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A Nurse and A Pup To Heal her

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Waverly Earp watched from the nurses desk as Stephanie Jones cautiously approached room 69. For the last three days, every nurse who entered that room, came out either crying or getting something thrown at them as they ran out slamming the door. Nurses lasted less than sixty seconds in that room. Selfishly Waverly was hoping Stephanie would go in and maybe get a bed pan thrown at her. Stephanie has always been a complete bitch, and it would be oh so rewarding to watch her cry.


Never having gone in the room herself, Waverly could only go off of what the other nurses had said.






‘Only listens to Doctors’


Now Waverly knew that patients could be difficult, she’s been yelled at, cursed at...and once someone literally tried to put a curse on her. However she had never encountered someone like room 69. Every nurse on her floor has gone through that room, and once Stephanie inevitably got thrown out, it would be her turn.


Watching with wide eyes, Waverly saw Stephanie open the door, only to shut it quickly as something hard hit the door. Probably actually was the bed pan, too bad Stephanie shut the door in time, especially when Stephanie looked over her shoulder and smirked at her. Stephanie knew it would be Waverly’s turn to try and get room 69 to take their medicine, that smug bitch.


Walking out from behind the nurses desk, Waverly smoothed down the front of her light blue scrubs. Smiling down at her top, adorned with different breeds of dogs, they were her favorite pair. Maybe they would bring her luck. Taking the patients chart out of the box on the door, Waverly held it close to her chest.

Steeling herself against the cool wooden door, Waverly took a deep breath as she let her hand fall to the door handle, pushing the door open. Opening the file right away, not bothering to glance at the patient just yet, she entered the room.


“Hi, I’m Waverly Earp. I, unlike those other nurses, will not be taking any shit from you. You will not throw shit at me, you will not berate and belittle me until I cry, and you will take your medicine and not bitch about it. Is that clear Miss Haught?!”


Still not looking up from the patient chart, Waverly waited for a jello cup or a open drink to fly and hit her in the chest. When neither one of those things happened, and she still hadn’t heard a word from the patient, Waverly finally looked away from the chart and at the patient.


“Insanely hot.” Waverly accidentally said out loud, rushing to cover her mouth with her hand.



Hearing her door open again, Nicole tore the aluminum top off her jello cup, preparing to heave it at whoever dared step through, broken arm and leg be damned. If none of the nurses were going to be helpful to her, they didn’t need to come in.


Instantly she dropped her left arm to the bed, spilling the red contents from the cup onto her white sheets. The nurse standing in front of her, was beautiful to say the least, but she had dog themed scrubs on. Maybe this nurse would be willing to help her.


Stuck still staring at the different breeds of dogs, forgetting that usually when people enter a room, they talk, Nicole pops her eyes up to the nurses face.


“Insanely hot.”


Taken aback by the accidental admission, if the hand to the mouth had any say in it, Nicole smiled. Stuck in a hospital bed for the last three days, surgery, a broken arm and leg, it felt good to have someone think she looked pretty good still. Plus, maybe she could use it in her favor, if the nurse thought she was hot, she’d have to be more inclined to help her.


“Usually people just call me Nicole...but we can go with ‘Insanely Haught’ if you want.” Nicole teased. “Sorry about that, I didn’t hear a thing you said before that, kinda distracted by your scrubs. You like dogs?”


Already thinking of ways she could maybe manipulate and get this nurse to help her, Nicole put on the charm even harder.


Smiling, popping those annoyingly charming dimples, Nicole held her good hand out for a handshake. Tilting her head, when the nurse seemed still stuck to the floor.


“I won’t bite, without consent of course.” Nicole winked, besides the dog covered scrubs, there was something about this nurse that made her want to not throw things at her and curse until she ran from her room.


Nicole watched as the nurse jumped a little, seemingly flustered. That was good, she could work with flustered.


“That was so unprofessional, I’m so sorry. I’m Waverly. Waverly Earp.”







Wanting to shake the woman’s hand, yet also run out of the room and never return back to the hospital, Waverly stepped forward and gently shook Nicole’s hand. It was so soft, and strong. Just how she looked.


“I love dogs.” Waverly whispered, staring at their still joined hands. She felt a single finger run down the palm of her hand, and dropped it immediately.


“Right...anyway. Time for your medicine, and you’ll be transferred soon for your blood transfusion.” Waverly stuttered out, staring at two deep dimples, pointing out the beautiful smile aimed at her.


Stalking forward, in the most authoritative way she could muster at the moment, Waverly placed a small cup filled with different medications into Nicoles hand. Turning around to pour a cup of water, she hears Nicole clear her throat.


“Nurse Earp?”


Almost instantly Waverly could feel herself blushing, sure she’d been called that plenty of times. Never had it sounded so sexy though.


“Anything wrong, Miss Haught?” Waverly asked turning around, cup of water in hand.


“Call me Nicole, please. I’ll take this medicine, if you break me out of here.” Nicole said simply, as if it were the easiest thing in the world to do.


