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(Mind) Control Your Fear

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There are mentions of suicide here. Trigger warning!



The members of BTS have been ecstatic about the last concert date for their tour that some of them didn’t get a lot of sleep the night before. It all felt like a dream. But it was real. They could not believe they were famous. Just beyond grateful for it. Have never taken it for granted. Never regretted any second of it.


Well, until they were backstage facing men with guns.


Just 10 minutes before, they were onstage, singing the last song and saying their “thank yous” and “goodbyes” to their fans. They didn’t want to leave. But at the same time, they are human and they need their rest. So as soon as they leave and give their color-coded microphones to the staff and make their way backstage, they see something odd in the distance. They walk closer. They see...manager Sejin. And...a man next to him. Holding...a gun? To his head?!


All of the members’ smiles leave their faces instantly. Frowning, Namjoon speaks up.


“Who are you? What’s going on?”


The man is not interested in introductions, but instead gets extremely annoyed at how close they now are.


“Stop! Don’t take another step or I’ll shoot! JUST STEP BACK! ALL OF YOU!” He yells out.


Namjoon puts his hands up. “Ok, ok. We’re sorry.” He looks back at the members. The maknae line clinging to each other, but mostly shielding Jungkook. Hoseok holding onto Yoongi’s arm as the older rapper gives the guy a death glare. Seokjin meets the leader’s worried eyes, nods in understanding, and takes a few steps back. He gives a gesture to the younger ones to do the same.


“Guys, come here. Please.” Seokjin says with an obvious fear in his voice, but keeps his ground as the oldest.


The members, except Namjoon, immediately flock over to him and they all hold each other but still facing the mean looking man with a gun. Namjoon carefully walks backwards to catch up with the others, standing protectively in front of them. He squints and sees something really strange.


The man holding the gun. He recognizes that to be one of their backstage security! But then, he notices something that’s even weirder. Everyone’s eyes, including manager Sejin’s, are all the same color, glowing a bright red. Namjoon is at a loss, but he speaks up anyway.


“You’re our security, aren’t you? What happened? Why are you doing this?”


“Don’t take another step or I’ll shoot!!” The man repeats.


Namjoon slowly puts his arms up again. “Ok. I won’t. I’m sorry.” He says. He looks back at his members. The maknae line and Hoseok are still very afraid, Jungkook nervously biting his lower lip. Yoongi now just looks confused, as is Seokjin.


“Look at their eyes.” He whispers, then turns back around to face the threat.


Jungkook looks around. Everyone is moving somewhat robotic-like, with their eyes a piercing glowing red. “Namjoonie-hyung.” He whispers back. “I think they’re being mind controlled.”


Everyone, except Namjoon, looks at him like he’s crazy. “What?! That’s ridiculous, Jungkook! This is clearly a hostage situation!” Seokjin whisper-yells.


“Hyung! I think he’s right. Their eyes are glowing!” Jimin exclaims.


Yoongi sighs. “I mean, I can’t see shit. I need my glasses. But somehow, I believe them.”


The members look around again. Everyone in the room, except them, all have blank expressions on their faces.


“I know that I watch too many movies, but I know enough to see that this is clearly mind control.” Jungkook states.


Namjoon exhales deeply and swallows. Trying to think of what to do next.


He directs his attention to his manager. “Sejin-hyung? Are you okay? Can you tell me what happened?” He asks, hoping for something.


Sejin doesn’t say anything. No expression. Namjoon furrows his eyebrows. He looks back at the security guard holding a gun to his manager’s head. Not moving. No expression.


Namjoon suddenly gets curious and brave. He takes a step forward. Then another.


“Hyung!” Taehyung hisses.


“Hey, be careful!” Hoseok speaks up in a small voice.


Namjoon slowly walks forward, his eyes never leaving the two people in front of him. He keeps walking, and walking, then slows down, and stops. Just a mere 3 steps away from them. The security guard and manager Sejin still do not move.


He sighs. “Ok. You can do this, Namjoon. Ready?” He mutters to himself.






And in an instant he darts forward, grabs the gun, puts it carefully on the floor, and slides it to the members. “Throw it away!” He yells quickly. Then, in another beat, he tackles the guard onto the floor. The man’s hands are now off of Sejin’s neck. Sejin then falls to the ground like a rag doll. Eyes still a glowing red and not making any effort to move.


Yoongi quickly makes a sweater paw and carefully picks up the gun. He then slowly makes for the nearest trash can (keeping mind of one of the men holding a gun right next to it, but also not moving), literally throws the gun away and bolts back to the others. God, he hates guns so much.


Jungkook’s jaw drops. He’s never seen his hyung do that before! His respect for his leader is now through the roof, as if it wasn’t high enough already. He then realizes that Namjoon probably needs help.


Without thinking, he shimmies out of Taehyung and Jimin’s grasp and runs toward Namjoon.


“Jungkook-ah! Wait!” Taehyung yells after him.


“I want to help!” Jungkook replies. He runs and slides across the floor toward his manager.


Meanwhile, Namjoon has now just tackled the guard to the ground and sits on the man’s legs, pinning him down. The guard’s eyes are also still a glowing red, but not moving a muscle.


“Hey! We know you’re being mind controlled! Please, wake up! Please!” He grabs onto his shoulders and shakes him just a little bit. Doesn’t work. He gently taps the man’s cheeks a couple of times. Nothing. He sighs. He can now hear Jungkook coming in next to him to check on Sejin.


“Hyung-nim? Can you hear me? Sejin-hyung?” Jungkook asks. He is also pinning down his manager. He pokes Sejin’s face. Nothing.


Namjoon looks at the youngest, who has concern and slight fear written all over his face.




Jungkook looks up at him. “Hyung, what do we do?”


“I think I have an idea.” He says hesitantly.


“What is it?”



“Sejin-hyung is not gonna like that.”


“Well, do you have a better idea?”


Jungkook sighs. “I guess not.”


“Well then, let’s do it! You ready?”


Jungkook nods. “I guess so.”


Namjoon can clearly see the worry on the maknae’s face. “Look, you don’t even have to smack him that hard. Just hard enough for him to wake up from this state. He’s our manager so we just have to be careful. You got that?”


