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Save The Day

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Peter chose to ignore the class he was currently in, prefering to check his phone every five minutes. To be fair, he already knew everything that his teacher was telling him. Plus, he had plans and these plans consisted of him putting on red and blue spandex and swinging around New York.

“Dude, are you paying attention?” Ned whispered. 

“Uh, yeah. I’m just-”

“Checking the time? Again?”


“Peter, I get that you’re all excited to get out, but at least try and pretend like you’re paying attention or you’ll get in trouble and I do not want to have to explain to your Aunt and Mr. Stark why you got detention again.” his best friend groaned next to him. 

He had only gotten detention a few times, and they weren’t even because he was a bad kid, he just never paid attention. The only time he got detention for doing something ‘bad’ was when he shoved Flash away from him with a little too much of his strength and knocked him hard into the lockers behind him. Of course, Flash claimed he started it but Peter didn’t really care, he knew May and Mr. Stark would believe that he didn’t. The last few times he got detention, he got his phone taken away, which meant Ned had to break the news to Aunt May and Tony himself.

“Fine, we leave in… three minutes anyway.” Peter said, already starting to pack his things.

“Do you have, like, a special mission or something? It’s not like you’re heading to Stark’s lab today. That’s on Fridays and Mondays, right?”

“How do you know that?”

“You didn’t stop talking about it for a week?”

“Oh, right…” 

“Now, before you all get ready to leave, I have an announcement for you all! I promise, you’ll all enjoy it!” Mrs. Dixon interrupted their conversation. Honestly, Mrs. Dixon was probably Peter’s favorite teacher, even if he didn’t pay attention much in her class. She was the only teacher to call Flash out whenever he was being a dick, she actually made her class interesting, she was a nerd just like Peter, and she was one of the only teachers to believe Peter’s internship was real. “We’re going to be going on a fieldtrip!”

While everyone else seemed interested, Peter internally groaned. Last time he went on a class field trip, he got bitten by a radioactive spider and got terribly sick for a few days, so he wasn’t exactly thrilled by the idea. 

Mrs. Dixon apparently noticed Peter’s distressed and continued, saying, “It’ll be interesting, I promise! We won’t be going to Oscorp this time, thankfully,” she seemed to dislike Oscorp as much as Mr. Stark did, which Peter found mildly entertaining, “we’ll be going to a much more advanced and, quite frankly, better science industry! We’ll be touring Stark Industries!” Ok, now Peter felt better.

“Stark Industries?”

“That’s awesome!”

“How’d we schedule a tour there?”

“Will Iron Man be there?”

“I wanna see Thor!”

“Maybe we’ll see Black Widow!”

“Stark Industries?” a particularly snarky voice spoke over the crowd, “I just can’t wait to get there and see how Parker was lying about his internship the whole time.”

“Eugene, enough. I don’t want to hear another word about Peter’s internship from you, understand?” Mrs. Dixon glared at Flash. 

“Uh, yes, ma’am.”

“...Anyway, we’ll be having the field trip next week Friday so make sure to get the permission slips signed by Thursday, at the latest. Lunch will be provided by Stark Industries so no need to pack one.” Mrs. Dixon explained as she went around handing everyone the slips. When she got to Peter, she leaned down and whispered, “If Eugene bothers you at all, let me know, ok?” 

“It’s okay, I’ll deal with him.” Peter nodded.

By the time the bell rang, the field trip was all that the class was talking about. Peter wasn’t too excited, but he wasn’t upset either. He got along well with everyone there, even the Avengers, at worst they’d tell embarrassing stories about him, but that’s about it. His main concern was Flash being annoying throughout the whole trip, but he can manage. 

“Dude, this is so cool! I haven’t been to SI before! Why don’t you ever invite me over?” Ned frowned.

“I don’t live there, man! I can’t invite friends to other people’s houses!

“Hey, Penis!” There’s that noise again.

“What do you want, Flash?” Peter asked, Ned moving slightly in between the two.

“Oh, nothing, just wanna know how you feel about being a week away from being exposed! Though, you’ll probably just disappear like you always do.”

“I'm not lying, Flash. If it takes actually going to SI to prove it to you, then oh well.” Peter shrugged. At this point, he didn't care that Flash didn't believe him, it just annoyed him that he wouldn't shut up about it. 

