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You and Me

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Teenage Dirtbag

Her name is Noel
I have a dream about her
She rings my bell
I got gym class in half an hour
Oh how she rocks
In Keds and tube socks
But she doesn't know who I am
And she doesn't give a damn about me
Cause I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby
Yeah I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby
Listen to Iron Maiden, baby, with me, ooh------

Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus


"You And Me"

When I got home from work
I wanna wrap myself around you
I wanna take you and squeeze you
'till the passion starts to rise.
I wanna take you to heaven
that would make my day complete
but you and me ain't movie stars
what we are is what we are
we share a bed some lovin' and t.v. yeah.
That's enough for a workin' man
what I am is what I am
and I tell you babe
well that's enough for me.
Sometimes when you're asleep and
I'm just starin' at the ceiling
I wanna reach out and touch you
but you just go on dreamin'.
If I could take you to heaven
that would make my day complete
but you and me ain't movie stars
what we are is what we are
and I tell you babe
well that's enough for me.
You and me ain't no superstars
what we are is what we are
we share a bed some popcorn and t.v. yeah.
And that's enough for a workin' man
what I am is what I am
and I tell you babe
well that's enough for me.

You and Me by Alice Cooper.





It was two days before Halloween and his sixteenth birthday, just another day as far as he was concerned. His birthday pfff tt, big deal. He was never going to get what he wanted anyway. So fuck this day and all that came with it.

The days held no promise for him, and he was just marking time until it was over, until school was over and he could get out of town for good.

He was sixteen today, and he felt nothing, he already knew how to drive thanks to Merle, and it just seemed like there was nothing to look forward to. Not even the bonfire they were having in the woods that night had any appeal to him at all. But, Merle insisted.

Merle never let his birthday go uncelebrated, even if their parents were too busy drinking to remember, Merle always did.

Daryl was grateful that his brother cared so much for him.

It was just another day to Daryl though.

Just another day of staring out the window during honors English class and wishing he was away, anywhere but here. Another day of thinking about her, the unreachable one.

Gina Gallagher, she was in his grade, and in most of his classes, in fact, he had known her or known who she was for years. But she didn’t know he existed, he was sure of that, even as occasionally she smiled at him in the hallway and made him blush.

Daryl was sure he was just another face in a sea of faces she saw every day. Still, she did smile at him sometimes, and that was something.

Rick always said something to him when that happened, and Daryl always told him to shut the fuck up about it, but Rick knew. Rick was the only one who knew about how he felt about her.
She smiled at everyone; he knew that for a fact, still, he liked to imagine that her smile for him was different.

But they were miles away in social status, Gina was a cheerleader, and he was, well he was just a boy from the wrong side of the tracks.

If she noticed him, it wasn’t like that, and lately, he had seen her with Ray Parker. Ray was the star quarterback, of course, and it seemed they were dating. Daryl would see them in the hallway, walking hand in hand, and Ray would kiss her before every class.

Sometimes she wore his letterman jacket that was way too big for her.

It made Daryl want to vomit.

Oh, what he would have given to be that boy, the one that got to kiss her and touch her beautiful red hair. But it was never going to happen, and he knew that. Still, he thought about her a lot; he had never had a crush on a girl before and truthfully, he didn’t like it at all.

There were plenty of girls from his neighborhood that liked him, but to him, they were trashy and cheap and just, not her. He never gave them the time of day, which caused his seventeen-year-old brother great distress.

Merle couldn’t understand if these girls were throwing it at him, why wasn’t he taking it. They all partied together in the woods, lit bonfires and drank whatever alcohol they could jack from their parents. Girls came on to Daryl, and he always walked away.

They weren’t her.

Daryl didn’t hear the teacher calling his name as he stared out the window. “Dixon…”

No answer, he was mentally touching Gina’s beautiful hair, and she was leaning closer to his face, about to kiss him.

“Dixon!!” The teacher, Mr. Coleman yelled, and that startled Daryl out of his fantasy. He looked over from the window, with his eyes cast down, because she was looking at him now. Mr. Coleman had been handing out assignments for a group project, but Daryl had been lost in his thoughts, as usual. “You, Walsh, Grimes, Gallagher, and ah, Lori Shepard are together for the group presentation. You did read the book didn’t you.”

Fuck, he had to work with her, it was a dream come true and a nightmare.

“Yes,” Daryl answered. He looked at Rick sideways, and he could see the grin forming on his friend’s face.

“So what would you say is the primary defect in the character of Jay Gatsby then Mr. Dixon.”

“Envy,” Daryl answered. He knew all about envy. “Greed, at times, consumption of things and people.”

Mr. Coleman was taken aback. The kid had read the book.

“I look forward to more insight from you Mr. Dixon; now this is not an independent study, I expect this to be a group effort, at least twice a week you should be meeting to work on this. So everyone gets out your iPhones and make your little group chats, I expect outlines by Friday.”


Rick and Lori were already exchanging numbers with Shane across the room. He chanced a glance Gina’s way, and she held her phone up, motioning that she wanted his cell number, and next to her Ray looked like he wanted to spit fire, having been paired up with Eugene, Milton, Amy and Andrea for the project.

Daryl motioned back to her, after class.

Then he sat back in his seat and tried to make his heart to stop racing and the panic he now felt go away. Merle would tell him just to be cool, but he couldn’t, not when it came to her. She was the only person who ever affected him that way.