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Return of the Suckle

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His feet felt lost in the plush of the carpet. Hizashi’s home was fully carpeted, it was thick, if Shouta lounged face first on the ground he doubted it would hurt. Maybe a little burn from the impact but… This was all beside the point, though every time he was invited over the first thing he'd notice was the soft cushion under his feet.


“And now to my room!” Hizashi sung, his arms swinging back and forwarth. How he wasn’t slapping him in the face was nothing short of a miracle. Hizashi pushed his foot against the wooden door opening up to his bedroom. Using his foot must have been common due to the scuff marks along the wood.


“Won't you be so kind and shut my door?” The blond tossed his bag over his shoulder to fumble on his comforter, that laid out on his used and messily placed bed. It really must have been last minute to invite him over to hang out and— oh he just got really close. “You took too long!” Hizashi reached over Shouta's shoulders to shut the door with both hands. His palms slid down the wooden door, closing themselves against Shouta's waist.


He pecked Shoutas lips. A soft tap of Hizashi's thin lips over plump ones. The tiny kiss still made his head light, the small gesture of affection making him weak. Hizashi kissed his cheek leaning to get access to his jaw up to the shell of his ear. Shivers run but his spine, twisting against himself while a quick sigh escaped through his lips.


A high gasp peeked as his groin was pushed against by Hizashi’s open palm. Shouta's pelvis thrust back hitting against the door. “Wha—!” His mouth felt numb, blood rushing south as Hizashi leaned down only to fully rest on his knees in front of his boyfriend. “Hizashi! What— are you doing?”


“Huh?” The blonde looked up to the usually shorter male. “Oh, shoot, I forgot to tell you!” His long thin fingers dances around Shouta's belt sending sprinkles of arousal through his body, his hips began twitching and jutting to the touch. “Im gonna suck you off!” He stated so calmly undoing the simple black belt along Shouta's waist.


All sense left him. He wasn’t prepared for this. The room was spinning, his stomach turning . Breath! He needed to breath. Opening his mouth he took loud deep gulps of air. Hizashi placed both hands on the others hips, in a sense of stilling him. “Are you okay, babe?” He drew little circles with his finger tips. The pet name didn’t ease him. It sped up his heart. Hizashi always meant well, he'd stop the moment he sensed something was wrong.


“I wasn’t... I wasn’t expecting this! My head is spinning a bit...” Shouta threw his hands up to push his hair back trying to cool the heat overflowing his skin. Hizashi quickly stood up. His face seeming grim and panicked. “Do you need to sit down? Want me to get you something to drink?” Shouta leaned his forehead against Hizashi's chest, gripping against his sleeves. The blond brought him closer, wrapping his arms as far as possible without disturbing the grip the other held.


“No, no... I need a second.”


Hizashi whined, combing through the dark locks. “I thought if I made it casual you wouldn't get too nervous... that backfired.” Peppering his scalp with kisses, he slowly rocked foot to foot bringing Shouta with him in the gental lull.


“Look.” Reaching up, he cupped Hizashi's face. His cheeks were always so solid, whether it was from his quirk or how a smile was always glued on his lips. Firmness felt encouraging under his finger tips. It told him this wasn’t a dream, no fever hullation of what his body craved. “I wanna do this. I want to do everything with you!” Uhn, his stomach fluttered. He was sure his boyfriend saw the heat rise to his face. “Its— I need to get more used to this? You’re all confident, it's a good thing! But you’re the first I’ve ever gotten this far with. Before you it was just a few kisses... and it didn't lead up to making out, blow- um! What we did last time and this time?” Stroking his thumb down Hizashi’s sun kissed cheeks he managed to calm himself down quicker than he imagined.


Hizashi held his hands to Shouta’s wrists, keeping them in place while he twisted his face into them. Pressing small pecks he grinned into his palms. “So, what do you want to do?”


It had no pressure or demand behind it. Simply leaving it in the air for him to decide which route to take. Swallowing down the saliva that flooded his mouth, he forced eye contact. Bringing the other slightly closer to his level.


“I want you to blow me.”


