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Blue's New Obsession

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For lack of a better word, Blue had to say he was pretty damn disappointed. There’s only so much monotony you can take day in and day out.

Honestly, he felt like he'd peaked in life, and he wasn't even 20 yet! Sure, he got to battle with his Pokemon (and was really good at it) and do some interesting research, but overall... It was kind of lame. He'd achieved a lot at a very young age, and already had a steady career as the Gym Leader of the Veridian City. There are elderly people in the world who'd kill for his kind of lifetime achievements!

He'd become the youngest League Champion in Kanto's history at eleven years old for Arceus' sake! Until Red, a few months younger, came along and kicked him off his throne not even an hour after his great victory. Blue's pride still stung a little every time he thought of that.

Regardless of all that and his personal growth in character from a snot-nosed, mouthy brat into the suave, witty (and mostly self-secure) cool guy he is today, Blue still felt he was lacking something. He wasn't sure what though. Besides his success and intellect, Blue was - for all intents and purposes - a very attractive young man and easily won over any guy or girl he cared to flirt with. (He'd grown into his sexuality over the years and had come to recognize that his insecurities concerning his attractions to both were probably one of the main reasons he'd been such a jerk as a kid. Not that it excused his behavior. He’d apologized to most of the people he’d been an ass to as well. Amazing what a couple of sessions with a counselor can do!) Yet, he found his body to be somewhat... scrawny. That was the best way to put it. Standing at 5'10" - give or take a little - and weighing in at exactly 150 lbs, he was average-sized at best. Nothing at all like his best friend and rival who had, thanks to intense training and living conditions both for himself and his Pokemon, grown up to be a well-muscled stud of a young man who drew eyes wherever he went. (Whenever he actually deigned to come down off Mt. Silver again.)

That physique coupled with his silent demeanor and rugged mountain man thing he had going, it was enough to make Blue want to either punch him in his handsome face out of jealousy and/or tear the guy’s clothes off and shove his tongue down his throat. He'd probably get electrocuted to an early death by Pikachu for either one, but both would be worth it... (And yes, before you ask, Blue Oak does indeed have a thing for Red. No, he doesn't want to talk about it.)

Blue was very fit, don't get him wrong! The brunette was plenty active and ate right. He just... wasn't doing the whole gym workout thing. Most of his physical activity involved running around and doing various activities like climbing, exploring caves, swimming, etc. He'd been toying with the idea of getting into working out when something happened that entirely shifted his priorities. He'd been kicked back on the couch of his apartment, relaxing after a long day of battling and training his Pokemon. Eevee was asleep on his chest and he'd been bored watching the news when an interview with a particularly beefy Gym Leader from the Galar region named Milo came up. There were few Trainers in the world like that guy. The only other he could think of off the top of his head was Bruno. Blue had been largely infatuated with just looking at the young man on the screen - thoroughly impressed with his physique - when something Milo said drilled its way into his mind faster than any Psychic-type attack could hope to. "The stronger a Trainer is, the stronger their Pokemon will be!"

Those words dominated his mind and lit a fire in him. The brunette came to a conclusion after some deep consideration: HE was holding both himself and his Pokemon back by not being the strongest he could be and encouraging them in turn. They’re a great team and all, but he feels like he hasn’t been able to bring out their full potential. And it’s not their fault! It’s his!

And so, later that night after dinner and a shower, Blue lay in bed skimming through the Internet on his Pokegear for ways to get stronger quickly (without steroid use, he wasn't going to ruin himself with that crap) when he stumbled into the rabbit hole of heavyweight athletes and bodybuilders which in turn led him to strongmen and powerlifters. Competitors in human-centric sports that didn't receive nearly as much press or coverage as Pokemon battling. He hadn't ever heard of these guys before. And they were huge! Big muscular, thick men that were larger than most he's ever seen. As he excitedly looked through these giants and their feats of strength comparable to those of some Pokemon with wide brown eyes he thought to himself, "This! I want to be like this! I need to be as big as these guys!"

Blue had always been attracted to qualities like size, strength, and power; and the idea of having that for himself... The young man shivered at the very thought. He fell asleep that night half aroused by fantasies of himself being bigger, burlier, and strong enough to lift Red clear over his head (and then add more to the load).

