor, Jungkook contemplated whether he should speak to Jimin, and apologize for lashing out at him, which unfortunately seems to be the only thing, he remembers clearly. But why would he apologize to a slave? He wondered.

He was greeted by the guards when he entered the hallway, and hand still shoved in his pocket. He glances at Jimin’s room and wondered if he stayed inside all day. He didn’t leave any specific instruction, so he didn’t have to stay in his room, but he hoped Jimin did not roam around the palace, causing trouble.

He sighs, “Tell Jimin, I would like to speak with him,” he commends, turning to his guard. The guard nods his head, as Jungkook opens the door.

Having no time for a luxurious shower, Jungkook took a quick one and dressed quickly as he had to meet with his father. He wore a black collared shirt and pants.

When he came out of the bathroom, Jimin was standing in the middle of the room, head lowered, staring at his feet.

He must still be angry.

He was not above apologizing but he felt ashamed for how he behaved, not just at lashing out at him, but for also taking him to that filthy bar. No one should witness such vile things. Jungkook clears his throat, “I want to apologize for last night. I should’ve taken you to that bar nor take out my anger on you.”

Jungkook watched him, anticipating his reaction, as Jimin glanced up at him, eyes widen but Jungkook quickly notices the purple stain above his eyebrow that resembled a handprint. Jungkook takes a step towards him, gently tilting his head to the side, “Who hit you?” Jimin’s gaze traveled to meet his eyes, but remained silent, “I ask who the hell put their hands on you?”

Jimin whips his head away, glaring at him, “Why do you want to know? A slave is supposed to be punished right?”

The words pierced Jungkook’s heart, as anger boiled within, “No one has the right to touch you without my permission, now answer me!” His voice caused Jimin to slightly jump, surprised,

“Your guard,” he replies, dimly.

“Guard!” Jungkook roared, as the door quickly opened.

“Yes, Your Highness,” says the Guard, entering the room, as Jimin moved to the side. Jungkook takes a step towards the man and stops in front of him.

“Did you hit him?”

“Your highness, he made attempts to escape by lying about wanting food. When we returned, he was nowhere to be found. We found him roaming the palace.”

Silence fills the room, as Jungkook. His eyes are cold. He chuckled underneath his breath. His body betrays him, and the rational voice within him went silent as punches the guard, sending him flying and hitting the wall, and landing face down. There was so much force behind the punch, that there was a dent in the wall where the guard slammed against it.

Jimin gasped.

 “Get over here now!” Jungkook roared, as the guard scrambled to his hands and knees, coughing blood, lip cut opened. The man crawled to his feet and was bowed down, eyes focused on the floor.

Jungkook kneeled in front of him, “For now on, no one is allowed to touch him. For the next time, I will kill you, make it known to everyone in this household,” he stated.

“I’m sorry, Your Highness,” cried the guard, “I have made a grave mistake. Forgive me.”

“It is not me, you have to apologize to, it’s Jimin.”

“I am sorry!” the guard sobbed.

“Now out of my sight!”

The guard gathered his strengths, and got to his feet, quickly exiting the room, closing the door behind him.

He turned to Jimin, who stood still, eyes wide blinking for a moment, and without reading his mind, he could tell what he was trying to understand what just happened. Jungkook clears his throat and made his way towards him. Without thinking, he reached out and took his hand. The urge staggered him, as did the warmth of his hand in his. Jimin’s hand was small and soft, no hint of physical labor. They trembled a little.

He tried to pull his hand free, but Jungkook held on to it. His gaze latching onto Jimin’s face whose large innocent eyes were surprisingly earnest as he stared back at him.

“Does it hurt?” he asks, trying to mask his apparent concern but failed.

“It’s better now,” Jimin finally spoke, gentle and soft. His voice was music to his ears, he could listen to him talk all day if it was possible.

“I’m sorry,” he says, still holding his hand to which Jimin seemed to be aware of since he kept glancing at it.

“This is the first time, I’m hearing a master apologize to a slave more than once,” he replies, serious.

Jungkook laughed, a soft husky sound, blushing. It got silent, as Jungkook let go of his hand, averting his gaze, but he could still feel Jimin’s eyes watching him. As a half breed, his heart beats faster than a human, but now it seems like it increased in speech, as heat spreads across his face.

“What do you want from me?” Jimin spoke, breaking the silence, as Jungkook turned to face him, taken aback by his question.

What did he expect for him to say? He had no clue.




Chapter Text


Unable to stop himself, Jimin took a step forward towards him. The danger drew him towards Jungkook like a moth to a flame, as Yoongi’s words echoed deep within. He gazed at him, not because he wanted an answer to his question but because he wanted to see if his presence had any effect on Jungkook.

Jungkook kept his gaze from meeting his, and Jimin found it amusing that he can have such effect on someone, let alone a Vampire who is supposed to be his master.

He felt shy.

Jungkook clears his throat, taking a step back, “I have to speak with my father,” he finally spoke, breaking the tension, “If I am not back by dinner then feel free to let the guards know, you want to eat.”

Jungkook turns around and walks away without waiting for a reply and walks out of the room. Jimin caresses his cheek where the bastard slapped him and smiles. He glances at the dent on the wall, and his heart skips a beat.

He couldn’t help but wonder if it was possible to be more than a slave to Jungkook? His cheeks heat up at the thoughts, and he shakes his head.

“Get yourself together,” he mutters as he walks towards the door, and back to his room.


Jungkook never came back for dinner, and Jimin was bored of sitting in the room with nothing to do. He thought of asking Jungkook to show him around the palace or at least have one of his guards and house servant do it. He wanted something to do aside from staying in the room all day when they were not at the factory.

Surely, there were more things to the city than a factory and a palace. Jimin sighs, staring out the window towards the field of green. It was beautiful but empty. It made him even more restless. His stomach growled, and he ignored it. For some reason, he wanted to dine with Jungkook, but it seems like whatever the King wanted, it was taking time.

He gets up and heads towards the door, opening it, and making eye contact with the guard that slapped him, and got punished. He smirks, no longer fearing him, as the guard glared at him with disgust.

He hated how quickly vampires heal, he would see him in pain. Jimin clears his throat,

“I’m hungry.”

The guard glares at him, with jaw clenched, as the other one watches them, eyes darting between Jimin and the other guard.


“Thank you,” replies Jimin, stealing a glance at the other guard before closing the door. He couldn’t help it but burst out laughing, wincing at the piercing pain from his cheek.

He wondered how much he can get away with.


Last night, Jimin fell asleep before Jungkook returned to his room. Today they sat in the main table of the manor instead of eating in his room as they usually did. It’s been nearly a week since he arrived at the manor and this was the first time, he seen so many house servants come in and out serving him, mostly as Jungkook drank blood from a glass. He quickly got used to it, even though he felt little grossed out deep down. He wondered what the King wanted with him, but questioned whether it was his place to ask such questions? There were many other questions, he wanted to ask. Jungkook is a half breed meaning he is alive, so why drink blood instead of human food?

Jungkook glanced up from his glass, catching his gaze, and Jimin quickly averted his gaze to the food on his plate.

“What is it?” asks Jungkook, placing the glass down.


“You look like you want to speak.”

Jimin clears his throat, “Just wondering, you’re human why not- “

“Half,” Jungkook cut him off.

“Half-human,” Jimin, corrected himself, his gaze making him tensed, “Why not eat food?”

“Who told you I was half-human?”

Jimin gulps, not sure if he should mention Yoongi or the guard, no that would raise other questions, “Well, the day you pinned me against the wall, I felt your breath and heartbeat. Vampires are dead, so I put two together.”

Jungkook stares at him, silent, reading him and smirks, “I drink blood because that is my preference, though I get nourishment from human food as well.”

Jimin smiles, “You are missing out.”

“Is that so?”

“Have you had human food before?”

Jungkook chuckles, “You’re very talkative today.”

Jimin smiles, “Am I? anyway, have you?”

“Yes, I had, back when I was young,” he replies, “Not anymore, I prefer blood.” Jungkook’s emphasize on his prefer was a cue for Jimin to stop asking questions. He didn’t have to be a vampire to know the signs of someone not wanting to talk about something.

Jungkook clears his throat, “Tomorrow we leave for Gwangju,” he speaks, as Jimin stares at him for the sudden change of topic.


“Yes, it’s the city where warlocks and witches reside, where the Coven Queen lives,” explains Jungkook.


“Well the royal family was invited for the festival, but Namjoon-hyung and Taehyung-hyung are busy and cannot attend and my father does not want to attend, so they are sending to represent the family.”



“And you’re taking me?”

“I thought you wanted to see other places other than the palace. You may stay if it displeases you.”

“No, I would love to go,” Jimin quickly replies.

Jungkook chuckles, “Finish your meal, we have plenty to do today.”

“Is that what the King needed to speak with you?”

“Yes,” says Jungkook with a soft chuckle, “He made it sound like an emergency.”

“Well everything the King does is urgent, isn’t it?”

Jungkook stares at him, and averts his gaze, “You surely have a way with words.”

Jimin smiles, not sure if he meant it as teasing or not. He seemed to be off in his head since they woke but Jimin didn’t feel like probing further. He was aware he still has not thanked him, for defending him against the guard, but also terrified. Jungkook held such a fire at him, such rage, that scares him.


Just as he was told last night, Jimin woke up early with a bag packed with the only clothes he had for the three day festival in Gwangju. He was excited to see other places other than the walls of the palace.

Once he was done, Jimin came out of his room to find Prince Jungkook coming out of his. Jimin stared at him, dumbfounded. He was dressed elegant, very noble- black pants, tucked in long sleeve collared white shirt with a black velvet gold embroidery Blazer. He looked very imperative and as a Prince.

“So handsome,” Jimin mutters without thinking.


“Nothing,” he quickly replies, cheeks red.

“Let’s go,” says Jungkook, “We should arrive there during lunch.”

Jimin stares at him for a second, slightly nodding his head, as Jungkook turns around followed by his guard.

Shit. He almost heard me.

Jimin took a deep breath, calming his racing hearts, and the impossible thoughts that invaded his mind at the sight of Jungkook.

As they made their way to the car, where the house servant packed their bags in the car- Lord Yoongi, Lord Heechul and Lord Minho were standing beside another car that was parked there.

“Are they coming too?”

“Yes,” he replies, “I cannot travel without company.”


Once they arrived, they greeted the Prince, as Jimin kept his gaze down, not sure how to greet them, they were noble. They were all acquainted with each other from the looks of it.

“Wow, we meet again?” says Lord Heechul, turning to Jimin.

“How are things without dearly Prince?” spoke Lord Minho.

“Very well,” replies Jungkook, “Shall we leave or just stand here gossiping.” All three burst out laughing.

“I’m sure he treats you as a friend rather than a slave,” says Lord Yoongi, “Our Prince is to kind at heart.”

Jimin glanced at him, catching his gaze as he smirks, but refrains from speaking, not wanting to give them any more reason to tease.

Does he want to overthrow the King? Is his relationship with Jungkook genuine?

“Let’s go,” orders Jungkook, as the Driver opens the door for them, “We have a long ride ahead of us.”


They arrived at the city of Gwangju at noon just as Jungkook said they would, and Jimin could not take his eyes from the window as he stared outside. The city was beautiful, and it held a sense of nostalgia, but he could not recall when he’s ever been to this city. It resembled the palace.

The cars came to a stop in the front mansion with its gates wide opened, and as far as he can see, there was a wide, paved way led to the entrance with different plants covering the garden all around the palace, a swirling combination of breathtaking colors. He felt a squeeze on his forearm, and he flinched, startled by the unexpected touch,

“You seemed impressed.”

“It’s beautiful.”

Jungkook chuckles, “The Coven Queen never lacks in beauty,” he speaks with sincerity, “But try to keep your mouth closed before a fly mistake it for its home.”

Jimin couldn’t help but smile at the teasing tone of his voice.

The door opens and they step outside, and on both side of the entrance stood males and females staring at them in the same way as he had stared at the place, with awe and gawked expression. Lord Yoongi, Lord Heechul and Lord Minho gathered behind Jungkook and Jimin.

Jimin tensed and his stomach clenched. Filled with nostalgia. He glances around, lost, as the laughter of children echoed in his ears and an image of children running invaded his memories.

“I’ve been here before,” he mutters to himself, coming to a halt.

“Is something the matter?” he hears Jungkook whisper, who was standing beside him.

“This place feels familiar,” he replies.


“I don’t know.”

Jungkook turns back, entering the mansion as people bowed to him. Jimin felt a slight push, and he steals a glance over his shoulder to see Yoongi telling him to walk. He turns to find, Jungkook already walking, and picks up his pace, to close the distance. They came to a stop when they spotted both the doctor that branded him and the man, he runs into at the palace a few days back. The man Jungkook called Seokjin-hyung, a warlock. They must be a welcoming community.

Jimin’s knees shook and his heart skipped a beat, feelings of Déjà vu took over the nostalgia.

I’m going crazy.

The two-man bowed down to Jungkook with smiles.

“Young Prince,” spoke Seokjin, “We are honored that you can join us on these blessed days.”

“I am honored to be here,” Jungkook responded, standing straight, shoulders back and proper, “The elder Princes and King and Queen apologize for not being able to attend.”

It was amazing to witness his role as a royal. It made Jimin feel small and realize that this is who his master was. Not just a young Prince who supervises a clothing factory but a force to be reckoned, just like the King.

“We’re humbled with your presences, Young Prince,” replies the doctor, turning to Jimin, “We meet again, let me introduce myself. My name is Hoseok.”

Jimin bows his head slightly greeting him, he felt out of place, “It’s nice to meet you,” he spoke dimly.

“Well, shall we head inside,” says Seokjin, “I’m sure the Prince wants to rest.”

 Jimin glances at Jungkook, who smiles, as the two-man, Hoseok and Seokjin led them inside the mansion.

“Follow me, and I will show you to your rooms,” says Hoseok with a grin, “Once you rest, the Queen would like you to join her for lunch.”


Jungkook nods his heads, as the two-man head inside the mansion, and he follows and then Jimin then Lord Yoongi, Heechul and Minho, who Jimin found to be unusually quiet. They were just here as a company but bodyguards, they seemed alert.

Why? he wondered.

More than that, he wondered why a place he no memories of had felt so familiar, it was strange.


Chapter Text


Jungkook followed Hoseok as he led them to their room. He was not here as a friend but as a representative of the royal family. The Full Harvest Moon festival was an important event to Warlocks and Witches, and it closely resembled the human celebration of Chuseok but more Wicca. Crown Prince Namjoon would usually attend such festival as an honored guest but he was busy with a problem in a village close by. Prince Taehyung was occupied with his duties as a Duke, so his father asked him to attend in their place. This was the first time, and his mother warned him to stay alert, the Coven might be their friends, but many at court hate the royal family, and who wish to sit on the Throne themselves, but it would be rude to reject attending.

He felt honored his father trusted him to fulfill such an important event that strengthens the relationship between the Coven and the Royal Family. As they walked, he noticed servants staring at them and then hiding when he looked back, and he knew then he was not a common sight.

Their rooms were around the corner, and they came to a stop, “This here is your room, Young Prince,” spoke Hoseok, “Your guards will be in the room next door. Freshen up and I’ll come back to take you to lunch with the Queen.”

“Thank you.”

The formalities were necessary even though he felt strange being so formal with Hoseok, a mentor and friend. But he understood his position, Hoseok knows he is here serving as the will and words of the King.

“Jimin, come, I’ll take you to your room,” says Hoseok.

Jungkook glances at Jimin who seemed out of place since they arrived at the Mansion and remembering what said about the place feeling familiar. How can that be?

“Um…actually Hoseok-hyung,” says Jungkook, “He’ll sleep in my room.”

“Are you sure?” asks Hoseok, a slight concern in his voice. Jungkook catches Jimin’s gaze, he was shocked, and he didn’t want him to be among other servants in a strange place. Or maybe he could use the company himself. Whatever the reason, he felt strange having Jimin far from him.


“Alright,” he replies, “I’ll be back in an hour.”


Jungkook felt relieved as they entered his room and the servants placed their bags on the ground and closing the door as they exit.

Jimin turned to him, as Jungkook looks around the room. It was spacious and beautifully decorated, fit for a royal. The bed was a King size, but it was one thing to let Jimin sleep in the same room, it was another to share a bed. Something he would not do even with a close friend, let alone a slave. They stood silent.

“Shower and change,” he says, breaking the silence, as Jimin glances to the bathroom, and Jungkook follows his gaze, noticing that the wall to the bathroom was a glass. Jungkook’s jaw almost dropped open.


“You can Lord Hoseok back if you want me to go to my room,” Jimin speaks, his voice deeply uncomfortable, biting his lower lip, and avoiding his gaze. Jungkook’s heart skipped a beat feeling shy, a bit embarrassed, but he already decided for Jimin to sleep here.

He clears his throat, “You’re my slave,” he speaks, trying to compose himself, “It’s alright.”

He smiles, and Jimin smiled back. It was a shy smile, one Jungkook has not seen before. It was a pretty expression.

“You go ahead and shower- “

“You have to eat with the Queen,” Jimin cut him off, “You should freshen up before me, Your Highness.”

Jungkook’s mouth open to protest but no words came out when he heard Jimin address him formally. It felt strange coming from him, and yet, it made him happy. A wave of emotions washed over him, feeling shy.

“It’s alright,” he says.

“But- “

“Jimin,” says Jungkook, with a commanding voice, “Just go wash up. I won’t be looking; you have my word.”

Jimin’s cheek turns red, as he nods his head. Jungkook turns around, making his way to the bed with his bag and sitting down on the with a loud sigh.

He peeked discreetly as Jimin consciously slipped out of his jacket, turning back as Jungkook quickly looked back down at the bag in front of him, and opening it.

Stop peeking. You gave him your word. He chastised himself.


As Jungkook outs away from the bag, he turns towards the bathroom once he hears the roaring of the shower, Jimin was standing underneath facing the opposite way, water falling on him, while he ran his fingers through his hair, washing it.

Unable to look away, Jungkook bit his lip just a little as he watched him washing with small clothes, perfection. His back was completely exposed to his eyes- his shapely muscles. He scanned him with his eyes. Smooth and sensual. Lean and slim waist with a perfect shaped buttock, thick thighs. A hint of femininity, but his bone structure was all male.  

Curvy as fuck, like a Greek god.

Without realizing his body had reacted subconsciously, his cock hard and engorged with blood, tenting his pants. A reaction he hadn’t initiated, the human part of him overruling the vampire side. He let his eyes linger for a second, blushing, forcing his gaze down and turning away filled with heated desire, not just lust but strong feelings of passion. A passion he has not felt in years.

“Get a grip,” he cautioned himself, ashamed.


When Jimin came out of the bathroom, he had on a white cotton robe, drying his hair with a small towel. Jungkook got up from the chair he was sitting, as the fragrance fills his nostril, almost knocking him off his feet.

Maybe it was a bad idea to have him in the same room. But it’s not the first time. Calm down. He told himself in his mind. Unable to help the caressing glance he slid down his figure, and Jimin caught his gaze and his stopped breathing. His heart pounding loudly in his ears. Jimin gazed with questioning expression, and it was all Jungkook could do, to not pull him into his arms.

“I should shower,” he spoke, breaking the silence and tension, as he walks past Jimin, and closing the bathroom door behind. He wished he could hide, face red as a beetroot.  Feeling, conscious, he wondered if Jimin would be looking at him while he showered.

Would he react the same way?

He glances out the glass, noticing Jimin drying his hair facing the opposite way, and he felt a bit disappointed.

He needed a cold shower. It was shameful to have such lustful thoughts during the day.


Hoseok leads Jungkook through the hallway towards the dining room to meet with the Coven Queen for lunch. Something he felt weird about but could not decline. Hoseok clears his throat, glancing at him, and Jungkook catches his gaze. He smiles and Jungkook smiles back.

“What is it?” asks Jungkook.

“I’m surprised you brought Jimin? How are you two getting along?”

Jungkook shrugs his shoulders, not sure what Hoseok expected him to say. His tone sounded like he was asking about a pet, not a person.

“He’s interesting.”

“Interesting? How so?”

“He’s not scared to voice his thoughts,” replies Jungkook, “And he also doesn’t seem to want to address me as Master.”

Hoseok chuckles, “That’s because you don’t want him too. If you wanted to discipline him, you would’ve done it. I think he is good for you. As a companion, not slave.”

Jungkook glances at him, he never thought about Jimin being more than a slave. The thought of their relationship being anything different made him feel awkward. The King and Queen would never allow it.

They stop at a door, and with a knock the door opens, and Hoseok gestures for him to enter. The Queen sat across the long hardwood table with green tablecloth. She smiled at him, as he bows slightly, greeting her, and she makes his way towards him. She was now standing in front of him. Jungkook gazed at her, she has aged gracefully since the last he saw her at the Capital.

“Wow, how time has flown,” she says, “How was your journey?”

“It was fine,” replies Jungkook, “How is your Majesty.”

“Aging with each time,” she replies, “How is the family?”

“They are well, they regret not having the time to be here.”

She smiles, placing a hand on his back, and gesturing him to take a seat, “Such sweet words.” Jungkook follows her gesture, glancing around at the servants standing in the back with two guards in the corner.

They were essentially alone. He felt nervous and anxious. Politics bored him, so what is he supposed to discuss with her.

The doors swung open, and a girl with wavy long light brown hair, dressed in a mini red dress appeared in the room. She waltzes towards them with effortless saunter as the clicking of her heels echoed throughout the room. She was beautiful. Jungkook glances over at the Queen, who seemed as surprised as he was.


The girl met his gaze and with a large grin, walked towards him, “I thought it was a joke, Jungkook it is you.”

Jungkook stared at her puzzled but forces smiles when his mind recalled her face. It was Lady Jennie. Hoseok’s younger sister. The last time they saw each other was years ago before she went to join the young witch training. They were never friends. He could not stand her.  They meet maybe four times.

He wanted to kill Hoseok and Seokjin for not mentioning that she was going to be here as well.

“Jennie!” calls the Queen, brow frowned, “Is this any manner to enter into a room?”

“Good evening mother,” she says, pulling out the chair next to him and sitting down. They were sitting side by side, and he felt weird. She was very close.

“You’re not supposed to arrive until tomorrow,” says the Queen.

“Well, when I heard Jungkook was, I wanted to be the first to welcome him,” she says excitedly, “Once you're done with this boring lunch, I’ll show you around the city.”

“Apologizes Young Prince,” says the Queen sternly, “My daughter has no manners.”

“We’ve known each other for a long time,” she says, “No need for manners or formalities.” Jungkook forces a smile, clearing his throat.


Throughout the lunch, Jennie kept talking about her adventures, and how excited she was about him being there. Jungkook clenched his wine glass, taking a sip of it.

“Are the rumors true?” asks Jennie, randomly. Jungkook blinks slowly, staring at her.

“What rumors?”

“That you have a personal slave,” she said, sounding annoyed.

“Rumors travel so far,” he speaks sarcastically.

“So, is it true?”

“Yes, he was a gift from Yoongi-hyung,” he replies taking another sip, glancing at the Queen, who sat quietly.


The lunch with the queen didn’t last long, and it seemed like whatever she wanted to say to him, she refrained from speaking with Jennie there. Jennie offered to take him around the city, but he declined, and after much persistence, he had no choice but to agree.

As she walked him back to his room, Jennie walked close to him, not sure why she was acting like they were best friends. All the memories she kept reminiscing about, he remembered differently. Mainly him avoiding her, whenever she came to the Capital.

 Once at his room, Jungkook glances at her with a forced smile, “Thanks for walking with me,” he says, remembering to be respectful. He was at her house after all and representing his family. As he was about to leave, he spots Jimin walking with Yoongi, Heechul, and Minho.

“Where are they coming from?”

“Young Prince,” speaks Yoongi, “I hope it’s alright, but we took Jimin to join us for lunch.”

“It’s alright,” says Jungkook.

All four glance at Jennie, and all smile except Jimin. He was probably wondering who she was? Jungkook guessed.

“You’ve grown,” says Yoongi, “Last time I saw you, you were a child.”

Jennie ignores him, turning her gaze at Jimin, “This is your slave?” Jungkook clenches his jaw,

“Jimin this is Jennie, Hoseok-Hyung’s sister,” he introduced him, hoping Jennie can keep her mouth shut.

“Hmm?” she says, crossing her arms, “You have good taste Yoongi-oppa, why didn’t you get him an ugly slave?”

The three of them chuckle.

“Very blunt as always,” says Heechul.

Jungkook clears his throat, “Lady Jennie has offered to take us around the city later,” he says.


“Wait, why’re you inviting them?”

“Well, the Prince cannot go anywhere without company,” Yoongi answers, winking at Jungkook, “So we will see you later Lady Jennie.

“Fine,” she says, glancing at Jungkook for a second, “I’m so happy you are here.”

“I’m honored to be here as well.”

“I’ll see you later.”

It was silent as they watched her leave and glanced at each other. 

"She's still obnoxious," says Yoongi. 

Jungkook sighs, relieved. Able to breathe again.

This is going to be the longest three-day festival ever.

Chapter Text



As they enter the room, Jimin kept his thoughts to himself. Jennie reminded him of Jungkook’s sister, spoiled and privileged but what stood out to him was Jungkook’s behavior towards her. The Prince didn’t speak much but his face did. His annoyance towards him made Jimin wonder what their relationship is? He watches as Jungkook sits on the small sofa across the bed, taking off his jacket.

Jimin stood still, as Jungkook places the jacket across his laps, rolling up his white collared shirt sleeves until the band of rolled cloth was just below his elbow. The gesture exposed the veins on his arms. He was fit.

 An image of when he was in the shower flushed before his eyes- such a godly physique and Jimin blushed, averting his gaze.

“Are you planning on standing all day?”

Jungkook’s words broke the silence and made him lift his gaze back to him again, “What?”

“Why’re you standing there?”

“Oh?” says Jimin, “I got lost in my thoughts.”

“What thoughts?”

Jimin blinks gazing at him, “Nothing important.”

“As your Master shouldn’t I decide that?”

Jimin glared at him. Baffled at Jungkook’s use of rank. He remained silent loss at words. The reminder made his heartburn with fire. They gazed at each other for a second, before Jungkook averted his gaze.

“Why so silent?”

“Um…I’m not sure what you want me to say?”

Jungkook gets up and crosses the distances to stop in front of him, standing up straight and locking gaze with him. Jimin’s knees almost buckled, surprised at the sudden gesture. His heart nearly exploded. His thoughts went to the night Jungkook was drunk and trapped him against the wall but instead of fear, like he felt last time, this time he felt shy. Nervous. Jungkook was intimidating him differently. With just two inches taller than Jimin, he still managed to make him appear small due to his broad chest and shoulders.

“What do you see when you look at me?” he spoke suddenly, the question ringing in Jimin’s ear.

Why’s he acting so weird? What does he expect me to say? Jimin’s mind searched for appropriate replies but came with nothing but the obvious. The brand on his chest with his initial.

He gulps, his throat dry, “You’re a Prince. My Master.”

Jungkook takes a step back and laughs, “The way speak and behave would say otherwise. Anyway, what do you think of Lady Jennie?”

“Sorry?” asks Jimin, confused at the random question.

“Your thoughts on Lady Jennie.”

“Um…I am not qualified to make judgments. I don’t know her.”

“So, you had no impressions?”

“From what I gathered she seems to like you a lot?”

Jungkook sighs, annoyed, “Well, I don’t need her to be all over me when she gives us a tour of the city, so I would like to request that you do your best to block her.”

Jimin stares at him with a furrowed brow, “What do you mean?”

“I mean I want you to stay by my side at all times.”

The words sounded demanding but at the same time, Jungkook seeking his help to fight off unwanted affection made him smile.

“Is that clear?”

“Yes, Your Highness,” he replies with a teasing tone, as Jungkook smiles averting his gaze. This was the second time he called him with his status, and again Jungkook reacted with unexpected shyness.

Everyone was being formal, so Jimin decided he should too but he loved to see such a powerful Prince succumbed to such small teasing.


The cars dropped them off on the corner of a market. The driver held out the door as Jungkook slide out, and Jimin followed. Jennie and her lady friends or guards made their way towards them, as well as Yoongi, Heechul, and Minho.

“This is the Yangdong Market, it was the only one that was rebuilt after the war,” she spoke, sounding like a tour guide. Jimin glances around taken in by the sweet smell that made his mouth water, but also notices that some of the buildings in the distances seemed destroyed.

“Shall we go,” she says, gazing at Jungkook, who glances at Jimin, almost reminding him what his orders were.

“After you,” he replies.


As the three of them walked side by side, Jimin glanced over his shoulder to her Ladies and Jungkook’s three guards, Yoongi, Heechul, and Minho who were conversing so casually. He wished he wasn’t stuck in the front with the awkwardness. As they went in further into the market, Jimin was in awe, as the markets in the capital, they were many vendors. Slaves were easy to identify due to the metal bracelet around their wrists. Jennie pointed at this and that while giving a brief history of it, but Jimin doubted she knew what she was saying. It sounded like she was reciting something she saw of a pamphlet or something. Jungkook acknowledged her by silently nodding his head.


The further they went into the market, the more Jimin felt overwhelmed and the smell of sweetness and spices invading his senses. They came across a vendor that was making Hotteok, sweet pancakes, and his mouth watered, not realizing he stops walking. His mom used to make them all the time.

“Are you okay?” Jungkook whispered to him.

Jimin turned to him, embarrassed, as he nods his head, glancing at the pancakes again. Jungkook laughed, and he stared at him blink, wondering what was funny?

“Would you like to try some?”

Jennie watched him with a puzzled look, her gaze darting between Jungkook and Jimin, as Jimin nods his heads.

Without another word, Jungkook walked towards the vendor as the others followed. He spoke to the woman behind the stand, and with a nod, she wrapped up two of the cakes and handed them to him, as Yoongi handed her money.

Jungkook turned to Jimin, and handed the pancakes to him, “For you.”

“Thank you,” says Jimin blushing as he takes the cakes.

“Wow,” says Jennie, “You still haven’t changed, you still have a soft spot for slaves.”  Jimin glanced at her, brushing off the intended insult as he averts his gaze back to Jungkook who seemed annoyed by her comment.

“A soft spot for slaves but none for his men, it seems” teases Yoongi, glancing at Jennie.

“If you like a pancake then purchase one,” replies Jungkook, “You have my blessings.”

Jimin glances at Jungkook as he laughs, and turns his gaze back to the cakes, he picks one up and takes a bite. His eyes widen at the sweetness, it felt like he dived into a river of sugar.


By the time they reached the end of the market, the sun was starting to set. They came to a stop as a view of isolated broken down buildings came in focus. The war did a number to the world, Jimin thought. He couldn’t help but wonder what is beyond those buildings? What the world was like before the war?

“This was a wonderful walk in the market,” spoke Jungkook, “But it’s getting late, it’s dangerous to roam around, we should head back.”

Jennie glances around silently, as eyes around the market look at them, “I guess we should head back,” she finally spoke.

She glances at Jungkook then glares at Jimin, who gives her a small smile, but she didn’t return the smile, instead, she rolled her eyes, and turns around.


It seemed like Jungkook accomplished whatever it was he wanted. Jennie barely spoke a word to him as they made their way back to the car.

When they arrived at the Mansion, she bid him goodbye as he thanked her. She didn’t acknowledge anyone else as she walked away with her Ladies.

“Well,” says Heechul, “That was interesting.”

“Yeah,” added Minho, “That is the first time I’ve seen her quiet.”

The two of them looked at each other and burst out laughing. Jimin didn’t understand their taunting but he did wonder why Jungkook didn’t like her. She had status, wealthy and beauty- all the makings of a princess. Or is it because he always has affections for other males, it was uncommon, Vampire lies with both male and female, but it seems like his affections only lie towards men.