Jungkook nods again. “Yeah. You’re right. Ok, let’s do it.”


Namjoon smiles. “Good. Ready? On the count of three.”


Jungkook raises his hand.


“One.” Namjoon starts.




“Thr-woah!” He exclaims! Just as he was about to say ‘three,’ Sejin wakes up with a loud and sharp inhale. He starts coughing. The glowing red now flickering with his own eye color.


“Hyung! You’re okay! Breathe!” Jungkook reassures him.


“Sejin-hyung? Are you okay? What’s happening?” Namjoon asks.


Sejin looks around frantically and sees all the men with guns. Looks to his right and sees the security guard being pinned down on the floor by Namjoon. Looks up at Jungkook pinning him down as well. He notices both Jungkook and Namjoon, staring at him with worry.


“They’re coming.” He says.


“What? Who is ‘they?’ Hyung, please tell us what is happening here?” Namjoon asks again.


“I was here, watching you guys perform. Then next thing I knew, I was in a white room. I was watching a screen, I think they were my eyes. It was like a first-person video game or something. Except I-I couldn’t control my movements at all. I-I was just...watching. These people...they are probably in that room as well. Before all that happened, I heard someone talking about you guys. I just, need you to-to be careful.” Sejin’s eyes still flicker rapidly. He is stuttering, like this is some kind of glitch in the system.


“I think-I...think they want to, to control everyone to get to you. Whoever these people are...they-are, are obsessed with you.” He says.


Namjoon’s eyes go wide. Jungkook’s jaw drops.


“I can feel them trying to get inside my head again.” Sejin takes Jungkook’s hand. “ strong for your brothers.” He turns to Namjoon.


“There is something wrong here. Something sinister...or evil. You can’t let them get to you. You, guys are probably the-the only...ones that can figure out what’s happening and you can stop it. Ju-just, just be-be careful. I love you guys. You can do it.” He starts losing consciousness.


Jungkook starts tearing up. “Hyung, don’t leave me.” He squeezes his hand. “Don’t leave me.”


Sejin closes his eyes. “I believe in you.” He smiles softly.


“Fighting.” He whispers. He passes out, goes limp under Jungkook.



Jungkook looks mortified. Now on the verge of tears.


“Kookie.” Namjoon whispers. He puts a hand on the youngest’s shoulder. “You heard what he said. You have to be brave.”


Jungkook sniffs. He looks up at the leader with glossy eyes. “I was right. They’re all being mind controlled. Oh my god, hyung, what are we gonna do??”


“We will figure something out.” Says Seokjin from behind them. Jungkook and Namjoon look back at the rest of the group, now a few feet away from them. Jimin and Taehyung are both crying. The rest of the hyungs looking worried.


“We heard the whole thing.” Yoongi joins in. “If our phones weren’t taken away before the show, I would be calling the police right now. But we are literally surrounded by these people with guns. We’re stuck.”


“This is just like o-one of m-my nightmares. I h-hate this. I just wanna go h-home!” Taehyung cries. Jimin sniffs and uses the pad of his thumb to wipe away some of Taehyung’s tears.


“Awe man, I can’t believe this is happening.” Hoseok adds.


Namjoon sighs. “I know, Tae. Me too. But...ditto what Jin-hyung said. We will take this one step at a time. We need to find the people responsible and-AHHH!!” He screeches. He looks down at the security guard he has still pinned down and finds a needle. In his leg. The man is now awake, with his glowing red eyes looking more terrifying than ever. With an evil smirk, the man pushes down the syringe. Namjoon winces as he tries to take the needle out of him, but the man is too strong.


“NAMJOON.” Seokjin and Hoseok yell out together. Taehyung and Jimin gasp. Yoongi inhales sharply.


“HYUNG.” Jungkook exclaims. He tries scrambling off of Sejin...only to find out that he can’t move either. He glances down at his manager, who has the same evil smirk and the red eyes are back. Sejin has a tight grip on the boy’s legs. Jungkook gasps.


“Hyung, wait-AGH!” Jungkook yells out. Manager Sejin has now pushed the maknae off of him as hard as he possibly can, sending Jungkook halfway across the room.


“Oh my god. Jungkook!” Jimin exclaims. He leaves the group to go check on the maknae.


At the same time, the members are now staring at the scene in front of them. Seokjin and Yoongi take a cautious step forward.


The security guard looks up at them with angry eyes. “No. Not another step.” He warns.


“Get away from him.” Yoongi warns.


Suddenly, the man grabs Namjoon’s arms and switches their positions so now the leader is the one being pinned down. Namjoon huffs as the wind is nearly knocked out of him. He can feel his body’s energy leaving him to be replaced with fatigue.


“Get. Off. Of. Me!” He exclaims as he squirms around with the little energy that he has.


“Not a chance.” Says the man.


“Who...who are you exactly?”


The guard scoffs. “I’m surprised you haven’t figured it out yet. We were in the underground together! Before you were famous. Before you met...” He scowls at Yoongi, who gives him a disgusted look back.


“Excuse me?!” Asks a very offended Yoongi.


“Ugh, you should have stayed with us instead of running off to join this ‘K-pop Idol’ bullshit! You betrayed us!”


Namjoon is at a loss for words. He swallows, despite his throat drying up.


“I-I’m sorry. I know I disappointed all of you, but I wanted to do something more with my life than that.”


“Are you fucking kidding me?! Do you not remember how much fun we were having back then?? Do you even remember that night where I cried my eyes out because I was really depressed and you were on the phone talking to me all night?” The man’s eyes fill with tears.


Namjoon’s eyes go wide. “You...oh my god. Yongho? Sun Yongho?? Is it really you?”


“It’s Senoe now.” The man says.


“But, I thought you died.”


Senoe smiles. “I thought I did too. The water under that bridge had some sort of...’unstable radiation’ or whatever they told me it was.” He expresses with air quotes.


“These scientists took me in and helped me control this power. It feels...amazing. To be able to control whoever I want. I can possess a body and control everything through them. Watch this.” Senoe says with a wink.


Senoe looks up at the members. He closes his eyes to concentrate. When he opens them, his eyes light up a fiery red. Suddenly, the members’ eyes, including Jimin and Jungkook, turn purple and they go still.


