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Hard and Soft Lightness

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Touya was switching between the different channels on the TV. He had been waiting for his boyfriend for two hours in the apartment they lived together in for one year. Being the boyfriend of the Number 2 Hero, he knows this would continue to happen many times: villains, accidents, they can happen anytime and anywhere. To pass the time, he continued switching through the TV channels, until he spotted a familiar figure on the news channel. It was his boyfriend, Hawks, or Sora as he was called during their intimate times, the Number 2 Hero, all sweaty from the rescue he had just performed but still smiling for his fans, as always. Apparently, there had been  an explosion of a building that had gone horribly wrong and Hawks had saved most of the people present with the help of some other heroes and the police. 


Sora’s quirk, Fierce Wings, gives many advantages. The speed. The fact that flying of course could save a person from a fall. For close combat, he could defend himself by hardening his primary feathers and make them into swords that could cut through flesh. Or useful for the kind of event that had just happened, Hawks could telekinetically control his feathers and make them carry the debris from buildings that could have fallen on the pedestrians. At the moment, Sora’s wings weren’t in their glory form. The accident had made the hero use up most of his feathers and now there was only the small ones that were near to the bones left, the lesser coverts. Most people think that Hawks only uses his big and medium sized feathers for his heroic acts and that the small ones are mostly not that valuable in fights against villains. That hey just helped him whenever he looked at many reports at the same time for a mission by holding the sheets of them in the air, while he would use his hands to move them around. In fact, they could come in handy too unlike what people thought. Touya got lost in the memories of when those little feathers had a significant role.




They were four months into their relationship. They had their little disputes time to time like any other couples did. 


Sora and him were on the couch watching the News report about the Hero Killer Stain and his ideology.  It’s being one week since the man got arrested by his dear father, the hero Endeavor. Sora wasn’t really interested in it, lying down on the couch with his head in lap. His boyfriend was just watching it because he wanted to. It was rare that news caught his attention. 


“You know, Sora…”, he started as he passed his hand through the blond locks.


“What?”, answered his sleepy boyfriend, still watching the TV without paying much real attention to what was happening on the screen and his eyes almost closed completely by the feeling of his touch, the warm hand helping him relax.


“I’m with the Hero Killer”, he said calmly.


Sora’s eyes opened wide for a second and then slowly narrowed as he stopped running his hand through his hair.  He turned his head toward him.


“Why? This guy has killed and incapacitated people”, Sora said coldly.


“Because he’s telling the truth about majority of the heroes… Like if most of them are truly heroic ”, he said sarcastically. 


“And you think that justifies that he can kill the people who he does not think are good and make the people close to the victims suffer?”, Sora was now sitting on the couch, having removed his head from his lap, looking indifferent and glaring at him. 


“If that could get rid of the hypocritical people of this world, like I would like for my father, it’s good. Such a good image, the Number 2 Hero after All Might! But the reality is completely different. Need suffering for a better world right?”, he sneered.


Hawks got up from the couch and watched him, staring down at him


“No, it’s only corrupting the people with worse ideas than there already is”, sneered the Number 3 Hero. 


“So better to let the people with these fake images of the perfect heroes not knowing the truth”, he argued and got up to face his boyfriend. He was calm but he felt the frustration increase in his body listening to the blonde man. 


“I’ll admit some heroes don’t have the right reasons for being a hero, some are not even ethical, but if they’re are doing the job correctly without a doubt. I will not let another person like this guy to kill them”, declared the hero and his eyes showed his determination. Then he continued,


“And those maybe fake images you are talking about, it’s to protect the public and for them to have faith in us. They don't have to know our personal rea-”


“So you telling me that only the public image should be seen. The celebrity shit is more important than the truth? You know my father gave my youngest brother his scar by driving my mom crazy and how I got scars from his over-intensive trainings for my fire quirk. Is this how a parent should treat his own children!?”, he said, raising his voice and starting to shake.


“I’m not saying that and it’s good that you separated from your father. But you need to admit that you father gets rid of many villains and gets many cases solved. Most importantly, he saves people and their lives! And if you really wished for the fall of  your father, you would already tell the police what happened”, said silently Hawks.


He just smirked, the shaking stopping.


“Yeah, the perfect image that you had of my father before I told you the truth, it hurts right? It hurts so much doesn’t it?”


Sora just stayed still at the question but his stare changed.


