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FAHC-don't you dare move

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Operation Hurricane was going to be a success. Only two people could fuck it up and they were on crime surveillance but you could argue that the drivers could take a wrong turn and someone in the banks could screw up. But everything was easy going. After three successful heists with minimal loss of life, they could go bigger. Gavin, Fiona and Matt had surveillance and cutting hotspots and hacking duties from inside the big heist truck thay still had. Jack, Jeremy, Micheal and Alfredo had vehicals while Ryan, Geoff, Trevor and Lindsay were on ground control. Everyone had a part and they had to stick to it. But, the complex thing was that this heist was hitting diferent gas stations and banks in a hurricane fashion. They would spread out over los santos and move north until they reconvened at a lumber mill and then moved onto Geoff's boat. An elaborate plan for the Fake AH Crew.
"Team tech are you ready?" Trevor called into his phone while he still had signal.
"Yup we got it all covered, when you enter a certain area by each target the signal will go down. Oh and if we say to move then run to the mill and circle it. Trust us." They all said back.
"Team cars are you good to go?"
"Fuck yeah! We got eyes on the road and we are ready to shoot any damn cops when this shit kicks off." Micheal responded.
"Okay team attack we are ready. At five, we shall go ahead with Hurricane!" Trevor finished as he checked his watch.
Only five minuets to go.. He knew Geoff and Ryan were ready but Lindsay being ready on the ground scared him shitless. If she got hurt, Micheal would freak. His clock strick five as everyone ran into their stores. The first hits were amzing and the second were a little worse. And when they reached the third store. That was when shit hit the fan. A cop was on break when Lindsay hit, telling his buddies about a robbery, the techs had spilled coffee on the monitors when Gavin was squawking around the room waiting, Geoff, Ryan and Trevor had no problem until the cops sjowed up and shot the cars and the windows, Jack got shot by a cop as soon as Geoff got in to leave for the next stop-which Matt said was the lumber mill- leaving them slightly incapacitated when driving, Lindsay and Micheal hit a roadblock hard and fell out the window-the ran to get back in the car before the cops started shooting, Trevor and Alfredo were screaming. Afredo thought he could shake the cops by using a jump, then going to the lumber mill and Ryan and Jeremy stayed behind to kill cops. They were surrounded. As soon as someone saw one of  the rimmy timm cars, they called the cops.. That meant that they were targets.
"Grenade!" Jeremy hollered as he through one towards the cops and blew up the remaning cars.
"Dont move, put your hands up!" Someone shouted from behind them.
Steffie was stood in her uniform with a glint in her eye and a gun at Jeremy's head.
"Freeze mother fucker." Larry retorted as he brought his gun to Ryan's head.
Shit. At least plan X had worked. Or was about to. Larry and Steffie took their handcuffs and placed them on the criminals hands. They then proceded to earn a small 'kinky' from Jeremy and placed them in a car. At that point, Geoff called.
"Hey Steffie did you get the boys? Good! Bring them to the meet point and we can take them to the boat."
"On our way boss." Larry responded as he entred the gps coordinates.
"Thanks for saving our asses back there. Hope it wasn't any struggle." Jeremy said after a long silence.
"No. We have cars around every hit. Hey, that's Matt and Fiona! We will see you later boys!" Steffie said as they rounded the corner to the docks.
"Finally! That took forever huh Ryan!" Jeremy said as he left the car and laughed.
With that, Ryan left and waved at the two waiting for him. God he could be insufferable. With that, they entered the speedboat and drove towards the fireworks spewing off the fakes bang boat.