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Goku and the Olympians

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The world was marginally in a state of calm after the destruction of Kid Buu. With everyone on Earth being brought back to life by the Dragon Balls, there were no such planetary threats needed to be dealt with by the Z Fighters and life simply went back to being as normal as it will ever be. However, the adult Saiyan warrior responsible for said peace felt somewhat empty inside for a multitude of reasons. One being the untimely death of his wife and childhood sweetheart, Chi Chi.

“Chi Chi…” Goku depressively recalled as he sat on the wooden roof of his humble abode, gazing at Mt. Paozu’s surrounding horizon. Even though Goku only married the Ox Princess because of a promise he accidently made as a naïve 12-year-old, it still seemed like a part of him was forcefully torn apart before his very eyes. He couldn’t eat right, sleep properly, or even do the most important thing in his entire career as a martial artist: fight! Sure, he was infuriated by both of Krillin’s deaths, but that was only because he had the power to prevent those situations from happening. Deep down, he knew that his best friend would be wished back sooner or later. Chi Chi, on the other hand, died from an undisclosed illness he couldn’t see coming or have any sort of control over. The mother of his children was truly gone for good and it broke him in ways he didn’t think were humanly possible for a dense musclehead like him.

“I…I wish I could have been there for you, Chi. I’m sorry I didn’t realize that before…before…” Goku muttered regretfully, cutting himself off as a misty tear streaked down his cheek. He rubbed his eyes before more droplets of liquid could fall and lightly elevated from the house’s rooftop. As he rose higher up in flight, the adult student of Master Roshi gazed down at his adoptive grandfather’s shrine. Goku smiled lightly at the memories it represented, thinking back to the first time he met Bulma and how their search for the Dragon Balls inadvertently led to his introduction to Chi Chi. Not wanting to dwell on the past, Goku sighed heavily and placed two fingers on the bridge of his nose in preparation for Instant Transmission.

“I need someone to talk to. Maybe King Kai will have some advice.” Goku whispered tiredly, hoping to get his mind off of Chi Chi for just a short while. With that thought, he closed in on the Lord of Worlds’ chi signature and swiftly vanished into nothingness.


Wanting to give his father some much-needed space, Goten was put under the care of the newly married Gohan and Videl until further notice. All three of them were invited to West City’s Capsule Corps. in order to discuss the aforementioned elephant in the room and figure out a way for Goku to properly cope with his wife’s death. Mostly all of the Z-Fighters were summoned there by the unarguable blue-haired behemoth that was Bulma, much to Vegeta and Piccolo’s immense chagrin. They situated themselves around the dining area, only a few of them having the luxury of sitting down at the kitchen table. Nearby, Goten, the splitting image of Goku’s younger self, sparred with Trunks in their Super Saiyan forms while the daughter of Krillin and Android 18 happily watched.

“So, how’s Goku holding up?” Bulma sympathetically asked the half-Saiyan scholar whilst resting both hands on her lap. Gohan took off his wide-rimmed glasses and set them down on the table, brushing his spiked black hair uneasily.

“Not good. Goten said he hasn’t eaten a decent meal in weeks.” Gohan sighed morosely. A theoretical pin dropped throughout the room as the world’s greatest fighters audibly gasped in absolute terror. Vegeta, leaning on the furthest wall with his arms crossed, growled angrily at this unfortune news.

“Did I hear that right?! Goku hasn’t been eating?!” Krillin gulped in disbelief, his skin noticeably paling.

“Are you sure Buu didn’t destroy the world?!” Yamcha lightly joked in reactionary horror of this odd occurrence. Vegeta, his temper far passed its boiling point, rose his energy to drown out the mindless ramblings of everyone else and slammed a gloved fist against the wall. The purveying crowd immediately silenced in shock.

“Shut up, you damn idiots! Don’t you realize what this means?!” Vegeta chastised the two oldest sparring partners of Goku with narrowed black eyes. Krillin, Yamcha, and the others, expecting the hot-headed Saiyan prince’s agitation, glared back with raised eyebrows.

“We Saiyans are reliant on food as an energy source. If Kakarot continues to be hung up on this Earth woman and refuses to eat, his battle power could descend exponentially!” Vegeta yelled furiously, not wanting to see his rival lose his inherited lust for combat.

“That woman was our friend and their mother! Don’t you care at all about that and how her death affected Goku?!” Bulma snapped at her impossible husband, gesturing to the both equally irritated Gohan being held back by Videl and Goten fighting outside. Vegeta scowls at Bulma, but his eyes noticeably soften in what could vaguely be interpreted as understanding.

“I know it means a lot to Kakarot. I’m just saying that, with the way he is now, he’ll be completely useless against a threat even greater than Buu ever was. For the sake of the Earth, do you really want that to happen?” Vegeta seriously justified his concerns over Goku’s fighting prowess above anything else. Bulma, relieved by his seemingly unselfish intentions, nods and turns her attention to the now pondering Z Fighters.

“What can we do then?” Tien Shinhan queried in curiosity, the pupil of his third eye darting from left to right for any sort of answer. Piccolo, noting the sudden disappearance of Goku’s energy, closes his eyes and gets a good idea of where the usually fun-loving Saiyan adult went to.

“He seems to be on King Kai’s planet right now. Maybe we should just leave Goku alone until he comes to us.” Piccolo suggested gruffly, wanting to get back to his meditation on the Lookout. Gohan is about to object, but Videl interrupts him with a tug at his suit jacket, peering at her husband with melancholic sapphire eyes.

“You’re right, Piccolo. We’ll give Dad some time.” A defeated Gohan exclaimed dolefully. With that, each Z Fighter departed from Capsule Corps. with a hint of disappointment. Once everyone left, Bulma went back to designing some more advanced variations of capsules while Vegeta stood behind and looked through the kitchen’s glass window.

“Get well soon, Kakarot…” Vegeta mentally sent his regards before storming off to spar in the Gravity Chamber as he usually did on a daily basis.

In another dimension…
The majesty of Mount Olympus was truly a spectacle far beyond the standards of any mortal. Seemingly residing on another plane of existence, said “mountain” was a natural paradise free of pollution and all forms of technology. It was a massive city comprised of 12 towering palaces, each designed for a specific Greek god or goddess. Along these ancient temples, mythical creatures such as nymphs and satyrs happily ran miscellaneous errands, enjoying the literal heaven they were lucky to call home. The peak of Olympus housed an Acropolis-esc structure where each Olympian met to discuss circumstances related to their half-breed children and other global phenomena. One such palace was brimming with life as night surrounded the entire collection of godly domains. This particular throne room was painted a mix of gold and bright pink with detailed heart designs plastered along its walls.

“Oh yes!” screamed a semi-sultry voice in positive elation. An extremely gorgeous woman in what seemed to be her early 20’s was lying on top of a massive king-sized bed with golden decorations and pinkish purple covers. Her eyes and hair seemed to shapeshift into different colors, changing appearance based on the girl’s mood and personal preference. This was Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty, passion, pleasure, and a bunch of other more explicit stuff that doesn’t need to be mentioned.

“He’s so amazing!” Aphrodite praised affectionately, slightly adjusting the position of her bubble gum lingerie. She seems to have her eyes glued onto a pseudo-television screen of some sort, floating in mid air with the likeness of a rainbow. Playing on this illusionary screen are repeats of Goku’s greatest fights, starting from his confrontation with Vegeta to the most recent decimation of Kid Buu. The romance deity’s appearance switches to match the likeness of a Super Saiyan, sporting long blonde hair and dazzling green irises.

“Pause it right there!” Aphrodite airily commanded the interdimensional Iris Message. The projected anomaly accepts this request and stops abruptly on the intense glare Goku gave Lord Frieza when he first transformed into the Super Saiyan. Said immortal goddess practically swoons in admiration, crawling closer to the screen, so she could caress Goku’s face.

“Oh, my sweet, Goku! If only you weren’t an entire dimension away, I would have you all to myself. So innocent, yet so brave. So strong, yet so…so…” Aphrodite gushed helplessly, her cheeks starting to turn a bright red just imagining the muscular, battle-hardened body that could put Ares’ to shame.

“…Handsome!” exclaimed Aphrodite, licking her lips in pure lust. For ages, the love goddess has been jumping from romantic partner to romantic partner without a care in the world. Despite being married to Hephaestus, she always cheated on the deformed blacksmith with Ares for physical attractiveness alone. However, the feelings projected at the sight of this childish Saiyan Warrior were much different than before. Mostly because she literally couldn’t have him without jeopardizing the entire universe’s safety, but also because of his selflessness. This Goku fought for the safety of his friends and personal improvement while her war god of a lover caused absolute destruction for kicks. Aphrodite always got what she wanted and it was absolutely no fair that such an impressive specimen could not be claimed by her.

“I must have him! He should know what it really feels like to love someone and to have that love reciprocated!” Aphrodite determinedly pronounced, subconsciously growling at the mere thought of her object of desire’s sorry excuse for a “wife”. She was a love goddess, so jealously could be quite commonplace at this point in time. Aphrodite, blowing a kiss at the still image of Goku, deactivated the Iris Message and sent it back to her nearby fountain. The container of water was filled to the brim with Golden Drachma, golden coins that can be sent as tribute to Iris, the rainbow goddess, herself. Making sure that none of the other Olympians woke up to her shuffling, Aphrodite changed her attire to that of an expensive fur coat and tip-toed out of the room.

“Hopefully this works. I can no longer stand to be away from my Saiyan warrior.” Aphrodite mumbled to herself in desperation as she stood in front of a massive elevator door. This elevator serves as a teleportation mechanism that connects the mortal world to its godly counterpart using the Empire State Building in New York City. Since Mount Olympus is technically a pocket dimension of its own, the goddess of love guessed that any other world could be accessed in a similar way, even the Dragon Ball one. She entered the enclosed space and pressed the button marked as Floor 1, causing her to rocket straight down to the Empire State Building’s main lobby. There, she set her sights on Olympus’s head security guard as she exited out.

“L-lady Aphrodite? W-what’s brings you here?” The guard recognized in surprise, checking the time on his watch nervously. Aphrodite played up her sensuality in order to coerce the disguised creature into helping out, batting her eyelashes and showing a bit of cleavage.

“Well, I was wondering if I could connect with a neighboring dimension somehow. Maybe, send a teensy-weensy little portal?” Aphrodite asked innocently, getting into the security guard’s personal space more than he would have liked.

“B-but that would go against Lord Zeus’s direct orders! Interacting with another universe could spell disaster for—” The frazzled security attempted to object, his uniform leaking with sweat.

“Please?” Aphrodite breathlessly pleaded, pressing her breasts against the man’s own chest area. In order to make her stop, the guard shakily pulled a pair of keys out of his coat pocket and walked over to the otherworldly elevator’s command board.

“I’m so getting fired for this…” whimpered the Security Guard, adjusting the functions of each button all the way up to Floor 600, or Mount Olympus itself.

“Ok, if you have a basic idea of where you want this elevator to go to, just hold down the 600th and 1st buttons down at the same time. You’ve only got one shot, so make this quick.” The impatient security guard explained in annoyance. Aphrodite stroked the man’s chin in thanks, causing a jolt of electricity to surge through his body.

“This is my gift to you, dearest one. Use it well.” Aphrodite whispered lovingly, holding down the two buttons as instructed and then taking a step back to view the results. The elevator shook to life with energy, blasting upward in a flash of blinding white light. As it flew out of reach, the elevator fazed out of existence and left behind an exact copy for Aphrodite to get back home in.

“No disrespect, milady, but please leave and pretend this never happened.” The security guard politely lambasted, fearing the wrath of Zeus and what he might to do to him if this little incursion was found out.

“Thanks for the help.” Aphrodite chirped absentmindedly, butterflies fluttering in her stomach as she boarded the next elevator to her home of Mount Olympus. Now, all the love goddess had to do was get some rest and wait for her Saiyan to appear.

King Kai’s Planet
King Kai was not the right person to call for when dealing with the sudden passing of a loved one. While he was in fact dead due to Goku’s own actions during the Cell Games, that didn’t exactly make him an expert on the subject. So, in order to help out his former student, the blue-skinned humanoid with antennae drove around on his planet in a red Chevrolet Bel Air from 1957. Seated in the back of this vehicle were a levitating cricket named Gregory and Bubbles, King Kai’s pet monkey. However, due to the Saiyan fragile emotional state, conversation was getting nowhere real fast.

“Have you tried anything to get your mind off of her?” King Kai asked monotonously, resting a fist on his chin in boredom as he drove.

“No. Eating just makes me think of her cooking and fighting just reminds me of her yelling.” Goku stated pathetically, heavily slumping his shoulders. King Kai tightly gripped the steering wheel, starting to lose any sense of patience he had left.

“THEN WHY DID YOU COME HERE FOR?!” King Kai comically screeched in bafflement at Goku’s lack of thinking. The Saiyan rubbed his ears soothingly and shrugged.

“It was the first place I could think of! Your planet keeps me calm!” Goku unsurely revealed. King Kai exhaled tiredly and drove on the stone road of his home at a much steadier pace.