“Eeeeeeee!!” Hizashi emuted a high squeal, jittering side to side. He cupped Shouta’s cheeks pulling his mouth hard against his own. Hizashi pulled away loudly exaggerating the pop off. His fingers energetically flew to the zipper of Shouta's jacket, pulling down swiftly. Once they parted open, he bent down, wrapping one arm under his butt and the other along his back. Hoisting him up, Shouta was bond against the wooden door. Being lifting so effortlessly was more than a bit emasculating, though the kisses against his neck along the heat of Hizashi's body pressed against his threw the insecurity out of his mind.


The blond latched to the pulse of Shouta’s throat, sucking and nibbling on the skin feeling his heart rate rise under his action. Letting his jaw drop open, his breath shook as it slipped out. His prick twitched under the affection Hizashi covered him in. Being as overly dramatic as he was, Hizashi suck a loud pop off the neck, a mark left on Shouta’s weak spot. Whatever pride he took from leaving hickies all over his skin, it burnt a want deeper in Shouta’s veins. That his boyfriend wanted to mark him as his own in some way shape or form.


He'd hear the girls and women gossip about how weak it was that the boys they gotten with would become hard from just making out. It created a sense of shame due to how easily he was turned on by such little warmth that Hizashi gave him. The kisses were addictive, his lingering touches left him on edge for hours. Unlike what the girls spoke of, any sign of arousal from his body lit up Hizashi. He'd be all smiles and his eyes seemed to glow, it brought his own pride higher when turning his boyfriend on. Hizashi jutted his hips up against Shouta’s bonded ones. It shot out a hiss from the brunette's throat, encouraging him to continue.


They could get off like this. He felt it. Grinding against each other like animals. What it was he didn't know, he couldnt place anything when it came to intimacy. He thought of it logically, he wasn't turned on by sparring with others, their touches did nothing no matter how strong they gripped. But here a simple touch from the blonde sent his skin into a frenzy. Itching for his touches to travel and learn every inch of his body.


“Mhmm you feel so good, baby. So hot...” Hizashi pulled suction like kisses along his neck up to his ear, his lips so close to his lobe made him shiver and press his shoulder up in the crevice. “Little ticklish there?” He laughed with his belly, peppering Shouta's jaw and face with more kisses before finally placing him back on his own two legs.


His legs wouldn't listen to reason, they remained wobbly and unbalanced. The long fingers going back to his belt did no help in stopping the shaken legs. Hizashi mad fast work of the loop and pulled the zipper straight down. Palming against the thin fabric, Hizashi seemed confident when he began retreating his hand, only to have Shouta's hips aggressively trying to follow. The grin was nearly plastered on his lips.


“Wait— I didn't, I don't... shave.” Shouta kept his hands wrapped around Hizashi.


“Oh stop! With that scruffy mop on your head, I predicted your pubes would be the same!” He grinned, wiggling his wrists out of his boyfriend’s grip. Shouta’s brows knitted together, pouting as he mumbled “Yeah thanks, Zashi...”


“He’s coming out now!” Hizashi makes the sound of a cartoonish spring as he set the pulsing organ free. “Ooooo, I never saw him all excited like this before!” The last time, also their first time they were intimate; Shouta had came in his boxers. He’d never had his erection exposed to his boyfriend before.


“Ha...” Shouta hitched up on his toes trying to push his cock further into Hizashi’s hand. The blond used his thumb and index finger rubbing the thick skinned head. Pulling his hand down his shaft, the foreskin being pulled back; peeking his pink head through.


“There he is. Hiding behind all that.” Hizashi bent down on one of his knees. The other soon followed and he kneeled in front of his shorter boyfriend. “Little Shou is so cute!” Kneading his fingers together around the head, Hizashi grinned at the reaction it caused. Shouta’s butt bumped against the bedroom door from the teasing.


Hizashi captured his eyes, locking him in place. Without breaking contact he placed a soft kiss to the exposed head. Taking in a hiss of a gasp, Shouta covered his mouth.


“Just a reminder, any noise you make is like applause to me, baby.” Hizashi kept his lips on his tip as he spoke. Every word sent static shivers up his spine and down to his toes.


