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The Prince and the Proper

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The kingdom of Tulia was a land renowned for its beautiful landscapes and lush greenery. Some say Tulia is the most beautiful country in the world. It is a place many go, and a place many choose to spend the rest of their days. However, not all was beautiful in Tulia.

The family of Bakugou were the present rulers of the kingdom. They were respected by those who knew of their strength and loyalty, but feared by those who tried to misuse them. The current king and queen, Bakugou Masaru and Mitsuki, were loved by their people. The beta king was a kindhearted soul who heard the needs of his people and tended to them. The alpha queen was a powerful, fierce leader with a tongue sharp enough to cut down anyone who crossed her. Together, the two have ruled the kingdom and the people have lived in peace for decades. Their son, the prince Bakugou Katsuki, was thought to be much like his mother. He was powerful, indeed, and his tongue sharp as well. From birth he had been groomed to be a fine ruler, and his people believed he would become just that. However, prince Katsuki, as unlikely as it seemed, presented as an omega when he was but twelve.

By age eighteen, an age in which he could take over the throne, the prince’s reputation had changed completely. His own people saw him unfit to rule as king, both in mind and body. In the eyes of a Tulian, an omega’s place was to serve. Alphas, the natural born leaders, were destined to be kings and queens, and betas were to rule by their sides. An omega king or queen was simply unheard of. Centuries ago, any omega born into the royal family was killed shortly after presenting. Now, omegas were simply married off to alphas of allied countries. Prince Katsuki was the first omega to be born into the royal family of Tulia for almost three hundred years. The Tulian people were unsure of what to expect for their future going forth. The young prince, even more so.

Bakugou Mitsuki made it her duty to make up for the disappointment that was her son, and to maintain the peace they had carefully built while trying desperately to find a solution to this unexpected problem. Katsuki would have to be married off to a foreign alpha. The same boy who had been raised as an alpha and groomed to be a king would now have to live as the omega queen of an unknown alpha. The prince, despite knowing this, refused to change his ways. He was to be king and finally reform this country. His secondary gender would never change that.

Unfortunately, he was the only one to truly believe that.

The queen sat on her throne sipping a glass of expensive wine. She had a long morning and was prepared to relax for most of the rest of the afternoon. Presently, her mate was mingling with commoners, as he enjoyed doing often. He was quite loved for it. Her brat of a son should be attending his omega propriety lessons. Lord knows if they were making a difference. Whenever she bothered to speak to the boy he was still as defiant as ever.

As she rose her glass to take another sip, the silk glove on her hand shining beautifully in the light streaming in through the room’s tall windows, a knight entered the throne room. He appeared tired and beaten, but the steel determination in his eyes told Mitsuki all she needed to know about his mission’s success. He had been sent out to gather information on a country to the north, Villiass. Disgusting people, they were. Violent and bloodthirsty with no regard for human life. Mitsuki refused to allow them to remain without constant surveillance.

She placed her wineglass down and folded her hands across her lap. “I see you have returned.”

The knight stopped before the throne and lowered himself to one knee. “Yes, Your Majesty. I come with urgent news.”

“Well, out with it then,” Mitsuki said impatiently. How she hated waiting for anything.

“During my three months surveilling the land of Villiass I noticed many peculiarities. Prior to the rule of the current king, Shigaraki Tomura, Villiass homed many people. However, during my time there, the population appeared to be dwindling. Many citizens have either died off or migrated elsewhere. Also, the king himself has apparently never shown his face to his people since taking the throne, yet nine people have been repeatedly entering and exiting the palace. None were members of the council during the previous king’s reign.”

Mitsuki hummed. “So, who are these nine people you saw?”

“Out of the nine, one is a young girl of the name Toga Himiko. She was born and raised in Villiass. I am unsure of her connection to the current king. Of the others, I was only able to uncover aliases. Twice, Dabi, Magne, Compress, Kurogiri, Spinner, and…Muscular. There is also a young boy, but I know nothing of his origins as of now. There have been many reports of missing persons within Villiass and neighboring countries. It is possible some of the nine are these ‘missing’ people. Unfortunately, when I tried to get closer to the palace I was knocked unconscious by an unknown assailant. I awoke within a cabin that appeared to be abandoned with two masked men watching over me. One of them tried to extract information out of me, but I gave up nothing, my queen.”

“Nothing at all?”

“Nothing at all,” he confirmed. “Though, I suspect he figured out I was Tulian. He made a comment about the paleness of my skin. We do tend to stand out in that regard. I managed to escape three nights ago and returned as soon as possible. I was not followed.”

