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pain and pleasure

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As they walked slowly across snowy fields, Garrett boldly draped an arm around Kate's slender shoulders. She shocked him before realizing who it was, then burst into giggling laughter.

"Sorry, darling. I can't help myself," she said apologetically, smiling at him. "But you did tell me you wanted to see Alaska's sunsets. Well, one will begin soon." She shuffled closer to him, and Garrett bit his lip. She looked so gorgeous like this, with her sparkling skin and soft blonde hair shining in the bright light. Their steps slowly synced as they approached the tallest mountain.

"I see what you mean," Garrett said, as the sky gradually turned from a pale blue to deep oranges and reds and purples, like the candies human kids sucked on. Kate was humming softly underneath her breath, and she was glowing, and suddenly he didn't know which was prettier - the woman next to him, or the scenery. "It's painfully beautiful. Just like you, Katie."

Kate laughs, her body vibrating beneath his arm. "Pain isn't what I'd hope you'd feel upon seeing me, Garrett," she croons, implications laden in her soft tone. A wicked little smirk on her angular face, and Garrett is in love.

"Oh, Katie. There is a very thin line between pain and pleasure."