“Haa— oh-okay...”


Removing his own hand from his mouth was far more difficult than he imagined. They shook and he didn't know what to do with them. Does he keep them by his side? Does he clap? Instantly his mouth dropped, Hizashi took the tip completely in his mouth and sucked around the skin.


“Hoooh—!” It was embarrassing, he was known for being silent. Sneaking up on people, having one liner insults under his breath. But he was melting. The urge to hide his face between his arms was overwhelming. His pelvis jutted up against Hizashi’s mouth. Immediately he pushed away, memory shot through his eyes when he tried taking more than he could on his first time doing this. The back of his throat felt like it was closing tight, refusing to let air come through.


“S—sorry!” He stumbled out despite his shaking breath and body.


Popping up, Hizashi grinned showing off his pearly whites. “All good down here, cutie!” He licked a strip up the shaft. Blowing raspberries off his tongue as he reached the curly thick hair. “That was just a set back, real quick, it’s behind us now!” He spoke in a single breath. Sticking out his tongue, he made the burning silver ball noticeable. Taking the shaft in his grip, he pressed the metal ball against the slit on the head. Shouta seized up, back slamming up against the door. He tried focusing on anything other than the burning pits in his stomach pushing him oh so close to his climax. Focusing on the creek from the wooden door didn't do much. Knowing the creeks were from him being thrown over the edge only increased the intoxicating rush running through his veins.


“Haaah!” Shouta heaved nearly losing his balance as his knees buckled. Both were jittering like mad. Nothing came through his head, other than the itch that covered his body for Hizashi to add more than just the toying he was doing with his piercing lolling over his head.


No words were conhert. Each were fumbles covered with grunts from the back of his throat getting in the way. His knuckles were solid white with how compressed his grip was to his shirt. Clearly the fabric is going to be stretched. A touch on each hand forced him to jump and open his eyes down to the other at his feet. Hizashi held the tip in his lips, guiding Shouta’s hands to each side of his head.

Encouraging him to grip on his hair, he nestled Shoutas hands in the blond locks and sucked around the head that was settled between his lips. The grasp tightened around the strands as his cock jumped and hips trying to ground themselves from thrusting into the burning blind pleasure taking over.


“Hee—ashi...” Shouta attempted to pull his hands away, but the blond’s hold stayed strong against his own shaking hands.


Hizashi’s gaze demanded for Shouta to watch him. Pulling back, he opened his mouth as the throbbing head sat on his tongue. Without any break of eye contact, he sunk down agonizingly slow till his nose made contact with the thick hairs.


“Guuugh—“ His head struck the door, it was painful but the bliss of his entire length bathing in the moist mouth threw any pain out the window. Once Hizashi began wiggling his tongue under the shaft, his piercing tracing over veins that bulged from the rush of blood to his groin. The balance he had left was tottered from the insane jitters through his skin and deep shakes in his muscles. The hands that ran up and down his entire leg built into his lost senses. Hizashi held one of the wobbly legs firm in his grip, pressing it against the wall to be sure he doesn't come crashing down for his next plan of action. Taking a hand full of the fatter muscle of Shouta’s thigh, he guided the leg, and positioned himself, for the leg to be nearly behind his shoulder. With this new angel, Hizashi made a noise for Shouta to look down, repeating the gresture before. He took a hard grip on Shouta's hips, backed his head back displaying Shouta's own cock to him.


Though unlike the time before, Hizashi pulled bruised hips towards his mouth. Slacking his jaw, Hizashi guided the cock into his throat without a single flinch. He pushed the hips away and brought them back again and again till Shouta was able to do the action by himself.


Walls of Shouta's throat felt swollen, even though he had nothing inside his, he found no strength to make any sense. Just spilling out moans and trembling while hastily jerking his hips into his boyfriend’s mouth.


Barely able to take in a bit of air, he choked tight gasps till it was nearly impossible for them to escape. No sound was made other then the pathetic intake from the back of his throat through his dropped jaw.