Jimin watches as Yoongi leans towards Jungkook whispering something- he couldn’t make out what. He glanced at Jungkook, who turned to him, gentle concern filled his eyes.

What did Yoongi say to him? wondered Jimin.


No!” a tiny voice belonging to a child echoed in the air, followed by painful sobbing, pleads

“Hyung don’t go!

The door swings open. Footsteps echoed. The shadowy figure that stood between the doorway disappeared. Doors closed shut. More cries fill the air. They sounded familiar. The room darkens.

“Hyung!” a small tiny hand reached out into the distances.

Jimin’s eyes flew open, sitting upon the soft with his hand extending forward as if reaching for something or someone. His heart raced against his chest filled with aches. Such a strange dream yet it made no senses as the cries of the child echoes in his mind, filled with pleading and sadness. The feeling of being lost and nostalgia hitting him once more.

Jimin glanced around, panicking not sure where he was but then noticed Jungkook sleeping on the bed.

He sighs, as he turns to the window, gazing at the gold light glistening through the open window, filled with fresh earthy air. Jimin runs his fingers through his hair and glances at Jungkook once more. He was sleeping facing the ceiling, hands on his side. Jimin couldn’t help but chuckle, for a Prince, there was nothing elegant about the way he slept, though he did look cute.

Jimin decided to wait until he was up before showering, not wanting to wake him up, however, a gentle knock came at the door. Jimin watched as Jungkook moved to his side, as another knock came.

Jimin got up from the sofa and made his way to the door while Jungkook remained asleep. He did not seem like a morning person. Or maybe he was exhausted with the touring yesterday, he fell asleep as soon as they arrived back in his room.

He opens the door, as Seokjin stares at him with a smile yet surprised, “Hoseok told me you were sharing rooms with your Master, I thought he was joking.”

Jimin gazes at him tentatively. Silent. He felt such an odd familiarity towards him, but none towards Hoseok and Jennie, who were Seokjin’s siblings.

Seokjin clears his throat, “Is the Prince up?”

“No, he is not.”

Seokjin smiles, “Would you mind waking him up, it’s time for the morning rituals.”

“Morning rituals?”

“Blessings for the start of the Full Harvest Moon festivals,” he explains patiently.


“Yes,” he replies, “You never witnessed magic before?”

“No, I heard stories about the Vampire King and his powerful Warlock friend that took down the demons that raised to destroy the world.”

Seokjin gazes at him, filled with curiosity, “And who told you such stories?” he inquired.

“My parents,” Jimin found himself at ease instead of tensed, “They told us of the old world too.”

“Old world?”

“Yes, a time before the war.”

“Where did you say you were from again?” asks Seokjin, no longer at ease. Jimin watched him, for a second, trying to figure out why he was answering all his questions, but he didn’t fear Seokjin.

“A village on Jeju Island.”

“Jeju Island?” he heard Seokjin mutter underneath his breath, it wasn’t a question for him. Seokjin lost in his thoughts.

“Do you know the place?” Jimin found himself asking. Maybe this man came to the Island once? Maybe that was why he seemed familiar? He told himself.

“I’ve heard of the name but after the war, many places ceased to exist- “

“Seokjin-hyung?” a voice came from behind Jimin interrupting Seokjin who glanced past Jimin to Jungkook.

“Greeting Young Prince,” says Seokjin, “I apologize for disturbing your sleep but it’s time for the morning ritual.”

Jungkook gasps, brushing his hair back, “Of course, I could I forget, I’ll get ready right away.”


Jimin watched Jungkook as he quickly got ready for the ritual as Seokjin mentioned. From the sound of it, it seemed as if only the Prince was needed, so he said nothing. He was dressed proper and elegant, like a King. Jimin checked him out, scanning him, still, unable to believe his eyes. Jungkook was truly handsome beyond words.

“I’m not sure how long the ritual will be,” says Jungkook, glancing at him, “Yoongi and the others will be with me, so I would like for you to stay in the room until we return.”

Jimin sighed, almost disappointed Jungkook didn’t insist he should go, he was curious to witness a magical ritual for the first time.

“Why can’t go with you?” he asks.

“Slaves aren’t allowed in the Sanctuary room,” he replies quickly, “Don’t worry, I’ll have them send food for you.”

Jimin nods his head, noticing Jungkook’s tone of voice. Serious. He wasn’t asking, he was ordering him to stay in the room.

“I must go,” says Jungkook, heading towards the door before Jimin could reply. The door opened and closed as he hears two muffled voices behind the closed door, and then footsteps.

Great, what am I supposed to do until then? Why invite me if I wasn’t allowed to witness any of the rituals?

He groaned, annoyed.


After showering, Jimin went to the door when he heard a knock. It must be the food, he was starving.

“Who is it?”

“The house servant, I brought a meal,” a voice spoke from the other side of the door.

Jimin opens the door to see an older woman with two other girls besides her, “Please come on in.”

He moves to the side as the house servants carrying trays of food and drinks inside. Jimin gave them a soft gaze, and then focuses his gaze on the food as they place it on the small round table.

“Will that is all?” asks the woman, her gaze landing on his wrist.

“Yes, thank you, everything looks wonderful.

The woman reminds silent, as Jimin follows her gaze to his wrist, feeling awkward. They were all slaves, yet he was being served as a noble, the thought disgusted him and the woman it seems, as her face harden.

“If that is all, we will be on our way,” she spoke abruptly, as she gestures for the girls to walk who were busy ogling him.

The door closed behind them, and Jimin exhaled. He realizes he forgets his status at times.


Jimin stood at the open window not sure how long it’s been. He gazed at the window staring at the garden that was closer to the walls of the mansion when a rustling sound startled him. He turned around, as the door opened, and Lady Jennie walked in.

Jimin stared at her puzzled. What did she want? Was the ritual over? Lady Jennie closed the door safely behind her, walking towards him. She came to a stop with a distance between them,

“Lady Jennie? Jungkook is not here- “

“Jungkook?” she says, baffled, her lips quirked, “You address the Prince by his name?”

Shit. Jimin thought, biting his lower lip, as Jennie stares at him in wonder and curiosity. “I wonder what kind of enchantment you have placed on him. The Prince is kind, but I have never seen him look at slave like he looks at you.” Jimin listens to her, not sure what she was talking about. It was a common thing for the Prince to be kind, how different did he treat him? “But he could elevate you, but you are still a slave, and you are not worthy of him. You can never have a relationship with him, is that clear?”

Jimin clenches his jaw. She was not here for Jungkook, she was here for him, but what purpose? She was right, he was a slave.

“I fear you have mistaken Lady Jennie,” he replies, “The only relationship I have with him is as a slave.”

She scoffs, her eyes cold and faces harden, “I’ve waited for the opportunity to see him once again, and I won’t let anyone stand in my way, especially a slave.” A gush of wind echoed in the room, followed by the rattling of tables. Jimin felt a chill down his spine. He took a step back, as Jennie smirks, her eyes flash purple.

“What’re you doing?” he asks, voice shaking.

“Making sure you never get between Jungkook and me,” she replies coldly, “If anyone is going to be with him, it’s going to be me.”

The rattling and wind increased, and Jimin found himself unable to move, his body trembled as Jennie concentrated more, locked eyes with him. Jennie closed the distances between them.

“Trapped like a mouse,” she spoke, an edge of compulsion in her voice. Jimin’s first instinct was to scream but his voice froze in his throat and all I could think about was how he’d never witnessed magic before, and now he had a front-row seat. How could he forget she was a witch? He chastised himself.

“You will do exactly as I say,” she commended in a sensual whisper, eyes still flashed purple “With my commend, you will find a sharp object and cut your neck with it. Now go.”

With that the rattling stopped as Jimin stared at her, wondering what she was doing? Jennie takes a step back, crossing her arms. A sense of the air moving made him feel like the room was spinning, and for a second he felt compelled to kill himself as she ordered, but something in him stopped him, bringing him back to his sense, able to move again,

Realizing Jimin was not moving, her expression changed, the smirk disappearing, “Why aren’t killing yourself?”

“Did you try to cast a spell on me? he retorts, puzzled, the fear within him intensifying.

“What the hell?” she says stepping closer to him, “Who the hell are you? That mind-control spell should’ve worked.”

Jimin took a step back, as Jennie gasps, “I deal with you later,” she says, heading for the door, leaving Jimin confused. The door closed shut, as he fell to his knee, realizing what just happened.

He was almost killed. He was scared again.

He hears footsteps and muffled voices as the door open, it was Jungkook. He inhales deeply, whimpering on the floor, his whole body shaking. The door closed shut.

“Jimin,” he heard Jungkook’s voice and footsteps towards him. He glances up, and it was strange although he saw Jungkook making his way towards, he couldn’t make out anything. He felt a chill.

He felt Jungkook’s hand on his shoulder, felt his fingers on my neck when he leaned down with worry “Are you okay? Why’re you on the floor?” He was close yet his voice sounds like an echo from a distant.

“Jimin,” Jungkook calls again. Gazing into Jungkook’s eyes, Jennie words echoed in his ears, and he wondered if Jungkook would believe him? It was his words against a noble. Jimin closed his eyes, calming himself as he talks deep breaths, and opens them again,

“Nothing,” he replies.

Whatever Jennie tried to do, didn’t work, so no need to make him worry. He told himself.



Chapter Text


Jungkook was up before dawn, feeling restless after Jimin refused to tell him what happened yesterday. He knew Jimin was lying and he sensed his fear, but he didn’t feel like forcing him to tell him. Something happened. Someone terrorized him, and he smelt the different fragrance in the air and knew immediately who it was. Yoongi had just warned him to be careful of Jennie when they left the marketplace, it seems like he was right.

Wanting headspace, he went for a run to think about what to do next. It was a mistake bringing him here, but he feared for his safety. He had to find a way to punish Jennie for what she said, without implementing Jimin? But he knew deep down the Coven Queen will not take kindly to him defending a slave and accusing Jennie without full proof.

Jungkook turns the corner arriving back at the mansion and takes a deep breath. His hair clung to him with sweat.

 He halts spotting Seokjin getting into a car and driving off. Where is he going so early in the morning? Tonight, was the main ritual for the festival because it is the first sighting of the full moon, witches and warlocks magic will be at peak tonight with all the energy.


Jungkook arrived at his room, catching Yoongi who was coming out of his room. He closes the door, approaching him.

“Greeting Young Prince, you’re up early.”

“Couldn’t sleep.”


“Yes,” replies Jungkook, “I hate that he doesn’t trust me to tell me what happened.”

“Well, you’re his Master and he’s a slave,” replies Yoongi, “So even if he tells you, Jennie is noble, it’s his word against hers.”

“So, I do nothing than while she terrorizes my people. Slave or not, I won’t let her get away with it.”

“I understand but you need to be smart about this,” replies Yoongi, “The Coven Queen will defend her daughter.”

Jungkook sighs. Yoongi was right. No noble will take the word of a slave over their daughter.

“So, what do you want me to do?”

“Confront her, face to face,” he says, “Let her fear you and warn her if anything like this happens again then she’ll suffer the consequences.”

“You make sense, that does sound like an appropriate course of action.”


When Jungkook entered the room, heard whimpering coming and immediately walked towards Jimin. It seemed like he was having a nightmare. He murmured incoherent words, twitching side to side. Jungkook kneeled in front of him, hesitant as if he was evaluating whether it was in his place to offer comfort. He hated seeing him in distress. Jungkook blamed himself.

He exhales, gently tapping on Jimin’s shoulders. Nothing. Jimin’s whimpering and murmuring continued but this time, his words weren’t incoherent.

“No…No…Hyung…don’t leave…hyung come back…Hyung”

Jungkook sighs, shaking his shoulder instead, “Jimin,” he called, “Wake up.” Jungkook gazed at him, noticing tears on his cheeks, as he continued repeating the pleading. Using a slightly more force, Jungkook shook his shoulder as Jimin yanked up from his sleep, suddenly awoke, sitting up. Jungkook watched him, as Jimin whips his eyes, he was still not aware of him. He waited a few seconds before speaking, not wanting to startle him.

“Are you okay?”

Jimin turned to him, pain and confusion filled his eyes as he stared at Jungkook. Last time he saw that look was when he found him crying in the room, a long time ago. How could he forget that Jimin lost his family and everything he knew?

“What happened?” asks Jungkook, “A nightmare?”

Jimin remained silent for a moment, exhaling as he brushes his hair back, “No, a recurring dream,” he spoke dimly, barely able to hear him.

“About your brother?”


“You were saying hyung doesn’t leave…come back,” replies Jungkook.

 Jimin’s brow furrows, “I don’t have a brother.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I have a sister…had a sister,” he replies, clearing his throat, “But I had this dream last night as well, a child crying and running towards their brother.”

Jungkook inhales, standing up and sitting at the sofa across from him, he was wary. What a strange dream to have?

“It’ must’ve been intense, you were crying.”

“This place is driving me crazy,” replies Jimin. He seemed fully awake now, “You’re up early.”

“Feeling restless,” replies Jungkook, “Why won’t you tell me what happened because I know who it involves.”

Jimin’s eyes widen, “I told you it was nothing, and how did you know?”

Jungkook scoffs, “I’m a vampire. As soon as I entered the room, I smelled Jennie’s perfume.”

Jimin clenches his jaw, fidgeting with his fingers, “Many females came in here, how would know her perfume?”

“Slaves,” he replies, “The only people that came in here were slaves and they don’t wear such an expensive smell. I have a sensitive nose to smells. So why don’t you tell me what happened?”

“Would it make a difference?”

“I’ll make sure it never happens again. Can you trust me a little?” replies Jungkook. He felt bad that Jimin didn’t trust him, but he understood too. He has never given Jimin a reason to confide him nor trust him. If he was like any other vampire noble, he would compel Jimin to bend to his will but if he was like other noble then he wouldn’t care about a slave. But he knew who he was, and slave or not, he was not going to let anyone hurt his people.

“Okay,” replies Jimin, “She tried to compel me to kill myself. She fears that I will come between you and her.”

Jungkook clenched his fists, filled with anger, “That bitch!” he exclaimed, “She tried to enchant you to harm yourself?”

“Yes,” says Jimin, “But it didn’t work, and she couldn’t try again because she sensed you guys.”

“That’s why she left so early once the ritual was over,” mutters Jungkook, “It’s didn’t work?”

“Yes, she seemed shocked too,” he replies, “I don’t know.”

Jungkook smiles, gazing at him, “Thank you for trusting me.”

“You’re pretty persistent,” replies Jimin with a soft smile. Jungkook was happy he seemed to be back to normal. But he wondered why Jennie was unable to compel him. She was one of the top noble witches, so how could she fail to compel Jimin?


While attending the main ceremony of the Harvest Moon festival held in the sanctuary room, Jungkook felt relieved knowing Heechul was with Jimin. Anger boiled inside of him, but he decided to confront Jennie after the ceremony. The witches and warlocks were gathered across from each other, the men in black robes and woman in white robes. Yoongi, Minho and he watched from the back with the Queen, who sat in her throne. The ritual was conducted by the Oracle, a small elderly woman with hair as white as snow, along with her priests. The sanctuary room was shaped like a tower with a glass ceiling and a hole where the moon falls perfectly above it, emitting its light down the crystal, which he learned is where they store the energy, so it doesn’t cause havoc. The festival as explained was for thanking the goddess for their protection, magic, and blessings. The full moon holds the great bounty of Magical energy, given to Witches and Warlocks, by the moon goddess. The Harvest Moon is very bright, probably the biggest and brightest moon of the year.

Candle lights burned, a mix of old traditions and new traditions. Jungkook glanced at Yoongi, as the chanting began. The Oracle was reciting in Latin, as everyone watched with attentiveness.

Jungkook found it amazing but also wondered why the Coven would want a member of the royal family to be there? It was a sacred moment among them after all. Namjoon never did talk about the ritual, and he knew why now.

It wasn’t long until the full moon was above the tower fitting the circle perfectly, immediately a light shinned down hitting the crystal as it lights up in blue light. The chanting continued; it was a beautiful thing to witness. At that moment, Jungkook felt a strong pull towards the moon as the energy in the room tensed. A gush of wind filled the room making the candle lights flicker, as his heart skips a beat. Such strong magic in one room.

It was fascinating. He understood then the importance of maintaining relationships with the Coven.

As the moon passes by the energy lessened but the crystal remained blue with all the energy is absorbed.

A man with a black robe made his way towards him, kneeling before them, “The Oracle asks you to join her, Your highness,” spoke the man. Jungkook turns to Yoongi, confused but with a nod, Yoongi assured him it was okay.

He gets up from his seat and follows the man towards the Oracle, taking off his shoes before stepping on the round pedestal, where she stood. The woman stood with her head down, holding a bowl in front of her towards the crystal. Jungkook had no idea what was happening, he assumed, his job was to watch, not get involved.

“We’re gathered here together in the presences of our goddess, with all the souls of our ancestors and the living, of our coven on this joyous month to celebrate the blessing that was bestowed upon us,” she spoke loudly, as she turns to Jungkook, she was short compared to him, like a child, “Kneel, Young Prince.”

Jungkook does as asked, kneeling, feeling eyes on him. The Oracle dips her fingers in the bowl, her fingers were red, and Jungkook knew immediately it was blood, fresh human blood. He gulps, nervous but remained composed.

“Come, the light of the Goddess,” as she traces a symbol on his forehead, “Let your light surround us. Impart to us your light and blessing…”

Jungkook’s vampire side immediately took over, his eyes darken, dark as night and his senses heightened in ways, he never thought possible. Was this supposed to happen? He wondered, feeling out of control. It was as if time stood still. Then a second later, everything resumed, and his eyes went back to normal as the Oracle’s voice echoed,

“Surround us with your love,” she says and then stops, looking down at him, “Welcome Young Prince, we are honored to have you join us on this blessing night.”

Jungkook forces a smile, feeling strange, “I’m honored to be a part of such a beautiful festival.”


Once the ritual ending, the elder gathered in small talks, and after exchanging words with a few, Jungkook looked for Jennie. He spots her standing with her Ladies and few other young witches, he whispers to Yoongi, letting him know he was leaving and makes his way towards her.

When he was near, he noticed she seemed to avoid his gaze. He smiles to the girls standing there, and turns to her,

“May I have a word with you, Lady Jennie,” he asks, “Excuse us, Ladies.”

“Go,” she ordered her Ladies, “Sure, go ahead,”

Jungkook took a deep breath not wanting to let his rage show, “I want to ask you one thing. And as you know, I can tell when you are lying, no matter how strong your magic is.”

“Wha’- “

“Don’t interrupt me,” he retorts, “I want to hear a yes or no from you. Did you go to my room yesterday and threaten Jimin?”

Jennie stood there for a second, Jungkook knew instantly from the look in her eyes that they'd hit the mark.

“Yes,” she spoke finally, unable to meet his eyes.

“I know, so here is what is going to happen. You stay away from my people, especially Jimin. You don’t look for them or me because next time, I won’t be exchanging just words with you. Is that clear?”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Your Highness,” she replies, biting her lips, her voice shaking. Jungkook exhales loudly, calming down. He’d expect her to fight back but it seems even she knew she crossed the line. With nothing else to say to her, he turns around and as he was about to leave, Jennie calls him.


“Why?” she asks.

Jungkook turns to face her, “Why what?”

“Why protect a slave?” she says, voice filled with disgust.

“That’s my business.”

“Your relationship with him will end up just like Taemin,” she retorts, hitting a sensitive nerve.

“You don’t ever mention him!” he snaps, as the people near them glance at them, “This better be the last time. You don’t shit about me. You fucking disgust me.”

With that he stormed off, heading towards where Yoongi stood with her brothers, “I’m leaving.”

“Is everything alright, Young Prince?” asks Seokjin.

“I’m fine, my head just hurts.”

“Would like us to call for a healer?” asks Hoseok.

“It’s not that serious but thanks you,” he says.


When Jungkook entered his room, his anger had lifted a little. The lights were still on, but it was silent, Jungkook closes the door behind him, noticing Jimin looking out the window. The warm light caressing his sharp features as he continued gazing at the moon.

It suited him.

His greyish-bluish hair illuminated his beauty and took his breath away. All his anger was forgotten. He felt a different aura around the room. A powerful aura, he couldn’t put a finger on. It must be the energy of the full moon, maybe he was feeling it’s effects still.

When Jimin glanced over his shoulder and saw him, silence had fallen in the room.

He was beautiful.

Jungkook took a step closer to him, he felt like he was being pulled towards him, same as the pull he felt towards the moonlight. His mind was aware of his movements, but his body had its mission.

He stopped when he was standing toe to toe with Jimin, who arched one eyebrow, gazing at him, without much thought or control. He reached over, and gently touching his cheek, a gesture that sent an electric shot throughout his body- Intimate… electrifying. Sensual as Jimin caught a breath, releasing it on a sigh as Jungkook caressed his soft smooth skin.

Emboldened by the fact he didn’t flinch; he left his hand there. Jimin’s gaze was locked to his, unwavering in its intensity.

Still caressing his cheek, “You truly are as beautiful,” he said in a mere whisper, as he leans towards him, wondering what how it would feel to kiss such beautiful full red lips.

“Um…what is that?” Jimin’s voice echoed in his ears, as his index finger pressed on Jungkook’s forehead and like something snapping back to reality, Jungkook stared at him, blink, letting him go and taking a step back. His face turned red, as he whips his forehead, is that what Jimin was looking at? The symbol the Oracle drew on him during the ritual.

Embarrassed, he turns back, hoping Jimin didn’t realize that he almost kissed him, Jungkook shook his head, trying to compose himself,

“It’s a symbol from the ritual,” he quickly answered, “What were you doing?”

“I saw the moon turn blue,” he replies, “It was so bright and beautiful.”

“Oh,” says Jungkook, “You must have seen the light from the Sanctuary room, it illuminated the whole room.”

Jimin smiles, “That must’ve been beautiful,” he replies softly, as he glances out the window, “I’m gonna head to sleep.”

“Yes, goodnight.”

Jimin glances at him, silent for a second, “This is the first time you bid me goodnight.”

Jungkook blushed, averting his gaze.

"Goodnight," he replies with a sweet smile. 

What the hell is wrong with me? This place is driving me insane. I can’t wait to go back to the capital.

“It must be all the energy from the ceremony,” he mutters underneath his breath, as Jimin makes his way to the sofa.

Damn witches and their rituals.

Chapter Text


Jimin’s fingers trembled as he lifts the tea glass and takes a sip. He couldn’t shake off the strange feeling that Jungkook was going to kiss him last night. He still felt the presences of his fingers caressing his cheek, his warm breath on him. Jimin’s heartbeat picked up, his skin prickled and warmed at the thoughts of Jungkook’s lips on his. When he woke up, Jungkook was gone, and just returned. It is nearly lunchtime.

“Jimin,” the sound of Jungkook’s voice startled him back to reality causing him to drop the glass, the tea spattering everywhere.

“Oh my god!” he exclaims, as he picks up the glass, setting it up, and glancing at Jungkook who stared at him bewildered. Jimin places a small handkerchief over the spilled tea, trying to avoid his gaze.

He didn’t trust him that much and still despised vampires, but Jungkook been nothing but pleasant to him since he’d been at the palace, as his slave. But he’s been kind to everyone, he was not any special.

Nevertheless, last night the Prince touched him, and he didn’t flinch for the first time. He was hypnotized by his gaze like he was with the blue moon that pulled him towards the window.

 If he hadn’t distracted him by pointing out the symbol on his forehead, who knows what might’ve happened. He felt guilty for feeling something as Yoongi’s deal echoed in his mind, but then again, he never agreed to it.

“You’re quiet today?” Jungkook spoke.

“I would say the same to you too,” he replies, putting his thoughts aside. Nothing could ever happen. Not with his kind. Not with his situation. Friendship and loyalty are all he could hope for?

Jungkook clears his throat, “Today is our last night here, we’ll leave first thing in the morning.”

“That’s good, this place makes me feel weird.”

Jungkook gets quiet, glancing at the glass in front of him and then looks up at him, “About Jennie, I’m sorry.”

“Why? it’s not your fault?”

“It is,” says Jungkook, “Anyway, she won’t bother you today.”

“Thank you,” replies Jimin, “You’ve been kind to me when you don’t have to be. I’ll remember it.”

Jungkook smiles. Jimin gazes at him. He liked seeing him smile- he has boyish charms. He was fascinating, in humans years he is younger but my vampire years, he is almost in his hundreds, making him older than Jimin.

“No ritual or ceremonies today?” asks Jimin, hoping to avoid awkward silence.

“No, the ceremony yesterday was the most important one,” he replies, “They told tonight is the banquet.”


“Yes, the Feast of Feast or something like that,” he replies, “You are allowed to attend this one, it is not in the Sanctuary.”

Jimin chuckles, “Good, I was beginning to think, I came to just stare at the walls in this room.”


The night approached slowly, and the moon glistened through the curtains, it wasn’t blue this time. Jungkook let him get ready first, and since it was a formal event, he had to dress appropriately. So, he wore a suit with a red blazer. He appeared elegant but the metal bracelet around his wrist quickly showed his status. A slave. He stood near the window watching the moon, as Jungkook got ready. It helped focus his gaze away from Jungkook. He almost got caught staring twice.

The night was silent.

“Something is enchanting about the moon,” Jungkook’s voice came from beside him, merely more than a whisper, softly spoken words to break through the quiet night like an intruder. His cologne is intoxicating. Finding it hard to breathe without falling in love with him.

“Yesterday it was blue and bright,” he replies, “Such powerful energy.”

“You sensed it?”

“The energy? Yes, I sensed it, I felt like the moon called out to me.”

Jungkook stares at him silently for a second, and before he could voice out anything, a knock interrupted their conversation.

“Well, I believe it’s time,” he says.

As Jungkook heads to answer the door, Jimin exhaled, almost as if he had forgotten how to breathe. Jungkook shifted his gaze back to him, and then back to Hoseok who was standing at the door but was too far to hear their whisper-like a conversation. Jimin watches Jungkook as he nods his head.

“Let’s head out,” he says.

“Oh, okay.”


Jimin walked followed Jungkook who walked with Yoongi, apparently many nobles were going to be present at the banquet, so he had to stay behind Jungkook, not beside him as he did before. Behind him walked Heechul and Minho, with many other guards just like in front of them. It somehow felt like a wedding, not a party. They had many parties back on the Island, everything was a cause for music and dancing. He felt sad remembering moments that were ripped from his chest forever. The music grew louder as he neared the doorway of the ballroom and came to a halt.

“So, the Prince will be sitting with the Queen and nobles,” whispers Heechul, “The Prince has assigned me to stay with you, just follow my lead.”

Jimin nodded his head, too nervous to speak.  He caught him when as they entered the ballroom-beautiful and mystic. The music stopped abruptly. In the sudden silence, a man announced the arrival of Prince Jungkook, and everyone was bowing to him. Jimin swept his gaze around, as Jungkook continued walked on the outlined red carpet that leads to the Queen’s throne, and besides her was a beautifully decorated table. This was the first time he was seeing the Queen, Jimin stole glances. She was beautiful and young for a woman with adult children. She sat tall and regal. Fearless and feared.

After greeting the Queen, Jungkook along with Yoongi and Minho were greeted by Hoseok and Seokjin, while Heechul stayed back with him. They were soon led to their tables, and the music resumed. All around them were members of royalty.

“Let’s grab something to eat,” whispers Heechul.

Jimin nods his head and follows Heechul as the dance floor soon fills up with young witches and warlock.

All dazzling and handsome.

A human slave waited on them behind the bar, glancing at Jimin with curiosity as he looks at his wrist. Heechul hands him flute with golden liquid inside it and he stares at him, wondering what it was?

“Champagne,” says whispers Heechul, noticing Jimin staring at the glass.


“You’ve never had champagne?”

“No. I don’t even know what it is.”

Heechul chuckles, “It’s like wine, it’s good to go ahead take a sip, so we can head to a table.”

Jimin sniffs the glass a little before taking a sip- the taste sparkled on his tongue and he made a face.

They sat at a table with other guards, and Jimin felt out of place because the other slaves were standing behind their master’s chair. He avoided their gaze, focusing on Jungkook who was conversing with the Queen. The light fell on him perfectly- emphasizing his sharp features. Jimin smiles, as his gaze gets intercepted by the presences of a young beautiful lady dressed in burgundy satin gown slid sensuously against her skin as she made her way towards Jungkook. She walked with confidence and elegance. She was of high status no doubt.

“The Princes are share popular,” a noble commented as his friends laugh, “The Crown Prince was honored by a dance by Lady Rose as well.”

Jimin watches as Jungkook takes the Lady’s hand and they strode confidently towards the dance floor as people parted giving them the way. His face took on a sullen and gloomy appearance as his belly tensed- as Jungkook and the Lady stood face to face, hands clasps while the other one remains on her lower back. Jimin averted his gaze, staring at the floor placed in the middle of the table expression pinched and lips pressed. He felt uncomfortable as if he wanted to jump out of his skin. The last time he felt such a strange feeling was when he saw a boy, he used to hand out with back in the village abandon him for a girl. It was jealousy. But there was no one he was jealous. Why would he jealous?

Jimin glances around, spotting Jennie who sat with her brothers- eyes wide, jaw clenched, and fingers curled tightly around her glass. He would feel bad for her if she hadn’t tried to kill him. Jennie caught his gaze and he felt a shiver as he quickly turned around.


The music came to end, as the crowd cheered and silence immediately taking over as a man in black robes with a hoody covering them made their way towards where Jungkook and the Royal family sat. He kneels greeting them, as the Queen acknowledges him. The man turns around facing the crowd now,

“Tonight, we celebrate an honored and blessing harvest!” the man’s voice echoed, as silence fills the room, “The Full Harvest Moon is a reminder that we shall always remain humble and grateful to the Goddess of the moon for blessing us with her gifts. To honor her, we shall gift her with the blood of a virgin! Bring her in!”

The door burst open as two guards led a girl with thick iron cuffs on her wrists and chains around her ankles. They led her by a rope connected to the iron chain around her neck. The girl cried out. She was petite had bruises, but she was washed up and dressed in a white nightgown, that was rather revealing.

Jimin looked around in fear, then turned to Heechul, “What’s going on?” Heechul seemed as tense as he was, “Heechul.”


“What’s going?”

“I heard stories of the Festival, but I thought many were just rumors. They are going to sacrifice her.”

“They’re gonna kill her?”


Jimin clenched his teeth, glancing at Jungkook who seemed as shocked as Yoongi whispered something to him.

“They can’t do this,” mutters Jimin, “Why are they doing this?”

The guards had brought the girl in front of the man in the robe as the guards held her still. Another slave soon arrived with a plate with a red cloth on it, and on top of it laid a sharp blade and a glass. No one was baiting an eye as the girl tried to fight and run but the guards held her still. Jimin glanced at Jungkook who had his hands and jaw clenched. His shock and anger evident but remained seated.

Please do something, Jimin found himself begging, as his body shook. But it seemed as if no one was going to do anything, this was their festival, humans were just castles to them. Worthless. The girl's cries and pleading filled the ballroom. The man in the black robe curled his finger, the girl jerked up, standing still and the cries ceasing as the guards let her go.  Silent. Jimin felt the collective horror as power swelled around the man, the energy coming out from his hand and reaching out to hold the girl still. Jimin watched motionlessly.

“For the goddess!” exclaimed the man as he picked up the sharp blade from the plate, “Pure virgin blood!”

“Stop it!” Jimin screamed but it was too late as the man in a single motion slit her throat, a clean-cut as the guard held again before she fell. Murmurs and chatters fill the Great Hall, as Heechul pulls him back down,

“What’re you doing, be quiet.”

The man held the cup draining her blood in the cup. the man placed the cup on the glass filled with blood on the plate, as the man dragged the lifeless girl out of the ballroom, carefully trying not to stain the floor. He could only stare in horror at was happening.