Waverly chuckled lightly, handing the cup of water to Nicole. She couldn’t be serious, she had a broken arm, broken leg and a ruptured spleen. There was no way Nicole was getting out of this hospital, for a couple weeks at least.


Her chuckling stopped immediately when she saw the hurt look on Nicole’s face. Also when she saw Nicole clutch the water like she was about to throw it at her.


“I’m sorry Nicole, I didn’t mean to laugh. I thought you were joking. You have to know that you can’t leave. They were able to save your spleen in the surgery, but you need blood transfusions for it.” Waverly declared moving slightly out of water throwing reach.





YOU DON’T GET IT”  Nicole yelled, throwing the cup of water at the opposite wall Nurse Waverly had backed herself into.


She didn’t want to scare this nurse off, but she also needed to get out of this room. No one seemed to understand that she had more important things to do. More important than herself.


“What don’t I get?”


It was soft, but the voice didn’t carry as if she was scared.


Nicole looked over at Waverly, who was slightly edging herself back to the side of her bed. She hadn’t scared her off...yet.


Nicole was new to the area. Moving from the city to a smaller town, not many people knew she was a Deputy. The first K9 Deputy in the small Sheriff office, actually. It’s why she had moved, the Sheriff office was poking around looking to recruit someone for their new K9 division. She had been here all of two weeks before she ended up in the hospital, having not made one single friend yet. This is why she needed to get out of the hospital.


“I need to check on my partner. He was in the car with me. We were in a high speed chase when someone T-boned us. I need to make sure he’s okay.” Nicole babbled, barely able to finish before a tear escaped.


Instantly she felt a soft and cold hand on top of hers. “Deputy Haught. My best friend talked about you, her dad is the Sheriff. What was your partners name, I can go check on him. He’s in the same hospital, right?”


Groaning, Nicole shook her head. This was the part that she was dreading. No one understood this part. No one was going to help her.


“No, he’s at ‘Chetri’s Animal Services’ in the emergency department. He’s my K9 Officer. He’s, well. He’s my best friend.” Nicole finished, looking away from Nurse Waverly.


She didn’t want the pretty Nurse to see her cry, especially since most people would never understand the connection she had with her K9. He wasn’t just a dog, she trusted him with her life, as he did with her. Nicole had gotten him as a puppy, trained with him, and been partners for years. She had a custom bed made for him at home for Christ’s sake.




Whipping her head back to face Nurse Waverly, Nicole could see the pained expression in her face. This wasn’t going to be good.


“I wish I could help you, but there’s no possible way for me to take you out of this room. If I could, I honestly would.” Nurse Waverly whispered, squeezing her hand.


It wasn’t that Nicole was stupid, she knew it was near impossible to be able to leave, but she desperately wanted to believe that someone could help her. Desperation can come off as rage pretty often.


Get out.” Nicole growled, ripping her hand away from Nurse Waverly, hand actively searching for anything to throw to help ease her disappointment and anger.


Instantly she saw Nurse Waverly startle and jump a little, obviously startled and confused. Who wouldn’t be? Nurse Waverly was being nice, offering a hand to hold, anything to help ease the pain Nicole was suffering. It wasn’t enough though. How could her suffering be eased when she had no idea what suffering or pain her K9 was going through at the moment. He probably felt alone, abandoned.


“Nicole, you still have to take your medicine. Please, it’ll help you get out of here faster. It’ll still be a few weeks, but this will help.”


Slamming her casted broken arm on the bedside table, Nicole shouted. “ GET THE FUCK OUT. Ignoring the instant pain that radiated through her whole arm.


Looking up, she saw Nurse Waverly’s frightened wide eyes, before she ran out of the room. Nicole didn’t exactly want to scare her, Nurse Waverly had been the nicest person she’d met so far in Purgatory, and by far the most attractive. Not that any of it mattered to her in the moment, none of it was going to help her goal to break out of the hospital and visit her K9.


Frustrated, desperate and now in even more pain after slamming her arm on the hard table, Nicole resigned herself to flopping back on her bed. Waiting. Always waiting.





Once Waverly shut the door of room 69, she fell back against it. Heart feeling as if it was torn in two, desperately wanting to help the broken redhead as a person, and as a nurse wanting to help heal the patient.


Sighing, Waverly walked past the Nurse’s desk pretending to ignore the other Nurse’s gossip about how she had managed to be the only Nurse to enter Nicole Haught’s room and last longer than sixty seconds. Also managing to scrape by without any food or drink thrown at her, Waverly didn’t care for the gossip. Clocking out, she turned and gave room 69 one final glance before heading home.


Unlocking the door to the homestead, Waverly is greeted at the door by her Harlequin Great Dane, Benji. Benji follows along as Waverly drops off her purse and keys, settling into the ugly plaid of the second hand couch in the living room.


“Where’s Wynonna, Benji?”


Benji huffs, as he climbs onto the couch, setting his head into her lap, already feeling the anxiousness radiating off of her.


“It’s been a long day buddy, one of my patients, she’s really cute by the way, has a dog. A K9 cop actually. Well, he got hurt when she did, and she doesn’t know how he is. She wanted me to break her out, can you believe that?”