“Goku, I don’t know the first thing about romance. I’m a Kai of the North Galaxy for pete’s sake, but I think it’s best if you tried to find someone new.” King Kai suggested empathetically, wanting to help out Goku the best way he can.

“Find someone? To fight?” Goku cluelessly pondered, trying to figure out what the Kaiosama was implying. Bubble, Gregory, and King Kai all simultaneously face palm at Goku’s ever-present stupidity.

“No, you buffoon! Someone to love, maybe even marry! Like you did with Chi Chi!” King Kai slowly elaborated, making sure he hammered into the marital artist’s system.

“Oh…Where would I start though? I don’t think anyone would really be that interested in me.” Goku doubtfully responded, inspecting his muscles and orange Gi. King Kai gave him a funny look and then patted his soldier comfortingly.

“It’ll take some time, Goku! Who knows? Maybe a potential sign could appear right in front of you—” King Kai philosophical advice was interrupted by a giant elevator teleporting smack-dab in the center of the grassy homeworld.

“GYAAHHHH!” All four passengers screamed fearfully as the red Bel Air was about to drive right into the mysterious contraption. Goku thought fast and frantically placed two fingers on his forehead.

“GRAB MY SHOULDERS!” Goku shrieked violently to his trio of friends. King Kai, Bubbles, and Gregory hung on for dear life as the fully grown Saiyan teleported out of the doomed vehicle. Once they were away from the wreckage, King Kai’s car smashed into the larger-than-usual elevator in a fiery explosion. Its hood was completely caved in while smoke billowed out of the fractured engine.

“MY BABY!” King Kai sobbed uncontrollably, darting from place to place in full inspection of the damages. While the black robed bug-man groveled over his heavily dismantled property, Goku’s attention was drawn to the elevator that caused this mess in the first place. He noted that, due to the collision, a large dent was left in its front with a few sparks of static electricity flying outward.

“Hey, King Kai! What is this?” Goku asked curiously, intrigued by the bronze design of a skyscraper engraved in its doors. King Kai, already having an extensive knowledge of the omniverse and omniverse’s beyond their own, looked up to see Goku attempting to touch the foreign elevation-based machine.

“Goku, don’t touch it!” King Kai bellowed in warning. His cries were heard too late as Goku placed a hand on the metal exterior, causing a dazzling beam of energy to surround his entire body in direct response.

“King Kai, w-what’s going on?! Where am I—” In mere seconds, Goku and the elevator to Mount Olympus disappeared in a bright flash without any sort of trace. Aphrodite got what she wished for, but at what cost?

“Where did that elevator send Goku?” Gregory gulped nervously, trying not to wonder how the Z Fighters would react to this little catastrophe. King Kai, still tending to his “wounded” automobile, outstretches his antennae in search of the Saiyan’s chi signature. Across different galaxies and universes, the results were sadly inconclusive.

“It’s just as I’ve feared…” King Kai sorrowfully unveiled, resting each red-sleeved arm behind his back. He looked into the skies of his planet, grimacing.

“Feared what?” Gregory almost regretted to ask.

“That elevator or whatever it was sent Goku to another universe outside of my or any Kais’ jurisdiction. It will be difficult to bring him back for a long, long, long time.” King Kai devastatingly explained, adjusting the position of his circular spectacles. Gregory and Bubbles joined their master, all three of them praying that the one who defeated Majin Buu would return sooner than later.

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After foolishly touching the odd elevator, Goku felt as if he was being split apart sub-atomically in a haze of blinding light. His ears were ringing as a result of the structure’s intense shaking, only making out the faint sound of electric sparks and his screams of discomfort. Thankfully, the more painful variant of teleportation ended as soon as it began, shutting down completely as it went back to where it originated from. Due to the accidental harm caused by King Kai’s vehicle, almost all functions in the elevator immediately ceased activation and its aura of divine energy steadily dispersed.

“Oh my head…” Goku groaned to himself, his black eyes practically spinning around in dizziness. The low-class Saiyan shook his head a few times to calm himself down and walked away from the elevator’s open doors. To his immense surprise and confusion, Goku seemed to be in a completely different location from where he was previously.

“That’s weird. Wasn’t I with King Kai just a second ago?” Goku pondered while gently scratching his head of obsidian spiked hair. His brain starting to hurt from just thinking about this unintentional predicament, Goku perused the confines of what seemed to be a hotel lobby in search of help.

“Is there a problem, sir?” A middle-aged woman sitting at the front desk politely asked the incredibly lost martial artist. Relieved by the presence of another person, Goku almost sprinted up to the counter in eagerness.

“Um, yeah. Sorry to bother you, miss, but do you know where I am?” Goku timidly inquired with a raised eyebrow. Weirded out by this oddly dressed stranger’s question, the woman cautiously scanned his chiseled body from head-to-toe before coming up with a proper response.

“Well, you’re in the Empire State Building. More specifically, New York City, the largest city in the ol’ US of A.” The portly lobbyist informed with a slight hint of suspicion. Goku swallows a building lump in his throat, having no idea what the lady was talking about.

“This is bad. I’ve never even heard of those places before. Bulma hasn’t even talked about them and she knows everything!” Goku panicked within his distracted mind, getting more and more frazzled by the second. The woman, noticing Goku’s unnerved state of being, snaps her fingers a few times to regain his attention.

“Are you alright?” The lady hesitantly pried, leaning a bit closer from her rolling chair. Goku, needing to find some place where he could focus, shared a weak smile of faux gratitude.

“N-no I’m good. Thanks for the help, ma’am.” Goku exclaimed nervously, shakily bowing for good measure. He then bolted through the skyscraper’s glass doors without a second thought to see what was outside. The desk attendant shakily waved goodbye for a few moments before squinting her lashed eyelids in distrust. She dialed an extensive combination of numbers on her phone and called a mysterious number.

“It’s me. Send the information I’m telling you to Lord Zeus immediately. We might have a big problem on our hands.” The lady’s voice ever so slightly deepened in volume, becoming scratchier than what it was previously. Things were about to get worse for the combat-enthused Saiyan in more ways than he could possibly imagine.


Back on Mount Olympus…
The morning sun shined down upon Mount Olympus, glistening to life as Apollo parked it high in the sky using his enchanted chariot. Waking up from her most recent period of beauty sleep, Aphrodite cutely yawned as she outstretched her lithe frame. The forever youthful goddess struggled to suppress a high-pitched squeal of excitement threatening to break out from her smiling lips as she rose.

“Today’s the day! I need to see if my plan worked out.” Aphrodite exhaled breathlessly as she got out of bed and began strutting up to her personal bathroom. She sat down on a luxurious stool cushion and gazed into a sizable glass mirror, brushing her tousled hairdo in an up-and-down motion.

“Show me Son Goku’s current location.” The daughter of Ouranos commanded anticipatedly. The mirror glowed ominously and shifted from Aphrodite’s reflection to said Saiyan warrior walking out of the Empire State Building like a lost puppy. Not really paying attention to the woman’s phone call once Goku left, Aphrodite places a hand over her heart in pure joy.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes…YES!” Aphrodite whoops delightfully and bounces repeatedly in place. Absolutely delighted by the promising results of her latest love scheme, the seductive deity began applying eye shadow and red lipstick. Wanting to further enhance her already notorious sex appeal for Goku specifically, Aphrodite indecisively shifts through various hair styles, outfits, and other physical features.

“No, no, no…Ah this will do!” Aphrodite affirmatively exclaimed after a fourth and final change in appearance. She currently sported long, wavy black hair almost as dark as Goku’s with a blue dress to match. Her eyes were a bright sea green, contrasting nicely with the applied rouge lip-balm. Wanting to further emphasize her semi-hourglass figure, Aphrodite created a skirt that stopped near the knee area and wore high-heeled stilettos of a similar color.

“Hmmmm…He’ll be begging for me in no time!” Aphrodite slyly predicted while striking a provocative pose in the mirror. Giving one last leering gaze at her reflection, the practitioner of romance not-so-subtly swayed her hips back and forth as she gathered a purse filled with miscellaneous beauty products. Having everything she could possibly need for the proposed “date”, Aphrodite caressed her hair backward and marched toward the temple entrance with exuded confidence.

“Don’t worry, Goku. Your days of suffering will be over soon. I promise.” Aphrodite passionately whispered to herself, emerald eyes gleaming with care and honesty. She then walked into Mount Olympus’s central elevator once more and gently pushed the 1st floor button. With that, she made her way to catch the aforementioned fish-out-of-water Goku before he did something stupid by accident.

Outside of the Empire State Building…
Wanting to get a better idea of what exactly this strange world was like, a terrified Goku exited out of the 88-year-old national monument to discover New York’s usual series of events on full display. Cars of differing makes and models were positioned one after the other in a mass traffic jam, some infuriated drivers leaning out of their windows to cuss out the people in front them for either moving too slow or cutting them off. Hundreds upon thousands of people also walked amongst each other on the city’s concrete sidewalks, some performing daily errands while others went off to work. Buildings of heavily distinct functions rested alongside each pathway with hot dog vendors selling food in close proximity. Pigeons also flew around, scouring the urban streets in search of table scraps for their most recent meal. Goku, not used to the widespread cacophony of noise pollution, seethed irritably and scanned the premises.

“Well, at least it’s sort of like West City. Just with less hovercrafts and animal people.” Goku resigned comfortably, partially unwound by the fact that this world was somewhat similar to his own. He blew out a breath of frustration and slumped down on a wooden bench near the infamous skyscrapers’ entrance.

“What did I get myself into?” Goku whispered in partial self-deprecation, resting a hand on his cheek in thought. As he sat down in deep contemplation, passers-by spared looks of puzzlement at the tall man wearing nothing, but a bright orange martial arts gi. A majority of them mockingly snickered at Goku’s ridiculous get-up while others, mostly female in gender, were intently distracted by the Saiyan’s large biceps and 100% chiseled frame. Goku was too preoccupied with his own issues to really notice any such comments.

“I wish I knew where to go. That way, I could get a general explanation of what that “elevator” exactly was.” Goku whined childishly with a small pout of annoyance. His antics sparked the attention of four college-age girls, each of them giggling amusingly at Goku’s frustration and visually appealing likeness.

“Uh, hi. Is there something funny about me?” Goku politely chimed in with a raised eyebrow and cross of his arms. The entire group of young women, all carrying smartphones of identical branding and advancement, half-lidded their eyes and examined Goku like a hunk of fresh meat. The student of Master Roshi gulped nervously and felt just a tiny bit intimidated by this behavior.

“Y-you…y-you, like, do karate, right?” One of the girls timidly asked with a point at his blue belt and weighted wristbands, her entire face becoming red enough to resemble an oversized tomato. Goku curiously looked down at his iconic combat gi in bewilderment.

“Well, more so all forms of martial arts. Why do you ask?” Goku cluelessly wondered in continual speculation. Another girl with red curly hair acted a bit bolder by brushing a finger down Goku’s pectoral muscles.

“Could you show us some moves, cutie? It would make me and my friends really happy if you did.” The redhead flirtatiously purred, leaning closer, so her pink lips could almost touch Goku’s. Undeterred by what the deceased Chi Chi would most likely lambast as a no-good “hussy”, Goku adjusted his head the other way in order to cease their compromising position.

“S-sure. I don’t see why not.” Goku shrugged apprehensively, not seeing it as that much of a hindrance to his journey back home since he had no clue where to start. The redhead winked at him in gratitude and rejoined her posse of excited gal pals. Goku slowly got up from his seat and performed some pre-workout stretches such as toe touches, arm spins, etc. Just seeing the Saiyan prodigy perform small exercises was enough to cause each girl to slightly drool and bite their bottom lips in yearning.

“Better hold off on the chi usage til’ it’s completely necessary…” Goku mentally affirmed, not wanting to draw any unwanted attention in foreign territory. He then bent both knees slightly and lifted up his left arm, arching two fingers forward. To top off Goku’s trademark fighting stance, he clenched his right fist and positioned it near the hip area, eyes narrowed with determination. Motionless for a second or two, Goku roars to life by throwing ferocious kicks and punches at the air. Each attack is practically invisible to the naked eye, almost reaching speeds exceeding the speed of sound. The observing girls look at Goku’s training routine in star-struck amazement, recording video after video of the entertaining spectacle on their mobile devices. During this “requested” demonstration, Aphrodite, in all of her breathtaking glory, waltzes out of the Empire State Building and observes Goku’s every move amorously.

“He’s even more impressive up close.” Aphrodite remarked in pure adoration, adjusting her blue sunhat to get a better look. However, what she didn’t expect to see were the four bimbos practically undressing her Goku within each of their sex-crazed subconscious. Being the goddess of love, she, much to her disgust, could see every single detail of their dirty thoughts on full display!

“They think they can compete with me?! Ha! Watch and learn, wenches.” Aphrodite scoffed mentally, brushing some bangs away from her forehead. As she approached ever closer, Goku finished his martial arts presentation with a nearly identical recreation of the pose he adopted in his first fight against Vegeta. The girls applauded uproariously and began submitting tweets about their new “boyfriend” and his insane black-belt level fighting abilities. Goku scratched the back of his head embarrassingly, sporting a hesitant toothy grin of gratitude. The redhead from before sauntered over to Goku like a lioness about to pounce on her prey and rested two manicured hands on his shoulders.

