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Side-Stepping The Issue

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The two men depart for the Lounge, and she smiles.



Now…to collect my soul.



Putting aside Garuda’s mask, Kali lowers herself to one knee by the corpse of the former Con Man.




Never make deals with demons.




“-Did you get my wallet back?”


That is the first question you ask”.



...He seems to remember where he is.





“Oh don’t look so disappointed. You’ll get to spend all of eternity with me”.


“But Chia-“


“-No, you don’t get to say goodbye”.



Her hand tightens around his.


A transparent smoke arises from the point of contact.


Although he may seem whole, he is still very much lifeless.



“I can’t even revenge-steal it from Destorm?”


“…If I didn’t know better, I would say that someone is obsessed”.





You know?


I thought I was gonna go to Hell.


-Maybe Heaven, but I’m a Con Man…soooo…



He winces internally.



Yeeeaahh…Not lookin’ so hot.




-Instead, he gets snatched up by a Blue Boo.




Her fingernails are practically glued to his arm as she leads him out of the exhibit.


Shooting him side-glances every so often to make sure that he’s not planning on paying the Villain a little visit.



No idea where they’re heading…



Can’t be much worse than this so-called 'Purgatory'.




Lights flash, and a spot on the distant hill flickers.


“Welcome to my home”.



And then they go in.




(Good thing he made friends with a Goddess).