“I see. Good work collecting this information.” Mitsuki stood from her throne and stalked towards the still kneeling knight. Her voice dropped until it was low and threatening. “If I discover that you have revealed any of our kingdom’s secrets, what I will do to you will make death seem like a kindness.” It spoke volumes that even an alpha such as the knight would cower under the queen’s fierce glare. “Now, go. I expect you to give descriptions of these nine people to the palace’s painter. I want wanted signs all over the capital.”

“Yes, my queen.”


In the palace gardens, a young omega could be found among the countless flowers and shrubbery. He sat with a small, content smile on his face. The gardens were some of the few places an omega could be without the watchful eye of an alpha. The omega, Midoriya Izuku, plucked a white flower from the ground and put it in his messy green hair beside another pink flower. Izuku spent most of his time here when he was not with his two friends. The omega hoped to be a gardener working in the palace one day. As of now, he was merely allowed to be in the palace due to his relationship with the prince and his parents. Izuku’s mother, Midoriya Inko, was a childhood friend of Mitsuki, and the two wanted nothing more than for their own children to have a close relationship like theirs. While it did come true, as the prince and Izuku spent much of their time together around the palace, their dynamic is not quite what was anticipated. While everyone was certain Katsuki would present as an alpha and rule the kingdom much like his mother, Izuku and his own mother had wished for Izuku to be a beta. Izuku had never had the deposition expected of an alpha; he was timid and weak yet determined like no other. As a beta he could still fight. He wanted to be the king’s most trusted knight when Katsuki took over the throne. Unfortunately, when he presented as an omega shortly before the prince himself, his dream had been crushed. Katsuki, to his credit, never saw Izuku as anything less than the trusted friend he already was and insisted that he still be allowed to visit the palace whenever he wished.

The queen had agreed easily enough, though Izuku suspected that was only due to her belief that Katsuki wished to make Izuku his mate when they became of age. Since Izuku was of noble blood, their mating would have been more than accepted. Even better, Mitsuki and Masaru would not have to worry finding a suitable mate for their son. Katsuki was never the most sociable child to put it nicely. Izuku never had the courage to correct the queen on her assumption, and he surely would never mention this to his friend. He was not suicidal after all. The only reason Izuku was still able to freely come and go to this day, even though he served no real “use” to the royal family now, was that Katsuki was far more civil whenever Izuku was by his side. He was one of the few people capable of calming him down after all.

Izuku loved being friends with Katsuki. Ever since they were young boys sparring together, learning hand-to-hand combat side by side. And they almost always were side by side. In the noble’s eyes, Katsuki was the most admirable person of all. He was strong, brave, and determined. He would have made a wonderful king if not for this country’s conservative views on omegas. While Izuku was just like any other omega—unnoteworthy despite his nobility—Katsuki was greater than any alpha.

And speaking of the prince…

“Oi, Izuku!” Katsuki looked irritated, although that was nothing new to anyone who knew the omega. Still, Izuku wondered just what had gotten under his skin today.

“Hi, Kacchan!” Izuku greeted cheerfully. The blond always claimed to hate the childish nickname Izuku had given him so long ago, always yelling at the other to stop calling him that, but Izuku knew Katsuki secretly liked it. It was easy to read the prince once you knew what to look for. He would never dare to call him that in front of others, though. “What have you been up to?”

“My stupid fucking omega propriety courses,” Katsuki grit out. Izuku hummed in understanding. He hated those courses as well. Practically every Tulian omega was expected to take courses on how to behave like a “proper” omega. Nobles like Izuku had much more rigorous courses due to higher expectations. He could only imagine what the courses must be like for his friend. “I see you have been hanging out in the gardens all day again.”

“Come sit with me, Kacchan,” Izuku said, patting an open area next to him. Katsuki hesitated for a moment before heaving a long sigh and sitting beside his childhood friend. Izuku smiled at the other omega before laying his head on the blond’s shoulder. Katsuki tensed and then relaxed bit by bit. There was no one else around, and Izuku was practically family anyway. It was okay, this would surely be allowed. Their hands were still by their sides. “You smell frustrated.”

“How can you not be? You sit here in these gardens day after day because there is nowhere else you would be left to yourself. This is bullshit!”

“I no longer mind, Kacchan.”

“You should, yet you just gave up!” Izuku had to remove his head from Katsuki’s shoulder because the prince was shaking from anger so much.