The man was now kneeling in front of Jungkook offering the glass of blood to him. Jimin watched, unable to breathe or move. His body felt strange. Enraged. Suddenly time began to swirl at a sickening speed. Jimin grabbed his head feeling nauseous as silence fills the room. He didn’t know what was going on. His heart hammered in his chest and his brain pounded against his skull.

He felt a hand on his shoulder but refused to look up- the pain in his mind increasing with each passing second. He closed his eyes shut, taking in a deep breath. Gaining control of himself, he looked up at Heechul who was looking at him with concern.

“I need to go to the bathroom,” he said as all the food in his stomach made their way up to his throat, but he covered his mouth with his hand, standing up. A mistake. The minute he stood up; the room took a full spin. His face went pale, then he took a step and swayed for a just a moment.

In that split second before everything went black, he felt Jungkook caught him and lower him to floor as he surrendered to the darkness. 

When he opened his eyes, he found himself standing in front of a portal burning with a blue flame in the woods. The woods looked familiar to the woods in Jeju Island. The silver moon was now blue, and it was the only light aside from the flames. A far off sound, like a humming, echoed from the distance. Jimin found it strange yet the sound lured him towards the blue flaming portal. Instead of feeling fear, he felt calm and continued walking until he was in a blue flame. It felt warm, like an embrace of his mother’s arms. The portal closed in on him and his breath wouldn’t come easily. He gasps for air, falling to his knees. The humming rose to a deafening pitch, and everything went black again.


He felt fingers caressing his hair and opened his eyes. Sunlight flooded the woods, filling it with a glow that made it hard for him to be afraid. He gazed into the landscape beyond, taking in the forest. Butterflies danced here and there, capturing the sunlight as their wings glowed, birds chirped. In the far distance, he heard the babbling of water, probably a lake or waterfall. He inhales the fragrance it was pleasant, nostalgic. He turned his attention to the person caressing his hair, it was a woman. He knew her. He felt safe laying on her laps, as she hums. She reminded him of his mother. Jimin closed his eyes, a sigh on his lips. Whatever was happening it felt right. lips. He felt at home.

Suddenly the humming ceased, and then there was no butterflies or birds. Time stopped. He sat up quickly staring at the woman in front of him. She looked around; eyes filled with pain. Everything around the forest took a different shade- darkness.

“What’s going?” Jimin asked, fearfully.

“You must wake up now,” the woman spoke in a whisper like a tone, as it felt like the forest was shrinking. Spinning.

“What’s happening?”

“You must wake up and remember who you are?” her voice echoed, no longer near him, she was floating in the air, her long silver hair flying around her. “You must not let them find you. You’re stronger than you realize my boy. But you must wake up!”

Jimin found his feet frozen as the woman disappeared and everything around him went dark. Her voice echoed. Jimin reached out to her. Tears trailed down his cheeks, like echoes of a boy crying and running invade his memories. The pain pierced his heart.

“Mom! Hyung please come back!

When he woke up, he felt arms embracing him and looked up to see Jungkook who was constantly moving his lips, but Jimin couldn’t hear any of it. Strong energy filled the room. He caught a breath, feeling relieved to see him before passing out again, yet remained aware of his surroundings. He just couldn’t bring his eyes to stay open.

So, he did catch me?

Jimin heard doors closed shut, chatters. He felt hands touching him and unbuttoning his shirt.

“Is he going to be alright?” he heard Jungkook’s voice and wished to look at him, but feared the light, so he kept his eyes shut. He feels a cold device on his chest.

He must be a doctor. Doctor? Wait, what happened? Did I faint?

“Healer, why isn’t he waking up?” he heard Yoongi speak from his left. He feels hands rubbing the side of temples, then felt a jolt, then screams and something crashing. A thud.

What happened?

The chattering and thousands of voices got louder, “Healer, what happened?” he heard Jungkook speak.

“That’s strange,” he hears a strange man’s voice, must be the healer, he guessed, “The boy won’t let me into his conscious. He is resisting my magic.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” he heard Seokjin’s voice.

Hmm, everyone must be here. Damn. Talk about embarrassing. Wait, why would I be resisting his magic?

“If you are not able to wake him up using magic then I’ll heal him up,” he heard Jungkook’s voice.

“Young Prince- “spoke Yoongi.

“He’s my responsibility.”

Jimin felt a wet drop on his lips, then another one- it tasted of iron and smelled like blood. He licks his lips as the drops continued. He felt a surge within him, and all kinds of images flashed before his head. None of them made sense.

Wake up Jimin! He heard the same woman’s voice from his dream, and his eyes flew wide open.

“Hey, Hey, it’s alright,” he heard Jungkook say, as his eyes adjust to the light, and turned to see him, looking down at him. Worried replaced by relief. Jimin felt his stomach rumble, as if he ate something bad, and quickly sitting up, everything he ate clawed at his throat, and within a second he spewed out everything.

Afterward, he exhaled feeling better, he felt a hand caressing his back, as he glances around, realizing what just happened. He threw up in front of everyone.



The next day, Jimin woke up soaked in sweat after having the same dreams again. The little boy crying. The woman humming to him in the forest. He felt worn out and exhausted. He looks around to see Yoongi sitting on the sofa. He pulls himself up, in need of water, and within seconds Yoongi was by him.

“You shouldn’t walk around so much,” he says, forcing him to take a sit on the bed.

“What happened yesterday?”

“You’re asking me?” replies Yoongi, “You’re the one who went all weird and passed out.”

Jimin smiled sadly, as he tries to recall everything. The last thing he remembered was that girl getting slaughtered and fainting.

“Where is everyone else?”

“The Queen needed to speak with the prince,” he replies pouring water in a glass and walking back to where Jimin sat. He hands him the glass. Jimin takes it and gulps it down. Feeling better, he sighs with relief.

“Why does the Queen need to talk to him?”

“You raised some interesting questions,” replies Yoongi, “The High Priests seem interested in you.”

Jimin stares at him, not sure what he was talking about.

“High Priest?”

“Yes, you resisted the healers magic, sent him flying and injured him. So, I don’t know what he saw in that head of yours.”

“So, we’re going to stay here?” asks Jimin, worried.

“No,” Jungkook’s voice echoed as the doors opened, “Get your things, we’re leaving.”

“What happened? What did the Queen want?”

“Nothing important,” says Jungkook, hands curled in a fist, “Lord Yoongi go tell the driver to prepare the car.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Jimin watches as Yoongi, puzzled walks out the room, closing the door behind him.

“Come on,” says Jungkook, “Take a shower and we’ll after.”

Something happened. He can feel it.

Chapter Text

Flashback to the meeting with the Queen…


The sound of boots echoed in the vast emptiness of the room as the doors slam shut. The Queen sat on her throne as three High Priest stood before her along with the Healer. Jungkook scanned the room, anger boiling from what occurred at the banquet with the slaughter of an innocent. He was disgusted, and angry at himself that he was unable to stop as Yoongi warned. No wonder Namjoon never spoke of the festival.

Such cruelty is unforgivable.

There was silence there, It was a haunting melody that welcomed a haunted sovereign into a room of darkness.

“You called for me, Your Majesty.”

“Yes,” she speaks eyeing him, “I apologize, I hope our traditions didn’t offend you. My sons did inform of your views on slaves.”

“I am here as King’s word and will,” he replies, trying to remain calm. She knew his views yet displayed such nastiness in front of him and asked him to drink the blood. She sure was something else, “I seek Your Majesty’s forgiveness for turning down the sacrificial blood.”

“All is well,” she says, “However, I did not call you here for that.” Jungkook glances around the room, then back at her, listening. “The Royal Healer has something to say about what happened last night.”

Jungkook eyes the man, “What is it?”

“Your Highness,” speaks the Healer, “That slave of yours, are you aware of his origins.”

“Yes, why do you ask?”

“Well, in all my life of healing, I have never sensed such a unique aura as I have with that boy. He resisted my magic knocking me out. Such events are unheard especially regarding humans.” Jungkook clenched his knuckle, swallowing hard. He had many questions but refrained from speaking until the man got to his point.

What is he trying to say?”

“If it is possible, I would like to ask you to leave the boy here so I can examine him?”

“Like a lab rat?” Jungkook scoffed, locking eyes with the man, “You are asking me to leave my slave here so you can probe him like an experiment.”

“He won’t to harm, Your Highness,” insists the Healer, “I am not- “

“Enough!” Jungkook roared, “I refuse. I apologize Your Majesty, but I must reject.” The Queen watches him in silence, eyeing the Priest and the Healer, and nods her head,

“Very well,” she says, “I will not force you but if such a thing reaches your father’s ears, he will be upset, I know.”

Jungkook took a deep breath, locking eyes with her, “I will deal with my father, thank you for your concern, Your Majesty,” he says, wanting to put an end to this and leave this city once and for all.

“I am curious, however,” she says, “You value this slave-like no master should. Even gave him your blood to heal him, something that is frown upon in the Vampire Community, I hear. Why not just sale him, and avoid troubles?”

Jungkook scoffs, “He happens to provide rather intriguing entertainment.”

“Alright Young Prince,” she says, “As you wish. Thank you for honoring us for our festival.”

“The honor is all mine, Your Majesty.”

“Young Prince,” spoke one of the High Priest.

Jungkook turns to him, “Yes. My Lord.”

“I apologize, Your Majesty,” he spoke walking towards Jungkook, and stopping in front of him, “You are young, and may not understand but refusing to grant such wish to a healer is disrespect. Such behavior, especially from a member of the royal family is intolerable.”

Jungkook clenched his jaw and fist, “I meant no offense, My Lord but Jimin is- “

“A slave,” the Priest cut him off, “If the King was here, he would order you to relinquish him and find yourself another intriguing entertainment. So, I suggest you reconsider.”

Jungkook laughs, “My Lord, You are addressing a member of the royal family and you have to right to speak of what King might or might not do. Do not presume you can speak to me like that again.”

“Such insolent,” spoke the Priest, a smug little grin on his face.

Jungkook glared at him, lips turned up mirthlessly, as his piercing eyes hardened into beautiful dark stones, and in a split second he moved with a blank of an eye and grabbed the priest by the neck, lifting him. Fear entered the Priest’s eyes.

For a moment, Jungkook considered ripping his throat out and tearing him limp to limp and show all these bastards who they were messing with. He was not his father. Nor was he his brothers. But calming himself down, he released the Priest, who stumbled and dropped on his ass. Jungkook turned to the Queen, who was smirking,

“I am sorry we are parting on such unfortunate terms, Your Majesty,” he says turning around, a heading for the door.


Damn. How could you lose your temper like that? he chastised himself.

Laying a hand on a member of the court, a Priest none of the less was not a good thing, he knew that, but he also was not about to let a bastard like him address him so disrespectfully. The King might kiss their asses, but he was not going to.

“I’m ready,” says Jimin.

Jungkook glances at him, and wonders if he is making the right choice? An image of the dead girl invades his mind. There is no way, he was going to let them turn Jimin into some experimental rat. His thoughts went to Jennie, whose magic also didn’t work on him.

Just what are you?

Jungkook forces a smile and when they were outside, his guards waited for them, along with Hoseok and Seokjin.

“Young Prince,” says Hoseok, “Leaving without goodbyes.”

“I apologize, but- “

“We know,” says Seokjin, “No need to apologize.”

“The High Priest doesn’t really inform us of the things they do, and our mother the Queen doesn’t question them either,” says Hoseok, “It’s best you two leave since they have shown interest in Jimin.”

“Okay, then we will be on our way,” says Jungkook, “For what is worth, you have a beautiful city.”

“Prince Jungkook,” calls Seokjin, glancing over at Jimin for a few seconds before locking eyes with Jungkook, “Have a safe trip.”

“Thank you.”

“I’ll see back in the Capital, Jungkook,” says Hoseok.

“See you soon, hyung,” replies Jungkook, “Come on let’s go.”

As they head to their cars, Yoongi came beside him, “I have a bad feeling about those Priests.”

“They’re bad news,” replies Jungkook, “Let’s just get home, they wouldn’t dare attack a member of the royal family.”

“Even so, let Jimin ride with us- “

“He stays with me,” Jungkook cuts him off.


Jimin was fast asleep, his head on Jungkook’s shoulder. Poor guy was exhausted. Jungkook watched him as his chest moved up and down in rhyme to his breathing. His body was warm, and lips slightly parted.

 Jungkook contemplated his discussion with the King. He had no doubts the Queen has already called him and inform him of his insolence as the Priest dare call him. He shakes his head, everything was going to be alright, just as the law stated, Jimin belonged to him, and no one can take him away. As long as he had his brother’s and mother on his side, he would be able to survive the King’s anger.

Jungkook heard a mumble and turned back to Jimin who looked up at him. His cheeks had grown pink.

He cleared his throat, backing away from him, looking forward, “Sorry, I fell asleep.” Jungkook chuckles but refrained from teasing him. There was a pause. A sudden tension crackled through the air, as they gazed at each other.

However, their gazing was interrupting but the driver slamming on the brakes and the car screeching as it came to a forced and unexpected force, causing them to be pushed forward and then back against the seats.

“What in the world!” exclaimed Jungkook.

“I apologize, Your Highness,” says the Driver, “The car in the front stopped suddenly.” Jungkook looks out the window, but he saw nothing but broken down buildings that were abandoned.

“Stay in here,” orders Jungkook, getting out of the car, as Yoongi, Heechul, and Minho stood in front of their car.

“What’s going on?”

“It seems we have company,” says Yoongi. Jungkook turns forward to the men in all black and masks, blocking their way. The masks hid their faces but Jungkook had a feeling who sent them- the Priest that he grabbed by the neck.

“Do you think the Queen knows about this?”

“I doubt it,” says Jungkook, “And if she does, she seems to be the type to work things to her advantage.”

One of the four men took a step towards closing the distance. The man halted, as Jungkook took a step towards him,

“What’s the meaning of this?” Jungkook demanded, stopping a few feet away from him.

“Hand over the boy, and leave, we don’t want to hurt you, Your Highness,” ordered the man, “Please give us the boy, no blood needs to be a shade over this.”

Jungkook took a breath, “Who sent you?”

“You do not need to know, just give us the boy,” replies the man.

“You don’t have to tell me, I already know,” he says, taking a step back, “The only way your getting him is through me, and the Coven Queen surely doesn’t want a battle between Vampires and Witches. I suggest you get out of my way.”


Jungkook turns to Yoongi, “Take Jimin and go ahead, I’ll keep them occupied.”

“You’re insane if you think we are going to leave you here,” replies Yoongi. Jungkook glares at him,

“They won’t hurt me.”

“We’re not leaving, so if they want to fight, they’ll have to get through to us before getting near you or Jimin,” replies Heechul.

For a moment, Jungkook was torn between protecting his friends and avoiding a fight but then again, he was not one to back down from a fight. He has done terrible things in the past, what’s a couple of more dead assassins. He smirks, like a hunger, he couldn’t define rose from deep within him, the darkness he would usually fight to suppress urged to be let free. Jungkook took a step forward, he stood tall and straight, eliciting power and strength, as he dared one of them to make a move.

The man held up his hand as a gust of wind swept the streets, roaring and making the concrete underneath them rattle. The soft howling rising to an ear-splitting crescendo. And suddenly, Yoongi and the others fell to the ground, motionless, as Jungkook stood his ground.

“That was a warning,” says the man, “We have no interest in harming you, but your guards we were told to use any means possible.”

“Don’t worry about us,” says Yoongi, as they forced themselves to stand, “We can look after ourselves.”

 Jungkook felt his turn completely dark in his face and his fangs grow in his mouth once more. And in a speed of light, unseen by the eyes of man, he found himself standing behind the man,

“You don’t know who I am,” he spoke, as his fist was plunged into the back of the man, ripping his heart out, as the man dropped to the floor.

“So, still want to continue?” he asked, turning around to the remaining three. The men continued to gaze at him in hatred-filled silence, “You might have magic but how fast can you chant a spell before I ripped out your throats?”

The men held up their hands as a red blast shout of their hands, Jungkook managed to dodge two as one hit him, Yoongi and the others lunched at them but were sent back with another blast slamming on the hood of the car.

One of the men turns to Jungkook and sends out another blast as Jungkook flipped in the air, and landed lightly in a crouch, gaze meeting them.

“What’s going on?” he heard Jimin’s voice, and turns to him,

“Get back in the car!” he exclaimed, standing up.

“Come with us!” one of the men roared, walking towards him, “If you don’t want anyone getting hurt!”

“Damn it Jimin, get back in the car!” Jungkook speed and stood in front of the man, hand wrapped around his neck, and breaking it instantly. He tossed his body to the side, and turned to Jimin,

“Get back in the car!” his voice roared as Jimin stared at him with fear, trembling. Jungkook turned his attention to the remaining two, as Yoongi and the others gathered beside him,

“Take him back to the car, Minho.”

“Yes, Your Highness,” spoke Minho, taking Jimin’s hand and leading back to the car.

“You’ve made a mistake,” roars one of the men, as the two stood facing them, hands held up towards them, and chanting that was followed by another violent howling of the wind that pierced their ears, they fell to their knees, gritting their teeth in pain. Jungkook could feel the magic pull on him then. It sucked at his spirit, draining him.

“We should kill you,” spoke the man, “But we have orders not too, but I’ll punish you for killing my brothers!”

“Jungkook!” he heard Jimin exclaim and footsteps as Jimin came kneeling in front of him. The screeching of the wind and chanted made his blood boil. His chest was tight, his heart hammered, and dizziness tingled at the boundaries of his awareness. Jimin’s eyes met his. He sensed his fear and panic.

“Run,” he found himself saying, as the pain increased, but remained resilient instead of crying out in pain like the others. Dark energy surrounded them. He has fought against magic but never such a dark entity as this.

“Come!” spoke the man, “All of this will cease if you just come with us.” Jungkook shook his head, as the man got closer to them, “Come with me, child.”

Jungkook clenched his teeth, a muscle in his jaw twitched as memories of his painful childhood invaded his mind. The memory of losing Taemin. His mother turning away from his cries. All the rage, he had buried and the darkness he had suppressed for years. Something unlocked inside of him, and his eyes went from black to red-tinged.

“No one will take something of mine again,” he found himself saying, as he gazed at the men, who halted in his steps, “You lay one finger on him, and you’ll regret it.”

“How is that possible?” asks the man, fear in his eyes, “You should not be fighting against such an ancient spell.”

Jungkook smiled. A nasty smile. He no longer felt the magic consuming him, and found himself standing up, moving Jimin to the side, and standing in front of him. Within a second, he moved towards the man, faster than he did before, faster than any normal vampire would. In a matter of seconds, he ripped out his heart and made his way towards the last man, who shook with terror.

The warlock opened his mouth to cast a spell but Jungkook already had him by the neck, staring deep into his eyes,

“What in the world are you?” whimpered the man. Jungkook grimaced, not in anger but amusement. He’d never felt such power before. He felt stronger than he ever was. Then he struck, fangs piercing the neck. The warlock’s blood incited Jungkook’s hunger for more than blood. He felt the warlocks magic and soul enter his body.

When he noticed the man’s pale face and motionless body, he dropped him to the floor, blood all around his mouth.

“Your Highness!” he heard Yoongi’s voice and footsteps, as his three guards stood behind him. Jungkook’s eyes turned back to normal, regaining control once again, as he turns to them, wiping the blood off with his sleeve. He looked past them towards where Jimin stood- eyes wide and scared. He no longer felt empty. And all the rage within him subdued. Jungkook made his way towards him, noticing his shivering lips, and tears trickling down his cheeks.

For a moment, he felt like he was in over his head, but he didn’t care. They stared into each other’s eyes, both lost into their thoughts, yet connected through something he couldn’t see or understand.

His emotions stirred to life, he cupped his face, gently wiping his tears away with his thump. A simple gesture that caused Jimin to embrace him. His heart skipped a beat, and for a moment, he contemplated pushing him away but instead, he engulfed him in his arms. A wave of relief spread over Jungkook.

Jimin was safe. His friends were safe. But deep down, the darkness that had taken over him just a few moments before lurked, urging to be released again. Jungkook tightens the embrace around Jimin, wanting to shut off that blood rage he felt. The darkness that brought back the abandonment and pains of his childhood memories. Memories he fought years to suppress. He never wanted to feel such emptiness again.

Chapter Text


As soon as they arrived at the palace, they were met by guards that notified them that the King wished to speak with Jungkook, and was told to bring his slave, no guards needed. The fear in Jungkook’s eyes and his silence as they walked towards the Throne room, to pay an audience with the King, made Jimin afraid.

This was the first time he was going to met the King, and it was under these circumstances. With his cheeks smudged with blood from when Jungkook wiped his tears. His eyes were red. Just when he thought he could breath when they arrived at the palace, this happened.

Words surely travel fast. Jimin wondered how much the Coven Queen twisted what happened to benefit herself? What if the King orders for his execution? Or worse, orders Jungkook to let the Priests take him?

He shudders.

The King was a man of exuberant fancy, and of an authority so irresistible that, at his will, he can give or take life. The man sat tall and regal, and to his left sat his Queen, Jungkook’s mother and to his right sat his brother, the Crown Prince. The only two absent were second Prince Taehyung and Princess Hara. However, Jimin had a feeling their presences were not needed regarding the situation.

Jimin kept his gaze on the floor. The silence was deafening. If the King was going to kill, he wished he would just get it over with. But instead, he felt the man’s cold gaze on them.

Jimin held his breath.

“For a year, members of the royal family, myself included had the honor of attending such a sacred festival,” he spoke, calmly, no hint of anger but his words came out like cold water splashed on the face on a winter day. His words cut through to Jimin, and he trembled. He felt like the King had already sentenced him.

Everyone in the room remained silent and still. Waiting.

“Never have I received a call from the High Priests expressing such offense committed by a member of the royal family,” he continued softly. Jimin wished he would yell. Or shout.  Jimin heard footsteps, and he wanted to curl underneath a rock. The footsteps echoed with each step and halted when the King stopped in front of them.

They both kept their head down.

“Raise your head slave,” the King ordered. Jimin’s body shook and his palms were sweating as he raised his head at the powerful, tall, man in front of him. The King gazed at him, studying him, and his expression darkened slightly. He swallowed hard, trying to stifle the overwhelming fear.

“You insulted physically and verbally nobles for a simple human,” the King spoke, no longer calm, “You risked my relationship with the Coven over a slave?”

“No Father,” Jungkook spoke finally, glancing up, “I insulted them because they insulted me, not because of Jimin.”

The King shot Jungkook a hard look, “Didn’t you refuse to give them the boy? You care more about this slave than your people?”

“No father,” Jungkook spoke, “I didn’t refuse to give them Jimin because I care for him. I refused because the Priest offended me first then ordered me to hand him over. I was there as your word and will. Tell me should I have given in to their orders? Do the members of the royal bend to the will of the High Priest now?”

Hearing Jungkook’s words, Jimin felt like someone punched him in the gut. He was confused. Did Jungkook stand up to the priests for his pride? Does he not care about him? His fingers curled into a fist and jaw clenched but remained quiet. What did he expect? He was a slave after all.

“How did the Priests offend you?” The Crown Prince spoke, coming down the pedestal as the King made his way back to his throne, sitting down.

Jimin listened, attentively as the Crown Prince stands in front of Jungkook, waiting for an answer.

“Knowing my views, they slaughter a human in front of me and offered me her blood,” Jungkook explained calmly, “I forgave them for that, and I apologized to the Coven Queen, and she took no offense.” Jungkook scoffs, “I don’t think the Queen even knows of the call. In that city, it seems the Priests have grown powerful beyond the Queen. If anyone threatens the alliances between Warlocks and Vampires, is them.”

“And I should take your word for it?” spoke the King.

“I am not speaking to you as a father but as a King,” Jungkook replies, “Have I ever lied to you, Your Majesty?”

Silence falls upon them. Jimin kept his gaze on the King, waiting for him to make a move or to respond. But after what felt like an eternity, the raised his eyebrows in amusement.

“What do you think Crown Prince?” asked the King, “You’ve been attending festival all these years, what’s your observation?”

Jimin steals a glance at Namjoon, who had his gaze on his brother. His expression lightened, and he turned to face the King and Queen.

“I believe he is telling the truth,” he spoke, “I have made notes of it myself. I have also spoken to Seokjin and Hoseok about it. They have expressed concern as well.”

The King nods his head but had no hint of a smile or even kindness. The Queen clears her throat,

“We should not rush to judgment,” she spoke, “Matters like this should be dealt with cautiously.”

“Alright,” says the King, calmly, “Even so, you have insulted them because you let your temper get the best of you, and for that, you should be punished.”

“I am aware, Your Majesty,” Jungkook replies, as Jimin gazes at him. He was so serious. So calm. No anger. Nothing. So, composed. “Whatever punishment you wish.”

“You are to write a letter of apology to the Priest and the Queen,” the King orders, “I am being lenient with you because of your brother. If such a thing happens again, if you insult a noble for the sake of a slave, I’ll make sure his head is separated from his body. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Your Majesty, thank you for your mercy,” replies Jungkook.

“No slave is above a noble,” the Queen spoke, “Words you should remember always.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Jimin bit his lower lip, gazing at his feet. In less a second, they managed to make him feel less than a bug, that gets stomped for no reason.


When they returned to the manor, Jimin thanked him for saving him, and quickly went to his room, closing the door shut behind him. He didn’t want to hear any explanation. He just wanted to wash the blood of him, in hopes that he can forget everything that happened these past three days. They were nightmares and he has never felt so scared in his life. His mind was in shreds; he knew he would never get the image of that poor girl getting slaughtered out of his mind. Or Jungkook’s eyes turning into the shade of blood, just like his hand.

So many deaths.

 Lukewarm drops, dampen his hair as he pulled his knees closer to his chest. His eyes fell closed, the sensation of the steamy water calms him for a moment.

After his shower was finished, he slumped into bed, lay there, reliving the past three days over and over again.

When his eyes opened, he found himself in the forest, the same humming filling the air, as a butterfly kisses his nose, dancing around him. Jimin stood still, confused about what was happening. The humming stops and a bright light appeared out of nowhere, blinding him when he opened his eyes, he found himself in a yard. He glances around, and behind him was a white building with a glass sliding door. The door slides open as a beautiful golden fur animal came out. He knew this creature; it was a dog. There were none on the Island.

 Jimin stared at the creature, and soon after a small boy, maybe four or five dressed in blue overalls came out running after it. Jimin watches as the boy grabs the animal, his giggles filling the air, followed by the dog’s barks and wagging tail. The dog licked the boy’s face, as he burst out laughing.

Jimin’s heartbeat accelerated, frantic and erratic. Feeling the boy’s happiness, Jimin smiled.

“Jimin!” a soft voice came from behind him. Jimin turned around to find the same woman he saw when he fainted, but she seemed younger than his first dream of her. Her hair was black, not grey, and instead of a long white dress, she wore jeans and pants.

“Jimin,” she called again, “Guess who is here?” Jimin watches the woman, but her gaze went past him, and her conversation was aimed at the boy, not him.

“Who?” the replies the boy.

“Ta-dah!” sings the woman as she steps aside to reveal another boy with black hair dressed in a school uniform. He seemed slightly older than the boy, maybe 12 or 13. He looked familiar. Familiar.

“Hyung!” exclaimed the boy with excitement as he rushed towards Jimin, who immediately placed his hands forward to stop him from crushing into him but instead the boy went right through him, and into the arms of the other boy.

Jimin watched as the older boy lifted the younger boy in the air, spinning him like a bird. The boy laughed spreading his arms wide.

And then suddenly, they were gone. Cool air brushed his lips and wove around him. Jimin’s heart plummeted as disappointment washed through him. 

“No!” he exclaimed as a white void surrounded him. Time stopped. Then the same woman appeared to him as she did in his first dream- long silver hair flying around her with beautiful almond eyes.

“Who are you?” spoke Jimin.

The woman smiled, walking towards him, and taking his hands, as Jimin gazed at her, “You know who I am, my boy,” she says, “I am your mother.”

Jimin shook his head, “No. You are not.”

“Yes, I am your birth mother,” she speaks, “Forgive me, my boy, this is the only way I can reach you. The woman who raised you was a close friend of mine. I left you in her care.”

“I- I- don’t understand,” he says, “All my memories of her- “

“Beginning at the age of six,” she says, “Memories I created so you’ll be safe.” Jimin stared into his eyes, and the echoes of a child’s laughter filled his ears and warmed his heart. He believed her words deep down, but he was still confused.

“What’s happening to me?”

“You must remember who you are before he finds you.”


“Your biological father,” she replies, as a gust of wind swept passes, a loud howling fills the void, “There isn’t much time, you must break the spell that conceals your memories.” The wind was getting stronger, making it hard to hear her,

“How can a spell be on me when I resist every magic?” he asked confused.

“There is more powerful magic than that of witches and warlocks,” she replies, speaking fast, “You are immune because you are not just a warlock but a- “

The woman disappeared as the void shrink, opening up into a black hole, then he was falling, falling…


Jimin gasps, eyes wide open, heart racing, body bathed in a cold sweat, the remnants of his dream-like memory still clung to his mind. He brushed his hair back, as the setting sun glistened through the curtains, a nice orange.

Jimin sighs. He could not believe he slept all day. He closed his eyes exhausted and tried to remember his childhood, but they were jumbled.

You must break the spell that conceals your memories, her voice echoed in his ear, and he opens his eyes.

Jimin got off the bed, and head to the bathroom to rinse his face. The water roared from the sink, as he stares into the mirror, eyes red and puffy and cheeks slightly swollen. Water dripping from his chin.

“If not a warlock nor human…. what am I? he mutters underneath his breath. What exactly did the healer see in me?

A knock brings him out of his thoughts and back to reality. He turns off the faucet and grabs a small towel to dry his face.

He makes his way to the door, unlocks it and pulls it open, surprised to see Jungkook.

“Jungkoo-Your Highness,” he says, the words Jungkook spoke to his father still resonating with him. They pierced his heart.  Jungkook stares at him, silent as Jimin avoided meeting his gaze.

“Would you like to join me for dinner?” he finally spoke breaking the silence.

Jimin bites his lip, contemplating. It was true Jungkook saved him whether he did because he cared, or he did it to maintain his pride. It didn’t change the fact that he took lives to protect him, the least Jimin can do is obey his wishes and treat him with respect. He was his Master and he was a Slave. Nothing more. Nothing could ever change that- not even his racing heart.

“If that is your wish,” he replies, “I’ll have to change first, I’ll join you in the dining room.”

Jungkook gazes at him for a second, eyes questioning, and Jimin wonders if he ever tried to read his mind, but Jungkook gave a smiling nod and turned to leave.


Jimin closed shut the door, exhaling. Flashback of going in Jungkook’s arms, and Jungkook hugging him back made his heart pounding loud in his ears. It could not, it was impossible. He shook his head, violently in attempts to rid the thought that still managed to creep its way out.

“I’m not in love with him,” he mumbled, “There is no way I can love Vampire.”


During dinner, Jimin slowly ate and stealing glances at him every second and looking down when Jungkook looked up. Jimin noticed he was drinking his blood, he had just taken one sip of it, as his hand tightly gripped the glass. He seemed lost in his thoughts as well. Jimin gazes at him, wondering what he was thinking? Jungkook glanced up and caught him staring, unable to pretend he was staring at him, Jimin smiled at him. Jungkook returned the smile as quickly as it faded.

“I’ve been wondering,” Jimin spoke, taking the spoon out of the soup and placing it on the napkin. Jungkook remained silent, eyes following his movements than back to his face, “I’ve been wondering if it is okay for me to go to the library.”


“Yes, it’ll give me something to do when we are not at the factory,” he replies, not wanting to go into many details. Jungkook would probably think he was crazy if he told he wanted to learn about memory spells because a woman who claims to be his mother warned him in his dreams.

“Sure,” says Jungkook, “It’s better than being locked in the room all day.”

“Thank you,” replies Jimin.

Jungkook smiles, “It’s the least I can do.”