“Yes and I’m past that. I’ve accepted that as the reality. And before you tell me that people can be like me, most of them can’t. Most of the belief in my opinion is weak to be honest. And it will just put the world in chaos if they were to lose faith in heroes. The heroes need this constant belief from the public, otherwise we’d lose our power over the villains.”


He just laughed and looked at Sora with mockery in his eyes.


“Sure, after all you have a good life! The most popular and attractive Number 3 Hero, Hawks! You can have everything you want, even if I know you don’t, because you’re not that kind of person, but still! You smile at the cameras and reporters, you sign autographs for your fans, pretty easy, the rest of the job of a celebrity hero if that doesn’t count the rescue and villa…


He was surprised when Sora tackled him to the floor. Then he felt the burn of a cut on his cheek. His eyes turned toward the source and he saw a small feather on the floor. It was like a knife. Hard and sharp that could easily slice flesh . 


He looked up at his boyfriend. This latter had the darkest glare he had ever seen. All the warmth in those beautiful brown eyes had disappeared. 


“Don’t you dare to say this and make fun of me. Don't you dare say that I have an easy life. The free time I can spend with you or my friends talks for itself! Ever since my childhood I’ve being modeled by the Hero commission! I did nothing to stop that, and why’s that?! Because it’s my duty to save people as a hero! And if they do not have faith in me because of a random guy who talks about false images, one that I don’t have. I would never forgive it! I’m as authentic with you as I am with my fans. Surely you see other faces and expressions from me than they do, but when I smile at a kid for example, I do it for real. So don’t encourage this guy’s ideology that will risk all the sacrifices I make and other people make too, and make them insignificant..., his boyfriend said calmly, way too calmy. 


A silence grew between them. Sora got off of his boyfriend and walked calmly towards the kitchen. 


“Don’t forget clean that cut later, Dabi”, said Sora before leaving the room.  


It takes two long hours for him to go to check on his boyfriend. He was sitting on the couch, still shocked that Sora had called him by his artist name. It’s been so long the latter called him his nickname. He decided to go see his maybe ex-boyfriend, just to check on him.


The hero was sitting at the table reading some reports with a coffee cup at his side as Touya entered in the kitchen. He didn’t look up at Touya. 


He went to sit in the chair next to Sora. He didn’t know what to say, so he just stayed quiet. It took a couple of minutes for him to sort out his thoughts, and when he opened his mouth to talk, the other spoke first.


“I’m sorry... I went too far by forcing you to talk about your father and your siblings. I know it’s difficult for you”, said the winged man calmly, still not looking at the other man. 


“No, it's me who should apologize, I was hypocritical by talking about what happened to me without thinking about your past. Our pasts maybe not the same, but we both suffer in one way or another. That’s ironic right?” he said, scratching  his neck in embarrassment over what he had done earlier. 


“Yeah, that’s for sure,” said the winged man as he finally looked at him. The warmth had returned to his eyes with a touch of mockery. 


“Maybe we shouldn’t let it get that far next time.. Finally, I don’t like this guy. His ideology almost made me end my relationship with the most awesome man and hero I know.”


“Don’t be such a charmer…”


He simply shrugged while a little smile appeared on his lips.


“You know I’m right. And I know I’m right. We both share the same opinion.” 


“Yeah, but that didn’t sound like you, hotstuff.” 


Sora then got up and warmly wrapped his arms around his neck and kissed the warm cheek with the cut from the small feather. 


“That should never have happened. Let’s not do that again, I love you too much for that Touya.” said Sora, regret in his voice. 


He smirked. 


“Yeah and I don’t want you to become a villain because with this stare and those little feathers, you can be really dangerous when you want to. You’d be too much competition.”


He received a little jab at his elbow. 


Both laughed and decided to go to the bed to cuddle and sleep after this rather emotional exchange. It had taken more out of both of them than they expected, as any argument did.



Since that day, he never underestimated the small feathers his boyfriend had and their usage. They never got near that level of argument again, because it had definitely been a bad decision to have it, even if they still had their disagreements, just like every couple did. 




He woke up before Sora did that morning. The winged man was still asleep, since they had gotten some action last night at his apartment and he was usually very tired after that. He caressed his boyfriend’s cheek and smiled when the latter moved, searching unconsciously for his warm hand. 


He got off the bed and went preparing himself for the day. Starting with a good  and warm shower, as always.