Izuku frowned at the other. “No, Kacchan, I have not given up on anything. I learned to accept that there is only so much I can do as—”

“What?” Katsuki interrupted. “As an omega? Are you content to just let others decide your life for you?”

“No!” Izuku pounded his fist on the ground, and unusual show of aggression. He didn’t even take notice of the flower he crushed underneath his hand. “I can still decide. I have decided to work in these gardens.” As Izuku said this, his voice lost some of its conviction. It was what he settled on, not what he wanted.

Katsuki knew this. He scoffed loudly. “Because that is permitted of you, eh?” Izuku lowered his eyes, finally noticing the flower. He quickly removed his hand. “Do you no longer desire to be my knight, Izuku?”

“Of course I do! I always have and I always will! Just how you desire to rule despite—”

“I will rule.” Deep down, they both knew this to be untrue. Still, Izuku was sure some part of Katsuki believed it. “My being an omega will change nothing.”

It changes everything, Kacchan, and you know it, Izuku thought sadly. He sighed before standing. “We should track down Uraraka-san,” he said, sending a mischievous look towards the blonde. “And go do something ‘improper’ of an omega.”

Katsuki smirked. “Well, well. I suppose you can be rebellious, you nerd.” He stood, straightening out his clothing. “We will go to the library.”

Izuku giggled. “I figured you would say that, Kacchan. I am glad. There is book on botany I have yet to finish.” He looked down at his hands, fighting back a grimace at the dirt on his palms and under his nails. “I must tend to my hands first. They are unsightly.”

Katsuki’s face twisted in disgust when he saw the state of Izuku’s hands. “Indeed. Why do you not wear gloves when in the gardens?”

Izuku smiled but there was no happiness to it. “We are forbidden to touch others, but I can at least feel the dirt in my hands. Though it is quite…dirty.” Katsuki rolled his eyes while Izuku laughed at his own poorly made pun. “Besides, dirt makes good substitute for you, Kacchan.”

Katsuki’s face twisted in indignation. He was tempted to wrap his fingers around his friend’s neck. “And just what the hell is that supposed to mean?”


Bakugou Masaru was on his way back to the palace after spending most of the day within the capital visiting shops and browsing the market. Many people who recognized him stopped to greet him and some even made light conversation with him. He purchased some fruits and foods he knew his mate and son liked and any trinkets that caught his eye. He had the money to spare, and seeing the faces of his people light up when their king saw their goods worthy enough for purchase made his day nearly as much as theirs.

Passing by a small, rundown looking shop that specialized in jewelry, Masaru decided to step in for a moment. He knew—though she would never say—that Mitsuki adored fine jewelry. Granted, the jewelry in this commoner’s shop would not be high quality but surely made with skill and love nonetheless.

The inside was quite clean despite the shop’s initial impression. The elderly beta woman running the shop squinted at the beta male before her eyes widened in recognition. Masaru simply smiled kindly in return, raising a hand in greeting. “Hello, ma’am. How are you on this fine day?”

“King Bakugou!” she blurted, still quite shocked that the king of Tulia was inside her rundown shop. Realizing he had asked her a question, she quickly said, “I am well, thank you. May I ask what brings you here today?”

“Oh, just wandering about the capital. I like to see what my people are getting up to,” he responded with a smile. “I noticed your shop as I was passing by and wondered if there were any fine jewels to buy.”

The elderly woman nearly gaped at the man but collected herself enough to say, “I am not sure if any of my jewels would be to your liking, my king.”

“Well, all the more reason to look and find out.” And with that, Masaru began looking around the small shop. Most of the jewelry consisted of simple necklaces and bracelets. They were admittedly beautifully made but not worth much. The king could tell the woman was nervously wringing her hands as she watched him move around her shop, so Masaru turned back to her and said, “These are quite beautiful. I can see that you are very skilled.” Her face lit up at the compliment and she began bowing excessively and giving thanks. “I imagine some of these necklaces would look lovely around the queen’s neck.” Her breath stopped short. “What do you think?”

The beta looked close to tears. “Oh, anything would look wonderful on the queen, Your Majesty. Her beauty is unmatched.” Masaru nodded. Good answer. And mostly true. Though it would be inappropriate to say, he thought Katsuki was a beautiful omega himself as he looked scarily similar to his mother. “Truly, there would be no greater honor than for the queen to wear one of my own creations, but I cannot help but think such a cheap necklace would be unfitting for her.” Masaru hummed. She made a good point; his mate was quite picky about her jewelry and despite the skill involved these necklaces were still very cheap. “Excuse me if I have spoken out of turn,” the woman rushed to say after the king was silent for a few moments.