“Sleep.” His voice echoes through the room. In an instant, the members all fall to the ground, with Jungkook and Jimin (who was on his knees to help the maknae) falling over like a rag doll.


“NOO!” Screams Namjoon. He pants, now starting to cry. “Yongho. Please. Why are you doing this?!”


At the mention of his name, Yongho scowls. He lifts his leg and then brings his knee down, HARD, on Namjoon’s thigh. Namjoon screams once again.


“That is NOT my name!! Why don’t you remember?!? I jumped because of YOU. You left me! We used to be so close but you just...left me. FOR THEM.” He growls.


“What?” Namjoon whispers. “Yong-uh...Senoe, we talked about this. I you...when I had the time. Why...don’t you remember?” He asks, on the verge of passing out.


“That is not how I saw it, Namjoon-ah.” Senoe continues. “It’s not. It’s not. It’s not.” The body glitches, then freezes, and falls over.


Namjoon can see black spots in his vision. He exhales slowly, giving in to unconsciousness. Then all he can see is blackness.

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December 20th, 2009


Kim Namjoon is currently getting scolded by his underground rapper friend group.


“You auditioned for a K-POP COMPANY?! Without telling us? Randa, why would you do this?” The leader questions.


Namjoon, also known as Runch Randa, stares at the floor. “They saw me rapping and they wanted me to audition. They said it’ll be a hip hop group.”


“No, they’re lying!” The leader spits.


Namjoon looks up. “No, they’re not! I met the CEO, he seems like a really cool guy! I told him I write my own lyrics and he liked that!”


“You disgust me!” The leader continues, “always have! Writing poems, watching ‘Friends’ to learn English! That is some gay shit and something only “sissys” would do!”


Namjoon chokes up. He doesn’t look away from his feet. “I should have never told you that.” He mutters.


Sun Yongho, having been in the room the whole time, looks up at the leader.


“Hey, man, I think we should be happy for him-“


Suddenly, Namjoon’s phone rings. He looks at the caller ID, but it’s an unknown number.


“I-I’m gonna go take this.” He stutters. He gets up from the chair he was sitting on and speed-walks out of the room.


*Five Minutes Later*


Namjoon walks back into the room with a smile on his face.


“Guys, I’m in! They loved my audition and they want me!”


Yongho smiles. “That’s awesome, dude!”


“Good for you.” Mutters one of the guys.


“Traitor.” Says another.


The leader looks up at Namjoon, with the most disgusted look the rapper has ever seen. He gets up out of his chair and strides over to Namjoon, towering over him.


“This is exactly what we all promised NOT to do. Rappers don’t belong in the idol world. You of all people should’ve known that.”


“But, I’ve been wanting to do this for a while! They liked my rapping! They said I can help with producing and stuff!”


The leader scoffs. “Bitch, please. They only say that to get you to join! Next thing you know you’ll be dancing and dressing up in girly outfits. Is that what you want?!”


“It’s not like that-“


“OF COURSE IT IS. IT’S EXACTLY LIKE THAT, RANDA! Every fuckin’ time. How many people do they want in the group, huh? Three? Six? Nine?!”


Namjoon plays with his hands. “I don’t know yet..”


“Of course you don’t.”


“Hyung, please-“


“NO. You know what, no. We’re not doing this. Just leave, Namjoon.”


“But hyung-“


“STOP THAT. Stop it right now. You betrayed us. Simple as that. Leave. NOW.”


Namjoon chokes on a gasp. His lip wobbles, on the verge of tears. He glances at the other members, who either glare at him or have their arms crossed, or both. Yongho looks away, bites nervously on his bottom lip.


Namjoon exhales...then turns around, and leaves.



The next couple of days consists of crying. Tears of happiness or tears of sadness, he doesn’t know. He lost his friends. His family congratulates him though. Tells him that they are proud of him and will support him through whatever he does. He’s glad, because at least someone does.


A week later, after Christmas, Namjoon is in his room packing for...well, he doesn’t know. A week? A month? He’s about to be a trainee, which the thought alone excites him.


A phone call brings him out of his thoughts.


He looks at the caller ID. It’s Yongho. Namjoon sighs.


“Hello?” He answers.


Hey, Namjoon. It’s me.”


“Hey, Yongho-ssi. What’s up?”’re leaving, huh? ” He asks.


“Yeah. I am.”


Man, this is gonna sound weird but ...” He hesitates. “... I thought..I actually thought you were joking at first, you know? When you said you auditioned .”


Namjoon makes a face. “Why would I? I wanted some change. I didn’t want to stay in the underground my whole life. I write songs and I want someone, other than the 20 people I know, to hear them. I think this company really understands me.”


Yongho scoffs. “ But I understand you perfectly! You have friends here who understand you !”


“Well clearly they’re not my friends anymore if they don’t support me.”


But Randa -“


“Ugh stop, that’s not my name anymore. Look, Yongho, hyung made it pretty clear that I’m out. I have made my peace with it. I have actually been wanting to quit for a while now. They have been so mean and toxic and unsupportive and I couldn’t do it anymore.”


Silence. Then Yongho hums.


I see ...”


Namjoon frowns. “Yongho-ssi, please tell me you have seen it too. Please? You were practically the only one happy for me. Right?”






I was, yeah .” He sighs. “ I don’t know. I’m glad you’re doing something that makes you happy. But, Namjoon...I thought you already were happy. With us !”


“I was! I really was! But it didn’t become fun for me anymore. This company, they’re small. They are not like the Big 3, and they really want to try make a difference in the music world. Well, that’s what they told me anyway.”


Yongho snorts. “ Seriously? Namjoon, that is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard !”


“Oh yeah? Stupider than calling me in the middle of the night crying about wanting to die?”


Yongho gasps sharply. “ WHAT?! NAMJOON! THAT’S NOT THE SAME THING!” He yells loudly into Namjoon’s ear.


“No, but I remember that night.” Namjoon continues. “I didn’t know. That you were depressed. You’ve always been so happy. But you called me right before I was about to go to bed. After I wrote some lyrics. And you called me. And told me that you were sad. Do you remember that?”


Y-Yeah ..” Yongho hesitates.