“That was absolutely stunning, handsome! What’s your name?” The woman pried intently with a mischievous tilt of her head. The other girls glared at their friend enviously, wanting to make a move on Goku as well.

“Um, it’s Goku. Son Goku.” Goku straightforwardly replied, wanting to get out of this conversation more and more by the second. Aphrodite, glaring daggers at the red-haired vixen, picked up the pace in stride and made preparations to intervene.

“Well, Goku. How would you like to make use of those moves and—” The redhead closed in on Goku’s mouth with every single word, confusing the innocent protector of Earth to no end.

“There you are! I was looking all over for you, sweetheart!” Aphrodite cried out in played up concern. Her shout of joy garnered the attention of Goku and all four girls, foiling the redhead’s seductive plans as intended.

“Who is that?” Goku thought distractedly at the sight of this mysterious woman who claimed to know who he was. She gracefully sashayed over to him and wrapped one of her arms around his right one, making sure to securely trap it in between both breasts. Aphrodite then rested her head on his shoulder, nuzzling as clumps of black hair fell onto it.

“Excuse me! Who are you?!” The redhead growled angrily at Aphrodite’s rude interruption. The Olympian goddess smugly snorted at the girl’s outrage and rolled her eyes mockingly.

“I’m his girlfriend, obviously! Right, hon?” Aphrodite stated defiantly, peering into Goku’s deep obsidian orbs for confirmation. Before Goku could object, something about the lady’s tug on his arm brought back memories to when he first married Chi Chi at the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai so many years ago. The fact it was the exact same pose brought a sense of calm he hadn’t experienced since the last time his wife was seen alive.

“Yeah…What she said!” Goku stammered in disingenuous agreement with a thumbs up. Aphrodite, overjoyed by Goku’s recognition of her as his girlfriend, gasped heavily and squeezed Goku’s arm even tighter. The redhead and her three acquaintances’ moods soured into that of immense jealousy, putting more pressure on their already fragile phones.

“You heard the man! Now, would you be so kind and…” Aphrodite sweetly requested with a close-eyed smile of kindness. Instantaneously, her tone of voice darkened into one of aggravation and her eyes slightly lit up with just a sliver of godly power. Goku’s eyes widened at the abrupt elevation of power, growing more on-edge as to what this person’s true identity was.

“GET LOST!” Aphrodite bellowed lowly with rage, her designer sunglasses shining with pink light. The girls, taking note of the goddess’ mood swing as opposed to her divine visage, clicked their tongues in disappointment and simultaneously spared one last longing glance at Goku. After they left with shattered egos, Aphrodite continued to relish in the moment and stroke her face against Goku’s arm.

“You can let me go now, miss.” Goku reminded the captivated Aphrodite as she lovingly squeezed his forearms. At the sound of his voice, the love goddess was brought back to reality and whined in disappointment, uncoiling Goku from her romantic death grip for just a short while.

“Soooooo who and what exactly are you? Your energy spiked up just a second ago when you yelled at those girls.” Goku puzzlingly asked with a hint of seriousness. Aphrodite, shocked that the Saiyan could somehow see through the Mist when other mortals could not, took off her glasses and fidgetingly clasped them in her red-nailed hands.

“I am known as Aphrodite, a Greek goddess and the one who sent you here.” Aphrodite introduced hesitantly while rubbing her arm in nervousness. Goku’s mouth was left agape at this news, both relieved that he wouldn’t be completely sidetracked anymore and curious to know the reason for why she sent him here in the first place.

“Goddess? Greek? YOU SENT ME HERE?!” Goku rapid-fired questions left and right in hyperactive succession. Wanting to calm Goku down before any misunderstandings could come about, Aphrodite shook her hands in pleading objection.

“Don’t get the wrong idea, Goku. I didn’t do this to mess with you!” Aphrodite assured the uncertain Saiyan, looking at him with empathetic green eyes.

“Then what was the reason?” Goku raised pleadingly, his temperament steadily reaching a new high. Aphrodite glanced around at the Empire State Building before doing a 360 scan of the entire city’s closest streets, making sure no one was listening in.

“Look, I’ll explain everything to you if…” Aphrodite’s cheeks turned prominently rosier and her green eyes grew half-lidded, not baring to look face-to-face at the Saiyan of her dreams.

“If?” Goku continued, gesturing for her to continue with a spin of his wrist.

“…If you agree to join me for lunch. What do you say?” Aphrodite offered hopefully, knowing how much Goku loves food over anything else in his life, aside from fighting. Goku scratches his chin in thought before being interrupted by the high-pitched squeal of a growling stomach in desperate need of sustenance. Aphrodite places a hand over her mouth in shock while an embarrassed Goku blushes faintly, sniggering softly.

“Sure, why not? I haven’t been able to eat properly since…” Goku’s laughs are halted by another sudden reminder of Chi Chi’s permanent absence in his life, causing him to frown considerably. Aphrodite also lours at this thought, but for entirely different and arguably more selfish reasons.

“He still misses that harpy, huh? This might be more of a problem than I anticipated.” Aphrodite grimaced in minor complaint, looking at her body once more for a small confidence boost. Not seeking to waste any more time, Aphrodite abruptly grabs Goku’s hand and drags him around in search of the closest restaurant.

“Come on, Goku! I’ll show you what the Big Apple has to offer!” Aphrodite excitedly promised, putting her sunglasses back on in determination to singlehandedly win Goku’s heart. Unfamiliar with the terminology of Aphrodite’s phrase, Goku’s eyes widen in hunger-induced curiosity.

“The Big Apple?! Is it good enough to eat?” Goku innocently inquired, thinking of a literal 50-foot-tall version of the fruit. Aphrodite harmoniously guffawed at Goku’s cluelessness as the two proceeded onward to explore the city streets of Manhattan. When the Saiyan wasn’t looking, Aphrodite took initiative and interlocked her fingers with his.

Chapter Text

Aphrodite led Goku to the streets of Broadway in search of a specific eatery that she knew the Saiyan would be well-acquainted with fairly fast. Located off the coast of New York’s very own Hudson River, a small diner known as Tom’s Restaurant stood with red neon letters presenting its namesake. Nothing about the location seemed particular special to Goku, but he didn’t bother to say anything since any type of food was acceptable by his standards. However, what did bother him was the fact that Aphrodite, a woman he barely even knew, was latching onto his hand like a lifeline.

“I don’t think you need to drag me around anymore. I can walk just fine.” Goku reminded the goddess in minor irritation, his arm starting to ache from the constant pulling. Aphrodite darted her eyes in line with his as she opened the door, smirking amusedly.

“We’re already here, so does it really matter? Besides, I like holding your hand.” Aphrodite stated playfully, pulling down her shades to give him a knowing wink. Goku, surprisingly embarrassed, looked in the opposite direction and retched his fingers free anyways. Aphrodite pouted childishly at this loss of physical contact and gracefully sat down in one of the diner’s many booths. Goku did the same and plopped himself down onto the seat facing hers, cautiously perusing what Tom’s Restaurant had to offer in terms of basic hospitality.

“I usually don’t go to restaurants like…well, this, but I figured it would be a nice, quick place to talk and eat without delay.” Aphrodite explained considerately, gesturing to the entire facility as if it was a personal insult to her beauty-centric, healthy lifestyle. A waitress walked towards the two wearing a black work apron and white long-sleeved shirt. She gave somewhat of a stink eye at Goku’s inappropriate entire, but regained her professionalism in the next moment.

“Hi, welcome to Tom’s Restaurant. Would you folks like something to drink first or do you already have an idea of what to order?” The waitress asked politely, bringing out a pad of paper to write down their orders if need be. Goku distractedly scanned the entire menu’s list of meals and narrowed his eyes as if he was in a deep state of concentration. While the Saiyan thought things through, Aphrodite kindly smiled and handed back hers.

“I’ll just have the Greek Salad. Want to keep my figure, y’know?” Aphrodite informed matter-of-factly, both hands motioning to her fit stomach and hips. Goku, a theoretical lightbulb going off in his head, nodded affirmatively and set it on the table.

“Have you decided?” The waitress inquired patiently, already jotting down Aphrodite’s personal choice of foreign cuisine.

“Yep! I’ll have the whole menu please!” Goku naively proclaimed in a much more upbeat tone. Upon this outrageous request, the waitress comedically face-faults in disbelief while Aphrodite sweat-drops. Various pieces of silverware and fine china unceremoniously crash to the ground upon Goku’s request being heard by the diner’s poor cooks.

“C-could you run that back to me one more time, sir?” The waitress demanded in a listless state of denial, struggling to get back up from her reactionary fall.

“Well, all of the food seemed so good that I couldn’t imagine choosing just one of them. So, then I thought, why not get everything? Seems like a win-win to me!” Goku obliviously elaborated his foolhardy thought process, not taking into account how much this would cost to cook, eat, and pay for. The waitress, completely gobsmacked, slapped herself in the face a few times to see if she was dreaming before placing a hand on her sweaty forehead.

“C-coming right up…I’ll be back to check on you…hopefully…” The waitress stammered in growing dismay, shakily marching back to the kitchen. Upon departure, muffled shouts of panic echoed off of the walls of Tom’s Restaurant, each chef not entirely certain they had enough supplies to satisfy Goku’s monstrous appetite. During this escalation of shared worries, Goku and Aphrodite awkwardly stared at each other, both hoping that the latter would start up some conversation.

“So, you’re a goddess, huh?” Goku broke the silence with an attempt at easing his suspicions of the very woman who got him into this mess. Aphrodite took off her blue sunhat and set it aside, letting her artificially created black hair flow backward.

“Yes, the goddess of love and generally, anything else romance related. I and my fellow gods were originally worshipped by a people known as the Greeks thousands of years ago.” Aphrodite answered truthfully with a cliff-notes summary of her and the other Olympians’ basic origins.

“Huh, strange. You look around my age.” Goku noted confusedly, adjusting his sitting position to inspect every corner of Aphrodite’s practically flawless body. Both pleased by Goku’s offhand compliment and unintentional examination, Aphrodite’s face visibly flushed and she shyly started playing with the bangs of her hair.

“Those are the perks of immortality, darling! I will forever be as gorgeous as the very day I was born.” Aphrodite boasted confidently, fondling the groomed streaks of her raven hair. Goku, tired of each answer leading to even more convoluted questions, decided to utilize a technique he hasn’t done since the trip to Namek so many years prior.

“Stay still for a second.” Goku cryptically ordered, softly resting a firm hand on Aphrodite’s head. The love goddess squirmed a bit in discomfort, not expecting Goku to willingly get so close to her a second time.

“G-Goku, what are you…?” Aphrodite’s discomforted question was unheard by the Z-Fighter as a large amount of memories and thoughts spread from her mind to his. Due to Krillin not having a lifespan nearly as big as Aphrodite’s, Goku inwardly convulsed from the sudden intake of images being transported to his slightly infantile brain. He could see everything from Aphrodite being born in response to a mix of Ouranos’ severed genitals (which actually happened) and excess seafoam to inadvertently causing the Trojan War by making Paris fall in love with the already married Helen of Troy. Goku, much to his shocked appalment, also saw Aphrodite forcibly married off to Hephaestus, Greek god of craftsmanship, and her constant affairs with other men thereafter, most prominently the war god Ares. Along with some glimpses of multiple demi-children residing in a heavily forested summer camp and Mount Olympus hovering over the Empire State Building he just walked out of, Goku finally gained more details about his forced teleportation from a glimpse at Aphrodite viewing many of his past fights on a materialized screen, even ones from as far back as the 21st Tenkaichi Budokai! Highly nerve-wracked from this display, Goku caught sight of him and Aphrodite doing something R-rated in her bed before jerking his palm away from the goddess’s head in utter terror!

“Gyahhhh!” Goku screamed frightfully, almost hyperventilating from exhaustion and sensory overload. Other customers in the diner slightly turned their heads around in bewilderment, but went back to their own conversations from lack of interest. Aphrodite, now understanding what Goku just did from her repeated viewings of the Saiyan warrior’s adventures, bites her bottom lip in fear of what he might discern from seeing such “questionable” circumstances.

“T-that last one…w-why were the two of us in bed doing—” Goku tentatively stuttered, eyes widened to full capacity. Before Goku could blindly blabber on about her darkest thoughts, Aphrodite’s places a hand on Goku’s mouth in desperation.

“N-nothing! I-I mean…n-nothing important for you to know about at least. Heh heh…” Aphrodite excused nervously, darting her shrunken green irises from left to right in embarrassment. Still clasping Goku’s mouth shut, Aphrodite looked at him darkly in played up offense.

“Now, when I remove my hand, promise me that you will keep an open mind and ask one question at a time? Ok?” Aphrodite scolded the frantic Saiyan resolutely, almost pleading for him to not think differently of her for what was just witnessed. Goku nodded slowly in agreement, allowing for his speaking privileges to be given back.

“How much did you see?” Aphrodite sighed sadly, crossing her arms and legs in discomforted unrest. Goku crossed his arms as well and glared profusely at her in expectant elaboration.