“No, no. You are fine. And quite correct.” Masaru glanced down at the necklaces again. If not his wife, then perhaps… “I shall gift one to Katsuki instead.”

“Katsuki?” the woman repeated in confusion. “Oh! The young prince Katsuki.” She seemed less enthusiastic about the prince wearing her jewelry, but Masaru could not fault her for that. Few thought well of his son, his wife included. “Well…omegas do love jewelry. I’m sure the boy would love to receive such a gift from you, Your Majesty.”

‘The boy’, huh? Masaru wanted to scold the woman for speaking of the prince, his own son, in such a disrespectful manner, but Katsuki was just an omega after all. His royal blood did not change that fact. “I will purchase this one, then,” he said, holding up a golden necklace with a large orange pendant in the middle. It was the most beautiful necklace in the king’s opinion, and he remembered that orange was his son’s favorite color.

After exiting the shop and waving away the woman’s many thanks for his patronage, Masaru continued on his way back to the palace. He had slipped the necklace for Katsuki into his left pocket, a small smile on his face as imagined his son’s surprise at being gifted with jewelry of all things. He wondered when the last time either he or his wife had given Katsuki a gift. Before he presented as an omega, he was gifted many things ranging from toys to swords. After, it no longer seemed appropriate to gift an omega such things, so they stopped completely. A gift was long overdue.

Suddenly, Masaru felt someone bump into him. In the middle of the day when the market was filled with commoners, a bump or two was to be expected as people passed by. As a Tulian, who did not take touching another lightly, the person would immediately apologize to avoid any hard feelings. For this person to not stop and beg for forgiveness after bumping into the king, however, caused a slight sense of panic to fill the beta. He quickly turned to see who had dared touch the king unapologetically, only to see a mysterious figure vanishing into the throng of people. All Masaru could make out was a head of white hair before the figure vanished completely.

“Halt!” he yelled, causing all nearby to stop in fear and confusion. The mysterious figure was not among them. Cursing silently to himself, Masaru quickly checked himself for anything out of place. He felt no bruises or wounds, though he did not expect to. Checking the pockets of his robes he was relieved to find the necklace still there. Alongside it was a letter that had not been there before. It seemed the mystery person had slipped it into his robe.

Masaru wasted no time in returning to the palace.


“This cannot be happening!”

Masaru put his arms around his wife in hopes of calming her down. Luckily, they were alone in their chambers, so no one would witness such an intimate act. “My love, please calm yourself. Stressing yourself out will not help the situation.”

Mitsuki rounded on her husband, her teeth bared in absolute rage. The beta nearly cowered in fear, but he would not show fear in front of his mate. “And what would help our ‘situation’, Masaru? Villiass is demanding our son’s hand in marriage!” she shouted, shaking the now opened letter in his face.

After arriving at the palace, Masaru had quickly tracked down his wife and together they read the letter. To say they were both shocked and outraged would be an understatement. It had been written with such sloppy penmanship it was nearly illegible, but it basically stated that the king of Villiass, Shigaraki Tomura, demanded that the omega prince of Tulia be handed over to become his bride before the year was up. A refusal of his demand would lead to certain war.

“We should seek council on this matter,” Masaru said.

“I say we give the brat to him,” Mitsuki spat. Her husband gaped at her, completely baffled.


“What?” she snapped. “That omega serves no purpose here.”

Masaru glared at her. “’That omega’ is our son, and if he has to be wed off—”

Mitsuki scoffed. “Of course he has to.”

Masaru sighed in resignation. “Then he should at least be married to an alpha who would not harm him in any way.”

Rolling her eyes at her husband’s naivety, Mitsuki said, “He never claimed he would harm him, Masaru. Besides, that brat could use some discipline and a firm hand may be just what he needs.” At the beta’s glare, Mitsuki sighed. “I would never actually dream of handing him over to Shigaraki. If Villiass were not such a rotten country, I would, but I want nothing to do with them quite frankly.”

The king could not believe how flippant his wife was being about the matter. Katsuki was still their son. Surely, that mattered to her somewhat. Right?

“Still, we cannot afford war at the moment. Our people have become accustomed to peaceful times. I will not allow an omega to ruin that for them,” Mitsuki stated coldly. Her eyes then lit up. “If we were to crush Villiass before they can even think of attacking us, we would have no worries.”

Masaru shook his head. “Mitsuki, you know our military forces are weak.”

