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The Thief and The Dragon

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A long time ago, in the fantasy kingdom of Yuui, there lived all kinds of magic and creatures there. Some creatures could fly through the air while breathing red-hot flames out of there mouths. Some could run all day and night, to the ends of the Earth.

The kingdom was run by a king with high stature and lovable personality , and his name was Yagi Toshinori but on the battlefield he went by All Might by his fellow soldiers. There was also his second in command, Enji Todoroki of the royal family.

He was second in command for his strength on the battlefield and his quick thinking. He went by the name of Endeavor on the battlefield, his weapon was two swords, long and bulky but with red flames emitting from them. They were labeled the second most powerful weapon in all of Yuui history.

But, Endeavor was a greedy man and all he ever wanted to do, is to have an offspring that would over power All Might and take his throne. But, All Might has a secret, powerful weapon that only he and his close friends know about.

It is called “One For All’’. It’s a powerful enhancement magic that could enhance his strength and speed on all of his attack. He forged his own sword that could take the pressure and power of “One For All’’ and with that sword he could beat any battle with any of the other kingdoms.

But, one day, a kingdom from the far north came and attacked the kingdom. There kingdom had no name but, they were known for stealing magic and for terrorizing the innocent villagers. All Might fought viciously against them and there leader, who went by “ All For One”.

They had a long and grueling match, which ended with All Might sacrificing his power to protect the kingdom. He sealed All For One in the core of a dark stormy mountain called “Mt. Kaminoward”. To never be released unless someone used All Might’s very own sword which has been locked away for the last 200 years.

No one knows where it is. All Might eventually got sick and died five years after the battle. His last words were” Find a king, who fights with his head, but who also would risk everything just to save someone, not just a king with wits and strength but a king with a.. heart..too,’’.

There was then a funeral for him, everyone the kingdom was sad and gloomy over there great kings death. Unfortunately , Endeavor rose to the throne and in a rage, he ordered his knights to attack all nearby kingdoms and to destroy any evidence or reason to go to battle ever again.

The knights then invaded many kingdoms across the country burning villages down and killing the innocent. Yuui then became a place of anger and hatred. Many of the subjects to the king left to go live in new, peaceful villages away from all the battles.

The kingdom of Yuui‘ s population was severely diminished after that, with only the Royal Family of Todoroki’s staying and there close followers. Many hoped to find the sword of which All Might used.

Many searched for the sword hoping to rise to the throne because of it but any trace of its existence was gone and was only brought up in legends and myths. 200 years later, the story of the sword is still just legend to this day.
-Prologue end

There was a village south of Yuui and it had a small population of around 50 or 60. They were a family of thieves who would steal riches from other kingdoms and they would give it to the poor. Kind of like Robin Hood.

Each thief had a cape with there own different color on it. It had a top made with the lion beasts mane. They were rare to find and hard to kill. There endangered for how many hunters sold there white, fluffy manes in the black market.

If someone from the opposing kingdom found one of the thieves they would get a reward of 50,000 yen. But, it was nearly impossible to find them, they live on one of the most isolated spots.

They lived on top of a mountain that was almost impossible to climb. The lava spewed from each of the cracks in the big rock and the heat and pressure made anyone collapse and die if they climbed more than 100 feet. They have lived there ever since they found the place.

“ Hah! Catch me if you can, extras!,” yelled a blonde spiky haired boy running away as fast as he can . He was Bakugou Katsuki and he was five years old. He had red wild eyes that sparked with pride and curiosity.

He was holding an expense necklace from a jewelry store. Him and his parents were professional thieves and they took little Katsuki to a neighboring kingdom to teach him how to pickpocket. Of course when Katsuki saw the jewelry store his curiosity sparked immediately.

He noticed how his parents were talking to a former colleague of there’s and he bolted towards the jewelry store.

Once inside he saw a beautiful ruby necklace, in a glass container. He broke the glass container and stole the ruby beaded necklace and ran for his life outside the store. The store clerk with a pissed off expression, chased after Katsuki cursing and swearing like a sailor.

“Come back here you little, motherfucker!,” The clerk yelled as he ran after him. Katsuki eventually outran the clerk when the clerk started wheezing. He probably was having an asthma attack. Katsuki ran to an alleyway and leaned against a building behind his back. He raised the red ruby necklace up to his face.

‘This sure is an expensive necklace, I bet if I wear it around the village I would be considered royalty’ he thought. He suddenly saw a shadow move in the corner of his eye. His nerves shot through the roof.

Who was it? His parents? No, if it was, then why would they be hiding from there own son. The store clerk? Probably not, since he outran the extra. So who was it then?

“Whoever you are, you better come out of hiding or else!,” he demanded. In retrospect, he had no idea what he would if the shadow didn’t come out of hiding. He would probably run out of the alley and find his parents and act like nothing happened. Suddenly, the shadow inches closer to him, snapping all his thoughts back into reality.

When the figure stepped into the light, Katsuki saw a young girl, with brown straight hair, that was probably a year younger than him. She looked dirty, she also was wearing rags littered with holes and dirt. Her eyes should...sadness and weakness but...

Katsuki never cared about any of that stuff. He was the complete opposite of what the thieves do in his village. Instead of taking then giving he takes then keeps. She sniffled and stutters as she speaks.

“ P-Please….C-Can y-you help m-me…,” she took a deep breath in. “ M-my families p-poor and we h-have little m-money left and b-barely any f-food, I-if you have anything v-valuable that c-could help my f-family, I would be so g-grateful.,” she bowed respectfully in front of Katsuki.