“Enough to know that I’m not the first one you’ve been “interested” in. How much have you seen about my life?” Goku hissed angrily, feeling violated by the fact that a person entire universes away from his own was practically stalking him for who knows how long.

“Y-you promised to keep an open mind!” Aphrodite whined hurtfully, disheartened (and, admittedly, a bit turned on) by Goku’s stone-cold scowl. The other customers, waiters, and chefs rigorously preparing Goku’s “lunch” all awkwardly try to drown out the heated argument as best as humanly possible.

“I did and I will, but you promised to give me an explanation and so far, you haven’t said anything of importance. So, please, tell me how you’ve been able to view my fights.” Goku asked again in a much calmer tone, keeping his temper under control for safety purposes. Aphrodite sighed heavily and reached into her handbag, pulling out two drachma that could be converted into normal dollar bills via the Mist.

“On Olympus, we possess a form of communication called Iris Messages. With the help of Iris, the Greek rainbow goddess, she can project play-by-play images of any location based on the amount of gold coins users hand over as tribute. If given more than average, entire alternate dimensions can be accessed at will, including yours.” Aphrodite informed in all seriousness, holding the ancient currency closer to Goku’s eyes, so he could see it properly.

“But if you could examine any world you like, what made mine so special?” Goku inquired in specific concern, nonchalantly resting his hands on the table. Aphrodite’s red lips twitched upward in a warm smile and she rested her own hand on one of Goku’s affectionately.

“You.” Aphrodite simply replied; her pure green eyes half-lidded in loving sincerity. Goku gulped down a building lump in his throat and glanced down at his securely held appendage confusedly. Aphrodite’s smile grows even bigger as she closes her eyes in reminiscence, holding the other hand over a beating heart.

“Throughout the many generations I’ve been alive, I have never settled for one man over any other. Sure, there was Ares, but even he couldn’t satisfy me enough to stop me from visiting the mortal world to build new relationships. However, no matter how many children I mothered or men I slept with, there was always something missing that I could not fathom. Something that made me feel alone even in the company of those who desired my beauty.” Aphrodite listlessly admitted, a few longing tears falling from her closed eyelids. Goku felt as if he was in extremely unfamiliar territory with this conversation, but decided to continue listening. The distressed goddess tightened her hold on Goku’s hand as she discussed further.

“As a goddess, I knew full well that other deities existed in some other dimension or plane of existence. So, since the men of my own birthplace could not properly represent what I was looking for, I resorted to Iris Messaging as a proverbial gateway to alternate universes of all sorts. After examining one ruled by Japanese shinobi and another dominated by superhuman pirates, I stumbled onto a “channel” depicting your fight with Prince Vegeta.” Aphrodite recalled fondly, images of Goku’s Kaio-ken technique playing on inside of her head. Goku himself also remembered said confrontation, noticeably smirking in response at how far he and his rival have come over the years.

“You were just so…so intriguing to me. You held strength far greater than the most powerful of Greek heroes, yet always took time to improve from before through training. Fighting was your greatest passion in life, yet you still battled against planetary threats for the safety of your friends and family. You sacrificed yourself twice for those specific reasons and it moved me to tears! This lack of ego and selfishness made you irresistible in ways I could have never possibly imagined! It singlehandedly reignited the passion that was lost years ago!” Aphrodite praised in unsuppressed admiration, moving her hand to softly cup Goku’s cheek. Goku winced a bit, but looked more weirded out once she started rubbing that specific part of his face.

“That’s why I needed to transport you here, my Goku. I couldn’t bare to live any longer without meeting Earth’s sworn protector and the Legendary Super Saiyan himself.” Aphrodite sweetly cajoled, moving her face in close proximity with Goku’s as she continued to caress. The possessive “my” stated right before his name brought back even more strained flashbacks of Chi Chi, so he ceased Aphrodite’s caring rubs and placed her hand back down on the counter.

“I…I d-don’t know what to think of this. It just seems too crazy to believe.” Goku said in baffled speechlessness, nervously scratching the back of his head. Aphrodite looked hurt by the denial of her touch, but realized that Goku would need time to warm up to her and this foreign environment.

“Will that elevator from before be able to bring me back if I wish to leave?” Goku muttered in dire search of confirmation that he wasn’t entirely stuck here. Aphrodite, not particularly familiar with the elevator’s functionality as her “husband” would be, fondled her hair a bit and tried to think of a response that wouldn’t seem pessimistic.

“It’s hard to say. The Empire State Building elevator is a dimensional transporter, but traveling far distances can drain its energy considerably. Who knows how long it will take to fully recharge again?” Aphrodite gravely admitted, trying her best to keep Goku from losing too much hope. With this knowledge, a stressed Goku rested his head on the table and exhaled disappointedly.

“Well, I guess I’m stuck here.” Goku grumbled irritably, a homesick expression already plastered on his moody visage. Aphrodite placed a hand on his shoulder sympathetically, inwardly making a mental note to check on the elevator’s current condition when given the chance. Suddenly, the two’s waitress huffs and puffs as she sprints out of the kitchen doors, looking completely deprived of all motivation.

“Y-your meals are ready…” The waitress suspired exhaustively, holding onto her knees, so she wouldn’t be conked out unconscious. She dropped off Aphrodite’s Greek Salad and then signaled for her fellow coworkers to file in. Upon command, each chef, dishwasher, and waiter/waitress marched out with entire mountains of plates. At the sight of multiple Deluxe Double Cheeseburgers, Turkey Wraps, and Hot Turkey Sandwiches, Goku jets up from his slumped over position and drools like an excited bulldog.

“That helped cheer you up!” Aphrodite giggled happily as she took a delicate bite of her salad. Goku greedily rubbed his hands together and immediately dug into each meal, devouring everything on sight in a matter of seconds. The staff of Tom’s Restaurant couldn’t bare to watch the massacre take place and tried to turn away in disgust.

Back in Aphrodite’s Temple…
Ares was not a very pleasant individual to say the least. Tending to wear a biker jacket reminiscent of the T-800’s, the self-proclaimed god of war and violence sported a black crewcut with large sunglasses of the same color. These glasses concealed a pair of pupils that resembled atomic explosions instead of the usual irises, representing his lust for all forms of gratuitous violence. Underneath his jacket, Ares wore a bulletproof vest that could shapeshift into a large Imperial Gold shield at will when combat is possibly at hand. His face was also aligned with a wide array of battle scars that served as visual reminders of each conflict he has been involved in since birth. Marching up to his millennium-long girlfriend’s doorstep in large combat boots, Ares clenched his teeth in growing ire.

“This is like the 5th damn time I’ve been stood up! Where the hell is she?!” Ares fumed to himself irritably with a metal baseball bat and hunting knife clasped tightly in his hands. He positioned himself close to the large door and loudly knocked on it about three teams, hoping for an answer after weeks of neglect. After a moment of prolonged, Ares resorted to what he is best known for and knocked the door down with a forceful swing of his bat. Once a proper entry point was created for him, Ares made himself at home and scavenged through her living quarters.

“Aphrodite? Are you here, babe?” Ares shouted out concernedly, unveiling the covers of her bed and poking his head into each of the godly domain’s bathrooms. After he was about to move onto another portion of the temple, Ares caught sight of the mirror Aphrodite used to get herself ready every morning. Suspicious, the war god shuffled over to the desk and inspected her typical beauty products. He was surprised to see that Aphrodite already used them sometime earlier, locks of multi-colored hack coiled around the tufts of her brush.

“She left already?” Ares muttered to himself in growing disbelief, praying for the unfortunate meatsack that dared to touch his beloved sex goddess. He examined a used container of red lipstick before taking a good look at his reflection in the enchanted mirror. Sporting a thinking position, Ares looks from left to right in search of any unsuspecting bystanders before uttering a command.

“Show me where Aphrodite is.” Ares ordered hesitantly, unsure if the artifact would work for anyone other than its owner. To his luck and relief, the mirror shifted appearance to display the current location of both Goku and Aphrodite, said Saiyan still relentlessly chowing down on his lunch plate after plate while the love goddess watches enjoyably. Ares, at the sight of Aphrodite attempting to make herself presentable for someone other than him, frowns deeply and morphs his baseball bat into a highly imposing spear surging to life with divine power.

“That bastard! Who does he think he is taking what was already mine to begin with?!” Ares seethed with unbridled rage, the mushroom clouds residing in each pupil growing to even greater volumes of devastating destruction. Not bearing to look at the mirror for another second, Ares notices the fountain near Aphrodite’s bed is still brimming to life from prior usage. He reuses some drachma hidden in its waters and, to his growing annoyance, is greeted by projected images of Goku’s home dimension and the events of Dragon Ball Z. With the sudden revelation that the orange-clad weirdo seemingly courting his woman was under a completely different jurisdiction of gods, Ares smirked evilly and polished the blade of his hunting knife. The fact that Aphrodite’s new boy-toy could actually put up a decent fight made this whole debacle so much more interesting.

“Hmph, so this alien punk likes to fight, huh? Well, I’ll give him a fight he’ll never forget. That’s for sure.” Ares sneered anticipatedly, wanting to put this spiky-haired Bruce Lee wannabe back in his place…literally! He carelessly slashed away the Iris Message at breakneck speeds and then walked out the door. Afterwards, he went off to relay the news to his dad: Zeus, the Greek god of lightning, himself.

Mount Olympus’s Throne Room
The Hall of the Gods was the largest room in all of Mount Olympus and Zeus’s personal domain. Standing around the size of Madison Square Garden, all meetings dealing with both god and mortal affairs were held in this very section of the entire palace. Each of the 12 Olympians had separate thrones designed to their likeness that were aligned in a wide U shape. In the center of this hall, a massive hearth designed by the virgin goddess, Hestia, resided as a connecting source of warmth. Up above, a blue ceiling displayed the night sky with each of its respective constellations. Said aforementioned King of the Gods was seated in a platinum throne sporting small lightning bolt symbols, thinking of what he should do to prepare for the Titan Army’s next attack and the impending rise of his vengeful father, Kronos.

“The winter solstice is upon us and I am uncertain what course of action would be best suited for stopping father’s return. What to do…” Zeus discerningly mumbled the many scattered thoughts going on inside of his head, repetitiously stroking his long black beard. He wore a striped business suit with a red tie to match, accentuating the uniquely colored electric blue his eyes appeared to resemble. His hair was tousled along both shoulders, sparks of electricity haphazardly flying about in one instant and dissipating within the very next.

“Lord Zeus! Urgent news from the Empire State Building!” shouted a nymph in somewhat formal attire compared to what the rest of her species usually wore. Due to towering over said follower, Zeus rested a hand on his cheek in impatience and shrunk down to increase the chances of hearing her properly.

“What’s wrong now? Is the elevator broken again?” Zeus groaned expectantly, wanting to keep himself from any possible distractions right afterwards. The nymph, fumbling over herself in the presence of such an imposing figure, carefully thought her choice of words before responding.

“Well, yes actually, but there’s something else about the elevator that needs to be attended to at all costs.” The nymph pleadingly assured the hot-headed sky god. Zeus massaged his tired eyes and pointed a massive finger at the nymph in warning.

“Out with it, girl! What is the issue here?!” Zeus demanded to know as his entire body was electrified with building sparks. The nymph’s pretty face paled considerably in fear, but remained determined to spread the news.

“Phyllis saw a man with spiked black hair walk out of the elevator this morning. He wore an orange-blue martial arts uniform and claimed to not know where he was despite showing up in the Empire State Building itself. Does that seem kind of suspicious to you?” The nymph repeated the information given to her over the famous New York skyscraper’s phoneline. Zeus, never seeing a person particularly dress like that in the thousands of years he was alive, narrowed his eyes in comprehension until a shock-ridden epiphany ruptured to life in his everlasting subconscious.

“Wait, if this oddly dressed man didn’t know where he was, then…t-that could mean…” Zeus choked over his own words, believing the worst possible outcome was upon him.

“You’d be right, dad. He’s from another world.” Ares spat regretfully; his teeth jarred down in restrained bloodlust. Zeus and the nymph gasped in stunned dismay, realizing the reason for Goku’s sudden arrival in the elevator.

“Ares…Do you know who caused this?!” Zeus grilled demandingly, each spark surrounding his throne erupting into high voltage bolts of lightning. Ares growled to himself in annoyance and pointed to the direction of his lover’s temple.

“It was Aphrodite. She must have been looking for an interdimensional booty call and transported him here.” Ares enviously elucidated, mentally making plans as to how he would torture Goku for this injustice. The nymph, predicting what was about to go down before it even happened, scurried away to spread word to other mythical creatures living on Olympus.

“Tell your mother to assemble the other gods and goddesses! We’ll have to deal with Aphrodite when she comes back.” Zeus ordered authoritatively, grabbing hold of his Master Bolt mid-conversation. Ares, about to do as his infuriated father instructed, was interrupted by the god of lightning one last time.

“Tell me, son. Do you know this…this alien’s name?” Zeus glowered darkly, his pupils completely radiating with glowing blue electricity at this point. Ares turned around to look back at the youngest son of Kronos and leered scornfully.

“Son Goku.” Ares exclaimed in pure hatred, already wanting to claim Goku as his next intended target. With that, a new meeting between the Olympian gods and goddesses was about to be arranged sooner than initially anticipated. It’s focus? To decide between either sending Goku back home or, worse, eliminating him.