After that, it was just a matter of investing some of his substantial funds (Hooray for state-funded paychecks and regular battle earnings!) into renovating one of the back rooms of his Gym into an actual human gym with all the equipment he could ever need and shopping for more nutrient and calorie-dense foodstuffs, along with bulk-ordering more protein shake mix than he probably should've invested in but did anyway. The workout and eating plans he'd devised (based off of days of research on the subjects of strongman regimens, general fitness, etc.) were heavy on strength training and cardio, with some other stuff to ensure flexibility and a good core and joint strength added in to round it all out. His meal plan involved a LOT of hefty, pretty healthy foods that he found he thoroughly enjoyed. He enjoyed all of it, really. It was hard, very hard since this wasn't something he had much experience with, but he finally had something to truly strive for again! And his Pokemon were in support of his new lifestyle choices, already motivated into going at their own training and practice harder with Machamp at the forefront. (Though Blue does have suspicions that Alakazam might also know about his *ahem* other motivations.)

The aforementioned four-armed Superpower Pokemon had been quick to establish himself as an enthusiastic gym partner. Machamp (as was typical of the whole Evolutionary line of Machop) was a natural expert on strength and knew how to push his Trainer in the right direction. So with the Fighting-type's help, Blue was quickly making progress and the brunette did his best to reciprocate the gym assistance for his friend.

By the time three months rolled by, Blue had already put on a fairly noticeable amount of muscle (and a little pudge) and nearly more than doubled his maximum weight limit in the gym. Not mention his vast improvements in other areas as well. At 168 pounds, he was starting to get a physique somewhat like Red's (just a bit) and by this point, Blue had updated his wardrobe and established new habits. He still traveled around, but less frequently now, preferring to spend more time on self-improvement than wandering about. When he wasn't battling with the Gym challengers and handling paperwork or research notes, he was training his Pokemon, himself, or eating. He ate a lot these days, and his metabolism had jumped to match. Big meals of meats, fruits, vegetables, dairy, carbs, and whatnot made up his breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as defined by his diet plan. The best part of all of this had to be that people were already starting to notice his changes.

Like some challengers and his Gym Trainers. He hadn't really known about them noticing until Bonita approached him as he was doing some low-bar squats for his leg day workout while Machamp oversaw. (Blue liked to alternate between high-bar and low-bar in his training.) The other young man's arrival had been heralded by Eevee's exclamation of "Vui!" from over near the door and as he approached, Blue noted that his employee was watching him with veiled fascination. "Yo. Whatcha got for me, Bon?"

"Nothing, much.", the Trainer replied evenly. "We were all kind of wondering what was up with you, though."

"Whaddya mean?"

"Your sudden interest in... whatever all this is.", Bonita gestured to him and around the room.

Blue rose from his final squat and dropped the barbell before grabbing a nearby towel and wiping his forehead, "I thought it'd be obvious. I'm getting stronger! Self-improvement never hurt anyone, right? After all, a strong Trainer inspires their Pokemon to be stronger too!"

The other male sighed and said, “I don’t think that’s what they mean when they say... Never mind. Look, just don’t overdo it. If you get hurt, the gym’s going to suffer.” With that, he began heading back towards the door to leave.

Oh, Bonita. If only you knew how far he planned on going...

“Hey!”, Blue called after him, “I’ll be fine! Don’t worry!”

Bonita raised his hand to give a thumbs-up as the door shut behind him. The young Gym Leader drank some water from his water bottle before turning to Machamp. He clapped and rubbed his hands together, "Alright, pal. Let's get back to work!"

After another month had passed, Blue began to get a little impatient. He had made definite progress (now weighing 176), but it wasn't going quickly enough in the direction he desired. So, the brunette started amping up his workouts and eating more and more. He found his body to be more than receptive to this.

With the new adjustments to his regimen, it was suddenly as if a dam broke... The young man was in a seeming frenzy, working out so hard and so much it even slightly startled Machamp and he ate as if he had a bottomless pit for a stomach! He exercised at every opportunity and ate at every other. His maximum weight limit and reps were rising continuously. Blue started going at all his exercises longer, harder and doing them better. And his eating... Well, even a Munchlax would be hard-pressed to keep up! His already large meal portions increased in size, he started drinking protein and gainer shakes (along with a lot of milk and juices) by the literal gallon, and he was almost constantly snacking. Blue had noticed the somewhat incredulous looks a few of his subordinates would give him when he'd pull a protein bar or other snack out of his pocket to munch on periodically in spite of his ever-tightening clothes. It was funny.