“You were freaking out. And I told you to take deep breaths. Told you to mimic my breathing. And then you did. And I asked you what was wrong. And you told me just about everything. About your life. About your parents not supporting you being a rapper and kicking you out. About how the underground took you in. Everything. Do you remember that?”


Namjoon-ah, of course I do !”


“Ok, and do you also remember when I told you that I’ll support you? That you don’t have to be scared? That I’ll be there for you whenever you need someone to talk to?”


Yeah? What are you getting at here ?”


“What I’m getting at is,” Namjoon swallows, “that I will still be there for you. To support you. I know you don’t want me to leave...but they kicked me out. I don’t belong there anymore. So I’m moving on. I hope you can understand that.”


I do. I can understand. I...I’m sorry. I know they can be harsh. But they’re my family. I can’t leave them .”


“I know how much you love them, Yongho-ssi. Just know that I am here for you too. If you need anything. But I might not always be available because of training and stuff.”


Yongho chuckles. “ Yeah, ok.


They spend the next 10 minutes talking while Namjoon packs his things. Namjoon decides to tell him about his anxiety and Yongho tells him that he started going to therapy after their conversation that night but hasn’t told anyone. Namjoon nods and listens. He doesn’t pry. He doesn’t judge. He just listens. Then an hour goes by and Namjoon is done packing, has been for 20 minutes, but continues talking to his friend.


Five minutes later and Namjoon looks at the time. It’s...very late. He reluctantly ends the conversation because he has to leave first thing in the morning. Yongho understands with a yawn. They tell each other good night. Namjoon smiles.


He has one friend, at least.



The next few years go by smoothly, with Namjoon meeting the rest of the members and bonding with them. They become close. Even with the group’s busy schedule, Namjoon still has text conversations with Yongho. And when Yongho calls him, (mostly in the middle of the night), he answers and they talk for hours.


The debut happens, and everyone congratulates the group. Yongho calls and congratulates Namjoon. They talk for awhile.


“I wish you could be here.”


They don’t want me to see you. I’m sorry, man .”


“Ah, that’s ok.” There’s some inaudible talking in the background. “Alright, hyung, I’m coming.” He says. “Sorry, man, I have to go. I’ll talk to you later!”


Yeah, ok, see you later .” Then Namjoon hangs up.



A few years later, they still talk but it’s less frequent. When Namjoon is working on songs and unable to sleep, he shoots his friend a simple text. He knows he must be sleeping but he does it anyway. Sometimes Yongho answers right away, but other times it’s not until the morning and Namjoon is hunched over and sleeping on his arms that are wrapped on the desk.


One particular April night in 2016, Namjoon is in the middle of writing his solo song for the Wings album. He has half of it done. He looks at the time, and sighs. He shouldn’t be awake right now. He wonders what Yongho is doing. He sends a ‘hey r u awake?’ text and goes back to writing, not realizing when he drifts off.


He wakes up to a phone call. He looks at the caller ID. Yongho? He picks it up.


“Hello?” He answers groggily.


A different voice from Yongho comes through. “ Namjoon ?” What?! It’s his underground group leader from all those years ago.


“What? Hyung-nim? Uh, where is..?” He asks in disbelief.


He left his phone here. He-“  He stops suddenly. He takes a deep breath and exhales shakily.


He’s...he’s gone, Namjoon. He’s gone .”


He cries the whole night.



He goes to the funeral a week later. Cries the whole night after that.


The next night he can’t sleep. He sits down at his desk, and the words come to him in waves. He jots down every lyric that comes to his head. Morning comes, he’s look down at the messy paper full of scribbles and dry tears. It’s perfect. He finishes it with the title.


Spring Day.

Chapter Text

Namjoon awakens with a headache and confusion. He can hear muffled voices so he decides to stay still and even out his breathing, while also trying to figure out what kind of predicament he is in.


He tries moving his arms. He can’t. He doesn’t feel like he’s in a chair, so his arms aren’t tied behind his back. So what, then? He tries again. Okay...they feel like they are tied in front of him, but he doesn’t feel any rope or zip ties. Feeling frustrated, he moves on to his legs...but he can’t feel them. He tries moving his left leg, where Yongho slammed his knee down onto his thigh. Nothing.


Am I paralyzed? Ugh, great. Fucking awesome. He thinks. Must be the drug he injected into me. Hopefully it’s temporary.


Suddenly, he can hear the muffled voices coming closer. Then a door opening.


“How’s our subject doing?” Asks a female voice.


“Subject? Dr. Wong, how many times do I have to tell you? I don’t like that word. He’s not just a subject. Just call him by his stage name or something.” Says a male voice.


“ is RM doing?”


“I visited him about an hour ago. He should be ready to wake up any minute now.” Says a different male voice.


“Hmm..” The first male voice speaks up.


Namjoon can hear footsteps coming closer to him. He does his best to keep up the sleeping act. He somehow has a feeling that the first male voice is Yongho. Does he know?


The footsteps stop, then Namjoon can suddenly feel someone breathing in his face.


“Namjoon. I know you’re awake.”


Namjoon stays still.


Yongho sighs. “Alright. Well, I didn’t want to do this but you leave me no choice.”


Yongho‘s eyes glow red. His eyes narrow as he concentrates.


“Namjoon...WAKE UP!”


Namjoon can feel his heart racing without meaning to. His head snaps up and his eyes open wide. He inhales sharply like he’s coming out of the water for air. He starts panting as he tries to control his breathing.


“Ha, I knew you were awake.” Yongho brags, kneeling in front of Namjoon. He stands back up and takes a couple of steps back. He crosses his arms with a smirk.


Namjoon looks around. He’s in a totally white room. There is padding on the floor, the ceiling, and walls. He looks down at himself. He is...wearing a straight-jacket..and white pants. He’s not wearing wearing any shoes, totally barefoot. He’s sitting on the floor against the wall facing the door.


He looks up at Yongho. The man looks the same, but also different from when he last saw him. “Yongho? Is that really y-“ He tries to say, but his throat is so raspy and dry.  He starts coughing.


Yongho rolls his eyes, then turns around. “Someone get him some water!” He yells back at them. One of the scientists runs out of the room. He looks back at Namjoon and smiles.