Katsuki could tell she was telling the truth but he didn’t care. He had only one thing in his mind and it was his goal to become the best thief there ever was and once he did that he would steal All Mights sword and he would become the most powerful man ever.

His goal would be hard to reach but he would do anything to get there. His eyes turned cold as he stared at the girl. He then kicked her to the ground.

“ Hah? Something valuable huh!? Like I would give anything like that to a Dog!,” he said using his foot to pin the girl to the ground. “ Listen here mutt, if you want something that badly just steal it that’s what I do, and look at me!.. I’m just fine,”.

The girl started sobbing on the ground. Tears running down her face like a faucet. He decided to stuff the necklace in his pocket. Then, Katsuki lifted his foot off her and ran out of the alley. He ran back to his mom and dad who were still talking to there colleague.

‘ In the name of All Might have they been talking this whole time!’ screamed Katsuki’s thoughts. Once he was by his mother's side again, he took the ruby necklace out of his pocket. He then hooked it around his neck.

‘I must say it looks pretty good on me’ cheered his thoughts. Eventually, Katsuki’s mom and dad ended there conversation and took Katsuki around town to find good targets for pickpocketing.

His mom looked down at her son and noticed the ruby necklace he was wearing.

“Did you steal that from someone?,” she whispered in his ear.

“ Yeah!,” he yelled back. Everyone's attention was now on them. “ I stole it from a jewelry store and this poor girl asked for riches and I turned her down because I’m keeping this necklace all to myself!,”.

The crowd of people stared and gasped at the boys

“ We have to leave,” whispered his dad.

“ But, right now,” whined Katsuki “ I didn’t even get to pickpocket anyone,”.

“Yes, right now!,” yelled his mom. As both parents ran off with there son. They ran to the Iida Stables nearby and picked up there fastest horses. They boarded the horse and then ran off, leaving no trace behind. The mountain of where there home was, eventually came into sight.

Since the people survived up there for the last 200 years, they have evolved to withstand the heat and pressure breathing out of the mountain. To climb the mountain would take only a few hours. They ditched the horses and than started hiking up the mountain. Of course, Katsuki’s mom scolded him on the way home.

“ Katsuki! You cannot yell about stealing like that… the town there sees stealing as a crime,” she scolded, tightening her grip around his wrist so he wouldn’t run away from her. His dad then started explaining the different cultures and ideas each village has around the country.

Katsuki started to regret ever saying anything. If it meant he could skip his dad’s history lesson. After a few hours they finally made it back home. They were greeted by there neighbors and by a few close friends of theirs.

“ So, Mitsuki, Masuru, how did little Katsuki do on his first pickpocketing lesson,” asked one woman who was close with his mom. He forgot her name since she was an extra.

“ Not good, we had to cut it short because someone couldn’t keep there mouth shut on stealing a ruby necklace from the jewelry store,” his mom replied sarcastically. He could feel her glare at him. The lady then turned her attention to Katsuki.

She examined the ruby necklace. Once she was finished, Katsuki noticed a slight smirk peeking up from her face.

“ Oh Katsuki, this ruby necklace must have cost a fortune, and you stole it and made a clean getaway I’m so proud of you!,” she exclaimed while pinching his cheeks. “ If you were to give this to the poor, they would be most grateful,”. Katsuki shook his head at the lady.

“No way!,” he yelled in her face. “ I would rather die than give this to some poor mutt!,”. The lady’s smile then turned into a concerned frown.

“ Uhhhhh.. have you told him stories about the purpose of your guy’s capes yet,” she asked slightly stepping back.

“ We were going to do that today,” replied his dad politely. “ Now if you will excuse us,”. The women then moved out of the family's way. They walked to their small but manageable cabin.

They opened the door and took Katsuki to the cape room. Once they entered, Katsuki saw frames of where there capes were kept.

“Hey Katsuki, do you know why we wear these capes?,” his mother asked.

“ To steal from people?,” he wasn’t really quite sure about his answer.

“Hahaha silly Katsuki we wear this cape to hide our identities when we steal but..,” his father paused.

“It also a message to the poor that they don’t need to worry because we are here to support and give them anything they need,”.

“ Yeah squirt, usually if someone’s poor they have been through a whole lot more hell than we’ve been through.,” his mother added. “ That’s why we give riches to them, to help them through those tough times. Like they would do for us, if we were poor,”.

Katsuki understood what they meant but he didn’t care.

“ But, I want to keep the riches all to myself,” he stated. Keeping his gaze away from his parents. His parents both gave each other a concerned look.

Then, in the corner of his eye, he noticed his dad's eye lighten up a bit. His dad walked over to his frame and took out his cape. He then wrapped it around Katsuki. Katsuki looked up in confusion at his father who was smiling back at him.

“ I think every five year old wants everything to himself,” he chuckled. “ But, one day you will learn that helping people less fortunate than you, is better than keeping everything to yourself,”. Katsuki’s eyes sparkled at his dad’s words.

“ Hey brat,” his mother barged back into there conversation. “ Promise me that when you meet someone helpless and weaker than you, that you will help them through anything they need. It would be very nice of you,”.

He looked at both of his parents then nodded his head slowly. He was then excused from his parents and went straight back outside. So he could have some alone time in the forest.

He still had the cape wrapped around him because he thought it looked cool on him, of course. But, little did he know, an attack from another kingdom was about to commence.