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Witch Hunter

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They were friends. Of course that they were. Their mothers were close and also supernatural creatures should stick together, right?

Katsuki Bakugo came from long line of werewolves. So long, in fact, that it would be impossible to tell if anyone in their family tree ever was transformed instead of being born with wolf genes already written in their DNA. He was old blood and was extremely proud of it. His father on the other hand was just a human, but he was surprisingly good at surviving in the middle of chaos — warzone? — that their home was.

Midoriya Izuku was witch — like his mother. Actually, that's why Inko and Mitsuki become friends in the first place; that was result of their... Extraordinaries. And maybe a bit because green haired woman knew a lot of spells and potions that could help with werewolf-ish tantrums in the full moon. That's a really valuable ability, indeed.

The thing is when four year old Katsuki got his explosive quirk and Izuku was left with nothing, their friendship began to deteriorate... Crumble. Bakugo decided that he is useless and sure, Izuku still followed him but well... Their relationship wasn't very friendly. Especially after river accident when blond came to conclusion that his ex-friend is looking down on him.

Midoriya tried to fix their friendship, but he wasn't able to. Bakugo stubbornly clung to the thought that he doesn't want to know someone so weak... Not only not having quirk but also not being able to use magic despite being witch. Izuku tried to explain to him that the second one isn't true, that it takes a lot of time, even years, to learn basics but werewolf didn't listen.

When they were seven Midoriya decided to step in, stopping Bakugo from bulling some unfortunate kid.

He was beaten up, powerless and angry at himself for his own weakness when he met hunter. Man noticed potential in him; the way he rushed to help even though he had no chance of winning. He proposed teaching him his ways... Training him to help people and stop dangerous, inhuman beasts from murdering innocent. He also assured him that he doesn't need quirk for this. Determination and hard work were enough according to him.

Izuku accepted offer. Of course he did. After all he wanted to be a hero and heroes help!


Bakugo was eight when his life was in real danger for the first time.

He was playing with bunch of extras from his class on the verge of forest with Midoriya hovering somewhere in background when someone appeared. With speed that definitely wasn't natural he lunged at blond and two of them ended on the ground, struggling for upper hand.

Children run away screaming while Katsuki made more explosions in matter of minutes than throughout few last weeks.

While panicking and trying to fight man off he noticed sharp, dangerously shining teeth of his attacker, and he instantly knew what was going on. Vampire. Seeing how much he didn't care for the fact that sun was fully out and ignoring all potential witnesses he was old enough to have long ago lost his mind. Now there were only primal instincts driving him forward as insanity took over his mind. So it made sense that he attacked, what according to law of nature was his natural enemy, first chance he got.

Bakugo's heart squeezed uncomfortably when he noticed that Izuku isn't here anymore; he run like others, but blond had no time to think about it... Even if traitorous voice in his head jumped to opportunity to tell him that it's his own fault. After all get was the one who pushed him away for his weakness and now he shouldn't feel betrayed just because he evacuated when he needed help. And it's not like he could even do anything! If even Katsuki can't win and this nerd would be much more useless! He would be nothing more than toothpick for this monster!

Seeing as everyone apart from them two fled from the scene of possible murder, Katsuki took his half-wolf form. He wildly waved his clawed hands, even though he knew it was hopeless.

But even if he couldn't win he wasn't going to just give up! If he'll die then it will be while putting up fight! He'll be biting and struggling to his very last breath! No matter how pointless or useless it would be! He's a warrior, and he won't just lie down and die! Especially when attacked by such a hideous beast!

Katsuki won himself few precious minutes, and he got few pretty decent hits before his attacker managed to bit into his neck. Sadly the same moment fangs sunk into him, he knew it was over. Sure, he still fought and tried to wrestle himself free, but he wasn't able to succeed.

He was still young and in werewolf-ish standards... Weak.

His eyes fluttered shut and arms fell limply to his sides when suddenly weight on him was gone. He could feel dust in his nostrils and there was familiar voice in his sensitive ears.
“Kacchan! Kacchan! A-are you alive?! Oh, please tell me that I wasn't too late! I couldn't have been too late!”

Blond boy slowly opened his eyes even though he was sore and didn't want to do it just yet. He rose his bloody red irises towards his companion who was holding stake in most likely uncomfortably firm grip, and then he glanced at himself. He was covered with pretty thick layer of dust that only second ago was his attacker and would-be reason of premature death if he hadn't been stopped.

“What... You...?” he managed to choke out, trying to get up to at least sitting position. His vision was fuzzy and everything was spinning around. He would most likely fell back on the ground if it wasn't for green haired boy who immediacy abandoned his weapon, instead trying to help him support his weight.

Normally Bakugo would snarl that he doesn't need him but... He nearly got killed by vampire. If he ever gets to have a moment of weakness then it is a damn perfect time for it!
“I went to get stake to help you.” explained Midoriya, sniffling.

Of fucking course nerd is crying. When isn't he?

“What do you mean 'went for stake'? You're witch not a freaking hunter!” Bakugo protested with snarl although weak one.

“Uhm... I'm training to become hunter...?”

“What?! You're a hecking witch!”

“I know, I know! I just... Want to help people. Some creatures aren't like us... And are dangerous... They want to hurt others and I won't let them do that! I will stop them! Like I stopped this vampire!” Izuku exclaimed with sudden blaze of determination burning in his eyes.

For a moment two of them were completely silent.

Bakugo would never ever admit it out loud but in that exact moment Midoriya was pretty cool... Kind of admirable. He also killed vampire. Vampire! And that means he can't be that useless, right? And anyone who can kill this kind of monstrous creature — even when using element of surprise — is worthy of being his friend.

Hunters are pretty awesome when they don't try to kill him nor his family, he supposes.

“You're part of my pack.” he decided, getting up to his wobbly legs and not even pushing Izuku who helped him stay upright.

“Huh?” hummed Midoriya surprised by his words. He looked quizzically at his ex-friend.

“From today onward. You're part of my pack.” repeated blond.

Huge smile bloomed on Izuku's face.


Midoriya got scolded by his mother for attacking vampire instead of getting adult's help. She would come to his rescue after all! Mitsuki though, was really proud of him.

Hunter, who was mentoring, him had reaction which was pretty much the mix between two mentioned above mothers. Something along the lines of being irritated at his recklessness and cooing that 'barely did he hatch from egg, and he already wants to soar with dragons!'.

Oh well... In the end it was one of the best life decision he ever made because he got back his friend!

Most of the school's population was surprised that he once again was in Bakugo's good graces. Especially since he still called him 'Deku' but reacted rather aggressively when someone — anyone, really — tried to bully green haired boy.

It didn't make sense to them unlike to two boys. For them it was obvious reaction since they both were part of magical part of world and knew how protective werewolf are of their pack's members.

And Katsuki's pack was composed pretty much only of him, if he as alpha wasn't counted — he was more of his parent's pack than they were his. And he wanted his own group! He was a strong, independent werewolf! I mean, not yet, but he'll be soon enough! He'll drink a lot of milk, and he'll grow quickly! They'll see!

Izuku was content with his life.