“In the flesh! know, the parts that aren’t burned I guess.” He gives a quick spin. He is bald. The right side of his face, his right arm, and both of his feet have burns on them. Oh, he’s barefoot too.


“And you know whose fault that is?” He look back at the room full of scientists, who are hiding their faces behind the clipboards.


Yongho snorts. “Well, I’ve half-forgiven them. They did a lot of surgery. Like A LOT.”


A scientist comes back into the room with a glass of water while he’s talking. They go up to Namjoon, kneel in front of him, and they give him a drink. He drinks the whole thing in a few gulps. The scientist gives an apologetic smile and leaves the room.


Namjoon clears his throat. “Yongho-“


Yongho growls. “Senoe!”


Namjoon frowns. “Uh ok, Senoe, where am I?”


Senoe’s face lights up. “Abandoned mental hospital! Cool, right?”


Namjoon has no patience for this. “Where are my members?”


“Aww, worrying for your friends instead of you first! What a leader!” Senoe coos.


Namjoon scoffs. “Senoe, where are my members?” He asks again in a more stern tone.


“Don’t worry, they’re fine! They’re in a little...’mental maze’ is what I like to call it.” He expresses with air quotes. He starts giggling. “Might be one of the best things I’ve ever created, honestly.”


Namjoon doesn’t react. He just wants to get out of here and find his members, but he’s...literally stuck. He looks down at his frame with a frown.


Senoe notices. “Ah, yeah. Your legs won’t gain back the feeling for at least another...” He looks back at the scientists again.


“48 hours.” A female scientist whispers.


“Yeah. Two days!”


Namjoon’s jaw drops. “What?!”


A different scientist speaks up. “We wanted to do more tests on Senoe’s powers and he chose you to help him.” Senoe smiles and nods.


Namjoon looks disgusted. “Me?! Help him? You guys literally kidnapped me against my will! Why would I help you?”


Senoe’s smile disappears. “Well you don’t have any other choice, do you...traitor?”


Namjoon relaxes his face in sadness. “I haven’t heard that word in a long time. I thought you were fine with me, you know, being an idol. Yong-uh, Senoe...don’t you remember?” He stares into Senoe’s piercing red eyes.


“Our talks on the phone? The congrats texts you would send me? The underground were protective of you and never let you see me but you were supportive! Remember? I just were happy! I didn’t think you were going to...” He shakes his head, trying not to cry in a room full of people.


“Senoe, I made a song. After you died. I wanted to dedicate it to you but I decided to leave it for my fans to interpret. Look, Senoe, I know I made a lot of people angry when I became an idol. But you...I thought...” Namjoon voice breaks. He looks away.


Senoe looks confused. He looks back at the scientists a third time.


“You experienced a great amount of memory loss, Senoe. We told you that. All of the memories you have of RM and BTS are most likely compromised, so you might only remember the negative parts. The radiation also made your hormones spike to very high levels, making you more angry.” One of the scientists explain.


Senoe scoffs. “Shut up! I am not angry!” He snaps back around to Namjoon, who is just sniffling and looking away. “You’re lying! The song is probably not even real!”


Namjoon sniffs. “It is real! I’m not lying! I have never lied to you!” He glances over to the scientists. “Look it up! It’s called Spring Day.”


A female scientist crosses her arms. “We’ll look it up later. We need to get started. We’re wasting time.”


“Right.” Senoe says. He goes back to kneeling in front of Namjoon, but moves to sit down. On his knees.


Namjoon looks concerned. “What are you going to-“


“I’m gonna get inside your head.” Senoe interrupts. “And see how long we can last! After all, you wanted me to remember how I was right? This is the perfect opportunity to do these tests!”


Namjoon mouth gapes, dumbfounded. “What?! No! Not like this!” He tries to struggle and move away from Senoe.


Senoe just purses his lips. He sighs. “Namjoon stop moving. It’ll only make your paralysis worse.”


Namjoon huffs, moving his torso to try to escape his arms.


“Oh my god-Namjoon STOP.” Senoe commands, his eyes glowing red again. He grabs hold of the rapper’s arms. Namjoon stops immediately.


“Look at me.” Namjoon raises his head to look at him without another word.


“We’re doing this. Whether you like it or not.” Senoe says. Namjoon whimpers.


“Are you ready?” Asks a scientist.


“Yes. Let’s go.” Says a determined Senoe. He places his hands on either side of Namjoon’s head gently.


“This might hurt a bit.” Senoe tells Namjoon in a low voice. Namjoon, feeling defeated, just closes his eyes.


“Your vitals are stable, Senoe. RM’s heart is beating very fast but his vitals are otherwise stable. You can go whenever you’re ready. We will be here to monitor.”


Senoe hums. He closes his eyes. He inhales and exhales deeply.


“Just do it.” Whispers Namjoon.


When Senoe opens his eyes again, they are a piercing fiery red. He grips onto Namjoon’s head. He grunts as a wave of energy leaves his hands and into the rapper’s body and mind.


The room fills with a blood-curdling scream.

Chapter Text

When he comes to, the first thing he feels is a breeze. A breeze?


Taehyung opens his eyes slowly. The first thing he can see is the dark sky. The stars. He groans.


“What?” He whispers to himself. He looks around more. It looks like he’s laying on the roof of a building. He tries sitting up, with a lot of effort. It feels like his head got smashed in with a hammer.


Holding his head, he sits up. Looks around more. “Ugh...where am I?” He can’t see any city lights, it’s almost entirely pitch black. There is only one lamp, which is hanging next to a door. The exit? He’ll get to that in a second.


Standing up as slow as possible, he shuffles over to the edge. When he gets there, he notices something he does not expect. There are clouds surrounding the roof. The bottom is endless. There are no other buildings in sight.


Taehyung yelps so loud it echoes through the clouds of nothingness. He jumps back.


“Oh my god!” He exclaims. “This can’t be real. This isn’t real. It’s all a dream. It’s not real! It’s not real!” He repeats.


On the verge of tears, he runs over to the door. Jiggles the handle. Locked.


“Noo! Come on! Come on!” He sobs. He tries kicking the door. No success.


“ARGH COME ON! Open up you stupid door!” He yells.


After another two minutes of trying to open the door, he gives up. Why is he up here anyway? He thinks back to what he last remembers.