He just got out of the shower, drying his hair with a towel and another around his waist. He went to face the mirror to wash in face and brush his teeth. He was thinking about re-dyeing his hair as he could start to spot some red at the base of his hair. Then he searched for his razor, but couldn’t find it. He looked every shelf through multiple times and nothing. Unfortunately, it was too early to go buy some at the pharmacy, so he needed to wait even if he doesn’t like the feeling of his stubble. 


“Well, we will have to go like this, no other choice”, he said defeatedly .


“You’re sure about it?”, said a mocking voice behind him.


He turned back and saw this boyfriend smirked at him at the door.


“When did you wake up?”, he asked, raising one of his eyebrows.


“Well, if you were thinking you were silent while searching for a razor.. you are not, baby. You are very loud”, yawned the hero, entering the bathroom fully.


“Oh my bad, pretty bird, didn’t want to interrupt your beauty sleep”, he joked. The blond just rolled his eyes at him.


“No problem, I slept like a log after last night”, winked his boyfriend.


“Yeah, that’s for sure”, he said, blushing a bit.


“Now, you really want a razor, don’t you… You can take one of my feathers if you want, it would be sharp enough”, said the hero, clipping one of his smaller feathers and hardening it.


“Well, thanks baby”, he said, a bit surprised and took it from Sora’s hand.


“Pleasure, just don’t make it an habit. I will go prepare breakfast while you shave that face of yours. What would you like?”


“Omelettes is fine with me.” he answered without really thinking, still studying the feather in his hand. 


“Sure, if you need something again, call me!”, said Sora as his voice went quieter as he went to the kitchen.


He started to apply the shave cream then started.




He had barely started to shave and he had cut himself three times already just by laying down the little feather against his skin. It was really sharp. 


“Shit! Good job Touya, can’t even shave with a damn feather…. like a child.” The frustration beginning to appear.


To his defense, the feather was more like a straight razor that a professional barber would use unlike the ones he usually used that were more dull. 


“Some trouble you’re having”, said Hawks helpfully, who was shaking from the urge to laugh. He had just returned from the kitchen to see how he was doing and unfortunately, it wasn’t his best moment. 


“Well, I’ve never used a straight razor before so this is totally normal for me”, he responded, trying to hide his embarrassment and avoiding the other man’s gaze. 


“No, I understand, happened to me when I first tried using it too. You just need practice. Let me do it for you. I don’t want you to ruin that beautiful face of yours”, his boyfriend said, smiling.


“That would be nice, even if I sense a bit of mockery on your part”, he said, giving the feather back to the original owner “I trust you”.


As Sora had said before, the shave went without a single cut after he took over. The movements of his boyfriend were smooth and precise, like the caress he gives him when he wakes up. After the little shaving session, Sora kissed him lightly, as they went to eat their breakfast. 


“How will you repay me for this shaving session, it’s not that easy to do it on other people, I could have cut you accidentally very easily”, the winged man smirked.


“I’ll think about it, silly bird”, he answered as he smirked back to his boyfriend. 



This event made him learn that it’s not only the person who manipulated the small feathers that make them dangerous, but the feathers themselves in their hard state could be dangerous. 




It’s was weekend and Sora finally got a time off from his heroes duties. So they decided to go at a bar they discovered a long time ago. Since they started to go out together, in fact. 


Hawks brought his friend, Rumi Usagiyama, the Rabbit Hero and the Number 5 Hero since All Might’s retirement. He likes her quite well, because she is a strong woman who is not shy to tell the truth about stuff. At one point that she called the heroes who work in teams cowards. 


He brought his friend, Himiko Toga. The woman, who looks more like a teenager, was a bit too eccentric, especially about the conception of love, but she did have a good heart when the people took the time to got to know her. She could be funny, cheerful and supportive with a person she was close to. For him, it’s like having another sister besides Fuyumi. These qualities made Hawks become close with her quickly. 


They sat at the bar and they received their drinks almost immediately because the barman recognized the two heroes and their friends. The group became regulars for the barman. A bloody ceasar for Toga, a mojito for Rumi, a Rum and Coke for Sora and a Old fashioned for him. 


“Maybe this man loves me, he remember my drink perfectly after all”, said Toga as she clapped her hands in excitement.


“Don’t want to ruin your fun, Toga, but he remember ours too”, he said exasperatedly because his friend’s attitude. She was always hopeful, but it got overwhelming sometimes.