She waved away his concerns. “Obviously we would not be fighting. A Tulian never gets their hands dirty, dear.”

“Then who would fight on our behalf?”

Mitsuki smiled then, and not for the first time Masaru wondered where the woman he fell in love with had gone.


The next morning, the royal family sat around a grand dining table for breakfast. At each end of the table sat Mitsuki and Masaru, with Katsuki sitting between them. As was done ever since Katsuki was a boy, Midoriya Izuku and Uraraka Ochako, who sat across from the prince, were invited to join any meal with the family. Izuku usually ate most meals at home with his mother, but this morning he decided to spend the early day with his friends and the rest with his mother. He did not see her nearly enough these days.

Uraraka Ochako was the prince’s personal guard. She was rarely away from him unless specifically requested by Katsuki. She was a beta, but she was a fine fighter and quite skilled with a sword. Typically, only alphas are permitted to learn how to wield a sword, but Ochako is a special exception. Katsuki enjoyed her presence, and although he would never say it aloud, she was the closest friend to him after Izuku. Had Katsuki presented as an alpha like expected, Masaru secretly would have liked for the two to mate.

Katsuki sat picking at his food, having no appetite. This had been happening quite often recently. Ever since his coming of age at eighteen, Katsuki had felt his mother completely lose interest in him. As a child, he had looked up to her more than anyone. He aspired to be just like her, and now he was nothing but an utter disappointment to her. As if he could sit at the same table as her and act like everything was as it used to be. He could feel both Izuku and Ochako’s eyes on him, but he easily ignored them. They both worried too much anyway.

Katsuki glanced over at his father from the corner of his eye, seeing he didn’t have much of an appetite either. Ever since he returned from the capital yesterday afternoon, he had been acting strange. Katsuki wanted to know why but during breakfast was hardly the time or place to ask.

The nearly awkward silence in the dining room was broken when Mitsuki tapped her silverware against her glass. All heads turned to her as a devious smile spread across her lips.

“Izuku-kun, Ochako, it is always good to see you,” she said with false pleasantness.

“You as well, Your Majesty,” Ochako said, not missing the fakeness in her voice.

Izuku smiled. The queen rarely addressed him directly ever since he presented. “It is good to see you too, Aunt Mitsuki.”

The smile dropped from the blonde woman’s face and was replaced by a glare so fierce Izuku nearly jumped from his seat and fled the room. “How dare you address your queen, an alpha, so informally, omega! You would think those omega courses would teach you how to act, but it seems you and Katsuki are both a lost cause.”

Katsuki grit his teeth at being called out while Izuku lowered his head in shame. “I am sorry, Your Majesty.”

Mitsuki smiled again. “Better. If it happens again, I will have your head steamed like a piece of broccoli.” She seemed to laugh at her own joke while Izuku bit his lip in fear, not daring to respond.

“Mitsuki,” Masaru began, successfully dragging the alpha’s attention away from the frightened omega. “Was there not something you wished to say?”

“Ah, yes. Thank you, dear. I do have an announcement for you all.” Narrowing her eyes, she continued. “I hope it goes unsaid that not a single word spoken from here on leaves this room. Is that understood, children?”

“Yes, Your Majesty,” both Ochako and Izuku instantly replied. Katsuki said nothing. His friends tried to send him discreet looks which he ignored.

“Katsuki,” Mitsuki began sweetly. Katsuki nearly flinched from hearing his name, the name she gave him, fall from her lips instead of the usual “boy” or her favored “omega”. “I asked you a question.”

Finally, Katsuki acknowledged her and turned a glare on her. Omegas were never to look an alpha in the eye, especially not in such a defiant way. The two blondes’ scents of anger filled the room, suffocating the three other occupants. The alpha’s scent so overpowering even the two betas were tempted to run away along with Izuku.

“Sorry, mother,” he said insincerely. “I was simply surprised that you would actually speak to a lowly omega like me.” Izuku gasped quietly at hearing those words come from the prince while Ochako closed her eyes and said a silent prayer for the prince.

Everyone expected Mitsuki to fly into a fit of rage at the blatant show of defiance, but she simply smiled for the third time. This time even more unnerving than the last two. In a voice so low only the silence of the room allowed it to be heard, the queen said, “I cannot wait for the day you finally leave.” Katsuki’s brow furrowed in confusion, his gaze quickly shooting to his father before looking back at the alpha. “Although that attitude of yours will definitely need to go for this treaty to succeed.”

“Treaty?” Katsuki asked, just barely masking the panic he suddenly feels.