“Yeah? We'll see about that, Penis. It sure would be ironic if you mysteriously disappeared halfway through, kinda like in D.C.”

“Leave him alone, Flash. He got sick, that's not his fault!” 

“Whatever, Fatass.” Flash growled, turning away. He didn't make it very far, as he only took three steps before he was lifted up by his collar and shoved against the lockers. The sudden appearance of the hooded figure caused all three boys to yelp. 

“Say it again, asshole, I dare you.” the guy threatened, eerily cheerful. 

“P-put me down!”

“Hey, that's not what I told you to say.”

“Wade! Let him go.” Wade, turned to look at Peter through his sunglasses for a few seconds before doing as he was told. 

“F-freak!” Flash yelled before running off. Peter saw Wade cringe but neither of them said anything. 

“Uh, thanks, Wade… but you really didn't have to do that.” 

“Are you kidding, dude? I'm pretty sure he crapped his pants!” Ned claimed very enthusiastically. 

“I think I saw some pee, too.” Wade nodded. 

Peter hadn't seen Wade in a while since he’s been busy with Spider-Man and his internship, plus, Wade was a year older than him so he was always on the other side of school, but he didn't look very different. He still wore that old gray hoodie, dark sunglasses, and a surgical mask, though the mask went from a white cat mouth one to a bright pink one that had ‘Queen’ written in glittery neon purple. Peter and Ned both agreed he probably had a different one for every month of the year. 

“Honestly, someone’s gotta teach that kid some manners. Just give me the word and he won’t bother you ever again.” 

“No thanks, I don’t want you to get in trouble again.” Peter chuckled. 

“Ok, but you have to admit, it was awesome last time. Wade scared Hunter so badly that he transferred to a different school! How are you that intimidating with a pink and purple mask covered in glitter?”

“It’s a gift. Anyway, how have my favorite nerds been?”

“We’ve been fine, Peter’s been busy though so we haven’t had time to hangout after school.” Ned said, almost accusingly.

“Hey, it’s not my fault! Mr. Stark’s been on my case recently since some major changes are happening right now. Since the Avengers compound kinda got destroyed, everything’s being moved to the Tower since Mr. Stark bought it back and something about the accords and the Rouge Avengers is going on, I dunno.” In truth, Peter was not only busy going out on patrol, but he’s been attending meetings as Spider-Man. After The Battle of Earth (that’s apparently what people are calling it), the Ex-Avengers reconciled with the others and they all agreed to rip up the accords and figure something out that would still hold them responsible for any damage without completely restricting them.

“Why would a SI intern be involved in that?” Wade seemed unconvinced.

“Cause he’s Mr. Stark’s personal intern. He’s probably gonna inherit the company once Mrs. Potts, er- Mrs. Stark? Whatever, after she retires, he’s probably gonna be the next CEO.” 

“I feel like you forget that Mr. Stark has a daughter.” 

“Yeah, and she’s FIVE.”

“Damn, Petey, must be smart if Kid Gorgeous made you a personal intern. At least you’re not running around with his coffee or whatever.” 

Suddenly, Peter’s phone made the Pokemon level-up noise a couple of times. Checking it, he saw they were messages from Mr. Stark himself, which was weird since they didn’t text that much.

Iron Dad: Hey, kid, you busy?

Iron Dad: Actually, forget it, you’re never busy.

Iron Dad: Urgent Last minute meeting happening in ten so better swing over here fast, Greasy looks like he’s at a 7.

Peter audibly groaned as he read the texts.

Spider-Baby: Tell Loki to wait in my room until the meeting starts, being near ppl makes it worse and I’ll be there asap

“What’s up, Petey?”

“Uh, I gotta go, like, now. See you later, bye!” Peter quickly said as he started sprinting down the hall.

“Peter, what happened?” Ned yelled.

“I’ll tell you later!” 




Peter made it to the tower in record time and felt like collapsing the moment he got into his bedroom, slipping off his mask once he knew he was out of possible view of the public. It technically wasn’t his bedroom, Mr. Stark just let him use it whenever he came over since it was originally a guest room. 

Loki was sitting in the far corner of the room, his hand clenching a stress ball Peter had given him. It was his fifth one since he kept ripping them, even this one had his fingers dug into it.