“You are no fun, old man. Let her have fun.”his boyfriend said with a smile.


“Don’t call me that because I ordered this drink. Look at you, the man who likes soda so much that he needs it in his drink”, he retorted. “Plus, you wouldn't be with me if I was an old man”. 


Toga and Rumi laughed at their little exchange. It was always like this between them. They would harmlessly insult each other to rile the other person up enough, and it usually ended in a makeout session. 


Rumi turned towards Toga.


“But seriously, don’t you have a guy in mind for real?”


“Not really unfortunately, didn’t find the guy who lights up my heart yet”, Toga pouted . “I’m not as lucky as those two lovebirds”. 


“Well you shouldn't worry, somebody will come when the time is right, I still haven’t found someone for me yet ,and it will surely take a long time with my job”, Rumi reassured sheepishly.


“Hawks is able to be in a relationship with Touya, even while they’re so different. You shouldn’t say that, you’re such a strong and beautiful woman.”, said Toga as she pick a sip of her drink. 


“Well maybe I’m not able to find the middleground for that”. She turned her head to see the two boys besides them trying to suck each other’s faces off.


“Okay boys, you can either stop or go find a room unless you want to be on the first page of the hero news with the title being “THE NO.2 HERO BEING INDECENT IN PUBLIC”!”


Toga laughed when they stopped because of Rumi’s comment, both a bit red and out of breath.


“Sorry girls, no need to be jealous”, he said rolling his eyes.


“Why would you say that?”, asked Toga a bit lost.


“Even if we’re making out doesn’t mean we can't hear what you are saying. Guys can multitask”, his boyfriend said, winking.


“I’m impressed because you seem so into each other that you could focus on nothing else”, smirked Rumi.


“Okay, that’s enough”, he said, a bit embarrassed.


“What do you think about a shots contest like last time?”, exclaimed Toga, clapping her hands as sign of excitement.


“Why not, I don’t have to work tomorrow, what about you heroes?” he asked.


“We are fine, Rumi and I. I would be able even if I had work tomorrow, because I have a high metabolism similar to birds”, answered proudly Hawks.


“Great, let’s get started! Barman, like last time please!”, called Toga.


“On it, guys”, the bartender said with a smile.


After the night of fun, the group could still think, but they were definitely drunk. Touya won by one drink against Rumi. The two others, being smaller than the two of them, had already given up before that. 


“Hey guys, I saw the dart board was free a few minutes ago, do you want to play? We could gamble too, about who will win and who will lose to make it more interesting.” 


“Yeah, why not, it will be fun”, said Toga, a pink blush on her cheeks because of how drunk she was.


“Sorry guys but I don’t have any darts left. The last group before you were a bit too drunk and they broke them accidentally”, the bartender said, after he had heard their exchange. 


“No problem sir, I got this. We can use my feathers, the small one of course, to play”, said Sora with a grin.


“Well… thinking about it, I may be a little too drunk to play, and I don’t want to risk to hurt people if my aim is bad”, Rumi said innocently. 


Hawks just smirked at the answer.


“Well I’m i-!”, Toga got her mouth blocked by Rumi’s hand. The latter whispered something toToga.


“Thinking about it, I’m out, shouldn’t let the other girl be alone without anyone to talk to”, Toga said, passing a arm behind Rumi’s neck to bring her closer. “Girl’s unity” she said, winked.


“Sure”, said Hawks. “And you, baby, you can’t let me play alone right, come play with me!”


He just looked at his boyfriend’s eyes. He can’t resist them. Sora was giving him puppy eyes, how could he ever say no? 


“Yeah sure, but you know that you always lose when you play with me, and I am already waiting for my award”, he teased as he kissed his boyfriend lightly. They already knew the gambles between them and they mostly ended in the bedroom. 


“Well, I can always dream, right”, smiled the latter, trying to mimic an innocent child.


The two women just laughed at their exchange.


“What is it?” he asked, turning slightly towards them. 


“Nothing, just saying some funny stuff to Rumi”, Toga answered.


Rumi nodded her head while she was still trying to keep herself from laughing. 


“Ok, let’s go! You start Touya”, Sora said excitedly.


After six rounds, he looked at the board and was stunned. His boyfriend just won the round again, like all the others. How is that even possible!? Sora always lost before and now he has the feathers at the bullseye or the others parts of the board that gives many points.


“How did you do that pretty bird? Did you practice without telling me?”


