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I Want Your Heart, Not Just Body

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Nineteen years ago, demons swept through the earth, killing humans in an attempt to rule the world as they did before the dawn of time. When the human race was on the verge of extinction, a Vampire King emerged from the shadows with his warriors and vowed to protect the humans. The protection, however, came at a cost- their freedom. By the time the war was over, humans were subjugated to slaves.

Blood slaves.

While the war was going on the mainland, Jimin was sent to escape to a faraway secret village on Jeju Island, and it was there he lived a safe life. His safe and secure life burned to ashes when rogues hunters discovered the village and killed everyone except for children and young adults that could be sold off slaves. He soon found his wrist bound with thick iron cuffs and ankles shackled weighed down by heavy chains. He remembers staring into the eyes of one of the strangers that invaded his village. He had the eyes that were the same color as the ocean and smelled of danger.

It made his skin crawl. The cry of horror still echoed in his ears. The stench of smoke, blood, and death stung his eyes. 

In two days, Jimin lost everything he held dear. His village burned. His family slaughtered. Only twenty of the 400 people that lived on Jeju Island survived, and they were condemned to live life as slaves.

The next couple of days, those who survived were taken on a boat to what was formerly South Korea but now went under the name The District of Korea. It’s Capital, Seoul was where the shadow of the Vampire King reigned. Many died on the journey. Killed. Beaten. Starved.

Throughout the journey, Jimin kept quiet and still.

Finally, when they arrived in the city, Jimin remembers barely able to look at the place, so large with many ships.

The air smelled salty. Once they were taken off the ship, they were lined up, and cold water from buckets was tossed on them. The little clothes they had on them were torn and barely covered their bodies. Exposed. Jimin’s gaze was on the pair of eyes looking at them. Confused and lost.

He’d heard the stories of the world before the vampires ruled, and though that world sounded amazing compared to the reality of this one.

Jimin fought back hot wash of tears flooding his eyes. He straightened his shoulders, refusing to show weakness, in front of the monsters now standing before them.

 A thin man caught his gaze and made his way towards him. Without warning the man lifted his chin, turning his head side to side before locking gaze with him once more. Jimin glared at him, eyes dark with anger.

“Open your mouth,” demanded the man. Jimin stared at him puzzled, “Open your mouth slave!”

Terrified Jimin did as he was told. The man lifted his upper lip, then his lower lips. He ran his fingers along with his teeth and gums. He inspected his tongue and underneath and when he was satisfied, he moved on. Jimin followed his gaze as he inspected the boy next to him. He knew him. The boy was young, thirteen of age, and he trembled when touched. The boy whipped his head to the side which caused the man to slap him so hard, he fell to the ground, and then the man yanked him back to his feet, opening his mouth.


An hour passed as they stood there on the dock with the sun blazing on them, a man dressed in better clothing then the other men eyeing them walked with the thin man to where they stood. The man appeared a few years older than him, yet he was not a man. Nor was he a boy.  The two men spoke in low voices, as the man gazed at them. Jimin swallowed hard, shivering with fear and disgust. He caught the man’s gaze and quickly lowered his head, but it was too late the two men made their way to where he was standing. Jimin bit his lower lip, refusing to meet their gaze- his stomach tighten. He feared what was to come.

Jimin felt the gaze of the man on him, but kept his eyes focused on the ground, “Look at me,” spoke the man. His words echoed in his ears but Jimin remained still, head lowered.

“I said look at me,” the man’s voice demanded. Jimin lifts his head, meeting his dark lifeless eyes that sent shivers throughout his body. The man scanned his face, and smirked, without uttering another word, he turned to the thin man,

“They are a new batch?”

“Yes, my lord,” replies the man.

“Alright, he will do,” replies the man, placing a brown cloth on the thin man’s hand, as they exchanged smiles.

A few moments later, another man grabbed Jimin by the arm and yanked for him to walk. Unable to fight back with the heavy chains, Jimin did as told. He glanced back to his people, his former friends. Jimin knew he never sees them again.