“Hey, Loki, what number?” 

“Six.” he practically growled.

“Ok… do you wanna talk about it?” Peter waited for the god to nod before continuing, “alright, what’s making you wanna stab people?”

“My idiotic brother and those Avengers are testing my patience,” Peter felt like reminding him that he was now officially an Avenger but didn’t think it would make things better, “these meeting about those moronic laws are getting too frequent and absolutely nothing is getting solved! The last three meetings consisted of nothing but arguing and disagreements, no doubt this shall turn out any different! Of course, there’s New Asgard to deal with as well, since my Oaf of a brother practically ruined it because he was and never has been fit to rule, which I have been claiming since we were children. Don’t misunderstand me, for neither am I fit to rule, yet if he made Valkyrie queen much earlier, it would be in better shape!” Loki practically seemed out of breath by the time he finished.

“Feeling better?” Peter knew when Loki ranted, it tended to make him feel better. Fortunately, Peter was a great listener (not including the times in school or when Mr. Stark went on and on about being responsible.)

Loki sighed deeply, “Somewhat. I’m just exhausted by all these meetings. In the time we argue, I could be assisting the Queen in fixing New Asgard.”

“Yeah, me too. Maybe we’ll actually get something done?” 

“I highly doubt that would ever happen, but I guess we shall see.”

“I mean, do you have to attend this meeting? What even is this meeting about?” Peter hadn’t exactly been filled in on what was going on.

“I’m not entirely sure, in all honesty. However, it does seem urgent, so perhaps we should head down now.”

“...How about you just stay here and relax? I’m sure they’ll understand. Not like anyone is gonna come and force you to go to the meeting anyway.” 

“Because they fear me.” Loki laughed humorlessly. He had basically excepted that they’ll always be afraid of him, or at least feel threatened by his presence. He hasn’t even seen a picture of Morgan yet, despite the fact that literally everyone else has. He isn’t even allowed anywhere aside from Avengers Tower and New Asgard. 

“They’re just… cautious. I’m sure they’ll warm up to you eventually. I did.” 

“That’s because you’re innocent.” Loki chuckled quietly and Peter didn’t really know how to respond to that.

“Just wait here ok? I can catch you up on what happens. Also, what number are you now?” 

“If that’s what you want and about a four.” 

“FRIDAY, play Loki’s anger playlist.” Peter looked up at the ceiling as he spoke. He didn’t have to, but it helped Loki understand that the AI existed. It took the prince a while to get used to the talking rooms.

“Playing the ‘Snake Charmer’ playlist.” 

“Alright, I’ll be back soon. If you wanna know what’s going on, just ask FRIDAY to play the audio from the conference room.” 

“Thank you, spider child.” Loki offered him a small smile. Getting the God of Mischief to smiled was a goal Peter tried to achieve every time they had a discussion so he counted this as a win. Peter nodded back before slipping his mask back on and leaving the room. 

“Ah, Bug-Boy, finally decided to show up?” Mr. Stark smirked once the teen walked into the room. Of course, he was the last to show up. All the Avengers were there including the Guardians, The Queen of Asgard, Scott Lang, Doctor Strange, Hope Van Dyne, King T’Challa, and Princess Shuri.

“First off, spiders are arachnids, not bugs. Thought a genius like yourself would’ve known that,” Tony threw a pen, which he caught, in response, “Second, I would’ve gotten here sooner if you messaged me ahead of time.” Peter snarked back, taking a seat next to Shuri. He always got along well with Shuri, probably because they were so close in age.

“I did. I gave you a ten minutes heads up.”

“You do realize I live in Queens, right?” Mr. Stark looked as though he was going to respond before he was cut off.

“As entertaining as this is, can we please start?” Strange groaned.

“Yeah, I was in the middle of something very important.” 

“Rewatching Footloose isn’t important, Quill.”

“Oh, says the talking raccoon that has a thing for guns.”

“Anyway!” Tony spoke loudly over their conversation, “Glad everyone showed up. Finally got the band back together and all that.”

“We were literally all here three days ago, Tones.”