“What, of course not hotstuff. Just luck, let’s continue if you want?”, his boyfriend said. 


“Sure”, Touya responded, a bit suspicious. Maybe the next round will be the good round, the number 7 was lucky after all.


In the end, his poor reasoning didn’t work and it ended up as a bigger loss than the other games in terms of points. He understood that he was drunk, but not that much! And his boyfriend seemed to be at the same level of drunkenness of him. So how did he manage to suck so much and lose their bet?


“Ok, I lose the gamble.. seems you beat me for real”, he said defeated.


“Take it as revenge, sweetheart, for all the previous games.” Sora told him as he went to kiss his boyfriend to cheer him up.


Then suddenly the girls burst out laughing, which surprised him. They had never laughed that much before and then he heard his boyfriend burst out laughing too. 


At this moment, he known something was going on that he just missed it and it’s surely about his loss. 


He played back the events of the night in his head. 


They had arrived at the bar, gotten theirs drinks and their shots too. The part he hadn’t looked closely at was surely when his boyfriend proposed to play darts. No, the girls was on it at the start and Rumi normally won second place… But why did she give up when she known she would win between the other two. No offense to his boyfriend or Toga, but they weren’t the best at darts. 


He was thinking so hard that he was close to headache with the combination of the alcohol. Then suddenly, he realized. It was so obvious! He asked himself how he had missed it in the first place!


Hawks won because he could control his feathers with his mind. That’s explained it and it was really understandable that Rumi quit before they started out when Sora proposed to use his feathers as the darts. And she had surely warned Toga, some feminine unity probably, and that’s why they had laughed when he accepted. He felt like a fool now.


The others’ laughs got louder seeing his expression.


“You finally realized Dabi”, Toga said, as tears started to appear in the corner of her eyes because of laughing so much and needed Rumi to help her balance. She still called him Dabi, his tattoo artist name, because she met him while he only went by it.


“And I thought you were smarter than that Touya”, said Rumi, pitying him a bit with a small smile.




“Baby, if you had realized sooner during the rounds, I would have gladly accept to cancel the plays and the gamble. But since you admitted you lost. You can’t take it back dear.


“What!? That’s not fair. And you are supposed to be the hero, where is the justice?!”


His boyfriend than came to wrap his arms around his neck and then whispered in his ear,


“Love isn’t always fair, baby”, 


Sora kissed him and winked at the girls.


Damn, he was so screwed…



Since then, he knew that the little feathers can be used as tool for games and he will never again gamble against his boyfriend with the feathers.




It was winter and they were out for a date. He had made a reservation at a restaurant which was close to their apartment. They chose to walk, as the snow was light enough. He didn’t even need warm clothes during this time of year due to his fire quirk. He could even leave his coat open. Sora calls him his personal heater, because the latter seem more sensible in the cold. Opposite of him, Sora wore a coat that stops just above his knees, a scarf and mittens. He can feel the soft fabric of his boyfriend’s mitten as they held hands. The scarf was covering Sora’s mouth and nose. With the extra clothing, it was a bit easier for them to go out without being disturbed by Hawks’ fans. But unfortunately, his boyfriend’s wings always made him recognizable.


So as the public came to see the Number 2 Hero, his phone rang. He appreciated the timing, because he didn’t like crowds.


“Hawks, I need to take the call, I’ll make it short, but I’ll have to go for a bit. It’s too noisy”. 


Even if his boyfriend had already started a conversation with one of his fans, he knew the latter had heard him. Hawks turned towards his boyfriend,


“No problem Touya, don’t worry. Don’t take too long, even if I’m in good company, right guys?” Hawks said cheerfully with a gorgeous smile.


The children, especially, were excited as they approached the hero to touch his wings and some of the girls were clearly fangirling. The men just smiled at Hawks’ enthusiasm. 


Out of the way and away from the noise, he took the call.




“Dabi, it’s Tomura.”


“What do you want?”, Touya asked.


“One of the customers had booked an appointment with me for a piercing tomorrow, but he cancelled it. It pisses me off but he wants to rebook it next week. You know I will be on vacation so…”


“Want me to take him?”


“Yeah, thanks. Can I give you his name and number now, so that you can give him news already?”, Tomura asked, a bit annoyed. He was always like this when there was these kinds of situations. 


“I’m in the middle of a street, do you think I have a pen with me?”, he said.


