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You legitimately love your boyfriend. Six years together and still, he's perfect. Surprises you with breakfast in bed, buys you little things he sees that he thinks you might like, wakes you up at the ass crack of dawn to drive four hours and take a ferry across the ocean just to go to an aquarium you passingly mentioned you would cut your own leg off to go to. And he's adorable at the aquarium, too, letting you run around with wide eyes and not getting upset when you inevitably lose him in the crowd (even if you did find him glaring at some stingrays because, you quote, "Some of us still remember Steve Irwin, princess. Never forgive, never forget.") He looks utterly ridiculous, and you’re not really sure what about the all-black-with-a-pierced-baseball-cap-and-flannel look gets you hot and bothered, but it does. Maybe you should be ashamed of that, but honestly, Yoongi looks literally edible and you’re not one to question it when your boyfriend looks so good. That doesn’t stop you from teasing him, though - “Seriously, Yoongi, what kind of emo bitch wears that shit in public,” “Clearly I do, princess, now stop running that mouth, didn’t you want to see the seals,” “Fuck, yes, I gotta get a recording so I can play it whenever Seokjin laughs,” - and you’ll never admit how much you like it. 

The rest of the time you're there is a delight. Yoongi grumbles about how you might pull his arm out of its socket with how you're dragging him away, but tightens his grip every time you start to pull your hand away. The entire time you can’t help but look at him, watch the way he moves and the grin when he pets a turtle, how he helps a kid pick out a hermit crab and then sends pictures to Joon of them. It’s not lost on you how his eyes linger, either, completely focused on you as you watch the sharks roll above you and beaming when you see the octopus try to steal extra fish from its handler...the way you maybe, just maybe , shake your ass just a little when you bend over to pet an otter. You stay until the aquarium closes and get dinner at a restaurant close by, and it only gets worse.

Yoongi's always been tactile. Even when the two of you were just friends dancing around each other, he would give you hugs and rub your back and let his thigh press against yours without any second thoughts. It's who he is. You know this, you love this, you find it pretty cute most of the time. There are times, though, when it's not...cute. 

Like when he leaves his hand, hot and heay, on your upper thigh as he drives to the restaurant so you remember every single time he’s fingered you while going somewhere. Or when he opens the door so you can enter first and lets out a low whistle as you pass him, and when you turn to scold him, his eyes quickly dart back up to your face. Or like when he hooks a foot around the leg of your chair and uses muscles you tend to forget he has to pull you closer. You can see the strength in his thighs as it flexes under his jeans and it makes goosebumps break out across your skin. He doesn't move his leg, keeps it right between your own with his ankle pressed against yours, hooked around your chair, and something about the pose makes you shiver. 

"Why aren't you eating, princess?" He asks as he brings a piece of sushi up to his own mouth. You mumble something unintelligible, focused on the way his tongue darts out swipe up a bit of soy sauce before his lips close around the food entirely, pouting as they do. You're torn between the desire to pinch his puffed cheeks and the need to beg him to repeat the action on you. You can feel yourself getting wetter at the very thought; you always get worked up when Yoongi is sweet to you, it's something all your friends tease you for, and today is the exact opposite of an exception. Taking you four hours and a ferry ride away from home just to take your nerd ass to an aquarium because he knows you'd like it? You're ready to get on your knees and show your appreciation, however he wants for as long as he wants it.

Someone calling your name startles you enough that you jump a little. Turning, you grin when you see a friend from college - fuck if you can remember his name right now, Hyunwoo? Hyungsoo? Hongbin? Whatever it was - waving at you. He’s taller than you remember and when you give him a quick hug you find he’s filled out nicely in the years since you’ve last seen him. Whatever-His-Name-Is looks nothing like the dweeb from your study group anymore, and as you chat with him, he’s clearly still just as nice as he was back then. You even introduce him to Yoongi - and find out his name is fucking Sehun , you must be a dumbass - who looks decidedly less content than he did a few minutes ago. You wave Sehun goodbye when a woman appears and drags him off to their table, but even after you sit back down, Yoongi’s not happy about something. 