Chapter Text

After Goku completely eviscerated every meal Tom’s Restaurant had to offer in record timing, Aphrodite was sadly forced to pay the meter-long bill accumulated from said feast. Thankfully, due to a combination of the Mist’s mystical properties and her godly status, she was able to pass off some drachma as multiple 100-dollar bills to the unsuspecting staff. Sure, her once full purse was rendered completely vacant as a result, but at least the two of them were able to leave the establishment marginally scot free. Well, except for receiving some resentful glares from customers who weren’t able to satisfy their appetites due to an insufficient amount of supplies in the kitchen. By the time they actually walked through the diner’s exit, Goku had a look of worry and confusion-laced guilt written on his face as he took note of the murderous stare-downs being directed towards him in particular.

“Erm…Sorry for not being able to pay for the food, Aphrodite. Sometimes I start thinking with my stomach instead of…you know.” Goku regretfully apologized, rubbing his bottomless abdominal area for further emphasis. Aphrodite simply smiled at him understandably, not at all disappointed with how their, admittedly shaky, first encounter turned out. She put her sunhat back on and patted his cheek as a sign of assurance that she wasn’t upset.

“It’s no big deal, sweetie. I’m a goddess, so money isn’t that much of an issue for me.” The goddess of love truthfully comforted, pointing to her bag magically restocking itself full of golden coins. Goku, recalling the way those four girls never took notice of her divine change in appearance, grabbed Aphrodite’s shoulder.

“Question. Before, why could I see your glowing eyes and those coins while others never noticed?” Goku curiously asked, holding a piece of drachma in between his fingertips. Aphrodite was about to respond about the Mist’s specific functions on mortals, but hesitated slightly since even she couldn’t come up with a proper explanation as to why Goku was seemingly unaffected.

“That’s difficult to answer. You see, the Mist is a mind-altering force that makes humans unable to see gods and goddesses like me as they actually are. This switches the appearances of monsters, weapons, and other mythical properties for things universally comprehended as more “normal” by modern standards. For example, what I call drachma would be immediately replaced with the currency of a specific country, be that either in coin or dollar form.” Aphrodite carefully recited from memory, gesturing to the entire city in mid-speech. Goku, not really understanding the more complex details, got a gist of the explanation from recalling his own After-Image technique and how that usually functioned in combat.

“Like an illusion?” Goku audibly wondered, attempting to make certain that he was somewhat on the same page. Aphrodite nodded enthusiastically, but started pacing back-and-forth in front of the closed doors of Tom’s Restaurant, puzzled by the exception that was Goku. She then snapped her fingers in sudden realization.

“I’ve got it! Somehow you being from an alternate dimension where Greece and its pantheon don’t exist nullifies the Mist completely. In other words, you’ll be able to see everything as it actually is, including me!” Aphrodite summarized positively, glomping Goku from the back in unrestrained happiness. The surprising tightness of her embrace almost made the Saiyan lose his balance, frantically swaying both arms around in panic.

“Woahh! Settle down, Aphrodite!” Goku shrieked uncomfortably, desperately attempting to pry off the goddess. Aphrodite, still euphoric from the sound of her name being uttered from his lips, regained some amount of lost composure to reveal regrettable downsides his immunity to the Mist could bring forth.

“Ahem…Sorry, force of habit. Anyways, there is a tiny, tiny, tiny…ok, very likely…possibility that you might be in danger, Goku. Possibly…I don’t know.” Aphrodite hesitantly admitted, fumbling over herself in an attempt to alleviate the dire situation. Goku circled his black pupils around in all directions, curious as to what could happen without the Mist being present.

“Danger? How so?” Goku reluctantly asked the nervous love goddess. She spared a steadfast glance at each passing civilian and carefully leaned closer to Goku’s ear.

“Anyone you see here has the possibility of being a monster in disguise. And all monsters are attracted to exceptionally high or abnormal levels of power. Meaning the half-bred children of gods like myself and…” Aphrodite whispered in as serious of a tone as she could muster, pointing to various New Yorkers crossing the sidewalk.

“…Me?” Goku hesitantly finished his immortal companion’s sentence with a hand gesturing to himself. Aphrodite closed her eyes and nodded softly in dreaded confirmation, somewhat second-guessing the decision to bring her most recent love interest into uncharted waters.

“Sweet! It’s been a long time since I’ve had a worthwhile fight!” Goku childishly exclaimed in battle-ready anticipation. His confident smirk caught the love completely goddess off-guard, causing her to gape with inaudible wonderment.

“Huh? Y-You’re not worried about what those things might to do to you?!” Aphrodite choked out comically, her tongue practically tied around in a firm knot. Goku tilted his head to the side in confusion, giggling lightly at the Olympian deity’s perplexment.

“Ha-ha, why would I be? I’ve fought enemies capable of destroying entire solar systems if they wanted to, Aphrodite! Nothing can get worse than that.” Goku truthfully proclaimed with the utmost lack of worry. Aphrodite, mental projections of Majin Buu and Perfect Cell swirling within her subconscious, embarrassedly plays with her obsidian bangs and laughs along with him.

“Hee-hee, I guess you’re right about that one, Goku. But still…” Aphrodite agreed sweetly, reaching for Goku’s hand before the Saiyan goof could resist. She directs his palm to her right cheek, using her own smaller one to hold it in place. Goku is surprised by how soft her skin feels, noting how completely absent of any blemishes or other imperfections it truly was.

“Promise me that you’ll be careful. I couldn’t stand to see you get hurt again.” Aphrodite moodily requested, closing her green eyes to enjoy the warmth of Goku’s gentle grasp. Despite his still prominent unfamiliarity with Aphrodite as a person and her world in general, Goku displayed a care-free smile and rubbed the worrisome goddess’s cheek once or twice for assurance.

“I promise…” Goku affirmed optimistically, always making sure to keep the promises he formulated in remembrance of his proposal to Chi Chi. Aphrodite flushed profusely at Goku’s own petting, desperately trying to hold back a rumbling purr of satisfied pleasure. Before doing something, she would regret later, Aphrodite hurriedly released Goku’s hand and looked into her purse as an inconspicuous distraction.

“Sorry, Goku, but I need to check back on Mount Olympus for a short while. Duty calls and all of that.” Aphrodite excused herself apologetically, pouring some drachma out of her purse. She hands over about half of her already sizable supply to Goku, piquing the Saiyan’s interest.

“Use this money for clothes, food, and lodging in case you don’t know where you are. I adore the martial arts gi, hon, but it might as well be a painted target for nearby monsters.” Aphrodite administered the confused Saiyan as she deposited the drachma into one of his hands. Goku inspected his orange fighting uniform, frowning in momentary offense and uncertainty towards what she exactly meant.

“B-but, where do I go? I know nothing about his world!” Goku argued in absolute desperation for some sort of guidance. Aphrodite smiled empathetically and walked closer to Goku, tilting her head just enough to kiss his cheek as a sign of encouragement.

“You’re Son Goku. I know you’ll figure something out.” Aphrodite comforted in loving sincerity. A mark of red lipstick was left stained on Goku’s face as a result of her bold action, so Goku immaturely attempted to wipe it off. The goddess responsible covered her mouth to hide some more entertained giggles from breaking out.

“Don’t worry about paying me back, either, sweetheart. You’ll make it up to me in other ways…” Aphrodite playfully remarked, impure thoughts dancing around her love-centric mindscape. Goku, still distracted by the red lipped imprint, widened his eyes in curiosity.

“Other ways? What other w—” Goku was struck dumb by Aphrodite’s inexplicable disappearance, literally there one moment and gone in the next. He darted his head from left to right in disbelief, not even able to sense her unusual chi signature.

“She’s gone. Weird.” Goku reacted confusedly, rubbing his chin in a deep-thinking position. He then shrugged his shoulders and looked towards the roads leading outside of New York City. Deciding not to fly in order to avoid unwanted attention, Goku sighed heavily and started walking one step at a time.

“Welp, might as well see what the rest of this world is like.” Goku simply decided, crossing both arms behind his head in the typical elbows up position. In that moment, Goku’s unexpected arrival to the world of multicultural gods would take a turn for the worst in more ways than one.


Back on Mount Olympus…
After teleporting back home without Goku’s awareness, Aphrodite smiled wistfully in dream-like happiness. She twirled about in a dancing skip of some sort, absolutely blown away from meeting Goku up close and personal. She dematerialized her sunhat and strolled over to her temple, hoping to make preparations for another wonderful “date” if the Saiyan agreed to it. By the time Aphrodite was done with him, Goku would definitely be hers and hers alone. The love patriarch inwardly squealed at the idea of them being more than “friends” and bountifully walked over to the doorway of her most prominent residence. Or, what was left of the entrance anyways.

“What the?! Who could have done this?” Aphrodite shrieked girlishly as she perused through the most notable damages. After recognizing that one of the pieces of stone marble was caved in by a blunt-force weapon, Aphrodite’s irises shrank in growing fright.

“Have fun?” asked the newly revealed Ares, arms crossed in absolute disgust and resentment. Aphrodite let out a squeak of nervousness that caused her to lose control of the black hair she created for Goku, going back to shifting between different forms.

“W-whatever do you mean, baby? Y-you know nothing’s ever as fun without you—" Aphrodite attempted to sweettalk her way out of this mess, utilizing a voice laced with pure seduction in hopes that it would work. Ares, however, was not pleased in the slightest.

“Cut the crap, Aphrodite. I saw you with that off-worlder just over an hour ago.” Ares snapped unamusingly; his eyes lit up with fresh atomic detonations of greater magnitude. Aphrodite shifted her form to sport a pink Southern belle dress, fanning her sweat-drenched face with a tool of the same color.

“A-Ares, darling, I-I can explain…T-that man means nothing to me…” Aphrodite lied through her teeth, immensely disappointed in herself for what she had to say about Goku to win back the war god’s good graces. Ares rolled his eyes and grunted with all sense of doubt.

“Yeah, bringing him here was no big deal then, huh? Tsk, Zeus and the Olympians want to speak with you in the Hall. Better not keep him waiting.” Ares carelessly recommended, turning his back on her in jealous rage. Aphrodite lifted up the hems of her gown and ran up to Ares, placing a consoling hand on his shoulder.

“Ares please…” Aphrodite whimpered sorrowfully, worried more for Goku than herself at this point. Ares roughly slaps her gloved hand away and proceeds to march onward to the peak of Mount Olympus.

“Let’s go.” Ares demanded temperately, dragging his aluminum bat and hunting knife along with him. Aphrodite, floored by the war god’s rare coldness towards her, hesitantly follows in hopes that Goku would be spared by the sky god’s eternal wrath.


In the Hall of the Gods…
The Olympian gods and goddesses, minus Artemis, Dionysus due to his forced position as a counselor at Camp Half-Blood, Ares, and of course, Aphrodite, were all in the middle of critically analyzing the same Iris Message Aphrodite used to view Goku’s various exploits in Universe 7. While an unnerved Zeus was positioned in the center, Hera sat on his left in an adamantine-ivory throne covered with designs of peacocks and willow trees. Said Queen of Olympus had long, licorice black hair and quite beautiful brown eyes, wearing a white dress with peacock feathers tied around her neck in cape form. She looked dismissively at the footage playing before her, appalled by the sheer bloodshed both Goku and his adversaries displayed on the battlefield.

“I’ll admit that while this Goku might not be the smartest man I’ve seen; he is an absolute genius in combat and a master of battle strategy.” Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, reluctantly complimented Goku’s versatility as a martial artist. She had long black hair tied down into a pony tail and piercing gray eyes resembling the color of storm clouds. Decked head to toe in Imperial Gold armor and white robes, the daughter of Zeus sat on a silver throne adorned with golden weaving baskets on each of its sides. Athena was particularly transfixed on Goku’s bout with Perfect Cell during the Cell Games, fascinated by his exceptional speed and quick thinking under pressure.

“That’s not a good thing, Athena! Have you seen the damage him and those other monsters have done to the poor planets they’ve fought on?! It’s absolutely barbaric!” Demeter, the goddess of agriculture, cried out miserably, particularly disturbed by Frieza’s swift devastation of Namek via firing a Death Ball at its core. She had curly blond hair that extended along her back and wore a green dress that moved similarly to fresh plants breaking from the soil. Atop her head lied a crown of roses and corn leaves, matching the branched roots used to sew together the throne she is perched on.

“I don’t know, Demeter. He can call upon the energy of any living being and, what I’m especially impressed by, the sun itself! Seems like a cool guy to me.” Apollo, Greek god of the sun, light, poetry, archery, etc., praised the Saiyan warrior’s inherited Spirit Bomb technique as he lazily kicked back in his golden throne. He had tousled blond hair that shone as bright as the sun with practically molten eyes to match. The sun god also wore a gold toga and had an intricately designed arrow holster of the same color wrapped around his shoulder area, nicely extenuating the trademark bow he is most known for using.

“Yes, but the plants could be drained of their lifeforce because of it! Did you ever think of that?!” Demeter whimpered arguably, frustrated tears building in her eyes just thinking of the possible environmental consequences a full powered Genkidama could bring forth.