“No, thank you for your kind heart,” Jimin says dimly “You risked your life to protect a simple human and let me have freedom despite being a slave.”

“Freedom?” Jungkook repeated the word, but not directed at Jimin, more to himself, “You consider it freedom while you wear my name on your chest and a metal chain around your wrist.”

Jimin smiled, feeling silly, hearing the truth to his reality, remembering the slave girl at the festival, he couldn’t help but be grateful his Master was kind.

“Even so,” he spoke locking eyes with him, “You treat me like a human, that itself is freedom.” Jungkook hesitated for a moment, as though gathering his thoughts. When he met his gaze again, he could read the determination in his eyes, but he couldn’t help but wonder what he was trying to decide.

 Jungkook’s mouth opened to speak but he seemed hesitant than finally spoke, “You have a way with words.”

Jimin’s cheeks rose in heat, flattered. He wished Jungkook would not say or look at him like that. It made him daydream of impossible things. Things he never thought he would dream of- to be desired. To be loved. To experience what he read in books back on the Island.

Chapter Text


The next three weeks passed in a blur. Jungkook went through the motions of going to work and performing his duties, but no matter how he tried to push him from his mind, Jimin occupied the majority of his thoughts. And each week, Jimin would lock himself in his room after coming home from the factory and on the days, they didn’t go he would spend all day in the library. And the time they eat together, Jimin seemed preoccupied. Jungkook could help but feel like he did something wrong. Maybe said the wrong thing. Or else why would Jimin be avoiding him? He’d hope they would become close after everything that happened with the Priests, but it seemed like Jimin took twenty steps back instead.

Whatever the reason, Jungkook hated the distance between them, and he was determined to know why. They had no plans to head to the factory today, so he decided to take Jimin out, there was more to the city than its market and palace.

Jungkook inhales deeply, nervous as slowly knocks on his door, taking a step back. He acknowledges the guards with a nod as he waits.

It took Jimin a few moments to open the door and when he did, he stared at Jungkook with bewildered gaze, as if he did not expect him. He couldn’t blame him ever since breakfast they both went their separate ways. It’s been hours since then.

Jungkook hesitated for a moment, gathering his thoughts. When he met his gaze again, he felt his heartbeat pound at an unusual rate. Luckily Jimin was not a vampire, or else he would be able to sense his nervousness.

He clears his throat, “Come with me,” he spoke breaking the silence. Jimin’s eyes darts between him and the guards then steals a glance back to his room.

“Is something wrong?” he spoke, eyes filled with concern.

Jungkook chuckles, “No, it’s nothing like that,” he replies, not intending to scare him but also not wanting to spoil his surprise, “I want to show you something.”

Jimin sighs, and nods his head, coming out of his room, and closing the door. Jungkook scanned him, and he was dressed too lightly. October marked the beginning of Autumn, even though vampires didn’t feel the change in the season, Jungkook’s being a half has felt the change. The day-to-night temperature fluctuates a lot in October.

“Grab a blazer,” he says.


“It’s warm now but it’ll get cold during the evening,” he replies.

“We’re going to be out?”


Jimin’s brows draw together, and Jungkook could tell he had many questions, but he simply nodded his head and went back into his room.

A moment later Jimin came back with a denim jacket, that Jungkook has never seen him wear. He looked cute in it.

“Let’s go,” says Jungkook quickly turning before Jimin could see the flush on his cheeks, as he leads the way.

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see,” he says, glancing at him, as Jimin slightly picked up his pace to catch up with him.


When they arrived at the destination, Jungkook parks the car, glancing at Jimin who was staring out the window, eyes wide.

“Where are we?”

“At the Capital’s Forest,” he replies, “Many of the buildings around it are destroyed but somehow the forest managed to be intact, and it just grew back naturally afterward. Not many know about it.”


“Yes,” he replies, “There is something I want to show you, come on.”


The forest path was narrow and civilized, surrounded by tall, swaying trees and the air has that smell of woodland before the rain. The lake he wanted to show Jimin was a twenty-minute walk. Jungkook loved coming to the forest, it was a thirty-minute ride from the palace, but people rarely come. The forest was surrounded by the densely forested mountains Vampires who cannot sense the woody air and the rain could not appreciate the beauty. He knew Jimin would love the forest as an Islander. Natural’s beauty, what’s there not to love? It was also a sign of life before the war.

It was ten-thirty am when they reached the destination, Jungkook glanced at Jimin as they walked over the small bridge above the lake. Jimin was looking at the lake that laid flat like a mirror, no ripples, no movements, and animal sounds.

When they got near the lake, Jimin got closer standing on the edge and staring out the endless horizon.

“This is so beautiful,” he says, extending his arms wide and inhaling the air.

He had a huge smile, and Jungkook couldn’t help but smile himself. Jungkook walked slowly and joined him, standing beside him and inhaling the fresh air. His heart and mind were freed. It’s been years since he came to this place, he avoided it for a while to keep certain memories that he wanted to be buried away, but it was the only place that gave him a peace of mind. He hopes it would do the same for Jimin as well.

Jungkook cast a glance at him as the sun shone above them, and then Jimin turned to him, catching him staring and smiles,

“You know what we do at lakes on Jeju Island?” he asks, with pure excitement.


“Swim and catch fish,” he says, his voice trailing off, and the smile fading, “My sister and I.” Jungkook clenches his jaw, turning back to the lake, he was not sure if it was too cold to swim in, as clear as they look, he never really tried. But what was the harm in it, if it’ll make Jimin happy?

He exhales taking off the backpack he had on, and places it gently on the ground and starts peeling off his shoes and standing barefoot on the damp grass beneath his feet felt cold for a second but quickly warmed as he took off his jacket until he was in his white shirt and jeans.

“What’re you doing?” asks Jimin, staring at him amusement and curiosity. Jungkook smiles, walking in the water, and a matter of a second was soaked to the middle. The water was colder than he imagined, and shivered but refrained from showing Jimin, remaining composed as Jimin burst out laughing,

“What’re you doing?”

“Swimming,” Jungkook replies, bending and cupping some water to splash on his face, they felt refreshed and clean, “It’s not cold, come on in.” Jimin shakes his head no, with a broad smile. Jungkook pouts, gazing at him, and then shrugs his shoulder as he walks further into the lake, dipping himself in the water,

“You’ll drown yourself!” he heard Jimin shout.

“Then you’ll save me!” he exclaims laying on his back and staring at the blue sky. Then he heard ripples and glanced towards the land, and notices Jimin swimming to where he was, and smiles.

“You’re a liar,” says Jimin stopping in front of him, “The water is cold.”

“It’ll warm up soon, I,” Jungkook found himself laughing, as he stares at Jimin who gazed at him. There was a strange glint in them, one he has not seen before, it made his heart beat fast. Then Jimin broke the eye contact with a splash of water, laughing. Jungkook watched him, he could listen to him laughing all day.


After playing around until tiredness caved in, they on the lush green grass under the tree as the sun was at its peaks, waiting for their cloth to dry. A breeze blew Jimin’s untamed, damp hair into his face, and Jungkook watched, breathless as Jimin brushes his hair back.

“This place is really beautiful,” he says, glancing around, light reflected in his eyes, making Jungkook blush,

“Breathtaking,” he found himself mindless saying as he stares at him. The pull between them was so undeniable. A loud rumble echoes in the air, as Jimin presses his stomach, face quickly turning red, and pretending that it was not him, as his eyes dart around the landscape.


“Hmm?” says Jimin, with a shy chuckle, “Was it that loud?”

“Not that loud, just enough for me to hear,” says Jungkook, turning to the backpack, and opening it.

“I was wondering what was in that bag?” says Jimin, scooting closer, as Jungkook pulls out two cooler bottles, a bag of biscuits and cookies, another bottle of rice wine and a bento box.

Jimin gazes over the items, eyes wide and mouth open, glancing up at him, “Did you plan this?”

“Yeah,” replies Jungkook, “Royal or not, I know the essentials of a human picnics. It’s not my first time…” he clears his throat, handing Jimin the bento box. Jimin smiles, staring at the small box, and quickly opening it to expose the Kimbap (sushi rice rolls), tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes) and slices of Tangerine that Jungkook had the Kitchenmaid personally prepare for Jimin.

“Wow,” says Jimin, his eyes sparkling, “Did you do this for me?”

“Well, I had the maid do it,” he replies, shyly as he takes out two tin cups, and pours some rice wine inside, and hands one to Jimin.

“Thank you,” says Jimin, picking up a rice roll with a chopstick and eating it, his eyes closed, with a smile, “It’s so good.” Jungkook laughs, gulping down his rice wine, and pouring another.

“You shouldn’t drink on an empty stomach,” says Jimin.

“You forget I’m a half-vampire.”

“And it seems you forget you are half-human,” Jimin retorts, picking up rice rolls, and extending his hand, “You can eat food, why to deny yourself?” Jungkook scoffs, sensing the baiting and teasing in Jimin’s voice. The truth was he stopped consuming human food after the ordeal with Taemin. He wanted to get rid of the human side that set him apart from his family, and not eating food was one option. He felt dumb, now that he thinks about it.

“Come on,” Jimin sang, swaying the chopstick side by side, as Jungkook his gaze on him instead of following the movement of his hand.

Jungkook caught his wrists, surprising him at the sudden movement, as Jimin’s eyes widen, Jungkook tighten the grip on his wrist, causing him to slightly wince. Jungkook moisten his lips,

“Why don’t you offer me your blood instead?” he spoke softly, yet with a serious tone, wanting to tease him but also anticipated Jimin’s responds. But deep down he was tempted to take what he thought he possessed- Jimin.

Jimin blinked slowly, surprised upon his request, silent as he gazed into Jungkook’s eyes, probably trying to sense whether he was serious or teasing. Jungkook remained expressionless, not wanting to show him that he was indeed teasing, just to see his reaction. He heard Jimin’s heart skip a beat and tensed up with fear.

Jimin giggled after what felt like an eternity of silence, “What’s my blood compared to this delicious food?”

Having said so, Jimin pulled his hand back from his grip, shoving the rice roll in his mouth instead, as Jungkook stared at him, not moving an inch. Within his eyes were rapid waves, rising high, he could still sense that Jimin was still nervous and a bit stiffened up. Jungkook couldn’t help but smile, but deep inside, something awakened in him, and he couldn’t help but wonder if Jimin would ever let him taste his blood.

Jungkook extends his hand, “Let me try one?” he says, wanting to ease the tension and make him comfortable again.


“The delicious food,” he replies. Jimin smiles, picking up a sushi rice roll and hands it to him, as Jungkook puts in his mouth. His eyes widen upon chewing the food, awakening taste buds, he had long forgotten- filled with a different sense of euphoria. When he drank blood, he felt a power surge and a high, compared to this, he felt human. The taste brought back memories of the first time, Taemin playfully shoved a bread in his mouth.

“It’s good right?”

“Yeah, very tasty,” he replies, shaking his head of the memories, and focusing on Jimin, who took a sip of his rice wine, and closes his eyes again, savoring the taste.

He sighs, hesitating for a moment, before speaking, “Say, why are so keen on going to the library these past weeks?”

Jimin immediately stopped eating, and Jungkook notices his grip tighten around the chopstick as he glances up and meets his eyes. Evident that he was not expecting to the question.

“Um…” he spoke his voice trailing off, hesitating, as though gathering his thoughts, “Um…I’m researching something.”

Jungkook raised an eyebrow, “What?”

“Something, anything that will help me understand the events that took place- my home, there isn’t much on it.” Jungkook listens attentively, he could sense he was not lying but he also could sense Jimin was not telling him everything. But he refrained from speaking, allowing him to talk.

“I’m also researching magic…” he continues, glancing up and meeting Jungkook’s gaze, “Memory magic.”

“Memory magic?”



Jimin went silent for a second, “You know the dreams that I’ve been having while we were in Gwangju? Jungkook nods his head, listening attentively. “Well, I don’t think they are dreams, I think they are memories.”

Jungkook’s brows furrow, “What do you mean?”

“Someone in my dreams told me that my memories are concealed by magic and that I should find a way to break the spell,” he spoke quickly, head lowered, silent as if waiting for Jungkook’s reply.

Jungkook thought about what he was hearing, and the Healer unable to enter his mind, and being thrown across the room at the attempt. He didn’t know much about memory magic, but it certainly would make sense. The Healer told the Priest that he sensed a powerful aura within Jimin, and it seemed like it was true based on their attempt to take him away. But if a spell was placed on Jimin to hide his memories than he shouldn’t be immune to magic?

Jungkook sighs, somehow relieved, he thought Jimin was avoiding him for different reasons, but he was just looking for answers.

“So, what did you find?”

Jimin chuckles, “Even if you gave the librarian permission to let me in the library, I’m not allowed to go beyond the first level. There is nothing but fiction, I was able to find one book about magic, I have been reading that.”

Jungkook bites his lips, slaves weren’t allowed in the library at all. The fact that the librarian allowed him was a favor to Jungkook, it made sense he couldn’t go beyond the first floor.

“If you want to know about such magic,” he said, “I know someone who knows a thing or two about it.”


“Hoseok-hyung,” Jungkook replies, “We could see him tomorrow- “

“Can we go now?” asks Jimin, “The textbook I have been reading makes no sense to me, maybe he can simplify it for me.”


“Really?” asks Jimin, “You would help me?”

“Of course,” replies Jungkook, stomped at the question. The truth was he has been bothered by the everything that happened, and wanted to know everything about Jimin, which is why he sent Yoongi to find the hunters that attacked the Island. But he was unable to because he had duties as a General and had to go with Crown Prince Namjoon to a nearby village, that is having some issues, so Jungkook sent Minho and Heechul instead. He still hasn’t heard anything from them. He never thought Jimin would be doing research too. 

He wondered if Jimin had magic,  if he does, the Coven would have claims to him, no matter his protest, so deep down he hoped the healer was mistaken. 

Chapter Text


“Greeting, Your Highness,” bowed the man that was in Hoseok’s office.

“Greeting,” replies Jungkook, “Where is Lord Hoseok?”

“My Lord left me in charge, he said he had some errands to attend to,” replies the man. Jimin and Jungkook exchange glances,

“Did he say what kind of errands?” inquired Jungkook.

“No, he didn’t, Your Highness.”

“Do you know when he will return?”

“No, he didn’t, Your Highness.”

“Okay thank you,” replies Jungkook turning to Jimin, “Looks like he is not in today.”

“Damn,” muttered Jimin, disappointed. He was eager to make sense of everything, the only magic book he was able to get his hands on made no sense. Some parts were written in a language he doesn’t know or understand. His hopes were crushed.

Jungkook sighs, “Inform me if he does come in.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”


“Sorry that was a waste,” says Jimin.

“It’s fine,” replies Jungkook, “Maybe I can help simplify the book, you said you were reading.”

Jimin smiles, “Half of it is written in gibberish, Your Highness.”

“Well, maybe to you,” replies Jungkook, “I’m more knowledgeable than you when it comes to such matter.”

“Well, humble, aren’t you?”

“I am,” he replies.


After showering and changing, Jimin made his way to Jungkook’s room with the book pressed firmly against his chest. He felt the guard’s gaze on him, but none spoke to him. Since that day, one of them hit him and got reprimanded, they avoided talking to him unless it was to call for him or give him a message from the Prince.

Jimin slightly knocks on the door, taking a step back, as he waits for Jungkook to answer. It wasn’t long until Jungkook opened the door. He was dressed as usual but Jimin could not stop gawking at him, taken in by his beauty and well-built body that he was given a closer look to at the lake. He blushed as the image of Jungkook’s wet shirt clinging to his muscular body flashed before his eyes.

“Planning on standing outside all day,” Jungkook’s voice broke the trance he had entered. He smiles to himself as he enters his room, closing the door behind him.

Then remembering his manners, he greeted him by slightly bowing his head, as Jungkook stared at him, almost puzzled.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“You’ve been very formal with me, lately,” Jungkook said, “It’s strange.”

Jimin smiles, “After everything you’ve done for me, it’s all right I treat you with respect as a Prince.”

Jungkook crosses his arms on his chest, “So when we met, you didn’t see me as a Prince?” he voice sounded serious but Jimin knew he was teasing due to the smirk plastered on his face.

“Back then, I hated everything about you,” he spoke dimly.

“And now?”

“You’ve proven to be a fair and a kind Master,” says Jimin, teasing back. He clears his throat, walking past him and sitting on the couch, placing the book on his laps, “I brought the book.” Jungkook made his way to where Jimin sat, and takes a seat beside him, shoulder to shoulder as his knee bumped Jimin’s knee and he fought to keep his expression neutral. His touch made Jimin hold his breath, and heart skips a beat, he noticed, Jungkook has been at proximity lately.

“Let me see,” Jungkook spoke, as Jimin shrugs of the nervousness and hands him the book.

 Jungkook examines the brown cover book for a second, before turning the page. Jimin continued watching him as he scanned the book and flipping the pages.

Despite wanting to focus on the book, Jimin found himself gazing at Jungkook. His cologne flooded his thoughts, making him unable to concentrate. It didn’t help that Jungkook’s shoulder brushed against his shoulder each time he turned the page. It tickled and sent a shiver down the rest of his arm.

Jimin swallowed hard.

“Most of these are basic spells and instructions,” says Jungkook, breaking the silence, as Jimin averted his gaze to book.


“Vampires are not magic users by default, but they can cast spells with enough training, anyone can cast a spell if recited correctly and had the right tools,” he explains, “My father, the King has the ability to use magic. His magic had always possessed a more unnatural bent because he is not a warlock by birth.”

“Meaning?” asks Jimin confused.

“Meaning, these are basic enchantments,” says Jungkook, “Nothing here will help break a spell placed on you if it was strong enough to block a Healer.”

“So, it’s useless then?”

Jungkook glances at him, “Well, you did find the book on the first level,” he says, “If there was any critical information, it would be locked in the vault.”

Jimin sighs, pouting. Disappointed again. Jimin’s gaze narrowed as he watched him with mistrust for a second but dismissed the feeling. Jungkook has been nothing but kind and helpful, there was no reason to not trust him.

“Can you cast spells?” Jimin asked.

“I had the training,” he replies, “But I’m never into it.”

“You are strong though,” says Jimin, remembering when he was fighting the Priest’s man, “Actually, you were the only one able to fight back against their magic.”

Jungkook sighs, “I don’t know what happened,” he says quietly, “I just felt this intense urge to protect you, and as powerful as it made me feel, I have never experienced such darkness before.”

Jimin glanced at him, “What do you mean?”

Jungkook sighs, “I don’t know but…I never want to feel like that again.”

“Sorry,” Jimin said, remorse flooded his heart, “I’ll never forget what you’ve done for me.”

Jungkook chuckles, “That means your life belongs to me.”

“I thought it did already.”

Jungkook stared right at him, silent. For a brief moment, he felt guilty for uttering such an insensitive thing, knowing Jungkook never wanted a personal slave to begin with. He was a mere gift Yoongi brought him. A tool, Yoongi wanted to use to win Jungkook over in whatever crusade he has planned.


“Thank you for today,” Jimin spoke, changing the topic, “The picnic was beautiful, and it made me happy.”

Jungkook smiled, staring at the book, but Jimin was not sure he was looking at the book. He seemed to be lost in his thoughts.

Did what I said bothered him that much? Jimin wondered.

“I hate it,” Jungkook spoke unexpectedly, slightly startling him, “My Father the King was meant to save the human race not enslave it.” Jimin’s mouth opened to speak, eyes widen, not sure how to reply, “I hate having claims on someone against their will.”

“Then why not do something about it?” Jimin said, quickly regretting his words. He chastised himself for asking a royal Prince to rise against his father. Suggesting treason so lightly. His heart dropped to his stomach, afraid.

“You shouldn’t utter such things again,” Jungkook spoke. His tone clear that it was a warning, he should heed well.

“Sorry,” Jimin apologized, head lowered.

“As much as I hate the Slave System,” he says, “I would never bring pain to my family.”

Jimin bit his lower lip, anger burned through the unease in his stomach. He curled his fingers into a fist. He gets off the couch, as Jungkook turns to him surprised.

“You hate a system but not willing to do anything about it despite having the power to do so,” he said, his voice trembling, “You worry about your family, what about my family? What about the innocents that get slaughter for amusements.”

Jimin glared at him unable to control his frustration, and despite his anger, Jungkook remained unfazed. He watched as he stood up from the couch,

“I don’t have to explain myself to you,” he spoke, calmly.

“Then why not treat me as your father would?” he found himself shouting recklessly, “Why this act of kindness? Why take lives for a mere slave? You are a monster just like all of them!”

Jimin exclaimed, for one brief, heart stuttering moment, he didn’t care if he was punished for his defiance. Hate-filled his heart. his head. Anger exploded within him.

What is wrong with me?

Jungkook kept his gaze focused on Jimin. His mouth gaped. He stared at him, dark eyes round with surprise.

“I don’t understand why you treat me so kindly while you turn a blind eye to everything else- “

“Jimin!” Jungkook barked, standing up. Jungkook had never raised his voice at him. He had been overbearing and teasing, but he’d never yelled before. Jimin stiffens, trembling. His heart pounded.

Jungkook glared at him with cold black eyes, mouth frowning and brow furrowed in distress. He looked at Jimin as if he had betrayed him. Jimin remained motionless as Jungkook slowly approached him.

He crossed the line. He knew it. Jungkook’s movements were elegant and light, yet they made Jimin afraid. Scared of what Jungkook was planning to do to him.

Jimin found himself at the couch’s edge with Jungkook trapping him, once again between the couch and his body. Jimin steals a glance at the door that was just a few steps away but still too far, and he doubted he would be able to outrun him. Jungkook runs his eyes over the contours of the smooth body, then back up to meet his eyes.

“Would you like me to treat you as a Master would a slave?” he spoke. For a second, Jimin considered apology but what he had already said what he said, and he meant every word, no matter the repercussion. But he knew within Jungkook was also repressed violence and hunger for blood just like his kind.

He knew Jungkook, deep down awaited the slightest spark to flare into a monster he is. Jungkook was standing an inch from him, and Jimin stood unable to think or move. He’d seen that look in Jungkook’s eyes the night he was drunk, and now he managed to piss him off by letting his anger get the best of him.

Jimin met Jungkook’s gaze without a trace of fear in his eyes. He was frightened of what might happen to him, but he wasn’t going to let Jungkook intimidate him, especially since he knew Jungkook would not harm him, or at least he hoped so.

“Why are you so quiet?” Jungkook spoke.

“Jungkook- “
“Your Highness,” he corrected sharply. Jimin recoiled as he was slapped.

Suddenly, Jungkook pushed him back onto the couch, his powerful thighs pressing down thighs. His big body covered his small one, intimately, not a breath of air between them.

Jimin gasped, shocked as Jungkook pinned his wrists to the couch. Jimin bucked and twisted, but Jungkook held him down. Jungkook’s face mere inches from his, his nose nearly touching his, and his warm breath on his skin.

 Jungkook vibrated with rage as his lips peeled back to reveal his fangs. Jimin swallowed hard, his heart pounding, as he stared at his fangs- seeing them so close for the first time.

“So, are you going to force yourself on me?”

Jungkook smirked, “Isn’t that what all master’s do with their slaves? Isn’t that what you were asking for just a second ago. For me to treat you like a slave.”

He didn’t sound angry.

Jungkook watched him, his eyes dark yet the anger replaced by a sensual look that made Jimin nervous and shy, instead of afraid, his heart pounded, and a nervous sweat broke out on his skin, as Jungkook’s grip tighten, Jimin winced at the pain.

Jimin looked at his wide chest- he had the body of a warrior, and Jimin felt small underneath him.

“You’re not scared anymore,” Jimin heard him speak, snapping the attention from his chest back to his face. Jimin’s eyes widen at what Jungkook said.

“I’m not scared of you?” Jimin said, absentmindedly, trying to keep himself calm, but he knew Jungkook can sense his real emotions. It was part of his nature as a vampire.

He chuckled. Jimin gazed at him, not sure what was funny, but he no longer feared him, instead he gazed into his eyes, wondering how far Jungkook was going to go. His body was burning underneath him, and when he shifted, Jimin’s face heated up.

Jungkook smirked leaning down close as Jimin whipped his face to the side, exposing the softest part of his neck and he felt Jungkook’s hot breath on his neck.

Idiot, why would you give him your neck? he reprimanded himself,

“Giving vampire access to your neck,” Jungkook whispered as if reading his thoughts. Jimin gulped, breathing fast. He felt a sharp tip of Jungkook’s fangs touch his skin. Jimin’s eyes widen, unable to breathe but instead of fighting back, he felt himself giving in to the sensation.

Then the sharpness disappeared replaced by soft lips that grazed his neck. His heart raced. He tried to be indifferent but the sensation that followed was strong. A wave of pleasure runs through his body, Jungkook’s cologne was intoxicating and Jimin found himself lost in the moment.

“If I was like my father,” Jungkook whispered in his ear, “You would’ve been dead already.” And with that Jungkook got of him, as Jimin found his breath once more. He tried to convince himself is all a dream, but he couldn’t find a rational thought. His heart was still pounding.

“I’m sorry if I am not who you think I am,” Jungkook spoke again, walking away without looking at him.

Jimin swallowed, he still felt Jungkook on top of it, strangely enough, as his cologne filled the air and the graze of his lip lingered on his neck.

He’d never felt such intense sensation before. A part of him was disappointed Jungkook stopped.


After what happened, Jungkook didn’t call him for dinner, nor did Jimin leave his room. His mind and body were shocked but mostly filled with excitement.

Jimin laid in bed, trying very hard not to think about how hard his cock had grown as the scene replayed in his head over and over again, unable to think of anything else. He was impressed at how quickly Jungkook managed to take charge of the situation and leaving Jimin completely shattered.

Jimin rolled over to the side, wondering how he could be aroused? He should be thinking about ways to apologize to Jungkook, not about sex. A topic he heard whispers about from the boys and girls in the village but never had any interest in it. But he also could not forget that it was something a slave was forced to engage in without consent. He tried to imagine the displeasure and the pain to rid himself of the arousal, but his mind quickly flooded to Jungkook pushing him on the couch and pinning his wrists down on the couch. His wide chest and body above him.

Jimin closed his eyes, as his hands fisted beneath the blanket as the arousal remained still.

Go to sleep. He urged himself, wondering how he could even begin to think of such things when Jungkook threatened him. Jungkook was right if he was like any other Master, then he would’ve been forced into submission a long time ago.

Chapter Text


Jungkook watches as his mother’s servant places two glass of warm blood on the table. His mother dismisses her, as he glances at the garden, it rained last night, he can smell it in the air, it was refreshing.

“Your flowers are beautiful,” he says, turning to his mother. She glances at the garden, and picks up her cup, taking a sip of the blood, and places it back down.

Jungkook smiles, “But you didn’t ask for me to chitchat.”

“No,” replies his mother, “Have heard about what is happening in the nearby cities?”

“No, I know Namjoon-hyung is investigating with Yoongi-hyung, why?”

“Just last month along, two households were slaughter- a slave trainer and a slave master’s family,” she says, “From what I heard, the killings were brutal, decapitation but it seemed they were tortured before death.”

“Why would anyone want to torture a slave master and a slave trainer?” Jungkook asks confused.

“Well, that is what the Crown Prince and the General are investigating,” she says, “I asked you here before I would like you to help them.”

“Help them?” says Jungkook, “What could I possibly do that my brother cannot?”

“You like hiding yourself by volunteering to work at the factory,” she says, glaring at him, “You’re far stronger than any vampire,” she says, “Do you remember the Ijong prophecy, I told you when you were a kid?”

Jungkook stares at his mother, wondering why she is bringing up old stories she used to tell him when he was a child, about some half-breed vampires. He sighs, knowing where his mother was going with this conversation,

“Yes, I remember,” he replies, “What does this have to do with the killings that are happening?”

“Nothing, but I want to refresh your memory that you are not like us, you are the subject of that prophecy. A half-vampire with the heart of a human, a god-like entity that possesses vampires beyond imagination-” she says,

“When awakening their eyes turn into a tinge of blood and go into a blood rage,” he cuts her off, remembering what occurred with the men in the robes. The darkness. The anger. The rage. Everything he never wants to feel again.

“Why’re you bringing this up again?” he retorts.

“Because I want you to recognize the strength and power you have. This is the reason your father has accepted you despite not having his blood,” she says, “But you keep disappointing him, and he’ll have you killed.”

Jungkook snorted, her words piercing his heart, “And here I thought the King loves me- “

His mother frowns, “He does deeply, this prophecy might be the reason why he kept you alive but over time he has come to love as a son, but after what happened with the slave and the Coven. He fears your views on the slave system and your care towards the slave boy might make you more dangerous towards him than his enemies.”

Jungkook bit his lower lip, not sure what to say, “Father said this?”

“Not to me,” she says, “But I have ears and eyes everywhere, anyway, this is why I want you to be by the Crown Prince side. By your family, so that the King does not question your loyalty and love.”

Jungkook clenched his teeth. All his life he has fought to get his father’s love and even though he hated the sight of him, his father, the King gave him the title of Prince, and put him in the line of succession, if something were to happen to Crown Prince Namjoon and Taehyung.

“He believes I will defy him?” Jungkook asked, hurt.

“Your disregard for the slave system, your recent behavior with the coven with the slave boy,” she says, “Even I have doubts about your loyalties. I see the way you treat that slave boy; it seems he influences you.”

Jungkook remained silent, unable to say anything, his mother was right. He does treat Jimin differently, that was clear with his actions yesterday. Any master would’ve punished his slave for suggesting treason, but he couldn’t bring himself too.

“I don’t like that boy,” his mother’s voice brought him out of his thoughts, “I fear he might poison your thoughts. Be careful, he might just turn out to be like the other human boy you loved.”

Jungkook glared at his mother, “Jimin is nothing like Taemin!”

She sighed and turned to him, and smiled sadly, “You defend him, yet you don’t deny loving him.”

Jungkook’s face tightens but refrained from speaking, loss at words. He knew it would be foolish to argue with his mother. “Best you educate him on how to behave soon, before he brings you more problems, my son, and remember hitting a noble because of a slave enables them to think and soon even you won’t be able to control him. You should never let a slave see you punish your men in front of them even if they did wrong.”

Jungkook’s gut twisted at her words. His mother knew about him punishing his guard.

“I’m a sorry mother,” he said in a low voice, “But I cannot do what you are asking. It’s not Jimin, you know I can never treat anyone with such cruelty.”

“Slaves are property, nothing more,” she says, “Anyway, I believe you will do the right thing. I know you love your family too much to do anything foolish. But I do want you to join your brother with the investigation, I fear these killings are not random. Slave trainers and Slave Master are the lowest in the noble ranking, but they are still important and play a crucial role in the system. I fear a rebellion.”

“Okay mother,” Jungkook spoke, “I’ll do as you ask. I’ll help with the investigating if it means putting you and the King at ease.”

His mother nods, and with that she picked up her glass, taking another sip. Jungkook sighs, picking up his, and slowly taking a sip of it.


Jungkook turns on the light to his room and closes the door behind him. Jungkook went over to the window, watching the green field that extended to the wall, and at the mountains beyond it. His mother’s words echoing in his mind, he punches the wall,

“Stupid!” he yelled, hitting the wall again, and again until his knuckle ached covered with bits of blood.

A small sob escaped his throat as he stares at his throbbing knuckle that lasted a few seconds, and quickly healed. The last time his other told of the prophecy was when Minho told him he had branded Taemin as his slave, and he lost his temper. A caged animal was let loose, and he ended up taking a life. He had buried that day deep within himself, and now it found it’s way back to the surface.

He made his way to the bed, laying on his back, staring at the white ceiling. His head felt as though it was going to explode, so he closed his eyes for a few seconds. A knock came at his door, and he sighs,


“It’s me, Your Highness,” spoke the guard.

“You may enter!”