Hours passed, and it was impossible to tell if it was night or day. His eyes were covered shut when he was brought to a place. His eyes were uncovered, and he was in a room, but there were no shackles on his ankles just cuffs. The room was a beautiful old faded reddish with cream walls and wooden chairs. Everything was so astonishing and strange. He’d never seen anything like it nor imagined it.

“Beautiful isn’t it,” a voice came from behind him. Jimin turns around startled, as a man dressed in a black collared long sleeve shirt and black pants. He was handsome with brown hair and dark eyes. Jimin heard of vampires with soulless eyes, and he did not doubt that the man standing before him was a vampire. Jimin watched as the man stands in front of him, taking his hands, and unlocking the cuffs around his wrists.

“My name is Yoongi, what’s yours?”

Jimin stares at the man blankly, confused, “Where am I?”

“At the capital,” replies the man, “You’re at my estate right now, so what’s your name?”

Jimin takes a look around the room once more before meeting the man’s gaze, “Jimin.”

“Jimin?” says Yoongi, nodding his head, “That’s a beautiful name. It suits you.” The man reaches for his face, startled Jimin whips his head to the side, taking a step back. Yoongi chuckles, retracting his hand.

“You have such fair skin,” says Yoongi, “You’re not from around here?”

“No, I’m from a village far from here.”

“Hmm?” says Yoongi, “So there are places untouched by the shadow of the Vampire King.”

Jimin glares at him with contempt, “It no longer exists, it burned to the ground.”

“Apologizes,” he says, “You should get cleaned up, you must be starving.”

Jimin clenches his fist, “Am your blood slave?”

“No,” replies Yoongi, “You are a gift for a close friend of mine.”

“A gift?”

“Yes, a gift,” replies Yoongi, “You will be whatever he chooses.”  


Two days later, Jimin found himself sleeping on a cushioned bed underneath cool breeze, and a stomach filled with food but found no sleep. Tales about the creatures of the night that ruled the world, echoed in his ears. He was told Vampires loved to torture, use, and abuse human until there was nothing left of them. Bleed dry until there was nothing left. Those who were lucky were worked in a factory and donated blood regularly, but some were taken in as personal slaves. Aside from being walking and talking meal, he was used for sexual entertainment.  Despite no longer having chains, Jimin found that planning to escape was a foolish thing, the place was heavily guarded.

On the early morning, Jimin was woken up by one of the servants that served him food in the room he was locked in. None of the servants spoke to him, and when he asked a question, they ignored him. He has been soaking in the honey and milk bath for two hours. He was not sure why. But it felt good, and when he rinsed, he saw his skin radiate. It was fascinating. It was as if he was sparkling and shining like the moon. His thoughts were on Yoongi’s words from before. He was a gift. Jimin couldn’t help but wonder if that is why he was treated with such care and tenderness. Whoever that close friend was, he had a feeling it was someone important. He wanted to ask. He had so many questions but Yoongi was nowhere to be seen.


When the night approached, Jimin was feed and dressed in a white shirt, black tight jeans, and a brown silk top. He was groomed. The door opens once more, and it was Yoongi.

“Let’s go,” he orders.

“Go where?”

“To meet your master,” he replies, turning away before Jimin could utter another word. With no choice, Jimin quietly walked behind Yoongi, counting his footstep. He made no noise. It was unsettling. He couldn’t figure out if it was confidence or cockiness that made Yoongi walk with his back turned towards him. Does he not see him as an enemy? Or was he that strong?

“You are a gift,” speaks Yoongi, as they walk out the door, as the two guards join them. In front was a black car.

Yoongi comes to a halt, and turns to Jimin, “Do as you are told, and you may just survive the night.”

Throughout the car ride, Yoongi gave him many warnings. None made sense to Jimin, but he nodded anyway.