“I’m more impressed by the technological advancement of his world when compared to ours. Time machines, hovercrafts, and pocket-sized devices that can fit homes of any size?! This Bulma friend of his is a scientific genius of the highest caliber!” Hephaestus observed in unbridled admiration, blown away by the scientific implications Universe 7’s existence may bring to the table. The Greek god of forges and technology was heavily misshapen due to an “accident” that took place shortly after birth, having a bulging forehead and shoulders that weren’t evenly aligned. He had scraggly brown hair and a bushy beard that spontaneously lit on fire during certain points in time. Due to designing each of his fellow gods’ thrones singlehandedly, his seat in the council was particular the most complex and resembled that of a recliner with silver-bronze gears jutting out from it.

“Hmmm it seems like he comes from a species that makes him exponentially stronger after each battle. What should we do about this, brother?” Poseidon, God of the Seas, pondered aloud to his younger sibling. He had tanned skin and a neatly trimmed black beard, sporting sea-green eyes that signified an inner gentleness that wasn’t often shown. The ocean king had an intricately crafted trident of aging bronze held in his right hand, propping it up alongside his black leather throne. Sparks of an unusual green energy irradiated out of the weapon’s three blades as he spoke. Just when Zeus was about to initiate his final verdict, Ares dragged Aphrodite by the arm and lightly shoved her into the Hall’s center.

“Found her. She was practically giddy from her most recent date.” Ares growled irritably, feeling as if he wanted to start an entire war from having to say that last word. Aphrodite looked towards the floor shamefully while Hephaestus had an absolute field day seeing her most recent example of infidelity being caught red-handed.

“Hahahaha having a little lover’s quarrel, honey?” Hephaestus snickered at his “wife’s” expense, slapping a calloused hand on his artificially mended knee. Aphrodite scowled at Hephaestus’s fit of uncontrollable laughter, grinding her teeth in an admittedly un-lady like manner.

“Shut up, dear! I never asked to be married to an oaf like you anyways.” Aphrodite fumed in disgust, haughtily raising her nose up into the air and crossing both arms.

“Fah I can say the same to you, ya spoiled brat…” Hephaestus snorted resentfully in disgust, crossing his incredibly muscular arms the same way. Aphrodite was about to round on the crippled fire god for his slight insult, but held back after Zeus slammed his Master Bolt onto the tiled floor impatiently.

“SILENCE!” The sky god bellowed loudly, his booming voice echoing off the council room’s massive walls and columns. Each possible topic of conversation was immediately ceased between the other Olympians, not wanting to further provoke Zeus in his already sour mood. Eyes glowing with plasmatic volts of electricity, Zeus glared down from his throne at the one who caused this whole avoidable situation.

“Explain yourself, Aphrodite. NOW!” Zeus shouted demandingly at the cowering love goddess. Left stuck in a theoretical corner that she couldn’t get out of, Aphrodite decided to not beat around the bush and come clean about her prior intentions. She looked up at the still projected likeness of Goku as a small confidence booster before making full eye-contact with Zeus himself. While her fellow gods and goddesses didn’t pay much attention to this easy-to-miss mannerism, Ares was absolutely infuriated by her still prominent interest in the Saiyan.

“Well, I’ve grown quite fond of Son Goku over the years for his heroism and exceptional performance as a fighter. He was unlike any person I’ve seen before, so…I…I sent an elevator to his home universe in an attempt to—” Aphrodite elaborated in a stammer laced with all sense of regret, her thoughts being cut off by the intently listening family members.

“Sleep with him?” The previously distracted messenger god, Hermes, slyly inquired, taking a break from filling out paperwork and making phone calls with interested clients. He had curly black hair and blue eyes, wearing a winged helmet and pair of shoes for delivery purposes. Hermes sat in a throne of gray rock with ram heads on both armrests.

“Well, maybe…” Aphrodite sadly admitted, truly wanting so much more with Goku than just a one-night stand.

“Use him for means of gaining more power for yourself?” Athena suspiciously theorized from the perspective of her strategist, squinting both startling gray orbs at the nervous romance representative.

“What? Don’t be ridiculous…” Aphrodite objected the wisdom goddess’ claims of tyranny.

“Kill me?” Hephaestus jokingly prodded, playing up his hurt feelings to an exaggerated degree. Her “husband’s” mockery of her own personal goals was a breaking point for Aphrodite, causing an intense of aura of pink to encase her entire body and pupils.

"NO! I-it was to get him to love me…as…as I love him.” Aphrodite honestly admitted, placing a delicate hand over her heart for emphasized proof of what she meant. Ares gripped the hilt of his bat tightly enough to dent its metal exterior while Hera was left aghast by Aphrodite’s declaration of love for this extraterrestrial being.

“T-that is pure nonsense! You would love a man who abandoned his wife and two children for the sake of improving his own strength?! He obviously has no respect for the sanctity of family and marriage! It’s revolting just to look at him.” Hera criticized the seemingly selfish actions that took place throughout Goku’s life.

“Goku needed more power to protect his family and friends! Have you seen the type of evil monstrosities he’s had to deal with in the past?!” Aphrodite defended the Saiyan man-child’s motivations for doing what he did, recalling Cell and Majin Buu as contenders for what Universe 7 was truly capable of in terms of immoral hell-spawn.

“The sheer power of him and his enemies is exactly why we need to dispose of Goku at all costs! If Kronos managed to convince a man who could annihilate whole planets with one consecutive blast to join his cause, Mount Olympus and the world itself would be doomed.” Poseidon gravely reminded the outraged love goddess and his residing brethren. The Titan of Time’s name sent shivers down the Olympians’ spines, none of them even wanting to think of what could happen if Kronos managed to possess Goku’s body or worse.

“That wouldn’t happen! Goku has always fought for what is right and that won’t change no matter what!” Aphrodite profusely denied the possibility of Goku being manipulated by the dreaded Titan Lord.

“You don’t know that for sure, Aphrodite! Look at what happened to Ares and Hermes’ son, Luke. Do you really want to take the risk?” Zeus notified her on the extent of Kronos’ terrifying abilities even during the process of reforming in Tartarus. Hermes’ playful gaze darkened into one of heartbreak at the mention of Luke Castellan while Ares cursed himself for being one of Kronos’ puppets when stealing the Master Bolt about two years ago.

“But…” Aphrodite struggled to argue, but nothing of merit was able to come out of her mouth. Assuming that he won the argument, Zeus nodded victoriously and addressed the other members of Mount Olympus’s council. They silently agreed with the proposition he decided on while Aphrodite cowered pathetically in defeat.

“We’ll send out a search party to capture Goku and transport him directly to Mount Olympus. Once we have him, his fate will be left decided by any vote of our choosing.” Zeus carefully explained the step-by-step process of his plans. Aphrodite, horrified by the decision to hunt down Goku like an escaped convict on the lamb, frantically ran up to Zeus’s seat, but was held back by a stone-faced Ares.

“W-who are you sending to find him?” Aphrodite regretted to ask, supremely concerned for Goku’s wellbeing. Zeus glanced down at the panicking daughter of Ouranos and smirked knowingly, waving his hand sideways to shift the Iris Message from displaying Goku’s exploits to a sort of snowy, mountainous area. Within this cold landscape resided a large group of 12 to 13-year-old girls that wore matching white coats and held silver bows in their hands. The most prominent of these archers was a notably older woman with silvery yellow eyes and auburn hair tied back into that of a ponytail. This was Artemis, Greek goddess of the moon and hunt, and the ladies setting up camp nearby were her Hunters. Recognizing the virgin deity upon first glimpse, Aphrodite’s worries for the male Saiyan skyrocketed exponentially.

“Artemis, can you hear me?” Zeus passively greeted, attempting to garner his daughter’s attention in the middle of her most prevalent hunting trip. Artemis whispered for some of her hunters to go else where for a moment and then stepped closer to the barely visible Iris Message.

“Yes, father, what’s the problem?” Artemis inquired respectfully, pushing back a lock of her red hair. Apollo, seeing his twin sister in full view, made his presence known and lazily waved at her.

“Yo, sis! What’s up?” Apollo addressed casually, wiggling his eyebrows in over-the-top playfulness. Artemis blankly stares at the sun god unamusingly and rolls her eyes.

“Ah, Apollo. Still obnoxious as ever I see.” Artemis coolly deadpanned, brushing off her brother’s attempts at acting laid back and go with the flow.

“Ooo that burns Arty! And I’m the sun god!” Apollo sarcastically chuckled, used to his sister’s overly distant personality after a millennia of sibling rivalry. Zeus and Artemis both glared at Apollo distastefully before getting back to the central purpose of their conversation. The lightning god produced a smaller Iris Message that simply diagrammed Goku’s body from head to toe and showed it to the goddess of archers.

“I want you to hunt down a man named Son Goku. He is an alien from another dimension that Aphrodite foolishly sent here for equally foolish reasons. He is extremely dangerous, so don’t underestimate him and make sure to bring him back to Mount Olympus alive.” Zeus requested authoritatively, crushing the miniscule image of Goku in his hands as he finished speaking. Artemis, annoyed by the fact that her planned “prey” was a mere male, sighed in agreement and readied her equipment.

“Typical Aphrodite going to great lengths just to please her male-centric fantasies. Where is this Goku now?” Artemis grumbled under her breath in growing reluctance. Aphrodite placed both hands on her hips in appalment towards Artemis’s nonchalant rudeness while Zeus projected a map of New York City for the moon goddess to thoroughly inspect.

“From what I can gather, he was near the Empire State Building, but is on the move towards Long Island at this point. Try to corner him there if he gets too close to discovering Camp Half-Blood.” Zeus helpfully recommended a particular area for Artemis and her Hunters to place themselves in. Said daughter of Leto nodded affirmatively and zipped up her winter jacket, ready to take action.

“On it. I won’t let you down, father.” Artemis promised confidently, swiping away the Iris Message as she readied her Hunters for their next expedition. Zeus smiled proudly for a split second, but then dismissively darted his electric blue eyes towards the relentlessly pleading Aphrodite.

“Zeus, I beg of you! You’re making a mistake!” Aphrodite beseeched the close-minded king of Olympus, knowing how confused and alone Goku must feel right now. Zeus and the other Olympians just looked upon her sternly in abject disapproval for what she has done.

“No. You made the mistake of teleporting that freakish mortal here in the first place. If he dies, his blood is on your hands.” Zeus harshly chastised, his throne erupting with live impulses of thunder and lightning. Aphrodite’s dark green eyes widened in disheartened sadness, but then immediately closed them sorrowfully.

“Ares, escort Aphrodite back to her temple. Make sure she doesn’t leave without your supervision.” Zeus passively advised the agitated war god. Ares smiled deviously and picked up Aphrodite bridal style, an action which the love goddess was not at all on board with.

“With pleasure, dad. With pleasure.” Ares chuckled agreeably, whispering into Aphrodite’s ear with the last part. A deep flush adorning her cheeks, the love goddess began to kick and scream desperately in extreme protest.

“No! Let me go, Ares! No! Noooooo!” Aphrodite screamed in growing misery as Ares ignorantly marched back to her home with plots of revenge circling inside of his head. After the departure of Aphrodite, Poseidon leaned over to Zeus’s side with a look of prominent uncertainty beginning to show.

“Do you think we’re doing the right thing, brother? This man has saved his world and the worlds of others many times over.” The sea god discernibly proclaimed in a murmur of befuddlement. Zeus stroked his black beard a few times with the same sense of curiosity, but narrowed his blue eyes anyways in inarguable respect of his decision.

“Only time will tell.” Zeus simply responded; his statement laced with a hidden double meaning. For now, all he, Poseidon, and the other god/goddesses could do was patiently wait for Artemis to bring forth their intended target: either alive or, under extreme circumstances, dead.


In the mountains…
Artemis blew out a sigh of prominent disinterest after dematerializing the Iris Message sent by her father, Lord Zeus. She pinched the bridge of her nose in minor aggravation, but still decided to gather her misplaced arrows and hunting equipment. One statement uttered by her father left the feminist goddess a little skeptical as to what exactly the point of this trip was anyways. In all of her years as an immortal warrior, no mortal male has ever been able to best her in terms of sheer skill and determination. Some have come closer than others, but they might as well not count due to how long it has been since their inevitable deaths. What exactly made this Goku both so different and worthy of her undivided attention?

“Dangerous? Tsk, all males are the same. It shouldn’t take too long to find him.” Aphrodite thought judgmentally, repositioning her silver quiver of arrows as she shuffled through the blanket of snow. Then again, something about the man’s black eyes screamed experience and an inherit readiness for all forms of battle. Almost, predatory in a way similar to her and the other Hunters of Artemis. Artemis shook her head dismissively, trying to suppress memories of the only man she could see herself being together with.

“What troubles thy, milady?” A tall girl with long black hair concernedly asked Artemis. This was Zoë Nightshade, Artemis’s lieutenant and the daughter of Atlas, a Titan in Kronos’s army who was forced to hold up the heavens themselves. She had dark brown eyes and copper-toned skin, a silver circlet that implied Persian royalty resting along her forehead.