“Ca—can’t—!” Gripping the blond hair so tight felt awful. He didn't want to rip out any chunks of hair. But he couldn't let go. It was the only thing that kept him from having any sense of control of his body. The burning pit in his stomach was throbbing for release. Though he couldn't speak the words to tell Hizashi. Soothing kneads traced up and down his thigh. Forcing himself to jerkingly lower his head ; Hizashi was gazing up at him. Eyes knowing, always knowing. Knowing how to care for him, how to read his body language from the slights flaw in his demeanor, knowing how to take him apart till he was quiverly under his thumb.


One swallow around the length was all it took.


Violently he heaved over nearly bending himself in half. He plunged Hizashi’s head into his crotch when he did. Not considering any consequences from his actions. Only the veil of ecstasy that overcame him from his orgasm.


“—shi! Hizashi— zashi, zashi, zashi—!”


Hands took his thighs and tugged on his pants, bringing him down to his knees. He hadn't even noticed that his cock wasn't in the wet mouth it was just momentarily surrounded by. Shouta’s vision was shaking, the walls and colorful patterns in Hizashi’s room were spinning and mixing together.


Long thin fingers combed through his hair, bringing him back down to earth. The fingers left his hair and a lanky arms wrapped around his back while kisses were peppering his upper cheek and shell of his ear.


“Mhhhh— Sho. Making such sexy sounds, baby.”


Shouta dropped his head in the nook of his neck, still attempting to calm his thin pants. Hardly noticed the bumping against his leg. The exposed skin started feeling a hot slimy rub against the bumping. Ah... his mouth watered catching the sight of Hizashi jerking off his own cock.


Even through his shaking hands, he clumsily tried to intertwined their fingers so that he could feel apart of the touching. He didn't do much honestly, Hizashi’s vigorous jerking took his hand to follow without trying. Hizashi’s hips began to bounce up against him, they began to grind harder until Hizashi’s fingers curled in the fabric of his shirt.


“Hnng—!” Hizashi buried his face into Shouta’s neck grunting into his skin as he came. True to what Hizashi had told him their first acts of intimacy, he tries to hold control over his quirk while sexual. Avoiding the awkward incident that would follow from breaking anything in the house from coming. The hot puffs blown on his neck made his eyes heavy. The harder than it looked floor didn't matter; sure his limbs will be sore and numb, but he was in Hizshi's embrace. He could take a nap just like this, boneless from his orgasm. His cheeks wouldn't cool off while the fresh picture of his boyfriend taking his dick all the way in his mouth- wait. All the way in? Deep throat it? This was suppose to be his time giving a blow job.


"Hm..?" Hizashi had his face still buried in the crook on his neck, the hum tickled his skin. He seemed just as sleepy.

"Did you suck a dick before?"

His lips flapped against his neck, the vibrations ran up his skin. Shuddering away from the tickling, Shouta slapped his hand over the now wet skin.

"Don't laugh! I'm serious!" Shouta scooted further attempting to look intimidating while face still red and lips still puffed form the kissing.

Whipping the salvia off his face with the back of his hand, Hizashi's smile was wide ready to laugh at him again. "Ofcourse I didn't! I told you before I hadn't!"

Doubt sat in his stomach, he wanted to believe his boyfriend was telling the truth. But the way he was, what he was doing; it was too extreme. They reminded him of over exaggerating videos he'd shamefully watch. How the actions had animated movements, knowing exactly what to do to get the guy off.

"But you... You really looked like you knew what you were doing.." He couldn't meet his eyes. But he knew they'd be bright and understanding. Warm palms rubbed up and down his arms. The petting was always so calming and had a strong sense of comfort behind them.

"Sho, this wasn't the first time I ever thought about going down on you. I've been planning to get my head between these killer thighs! There was a strategy set up! Goal was to get you off so hard you saw stars!" His vivid; nearly neon green eyes were wide and proud of himself. "And how your legs went to jelly, I'd like to say that was achieved." His thin blond eyebrows wiggled up and down, looking rather smug.

"... You took it all the way down... I couldn't get a quarter in my throat without feeling like I was gonna choke!" Shouta smacked his hands down against his thighs. Glancing down he quickly jumped and hastily threw "himself" back into his boxers and zipped up his pants. Casting his gaze back up to his boyfriend, "Do you not have a gag reflex or something?"