Namjoon, his brave hyung, getting stabbed with a needle by a psychopath. Yongho? He remembers him briefly mentioning getting powers from radiation. Something with his mind? Oh yeah. He can control people.


“Oh.” He whispers. Does he know his fear of heights?


He blinks. Looks around at the roof again, getting chills up his spine and down his arms. Creepy.


He scoffs. He sits down against the door. This is definitely not real. He’s taken control of my mind. My fears. So how do I get out of here? He thinks.


He takes a deep breath and lets the air out slowly and calmly. Be brave, Taehyung. Conquer your fears, Taehyung.


But...what do I do?



The first thing Jimin hears is music. Very loud music. He bolts upright with wide eyes, panting. He looks around. He is laying in the middle of the company’s old dance studio where he used to practice every day.


Jimin holds his head. It hurts so much. He groans.


Think, Jimin. What was the last thing you remember?


Jimin closes his eyes. He takes a deep breath and exhales.


Evil dude controlling people with his mind. Helping Jungkook. Passing out..?


“But when did I-“ Jimin’s stomach growls. Oh man, not now.


Suddenly, he can hear a voice outside the door. He gasps, standing up quickly and sprinting to one of the dark corners of the studio that he knew so well. He sits down against the wall and frames himself to look small and unnoticed.


The figure opens the door and stays there for a second. They are talking to someone on the phone. He has silver hair and is wearing a gray sweatshirt and black sweatpants.


Jimin gasps lightly. What? That’s me!


“I know Jin-hyung, I’ll be home soon! I’m trying to get this move down for Blood, Sweat, and Tears. I want it to be perfect for the music video. No, it won’t be too long.” Pause. “Yes-yeah, hyung-yeah, I know! I have a salad in my hands right now! I’m gonna eat it after I get off the phone with you. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Okay. I’ll see you later! Okay, bye!” Past Jimin gets off the phone and walks fully into the room, closing the door on his way in.


He doesn’t have a salad in his hands, it’s a protein shake.


Future Jimin’s eyes go wide. Oh my god. This is 2016. This is just a memory. The evil bastard knows about my -


His stomach growls again, louder and longer this time. I need to get out of here .


Jimin leaves his hiding spot. He comes out of the shadows and into the light of the studio. As he suspected, Past Jimin does not see or hear him. He strides over to the door and turns the handle, but it’s locked.


“What?” He whispers. “That’s impossible.” He jiggles the handle. Nothing.


“Agh, no!” He notices the music has been turned down a little and looks behind him at Past Jimin, who takes a sip of his protein shake. He then changes the song to Blood, Sweat, and Tears and starts on the choreography.


Jimin sighs. He slides down the door until he reaches the floor, bringing his knees up to his chin. Great.


Suddenly, Past Jimin slips on a move and crumbles to the ground, hitting his knee pretty hard. He cries out.


At the same time, Future Jimin also cries out, shielding his knee immediately. “ WHAT THE FUCK?! I can feel his pain? Shit.” I know what happens next.


Past Jimin hisses as he tries getting back up. He shuffles over to his phone and starts the song over again, then quickly gets back into his position. As the song starts, Past Jimin can feel the start of a stomach cramp creeping in. Future Jimin, of course, can feel it too. Past Jimin just continues to dance, pretending not to feel it.


“You idiot.” Future Jimin says to himself, even though he knows he won’t hear him. “You should’ve remembered to bring the meds.” He sighs, placing his head on the door behind him and closes his eyes.


As Past Jimin dances, the stomach cramps get worse and worse. The song repeats and he keeps dancing, not stopping to take a break. As the song ends for about the fifth time, Jimin feels a sharp pain in his abdomen. He doubles over in pain and collapses onto the smooth studio floor, holding his stomach.


Future Jimin grunts as he watches himself deteriorate. He tries to remember to breathe deeply, in and out, like his therapist told him to do. Of course, his past self doesn’t know to do that yet. He’s just laying there and wheezing, and crying...a lot.


Still sitting against the door and feeling desperate, Jimin bangs on the door as hard as he can. “HELLO? Is anybody out there?! I’m gonna need some help in here! Someone, please, help us-agh!” He screams with a squeak as another sharp pain stabs his abdomen.


“Someone? Anyone?”



Jungkook remembers everything. He’s always had a great memory. Right now though, he’s hurting. He got shoved pretty hard and now everything is just...sore. He just wants to figure out what’s going on and get back to his life. He groans.


“Ugh...” he mumbles. He expects to still be laying on the hard backstage floor, but he’s not? “What?” He asks himself as he feels for what surface he’s lying on and slowly opens his eyes. There’s a ceiling, and he’s laying on a couch. He rolls to the side. It looks like he’s in a break room, where you wait to go on stage.


Jungkook squints. This looks familiar. Where am I?


He turns his head to look behind him at a side table. He sees a small poster with his and the members faces on them. He scoots closer to try to read it.



The O2 Arena, London

OCTOBER 9 & 10, 2018


Jungkook’s eyes widen. “What the-“


Suddenly, the doors open to reveal...himself? In workout clothes? Jungkook gasps.


“Oh my god.” He whispers. “Is this a memory? That man put me in here, didn’t he? Wow, he must be really powerful.” He glances over to himself stretching on a mat. He waves a hand from across the room.


“Ah, he can’t see me.” He says. Then Jungkook’s eyes widen again as he realizes what his past self is going to do. He scrambles to get off the couch to warn himself but he can’t seem to get up.


“Ugh!” He exclaims. He can’t do it. His back hurts too much. He lays back down on the couch, panting and feeling defeated. This is the worst day of his life and he is unable to get up to even attempt to prevent it.


He turns his head to watch himself injure his foot. Just a few more minutes. He thinks.


The next few minutes consists of Past Jungkook doing weird yoga poses while Future Jungkook cringes. “Wow, no wonder I got hurt. These poses look dangerous. I’m so dumb.” He sighs. “Why is he showing me this?” He asks with a frown, referring to Yongho.


Past JK then stretches out his leg to get into a different position, and accidentally scratches his heel on a particularly sharp corner of a chair. He doesn’t notice at first because of the adrenaline, but Future JK feels it immediately.