“No idiot, because you never expect these kind of things, but you have your boyfriend near you, right? You told me you were going to the restaurant tonight for a date. You can ask him for a pen, surely he should have one for his fan’s autograph.” Tomura said with a hint of irony and disdain.


Tomura probably dislikes heroes even more than him. It took him some time to digest the fact that he was going out with a hero. The Number 2 none less. Tomura had ended up being supportive in the end though.


“Well that’s true, give me a second.” 


He turned towards his boyfriend, who was still surrounded by his fans. 


“Hey Hawks, do you have a pen I can borrow.. what the f-”


Hawks just looked at him as he finished signing probably the last autograph. Not with a pen though, but with one of his smaller feathers, used like a quill. 


“Yeah sure!”. Hawks gave him the feather. “And don’t forget friends, let the ink dry!”, Sora told his fans as they started leaving.


He finished writing the customer’s coordinates with the feather which he had just enough ink for and he turned to see his boyfriend looking at him as he said bye to Shigaraki.


“Business?” Sora asked.


“Yeah, I need to take one of Tomura’s customers for him, I will call him later. Shall we continue to go, I’m starving.”


After a couple of minutes of walking in silence, he asked his boyfriend,


“Since when have you started to use your feathers as quills?”


“Never started, just a backup plan for when I forget a pen. Can’t let my fans be disappointed”, his boyfriend said  sheepishly. “Plus, I can’t do it every time, I need at least some of my small feathers left. And for the ink, I can’t take that much to use it all the time, even if I wanted to.”


“Knowing your luck, you stained one of your pants with the ink, am I right ?”, he said teasing.




They stopped walking. 


“... You know, I was joking!”, Touya said, bursting into a fit laughter.


“It’s not funny, do you know how many times I had to wash the pants? And how embarrassing it was for me? All my colleagues teased me about it for weeks!”, his boyfriend said, pouting. Sora was so adorable, even if he would never say it out loud. 


“Well not lucky for you I will not let you forget”, smirked Touya.


“You’re lucky I love you,”, Sora said as he came to kiss him, when they got interrupted by a little hand who pulled timidly on one sleeve of Hawks’ coat. The hero  turned to see the source,


“Hey little guy. How are you and what can I do for you?”, the hero asked  while smiling at the kid. 


“Hi, mister Hawks, I want to tell you that I love you and I would like an autograph from you if that doesn’t bother you.”


He just looked at the child. In fact, the latter did just interrupt them, but to be honest, he couldn’t even be mad at him. His flustered expression made him remember a younger Shouto when he would meet heroes and would ask for an autograph. Such a shy and polite one too, for once. 


“Of course I can do that for you, my friend! Do you have a pen with you, I forgot mine at home. I’m such silly fool sometimes”.


Then horror dawned  on the boy’s face. He doesn’t have one and now he won’t get the autograph from his favorite hero. He and Sora just saw the tears starting to come out of the little boy’s eyes. 


“Hey, no need to worry”, Hawks said softly as he knelt  to hug the child. “I was just asking that, because sometimes people have their own pen and it happens I forget mine”. 


The child started to calm down as he saw Hawks clipping a feather, a small one, and a content of ink.


“So, where do you want me to sign?”, ask Hawks.


The little boy just smiled, and presented Sora proudly with a notebook, which was already full of autographs from other heroes.

“Just here”, as the boy turned to the first page, “I kept  this page free just for you.”


“What an honor!”, Hawks exclaimed as he signed and return his eyes to the child. “What is your name?” 


“Takahiro!” the kid said enthusiastically,  because he was getting the autograph of his favorite hero. Who wouldn’t be excited?


“What a coincidence!” the blonde said as he continued to write in the notebook. “Because you are one of my biggest fans, I will give you this feather as gift.”


“Really!?”, exclaimed the little fan. His eyes lit up even more, like a Christmas tree. 


“With pleasure! Now, I think your parents are waiting for you, you shouldn’t let them wait too long. Take care,Takahiro”, Hawks winked, as he saw two adults waving at them.


“Sure, thank you very much! I will treasure it forever.”


The kid gave Hawks one last hug, bowed and finally ran back towards his parents.  


“You are too kind, Sora”, he said as he wrapped his arms  around his boyfriend’s waist.


“What can I say, I have a soft spot and I love to see those big smiles on their faces”, Sora smiled fondly at him.


He totally understood that, especially when he thought about his siblings. He’d do anything for them.