“Thanks Colonel Obvious. So, the first topic of this meeting actually isn’t about the accords, yay!” Tony got a few mumbled ‘yay’s in response and he seemed satisfied with that, “I know this doesn’t exactly pertain to Asgard or wherever the hell the Guardians hang out, but some very precious materials and technology have been disappearing from warehouses, some of which are owned by me. Last time something like this happened, Spider-Boy nearly got blown up on the beach.”

“Do some of these materials happen to be vibranium?” T’Challa asked, suddenly tense. 

“So far, no, though whoever this is seems adamant in getting some of it.” 

“What exactly is vibranium?” Quill asked. 

“Rarest and strongest metal on Earth. Nearly indestructible. They,” Stark pointed at the King and Princess, “have pretty much all of what Earth has of it.”

“We have been using our resources to support other countries, however if this metal falls into the wrong hands-”

“We're fucked.” Shuri finished, gaining a glare from her older brother. 

“We can't risk vibranium being stolen again-” 

“What do you mean ‘again’?” 

“-So we'll have to make sure these heists are stopped as soon as possible.” Tony continued without acknowledging Shuri’s question. “All the warehouses that have been attacked all contain vibranium hidden inside so detecting a pattern shouldn't be too hard to find.”

“Maybe we can set up teams around the area to keep an eye on things. Once things go haywire, we just let the others know.” Scott suggested. 

“Good thing you were originally a criminal, huh, Tic-Tac?” Sam scoffed.

“Yeah and so were six other people in this room,” Rocket sassed from where he stood on the table, “and five of those criminals have broken out of a highly guarded prison in space.”

“So you think you can come up with a better plan?” Sam challenged. 

“Of course not. I know I can come up with a better plan, Bird Boy.”

“Alright, listen here you damn rodent-”

“Who you calling rodent, assho-”

“Warning: an unauthorized personnel has made their way into the building. This is a Code Hot Pink.” FRIDAY interrupted the bickering. Everyone immediately stood up at the security breach mention. Tony was the only one who didn't seem tense, he actually seemed more annoyed than anything else. 

“Son of a bi-”

“Hey there, Iron Dick!” A cheerful voice said as the conference room door was kicked in, “Did ya miss me? Admit it, you missed me!”

At once, several weapons were aimed towards the voice. How weapons were allowed in the first place, Peter will never know.

“Woah, wasn't expecting an audience!” There stood in all his red and black glory, Deadpool, the infamous Merc with a Mouth. The Avengers all collectively groaned, with the exception of Thor and Banner, as they’ve already had encounters with the merc and silently agreed to let Tony handle the situation.

“Give me one good reason why I shouldn't let them all shoot you right now?” Tony crossed his arms. He had always hated Deadpool, not to mention sorta freaked out by him. The man killed for money, talked to himself constantly, had an incredibly crude taste in humor, had absolutely no decency, and was constantly hitting on Peter, even when he wasn't Spider-Man. Did this man not realize that Peter's only sixteen? 

“Well, first off, it wouldn't kill me, so you'd be making a mess that someone's gonna have to clean up.”

“The satisfaction of killing you would honestly be worth it.”

“Second, Baby Boy Spidey wouldn't like that, and I know he's got you wrapped around his finger.” Tony didn't respond this time, but visibly cringed at the pet name. “and third, Anthony, I've come to bargain.”

“Ok, don't ever call me Anthony or I'll let the Guardians throw you in space. Anyway, what exactly is this bargain?”

“Well, I've heard about your dilemma, mainly because I've witnessed three heists but I was too busy eating tacos to stop them, so I've decided that I wanna help!” Deadpool's voice was sickly sweet that it was painfully obvious that there was an ulterior motive. By now, the heroes weren't as threatened by his sudden appearance, most of them already sitting back in their seats, so Deadpool had no trouble walking over and sitting on the table right in front of Peter, sitting to face him. 

“Yeah, all I got from that was that you saw people stealing very important resources and did nothing because you were too busy eating and can you stop staring at Spider-Man and look at me so I'm not talking to your damn swords?”

“They're called Katanas and fine.” Deadpool grabbed the side of his head and, without any warning, snapped his neck to look at the genius. That didn't exactly get a positive reaction from the heroes, though Peter was mildly used to it at this point since Deadpool often brutally injured himself on purpose. 