“AGH!” He yells out and winces. He looks down at his foot, raising it to see the damage. There is nothing there. No blood. Just the scar.


“What the hell?” He breathes. “What’s happening?! Ah, god!” He hisses as he feels the violent throbbing coming on. Past JK is now on the floor, clutching his foot and calling for his hyungs. Everyone piles into the room. He watches with hooded eyes as the medics and the members do everything they can to help him. Future JK can feel himself losing consciousness, again, as the pain becomes too much.


He smiles weakly as the medics wipe up the blood and bandage his heel quickly. “We need to get you to a hospital. You need stitches and we need to make sure this is not infected.” They say.


Past JK just wipes a few tears.


Hoseok smiles. “Aww JK, baby! You’ll be ok!”


Past JK looks up with glossy eyes. “But the concert!”


“We’ll be back before the concert starts. But your foot is too injured for you to perform.” Says the medic.


“Noo! I have to perform! Army will be mad!”


Yoongi snorts. “Well you’re not dancing, that’s for sure.”


Jimin grabs hold of Jungkook’s hand. “Army won’t be mad. They love you!”


Taehyung grabs his other hand. “And besides this was an accident! Accidents happen. I’m sure they will understand.”


“Alright guys, give him some room.” Seokjin says.


Namjoon comes into the room, phone in hand. “I just talked to...everyone. They’re not exactly happy because now we have to adjust the choreography and they have to figure out a way to have Jungkook still perform and...ugh, it’s a mess out there. But we’ll make it work. We will.”


And that’s the last thing Future JK hears before he passes out...again.

Chapter Text

The two men are running side by side. In the middle of a forest. No sounds except their fast breathing and footsteps stomping over damp leaves.


*Ten Minutes Earlier*


The rapper wakes up with a groan and a whimper. He can feel...something. It’s not exactly pain, but it’s not comfortable either.


“Hoseok? Hobi?” A voice speaks. It sounds muffled in his ears as he wakes up.


He groans again with a “hm.” He can’t do much more than that. His throat is really dry and his lips are very chapped. He knows he’s been sleeping on his side, as he can now feel that his right arm is fully asleep. So that’s what the sensation is.


The voice gets louder. “Hoseok-ah? Don’t move anything. I’m gonna position you on your back, okay?”


Hoseok gives a tiny nod. His head hurts a lot as well. He knows the voice. It’s Seokjin. He wants to speak but he waits until the oldest moves him onto his back. When he does, Hoseok opens his eyes carefully. The surroundings are not as bright as he thought, but he still has to blink a few times to get past the blurriness. When his vision clears, the first thing he sees is Seokjin looking down at him with a worried face. He clears his throat.


“Hyung?” He holds out his left hand. Seokjin takes it and interlocks their fingers together.


“I’m here.” Seokjin whispers. “Hyung is here.”


“Where are we?”


Seokjin sighs. “I have no idea. In a forest, I guess? The last thing I remember is being backstage. That guy...he has these mind control powers or something. I forgot his name. He knew Namjoon. I think we’re in some kind of dream. I think he’s taken control of our minds somehow.”


Hoseok blinks. “Mind control.” He repeats.


“Yeah.” Seokjin answers. He looks around. “I woke up about ten minutes ago and I’ve been hearing bugs crawling around and just, creepy sounds ever since. I hate being alone in a place like this. I’m glad you’re here with me.”


Hoseok smiles. He moves to sit up, with Seokjin’s help. He quickly and aggressively puts a hand on Seokjin’s shoulder so he doesn’t fall back down.


“Ugh.” Hoseok mumbles. He closes his eyes again and places his head on Seokjin’s shoulder.


Seokjin pats his back lightly. “Hobi-ah? What’s wrong?”


Hoseok doesn’t answer.


“Do you feel sick? Do you need to throw up?”




“What is it, then?”


Hoseok sniffs. “I remember now.”


“Oh yeah?”


“Yeah. I’m scared, hyung. For Namjoon.” Hoseok’s voice cracks as he tries not to cry.


Seokjin frowns. “Me too.” He says. “That’s why we have to get up. We need to find a way out of here. We need to find out why that man separated us. We need to-we just need to figure out what the hell is going on here!”


Hoseok lifts his head to look at the oldest. “If he put us two together, then he probably knows that we’re the scaredy cats of the group.” Hoseok points out.


Seokjin chuckles. “Well, you’re not wrong. I hate it here and I want to leave.” He moves to get up. “Come on.” He holds his hand out to the dancer, who takes it and they get up together in one smooth movement.


Hoseok then looks around at all of the trees in sight, and he shudders when he hears the creepy sounds and the bug noises that Seokjin was talking about. He looks up at the dark sky with the bright stars and the full moon shining down on them, as if lighting up the way.


“This reminds me of the time when we went camping. And we were roasting marshmallows for the s’mores and Namjoon went off on his own because he thought he could get a song inspiration or something. Do you remember that?”


Seokjin smiles. “I do.”


“And when he didn’t come back for a while, you and I went to go find him and he was sitting on a log just staring at the moon.” Hoseok continues. He looks down, kicking the leaves lightly with a sad smile. “He’s just so...pure sometimes, you know? Innocent with a love of nature and full of moon facts to tell anyone at a given moment. You know, I remember when...”


Seokjin listens to Hoseok with a warm smile as he talks and talks and rambles on about pre-debut Namjoon and how he’s changed so much and all of the things that Seokjin has heard many times before. But he nods along anyway like he hasn’t and it almost takes away the creepy feeling of standing in the middle of a forest. Until it doesn’t.


Suddenly, a loud howl is heard in the distance. Hoseok stops talking as he and Seokjin both jump out of their skins.


“Uh, yeah, we need to get out of here. Now. Come on!” Seokjin exclaims. He starts to move.


“But how do we-ah!” Hoseok yells out as his arm is now being pulled by his hyung.


“We’ll figure it out! Let’s go!” Seokjin holds the rapper’s arm as they start booking it through the trees.




As Seokjin and Hoseok run side by side, dodging tree branches and looking out for anything they might trip on, they see something weird in the distance.


“What is-what is that?! Hoseok asks, feeling out of breath.


“I don’t know. Let’s find out.” Seokjin pants.