“Now, where were we before the little guy came to talk to me”, Sora asked, teasing lightly and turning to face him.


“Well, if I remember correctly, we were about to kiss”, he smirked. 


“That’s what I’m thinking”, Hawks smiled.



Since that moment, he knew those little feathers could bring happiness, even if they were not that spectacular.




It was morning and the sun had just barely started to show. He was sleeping when he was woken up by a soft material touching his skin. He did recognize the feeling of those crimson feathers, but the feeling was a bit different, softer than the usual. He let the sensation of caresses continue. His boyfriend was lying against his chest as he hummed. This latter would sometimes wake up before him, and caress him like this as he waits for him to wake up too. He always enjoyed those mornings. 


After some minutes of enjoying the gentle caresses, he decided to open his eyes. He couldn’t make wait his boyfriend any longer.


“Well,if I could wake up to this every morning, I would not complain”, he teased, still a bit sleepy.


“I know you were awake for a couple of minutes there. Glad you love it. Haven’t used them like this for anybody else”, Sora said as he wiggled his arm around Touya’s waist.


“And it will stay like that, right? I’m feeling really privileged to be able to feel those little red feathers of yours every time. Those, though, were different this time, right? ”, he smirked. 


“Yes, they are in the softest state they can be. I have never let them touch by someone in this state until you came along, even the kids don’t get to do that. I thought it would feel good on your scars and it’s your birthday. I decided to wake you up with this little gift because of that.”, the blushing wingman confessed.


It surprised him as he felt warmth invade his body. It's been nine months that they had begun their relationship. He thought the state of his boyfriend feathers couldn’t be softer than what he had already felt. He was wrong. 


“Thanks for trusting me with this gift”, he said with one of the most honest smiles he had  ever shown to Sora. 


It took the blond aback, each time he told him thing like that. This time only for a second and the latter regained his composure.


“It’s nothing”, Sora said calmly as he tried to look somewhere else than his eyes. He couldn’t take it anymore.


He grabbed his boyfriend’s waist to turn him around so he could face him. The winged man’s back on the bed and him above him. He moved his face close to Sora’s, until just a small space was left between their faces.


“You know I’m serious and I love you! I know I don't say it as many times as you, but I’m always thinking it”, he said seriously as he placed his hands delicately to his lover’s face. Instantly, the winged man became red like a tomato at his declaration.


“Yes, I know”, Sora said as he moved a hand to one of his and he closed his eyes as he enjoyed his tender and warm touch.


He then bent his head down a little more and kissed him. 


“You know what these can be good for too?”, he asked, as he took of one of the feathers from where they were laying the bed.




“They can be a good tool for sweet tickle torture”, he said as he started tickling his boyfriend with the feather.


His boyfriend started laughing and begged for him to stop. Who would have know that the Number 2 Hero was so ticklish. 


After few minutes he stopped, both of them short of breath, because he had quickly joined Sora in laughing loudly. 


“Thanks, Sora” he said with a warm look directed at his boyfriend. 


“You’re welcome. Happy birthday Touya”, Sora said as he grinned at him.


This was a precious, private moment that made him fall even more for the winged hero. And they were about to continue falling in the future.



These moments were his favorites. It made him understand that these little feathers can create these intimate, private moments with his boyfriend. And he is the only one to ever feel their softness.



Touya’s thoughts were interrupted by the click of the door lock. He got up and walked to the door to welcome the person entering their apartment.


The door opened and Touya saw his boyfriend enter with a tired smile on his face. This latter went to hug him, putting his head on his shoulder while closing his eyes. He surely had taken a shower at his agency before coming back, because his hair smelled freshly washed. 


“Sorry for the delay, a stupid accident happened and I needed to save the civilians again”, Sora said sheepishly.


“I know, I saw you on the TV, you silly bird.”


“Well then, are you going to reward me for my courageous act?”, the hero teased. 


“We will see later, you need to rest now”, Touya responded as he felt the touch of the small feathers that are left on Sora’s wings.


“Then you must accompany me”, Sora said as he gently pulled Touya with him towards their bedroom.


“Of course”, Touya answered, sounding defeated but his face had a fond smile.


Just few seconds after being in the bed, Hawks was already sleeping in his boyfriend’s arms. Touya just looked at him with a smile on his lips and decided he could use a rest too. And he fall asleep while caressing those little soft feathers.