Eyes still closed, he hears the door open, “What is it?”

“Um…there is a problem, Your Highness,” spoke the guard. Jungkook’s eyes flung open, and he sits up.

“What problem?”

“The librarian sent word for you to come quickly, Jimin- “

“What about Jimin?” roars Jungkook, on his feet, “What happened?”

“I’m not sure, the man just said to fetch you,” the guard spoke quickly.

“Damn!” shouts Jungkook, rushing out of the room.


When Jungkook arrived at the library, he looked around and there was no one in sight. He looks around, his heart pounding and spots the librarian, who quickly made his way towards him, meeting halfway.

“Where he is?”

“Your Highness,” says the Librarian, eyes wide, “He was taken away by the royal guards despite my warning.”

“Taken where?”

“To the confinement- “

Jungkook rushed out of the library and into his car, fuming with anger and fear. Who did Jimin offend? He wondered. Only a noble had the power to send any slave for punishment. He feared his mother’s words coming true, but he didn’t care, all he knew was that he was not going to let anyone hurt him, as long as he is alive. No one was permitted to lay a finger on him, no matter what status they carry.

For fuck’s sake, Jimin. What did you do now?


When he entered the detention center where personal slaves were held and punished, his gut twisted and rage took over, as pained cries and pleas echoes throughout the building. The guards fell to their knees as soon as they laid eyes on him,

“Your Highness- “

“Where he is!”

Without further words, the guards lead him down the hallway, around the corner and in front of a small door, stood silently at the end of the corridor.

“Open it!” ordered Jungkook, holding himself back from killing him. The guard trembled and quickly got out a set of keys, handshaking, and opened the door, exposing a dark and cold room.

Jungkook made his way inside, spotting Jimin curled up in the corner of the cell, hugging his knees to his chest. Jungkook sensed his fear and felt wretched anguish. The muscle in his cheek was throbbing now as his nostrils flared at the chain on his ankle. He walked over to him, kneeling beside him, placing a hand on his shoulder, as Jimin trembled refusing to lift his head.

“Jimin,” he called dimly, as Jimin quickly lifted his head by the sound of his voice, eyes widen. Jungkook’s heart and breathing ceased as he stares at the cut above his eyebrow, a cut lip and one of his cheek have turned nasty smudge of purple and swollen. There were cuts and bruises on his arms.

“Jungkook,” Jimin spoke softly, as blood trailed from his cracked lip. Jungkook pulled him into his arms, as Jimin clung to him, his body trembling and sobbing.

“I’m here. Right here. No one will hurt you again, I promise,” Jungkook crooned in his ear, caressing his back.

“Unlock this chain!” demanded Jungkook, wanting blood.

The guard quickly made his way to where Jimin burrowed into the safety of his embrace. He unlocks the chain around Jimin’s ankle. Jungkook carefully lifted him, as Jimin’s body trembled against his, eyes closed shut.

It won’t happen again. He vowed. I’ll see to it, they pay.

Without uttering another word, Jungkook walked out of the cell with Jimin in his arms, as the guards watched immobile, frozen. Scared.


When Jungkook arrived at the palace, passerby whispered among themselves as he carried Jimin to his manor. None spoke. Ridden with the guilt he could not bring himself to look at Jimin but felt his gaze on him. He sensed his emotions- they were a mess, fear, hatred, embarrassment, and sadness. For the first time in his life, he wished, he had didn’t have such powers and for the first, he hated the vampire half of himself.


Jungkook sat in his chair which had been pulled next to the bed, he has been watching him for hours, contemplating what he should do. He received word that Lord Lee was the man that ordered the guards to take Jimin to confinement for disrespecting him. He was a bastard. Jungkook never got along with him, and now it made sense why he ignored the Librarian’s warning. There was nothing he could to if a slave disrespected a noble, he is to be punished, that was the law.

He examined Jimin who was fast asleep, his wounds tended to, he had given him some of his blood to heal faster, but Jimin vomited it before his blood took effect, just as he did when he feed him at the Full Moon Harvest ceremony, and he threw up everything. At first, he didn’t think much of it but now he was certain, aside from being immune to magic, Jimin was unable to consume vampire blood, his blood.

He’d never shared his blood before not with anyone, human nor vampire. Most vampires didn’t as it was far too intimate and binding, but that was not his intention, he just wanted to heal him, but it seems even that he has failed. He had no choice but to let a human slave doctor tend him and leave behind pain killers.

Jungkook felt an overwhelming urge to embrace him, and before he knew what he was doing, he moved towards the bed, and slowly climbed on the bed. The mattress sank beneath his weight as he lied down beside him.

He listened to Jimin breathing as he slept. Jungkook was exhausted, trapped between seeking revenge for Jimin and listening to his mother’s warning. He had no power to punish a man, like Lord Lee, his father would have his head, and maybe even condemn Jimin to death, as he promised if he was to cause trouble again.

He had to be smart about this. He will make that man pay but it’ll have to be discreet. Jungkook moved closer to Jimin, hesitating before gently touching the bandaged above his eyebrow, carefully tracing it, to his forehead and down his small button nose and lips. His fingered lingered on his lips, the corner was stained purple. He felt an overwhelming feeling to kiss the wound and make it better.

He propped himself up, his heart raced, and the rapid upswing of his pulse beat against his eardrums. He leaned down; his lips brushed against Jimin’s slightly. It was a sot peck against his lips.

 Jimin remained unmoving, as Jungkook’s face heats up. A rush of excitement tore through him.

He pulled away, going back to his position, and resting his head on the pillow, still watching him sound asleep. He felt a rush of guilt, and responsible, for not teaching Jimin the way of a slave. He gave him freedom, and now he was punished because of his recklessness. 

Maybe his mother was right, and he is in love with Jimin. But she was also right about one more thing- he was strong beyond imagination, and has experienced the blood rage. Maybe it was time to show his father that he was man, not a boy anymore, Jungkook thought to himself, that is the only way I can protect him. No matter the consequences, this will never happen again. No one will ever lay a finger on him. 

Chapter Text


Jungkook’s gentleness the following days after his injury, made Jimin confused. He no longer knew what his role was in his life. He saw him sleeping next to him every time he opened his eyes. Jungkook kept him company throughout the following days, which made Jimin wonder if he will get in trouble for not going to the factory?

Jimin woke up to heavy tapping of raindrops against the window, as the bathroom door opens, and Jungkook steps out with only a towel wrapped around his waist. Busy drying his hair with a small towel, he was oblivious to Jimin watching him. He blushed when he caught sight of Jungkook’s naked back. He gazed at him as Jungkook dressed, his voice echoing in his ears- I’m here. I’m right now. No one will hurt ever again. Jimin smiled, remembering Jungkook’s vow to protect.

“You’re up,” Jungkook said, catching his gaze as he buttons his shirt, making his way towards the bed, “How’re you feeling?”

Jimin smiles sitting up, glancing around, he has been sleeping on Jungkook’s bed since Jungkook brought him back to the manor. The cuts and bruises have healed but some scars have not fully faded yet.

Jungkook sat on the edge of the bed, placing his palm on Jimin’s forehead, and Jimin swallowed hard heart pounding.

Jimin turned to him and met his eyes, as Jungkook’s hand lingered, instead of flinching, Jimin found himself melting underneath his touch.

“No more fever,” Jungkook said, relieved, “Are you hungry?” Jimin nods his head, as Jungkook removes his hand. Jimin sits up, leaning back against the cushion grey headboard while Jungkook makes his way towards the door. Jimin listens as he tells the guards to bring food and closes the door.

Jimin turns to the window, it was still raining hard. Jimin turns back to him, as Jungkook sits at the chair near the bed.

“I have something to tell you,” Jungkook spoke, as Jimin listens, giving him his attention, he sounded serious.

“I’ve been doing some research of my own while you were recuperating, and Minho and Heechul were able to locate one of the Hunters that attacked the Island and brought them for questioning.”

“What for?” asks Jimin, confused.

“I’ve been thinking, and I don’t believe the attack on the Island was a coincidence,” he explains, “Many places around the world were destroyed during the war, and then my father rose to power and implanted the slave system to the remaining humans, So why would he leave an Island of humans live in freedom?”

Jimin listened attentively, not sure what Jungkook was saying, but kept quiet, as Jungkook continues, “So the only reasons I can think of is that, one the King had no clue about the impossible Island. Second, if you have magic and your memories are conceal than someone maybe put a barrier to keep the Island hidden.”

“My mother…” Jimin spoke underneath his breath.


“The woman that claims to be my mother,” he says, “What if is she behind the Island being hidden?”

“Well if she fabricated your memories then it’s likely she placed a barrier to protect you as well, and I believe that barrier was maybe unsealed by someone,” Jungkook spoke as his voice trails off.

“Then that would mean the hunters didn’t find the Island by coincidence just like Lord Yoongi said,” Jimin bit his lip, as Jungkook stared at him warily.


“Yoongi-hyung?” Jungkook spoke, his expression changing, “When did you speak to him about this?”

Jimin clears his throat, contemplating whether he should tell him the truth. His gut clenched. He owed Jungkook. The prince had shown him kindness and saved his life on multiple occasion. And what had Jimin done for him? Nothing but bring him trouble. Even now, Jungkook was helping him but he feared what Jungkook would do with the information. He has made it clear that he will never betray his family. But he also knew Jungkook would sense it if he lies.

Jimin clears his throat, “It was a while back, he did purchase me,” he says, it was a partial truth.

“I see,” says Jungkook, still wary.

They gazed into each other’s eyes, examining and studying each other until they were interrupted by a knock on the door.

“I’ll go wash up quickly,” Jimin said, using the opportunity to escape as he goes to the bathroom, and closes the door. He exhales, placing his hand on his chest to calm himself down. Jungkook’s intense gaze examining him almost made him spill everything Yoongi told him. He found himself feeling guilty but what if Jungkook thinks he was plotting against him with Yoongi.

What then? Death, that is for sure.


When Jimin came out from the bathroom, Jungkook was standing at the table with light food on the table.

“Eat and gain your strength,” he says.

“Where are you going?”

“To question the hunter,” he replies.

“I want to come,” says Jimin.

“You’re injured- “

“I’m okay,” Jimin cuts him off, “I know what happened, I should be there.”

Jungkook stares at him, as Jimin keeps his gaze locked, not wanting to back off. Jungkook smiles,

“Alright, eat fast,” he says, giving in, “I have other matters to attend too.”

Jimin smiles, nodding his head, as he quickly makes his way to the table. He picks up a spoon and starts with the soup made with a flavorful beef broth and white radish. Quickly sipping it,

“Hey, you’ll choke if you keep eating that fast,” says Jungkook. Jimin ignores him, sipping on the soup, and almost chokes, coughing.

Jungkook chuckles, “Told you.”

Jimin grabs a glass of water and gulps it down, trying to breathe as he coughs again.

“Eat slowly,” says Jungkook, “I’m not going anywhere.” Jimin glanced up at him, as he takes a seat across from him. Jimin watches him for a second before turning back to the food on the table, smiling to himself. He could still feel Jungkook’s gaze and felt too shy to look at him, so he kept his head down. His heartbeat was louder than his thoughts.


“Your Highness,” greeted Lord Minho and Heechul, as they lead Jungkook through the building. It was a white building far from the palace, and it didn’t look like a prison or place for questioning, it looked like a house. Jimin followed Jungkook quietly as Minho and Heechul lead them upstairs and came to a stop in front of a room.

“He’s in here,” says Minho, opening the door. The man sat on a chair, hands and legs bonded tightly with ropes, he was beaten but his wounds seemed old, not new. His mouth was taped shut.  Jimin stared at him, staying in the back, the man didn’t look familiar but then again that day was hectic. Jungkook walked up to the man, sitting in the chair close to him,

“Uncover his mouth,” Jungkook ordered. Heechul made his way to the man and peel of the tape, as the man coughed.

“Who are you people?” he asked, staring at Jungkook.

“That’s not important,” replies Jungkook, “I just have a few questions for you, I’ll let you go after.”


“Did you, two months ago, lead an attack on an Island that resulted in the slaughtering of all it’s people?”

“Is this what this is about?” spoke the man, “Yes, my team did lead that attack. Are you working with the two men that beat me up?”

“What man?”

“A few weeks ago, a man came asking about Jeju Island,” spoke the man, “He wanted to know how we came to know of the place.”

“How did you come to know of the Island?”

“My team and I were hanging out at our usual place when a strange man in a black robe and mask approached us with the mission. All he gave me was a map and money. He said that we were to slaughter everyone, not a single life should be spared.”

“But your men did spare some people?” said Jungkook, as Jimin curled his fists, tightly, that his fingernails pierced his skin, fuming with anger.

“Well, we decided to spare the young ones to make more money by selling them to slavery.”

“You bastard!” roared Jimin.

The man turned to him, eyes widen, noticing Jimin just now, “You?” he said, “You are one of them.”

“Yes, he was one of the young ones sold on the slave market,” says Jungkook, turning to look at Jimin, and back at the man, “Did the man in the robe ever visit you guys again, to make sure you kept the end of the deal?”

“No, I’ve never seen him again,” replies the man, “What’s going on here? Why so many questions for mere humans?”

“Shut up!” roared Minho, “You don’t get to ask questions.”

“The two men that took the man, can you describe them to me?” asks Jungkook.

“They wore suits, I know they were warlocks,” he replies.

“Warlocks?” says Jungkook, turning back to Jimin, who stared back at him, wondering if he was thinking the same thing? Jungkook was unable to get in touch with Hoseok, could it be? Jimin gasps, walking and standing beside Jungkook.

“What?” asks Jungkook.

“When we were in Gwangju city, Lord Seokjin mentioned that he knew about Jeju Island,” says Jimin, “Well, he said he heard about it, it was one of the places that ceased to exist after the war.”

“Then I have no doubt,” says Jungkook, “The two warlocks must be Hoseok-hyung and Seokjin Hyung.”

“Do you think this has to do with the Priests?” asks Minho.

“No, they wouldn’t work with them,” says Jungkook, “But maybe they know something we don’t because Hoseok-hyung hasn’t been at work for weeks now.”

Jimin’s mind drifts to the first he met Lord Seokjin, he felt a sense familiarity with him, as a flash of his dreams invades his thoughts. His head started to hurt as time moved in and out of his vision. He had views of this life, as well as other events and images that didn’t make sense all rolled up in one unbearable agony. 

Jimin shrieked and fell to his knee, grabbing his head that felt like it was about to explode.

“Jimin!” he heard Jungkook shout in dismay, as he kneeled in front of him, holding his shoulders. Jimin closed his eyes, as the events and images continued. He watched as a man with rich silver eyes smiled down at him and smiled, children waves of laughter echoing in the back. His brain felt like it was on fire.


“Jimin!” he heard Jungkook shout again, then slowly, his breathing started to even out, and everything came into focus, and he opened his eyes to see Jungkook.

He sighed, “You scared me,” he said, exhaling, he looked worried but still managed to smile, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” Jimin answers, glancing around at the eyes staring at him. Feeling embarrassed he stands up with Jungkook’s help, forcing a smile as his head slightly throbbed.

“What’s wrong with him?” asks Heechul.

“Nothing,” replies Jimin, turning to the man, “When you brought us to the city, you bound our eyes, so I don’t where we are, but I’m sure you do- “

“I told you already, the two men took the map- “

“But as a hunter,” says Jimin, “I’m damn sure you remember how to get there.”

“Jimin,” says Jungkook placing a hand on his shoulder, “Traveling across the ocean is not a journey I can just take without permission.”

Jimin turns to face him, “If Lord Hoseok and Lord Seokjin have the map, chances are they have already left, if we leave now, we might be able to catch them. Like you said, maybe they know more about what’s happening to me than they let on.”

“I know,” says Jungkook, “But, I told my mother that I would assist the Crown Prince and Lord Yoongi on the investigation?”

“What investigation?”

“Wait! Your Highness!” shouts the man, “I was wondering why you looked familiar- “

“You will shut up if you know what’s good for you,” threatens Minho, glaring at the man, who pressed his lips shut.

“Look maybe after the investing- “

“It’ll be too late by then,” says Jimin, “You promised to help me.”

Jungkook gazed at him, he looked conflicted, then sighs turning to the man, “Do you remember how to get there?”

“Yes, but- “

“Then we are leaving on Friday,” he replies, “That gives you a day to prepare the trip. Minho and Heechul, stay by his side, if he tries anything, you have my permission to kill him.”

“Your Highness,” shrieked the man.

“If you do not give us trouble and take us to the Island, then I would appreciate it,” says Jungkook, kindly, glancing at Jimin, who was happy beyond words but remained composed. It would be strange for a slave to hug his master.


As they made their way back to Jungkook’s manor, Jimin found himself speechless in the car. This was the second time, Jungkook was driving himself, it seems like when he is doing something personal, he doesn’t let the driver take him, just like when he took Jimin to the Lake. Jungkook was talking about gathering more information but Jimin drifted into his voice, unable to stop staring at his face now and then. He had strong features- a long straight nose, large brown doe eyes, smallmouth. His upper lip was thinner than his lower lip, and he had hidden dimples that appear whenever he bit his inner cheek or made a pouting face.

Jimin’s eyes lingered on his lips.

Jungkook catches him staring at his lips, and Jimin turns to look out the window at the rain, embarrassed, cheeks flushed red as blood.

Jungkook pulled up at the manor and parked the car, Jimin exhales, able to breathe again, as he turns to look at him.

“Thank you,” Jimin said quietly, his voice sucked up in the noise of the engine as Jungkook turns it off, glancing at him. Jungkook gazed at him, and Jimin stared into his melting brown eyes, as he unbuckled the seat belt since he was the only one wearing it.

 He studied him for a long moment before moving towards him, and before his mind could talk him out of it, Jimin’s arms were around him.

The rain rushed down, dancing on the car. He was sure Jungkook would push him away but instead, Jungkook pulled him closer, tightening the hug. Jimin inhaled his scent, closing his eyes momentary, in a trance. His warmth evoked sensations he’d had never known he was capable of feeling.

His heart beat faster and faster.

They pull apart, Jungkook looks at him, and Jimin wonders what he sees when he is looking at him with such intensity? Jimin swallows still gazing at each other. Hand trembling Jimin reached out to him and touches his face, Jungkook melts underneath his touch- tempted? Jimin smiles, amused, still haven’t broken contact, Jimin inclined his face towards him, eyes closed but then a knock on the car window startled them as they both quickly pulled away from each other.

Shit. I can't believe I was going to kiss him. What the hell is the matter with me? He is a Prince. 



Chapter Text


Jungkook’s heart pounded in his ears as he opens the door and steps out while the manservant shielded him from the rain with an umbrella. He glares at the man, annoyed at his lack of timing. His face heated, Jimin’s hand still lingering on his cheek. His fragrance lingered in his nostrils and mind.

 How he wanted to kiss him so bad.

He made his way around the car, shielding Jimin with the umbrella. He looked into his eyes. Had his gaze always been so intense? His lips had bloomed from pale pink to rose. Jungkook’s heart leaped with the same unease he’d felt the first time he’d seen Jimin.

“Let’s go inside,” he spoke softly, “Wouldn’t want you to get sick.”

Jimin smiles, somehow avoiding his gaze as he looks around. Jungkook follows his gaze and realizes the guards and the manservant were looking at them. He remembered his mother saying she had eyes and ears everywhere and felt paranoid.

Once they were inside the building, he handed the umbrella to the manservant, and they both headed upstairs towards their room. They walked in silence, side by side- not something a Master will do with a slave, but Jungkook knew he was to blame. He was the one slowing down his pace to match with Jimin. With each step, they moved closer to each other, shoulders slightly bumping each other, aware of each other’s body.

Once in front of their rooms, Jungkook hesitated, waiting to hear Jimin’s door open before entering his room, but he heard nothing. His hand clenched the doorknob, and he couldn’t focus, his senses were all over the place.

How far should I go? “I’ll see you for dinner,” he replied simply turning to him. A mistake. His gaze met Jimin who turned at the same time.

For a moment there was silence. Then he looked at him, really looked. He found himself breathless. He wanted to stride across the hallway and kiss him until he was breathless, but instead his hand that held the doorknob shook.

“Your Highness,” a voice interrupted the trance they had entered. Jungkook exhaled, relieved for the interruption, as he turns around.


“Your Majesty, the Queen calls for you,” spoke the House servant of the Queen, her head bowed.

Damn, what does she want now? He sighs, “Alright, you may leave.”

“Your Highness,” bows the girls as she turns and walks back downstairs. Jungkook glances at Jimin, whose door was halfway open. He looked slightly concerned.

Jungkook smiles, “Duty calls.”

Jimin nods his head and walks inside his room. Jungkook stands still, many thoughts going through his mind, and takes a deep breath once the door closes shuts.

Slaves are property, nothing more. His mother’s voice echoed in the back of his mind.


Jungkook took a deep breath, as he reaches the door to his mother’s living room. He can hear chattering, and wonders who his mother has over. She always has those noblewomen over for god knows what.

He exhales, as the guard slides open the door, the curtains of a large living room were covered, and his vampire sense was on alert when he inhaled the scent of pine and honey, and when he turned around, he saw them. His mother sitting at the round table with Lady Roseanne Park of Canberra, Rose’ as she prefers. She was the daughter of the third pureblood vampire family. Her father was the mayor of the country that was once known as Australia, but now just goes by the Capital, Canberra was a close childhood friend of his mother. She was the same age as Taehyung and was like an older sister to him.

“Jungkook,” she said standing up. Her long reddish-brown hair flowed over her shoulders and glistened; she wore a long, black tight silky dress that showed her flawless figure. Her lips were carefully tinted red. Her heels clicked on the tiles as she makes her way towards him. Jungkook smiles meeting her halfway,

“Noona,” Jungkook said surprised to see her at the palace. The last time he’s seen her was last year when she came for the celebration of D-Day, the day the Demons surrendered to the Vampire Clan and his father became King, but that wasn’t until October 20th; that was two weeks from now.

“You seem surprised to see me,” she spoke with a wide smile and obvious accent before hugging him, place a kiss on his cheek, before breaking the hug.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were arriving?” he said, still baffled.

“I wanted to surprise you,” she says, cheerfully, “Wow, you become handsome each time I see you.”

Jungkook blushed at her compliment, “You are as beautiful as ever,” he replies, as she hooks her arm around his and leads him to the table, “Join us.”

Jungkook glances at his mother as he takes a seat beside Rose’, “I wanted to come early and help with the preparations.”

“Surely, you don’t think, I will let you exhaust yourself like that, Lady Rose’,” spoke his mother, “We have servants for that.”

Rose’ laughs, “I love preparing such things, I am a party planner,” she says.

“Since when?”

“Since last year,” she replies, “I’ve been bored so I took up another hobby.”

“Again?” teases Jungkook.

“Well, one can never have enough skills,” she says, “Anyway, besides that I also want to spend time with you four before the festival.”

Jungkook glances at his mom, biting his lower lip, “Um, I won’t be home,” he says, “I have to assist Namjoon-hyung with the investigation.”

“Oh? I heard about that,” she says, “Surely, it’s not so serious that the Crown Prince needs to waste time investigating, why not just leave it to the Judiciary Officers deal with that?”

“The King feels the Crown Prince is better suited to solve the case,” replies his mother, clearing her throat, “But you don’t need to leave so soon, Jungkook.”

Jungkook glances at her, confused, “Mother, you insisted I go and help him- “

“And now, I am insisting you stay and keep Lady Rose’ company,” she speaks, glaring at him, before turning to Rose’ and smiles.

“If he wants to go assist the Prince, he should go,” says Rose’.

“Nonsense,” says his mother, “You know he adores you, Namjoon will soon come home for the festival, and he can assist afterward.”

Jungkook clenched his fists, there was no way he can leave for the Island now. He completely forgot about the festival, and with Rose’ being here, he has no choice but to postpone the trip. His gut twisted, hoping Jimin will understand.

His heart sank.

“Anyway, you must be tired,” says his mother, “I had the servants already prepare a room in my manor, Jungkook please escort her to her room.”

“Sure mother.”


When they arrived in front of the room, his mother arranged for her stay, there was a moment of silence,

“Come in,” says Rose’ in a serious tone, “I need to speak to you.”

Jungkook stares at her, brow furrowed but did as she asked. She closes the door behind her, as he turns to face her. He examined her, and she seemed worried.

“What is it?”

“I didn’t come here for just the festival, but I didn’t want to say anything to your mom, she saw me before I could find you,” she says, “I came to tell you that Ye-jin runs away.”

“What!” exclaimed Jungkook, “What’re you talking about?”

“I know you trusted me to look after her, but she became a trouble,” says Rose’ “She started hanging out with some rogue vampires, then one day she never came home.”

“Damn it!” he says, “You have no idea where she is.”

“Well, she is actually in Seoul,” says Rose’ “That’s why I’m here but she refuses to come back with me.”

“Damn, did she say why she is here? Asks Jungkook.

“I don’t know,” she replies, “I’m sorry.”

Jungkook sighs, “It’s not your fault, can you take me to her?”

“Yes of course,” says Rose’.

Jungkook sighs, frustrated. It seemed like his life was one problem after another. Ye-jin was the daughter of a slave that he killed when he lost his temper, and the first time, he felt such darkness, such evil take a hold of him. He turned her for pure amusement but regretted it the minute, Rose’ helped him regained his senses. Ye-jin was a reminder of his darkness, so he let Rose’ take her. She was only fourteen, a year younger than him, but thanks to him, she’ll forever be fourteen.

Only his mother knew about her, and she ordered him to kill her as it was illegal to turn a slave into a vampire. If the King knew about it, it will have severe consequences.

But filled with the guilt he was unable too.


Rose and Jungkook arrived at a maze-like building complex, already the sun was setting, and the run has ceased. The buildings surrounded them, intact, crumbled, and everywhere in between. A brick building towered over him to the right with shattered windows. He turned to the left where a row of houses to in ruins and completely overgrown by an assortment of tall grasses. The neighborhood was forgotten, and silence, he wondered why Ye-jin would be staying here? Jungkook could taste the blood in the air. He felt gazes on him from everywhere.

His ear perked up, hearing footsteps, he glanced at Rose’ who was alert as well. “Seems like we have company,” he says.

“Bunch of strays,” she says.

A shot rang out.

Jungkook focused his gaze to locate the gun that had been fired—and its wielder. It’s been a while since he heard a gunshot.

Something gleaming caught his attention then footsteps followed as a young man dressed in a long black coat stepped out from around a corner with a pistol in hand. He moved quietly, maybe a hunter.

“Who goes there?” spoke a young man, pointing the pistol at them, Jungkook went into a defensive mood, ready to lunch at them man. He has never been shot at but as half-human, he knew bullets would harm him even though they wouldn’t kill him since he can heal rather quickly.

“Stand down,” says Rose’ “I got this.” Jungkook watches her as she walks towards the young man,

“It’s me, I came for Ye-jin,” she says.

The man frowned, “You again? I thought Ye-jin made it clear that she wants nothing to do with you.”

“Even so,” says Rose’, “This man here is her sire, call Rose’ here now.”

The man lowers the gun and a swarm of people came out from the shadows, standing behind him, on the top of the buildings.

“We don’t want any trouble,” says the man, “But this neighborhood is ours, no outsiders without my permission.”

Jungkook scoffs, “Vampires wielding human weapons,” he says, taking a step forward, “That’s useless.”

“Who are you?” asks the young man.

“No one,” replies Rose’ “But if you want it to stay that way then I suggest you hand over the girl.”

Silence fell, as the young man and Jungkook have a stare-off.

“Ye-jin!” shouted the man.

A small dark-haired girl emerged from the crowd and stood in front of the man. A bright smile lit her pretty features. Jungkook studied the girl as he fought his anger, she was exactly as he remembered her. She had the physical body of a fourteen-year-old, but she was seventeen in reality.

“Want to tell me what you’re doing in Seoul?” he asked.

“Nothing, I just followed some friends here,” she replies, glaring at Rose’ then turning back to Jungkook, “That’s why I stayed away from the palace.”

Loud murmuring and chatters erupt from the crowd.

“Palace?” says the Young man, puzzled, “Just who the hell are you?”

“Silence!” roars Rose’.

“We had a deal,” says Jungkook, walking towards her, “You cannot be in Seoul, go back to Canberra.”

“I am not a little girl anymore,” she retorts, frowning, “You cannot just toss me aside as you did years ago.”

“I’m ordering you to go back to Canberra,” he growled, losing patience with her, “Do you have a death wish?”

“Are you threatening to kill me, Your Highness?” she says with a smirk.

“We had a deal,” he says.

“I don’t care!” she exclaims stomping her feet, “That deal sucks, you were supposed to take care of me but look, after all these years, you still treat me like a slave, tossing me to Rose’ I don’t even like her. You should’ve killed me just like you killed my mother!”

“You bitch!” roars Rose’.

Her words were the final trigger. Jungkook moved like the wind, and gripped her neck, lifting her off her feet. Her legs dangle below, kicking above the ground,

“Alright, you have a death wish then I will snap your neck right now,” he said. Ye-jin thrashed about in his grasp, twisting and struggling.

“Okay!” she says, eyes filled with alarm as Jungkook places her back on the ground, “I’ll go back but can I stay until the festival.”


“Please,” she pleaded, “You know, they are very mean to me when Rose’ is not there, which is why I left.”

“What?” says Rose’, confused, “Who?”

“Your family!” shouted Ye-jin, “They look at me and treat me like trash when you’re not there, please, let me stay. I promise I will not come anywhere near the palace. I’ll stay here with Woon bin-oppa, then afterward the festival we can go back together.”

Jungkook sighs, glancing at Rose’, “You’re her guardian, what do you think?”

“I wasn’t aware of the mistreatment,” she says, “Fine, she can stay but only if promises to stay out of trouble, two weeks is a long time.”

“Don’t worry, Woobin-oppa here looks after everyone,” says Ye-jin, with a large grin.

“I can rent a better place for you to stay at,” says Jungkook, “You don’t have to stay with a bunch of strays.”

“Well, not every vampire is a noble or high in the food chain,” says Woobin, “We just want to survive like everyone else, so we look after each other.”

Jungkook glares at him, “Why not get a job?”

Woobin laughs, “No offense, Your highness but just because we aren’t walking around with metal bracelet like humans, doesn’t mean we’ll be treated as equals. No one cares about the nonpure breed like us; turned into vampires by accident or because of a game. In your eyes, we are worse than humans.”

“Mind your tongue,” warns Jungkook, turning around, “Stay here if that’s what you want Ye-Jin.”


“Let’s go,” says Jungkook.

How did this day get so messy? hopefully, she doesn't cause trouble. 




Chapter Text


Jimin paced back and forth in his room, frustrated. Jungkook never showed up for dinner last night and when he woke up, the guards had told him the Prince left. Jimin couldn’t help but feel like Jungkook was avoiding him because he tried to kiss him. He feared he might have offended him.

“Dammit,” Jimin muttered, sitting on the bed. He sighed, He had another thing to worry about- like recovering his memories. His memories were the key to his freedom. A knock came at the door, and Jimin stood up, quickly going to answer the door.

“Jun- “He paused when he saw it was one of the guards, “What?”

“Your Highness is calling for you,” he spoke.

“Jungkook is back?”

“No, he is calling you to join him in the dining room,” says the guard with a smirk, “He has a rather a beautiful guest. He couldn’t be bothered so he sent the maid to come to fetch you.” Jimin rolls his eyes, annoyed as he glances past the guard to the maid who stood in the hallway.

So, I did offend him? Guest, what guest?


Jimin heard laughter coming around the corridor that leads to the dining room, then came in front of the door. The guards slide open the door. Despite his frustration with him, he remembered to keep his cool. He glanced around the room before turning to them, Jungkook sat at the table, and across from him sat a beautiful woman, with reddish-brown hair.

“Jimin,” he heard Jungkook call him, “Join us.”