Her eye twitched at Katsuki’s continued disrespect, but she said nothing about it. “Yes, which brings me back to my announcement. I have sent out a messenger to the Land of Warriors in request that we form an alliance. I laid out some terms that I think both our kingdoms will find beneficial.”

“What kind of terms—?”

“Brat, if you speak out of turn one more time, I will not be responsible for what happens,” she warned. Katsuki grit his teeth but said nothing. She smiled. “Good boy. Masaru, would you mind explaining the rest to your son? You are the one so concerned about his input after all.”

The beta wanted to curse the woman for doing this but he could never. Not to his mate, not an alpha. He turned to his son, his eyes full of remorse. “Yesterday, we received a threat of war from the kingdom of Villiass. It was decided that forming an alliance with Adria to take down Villiass before an attack happens would be the best course of action. The terms…” Masaru sighed. He did not want this to be reality. Not for Katsuki. “’In return for Adria’s military support, Tulia is willing to prepare their omega prince for marriage to the alpha prince of Adria’…or so the treaty says.”

Everyone watched as the information sunk in and Katsuki’s expression morphed from confusion to anger to sadness before finally settling on fear. Masaru wanted nothing more than to hold his son. Izuku had his hands held over his mouth as he fought back tears. Ochako carefully schooled her expression but beneath it all she could feel the anger and sadness building up. Though they all knew this day would come, it hurt no less. “No,” the prince whispered before suddenly springing up out of his chair. “Father, please, do not do this!”

Hearing Katsuki say ‘please’ made Ochako want to whisk him away and hide him from the world, from his fate. A prince should never plead. How could they do this to him?

Masaru shook his head, his eyes unable to meet Katsuki’s burning red eyes. “If they accept, there is nothing to be done, Katsuki.”

“Oh, they will accept. They have no reason not to,” Mitsuki said, finally speaking up. “No doubt King Kirishima has worries about finding his son a mate. It is a worry all parents share.”

“Why are you doing this?” Katsuki asked desperately. “Mom, please—”

Mitsuki held a hand up, cutting of his words. She looked disgusted. “Katsuki, do not be so melodramatic. You knew this day would come eventually. Honestly, you should be glad you can finally be useful to your people.”

Katsuki looked back and forth between his parents. He did not know whose expression he detested more; his father’s pathetic look of defeat or his mother’s smug grin. Looking towards Izuku and Ochako, Katsuki saw matching expressions of pity in their eyes. He bit his lip so hard it began to bleed and internally debated his next course of action.

Mitsuki rolled her eyes with a sigh. “Oh, just sit down already, boy. Some of us would like to get back to our breakfast, and I believe you have caused enough of a scene.”

For the first time since presenting, Katsuki followed his mother’s order without question.


The rest of breakfast passed in an unbreakable silence. Katsuki never touched the food on his plate. As the teens had to wait to be dismissed by the queen, they simply sat in silence while Mitsuki requested a glass of wine despite how early it was. She slowly slipped it as she gazed at her visibly broken son with the smallest of smiles on her face.

“Dear, you really should have some of this wine. It is most exquisite,” she had said to Masaru.

“Mitsuki, please,” the beta had pleaded. “Just stop.” The alpha had huffed in displeasure and took her time finishing the glass.

Finally, she allowed the three to leave the room. Katsuki had slowly rose from his chair and left the room, Izuku and Ochako following with their heads down.

As the three walked down the long halls to the prince’s bed chambers, Izuku walking beside the blond with Ochako trailing a few steps behind them as she always did, neither could bring themselves to say anything. Neither had ever seen the blond so quiet, so defeated. It pained them to witness. Izuku craved desperately to grab Katsuki’s hand, to show him some kind of comfort and reassurance that everything would be alright, but there were guards all throughout the halls.

Before long, the three arrived at the prince’s door. Katsuki placed his hand on the door handle but did not enter the room. Without turning, he said, “You should go home, Izuku. Your mother is probably missing you.”

“Kacchan…” Izuku did not know what to say so he simply nodded even though the prince could not see. “Bye, Kacchan, Uraraka-san. I will see you tomorrow, okay?”

Katsuki said nothing but Ochako mustered up a weak smile for the omega. “Bye, Izuku-kun. Get home safely.”

Izuku smiled back but it was no more believable than the beta’s. With that, he turned on his heel and walked back the way they came. Katsuki silently entered his room as Ochako stood outside the door, guarding the prince from any harm as she had dedicated her life to do.