Hizashi chewed on his lip, looking rather guilty. Pressing his hands together, mimicking a pray, he threw them side to side. "Now... I don't want you to get mad." The pressed hands pointed towards him. "There's a bit of an ehh... Size difference going on here."


Both sat with lips pressed tight. Neither deciding to be the one to speak first.


"...You just said I have a micro penis." Though his voice and face was calm, the underlying disgust was there.

Matter of factly Hizashi responded, "I did not."

"You completely did!" Shouta snapped back harsher than the last.

"No, no, no. I did not." Considering how nonchalantly the blond is replaying, made the other believe he had been planning this exact conversation in his head. "I did not. I only said there was a size difference."

"Yes, by suggesting my dick is small."

"No! Shouta!" Hizashi threw his face in his head, though a smile still plastered on his face. Patting all over his face, shoving his glasses on top of his head. Pointing with both pointer fingers together at his boyfriend "Listen! You're average! There's nothing wrong there! I'm saying for you, Aizawa Shouta, it's a bit... harder taking mine. While it's easier to take yours in my big flipping mouth. This issue isn't you, I'm just a tad above average."

Shouta puffed, brushing his long hair back. "Yeah, you fucking horse."

Hizashi covered his face as spit and snot shot out while the burst of laughter took over. "Thanks Sho-phhh!!!" His wheeze shook his bed frame and posters on his walls. "A horse... A fucking horse!" Shouta stoic shell broke from Hizashi's contagious laughter.

His mouth hurt from grinning so wide, both throwing jokes at each other about dicks. Clearly a typical boyfriend pass time. They were back in each others arms snorting in the others ears as the tasteless jokes seemed to become more hysterical to the two. "Honestly there's no way we'll get that to fit!" Though Shouta continued to chuckle at his own comment, his boyfriend's laughter dropped.

"Ah... So you're okay with that?"

It didn't hit him like it thought it would; bringing up such a sensitive topic in their expanding sex life.

"With me being on top." He clarified holding Shouta a tad closer.

"Yeah... I'd like that, if you did." Shouta whispered into his boyfriend's shoulder. Suddenly he was held tighter, his beating chest pressed hard into Hizashi's.

"Oooh! You make me so happy! A bunch of bubbles are bouncing around my chest!" He exclaimed taking Shouta with him as he flopped on his back with a loud thud.

"Oof!" Shouta quickly got his bearing together. "Happy because I said you can fuck me?"

"No! Not just that! Being with you! Laughing with you! Having you open up to me more and more every time we're together!" He tangled their limbs together basically trying to dance while on his back. "That's why I'm happy!"

This wasn't something he'd get used to anytime soon. And honestly, he hopes he never does. Never have the was his stomach feels ready to burst with butterflies stop. The feeling of floating up when Hizashi tells him such cavity inducing things. It has to stay new. Never will he wish for it to just brush off himself. He wants to soak in each and every action and word Hizashi has to offer him.

Shouta tried hiding how smittened he truly was. But that didn't stop him from pressing a kiss to his lips. Smiling and pulling away muttering clear enough for the blond to hear "I think the sex part does have something to do with it."

Hizashi bursted out a shriek of a laugh! "Okay okay! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little honored to be your first time! Oh!" He sat them up looking over to his bed where he had thrown his bag earlier. "We gotta get my phone to order you something"

"Eh? You don't need to get me anything? Especially not after getting a blow job!" pushing his bangs out of his face he shot Hizashi a less than polite look.

"Oh no- this is to get this big guy ready!" Hizashi grabbed both of Shouta's butt cheeks, squeezing and massaging them. "Anal isn't gonna be a one step process! It's not like your porns where the guys just shows up and penetration happenes! Nope! Gonna make ya feel super duper good in this, baby!" He began patting beats on to his boyfriend's ass.

Through his body felt in flames. It tingle with anticipation running through his body. He huffed trying to calm himself down. "First you say I have a small dick and now you're saying I have a big ass..." Shouta hid his wide smile away from Hizashi by tucking his face into his shoulder.