Jimin having learned his listen with the man from the library, slightly bowed, keeping his eyes downcast. He might be able to get away with glaring and gazing at Jungkook, but as a slave, he knew such things will not be tolerated.

Jimin made his way towards the table but came to a halt as the woman stood up, staring at him with large eyes. In awe, as she made her way towards him.

Why is she looking at like that?

“Wow,” she says, her gaze darted between Jungkook and Jimin, she reached for his chin but Jimin took a step back, stiffen and tensed. He glanced up at, looking past the woman and at Jungkook whose mouth compressed into a disapproving line.

Just who is she?

The woman circled him like a predator as he becomes even more tensed underneath her gaze. She stops in front of him. In a soft, high pitched voice, she clasped her hands together, “Wow, he is so adorable!”

 Jimin’s pride pricked, embarrassed, as anger shot through him.

Adorable? She called me adorable. What am I a pet?

“If you’re done scaring him, can you both sit please,” says Jungkook, as the girl glares at him.

“My name is Lady Roseanne Park of Canberra,” she says with a grin, “But you can call me Lady Rose’.” Jimin notices her accent and glances at Jungkook then back at her. She spoke funny. “What’s your name?” she asks, completely dismissing Jungkook’s plead for them to sit.


“Jimin,” she says, “It suits you.”

“Thank you, Lady Rose’.”

“Polite as well,” she says looking at Jungkook, “I’m amazed you are as bratty as your Master.”

“He’s only behaving for you,” teases Jungkook. Jimin’s gaze darts between him and her, not liking the strange pit forming in his stomach. He’d never seen Jungkook behave so playful with anyone, not even his siblings. Resentment shot through him, as he turns his gaze to the tiles on the floor.

“That’s an offensive scar,” she spoke, causing him to glance up and met her gaze, she was surprisingly beautiful. Rose’ turned back to Jungkook, “Tell me this was not you.”

Jungkook glares at her offended, “Of course not,” he replied defensively, “That son of bitch Lord Lee is responsible.”

“Oh? How so?”

“The bastard probably punished him for being disrespectful just because he was my slave,” he retorted.

She frowns, “He’d always been an awful man. You shouldn’t let him treat your property so cruel.”

Property? Jimin clenched his teeth, not sure if he should be touched by her sympathy or be insulted that she only sees him as a thing to be owned. His fingers clenched as he took a deep breath and fought to restrain his temper.

An unfamiliar sound echoes in the room, as Rose’ turns around heading to the table. They both watch her as she ruffles through a bag, pulling out a small unfamiliar device. She opens the device, and the sound ceases. Jimin glances at Jungkook puzzled.

“Well,” she says, “I would stay a little longer, but I have some errands to run, you still taking accompanying me to the market in the evening?”

“What errands?”

“Personal errands,” she replies, “I would love to stay and chat, but I must go now.”

Jungkook rose from his chair, “Is everything alright?”

“Of course,” she says, hugging him, and exchanging kisses on the cheek with him. Jimin’s mouth opened, surprised at how open she was with affection. She must be someone he was involved with, he guessed.

She makes her way towards him, stopping close by, “You are lucky to have him as your Master. Don’t bring him any trouble.”

With that, she walked past him, and out of the doors. Jimin watched as the doors closed shut after her, before turning to Jungkook, who was now seated.

“Are you going to sit?”

Jimin looked at him questioningly, “You never came back home yesterday?”

“I did,” he replies, “You were asleep.”

“I waited for you.”

“Waited for me?” Jungkook stared back at him, puzzled.

“For dinner.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, something came up and well I came home really late.”

There was a long pause in which Jimin could not bring himself to look at him. His mind raced with million thoughts but mostly they involved Jungkook and Rose’. What was wrong with him? Just a few seconds ago, he was worried about Jungkook changing his mind about helping him with his memories, and now he was upset by the thought of Jungkook having another person in his life.

“Are you okay?” asks Jungkook, getting up from his seat and stands in front of him. Jungkook places a hand on his forehead, taking him by surprise, “You’re not sick, are you?”

“I’m fine,” replies Jimin, harshly, as he takes a step back. Jungkook gazed at him with confusion and uncertainty.

“You’re upset? Why?”

Jimin frowned; unsure how to respond to him. What did that mean? Of course, he was upset. Not only did he wait like an idiot for him last night but was also summoned to the dining room, just so he can meet this guest of his. He wondered if it was that easy to be discarded and forgotten? He was sure something was going to happen between Jungkook and him, but now it seems like that was a dream for the impossible.

“I need to tell you something,” Jungkook spoke, almost in a whisper, as his voice trails off instantly growing serious, Jimin gazes at him fidgeting with the metal bracelet around his wrist, anticipating what Jungkook needed to tell him.

Jungkook exhales, biting his lower lip, “I know I made a promise, and I will keep it, but we won’t be able to travel to Jeju this week.”

Jimin’s eyes narrow on him, confused, “Why not?”

“Lady Rose’,” he says, “I must stay here and keep her company by the Queen’s order.”

Jimin scoffed, he had finally flipped his lid, and he was surprised to realize he didn’t care for the consequences. Not anymore.

“You don’t have to lie okay. I know I almost crossed the line yesterday in the car, and that’s why you’ve been avoiding me- “

“I haven’t been avoiding you,” Jungkook cut him off, “It’s like that at all okay. And it’s not just the Queen and Rose’, something crucial came up, and I cannot leave the city until it is sorted.” Tension thrummed throughout the room, as Jimin gazed at him, not sure if he could believe any word from him. What he feared was coming true. Jungkook took his hands, his hands were cold, as Jimin’s eyes scanned his face.

“Trust me if this wasn’t a life and death situation, I would’ve disregarded my mother’s order and take you to the Island. Nothing is more important to me than you.”

Jimin’s heart leaped wildly in his chest. He didn’t know what to make of this confession or what it meant or if it meant anything. His heart raced as Jungkook gently caressed his hand with fingers. He bit his lip, excitement washed over him. His cologne tickled his nose, his warm breath caressed his face; instantly, he forgot what they were talking about. His mind occupied with other matters- like his desire to kiss him.

They stood staring at each other. Hesitantly, Jimin dared to stand on his tiptoes and pressed a quick kiss on Jungkook’s mouth. His lips tingled from the contact, and Jungkook’s eyes widened in surprise.

Jimin pulled back slightly, trembling and shocked by his actions, a moment of exquisite anticipation spun out between them but before he could make a run for it, Jungkook pulled him close, cupped his face, captured his lips again in a bruising kiss. Desire pulsed and pour out of them, like a hot flame, burning them from the inside out and leaving him yearning for more contact.

It was almost as if Jimin could hear his thoughts, as sensation, none he has ever thought he was capable of feeling before rippled through him. Wrapping his arms around his neck, Jimin clung to him as Jungkook slid his hands down his spine pressing him tighter until their bodies became one while he deepened their kiss.

They both tensed as the kiss became more passionate.

Jimin couldn’t get enough as his cock hardens in his pants. Every virgin nerve in his body burned for Jungkook.

They found themselves on the floor, tongue tangling- tasting, devouring, Jimin let him lead as he had no clue what he was doing. Eventually, Jungkook’s lips left him, and Jimin felt sizzling lips on his neck, his resistance crumbling. Jungkook’s lips continued to caress his neckline, as a moaned whispered free of his throat. Jimin’s hands slid underneath the collared shirt, touching warm flesh and sighed in pleasure, tilting his head for more of his kisses.

 Jungkook growled, nipped and nibbled, then Jimin felt it, sharp fangs piercing the muscle between his neck and shoulder.  A small part of Jimin’s brain screamed for him to run away and that this was too fast, but he shoved the thought down and ignored it.

He wanted this. He wanted him. He needed him.

Suddenly, Jungkook pulled away and gave Jimin a frightening look, the face grew pale- his brown eyes were pure black, wild and blank like an animal, but Jimin’s face, had become flushed, breathing hard, not sure what just happened.

Jungkook moved of him, brushing his hair back, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have that.”

Jimin sat up as well, looking at him, confused, never has anyone turned him inside out before. He didn’t know what to do next. He gazed at Jungkook noticing the sharp, pointed teeth … Fangs. 

He wasn’t scared. Not anymore. Not of him.

Jimin moved closer to him, taking his hand trying to comfort him with his touch but the terror in Jungkook’s eyes didn’t seem to fade even with his reassurance.

“You don’t understand,” says Jungkook pulling his hand away, and standing up, his expression turned grimmer but before Jimin could say anything, Jungkook had started to walk away.

Jimin flinched as the doors slammed shut.


Jimin had no idea how long he has been sitting there since Jungkook walked away, leaving him. His mind went through a thousand reasons to assure himself that Jungkook would eventually come back and explain but nothing.

He silently reviewed what happened in his mind, his gut knotted in regret. The taste of Jungkook’s lips, the feel of his skin beneath his fingers overwhelmed him. For the first time, he experienced the need and the burning desire of another person’s contact, and for the first, he allowed his façade crumbled, and this was the result.


Throughout the whole day, Jimin remained in his room, trying to understand why Jungkook all of sudden back away. What was it that he didn’t understand? Was it the fangs? It couldn’t be, it was not the first time he’d seen his fangs.

Having had enough, Jimin left his room and made his way to Jungkook’s room.

“He’s still not here,” spoke one of the guards.

Jimin glared at him, not in the mood, “He hasn’t returned?”

“Not since you asked three hours ago,” the Guard mocked, “Maybe he went on a date with Lady Rose’, you didn’t think you were special, did you? He’d always had a soft spot for her, every day knows he is going to marry her.”

The guards bust out a laugh.

 Jimin glared at him. A strange feeling started in his belly. Pulsing and uncontrollable heat began spreading throughout his whole body. He clenched his fists to disguise the shaking of his hands.  

 Don’t laugh at me A voice echoed in his mind, Disgusting creatures!

The words settled deep in his bones, and something snapped in him, and before he knew it, the Guard had dropped to his knees and screamed in agony.

“What the hell!” shouted the other Guard, running towards him, as Jimin kept his gaze on the Guard on the floor, clenching his head. A sense of the air moving made the hallway seem like it was spinning around, but everything else remained motionless. Jimin sensed powerful energy in the air.

 “Make it stop!” shouted the Guard, gripping his head.

“Make what stop?” asks the other, confused.

Jimin watched with a small smile on his face, the tension, and energy in the air made the hallway feel like it was shrinking, then a crackle echoed out throughout the wall, as all the light bulbs shattered, as Jimin jumped startled.

He covered his ears frightened, as screams from the guard ceased, and they both looked up at Jimin, then exchanged glances with each other.

 Jimin quickly made his way back to his room, closing the door shut. His heart pounded in his ears, and a piercing noise caused him to fall on his knees, he kept his eyes on the floor, the same energy was in the room, gritting his teeth. He had no idea what was happening. He felt a different kind of energy but this time it was in his body. It was cold and hot at the same time, so bright…it was painful and seized him completely. Jimin trembled, as he gripped his head, that felt like exploding.

He moaned as his vision shifted and it felt like fire was rushing through his veins.

Breath Jimin. Don’t be afraid. You’ll be alright, my boy.

A voice echoed in his ears, but he couldn’t distinguish whether it was in his mind or he was hearing it.

Breath. The spell is weakening, you’ll be alright. Just breath. I’m right here with you. Jimin took a deep breath, inhaling and exhaling, and in a matter of second, the room was back to normal and the pain was gone. He felt relieved. He pushed himself up, slowly making his way to his bed, exhausted.

His eyes glimmered with water but took a deep breath and fell on the bed.

“Mom,” he whimpered.

I’m here. Sleep. All will be okay.

He heard loud and clear just before he closed his eyes shut.

Chapter Text


As they walked through the market, Jungkook contemplated the many completely logical reasons why a bond between Jimin and he would be a horrible idea. He hated walking out on him, at a moment like that without an explanation but what was he supposed to do. It’s been years since he’s lost control like an animal. He hated allowing his vampiric side of him to surface like that due to pleasure. Everything was happening to fast. He surely didn’t expect Jimin to kiss him first, though he’d sense his emotions for a while now. Jungkook might be a vampire, but he would be devasted if he were to hurt Jimin.

On top of it, Jungkook had dangerous enemies who would love getting their hands on anyone he called his. He couldn’t do anything to bring attention to him, then he had already. He’d barely managed to protect him now.

No, a relationship is impossible. For his own sake.

“You know, if you had things to do, you didn’t have to accompany me,” Rose’s voice broke the silence and brought him out of his head.

“Huh?” he says, giving her a side glance, not sure what she said.

“We’ve walked for ten minutes now,” she says, “You’ve had that pained expression since then, I don’t want people to think I’m abusing you.”

Jungkook chuckles, “I apologize. I just have something on my mind.”

“Jimin?” she asks.

Jungkook’s eyes widen, turning to her, “How do you know?”

“Well,” she says, blushing, “You know how we’re good at sensing, I smelled his scent on you a while ago.”

Jungkook’s face flushes, and cheeks heated, as the image of Jimin and he kissing invades his thoughts, “Oh?”

“Are you guys together?”

Jungkook bites his lower lip, “No…I mean this is the first time something happened between us.”


“Then nothing,” he replies, “I left, and wandered around the palace until it now.”


“Because you know, it’s impossible between us.”

Rose’ comes to a halt, and Jungkook turns to her, she glances at the guards behind them and to him,

“Look, I know the whole slave and master disgust you, but if you have feelings for Jimin than pursue it. Don’t care about what the Queen or King wants. Besides, masters are allowed to sleep with their slaves- “

“As property, as a blood slave, as sex slaves,” cuts Jungkook, anger boiling up, “If my mother, the Queen gets a word that I might…I might be in love with Jimin, I fear the consequences. Jimin will be the one to be punished.”

“Even so,” she says, “If you don’t take a stand, how will things ever change?”

“I will not endanger him for a political statement,” he retorts.

“I’m sorry but you already do, anyone can tell by the way Jimin behaves, talks dresses that he is not a simple slave- that he has freedom.”

“So, what’re you saying, Noona?”

“I’m saying that rejecting him because you’re scared is cowardly,” she says, “Don’t let your fears stop you from following your heart.”

Jungkook goes silent, eyes darting around the marketplace. Rose’ was making a lot of senses, but outsider wasn’t the only danger he feared for Jimin. He also feared himself, if one day, he lets his feelings take control over him and hurt Jimin, he would never forgive himself.

“Let’ me tell you a secret,” says Rose’.

“A secret?”

“Yes,” she says, with a sad smile, “I’ve been in love with the same guy since before I knew what love was but because I’ve been a coward, I never confessed. Now, It’s too late because too much time just passed, we barely talk anymore, and I only see him once a year.”

“Really? Who?”

“Doesn’t matter,” she says, “My point is, that line has been crossed, things can never go back to the way they were between Jimin and you, so why not risk it? he seems like a brave boy, I bet he was the one who made the first move.”

Jungkook chuckled, “You’ve met him once, and you already figured him out.”

All of a sudden, Jungkook felt a strong breeze caress his face, he felt the hair on the back of his neck prickled, and time seemed to slow. Unknown energy filled the air, it was magic. The sensation was not new to him, he knew magic, but this energy was more powerful than anything he’d ever felt in his life. His whole body tensed, and his senses went on high alert- he could hear everything, smell everything.

Then came a shockwave as the windows of the shop in front of them like the blast of a bomb, instantly cracked into a billion tiny shards, followed by screams. They immediately dived for the ground and covering their heads as the blast rode over them.

Jungkook stood up, semi-blindness amid the chaos, fiery smoke and dust came a girl, dressed in all black- tight leather pants and blouse with a long leather coat with long black hair, and dark red lipstick. She was tall and leanly muscled.

 Jungkook’s eyes immediately noticed her weapons, two long fiery purple swords.

“Magical weapons?” he muttered to himself, those weapons were extinct, it was like the girl came from another world or realm. No witch or wizard, used magical weapons, the ones he met at least.

Somehow the swords vanished, and then she took a deep breath and started calming walking towards them, Jungkook tensed, as the royal guards got ready to protect Rose’ and him. He sensed powerful magic, but no willingness to fight. Jungkook had a doubt she was a witch; something was off about her.

 At the very least, she looked extremely out of place. 

“Catch her!” exclaimed one of the marketplace guards.

“Stand down,” Jungkook spoke, as he approached the girl.

“Your Highness!” he heard the guards call out.

“Jungkook!” Rose’ called out, as she walks to where he is, followed by the royal guards.

When she reached them, she gave him a nod and held her hands out submissively, “I’m the one responsible for the blast,” she spoke tonelessly, and her gaze held him, “You may take me into custody.”

Jungkook jerked, confused, “What did you just say?”

“Inside the shop, are dead vampires, and I killed them,” she again, “You are obligated to take me into custody.”

Jungkook glances at Rose’, “Royal Guards!”

“Yes, Your Highness,” they replied,

“Arrest her,” he orders.

“Yes, Your highness.”

One of the guards, pulls out iron handcuffs from their pocket and placed them on her, she stood unfazed, Jungkook called for the Marketplace guards to assist them, and take her for questioning. They nod their heads and ushered her through the crowd that stood watching, confused.

Jungkook sighs, glancing at Rose’ who was as confused as him. He made his way towards the shop with the blasted windows, and as soon as they stepped inside, blood filled his nostrils. She was right, she had killed all the vampires in the shop, as heads laid separate from their bodies- decapitation. The humans were hidden under tables, but it seemed like the girl didn’t lay a hand on any of them.

“Oh my god!” exclaimed Rose’.

Jungkook’s stomach clenched, as he stared at the bodies and blood, “Guard!” he called.

“Yes, Your Highness, “I want you to go to notify the town’s head office.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“Why?” Jungkook heard Rose’ mutter to herself and turned to her.

“Let’s go back to the palace,” he says, “I’ve got to notify the Council.”


“It’s her,” spoke Lord Hu, the Crown Prosecutor, the legal party responsible for presenting the case against an individual in a criminal trial, “The murders found at the shop match the murders of the slave trainer and a slave master’s family.”

“Has said a word about their murders?”

“No, she hasn’t spoken a word since the guards brought her here,” he replies, “We’ve already sent men to notified the Crown Prince, should we notify the King?”

“No,” Jungkook replies, “That’s for the Crown Prince to decide.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Jungkook gazed at the girl sitting on the bed through the glass, for someone possibly facing execution, she seemed calm. Her gaze shot to Jungkook and smirked.

“How did you find her?”

“I didn’t,” he replied, “She turned herself in instead of fighting. Something doesn’t feel right.”


Night had fallen when Jungkook finally returned to his manor. He turned the corner in the hallway and immediately halted. He smelled faint gas and not only that but strange energy and picked up his pace.


“What happened?” he inquired, as the two guards exchanged glances.

“We don’t know, Your Highness,” replies one of them.

“We were standing here, and the next thing we knew the hallway light bulbs shattered,” explained the other one.

“Where is Jimin?”

“He never left his room since it happened- “

“Was he hurt?”

“No, Your Highness.”

Jungkook glares at them and makes his way towards Jimin’s room. Without thought, he opens the door, and it was dark. He reached for the switch, closing the door behind him. He noticed Jimin sleeping on the bed, in the same clothes he left him since he walked out. Worried, he tossed the guilt aside, and approached him, sitting on the bed,

“Jimin,” he called out softly, reaching to touch him.

“Don’t touch me,” Jimin spoke, angry.

Jungkook stared at him startled, but ignored him, as he placed his hand on his shoulder, “Did someone hurt you?”


“Then what’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong,” Jimin sat up, glaring at him, “Are you serious?”

Jungkook bit his lower lip, regretting the words he’d spoken. Of course, he knew what was wrong, and he has every reason to be upset but right now his well being was more important. Jungkook moved closer to him, touching his cheek gently, caressing it, “I’m sorry, that was insensitive of me.”

“If you are to marry someone else, then why did you kiss me?” asks Jimin, removing his hand. Jungkook stared at him, confused, “Marry? Who?”

“Don’t patronize me.”

“I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about?”

“The guards said that you and- “says Jimin, pouting, “Forget it.”

“The guards said what?” Jungkook asked, tone serious.

“Rose and you,” said Jimin, “Then that’s when it happened. I was so angry when he told me that Rose and you were gonna get married, that I something took over me. He started screaming in pain then the lights shattered snapping me out of it.”

Jungkook gazed at him, not following, “What?”

Jimin met his gaze, “I used magic.”

Jungkook gasped, unable to believe it, but after a minute of thinking, he sighed though it pained him to think about giving Jimin up to the Coven. If Jimin is a warlock, he’d have no choice but to let him go, but he didn’t trust the Coven, especially the High Priest.

“That’s good,” he found himself saying, “That means whatever spell was placed on you has weakened. Whatever magic you have is triggered by emotions.”

“Forgive me for causing too much trouble,” Jimin spoke quietly. Jungkook grinned, slowly moving closer to him, as the bed swayed.

He touches his cheek again, “There is nothing to apologize for if anything, I owe you an apology for everything. Especially for walking away today,” he says, tracing his lips with his fingers. Jimin smiled back at him. Jungkook gulped, the scent of Jimin, the feel of his full lips, threatened to overwhelm his usual common sense.

He let go of him, resisting the urge to grab him and kiss him, damn the consequences but problems were needing solving first. Now was not the time to think about such things, especially with what Jimin told him. His guards needed punishment for speaking lies about his relationship with Rose’ and for upsetting Jimin.

“We’ll get to the bottom of this,” he said, giving him a reassuring smile, “Have you eaten?”

Jimin chuckles, “I was upset, not suicidal, of course, I ate. Why would starve myself?”

Jungkook burst out laughing, “You are smart, aren’t you?”

“Smarter than you think,” he replies, his voice trailing off and expression taking a serious tone, “Jungkook, why’d you kiss me?”

Jungkook gave him a wary smile, “I kissed you because I wanted to. When I said nothing was more important to me than you, I meant it.”

Jimin leaned close to him, his fingers stroking Jungkook’s hair, “I believe you.”


Jungkook moved the playful strands of hair away from Jimin’s face and watched as Jimin smiled. His smile was enough to make Jungkook melt, as he leaned down and pecked his lips- soft and quick.

Jimin opened his eyes, still sleepy, he gazed at his face, and Jungkook was mystified. The connection he felt with Jimin was indescribable. No vows of love were exchanged, yet everything was out in the open.

Jimin was his. No law. King. Queen. Would take him away from him. Jungkook caressed his cheek, as the light illuminated his face in ways, Jungkook has never seen, almost like he was shining. His morning scent. His smile. His face. His breath. His thumping heart.

They were all enough temptations to drive him crazy.

He spent the night in his room, there was no explaining that away, so he had to deal those guards first. They’ve gotten comfortable if they can spread lies about him. He was kind, not a fool.

“Wash up,” whispered Jungkook, “I’ll meet you for breakfast.”

Jimin moved lazily, turning to his side with soft murmurs, “Ordering so early in the morning.” Jungkook chuckles, “Plan on sleeping all day?”

“I’ll wake once I get hungry.”

“Alright then,” says Jungkook, getting off the bed, “I have matters to attend to.”


“No,” answers Jungkook, unamused by his taunting, “Yesterday, at the marketplace, we arrested a girl, well she confessed to killing vampires. She has this out of this world aura, so powerful and dangerous.”


“Yeah, I don’t know,” he says, “Something is off, and I don’t want my brother there alone with her.”

“She is in custody though.”

“A custody, she willing walked into,” he says, worried, “Anyway, I’ll have the house servants bring you food in your room.”

“Okay,” replies Jimin.


When Jungkook came out of Jimin’s room, he glared at guards, anger fuming, “You two, in my room now.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

He waited until both of the guards were in the room, and closes the door, not wanting Jimin to hear anything.

“I’ve operated my household based on trust,” he spoke, as he turns to face them, “What happened yesterday?”

“Sir?” they spoke lowering their head down, sounding hesitant as they exchanged glances.

“It was strange, Your Highness,” answered one of them, “We don’t know what happened.”

“So, you did not tell Jimin, Rose’ and I were to be married?”

Both guards looked utterly panicked, “Your Highness, that was foolish of us, we apologize.”

“You two have been my house guards since I was old enough to have my manor, but lately, it seems as if you are defying my orders left and right,” he spoke, walking past them, as the man trembled with fear, “Do you think I’m a fool?”

“No, absolutely not,” cried the guards, “Please forgive us.”


Jungkook stops in front of his closet, sliding open the door, and taking out a small black long box, staring at the handmade polished wooden stake. He never thought he would need to use the thing, as he always used his hands and teeth to kill. The stake was supposed to be a gift to Taemin, but instead, he kept as a reminder of his betrayal. Staking a vampire was the cleanest way to kill without worrying about blood.

He takes out the stake and turns around. He remained silent, gazing at them with haunted eyes,

“You are no use to me if I cannot trust you,” he spoke finally. With a flash of movement, he moved and slammed into one of the guards chests and watched as he turned into dust. The other one dropped on his knees, pleading for mercy, “Get up!”

The guard whimpered, shrieking against his voice, “Please forgive me!” Jungkook kneeled in front of him, staring into his eyes, “You may have not inflicted physically inflicted pain on him, like your partner did, but also stood by without intervening,” with that he wielded the stake in fury and drove it into the guard’s chest. The guard held onto him for a moment, but only a moment, then exploded into dust. Jungkook watched the two pile of dust on the carpet.

Chapter Text


Wake up Jimin, a voice whispered, waking him from his deep sleep, looking around the room.  No one was there. The sun glistens through the window. Jimin’s heart raced inside his heart. He yawns, rubbing his eyes, straining to see, when he opened his eyes again- the woman, his mother was standing before him. Shrieking, Jimin grabbed the blanket and covered himself, closing his eyes shut.

As he lay there, trembling, he took deep breaths,

“Jimin,” the voice came again, soft and low. It was not in his head. Jimin kept his eyes shut, refusing to open them, hoping it was all a dream. It must be a dream.

“No, no, no, it’s all a dream, Jimin,” he said to himself, clutching on to the blanket, shaking his head to dismiss the voice.

 “It’s alright, you’re alright,” the voice came, as he feels a tag on the blanket, “I’m not gonna hurt Jimin, there isn’t much time.”

Ignoring the voice, Jimin kept his eyes shut as the pull on the blanket became stronger until it was yanked away from him. Gasping, he jerked into a sitting position, crawling to the other side and fell off the bed and landed on the floor, stumbling towards the wall, as the woman stared at him. She walked right through the bed and appeared in front of him again.

“G-ghost,” he exclaimed, burying his head in his hands, “Go away! Go away!”

“Will you stop talking to yourself and just listen for a minute?” The woman said sounding impatient, “I’m not a ghost.”

Jimin raised his head, heart beating loudly in his ears like a clap of thunder striking the sky,

“Okay, you’re not a ghost, then I’m hallucinating,” he says, with a nervous chuckle, “I’ll count to ten, and you’ll go away.”

He closes his eyes, taking a deep breath, he counts to ten and opens his eyes slowly, and eyes widen as the woman stares at him, blinking, “Oh, so you’re here?”

“Well, I’m Astral projecting, I won’t be able to do this again. God, you’re a lot easier to communicate within your dreams,” she says shaking her head.

“Then why didn’t you stay in my dreams?”

“Because you won’t dismiss what I tell you like a dream if you are awake,” she says, “Now, I don’t have much time, so listen to me.”

Jimin chuckles, “Right…”

“You need to leave the palace and find your brother,” she says, “I just learned that the Unseelie Princess found you, you’re not safe in the palace anymore.”

“Brother? Unseelie Princess? What’re you talking about?”

 “Find Seokjin, your brother, he’ll protect you- “

“What did you just say? Seokjin? The warlock?” says Jimin, in disbelief, “How can he be my brother when I don’t even remember him?”

“Please just listen,” she snapped, “Seokjin is your older brother, I cannot reach him because I’m not in this realm but please find him. I’m sure he is with the Coven. Now, I must go, he cannot learn I’m communicating with you. Don’t believe anything the Unseelie Princess tells you. Don’t trust anyone but your brother.”

The woman moved towards him, as Jimin stared at her unblinking, frozen, not sure if he was hearing what she just told him. Before he could move, the woman floated towards him, a bit of fear crawled up his spine. He gazed at her, as she smiles, easing the knot in his stomach,

“I love you so much, sweetheart,” she says and then vanished into thin air.

Jimin blinked, inhaling and exhaling, uncertain of what just happened. He stands up, glancing around, and it was as if she was never there.

“Unseelie Princess? Seokjin is my brother,” he mutters to himself, taking a seat on the bed, “She found me?”

Yesterday, at the marketplace, we arrested a girl, well she confessed to killing vampires. She has this out of this world aura, so powerful and dangerous.”

Jimin gasps remembering what Jungkook told him, “Could it be? That girl they arrested is the Unseelie Princess she just mentioned? What’s Unseelie?”


After getting himself together, showering and changing out of last night’s clothes, Jimin decided to go to the library, to see if he can find anything on what Unseelie is? As he opens the door, he stops half-away, staring at the two unfamiliar guards standing in the hallway. The one standing in front of Prince Jungkook’s room turned to meet his gaze,

“Do you need anything?”

“Um…who are you guys?”

“We’ll be in service as of now,” he replies, “If there is anything you need please let us know.”

“Right?” muttered Jimin, Did he fire the other two or something? “Is the Prince in?”

“No, Your Highness told to tell you that he will be attending to matters for the day.”

“Oh? Okay,” says Jimin, stepping into the hallway, and closing the door behind him, “Well, if he does return, tell him I’m at the Library.”

“Very well.”

Jimin gives a soft smile, weirded out. He felt like he was talking to a robot, but also the guard was addressing him so formally, as he were noble. Did Jungkook order them too? He wondered.


When he reached the Library, Jimin glanced around. The place was quiet as usual but after what happened last time, he remembered to keep his head down and was glad when they weren’t any nobles. None he could see anyway.

“Good morning,” he greeted the Librarian.

“Jimin?” spoke the Librarian, almost surprised to see him again, “You’re here.”

Jimin smiles, “Sorry for the trouble, last time.”

“Silly,” says the Librarian, clearing his throat, “How are you?”

“Good as new,” he says, gleeful, “But I need your help?”

The Librarian chuckles, “What is it?”

“I heard this word, and I don’t know what it means, I was hoping you would help me?” he says, with a grin. The Librarian nods his head, “Do you know what Unseelie is?” The man’s eyes narrows, puzzled as he stares at Jimin,

“Unseelie are Fey creatures of darkness,” he says, slowly, Jimin listened attentively, “Fey creatures, or also known as faeries, or the Fair Folk. Pixies, nixies, and elves are mythological creatures. Seelie’s are their counterpart, creatures of light. Now, why do you want to know?”

“Just heard it from somewhere,” he says, “So mythological? They don’t exist?”

“They sure exist,” says the Librarian, “They are not of this realm.”

“Do you have books on them?”

“No, we don’t have any books, vampires don’t read about mythological creatures,” he replies with a chuckle, “They are fairytales humans used to entertain themselves with a long time ago.”

“Then how do you know so much about them?”

The Librarian smiles but refrains from answering, glancing past Jimin, and his expression turns sour. Jimin follows his gaze, and notices who he was looking at, Lord Minho’s slave’s Taemin.

“Is everything alright?” Jimin asks him.

The Librarian forces a smile, and nods his head, “Yes, will that be all for you?”

“Um…actually, are Fey immune to magic?” he says, realizing the man, no longer seemed like he was in the mood to talk, as Taemin approached the front desk.

“Um…not completely, why?”

“Nothing- “

“I thought that was you,” Taemin interrupted them. Taemin slightly towered over him with his long brown hair, tumbled over his slight broad shoulders. He had chiseled jaw, and full kissable lips, his strong face wore an amused expression. Watchful walnut eyes stared at him.


Taemin glances around, searching for something or someone and turns back to him, “Where’s your Master?”