By the time two more months had passed, Blue's weight had surged quickly past 200 to come to 211.75 lbs. And while alone in his room wearing only his underwear, striking poses he'd seen in photos and looking at his reflection in a full-body mirror, he knew exactly why. More muscle had piled onto his previously slim frame, bulking up his arms, his neck and shoulders, torso, legs, and ass. Of course, that wasn't the only thing making him look bigger. His previously slight pudginess had become actual chubbiness. It rounded out all his new muscle mass and thickened his physique up. The abs he'd had for the longest time were now hidden under a mildly rounded belly. Not that the brunette minded. In fact, he welcomed it.

This new size and physique was so damn hot! He was steadily on his way to becoming one of the biggest guys in Veridian City and he loved it! Dressed in his new, upsized clothing, Blue attracted stares as he went shopping, went about his business in town, or battled in the Gym. The brunette relished the attention he garnered and the strength he had. Things that he once required assistance with, like furniture or those big shipments of Pokemon food he got for his Pokemon, he could move and lift them all on his own! The young strength enthusiast could easily overpower many people he knew, but it wasn't enough. He wanted more- needed more!

The now larger young man noticed his quickly growing erection. He backed up and flopped onto his bed before kicking off his briefs and reaching down to grab ahold of his erection, stroking while the other hand began running up and down his body, appreciating his size. He was already so much bigger and stronger than he had ever been before, and he could only think about getting even larger, beefier until he's the biggest man in the League and makes even the likes of Bruno look tiny compared to him! Blue could just imagine what it'd be like! He'd break every lift record, dominate the battlefield with his Pokemon (whose Stats have risen sharply in response to their own training), and be Elite Four worthy within a couple of years, at most!

And Red... he wondered how Red would react the next time they see each other. Would he be freaked out or interested? Blue could almost imagine the blush that would decorate the other male's cheeks if he were. Red always had a tendency to blush adorably in spite of his stoic behavior ever since they were kids. The brunette would be able to hold the raven-haired male as he'd always wanted to and have his gorgeous eyes on no one else but him! He could imagine what it'd be like when he finally became truly massive like he wanted. It was what he desired most. Well, that and Red loving him back and finding his new body to be a turn on. His stroking sped up as he was nearing completion and it was with the thought of them together in bed - rutting and moaning, Red's hands roaming around his body instead of his own - that he grunted and came heavily, thick ropes of cum coating his hand and muscular thighs.

As Blue lay back gasping and gathering himself from the particularly heavy orgasm, he heard his Pokegear start ringing. The young man quickly scrambled up the clean himself off and pull on some clothes. After all, what if they wanted a video call? He remembers when they first came out and now they already have video calling!

A check of the caller ID told him it was his sister, "Big Sis! How's it going? Everything all right with you and Bill?" (Those two had gotten engaged recently after dating for years.)

"We're fine, thanks. I was just calling to remind you that you need to RSVP for the party we're having for Leaf's birthday next weekend. Everyone else already has. Even Red!", Daisy replied.

Ah, dammit. He knew there was something he was forgetting! Leaf - aka "Green" - was a slightly older childhood friend of his and Red's who'd moved away but came back just a couple years ago during the whole "Red's Disappeared and Nobody Knows Where He Went!" fiasco. She was an awesome friend and great Trainer in her own right. She and her Pokemon had even managed to wrestle the Championship from Lyra for a few months, only to have Ethan aka "Gold" trounce her when he came back from his training. (Ethan and Lyra had been passing the Champion's Throne of the Indigo League between themselves for years now, much to everyone's chagrin.) And now she was turning 20. That's a really important milestone for many professional Trainers. Means pretty much a decade of training, battling, and traveling with Pokemon.

"Shoot! Yeah, I'll do that! Look, just count me as coming either way.", Blue paused, "Wait, did you say Red is going too?"

Daisy chuckled knowingly, "Yep. Sure did! What, did you think he would miss her birthday after the tongue lashing she gave him for running off?"

"Haha! Guess not! Listen, I'll seeya then, 'kay?", Blue replied, his mind already wandering off into new ideas.

"Sure thing! Bye, Little Brother."


Heh. Not quite as little anymore. The brunette looked down at himself. He was pretty damn impressive already, but he's not nearly as big as he hoped he'd be by the time he and Red met back up again. Oh well, guess he'll just have to go at it hard as he can for the next week until the party and hope for the best.

Either way, Blue had a feeling this was a get-together he wouldn't soon forget...