“I… am going to pretend I didn't see that. Anyway, what in the world do you want because I know your goblin brain enough to know you want something in return,” Tony didn’t even let his start talking as he quickly added, “Jesus, someone put his head back to normal.” 

Absolutely no one moved so Peter stood with a sigh and twisted his head back. “Omg, I can't believe Spider-Man touched me. I'm never washing my face again, not that I do anyway.” The Merc remained on the table, but managed to spin around to face Stark. “And I only want one small thing in return. I want access to the building-”

“No, absolutely not. Bye.”

“Hey, at least listen, Tin Man, I'm not asking much. I just want access to the tower next week for just one day. You don't have to give me access to the private labs or anything, I just want to be able to get in without the risk of being shot at.”

“Depends, what day?”


“No.” Tony replied without hesitation.

“What? Why?”

“I’ve got a group of High Schoolers coming, including my personal intern,” Tony’s eyes flicked towards Peter for a split second but this went unnoticed, “And I don’t exactly want them near you.”

“Aw, you talking about Petey-Pie?” All the Avengers glared at Deadpool once he mentioned the intern. Peter started hanging out with them after The Battle of Earth and they’ve all gotten pretty attached to the High Schooler and they didn’t exactly appreciate the way Deadpool talked about him.

“Don’t call him that.” 

“Oh come on, I’m not that dangerous! I haven’t unalived someone in three months! Spidey can vouch for me, he’s been on patrol with me the whole time!” Crap. Peter hadn’t exactly told the others that he’s been patrolling with Pool, knowing he’d probably get in trouble.  

“Has he now?” Tony, along with a couple of the adults in the room, narrowed his eyes at the hero in question and Peter wouldn’t have minded randomly combusting at that moment.

“Yeah, we’re practically besties at this point, right, Webs?” Deadpool slid back completely off the table, knowing he’d land effortlessly on Peter’s lap. Peter didn’t say anything as he automatically shoved Deadpool off his lap. 

“Betrayed!” Deadpool cried dramatically.

“Alright, this has gone on long enough,” Strange sighed, “Tony, just give him access since he clearly has information on the heists.”


“It’s fine, Mr. Stark, really,” Peter cut him off, “He does genuinely seem to be trying to change, to some extent at least.” 

“Aw, Baby Boy, you DO care!” Deadpool, who was still on the floor, hugged one of Peter’s legs, missing the silent interaction between Tony and Spidey.

“Ugh, fine. But after that, you’re banned from the building.”


“Now, what do you know about these heists?”

“So, about those ‘groups’ of people… yeah it’s only one person robbing from these places.” Deadpool shrugged, sitting back down on Peter’s lap, thankful the hero didn’t shove him off this time.


“How is it only one person involved?” 

“Well, they must be pretty good since they never get caught and even when I was watching them, they were practically hidden in the shadows. Can’t even confirm if they’re a dude.” Deadpool replied, laying back to rest his head on Peter’s shoulder. If it weren’t for his super strength, Peter was sure Pool would’ve crushed him.

“They must have some help or something, right? I mean, Scott broke into my dad’s house but he had his buddies helping him out in the sidelines, even if he was the only one inside the building.”

“Wait, your boyfriend tried robbing your dad?” Clint almost seemed amused by this new bit of information.

“I mean, Gamora did try to murder me when we first met so I guess it’s not too bad.”

“I did help keep Wanda locked in her room…”

“I’m starting to think you need relationship counseling. I’m pretty sure Webs and I have the healthiest relationship here.” Deadpool bragged.

“I’ll knock you off right now.”

“Love you too, baby boy~”

“DP, focus!” Peter basically whined.

“Oh! So, I was wondering if you’d let me join on the manhunt for these devices or whatever since I’m pretty sure we all know I’m one of the best at finding people who don’t want to be found.”

“That’s true, he always seems to find me on patrol.” Peter actually agreed. It wasn’t very often when he agreed with the merc so he was hoping this would be last, though probably not.

“...Fine, but don’t think you’ll be teamed up with Spider-Man.” Tony pointed at him accusingly. 

Deadpool ended up being teamed up with Spider-Man, much to Starks annoyance. There were four other warehouses that hadn’t been robbed yet so they split up into teams of five. The original Avengers were one team, The Guardians were there own team, The Asgardians teamed up with Wanda, and Vision, and Scott, Hope, Sam, Rhodey, T’Challa, and Vision. Strange denied helping, saying he had other important things to be working on, though offered help if things got too chaotic. 