“Tell the girls to gather their belongings. Lord Zeus has tasked us with hunting down a man from an alternate universe.” Artemis ordered Zoë exhaustedly, not receiving enough rest from the other day’s hunting session. Zoë frowned deeply at the mention of being asked to hunt a man for another man, but kept her distaste with the operation marginally under control.

“A man from another world? Is thou the same as the men of this world?” Zoë cautiously questioned her leader, trying to imagine what this interloper could look or act like.

“I doubt it, but it’s hard to say from just looking at him. We’ll have to determine what “Son Goku” is capable of when we get to Long Island, New York.” Artemis emphasized distractedly, signaling for Zoë and the other Hunters to follow when finished packing. After a few minutes of well-organized teamwork, Zoë and each individual Hunter of Artemis sprinted through the snow-covered woods at inhuman speeds as one cooperative unit.

“Let’s see if Son Goku can be prey worthy of my interest. If he puts up a challenging fight that is.” Artemis wondered anticipatedly, her golden irises squinted with the innate thrill for hunting any form of big game. Like a wolf on the prowl, Artemis rushes through the trees towards the shores of Long Island Sound as her gathering of elite Hunters followed close by.

Chapter Text

Last time on Goku and the Olympians! The gods of Olympus have deemed Goku a possible threat to the fate of their world, sending the moon goddess, Artemis, to hunt him down dead or alive. Aphrodite has also been held captive by her on-and-off again lover, Ares, and is unable to prevent such a large ambush from taking place. Will Goku be able to fend off Artemis and her elite group of immortal hunters? Find out…now!

Chapter 5: Artemis’s Foul
Deciding not to endure the hassle of purchasing new clothes like Aphrodite advised earlier, Goku ultimately wandered off to a forested area near Long Island’s easternmost tip. It rested along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, serving as a border between New York and a neighboring state called Connecticut. The ever-expansive patch of woods was filled with many towering oaks and pine trees, each of their respective leaves blocking out the sun from up above. This created a thick blanket of shadow that made the forest much more ominous in nature, making Goku feel as if he was being watched by someone or something of questionable origin. However, growing up near Mt. Paozu’s incredibly dangerous wildlife, this slight uneasiness did nothing to deter the Saiyan warrior from his exploring. Well, aside from the biting sensation of boredom starting to creep in.

“Wish Aphrodite gave me a better explanation as to where I should go. This forest is starting to tire me out from just looking at it.” Goku grimaced exhaustively, letting out a light yawn as he continued walking along the trail. Unbeknownst to him, an ill-tempered Artemis and her huntresses of the same name sprinted through tree after tree in differing positions. Once she caught sight of her primary target, Artemis raised a hand upwards as an indication for her Hunters to stay put until further instructions. The forever pre-teen girls did as their mistress ordered and scattered across the entire pavilion, some camouflaged on top of trees while others were crouched down behind neighboring bushes. The aforementioned goddess of the hunt squinted her eyes scathingly, golden irises shining brightly in the darkened woodland.

“Thy man doesn’t look that impressive. One shot should be good enough.” Zoë Nightshade scoffed ignorantly, preparing to notch a silver arrow from her bow. Artemis glared at the unforeseen foolishness of her second-in-command, placing a hand in front of the tan-skinned girl.

“Don’t be so sure, Zoë. Lord Zeus told us to track him down for a reason. We should take action when the situation calls for it.” Artemis lowly chastised, not even bothering to take her eyes off of Goku’s approaching form. Zoë held back a retort of protest waiting to be let loose and begrudgingly nodded while looking down at the grass beneath her feet. Artemis then took a deep breath and inaudibly checked in on the rest of her followers, eyes darting from one side of the woods to the next. Receiving a universal sign of confirmation that each girl was ready to strike, Artemis positioned her trademark bow in front of her and made preparations for firing. Little did she know, Goku was already well aware of the proposed ambush from the get go.

“There’s multiple energy signatures all around me. One is noticeably harder to sense than the others. If it’s another god or goddess like Aphrodite, I better keep myself distracted.” Goku pondered strategically, continuing to act as oblivious as he initially appeared. Meanwhile, Artemis’s eyes glazed over with silver energy in an attempt to enhance the impact of her arrow. Once its spearhead radiated with equal levels of divine power, she fired the arrow at point blank range and directly aimed for Goku’s forehead. Whistling speedily through the air, Goku’s chi-sensing ability allowed him to see and hear the accelerating weapon in slow motion. Just as Artemis’s arrow was about to pierce his skin, Bardock’s youngest son jerked his head to the side and dodged the incoming attack. The arrow continued moving forward, completely cleaving a tree in half before dissolving into nothingness. Artemis and the other Hunters were expectantly floored by this insanely fast reflex.

“H-he dodged it?! How is that possible?!” Artemis gaped mentally, failing to recall a time when any prey was able to escape her perfect marksmanship unscathed. Goku looked behind his back for a second to inspect the environmental damages and then stood in place to address his would-be opponents.

“Hey! You’re Artemis, right? I think I saw you in one of Aphrodite’s memories.” Goku greeted informingly, placing two hands over his mouth in order to elevate the audibility of his voice. The careless mention of their leader’s name absolutely infuriated each hunter, especially Zoë.

“Silence, male! How dare thou disgrace m’lady’s name with thy alien tongue?!” Zoë Nightshade snapped disgustedly; her dark brown eyes narrowed in pure contempt. Her fellow hunters refused to reveal their hiding places as well, only deciding to ready their own arrows in case Goku decided to retaliate.

“Huh? What did I do to make you girls so angry with me?” Goku inquired curiously, observing the battalion of feminine archers personally aiming for the head and other portions of his muscle-toned body. Artemis, still reeling back from the shock of her failed shot, stepped out of the woods and commenced a distant stare down with the heavily surrounded martial artist.

“You, Son Goku, have been seen as a threat by all of Mount Olympus. Willingly hand yourself over to Lord Zeus or face the consequences your presence has brought unto this world.” Artemis icily threatened with an unwarranted sense of authority. Still confused by why he was being lambasted as a criminal, a concerning thought immediately came to Goku’s head in direct relation to Mount Olympus.

“Wait, if I’m being viewed as an enemy by the King of the Gods or whatever, what happened to Aphrodite?” Goku pronounced worryingly, beginning to develop a slight connection with the ditzy love goddess. Artemis, not exactly on friendly terms with Aphrodite from past experience alone, glowered temperately and rolled her glowing eyes.

“That fool’s probably being punished by Ares as we speak. Serves her right for blindly worshiping an anomaly like you.” Artemis spat venomously, unconcerned for Aphrodite’s personal wellbeing or romantic squabbles. Hearing that his new “friend” might be in danger, Goku scowled defensively and crouched down into a battle stance.

“If this Zeus guy had any part in harming Aphrodite, then I won’t give myself up that easily. If it’s a fight you want, it’s a fight you’ll definitely get, Artemis.” Goku exclaimed determinedly, inwardly excited for his first confrontation with one of this dimension’s so-called Olympians. The Saiyan’s sudden change in behavior caught the moon goddess off-guard, but even she couldn’t hide her building anticipation for what was about to take place. This Goku really was the type of prey she was searching for: a challenging combatant that would put all of her inherited skills as a huntress to the test.

“So be it, Goku. Don’t disappoint me.” Artemis advised coolly, sporting a competitive smirk. Goku lightly grinned the same way, raising up one of his hands and gesturing for the twin sister of Apollo to come at him. Upon this display of consent for attack, all of the 12 to 13-year-old Hunters of Artemis rapidly nocked arrows at the spot Goku’s was currently located. At the sight of over a hundred projectiles coming towards him, Goku surrounded his entire body with a white aura of chi and widely outstretched one of his arms.

“Haaaaah!” Goku shouted powerfully, projecting a stream of condensed energy that disintegrated every single approaching arrow in one fell swoop. Flabbergasted by this unforeseen technique, Zoë Nightshade rolled closer to Goku and shot a speedy barrage of her own arrows at point blank range. Said Saiyan moved his arms around to shatter each one, his skin seemingly hard enough for them not to produce any sort of noticeable wound. This simply ticked Zoë off to even more extreme degree.

“Grrr! I don’t care how strong thou art! NO MAN WILL EVER GET THE BEST OF ME!” Zoë screamed defiantly, taking a Celestial Bronze hunting knife out of her pocket. As she full-heartedly charged Goku in an attempt to slice his chest, Goku fazed out of existence and reappeared on the side of said shocked young girl. He then chopped the pressure point on Zoë’s neck and looked down at her somewhat apologetically.

“W-what d-did…d-did…” Zoë collapsed knee first before she could finish her previous statement, instantly falling unconscious from Goku’s heavily suppressed jab. Zoë’s effortless defeat startled the other Hunters, a wide majority too frozen in place from fear to confront Goku any further. Not feeling any sort of hostility for the girl, Goku picked up Zoë’s limp body and softly set her someplace away from the makeshift battlefield.

“She’ll be fine. She might be asleep for a few hours, but that’s all.” Goku calmly assured the concerned Hunters, holding up his hands to prove that he wouldn’t do anything overtly suspicious. This almost noble behavior from a man like Goku intrigued the overtly sexist Hunters, but their distrust in his gender was still prevalent as ever. Artemis jogged over to Zoë’s side for additional confirmation that she was alright, motherly brushing away some bangs covering her closed eyelids. She smiled fondly in relief for a second before turning around to solemnly glare at Goku’s present form.

“I appreciate you for doing that, Goku, but it will definitely take more than that to bring me down. Much more.” Artemis forewarned the patiently waiting Saiyan as she unexpectantly wrapped the bow around her shoulders. She then did the same as Zoë and pulled out two matching Celestial Bronze blades from her coat pockets. These ones were almost diamond in color and extended up to the length of her own two arms, comparable in size to that of medieval broadswords. Artemis placed one hunting sword in front of her and the other near her backside, auburn hair flowing in the wind as she crouched downward in preparation to pounce Goku like a fierce predator on the prowl.

“Woah.” Goku simply stated, awe-struck by the intricate design of her handheld weapons when, say, compared to Future Trunks’ from over 7 years ago. Artemis took this as an open opportunity to slash at Goku’s face with one blade and stomach using the second, causing the Saiyan to frantically perform a backwards somersault. The goddess of archers then dashed forward to slice at Goku’s legs in an “x” formation as he landed, trying not to give him any ample time to breathe. Goku took a page from Piccolo’s book and continued dodging, hopping above the double-bladed cross technique. He instantly transmitted himself behind Artemis’s and attempt to scissor kick her neck, a method of retaliation which the empowered goddess was able to block with immense difficulty. She held both swords in between Goku’s right foot and attempted to use her divine strength to throw him onto the soiled ground. This failed once Goku teleported himself above the goddess and slammed down both hands onto her head in a successfully performed Double Axe Handle! Artemis’s eyes popped out of her sockets in response to this sudden move, her beautiful face forcefully buried 6 feet deep in the dirt.

“Oh shoot! Sorry, sorry, sorry!” Goku apologized profusely, cringing at the amount of strength he unintentionally put into that attack. Artemis squirmed a bit from momentary discomfort, using both “knives” to prop herself back up. The damage wasn’t serious to say the least except for a prominent bruise on top of her head and disheveled clumps of red hair sticking out in several directions. She massaged her aching scalp, baffled to see that small flecks of golden Ichor, the blood of the Gods, were starting to sprout from the cranial wound.

“I-impossible. I’m bleeding from just one hit?! There’s no telling how much power he may possess…” Artemis thought in abject disbelief, the droplets of Ichor dissipating as her blemish slowly began to regenerate itself back to normal. She spared a side-glance at Goku, more and more puzzled by his very existence than anything else.

“What is he? He’s obviously not a god like myself, but he can’t be human either. Curse father for not telling me more! As a hunter, I need to know exactly what I’m up against.” Artemis asked herself almost demandingly, unaware of Goku’s Saiyan heritage in his home of Universe 7. She was starting to get immensely frustrated by Zeus’s vague description of Goku as “dangerous” as opposed to giving out specific details on his fighting style and abilities. But, then again, that made him all the more enticing of an opponent in relation to hunting specifically.

“Impressive hit…” Artemis grumbled under her breath, brushing excess dirt off of the white coat she was currently wearing. Goku, hearing this semi-compliment, coughed nervously whilst scratching the back of his head.

“Uh, thanks. Sometimes I don’t know my own strength, so sorry about that. It was uncalled for.” Goku respectively admitted, offhandedly pointing to the deep imprint where Artemis’s face used to be. Artemis unamusingly stared at Goku’s with flat eyebrows, her red lips etched in a prominent frown.

“Don’t apologize. That will be the last injury you ever give me anyways.” Artemis confidently declared, readying her twin blades for combat once more. Liking the firm spirit of this particular goddess, Goku also entered the trademark stance of the Turtle School and awaited her first move. However, a spike of chi abruptly entered his subconscious mind, steadily getting more noticeable and enormous by the second. Out of nowhere, a gigantic blast of yellow energy headed straight for Artemis!