“He’s attending to matters,” answers Jimin, turning to the Librarian, “Thank you, I’ll head out.”

“Hey, wait,” says Taemin, “I need to talk to you.”

Jimin raised an eyebrow, “What would we have to talk about?”

“Can we get two cups of coffee,” Taemin ordered, looking at the Librarian with a smug look, “Come with me.”

Jimin scoffed, amused and irritated at the same time. For slave, Taemin didn’t behave like one, it reminded him of himself, but then again, he was aware there was some kind of history between him and Jungkook. He’d always been curious about it.

He nods, forcing a smile, as Taemin walked past hi, heading to the tables in the back. Jimin glances at the librarian who was watching them, as he spoke to the assistant.

“Don’t worry about him,” says Taemin.

Jimin turns to him, as Taemin gestures for him to sit, “What do you want?” asks Jimin, pulling a chair out and sitting.

“Just want to talk,” he replies, “It’s strange that Jungkook kept you.”

“Well, he has a kind heart,” says Jimin.

Taemin chuckles softly, “Right, has he ever told you about me?”

“Not in so many words,” answers Jimin.

“He’s never been one with words,” says Taemin, as a young slave made his way towards their table, with two cups on a plate. He places it on the table, eyes averting between Jimin and Taemin.

“Do you need anything?” Taemin, spoke as the boy mutters an apology, and walks away, “He hates me.”

“The boy?”

“No, Jungkook,” he says, picking up the cup, and taking a sip.

“What happened between you two?”

“I’m not the bad guy here,” says Taemin, “I did what I had to, to save my myself and my family. I chose to be Minho-Hyung’s slave to protect my family.”

“What do you mean?”

“I have never said it out loud before,” he says, his voice drifting off for a minute, “I convinced myself it was the right thing, but I’ve never regretted anything more in my life.”

“Lord Minho is doing right by you,” says Jimin, “At least it looks like that.”

“He loves me because Jungkook loves-loved me,” says Taemin with a soft chuckle.

“If you knew that then why would leave him?”

“Because as much as I loved me, he loved his mother and family more,” says Taemin, “That was clear to me. His mother was never going to let us be together, not as lovers nor as Master and slave. She threatened me, and I believed her words, so instead of confiding in Jungkook, I took the easy way out. I approached Minho-hyung to make his slave in exchange for protection, for mother and I.”

Jimin sighs, his lips twitched. There was a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach, gripping the handle of the cup tight, “Why’re you telling me all of these?”

“Because I want you to be careful, Jungkook is a special man,” says Taemin, “He is smart, kind and handsome, it’s easy to fall for his charms- “


“But he is a vampire- “


Taemin chuckles, “He is more vampire than he would like to admit. His heart might beat, and he might breathe, but he would never choose anything or anyone over his family. Just be careful.”

Jimin smiles, not sure what to make of his warning, “There is nothing between us, we’re slave and master. And besides, you never gave him the chance to choose, so how would you know?”

“Because I know him and because I love-loved him,” Taemin says, grinning at him in an infuriating way. His eyes studied Jimin’s as if he can read his mind. Jimin stiffened as Taemin’s eyes glimmered with a smile, “You’re beautiful.” Jimin’s cheeks heated, staring at him confused.

“I’ve to go.”

“Sure, don’t let me keep you,” he says, “Thank you for hearing me out.”

“Yeah,” says Jimin, pushing the chair and standing up.

“I heard he took you to Capital’s Forest,” says Taemin with a smirk.


“Nothing, I was surprised to know he still goes there, you know with everything that happened. It was our place, his and mine to run away too.”

Jimin scoffs, staring at him in disbelief, frowning as he fought the urge to smack the condescending smile off his face. If his goal was to piss him off, he succeeded. Jimin took a deep breath and said nothing, walking away.

Can’t believe I almost felt sorry for him, asshole.


Jimin slammed the door shut, filled with anger and jealousy, as Taemin’s words echoed in his mind. He clenched his fist, his nails digging into his palms. Then out of nowhere, a bright blue light started to emanate from his palms. He froze staring at his hands, confused, he unclenched and clenched his hands, amused but terrified at the same time. He felt a surge of energy fill his body, such power.

His eyelids twitched over images that made no sense, then everything slowed down. Jimin felt goosebumps creeping along his arms and neck. With a bright flash, a girl appeared in front of him. She had long black hair, dark brown eyes with dark lipstick dressed in all black- tight leather pants and blouse with a long leather coat. She was sitting in a small room, it looked like the prison room he was in.

Jimin glanced at her hands and she had on an iron handcuff, she gazed at him, and smiled,

“Found you,” her voice echoed as if she was in a place far away but close.

Jimin shivered, motionless as her eyes coated through him.

With a loud bang, the girl vanished, and he smacked into a wall. Winded, cheek pressed against the cold stone floor.

He was out cold.


“Jimin?” he felt a large hand gently tap his cheek, and Jungkook’s voice, “Hey, Jimin.” Jimin groaned. He opened his eyes, and sees Jungkook, leaned towards him.


“Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” he says, sitting up.

“What happened?”

“Um…” says Jimin, “I don’t know…I was talking to someone. What happened?”

“Well, the guards heard a loud thud, and found you passed out on the floor,” says Jungkook. Jimin jerked up, checking to make sure that all his body parts were still intact. No broken limbs or fresh blood anywhere. No pain. No aching bones.

How can that be?

“I’m worried about you,” says Jungkook.

“I’m fine,” he says, with a soft chuckle, “Tell me what you know about Fey creatures?”

“Fairies?” says Jungkook, confused, “not much why?”

Jimin chuckles, as his stomach growls, “Perfect time to be hungry.”

“Well, have you eaten anything?”

“No,” he says, gazing at him, “So much happened today, I must’ve forgotten to eat.”

“Well, come on,” says Jungkook, “You must eat, everything else can wait.”

Jimin stared at Jungkook’s hand that he held out to him off the bed.

Do not trust anyone? His mother’s voice echoed, but he shook his head, pushing the feeling aside.

If there is one person he wanted to trust, it was Jungkook. Then Taemin’s voice interrupted his thoughts- he loved me, but he would never betray his family. Jimin groaned, closing his eyes momentary,

“Are you okay?” asks Jungkook.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” he says, taking his hand as he got off the bed. No, the only person I can rely on is Jungkook. I can trust him. A voice echoed, it was his own, reassuring him.



Chapter Text


There was something off. Jungkook felt it all around him. And now he was getting the same feeling with Jimin. He seemed edgy and off. Misplaced. Just like he did the first night he met him.

He hated that feeling. He hated that distance. He could feel it that Jimin was worried about something, especially when he hesitated to take his hand when he offered. A small gesture that made Jungkook wonder, what it was Jimin was not telling him? He hated reading people’s mind, especially the ones he was close too, which is why he never did- until now. He was determined to know what Jimin was thinking but feared Jimin might not tell him everything. Jimin’s silence assured him of that.

Then it started with incoherent noises and voices all jumbled together. Jungkook focuses, and the sounds were fading, the incoherent chattering was fading as he naturally focused on Jimin’s thoughts, that soon became clear.

He was conversing with himself. I can trust him. He is the only person I can trust. Should I tell him what happened? Should I tell him about Seokjin? No, what if he sends me to the coven, mom said not to trust anyone.

Suddenly a picture flashed through Jungkook’s mind- a woman with long silver hair. He was seeing her through Jimin’s eyes. She was in his room- she was telling Jimin something. Jungkook tried to push past the image, and dive deeper into his thoughts than nothing. Silence. And darkness.

Then he was yanked out of his mind when he glanced up, Jimin’s light and brown eyes met his. Jungkook chest suddenly felt hollow and ridden with guilt but amused. This was the first time; he was unable to penetrate someone’s mind completely and beyond the surface. Could it be the spell placed on him? No, it has to be more than that? Jungkook dropped his gaze to the glass of blood. Jimin had noticed him looking at him. He was wondering what was wrong.

Jungkook wrapped his hand around his glass, glancing up at him, “I was thinking about trying to contact Hoseok-hyung and see if they returned from the Island.” Jungkook watches him, as Jimin’s eyes widen and lip twitch, as he stared at the plate, contemplating. He was now thinking about what to say, it was all over his face, so Jungkook refrained from talking.

“I have to tell you something,” Jimin finally spoke, as Jungkook gazed at him, listening.

“The woman came to me again, and she told me something,” he says, quietly.

“What is it?”

“Lord Seokjin…” Jimin’s voice trailed off, silent for a second, “She told me Lord Seokjin is my brother.”

Jungkook was taken back. Not what he expected to hear, “Seokjin-hyung is your brother?” Jungkook gazed at him in disbelief, but knew Jimin was telling the truth, “So that would mean you are a warlock then?”

“Half,” he says, “She said I was half warlock but never completely told me what else I am. She is kind of cryptic.”

Jimin almost smiled. Jungkook remained silent, gazing at him with confusion then something lifted for a brief moment as the two of them stared long and hard at each other.

“Does that mean you would have to give me to the coven?” Jimin asked, his small smile fading, and staring at Jungkook, with anxious.

“By law, a warlock cannot be a slave,” says Jungkook, “But warlock or not, you were never a slave in my eyes. So that’s not my decision. I promise I will support you in whatever you decide to do.”

Jimin glanced at Jungkook, “You’re the only person I trust.” Taken back by his response, Jungkook blushed, “So you see now,” Jimin’s voice snapped him out of the trance, “You’re stuck with me.”

“Well, more like you’re stuck with me,” he replies, “You’re the one with the slave bracelet on.” Jimin smiles, but his mind was far away, and then glances up at Jungkook, who looked worriedly back at him.

There is more, Jungkook thought.

Jimin straighten up his shoulders, locking gaze with him, almost as he decided after contemplating, “Are you still in love with Taemin?”

Jungkook’s mouth dropped open, at the unexpected question, “What?”

“Do you claim me because you want to make him jealous?”

Jungkook scoffs, not sure where all this accusation was coming from, all of a sudden, but he could tell Jimin was serious. There was a fire in his eyes. Almost intimidating, to say the least.

“Look, I was once upon a time, years ago madly in love with him but the only thing I feel for him now is hatred.”

Jimin’s brow furrowed, “So that means you’re still not over him.”

Jungkook shook his head, “No, it means I’m not over his betrayal. Taemin was more than a lover, he was my family and friend. When others cast me aside for being a half breed, he took my hand deafening the contempt. But trust me I am not in love with him, not anymore.”

Jimin’s gaze dropped, the fire in his eyes replaced by sadness, it made Jungkook’s heart tighten with guilt, “He didn’t betray you because he didn’t love you,” he spoke softly, almost in a whisper,

“He told he betrayed you to protect himself and his family. That he feared your love for your mother and family will remain strong above anyone else.”

Jungkook jaw clenched. Anger bubbled up inside. “When did you speak to him?”

“Earlier today at the library.”

Jungkook sighs, pondering the words he was hearing for a moment, and it did make perfect sense but also wrong.

“I loved him once. But he never gave me the opportunity. I was young but he should’ve trusted me but instead, he chose to betray me. I cannot say now what I would’ve done but I would’ve protected him, that much I know. But that’s over and I have moved on, maybe my anger before was never dissipated but now all I know is that I cannot stop thinking about you. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Please believe me.”

Jimin smiled, his cheeks flushed. His mouth opened but hesitated for a moment when he met his gaze again, Jungkook could read the determination in his eyes. He pushed the chair aside, getting up,

“Come,” says Jimin holding out his hand.

Jungkook stares at him but does as Jimin commends, getting up from his chair, and taking his hand. It was small compared to his, lack of labor, gentle and soft. Jungkook gazed into his eyes, as Jimin kissed his hand, Jungkook felt his breath caught in his throat. Jimin moved closer to him.

As Jimin leaned closer, Jungkook’s heart pounded so loud, he couldn’t hear his thoughts, his eyes closed, then Jimin’s lips touched his cheek, like a raindrop, so soft and cool.

 “If you say you don’t love him anymore then I will believe you. I don’t care what anyone else says. I believe you,” Jimin spoke softly into his ear as he pulled him closer. Jimin wraps his arms around his body. Jungkook’s heart jumped madly against his rib cage, speechless. It’s been years since he felt such softness, warmth, and intensity, all together.

All too soon, Jimin pulled back, and they stared at each other for a long moment. Jimin smiled- a smile that assured Jungkook that he wasn’t going anywhere. A smile that told Jungkook that he didn’t need to hide or run away. That he had nothing to be afraid of. That he was not alone.

Unable to help himself, Jungkook leaned forward and kissed him. Their lips together, Jungkook’s body tingled with electricity as a fire built inside of him, and he knew. It was Jimin. Jimin had been what he was missing in his life. He was what he was searching for. He’d been lost without him, but now he was complete.

The soft safe kiss soon turned into a fiery intensity kiss that made their bodies ache with desperation, dazed and breathless. The need to have Jimin seized him. He needed his body and soul.

They pull apart and gazed at each other with lust, and with a soft chuckle, Jungkook lifted him by his waist and carried him to the bed. He placed him gently on the mattress, locking eyes for a moment. The differences in their bodies were something Jungkook took notice of, and yet Jimin fit perfectly, with that he leaned down and took full possession of his mouth, settling more firmly between his legs.

Jimin’s hands tugged at his shirt, unbuttoning it, his fingers brushed against his bare skin, and he felt a surge of emotions wave over him.

Jungkook couldn’t get enough of the feel of him.

He took off his shirt and tossed it aside, Jimin pulls his shirt over his head, tossing it aside as they captured each other’s lips once more, rubbing against each another through their jeans. It was a slow process as he kissed the line down his neck. His heart hammered, and the temperature within him rose, heated- his senses were heightened. His veins thrummed with hunger. Jimin’s pulse beat against his eardrums, the thirst for his blood gripped him tight as Jimin’s unique delicious scent of it overwhelmed his senses.

He struggled with the urge to bite, and pulled away from him, hiding his face from Jimin’s gaze, taking in a deep breath. He feared to scare him, as he remembers Jimin’s words about having to take anything from him by force and wondered if he still felt the same.

“Hey,” Jimin says.

“Don’t,” he found himself saying, not wanting Jimin to see him as a bloodthirsty animal.

“Why not?” says Jimin, turning his face, and meeting his gaze head-on. He thought Jimin would scream for sure at the sight of his pure black eyes and fangs but instead, he smiled, caressing his cheek. Jimin pulled him towards him, and placed a kiss on his forehead,

“I know you won’t hurt me,” he spoke gazing at Jungkook, “It’s okay.”

“You don’t understand. You don’t know what you’re saying, if I drink your blood, then there is no return to normalcy.”

Jimin’s lips met his brow, then his nose gazed into his eyes, “It’s okay,” he whispered as he led him towards his neck, Jungkook’s heart shivered at the sensation, as he focused on the tempting pulse. A wave of pleasure passed through his body, and he found himself in control again, his fangs disappearing, as he lifts up his gaze to look at Jimin. Jungkook smiles, stroking Jimin’s cheeks, resting his forehead against Jimin, and feeling his warm breath on his face. Jimin unraveled him in strange ways- he’s feelings overwhelmed him and tested his restraint. He hadn’t expected this. He hadn't expected for Jimin to permit him to drink his blood, but the very permission allowed him to fight the animalistic urge within him. He was fascinated and frightened.

His body trembled with the effort it took for him to not taste his blood but was unable to fight the urge to kiss him again.

Jimin tempted the vampiric side of him but also made him feel more alive and human than he’d ever felt in his life.

Jungkook feared his feelings for Jimin. For the first time, he knew he had something to lose, that scared him. It made him feel vulnerable.

It was a weakness.


Jungkook woke with Jimin’s fingers gently caressing his cheeks, brushing a strand of hair away from his face. He smiled, his eyes twinkling brightly as a small hidden dimple briefly flashed in his right cheek. Jimin smiled back at him, tracing his jawline.

“I like waking up and seeing your face,” Jimin said, quietly, as if he was talking to himself.

“I bet you said that to all the man, you seduced,” Jungkook teased. Jimin chuckled softly,

“I’ve never had anyone before,” he said, tracing his lower lip, “You’re the first man, I’ve kissed and touched. I want you to be the first man I belonged to as well, body and soul.”

Jungkook’s face flooded with color, and his eyes darted rapidly away from his, to shy to keep Jimin’s gaze, after hearing his confession. His eyes land on the dark initials that were imprinted on Jimin’s chest. He truly was pure and sheltered. Jungkook met his gaze once again,

Jimin’s face radiated a bright light, as the Virgin Mary is always portrayed with a soft glow. He looked holy.  His lips were swollen from their kisses last night.

“Tell me more about yourself,” he said, peaked with curiosity.

“Aside from being a virgin,” Jimin joked, as they both chuckled softly, “What would you like to know?”

“Everything,” says Jungkook, “It’s the way you think, speak, stubbornness, relentless that enchants me, so tell me everything.”

Jimin sighs, “Well, I cannot tell you,” he says, “I don’t remember.”

“Then tell me about what you do remember.”

Jimin lays on his back, staring at the ceiling, as Jungkook watches him, “Everyday was the same, morning prayers, school. We went to the lake after school and caught fish. I remember the birthdays, music and fun we had. We lived a sheltered life, hidden from the world, yet my father the chief taught us of the monster that existed beyond the Island- Vampires. One gaze and a vampire can enchant you and kill you he told us. That is why we must never leave the Island. I never really had any friends, Se-ah-Noona had plenty…”

“Why didn’t make any friends?”

“I don’t know,” says Jimin glancing at him, “I’ve always felt so different from everyone else…so fake. We grew up together and yet my memories don’t go beyond five or six. I don’t even know what my favorite color is…”

“I guess deep down even on the Island, you felt something was off,” says Jungkook, “You never asked your parents?”

“I don’t,” Jimin gasps turning to his side, and facing Jungkook, “I did. I have asked my father before, but he told me I was someone special that many people feared. That I was better off not knowing because we were protected.”

Jungkook raises an eyebrow, “Protected by who?”

“I don’t know,” says Jimin, “He never said.”

“Do you think it was your birth mother?”

“That would make sense,” says Jimin, “Anyway, I just want to know who or what I am. That’s why I need to find Lord Seokjin. If he truly is my brother, I’m sure he can tell me what happened.”

“You guys might have been separated at a young age, it seems,” says Jungkook, “He would’ve said something if he remembered you.” They were both quiet for a moment. Jungkook reached over and caressed his cheek, “I promise we’ll get to the bottom of this.”

Jimin smiles affectionately, moving closer to him, pressing a quick peck to his nose, as Jungkook smiles sweetly,

“When is your birthday?” he asked.

“Um…October 13th” answers Jimin.

“Well, that’s tomorrow,” says Jungkook, “Why didn’t say anything?”

Jimin stares at him, with a soft giggle, “I forgot about it.”

Jungkook’s smile faded, feeling a tinge of sadness, “Then we must celebrate, I will not let you be sad on your birthday.”

“Does it matter?”

“Yes, it matters,” says Jungkook, “Everything about you matters.” Jimin smiled. They looked at each other in the eye. Jungkook didn’t want anybody but him to see Jimin, to truly see him, to touch him. He wanted to smother him with kisses and hold him for the rest of his life.

With one hand, he pulled Jimin to his chest, and engulfed him within his arms, and held him close. He inhaled his scent. Soft and warm against him.

There was no further need for words. Jimin’s soft small hands were on his chest, gentle fingers caressing his chest muscles and then nipples- causing a moan to escape his mouth, as Jimin laughed.

Jimin lifted his head to meet his gaze, “What do you say we spend the day in each other’s embrace?”

“Sounds tempting,” answers Jungkook, gently cradling his nape and kisses him, tenderly, soft and safe.

Breaking the kiss, Jungkook was breathless. He stared at Jimin astonished and defeated.  His huge doe eyes lost in Jimin’s eyes, who stared at him with a sweet, shy expression on his face.

He is mine.

Chapter Text


The dining room somehow looked impressive, Jimin found himself noticing things, he never quite paid attention to, nor did he care for. But everything seemed to have a pink colorful aura to it. He was filled with warmth and felt safe despite what his mother told him. He hadn’t forgotten her warning to leave the palace as he was no longer safe. The table held a variety of food placed on silver platters, and across the table sat Jungkook, with his messy wavy hair, that he constantly keeps brushing back, to keep from getting in his eye.

He wasn’t wearing his typical collared shirt, instead, he wore a white t-shirt that did justice to his body and a pair of denim jeans. Ordinary. Jimin wonders if he took his request of spending the day in each other’s embrace to heart.

“So how is the factory working if you do not go to work?” asks Jimin.

“I don’t need to be in the office to sign papers,” he says, “It’s called technology, and Eunwoo keeps me updated on what’s happening.”

“You sure do trust people easily,” comments Jimin.

“I try to see the best in people, but once that trust is broken,” says Jungkook, picking up a grape, “There is no going back. I can never trust someone who has broken my trust.” Jimin bites his lower lip, thinking about Yoongi, and his secret. He never agreed to help him with whatever he is planning but he knowing about it, and keeping it from Jungkook, made him feel shitty.

“No second chances huh?” says Jimin watching him eat the grape while twirling the spoon in the hot chicken soup.

“I give someone my trust, and I expect them to be honest with me,” he says, “I just cannot stand people lying to me.”

Jimin chuckles at the irony, “You’re a vampire, you can tell when someone is lying.”

“If I’m paying attention,” he says, “It’s not knowing someone is lying, it’s picking up on the raised heartbeat and anxiousness.”

“Being a vampire sounds cool- well half anyway. Have you ever tried to read me?”

Jungkook chuckles, clearing his throat. He looked at Jimin, his dark brows drawn together in confusion, “Why do you ask?”

Jimin smiles, “Just wondering. So, have you?”

“I have- “

“You have?” Jimin inquired, with curiosity, “When?”

“Just like your emotions, I pick up on your emotions,” explains Jungkook, defensively, “I never read your mind until last night.”

Jimin set his spoon down, annoyed, “What for? Why?”

“Because it seemed like something happened, and well you weren’t going to talk about it so- “

“So, you decided to probe my head instead,” Jimin interrupts him, frowning.

“I’m sorry,” says Jungkook, “I shouldn’t have done it.”

Jimin exhales, “It’s not polite to read my mind,” he says, hurt, “It makes me feel unsafe.”

“I know, it’s an invasion of privacy,” says Jungkook, pouting, “I promise I won’t do it again.”

“Okay,” says Jimin, calming down.

“Say, about your birthday tomorrow,” says Jungkook, as Jimin stares at him, noticing his attempt to change the tension that just entered the room.

“What about it?”

“What do you want to do?”

“Hmm? What can a slave do for their birthday?” asks Jimin, sarcastically.

“Well, this slave can do as he wishes,” Jungkook replies just the same.

“How about my Lord and Master surprises me,” Jimin teases.

“Your wish is my command,” he replies with a seductive grin.


They gaze at each other, neither one speaking, merely sat there, staring shyly at each other.


It was late in the afternoon, and they found themselves in Jungkook’s room once again, sure how long it’s been, but it seemed like it had been long enough but still found themselves filled with energy to mess around.

Jungkook was laid on the bed and Jimin was on top of him, straddling his hips, paints on with no shirt. He rested his weight on Jungkook thick muscular thighs.

With a smirk, Jimin slipped his hand beneath the hem of Jungkook’s T-shirt, slowly sliding up his belly to his chest, as Jungkook sits up with his hands in the air. Jimin laughs, pulling his shirt off, and pushing him back down on the bed.

Jimin slowly, and smoothly caressed his hands down his torso, over his chest with his fingertips grazing his stiff nipples, the touch sent shivers throughout his body, and made him quivered. Jungkook’s warm, clean scent swirled around Jimin, turning his insides to mush. He smelled so good; it was intoxicating.

Jimin gazed at him, as Jungkook’s smile widens. The rise and fall of his chest were exaggerated as he breathed heavily.

Jimin loved it. He wasn’t sure he knew what he was doing, but he’d imagined his first time so many times, he felt like he had practice. Not to mention, he’d caught couples on the Island sneaking around to the forest to make love.

Jimin leaned down and kissed him, as Jungkook held the back of his head, deepening the kiss. With a soft chuckle, Jimin broke the kiss, dragged his lips across his jaw to his neck- tasting the salty sweat of his skin and clean scent.

With that, a little sound grew and shook in Jungkook’s throat, a moan as Jimin sucked on his neck. While he continues nibbling on his neck, Jungkook released his head to tightly grip Jimin’s hips and rock his soon to awake erection against him.

With one hand, as fast a light, Jungkook flipped him over onto his back, settling on top of him. He leans in and kisses him, long and deep.

Pulling apart, Jungkook gazed at him, as Jimin’s breaths were slow, clipped and stuttered beneath him,

“So, no one has ever touched you? kissed you? explored this perfectly lean body of yours? Never?” he whispered. Jimin’s face and body flushed a deep blood red, Jungkook’s words making his heart race and yet surprising him.

“No one was worthy enough,” Jimin squeaked but tried to remain calm, looking into his eyes. Jungkook smiled, biting his lip, “Then I am a lucky man to have the opportunity to possess such a pure body, would you like me to teach you all the wonders of making love?” he asked seductively as he trailed long his fingers over his collarbone, making him shiver.

Jungkook adjusted himself, pinning Jimin’s arms beside his hand, gazing at him, Jimin felt shy underneath his gaze, remembering his pure black eyes and fangs- so animalistic and full of desire. He had the look of a man who wanted to devour him. Conquer him.

Letting go of his wrist, and leaning in, Jungkook placed soft kisses on his forehead, his nose, his lips, his cheeks then nibbled his neck- he kissed every inch of his body, and as his tongue slid to Jimin’s nipple, Jimin tensed, the anticipation making it hard for him to breath.

When a wet tongue reached his rosy nipple and took a gentle nibble, Jimin yanked his head back, his mouth open and panting and moaning. There is no doubt Jungkook knew what he was doing. Jimin’s lower body trembled, helplessly as he grips the bedsheet. As Jungkook continued to tease him, excessive heat gathered in his chest and spread all over his body. Jimin wanted to scream with pleasure but couldn’t voice anything but a moan as Jungkook switched between his left and right nipple, the speed of his tongue teasing.

“Oh god…” Jimin’s heightened voice was strained. Jungkook kissed his way back to his lips, capturing his mouth, tongue swept into his mouth.

Their tongues battled with each other.

Just as Jungkook’s other free hand somehow unbuttoned his jeans there was a loud knock on the door. Startled they exchanged glances as the knock resumed again followed by muffled voices and the guard.

“You’re highness!”

 “Ignore them, they’ll go away,” Jungkook mutters, annoyed. The knocks persisted. Jimin sighs,

“Maybe it’s important,” says Jimin, as Jungkook rolls of him, and he climbs off the bed, heading to the door.

He pulls the door open, and his eyes widen at the sight of Hoseok and Jin standing before him. The two stared at him, silent for a minute, gazing at him. Jimin follows their gaze and realizes they were staring at his naked body.

“Is Prince Jungkook in?”

“Yes,” says Jimin, embarrassed…”  

“What is it?” Jungkook spoke appearing behind Jimin, and his eyes widen when he sees Hoseok and Seokjin as well,

 “Apologizes for disturbing you, Young Prince,” says Hoseok, “But we have something to discuss with you.”

“Come on in,” says Jungkook, moving to the side.


They all gather on the sofa. Jimin gazes at Seokjin as he quickly puts on clothes and goes to where they were all gathered.

“What’s so urgent?” asks Jungkook.

“Well, as you might have noticed, we came across a discovery, well, after what happened with the Priests,” says Seokjin, “I’ve been doing my digging into Jimin.”

Jimin glanced at Jungkook, then back at Seokjin, remembering his mother’s word, and as he watched him, the images of him playing with the dog, and running to the older boy invaded his mind, and then Seokjin’s face blend into that young boy he saw in his dreams. Except he was like the older version, but his eyes remained the same.

Jimin blinked, focusing on the present Seokjin that sat in front of him, understanding the familiarity he felt every time Seokjin was around. Seokjin was his older brother, but why doesn’t he remember Jimin wonders?

“Well, the Island he is from,” Seokjin’s voice resumes as he listens attentively, “I’ve heard before it, it was the Island my mother was from. I heard her mention it before when I was young, then I heard the Coven Queen, aunty mentioned again a couple of months ago.”

“Aunty?” says Jungkook.

“Yes,” says Hoseok, “Lord Seokjin’s father died during the war, and aunty was nowhere to be found, so people presume she was dead, so my mother took him in.”

“Oh? So, you’re not biological brothers,” asks Jimin.

“No, we’re cousins,” says Hoseok.

“Anyway, we found the headhunter and decided to go to the Island and- “


“We walked into a trap, the Island was occupied with Fey warriors,” he says, “We were kept captive, and when we were in kept in the barracks, we met a girl, an Islander who told us what happened-”

“That couldn’t be true, “interrupts Jimin, “The hunters sold all the survivors to the slave market.”

“She was left with the assumption she was dead,” says Hoseok, “She told she was badly injured and when the Fey warriors arrived, they healed her but kept her as a prisoner. When we told her why we were there looking for a boy, she asked who and we told her. And well it was your sister Jimin, Se-ah.”

Jimin stutters for a minute, trying to comprehend what he just heard, pausing as his thoughts catch up. His hand trembles,

“Se-ah is alive? But-how-I,” he stutters, unable to speak.

“Yes, she is,” says Hoseok, “We managed to escape with her help- “

“What about her?” says Jimin, his heart tightening in his chest, “What about my sister?”

“She is safe,” says Seokjin, “We were able to escape with her help, and we couldn’t leave her behind.”

Jimin sighs, relieved, “Where is she?”

“Somewhere safe,” says Seokjin, “She is human, we couldn’t risk bringing her to the palace with no slave brand or bracelet.”

“That’s good,” says Jungkook, turning to Jimin, and then back at them, “But that’s not all?”

“No, it’s not,” says Seokjin, clasping his hands together, and locking eyes with Jimin, “I believe Jimin and I are related, and that he is the reason the Fey warriors are in this realm.”

Jimin smiles, “I was told by our mother just recently that you and I were brothers.”

Hoseok and Seokjin exchange glances, “You know?”

“Yes, about you being relatives,” says Jungkook, “But what do you mean he is the cause of the warriors being in this realm? You think they attacked the Island?”

“No, I do not believe they sent the hunters, that was done by someone else,” says Seokjin, “Jimin and I might share the same mother, but we do not have the same father. My mother once told me that Jimin’s father is someone powerful and not of this realm. That was the last thing she told before she disappeared, that was before the war.”

“What do you mean?” asks Jimin, confused.

“So, you’re saying the Faes might be here because of Jimin?” spoke Jungkook.

“My mother left after her, and my father split up, but I still kept visiting her while she lived among humans- “

“The house, the dog…”

“Yeah,” says Seokjin, “The last time I saw you was when you were five, and I was ten or twelve. I believe our mother is alive, and your father might a Fae.”

Jimin’s thoughts return to his mother warning him about the Unseelie Princess and the face of the girl he saw, imprisoned.

He gasps, “She is alive,” he says, “Our mother is alive, and she warned me that I was not safe in the palace. That she found me.”

“It must be the Unseelie Princess, Se-ah mentioned,” says Hoseok, “Your sister told us, they were searching for someone and then the leader left the Island and she has not seen her since then.”

“When was this?” asks Jungkook.

“A month ago, the warriors arrived a day after the Island was attacked, so someone beat them to it, someone who also wanted everyone dead on that Island. But I think the attack was for you.”

Jimin clenched his jaw, “But who would want to kill me?”

“I don’t know,” says Seokjin, “But I won’t let anyone harm you. If our mother is warning you, then she must be trapped or something. You’re not safe here- “

“He’s also not safe at the Coven,” interrupts Jungkook, “I won’t anyone hurt him.”

Seokjin’s expression hardens, “Young Prince, you do realize Jimin cannot stay as a slave, he is a warlock.”

