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Some Trans Boys and a Group Chat

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Kaminari Denki added Bakugou Katsuki, Kirishima

Eijirou, and Midoriya Izuku to the chat


Kaminari Denki Welcome to hell


Kaminari Denki changed their name to ‘Pikachu’


Midoriya Izuku I’m so confused

Pikachu Too bad


Pikachu changed Midoriya Izuku’s name to ‘Glowstick Bones’


Glowstick Bones That’s actually pretty good

Glowstick Bones I enjoy this name

Pikachu Why, thank you! I like to think that I’m a master in my field of work

Bakugou Katsuki What the fuck is this

Pikachu Just in time :)


Pikachu changed Bakugou Katsuki’s name to ‘Tsundere’



Glowstick Bones I’m sorry Kacchan, it’s literally impossible to take you seriously when your name in Tsundere

Glowstick Bones Good work, Kami

Kirishima Eijirou Hi, I’d like to relay Midoriya’s thought from earlier? What’s going on?

Pikachu We’ll get into that later. As for right now…


Pikachu changed Kirishima Eijirou’s name to ‘Sharky Boi’


Sharky Boi Nice

Tsundere You better explain right now

Pikachu Okay, it’ll make sense in a second

Glowstick Bones That is a very scary statement


Pikachu named the chat ‘TRANS RIGHTS’


Glowstick Bones This all makes so much more sense now

Pikachu Right? I just thought that since we have four trans kids in 1-A (that I know of), we should make a lil’ area where we can just talk and stuff! It doesn’t have to be about being trans, or even anything that has to do with the LGBTQ+ community. But if you need a place to vent, here’s a safe space! Or if y’all just want to talk, too!

Tsundere That’s the smartest thing you’ve ever fuckin done

Sharky Boi HECK YEAH, BRO! 

Glowstick Bones This is great, Kami!