“WATCH OUT!” Goku shrieked frightfully, pushing Artemis out of the way as said lightning bolt crashed downward in a fiery explosion. The implosion of this inexplicable beam knocked down several surrounding trees, ripping their roots out of the ground without much delay. Revealing itself from the deepest parts of the woods, a larger than average hydra with three pairs of glowing orange eyes stormed into view. Each of its heads had six elongated spines that resembled crowns and a multitude of sharp spikes along their necks. The draconic monster, unlike its smaller brethren, had a massive pair of wings that tore through the entire forest every time they moved a single muscle as well.

“Graaahhghgh!” The ferocious three-headed beast roared viciously, primarily setting its sights on the stunned Goku. Seeing that their mistress and the passed-out Zoë were potentially in danger, the other Hunters sprung out from their hiding places and attempted to fend off the mythological creature as best as they could. Artemis, still being shielded by Goku, blushed in a mix of embarrassment and infuriation, and shoved the Saiyan off of her.

“Get off of me! What gave you the audacity to touch—my gods.” Artemis gasped disparagingly, amazed by this hydra’s immense stature compared to others of the same species. Each arrow fired by her subordinates did nothing to deter the reptilian beast’s rampage, all evaporating in small sparks of static electricity before they could even touch its skin. Hunter after hunter fell from the hydra’s immense power, either being sent flying by beam-induced explosions or blown away from the projected wind of its impressive wingspan. Goku, not familiar with a creature like this aside from its slight resemblance to Gohan’s pet, Icarus, and maybe Shenron, looked to Artemis for some much-needed details.

“W-what is that?” Goku almost whispered in starstruck amazement, the hydra’s yellow gravity beams gleaming along his widened black orbs. Artemis shakily helped herself up and glared at the monolithic creature as it tossed her girls around like ragdolls.

“That is a hydra. It’s a dragon-like monster that can grow two more of its heads back if one of them is destroyed or cut off. However, I’ve never seen one of this particular size in over a millennium. Nor one with wings either.” Artemis honestly admitted, recalling the nine-headed Lernaean Hydra that Hercules fought as one of his 12 Labors. Goku was surprised by the sheer rarity of the hydra standing before him, wondering why it barged in without warning. Then, he began to recall a crucial piece of information Aphrodite shared with him after their “date” at Tom’s Restaurant.

A few hours ago…
“Anyone you see here has the possibility of being a monster in disguise. And all monsters are attracted to exceptionally high or abnormal levels of power. Meaning the half-bred children of gods like myself and…” Aphrodite whispered in as serious of a tone as she could muster, pointing to various New Yorkers crossing the sidewalk.

“…Me?” Goku hesitantly finished his immortal companion’s sentence with a hand gesturing to himself. Aphrodite closed her eyes and nodded softly in dreaded confirmation, somewhat second-guessing the decision to bring her most recent love interest into uncharted waters.

“It’s after me!” Goku realized with a resound snap of his fingers. Artemis, adjusting the position of her bow and twin daggers, side-glanced Goku curiously whilst proceeding to size up her next big target.

“What do you mean?” Artemis asked impatiently, ready to come to her Hunters’ aid at any moment. The Saiyan warrior motioned to his chest and orange martial arts gi for emphasis on what he was implying.

“It’s my power. Somehow my enormous chi is making the hydra feel threatened and territorial. Sort of like you and the Olympians in a way.” Goku explained informingly while projecting a small chi sphere in the palm of his hands. Artemis deadpanned at the last phrase, causing Goku to backpedal a bit from guilt-ridden discomfort.

“No offense.” Goku quickly added, darting his eyes away from Artemis’s piercing gold ones. Said archery goddess sighed irritably and tapped her foot in waiting for Goku to make the point he was attempting to share.

“What are you going to do about it then, Son Goku? My hunters don’t have much time left out there. They could die any second now!” Artemis demanded worryingly, peering over at certain girls collapsing from exhaustion or being crushed by the hydra’s frantic writhing. Goku, angered by the turmoil he inadvertently caused, steadily built up his chi in an attempt to draw the hydra away from the wounded Hunters of Artemis. This proved successful as all three of the hydra’s heads stared at Goku with their reptilian slits, growling profusely.

“Order your hunters to fall back. I’ll deal with the hydra.” Goku commanded sternly, his energy rising higher and higher in the guise of a flowing white fire. Taking note of this instantaneous power boost, Artemis struggled to retort the martial artist’s firm advisement.

“Y-you…you can’t tell me what to do! I’m a hunter! I never run away from a—” Artemis attempted to argue defiantly, holding out one of her knives closer to Goku’s neck. Goku, however, was unconvinced and grabbed the virgin goddess’s wrist at breakneck speeds. His eyes burned holes into Artemis’s very soul, causing her to freeze in place.

“NO! This is my mess and I’ll clean it up! Understand?” Goku growled furiously, easing the tightness of his hold on her just a bit. Artemis, short of breath at the moment, slowly nodded and pulled away her hand from Goku’s larger, combat-oriented one. She massaged her wrist just a bit confusedly before letting out a garbled call.

“G-girls, retreat to the woods! The situation is under control.” Artemis cried authoritatively, pointing to the sea of trees located behind her. The girls sprinted away from the currently distracted hydra and followed after their self-proclaimed leading lady, some taking time to both support the severely injured and gather Zoë’s still unconscious body. Goku stood in place, keeping the hydra preoccupied with his highly intimidating chi signature.

“Lady Artemis, are you sure trusting this man is wise? We were doing just fine without him.” Phoebe, one of Artemis’s oldest hunters, grumbled distrustfully while holding a prominent gash on the side of her stomach. She was larger and beefier in size compared to her fellow colleagues, having a full head of ginger hair.

“You know that’s not true, Phoebe. Besides, this Goku holds more power than we initially anticipated. Consider this hydra incident a study session of some sort.” Artemis advised truthfully, tapping her noggin a few times for analysis purposes. Phoebe grunted in understanding and got to work healing the other hunters as she usually did on hunting incursions like this. Artemis then adjusted the position of her head and inspected Goku’s every move from that point forward.

“Bidibidibidi!” screeched the yellow-scaled hydra as it attempted to slam into Goku, its massive wings tearing trees apart as they moved. Goku squatted down and clenched his fists alongside each knee in response, not at all fearful of the approaching monster.

“Kaioken…” Goku chanted lowly through clenched teeth, his eyes narrowed dangerously. The aura surrounding his body skyrocketed exponentially, converting into an orangish-red color. Additionally, Goku’s bodyweight seemed to increase in sheer pressure alone, the ground beneath his feet beginning to crack apart little by little. As one of the hydra’s heads attempted to bite down on Goku, his jet-black hair steadily rose up like that of a Super Saiyan.

“…x3!” Goku yelled powerfully, his reddened body disappearing into thin air. Once the hydra mistakenly clenched its teeth shut, Kaioken Goku materialized from below and launched a highspeed kick at the monster’s stomach area. Convulsing from immense pain, the hydra was sent careening into a surrounding mass of pine trees, destroying one after the other in electricity-infused implosions. Not wanting to cause too much devastation, Goku vanished once more by keying on the hydra’s chi. Artemis and her hunters were left completely speechless by this display of experienced battle prowess.

“I-impossible! H-he managed to injure it without a Celestial Bronze blade!” Phoebe choked out from reactionary shock, infuriated that Goku was singlehandedly able to outperform every hunter with just one attack. Artemis was even more dumbfounded by this strangely named technique, noting its positive effect on the marital artist’s strength and speed.

“If Goku could make me bleed by his ordinary lonesome, there’s no telling what he could do in this state. It’s…I’ve never felt this terrified, yet immensely excited at the same time.” Artemis thought elatedly, wanting to figure out everything about the Saiyan’s home and where his god-like level of power actually came from. Meanwhile, the stunned hydra continued to flail about through the woods, its heads disoriented from Kaioken Goku’s rapid-fire kick. Before it could regain control of its wings, Goku shifted below the back area and launched an uppercut that sent the hydra into the skies above.

“Better keep it away from the forest for now on.” Goku supposed strategically, using the last of his Kaiokenx3 to elevate himself where the hydra was punched. He then dissipated his red aura to alleviate the setbacks of said King Kai’s Fist and readied himself for further confrontation once more. Now airborne, the hydra utilized its wings to their fullest potential and floated in place. Every single flap projected small cyclones that almost blew Goku away, lightning bolts surrounding its entire body as it did so. Goku ignored the propulsion of streaming wind and Instant Transmissioned all around the hydra’s body to psyche it out. This caused the oversized reptile to twist and turn its heads to nip at the fleeing Goku, growing more frustrated every time they missed. Goku then teleported in front of one head’s elongated neck, resulting in it being ripped clean off by the center one as he instantaneously evaded!

“Yikes! Didn’t mean for that to happen.” Goku yelped disgustingly, feeling a bit queasy from the excess puss and blood spewing out. However, what grossed him out even more was the fact that two forked tongues molted from within the dismembered appendage, reforming cellularly into Chinese Dragon heads identical to the one that was previously lost.

“Graaahghghg!” the hydra roared triumphantly as it regenerated better than it ever was before. All four heads then opened their fanged maws in unison, orange energy building from their mouths and slit green eyes. Wanting to end this fight before it got too difficult to handle, Goku teleported beneath the hydra cupped his hands near the right hip area.

“Ka…Me…” Goku shouted loudly, a sphere of blue chi taking form in between his two palms. It grew far larger in size with the utterance of each syllable, mirroring the hydra’s evolving gravity beams.

“Ha…Me…” the Saiyan martial artist continued more aggressively, beams of white-blue light spinning around the chi ball resting in his hands. Orange-yellow electricity was spat out by all four heads, combing to form one giant beam heading straight for Goku and the very planet itself!

“…HA!!” Goku screamed ferociously, unleashing a gigantic stream of blue energy known to many as the Kamehameha, or Turtle Devastation Wave in other words. This renowned chi blast collided headfirst with the hydra’s gravity beam, a momentary beam struggle taking place in response. However, due to Goku’s superior abilities, his Kamehameha immediately trudged through the much smaller bolt and engulfed the hydra’s entire form!

“GRAGAGGAGGA!” the unfortunate hydra screamed painfully as it was completely disintegrated by the Kamehameha and sent straight back to Tartarus where it came from. The blue beam continued moving into outer space and beyond, becoming one with the inky black cosmos as it reached closer to the sun. After making sure the monster was vanquished in every single way imaginable, Goku wiped some building sweat off of his forehead and let out a sigh of relief.

“Few that was a workout! Shame it wasn’t stronger though. Oh well.” Goku beamed in slight exhaustion, floating back down to where Artemis and the Hunters were patiently waiting. What confused him though was that he could sense their respective chi signatures, but couldn’t see where they were in the heavily disheveled woods.

“Hey Artemis! I took care of the hydra thing like I said I—Oof!” Goku’s casual greeting was interrupted by a small prick in his neck. The source of this stinging sensation was a small needle with pink feathers sprouting outward from its back. He held the small dart in his right hand while scratching the back of his black hair with the other.

“I wonder what this does…Awaaaaa…Why am I sleepy all of a su…sud—” Goku eyes grew droopier until he unexpectantly fell asleep, snoring away like the goofy 12-year-old he used to be. Hiding behind some surviving bushes and trees, Artemis approached the fallen Saiyan with each of her other Hunters aside from the still knocked out Zoë Nightshade.

“Well Goku can be caught off guard when distracted. That’s one weakness to take note of.” Artemis blandly summarized, smugly patting herself on the back for gaining the upper-hand with her astute marksmanship. Phoebe and some other girls observed the snoozing Saiyan like a frog waiting to be dissected, appalled by his childish expression.

“What now, m’lady? Do we bring him to Lord Zeus as promised?” Phoebe inquired with interest, more so focused on getting rid of Goku as soon as possible. Artemis shook her head negatively, dismissively gazing down at Goku in a different light after witnessing the Kamehameha’s star-like glow just moments before.

“Not yet. We’ll take him to Camp Half-Blood for further interrogation. I need to find out what that Kaioken and blue beam were exactly.” Artemis proclaimed assuredly, wanting to gauge Goku’s true power for use on Mount Olympus and, admittedly, more personal reasons. Phoebe and the other hunters, absolutely despising the aforementioned demigod training ground with a burning passion, whined disappointedly.

“As you wish, Lady Artemis.” Phoebe mumbled reluctantly, dragging Goku’s heavy body along the dirt floor. The other Hunters carefully picked up Zoë’s body as well and followed after the overly buff girl. As her followers followed the trail to Camp Half-Blood, Artemis stood behind to oversee the damages done to its forest of the same name.

“Son Goku…What other horrors will he or his universe bring upon this world? I’ll have to see for myself I suppose.” Artemis wondered tentatively, not even knowing what to think of the naïve Saiyan at this point. She regained her composure and decided to wait until Goku woke up, shuffling through the monster-infested wildlife of Camp Half-Blood Forest.

Despite slaying a monstrous hydra, Goku has sadly been captured by Artemis and her Hunters. Now, they have begrudgingly set a course for Camp Half-Blood, the seasonal domain for many of the Greek Gods’ mortal children. What awaits our hero at this mythical new location? Will Aphrodite ever escape Ares’ jealous wrath? Find out next time on Goku and the Olympians!