“I am aware,” says Jungkook, glaring at him, “But I won’t let him walk into a trap by letting him go to Coven.”

“We have a better chance of protecting him,” says Seokjin, “If it’s the Priests you are worried about, you have my word that they get anywhere near him.”

“Whoever attacked that Island aside from the Fae warriors knew they would be people on that Island,” says Jungkook, “The only people aware of the Island was the Coven Queen and your mother.”

“What’re you saying, Jungkook?” asks Hoseok.

“I’m saying until we find out who it was that sent the hunters, and who is trying to harm Jimin, he is not to leave my side.”

“If what our mother says it’s true, and they found him, it is only a matter of time until they attack,” persist Seokjin, “You’re no match for Fae magic, our magic was nothing against them, they are powerful beyond words.”

“But you still escaped captivity,” says Jungkook, “So they have a weakness.”

“Still, I won’t let my brother live as a slave- “

“May I have a say in this?” Jimin cuts them off, annoyed, “You might be my brother, and mother told me to trust you but the only person I truly trust right now is Jungkook. Mother did not only warn me to leave the palace, she told me not to trust the Coven as well.”

“Jim- “

“We understand,” says Hoseok, cutting Seokjin off as he places a hand on his shoulder, “If that is your choice, we won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to.”

“Good,” says Jimin, “Right now, the only thing I want is to meet my sister.”

“Tomorrow,” says Seokjin, “It’s late right now.”

“I want to meet my sister right now.”

“She is living with a friend in Busan,” says Hoseok, “It’s a long ride, I promise she is safe, and we’ll leave first light tomorrow. You have my word.”

Jimin clenches his jaw, as Jungkook places a hand on his shoulder, squeezing it, and he relaxes,

“Okay, early tomorrow morning,”


The next day, It was almost noon when they arrived in Busan, in front of a large building, it was one of the buildings that seemed in a better condition, among the many derelict buildings.

Jimin stands close to Jungkook as Hoseok knocks on the door, as they waited. No one spoke. The door opened, and an old man was standing at the doorway,

“Lord Hoseok, Lord Seokjin,” says the man, his gaze turning to Jimin and Jungkook, “His kind is not welcomed here.” His gaze directed at Jungkook.

Human? Thinks Jimin. But did he know Jungkook was a vampire?

“He’s friendly,” says Hoseok, “Your family is safe, trust me. We’re here for the young lady we brought yesterday.”

“She is in the kitchen,” says the man, stepping aside, as they all enter the house, but Jungkook remained where he stood.

“Aren’t you coming in?” asks Jimin.

Jimin watches as the man glares at Jungkook for a minute, “Come on in, Your Highness.” Jimin gazes at Jungkook who remains expressionless and walks inside the building. The tension in the air was thickening, and it made him uncomfortable. This was the first time; he’d seen any hate and disgust directed towards Jungkook. The reality was clear, Jungkook was the enemy to this man and his family. Jungkook is against the slave system, but he would never harm his family, Jimin wondered what he would do when he is presented with a choice. Who would he choose?


Chapter Text


Jungkook watches as a young beautiful woman came out from the kitchen and paused as she gazed at the strange man before her. Her face lit up when she saw Jimin and immediately made her way towards him, as Jimin did, embracing each other. Everything happened so fast. He hadn’t had the time to process it. Hoseok and Seokjin returning with the news that Jimin’s human sister, whom he thought was died was alive. What bothered him the most was the presences of the Fey warriors, they were not in the Capital, but they still pose a threat, and their leader might be in the city already? He had to tell Namjoon or maybe Yoongi, surely, they would believe him.

“Oh my god,” he heard Jimin say, as he shakes away the thoughts, and returns to the present, “I can’t believe you survived.”

“I can’t believe you’re here,” says the girl, Se-ah, as they hug again, embracing tighter.

“Tea?” a woman coming from the kitchen and standing beside the older man. Jungkook stares at her, she was also human. Must be the old man’s wife. Hoseok called this man his friend, but none of them wore the slave bracelet. He felt the man’s glare on him when he met his gaze. His hostility was justified. He was the enemy, and it seems like they were living in hiding. Busan was not a city of concern as it was in the control of a Vampire Lord, Jungkook was not familiar with but heard was a cruel man, and powerful.

If he was to learn of them, they would be imprisoned without a doubt, then turned into slaves. Jungkook averts his gaze as Jimin makes his way towards him, still holding on to his sister,

“Se ah-Noona, this is my…this is…” Jimin stutters, gazing at him, as he tries to find the words.

“Prince Jungkook,” interrupts Jungkook, “I’ve heard about you, it’s nice to meet you. I’m glad you- “

“A prince?” says Se-ah, her gaze darting to Jimin, then to Jungkook. Her expression changes, just as the man did when he saw Jungkook.

“He’s a vampire?” she said, as if the very notion of it, disgusted her, “Why’s he here?”

“He’s a friend,” says Seokjin, “Anyway, why don’t we settle down, and you tell them everything you told us back on the Island.”

“Um…okay,” she says, her voice trailing off, as they all followed the woman to the living room.


“I thought I was going to die,” says Se-ah, “Then next I knew I was surrounded by strange girls, dressed like something from the stories the elders used to tell the kids. After healing with some kind of magic, they locked me in a room and asked me what happened. I told them everything I could remember, then they asked me about Jimin. I asked them how they knew about you but then didn’t answer, just told me to shut up. They asked me to identify the dead bodies they gathered but told them you weren’t among them.” Se-ah pauses as tears linger in her eyes, and voice breaks, “It was horrible, all those dead bodies, mom and dad.”

Jungkook watches as Jimin takes her hand, and caress her back, causing Se-ah, to compose herself, “Then they just kept locked in the room, giving me food but then I heard one of them, the leader said she had a clue where they took the remaining humans-to the city to be sold off as slaves.”

Jungkook’s thoughts return to the killing of the slave trainer and slave master, their deaths were cruel and unseen. There was no doubt, the girl he arrested must be the leader of the Fae, and she killed the slave trainer and master to learn information. Then her arrest was deliberate ways of gaining access in the palace.

Jimin is not safe in the palace. Could she also be the one Jimin’s mother warned him about, then that would make her a royal? So why get arrested, when she could’ve just demanded an audience with the King?

Jungkook’s curls his hands into a fist. He clears his throat, “This leader, what does she look like?”

“Um…well, she wore leather pants and black long coat, she fit, with dark hair and red lipstick, tall,” says Se-ah, unable to keep her gaze, and lowers her head.

“So, it is her,” Jungkook mutters to himself.

“What it is?” asks Seokjin.

“Nothing,” says Jungkook standing up, “I have errands to run.”

“Wait,” says Jimin, getting up, and walking where he was, “You’re leaving? What errands?”

“I have to go do something, stay here with your sister,” he says. Jimin glares at him, and he bites his lower lip,

“I’ll come back once I’m done,” says Jungkook.

“No,” replies Jimin, “I just learned that people are trying to kill me. My sister is alive, you can’t leave.”

“Jimin,” says Jungkook, glancing around, “You’re safe here, and it’s only for today.”

“But it’s my birthday,” says Jimin.

Jungkook stares at him, dumbfounded, and then chuckles softly, “I know but I thought you wouldn’t want to celebrate after learned all these things.”

“You said you would spend it with me,” Jimin says, ignoring him.

“I’m not leaving you here,” says Jungkook, “I just have to go finish something really quick.”

“Okay, but I’ll never talk to you again if you don’t return.”

“I’ll come with you,” says Seokjin.

“That’s alright.”

“I wasn’t asking for permission,” replies Seokjin, getting up, and heading towards the door. Jungkook sighs, and turns back to Jimin, “Stay with your sister, I’ll come back.”

He has to find out the truth.


“Well,” says Seokjin, climbing in the passenger’s seat.


“What’re you going to do with Jimin and his sister?”

“Nothing,” he replies.

“Really?” says Seokjin, doubtfully, “And what about that man and his family?” 

“Who are they are?”

“Like he said, a friend.”

“Cut the crap, Hoseok wouldn’t be committing a crime like hiding humans,” says Jungkook, fuming, “So who the hell are they?”

“Just people that used to work for our family,” says Seokjin, “After the war, all humans became slaves, even close friends. Mr. Woobin was friends with our fathers.”

“He was aware of warlocks?”

“You’d surprised what some humans were aware of back then,” says Seokjin.

“Right,” says Jungkook, “I guess I don’t know Hoseok-hyung as I thought.”
“Well, no one knows anyone does they,” says Seokjin, “Anyway, the only person I care about in there is Jimin.”

Jungkook turned to him, “So do I?”

“If you say so.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” asks Jungkook, offended.

“May I be frank, Young Prince?”

“Since when did you need my permission?”

“Are you two involved?”

“That’s none of your business.”

“Well, it is, since he is my brother,” says Seokjin, “Warlock or not, if your mother learns of your relationship, there is no way she will accept.”

“I am aware.”

“Alright,” says Seokjin, opening the door, “I’m heading to the Coven, I need to learn what aunty knows about this Island.”

Jungkook scoffs, “You think she is behind the attack?”

“She told me my mother and brother died,” says Seokjin, stepping out of the car, and closing it shut.


When Jungkook arrived in the Capitol, he went straight to the royal prison, where they hold prisoners that were not human, it was close to the palace.

“Your Highness,” greets the Guard.

“Is the Crown Prince here?” asks Jungkook.

“No, he came in the morning to speak to the prisoner but left.”

“Alright,” says Jungkook, heading inside.


When he reached the cell she was kept in, he ordered the Guard standing watch to open it. The Guard nods his head and opens the door, and Jungkook walks inside.

“Close the door.”

“Your Highness?”

“Close the door, and no one comes in,” he orders, giving him a death stare.

“Yes, Your Highness,” the Guard responds, as he closes the door shut.

“Who are you?” he asks, turning to face her.

She sat on a small bed and watched him as I stop halfway, locking gaze with her. She was very still, hands clasped in her lap, but her large eyes followed his every move, “I asked a question.”

She smirks, “Yes, I heard,” she says, “I already told you, and the others. I am the one responsible for the killing of vampires in the market.”

“And the slave trainer and master, including their family,” says Jungkook, “Those weapons you wield are not of this realm. Your aura is also not of this realm, that is the reason, you have not to be sent to death yet, so I ask again, who are you?”

“Sharp, aren’t you, Young Prince,” she says, taking a serious tone, “But no, I did not kill any slave trainer or master, but you will find out who I am, once I am taken in front of the council.”

“Who said you are going to be brought to the council?”

“The Crown Prince when he learned what my name is,” she says.

She was messing with him, taunting him, Jungkook can sense but he couldn’t sense her emotions. Everything about her was off. Fairies creatures of mischiefs.

Jungkook smirks, taking a step towards her, “I know who you are, and about your warriors on Jeju Island, “Whatever it is your planning? You won’t succeed.”

She stares at him, studying him, silent for what felt like an eternity, “We have no enmity with your Kind, nor the King,” she says finally, “But I will get what I came here for.”


Jungkook clenched his teeth, as his chest tightens, and with his temper getting the best of him, His doe eyes widened, and his nostrils flared. He couldn’t stop himself. He wanted to kill her. Not sure when he moved, but time slowed down, and before he could get near her, he found himself hurtled backward and slammed against the door and falling face to the hard floor. An impact that he would not have felt if it was anyone else, but someone found himself coughing up blood.

“Shit,” he mutters, as he pulls himself up.

Shit, she is fast. When did she move?

“What a temper?” she taunted, “Now, try not to do that again, I won’t hesitate to kill you.” Jungkook glared at her, eyes turning pure black and fangs finding their way out of his gums, thirst for blood, and something caught his eyes. With his sense heightened, he saw powerful aura, a glow flaring around her like Northern Lights. They were wings, actual wings.

He froze slightly terrified but managed to quickly heal and stand up. He wipes his mouth.

Maybe Seokjin and Hoseok were right. They are powerful. He’d never sensed such powerful energy before. He took a deep, calming himself down. When his eyes returned to normal, the glow vanished, and all that was left was the girl.


The doors slammed opened, startled Jungkook turned around to see his brother, Namjoon, and his guards, and Lord Yoongi.

“What’re you doing in here?” demanded Namjoon.

“Just asking the prisoner questions,” he replies, as Namjoon glanced at the blood on the floor, “Take the girl.”

“Where?” asks Jungkook.

“To see the council,” answers Namjoon.

Jungkook glared at her. She was right. “Why?”

“What’s with the questions?” retorts Namjoon, glaring at him, “You shouldn’t be in this cell at all. Escort the prisoner to be brought before the council.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Jungkook bites his lip, as the girl gets up from the bed, and the guards take her, walking past them. She meets his gaze and smirks, as they lead out of the cell.

“Namjoon-hyung,” he says, grabbing his arm slightly, “You’re making a mistake.”

“What’re you talking about?”

“This girl is dangerous,” he warns, “If the Council does not find her guilty, then it would the Kingdom in danger.”

“This girl claims to be Princess Hwasa, Unseelie Princess of darkness,” says Namjoon.

“So what?”

Namjoon scoffs, “So what? I know you don’t concern yourself with affairs of the court, or Vampire or anything but Faes are not creatures of this realm, and well, it’s a mystery why she is here. But picking a fight with them is just as dangerous.”

“They’re not going to issue punishment for her, are they?”

“I doubt it, not if she is who she says she is,” says Namjoon, “What tell me what this is about? Did she says something to you?”

Jungkook remains quiet. Rage and lethality rolled off him.

“Jungkook?” calls Namjoon.

“No, nothing,” he says, walking past him.


The Council House was a composite of two homes which had been built so close together they were practically touching. The inner walls on the first floor torn down so they could be joined together in truth.

The last time he stood in front of the council was when he interfered when a slave master was beating his slave. The incident involving Ye-jin’s mother, and most of all Lord Lee, the man that order Jimin to be sent to the prison was among the Councilmen. The Head of the Council, Lord Kim took the seat at the head of the table and turned his gaze to the Prisoner, who stood before them. Unfazed. Next to her stood the Crown Prosecutor, Lord Hu.

“It has come to my attention that you, young lady are claiming to be Princess Hwasa of the Fae world, is that correct?” spoke the Headman.

“Yes,” answered Lord Hu, “She remained silent when she was brought in by Prince Jungkook, and only revealed her identity when I have determined that she is indeed guilty of murders that happened a month ago, and the murders that happened in the marketplace.”

“Is that true?” asks the Headman.

“Well, I’m not sure about the murders a month ago,” she says with snobbish gallantry, “But I did confess to the murders in the marketplace. But your Lordship, those murders were an act of self-defense.”

Jungkook scoffs in disbelieve, glancing at Namjoon who stood silent and blank, as chatters and murmurs fill the room.

“Silence!” orders the Headman, “Why did you withhold your identity until now?”

“No reason, aside from the fact that it wouldn’t make a difference,” she says, “The Prince wouldn’t have believed either way, so this was the best course of action I saw.”

“Bullshit,” Jungkook blurted, and everyone went quiet, as the Head Councilman's gaze fell hard on him, and stayed quiet.

“What the young lady says makes sense,” spoke Lord Lee, glaring at Jungkook with a cold stare, “The Young Princes is not familiar with court affair, let alone the existences of other realms. He is closed off this world.”

“That’s enough!” shouted the Crown Prosecutor, “The Young Prince is not the one in charge of the case, I am along with the Crown Prince. It is still suspicious that she withheld her identity from us. She is lying.”

“Young Lady do you have any proof that you are who you say you are?” Orders the Headman.

“Yes,” she says, “But I cannot do anything with these cuffs on me.”

“Unchain her,” orders the Headman.

The guards unchained as all eyes were on her. Jungkook watched carefully, wondering if she was going to show the wings he saw earlier in the cell. But instead, the Unseelie girl waved her hands together. The air in the room thicken, as smoke formed, then an image- a video of a man appeared. The man wore a golden crown and had rich silver eyes that made Jungkook shiver, and the room silence.

“Councilmen, my father, the Unseelie King,” says the girl, the room went dead silent.

“Princess,” the man’s deep voice echoed, “What is this?”

“Sorry to call on you like this father,” she says, with a serious tone, “But I need assistance. I’m sorry I left the realm without your permission, I just wanted to explore this realm. But I caused trouble.”

 “We apologize, Your Majesty, there seems to be a misunderstanding.”

Jungkook’s mouth opened, but Namjoon shook his head, warning him not to speak, “Now that the truth is clear, we would like to know the Princess presences in this realm?”

“Well, she is stubborn,” replies the man, “She wanted to explore, I forbid it but what is done is done. I believe she will be looked after.”

“Yes, Your Majesty, thank you,” says the Headman.

“Behave” order the King, turning to his daughter, as the cloud vanished.

“Headman, this could be a trick?” spoke the Crown Prosecutor.

“That will be quite enough of that!” the Headman glared at Lord Hu, “Let the presences of the Princess be announced to the Queen immediately. Princess Hwasa, we apologize for any mistreatment.”

The room went silent for almost an eternity, then she finally spoke, “Forgive me, mischievousness is in my nature, sorry for the trouble.” Jungkook clenched his jaw, as her gaze shoots to him with a smirk,

“I do hope I didn’t trouble the Princes.”


Chapter Text


“I believe this belongs to you,” says Se-ah, taking off a green jade bracelet plated with gold, “You gave this to me as a good luck charm, thanks.”

Jimin smiles, almost teary eyes once again, unable to believe that his sister was alive. The image of her shot and dead on the ground clouded his vision. She chuckles, taking his hand and placing the bracelet around his wrist. Her eyes fell on the metal slave bracelet around his other hand, and turns sour,

“Why do you have a slave registration bracelet?” she asks. Jimin glances at her, surprised to hear she knew what it was,

“You know about this?”

Se-ah exhales, letting go of his hand, “Yes, I saw in the books our father had,” she says.

“Se ah-noona,” Jimin says quietly with a questioning look, “Do you who I am?”

Se-ah laughs, nervously, “Of course, you’re my little brother- “

“Please tell me the truth,” says Jimin.

Se-ah clenches her jaw, turning forward, “My parents used to work for your mother, the war destroyed everything, then one day your mother took us to that Island, and we said we will be safe there. She asked us for a favor,” says Se-ah, turning to face him, “She asked my parents to love you as her own, and that she was going to leave you with them. Then she did something to you, then a minute later, you didn’t remember her, and called my parents like yours. That’s all father told me.”

Jimin bites his lower lip. Silent. Then exhales, “You knew we weren’t blood-related, why didn’t you tell me the truth?”

“Because I had only learned the truth when I stumbled on a picture of you and a woman, in our father’s office,” she retorts, “They made me swear not to tell you. You wouldn’t have believed me anyway, you only had memories of us as a family.”

Jimin sighs, filled with disappointment, “If only they had told me the truth, I would’ve protected everyone in the village.”

“Your mother had placed a barrier around the Island,” says Se-ah, “Someone powerful must’ve broken through it.”

“No doubt about it,” says Jimin.

“Anyway,” says Se-ah, “You’re a warlock, why are you wearing a Slave Inhibitor bracelet?”

“It’s a long story,” says Jimin, fidgeting with the bracelet “No one besides Jungkook, Lord Hoseok, and Lord Seokjin know about it. It’s better that way, at least I can stay in disguise for a little longer until I regain my full memories and my powers are stable.”

“You trust these people? Especially that vampire?” asks Se-ah, “Don’t you remember what father said about those creatures.”

“Jungkook is different- “

“He is a royal, his father is the one responsible for everything that happened. The inhuman treatment of us- “

“I’m aware of that!” Jimin, snapped and instantly looked apologetic, “I’m sorry, but I need you to trust me, okay?”

“I don’t want you to get hurt,” she says, “Look, we both can find a way to- “

Hoseok walked in as Se-ah quiets down, they both turned to him, “Sorry, to interrupt,” he says, “But I just received a call, and have to go.”

“Jungkook?” asks Jimin, worried.

“No, it was my sister,” he says, “Problems at home.”

“Oh? Is everything alright?”

“I’m sure, Jennie intends to exaggerate as you know,” says Hoseok with a soft, yet concern tone, “Please let the Prince know.”

“I will.”


Night has fallen, as the older man, Woobin invited them to dinner, and Jimin felt strange being there so late without Jungkook. He wondered what was taking him so long. He should’ve been back already. His eyes avert to the door, lips pressed together, and grip tighten on the spoon.

“Is the food not to your liking?” asks Woobin’s wife.

“Not at all. It’s just this the first time I’m spending a birthday so far from home and our parents- “

“I forgot,” says Se-ah, with sadness.

“It’s my eldest birthday as well, but instead of being home, he is out there whoring himself every night to a bunch of vampires and disgusting traitors. My two children will have to stay hidden for the rest of their lives. We live in constant fear of discovery every second-” says Woobin.

“Do not stress yourself now,” interrupts his wife, “We shouldn’t talk about such negativity at the dinner table.”

Jimin and Se-ah exchange glances but refrained from speaking as they turned their gaze to the food on the table. Jimin glances at the two little children, seeing them for the first time, he was so occupied thinking about Jungkook that he’d completely overlooked them. This was the first time he was seeing them, and wonders where they have been hiding all day? His wife gets up from the table, and heads to the kitchen and Jimin wonders if he was wrong for saying anything.

He clears his throat, “How did Lord Hoseok and you meet?”

“I’ve known him since he was a boy,” says Woobin, “I was one of the few humans who knew the existences of supernatural creatures. I was part of the Human Council and worked with his vampires back when vampires lived in the shadows like they were meant to be.”

“Human Council?”

“Yes, it was a secret government organization that dealt with how to co-exist with each other, the vampires were smart. It was the first thing, they targeted and got rid of, thanks to traitors within the government who wanted nothing but power damn everyone else,” explains Woobin, slamming his hand on the table. The noise startled one of the children and he began to cry.

“Hush now,” says Woobin, caressing the child’s back, “It’s alright. Hush.”

There was a law against them, and everyone like them. Woobin is from the old world with knowledge of the way life was before the war. He had a job and lived in freedom once, and now he was forced to live like a rat in the sewers.

He understood now why the man looked at Jungkook, the way he did.

Jimin felt sick to his stomach. It was silent for a while until his wife came back from the kitchen with a small cake.

“I made this for my boy,” she says, walking towards them, and placing the small cake in front of him, “I had hoped he would home but…why let a good cake go to waste.”

Jimin’s eyes widen, “I couldn’t.”

“I insist,” she says, “No one should spend their birthday with regrets, I wish I could take it to him but…anyway.” Jimin glances at Se-ah, then back at the woman as she places a candle on the cake, hand trembling. Jimin gazed at her face and realizes how worn out she was, dark circles around her eyes, swollen. She must’ve been crying.

“Make a wish child.”

Staring at the candle- Jimin suddenly remembered another cake, it was bigger than the one in front of him, a chocolate cake with strawberry jam dripping on the sides. He was surrounded by kids, and the house was different than the one he lived in on the Island. Confused, he closed his eyes for a moment, and let out a breath. Blowing out the candle.

The two children laughed, clapping their hands.

The least he can do is give this woman to hang on to. The fact that she can offer a cake she made for her son to him, proved how strong-willed she was. Just like both of his mothers, it seems.


Jimin lay on his back on the sofa in the living room, letting Se-ah take the bedroom, wanting to wait for Jungkook, so if he does come, he doesn’t bother the owners. His thoughts were on everything that happened before the attack on the Island and after. The events that took place at the Coven. Jungkook. He felt guilty for wanting to be happy while people like Woobin and his family suffered. His thoughts drifted to Yoongi, and the offer he made him about overthrowing the King and wondered if he made the right decision for not agreeing to help him. He was a vampire and he was willing to fight back against tyranny and injustice, he felt cowardly. Yoongi was right, he can influence Jungkook, and convince him to fight by side, not through deception but love and honesty. He had faith Jungkook would stand against his father, with the right support.

Jimin sits up, startled by the soft rattling of the doorknob, and his heart had jumped. He quickly turns on the small lamp and goes to the door,

“Who is it?” he asked, to make sure.

“It’s me Jimin,” he heard Jungkook’s voice, and all his worries immediately disappeared as he opens the door.

He gazed at Jungkook for a minute as the moonlight illuminated his face- intensifying into something dark and sexy but had a pained look.

Jimin shakes his head, not letting himself be swayed by his breathtaking appearances, and remembering that it was past midnight. His birthday had passed, and Jungkook broke his promise,

“You’re late,” he scolds, as a breeze kisses his cheek.

Jungkook gazed at him silently, without saying much, he pulled Jimin towards him, wrapping his arms around him and embracing him tightly. Jimin let out a sigh, surprised, as his heart skipped a beat,

“Happy Birthday,” he heard Jungkook whisper quietly. Jimin softened, concentrating on the way his body molded perfectly to his own, fitting perfectly like puzzled. He listened to Jungkook’s steady pounding of his heartbeat. Something that still fascinated him. A rare organ within someone of his kind. Unable to stay mad at him, Jimin hugged him lightly, trying not to burn him with the lamp he was holding.


No word was exchanged between the two for the rest of the night. Jungkook’s silence alarmed Jimin but looking at his face, he decided not to push. Jungkook will tell him what happened, on his own.

It was late now, he was just happy, Jungkook kept his promise and came back to him safe and sound.

His wish had been fulfilled.


Jimin woke up facing Jungkook with their arms and legs entangled. He smiled, gazing at his face, as Jungkook’s slow breath caressed his face. Jimin closed his eyes in relief and inhaled his scent. It taunted him.

Unable to control himself, Jimin kissed his forehead, his nose, his eyelids, and lips. Jungkook blushed, turning crimson,

“Morning,” Jimin greeted.

“Ahh, morning breath,” Jungkook mumbled with a smile as he opens his eyes. Jimin glares at him, and pushes him off the sofa, surprised by his strength as Jungkook landed on the floor.

“Oh my god, are you okay?” says Jimin sitting up, eyes wide, panicking.

Jungkook burst out laughing, “Damn,” he says, pulling himself back on the sofa, and sitting beside Jimin, “Still mad?”

“No,” pouts Jimin, shyly.

“I’m sorry I missed your birthday,” says Jungkook, “Maybe we can spend the day together before going back.”


“Yeah, why not,” he says, “Better yet, we can just live in Busan. I mean endless possibilities.”

Jimin’s lifts an eyebrow, staring at him, puzzled, then remembering his pained expression from last night.

“Did you finish what you said you were going to do?” He saw Jungkook’s jaw clenched and shoulders tensed, interlocking his fingers,

Jungkook exhales, opening and closing his mouth, and Jimin knew he had plenty to say but couldn’t quite find the words. Something just happens.

“Um- “Jungkook eventually spoke but quiets down and glances up, and Jimin follows his gaze to see a boy, around the same age as the two of them but a bit younger stood in front of them. He blinked and then gave a surprised bark of laughter.

“Your Highness!” he exclaimed, making his way inside the living from, “My parents told me we had guests but, I would’ve never guessed it was you.”

Jimin turned to Jungkook, whose eyes widened, in shock, face white as a sheet, “Um…who are you?” asks Jimin.

“Um…Moonbin” says the boy, his gaze shifting from Jungkook to Jimin, then back to Jungkook, “I cannot believe you’re here, Your Highness.”

“Moonbin?” Jungkook finally spoke, hesitantly, “This is your house?”

“Yeah,” he says with a huge grin.

“So how do you two know each other?” Jimin asked, staring at Jungkook with intense animosity. 

“Your Highness was a guest at the bar I work at,” he replies.

Jimin forces a smile, turning to Jungkook, “Is that so?” he asks, sarcastically, watching Jungkook tensed up, “What kind of bar?”

“Um…?” says Moonbin, glancing at Jungkook.

Jungkook clears his throat, “Um…are you here for something?”

Jimin scoffs at his lame attempt to change the subject, fuming as his gut twisted.

“Well, mother asked me to call you for breakfast if you’re up,” says Moonbin.

“Cool,” says Jimin standing up, “You guys don’t happen to have a spare brush, do you?”

“Um…I don- “

“You know it’s fine, how could you guys possibly have any spare,” he says, trying to keep his expression neutral, “I’ll just chew on the toothpaste.”

“Jimi- “says Jungkook.

“You guys can catch up,” Jimin cuts him off, harshly, glaring at him, “I’m gonna go wash up.”


Jimin walked out of the living room, ignoring Jungkook’s call. The house only had one bathroom and it was upstairs.

Great now I have to go upstairs so early in the morning.

Annoyed he slammed the door shut. Fuming with jealousy, he wanted to scream, all kinds of images invading his thoughts. He knew very well, what kind of bar Moonbin meant, remembering what Mr. Woobin said last night about his eldest son whoring himself to vampires and traitors.

Jimin paced back and forth, in hopes that Jungkook followed him, but minutes passed and nothing. Jimin glared at the door, more upset than he was a few minutes before. The thought of Jungkook not coming to beg and explain himself, made him see red. Now, he wasn’t just angry, he wanted to kill him.

“Asshole,” mutters Jimin.


After showering, Jimin put his clothes back on, he wanted to get away from Jungkook and this house, as soon as he can.

He gasped when he opened the door and saw Jungkook standing outside, leaning against the wall, arms crossed against his chest, with a small towel. Without saying a word, Jimin closes the bathroom, ignoring him as he walks away but halted when Jungkook extended his arm, holding the towel out in front of him,

“You’ll get sick if you don’t dry your hair,” he spoke. Jimin pushed his hand away from, but Jungkook angled into his way.

“Move,” Jimin demanded impatiently.

“Look I don’t what you are thinking but you’re wrong,” Jungkook spoke, gently reaching over to place the towel on Jimin, but he hit his hand, harder than he intended as Jungkook winced at the pain. Jimin quickly regretted it, his jealousy was driving him crazy.

He cleared his throat, “You slept with him, didn’t you?” he huffed, not sure why he was asking. He already knew the answer.

“It was a long time ago,” replies Jungkook, “It meant nothing. We weren’t even together.”

“You disgust me,” Jimin found himself saying, surprised for the words from his mouth.

Jungkook gazed lowered, as he bit his lower lip- he looked like he received a punch to the gut. Suddenly regretful, Jimin wondered if he said something that hurt his feelings? Had his careless words spoken from jealousy struck a nerve?

 Jimin shook off the guilt, and moved to walk away before saying something, he would not be able to take back.

But Jungkook caught him before he had a chance to leave, he was up against a wall. Jimin gasped, and a sharp intake of breath shocked at how quickly Jungkook moved and pinned him against the wall, without making a sound, or hurting him. Jungkook’s palms were flattened to the wall above each of his shoulders, trapping him in place.

Without speaking Jungkook lowered one of his hands nudging Jimin’s chin up with his thumb, holding him in place so he couldn’t look away. The heat in Jungkook’s gaze paralyzed him, his eyes were on him, so intense, without moving. Without blinking.

“I know you are upset,” he spoke in almost a whisper, “I’m sorry, I slept with Moonbin, if I knew back then that you and I were going to be together, I would’ve never done it.”

Jimin gulped, speechless, unable to stay calm, as he gazed into his eyes, trying to focus on what he was saying, but his body heat, cologne, and breath were just too much. Jungkook’s thumb went from his chin to his lips, stroking his lips, softly.

Jimin swallowed hard, his breath caught.

“Do you find me disgusting?” he asked, his face dipping closer to Jimin’s, his gaze dropping to his lips. He smiled. Darkly. Teasingly. Seductive. And ravening. It was unfair of him to ask that question while he was touching someone like Jimin, innocent and never before touched in such away.

His mind going blank, Jimin yielded, his eyelids drifted shut as Jungkook’s lips brushed against his lips, not innocently, tot innocent-like, but teasingly hot, fiery, passionate. A voice screamed deep within him to get a grip, and not give in so easily but it all became noise when Jungkook caressed his mouth with his own. A jolt of sensation exploded throughout his body, like heated honey making his knees weak, and his jealousy ceasing.