He’s silent as the grave and you realize at some point during the 5.7 minutes you were talking he’s straightened up and no longer has his legs sprawled about. No, they’re now tucked neatly under his chair, as far on his own side of the table as he can get them. He stabs at a piece of meat, tearing into it much more aggressively than usual, and you narrow your eyes at him. 

"Are you okay?" You ask him eventually, after watching him pick up some onion so roughly that the table shook a little. He doesn't answer, just shrugs, and you frown. His irritation isn't lost on you, you're just not sure what you did to cause it. After six years of being together and almost ten of being friends, you know him pretty well, and as you replay the entire day in your mind, you can't find any of the things that usually push him into a mood. 

He's still irritated when you both leave the restaurant, one hand gripping the wheel tightly while the other violently switches gears. You wait until he parks at the hotel to try again. 

"Yoongi?" You say quietly. "Will you talk to me? I don't know what I did wrong." He huffs and exits the car, and you quickly follow suit. He pulls a suitcase out of the trunk and huffs as he locks the car. He walks quickly through the parking garage, must faster than you're used to, and you rush to keep up. He doesn't say anything as he heads into the lobby, or as he gets the room key, and the silence hangs in the elevator until you can't take it anymore. "Seriously, Yoongi, I don't know why you're mad, I didn't do anything."

He whirls on you with fire in his eyes and it freezes you in place. 

"You think that helps?" He growls, closing the distance between the two of you, and catches your chin between his thumb and forefinger. "You don't even know how you fucked up, princess. You really have no clue?" You shake your head. 

"I really don't," You whisper. He slides a thumb across your bottom lip. Your tongue darts out to wet the skin and he groans almost imperceptibly. The sound makes heat pool between your thighs. He pulls away as the elevator door opens and he strides out. He doesn't wait for you and doesn't slow until he gets to the door with your room number on it. 

After it's closed behind you and you're sure it's locked, you turn back to him. He stands in the middle of the room, back to the bed as he strips his jacket off and tosses it to the couch nearby. You wait patiently as he crosses his arms and then turns to you. 

"Come here," He commands. You comply immediately. "Do you know what you did yet?" You shake your head, pouting up at him in the hope that it would encourage leniency. He tsks and shakes his head. "Strip. You don't deserve these nice clothes, princess." 

You're naked as quick as you can be, clothes strewn about the room in your haste to get them off. He's upset, and you don't know why, but you know better than to make him wait for something when he's like this. You’ve been ready to give it up to him all day, and seeing him in his commanding persona only increases the feeling tenfold. Heat rushes to your core once again and you rub your thighs together in an attempt to alleviate some of it. 

He notices the action immediately, smacking your thigh with his palm. "Look at this," He sighs. "So fucking wet and I haven't even done anything yet. You're such a little slut, always so ready for me." He steps slightly closer, letting his fingers dance along your slit. You don't move and don't make a sound, just let your eyes flutter closed for a brief second. He growls and slaps a hand across your ass. 

"Unless it's not for me. Keep your eyes open, slut. I'm the one here right now." You shiver and look at him. He's still fully dressed, which only makes you wetter. He knows you love it, the power dynamic it creates. "Get on the bed, princess. Face me, on your knees."

You do as he says, the bed plump and soft beneath you as you sit back on your knees. Yoongi looks good like this, even with the fire in his eyes, but you're distracted by his hands. The long fingers, the sheer size of them, the way they drag ever so slightly against the leather of his belt as he slides it out from around his waist. You shudder at all of the things he could do with it, and you don’t miss the way he smirks. 

“I try to do something nice for you,” He says in a too-controlled voice as he steps closer. “Take you somewhere fun, buy you good food after. I even let you sleep on the way here so you’d be rested for our little adventure. And what do I get in return?” He folds the belt over on itself, and you clench around nothing at the sight. You know what’s coming. 

“I’m sorry, thank you, Yoongi, I enjoyed-” You whimper as his belt makes contact with one of your thighs, the sting settling into the skin and turning it pink. 

“What did you call me?” 