When the car came to a stop, Yoongi told Jimin to get out and came out after him. Jimin’s eyes widen as they stood in front of a massive palace. He’d heard stories about the palace’s exquisite designs and beauty. It was breathtaking. There were guards posted at every corner, and he felt overwhelmed. One minute he was playing in the lake with his friends, and the next he was standing in front of the palace, he’d only imagined in his mind. He couldn’t fathom that such a beauty harbored a monster.

“Follow me,” Yoongi’s voice snapped him out of his daydreams. When they entered the palace, Yoongi was met by two other men. Jimin guessed they were acquaintances. They whispered among each other before all three turned to him.

“Wow, he’s really beautiful,” commented one of the men with brown eyes and glasses, ogling him.

“You must’ve paid a fortune,” added the third one.

“Well, the royal Prince deserves nothing but the best,” replies Yoongi, “Where is the Prince anyway?”

A Prince? Wonders Jimin, shocked, and motionless. He was going to be the blood slave of a royal. Not just any royal but a Prince. Jimin heard stories of the feared royal family, and the Vampire King that has been alive before the dawn of time. He sired many, but only three harbored his name, all but the youngest one, who was the son of the Queen.

“It is his birthday,” replies the man with the glasses, “We need to be in the Great Hall soon too.”

“Let me escort the slave to the Prince’s room. This is going to be a surprise of a lifetime.”


Jimin’s eyes wondered as he follows Yoongi as they went up sets of stairs and turns. The mansion they were in was like a maze. Was it design like that on purpose? He wondered. Yoongi came to a stop in front of the room with one guard,

“Good evening, my Lord,” greets the guard.

“Good evening,” replies Yoongi, “This slave here is a surprise gift for the Prince. Let him wait inside his room, and do not speak of this. Is this clear?”

“Yes, my Lord,” says the Guard, unlocking the door.

Yoongi turns to face Jimin, his eyes cold, “Do not make attempts to escape if you wish to live.”

For the first time, reality sunk in. He’d been too stunned, too upset, too overwhelmed and too confused to fully understand the reality of his situation. It wasn’t good. His heart pounded fearfully against his chest and rib cage. The Guard opens the door, gesturing for him to walk inside,

“I’ll entrust him to you,” Yoongi says, addressing the guard. He sighs and makes eye contact with Jimin, “He may young, but he is a vampire. And if you give him any troubles, he has my permission to use force.”

The guard stared unkindly at him, his dark eyes burrowing into him. Then with his cold voice, he spoke, “Sit on the couch!” Jimin jumped at the sudden commend. Jimin walked towards the black couch that was in the middle of the room. He scanned the room; it was perfect and plain. Nothing personal about it. The curtains were linen, there was a small bookshelf in the far right corner, and above it hanged photos. They were not painting but were in black and white. He has never seen them. The door was closed, and he wanted to go and explore them but feared the guard will sense any movement he makes. He was ordered to sit, not wander around the room.

As the hours passed, Jimin’s butt was feeling sore from sitting. He pulled his knees closer to his body, pressing his head on them. It was a default gesture, ingrained through years of habit, and a way of comfort. He hated silence. It brought back the painful memories of the brutality of the few days that came to pass. The screaming. The blood. The smoke. He shivered. Anxiety roiled in his belly. He fought the urge to vomit, as tears clouded his vision.

Don’t cry. Be strong Jimin. Don’t show weakness. You’ll escape from this hell. A small voice in his head uttered words of comfort. His nightmare has become a reality.


The door clanged open, and Jimin lifted his chin. At the doorway stood a handsome young man dressed eloquently. He wore a white collared shirt that was tucked in his black pants, with a white lilac-blue blazer. He had light brown curly hair with silver hoop earrings. Jimin froze, unable to move or breathe as he stared in disbelief at the stunning gorgeous man. A man who had never known hunger or fear, or who stared at him with open animosity, and shock.

“What’s this?” he demanded coldly as he turns to Yoongi who was standing beside him.

“Your gift,” replies Yoongi, placing his arm on his shoulder, “A personal slave to do whatever you want with.”