That left Deadpool and Peter as backup in the chance that the thief got past one of the teams, they’d be there to get in their way. Tony begrudgingly accepted this but told Deadpool that if he acts out in anyway possible, he’d personally kill him.

The rest of the meeting went as normally as possible, the topic shifting over to New Asgard, to the fate of the infinity stones, and eventually to the Accords. Deadpool, unsurprisingly, had no interest in any of these topics and slept through half of the meeting. Tony’s metal arm tapped against the table impatiently but he didn’t acknowledge the sleeping merc. The meeting ended after what felt like an eternity, thankfully before 9am this time, and the room emptied almost immediately.

“Underoos, I need to talk to you so don’t go anywhere.”

“Uh-oh, Baby Boy’s in trouble.” Deadpool said, finally waking up. Peter sighed in relief when the merc got off of him. “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.” Pool said as he wrapped an arm around him.

“No, get out,” Tony growled, “I need to talk to him alone.” 

“Fine. If he does anything, call me.” The merc somehow winked with his mask before leaving the room. The two stood in uncomfortable silence for a few moments while Tony thought of what to say and Peter mentally prepared himself for a lecture.

“How long have you been teaming up with Deadpool and why in god’s name would you not tell me?” 

“Ok, I know it sounds bad-”

“It really does.”

“-but I really didn’t plan on it! I was just on patrol one night and he popped up. This was before you even told me about him so how was I supposed to know he was dangerous?”

“Huh, good question, maybe the alarming amount of weapons he carries around?” 

“In my defence, I’ve met a lot of really weird people the last three months so I didn’t really think much of it. We literally have a talking tree walking around, you really can’t blame me.” Groot really had been weird to get used to, but Peter learned to manage.

“Sure, but, according to your new buddy, this has been going on for three months! Peter, are you serious right now?”

“I know, I know, but if you’d just hear me out-”

“I don’t need you running around with a killer right now, Pete. Or ever, to be more precise.”

“But he’s actually trying to be better! He hangs out with me because I’m the only one who believes he can still be good and he really is! He replaced his bullets with rubber ones so he doesn’t accidentally kill anyone. Can’t you at least give him that?” Peter slipped his mask off so he can at least look Mr. Stark in the eyes has they have this discussion. 

“No, I can’t. People like your buddy there don’t change, Peter. Even if he can, he attracts dangerous people. What if you get hurt? He’s dangerous to be around!”

“I can take care of myself!”


“I get you still see me as a kid, but I can literally stop a bus with my bare hands, Mr. Stark! I don’t get why you’re so scared-”

“Goddammit, Peter! I can’t lose you again!” Tony yelled, surprising the both of them. It was pretty clear that Tony didn’t plan on telling Peter that but he refused to back down, “I just- I already lost you once and it nearly costed everything to get you back.”

“I… I know, but he isn’t him ,” Peter and the others refrained from straight up saying Thanos’ name, mainly because a good chunk of the Avengers had some form of PTSD when it came to him, especially Thor and Mr. Stark, “Deadpool isn’t like that. But, if it makes you feel better, I can hang out with him a little less?” Mr. Stark didn’t say anything for a while before sighing and reaching out to drag Pete into a hug. 

Ever since Peter came back, Mr. Stark became a lot more involved in Peter’s life, occasionally dropping him off and taking him to school, letting him sleepover whenever May worked late, and just hanging out with him in general. Tony even started getting more physically affectionate, occasionally playing with his hair, patting his back whenever he did anything Tony deemed a success (which was a lot of things he did), wrapping an arm around his shoulders whenever he was bragging about him to others, and even hugged him more. Normally, Mr. Stark didn’t say anything before he initiated hugs, probably since he only hugged him when either of them were extremely emotional and because both of them are too nervous to bring up the first time they technically had a proper hug, Peter was dying. To be fair, Peter never initiated hugs because he was afraid Mr. Stark wouldn’t hug back, which didn’t make much sense but he didn’t care.

“Just be careful, ok? You’ve put me through enough stress for three lifetimes.”

“I will, Mr. Stark,” Peter replied, hugging back tightly, “I promise.”