“I’m sorry, Daddy, I won’t do it again.” His expression softens for just a moment, long fingers rubbing soothing circles over where he hit. 

“You know I don’t like punishing you, princess,” He purrs, one hand across your throat for a brief moment so he can stroke his thumb along your cheek. “But I was so good to you today, and then you just…” His jaw tightens and your heart flutters at the sight. You should probably be a little apprehensive, but fuck, he’s so hot . “Bend over.”

You follow his instructions, doing your best not to shiver when he runs a hand over your ass. “You have ten seconds to tell me what you did wrong, princess. If you can’t, you’ll be the one counting to ten.” He starts counting down immediately and your mind scrambles. It couldn’t have been when you accidentally left him behind at the jellyfish, because he was still fine at dinner, and even when you threw a handful of rice at him he laughed so that wasn’t it either, but then maybe-

The sound hits your ears before the pain registers, but you manage a muffled, one , because you know better than to do otherwise. His hand comes up again, rubbing the sting away. The next hit lands on the other cheek, and it’s a feat not to flinch or moan when you call out, two.  

It continues, all the way to ten; Yoongi alternates between your cheeks and the backs of your thighs, which is going to make the car ride home an absolute nightmare, but you suppose that’s the point. You’re absolutely dripping by the time you call out a weak ten , your wetness trickling down your inner thigh and your ass and thighs no doubt red and swollen even as he runs his fingers along the skin in soft circles. 

“Good, princess?” Yoongi asks quietly. You don’t trust yourself to speak, but you manage what has to be the most enthusiastic nod anyone’s ever given. He chuckles under his breath and metal clinks as his belt hits the bed beside you. He lifts you up to lean against his chest and wipes away the stray tears you couldn’t keep back. “You did so good, baby. You always take your punishments so well for me. Can you tell me what you did to get punished?”

“No, Daddy, I’m sorry, I don’t know, but I won’t do it again, I promise.” Yoongi ‘hmm’s and nods slightly, looking more disappointed than anything. 

“That’s okay, princess,” He coos as he turns you around and presses his chest against your back. “We’ll fix that. Don’t move, or I’ll have to punish you again, princess, and you know how much I hate that.” You whimper a little but nod as he steps away. You hold yourself up, back straight and unmoving even as the raw belt marks on your ass rub into your calves. You don’t look behind you, you know better, but you can hear the soft tinkling of metal and the quiet whoosh of something being unfurled. 

You’re so curious, so fucking curious about what he’s doing, but you don’t move. If you move, he’s going to spank you again, and while that is such a tempting vision - you, sprawled over his knees this time as his bare palm makes contact with that slap of skin meeting skin as he tells you just how good you are for taking your punishment, fuck , - you mostly just want him inside you, like, right now, because you can basically feel the throbbing heat between your legs and this hotel duvet has to be soaked, and also you’ve been waiting all fucking day

The heat of Yoongi’s body returns to the space behind you and he presses a soft kiss to your neck. 

“I’m gonna have to make sure my princess knows that I’m the only one for her, huh?” You whimper slightly, and you can feel his smile against your skin. “You remember your safeword, baby girl?” You nod, but Yoongi just tuts. “Gotta hear you say it, princess, you know the rules.”


“And if you can’t say it?”

“Tap you twice on the thigh.”

“Good girl,” Yoongi whispers into your ear. Your entire body shudders, legs nearly giving out, but a pressure against your neck keeps you up long enough for you to regain your balance. It takes you a second to realize what it is; a quick glance to the bed beside you confirms it. Yoongi has his belt wrapped around your neck, and based on the way it tightens around your throat while the remnants hand from the nape of your neck, he’s got it buckled in place. You stifle another moan. 

“Now, princess,” Yoongi purrs, “Who do you belong to?”

“You, always you, Daddy, no one else, ever.” 

“That’s fucking right,” He growls. With one hand on your back, he shoves you down until your face is buried in the blanket, the tail of his belt pulled taut and no doubt wrapped around his hand. He doesn’t even finger you first, just thrusts inside you with one move. A choked moan tears itself out of your throat, muffled by the thick blanket underneath you. “I’m the only fucking one allowed near this pussy, you hear me?” 