Slowly petting Benji from head to mid back, Waverly starts to think about if something happened to Benji, and no one would tell her how he was doing. She knows she’d be a wreck, and realization starts to dawn on her just how Nicole must be feeling.


“I can’t break her out though. It’s impossible.”


Benji whines a little, Waverly takes this as a agreement to her statement, so she rewards him with a pat to his head. It doesn’t help her at all though, internal turmoil raging on as if she were a lone sail boat caught in a storm out at sea.


She had friends, she had Wynonna, she had Gus, all of which would be able to update her if something had happened to Benji. As if on cue, Benji looked up at her with those big puppy eyes and Waverly knew she had to do something.


“You’re right boy, I’ll be back. Tell Wynonna not to snoop in my room.”


Racing out of the driveway, Waverly knows exactly what she has to do. Turning left onto the main strip of Purgatory, she arrives at Chetri’s Animal Services in no time. Spotting the owner, and one of her best friends, Jeremy immediately.


With very little persuasion, as Jeremy understood that his VIP patient was a Deputy, Waverly was allowed in the back and guided towards the K9’s kennel.


“His name is Max, when the car was T-boned and flipped, he must’ve bounced off the cage and probably the window in the backseat. His left back leg was crushed, had to be amputated. He had internal bleeding but we fixed that right up. He’s really sweet.” Jeremy emphasized as Max whined lowly.


Waverly felt the tears run down her cheeks, knowing already the K9 probably wouldn’t be able to return to work with an amputated leg. Question at the tip of her tongue, she looks towards Jeremy as tears continued to stream down her face.


“Can I sit with him for a bit? His partner is really worried about him.” Waverly choked out.


With a slight hesitation, Jeremy nodded opening up Max’s kennel. “I can give you a half hour, but maybe give me the Deputy’s number and I can send her updates.”


“Great idea Jer, I’ll have to ask her.” Waverly agreed, sitting on the floor in front of Max’s open kennel.


Once Jeremy left the back room, Waverly took her phone out, setting it on the floor beside her. Max shifted in his kennel a little, pain medication making him a little lethargic still.


“Hi buddy, I know your partner Deputy Haught.” Waverly cooed, noticing Max’s ears perk up at the Deputy’s name.


Picking up her phone, Waverly stood it up against her water bottle, setting it to record.


“Hi Nicole, I know this isn’t me breaking you out of the hospital, but someone here wanted to say hi. You see, the Vet is one of my best friends, and he allowed me back here to keep him company. Some good and bad news, about your partner. His back left leg was crushed when the car was flipped, and they had to amputate, he also had some internal bleeding however they were able to fix it immediately. He will be just fine, and out of here sooner than you will actually.” Waverly recalled, trying to make sure she remembered everything Jeremy told her. Picking up her phone, she started to record Max.


“Max, say hi to Deputy Haught.”


Waverly chuckled a bit when Max tilted his head sideways, ears once again perking up. Slowly he scooted forward until he dropped his head into her lap. Waverly continued to record him, while she lovingly rubbed his head.


With her half hour up, Waverly snapped a few pictures and bid Max goodbye. With one phone conversation, and a promise of a dozen of her famous banana nut muffins, she was able to secure Nicole Haught’s personal cell phone number from Chrissy who swindled it from her father.





Nicole was exhausted, she wasn’t sure why the blood transfusions always seemed to tire her out, but she thinks half of the reason she was exhausted had to do with the fact that her mind was running a mile a minute thinking about Max.


Just as her eyelids started to droop shut, she heard her phone go off.

[unknown number]  *video attachment*


Confused as to who would be sending her a video, especially from an unknown number, Nicole opened it cautiously. Tears forming in her eyes instantly when Nurse Waverly’s face came into view surrounded by kennels.


The news both broke and helped her, amputation was terrible news but knowing long term he would be perfectly fine helped ease the ache in her heart. Nicole completely lost it once she saw Max lift his head and place it in Nurse Waverly’s lap. He was a good boy like that.


[unknown number]   *picture attachment*


Max looked tired, but he looked good. He didn’t look to be in pain, which Nicole was grateful for. Scrolling through the abundance of pictures Nurse Waverly sent her, she settled her finger over the last one. A selfie of Nurse Waverly and Max, Max had his tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth like he usually did when he was content, and Nurse Waverly... phew . She looked gorgeous. Smile a mile wide and eyes in a half moon.


[unknown number]   Hi Nicole, I hope it was okay that I coerced your number from my friend Chrissy. I know this isn’t breaking you out, but it’s all I could do. If I could give your number to the Vet, he said he would be more than willing to send pictures and update you on any questions you may have. Is that okay?


There was no way Nurse Waverly was actually real. She was too perfect and too kind for her to be a real person. If at all possible, Nicole would be kicking herself in the ass for how she had treated Nurse Waverly earlier. A little ashamed and by a little, it was actually a lot, by how she had acted earlier, all Nicole could do was send a simple text. “Yes, and thank you.”


Bringing up the video again, Nicole saved it and hit replay as she let her mind feel at ease for the first time in three days.