Yoongi’s thrusts aren’t forgiving at all; he’s rough and hard, doesn’t give you any time to get used to the stretch of his dick, just shoves in and out like you’re merely a toy to be used. His free hand has a bruising grip on your hip, your fingers are clawed into the duvet, and all you can think about is how fucking perfect it feels. The burn of the stretch, the way your ass and thighs sting with every thrust, the slight pressure against your windpipe that isn’t enough to choke you but reminds you that you’re at his mercy. It’s as close to heaven as you’re ever going to get, it has to be, because it’s absolutely euphoric. 

“Fuck, princess, look at how you take my cock,” Yoongi hisses. His grip tightens on the belt as he pulls, and you’re seeing stars with how utterly fantastic the lack of air is. “Fuck, you always take me so well, you know that? Like you were made for me, just me. Can’t wait to fucking mark you, want everyone to know you’re mine. You gonna be a good girl and let me mark you, princess?”

You nod as best you can, gasping when Yoongi pulls hard on the belt to bring you up against him once more. His pace is unrelenting, hitting every spot inside that he knows you love, teasing your g-spot with each thrust. 

“God, you’re such a fucking slut, you know that?” His voice is strained and you wish you could see, wish you could watch him fall apart as he fucks you, but god, there is nothing like his voice in your ear, raspy and gravelly because he’s focusing so hard on the way he pistons in and out of you like a goddamn jackhammer. “So fucking wet and ready for me all the time, baby know Daddy loves this pussy better than anything else. You like it when Daddy fucks you like this, princess? Treating you like the whore you are?”

You whimper and give a slight nod, mostly focused on the brief allowances of air he gives you. With another thrust he lets go of the belt, bringing his hand up to wrap tenderly around the base of your throat. You gasp, sucking in all the air you can before he decides you don’t get any more. The pressure that’s been slowly building inside of you threatens to snap, and you barely hold it back. 

“Who’s fucking pussy is this, princess? Who’s little slut are you?”

“Yours,” You gasp. “Yours, Daddy, I’m your little slut.”

“Yeah? Who you thinking about right now? You thinking about Daddy? Or are you thinking about that fucking bastard from the restaurant? You wish it was him fucking you like this?”

“No, never, please, only want you, please, Daddy, please can I cum? Didn’t even remember his name, please, please, I’m so close Daddy, I just-” 

“Do it baby.” He brings his hand up ever so slightly, bracing you against his body, while the hand on your hip darts down to rub circles into your clit. “C’mon, princess, you’re so good for me, go ahead, cream on Daddy’s cock. Wanna feel you around me.” It takes seconds, the combination of him thrusting so deep inside that you can feel it on your fucking cervix with the way he rubs your clit, along with the words he’s growling into your ear, it’s god damn magic, and you’re spasming around him in seconds, vision going white as your body goes limp. 

When you come to, you’re on your back on the bed, Yoongi between your legs and thrusting desperately into you. You whimper a little, the oversensitivity is always strong right after you cum. He shushes you softly, one hand moving to stroke your hair gently. 

“That’s it baby, you take me so well. Fuck, just love watching my cock disappear inside you, could watch that forever. God damn, princess, you are so good, such a good girl, you know that? Can’t wait to marry you, gonna fuck you like this forever, make sure every-fucking-body knows you’re mine.” Your breath catches in your throat, even in your fucked-out haze you know what he just said, but what -

“Fuck, that’s it, take it, princess, take my cum,” Yoongi’s panting on top of you as he comes, thick ropes coating your walls. You’re both breathless as he carefully removes the belt from around your neck, gentle and soft, before he collapses beside you with a huff. 

“Yoongi?” You say after a minute, still mostly breathless. He makes a small noise of acknowledgement, enough that you know he isn’t asleep yet. “Did you just...did you just propose to me in the middle of jealousy sex?”

“What? No, I didn’t-” He stops. “Fuck.”