They get closer and notice that it’s a wall. entire white wall with no end in sight on both sides. The trees end here.


“What in the...?” Hoseok says, speechless. He goes up to it, glares at it for a couple seconds, and reaches his hand out to touch it. It’s smooth.


“This is weird.” Hoseok claims.


Seokjin raises an eyebrow, still panting and bending over with his hands on his knees. He then straightens out with a groan as he thinks about what to do. “I mean, if there’s a wall here then there’s gotta be a door somewhere, right?”


Hoseok’s eyes widen. “You’re right!” His face falls. “But where do we start? It could be anywhere!”


“We could split up? Look on either side? It might be faster that way.” Seokjin suggests.


“But, hyung, it’s dangerous out here!”


“Well, do you have any better idea...? Seokjin trails off as he notices something behind Hoseok.


“What?” Hoseok asks, noticing the confused look on the vocalist’s face.


“Look behind you.” Seokjin says. Hoseok looks behind him. Something shiny shimmers a couple hundred feet away from them. The younger squints.


“Is that..?”


“I don’t know.” The older points out. “Let’s check it out.”


Seokjin and Hoseok make their way over to the shiny, sparkling object. When they get close enough, they see that it is a door. A big, gray, door with vines splayed all around it. The object they were focused on, however, was a large, shiny, and gold colored knocker.


“Jeez, how long has this door been here?” Seokjin asks. As he says that, the howling in the distance gets louder. Hoseok yelps as Seokjin jumps again.


“Don’t know. Don’t care. Let’s just get out of here.” Hoseok snaps. He slides quickly to the door and turns the doorknob, which does not budge. He grunts.


“What? Seriously?!” He exclaims. He takes the doorknob with both hands and pulls and turns it as hard as he can. Nothing.


“Here, let me try.” Seokjin says. Hoseok moves to the side. Seokjin grabs the handle softly and tries to turn it but the same thing happens.


“Hm..” Seokjin hums. He glances at Hoseok, who shrugs. He looks back at the door, and his eyes land on the knocker.


He sighs. Not like this will work but I’ll try.


He grabs the knocker and...knocks. It makes a dull thud sound when he does.


“Hello? Is anybody out there?! Can anyone hear me? HELLO?!” Seokjin yells desperately.


Seokjin huffs. He looks back at Hoseok with a frown. “Well, it was worth a try.” He says.


“Yeah, hyung, that was good!” Hoseok praises.


Seokjin turns and leans his back to the door. “Are we ever getting out of here?” He asks with another big sigh.


Hoseok gives a small smile. “We can only hope.” He says.


Suddenly, a voice makes itself known from outside the door.


“Hello? Hello?! I heard a voice coming from in here! Are you okay?” The muffled voice asks with a worried tone.


Seokjin and Hoseok gasp at the same time. Seokjin steps away from the door and yells, “YES! HELP US, PLEASE! WE’RE STUCK!”


“I’ll get you out! Just...step away from the door! I’m gonna try something!” The voice instructs.


Seokjin and Hoseok take a big step back as they suspect that the person will kick down the door. Instead, they hear a click and the door opens inward with no problem.


“I found a key on the way here.” The figure at the door points out.


The rapper and vocalist stand there speechless. The figure is-







Yoongi wakes up tired and angry. Livid. Furious. Just, all of the words to describe the fuming anger he feels at the moment. He wakes up in his work studio. He pretty much expected that. He’s sitting in his chair that he falls asleep in all the time. He looks around, doing a quick spin in his chair. Everything looks different, it just looks a bit...backwards? Yoongi grunts angrily.


“Are you fucking kidding me?” He asks to no one in particular. “That stupid-HEY!” He looks up. “If you’re listening, Yongho, I’m not playing these mind games! I know this isn’t real and I’m getting out of here!” He exclaims.


He storms over to his door with multiple locks and begins to unlock all of them, while muttering to himself his plan to ‘find Namjoon and kill the bastard.’ When he unlocks them however, the door’s handle does not budge. Yoongi raises an eyebrow.


“Oh really? We playing that game? Alright fine, I’ll play.” He says.


He goes back to his desk and picks up a fire extinguisher from under it that he keeps in his office in case of emergencies. He walks back over to the door and takes a big deep breath in, and out. He lifts the extinguisher over his head and, with a loud SLAM, the extinguisher comes down and knocks the doorknob off of its hinges. The door swings open slowly.


“Yeah, that’s what I thought.” Yoongi taunts.


He leaves his studio and comes across a long hallway. A hallway with many doors on either side. Yoongi’s lips form a thin line.


“Fuck this.” He mumbles. He starts walking, finding a key in a corner as he does. As he struts down the hallway, he hears distant knocking from one of the doors on the right following with a voice yelling a “Can anyone hear me? HELLO?”


Yoongi raises an eyebrow. Should he trust the voice or just keep walking?


He hums as he plays with the key in his hand, and sighs with an annoyed tone. “Ugh, fine.” He grumbles. He goes up to the door in question. It’s big and gray and it looks like it’s been through a lot.


“Hello? Hello?! I heard a voice coming from in here! Are you okay?” He asks.


“YES! HELP US, PLEASE! WE’RE STUCK!” The muffled voice answers.


Yoongi’s eyebrows furrow. The voice sounds familiar, but he can’t quite make it out.


“I’ll get you out! Just...step away from the door! I’m gonna try something!” He instructs them.


He takes the key and inserts it into the slot. It goes in, which is a good sign. He turns it slowly...and it clicks! Yoongi lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding, and he opens the door.


There, standing a few feet away from him covered in dirt and sweat, is Seokjin and Hoseok.


Yoongi smirks proudly. “I found a key on the way here.” He says.






“Hey guys!” Yoongi exclaims. “Didn’t think I would find you here.”


“Oh my god!” Hoseok screeches as he jumps into the other rapper’s arms, hugging him tightly.


Yoongi makes a strangled noise, but hugs him back anyway.


“I missed you.” Hoseok says into Yoongi’s shoulder.


“Missed you too. You smell.” Yoongi says. Hoseok snorts.


Seokjin comes out of the doorway. “Wow, am I glad to see you! I thought we were alone here.”


“Me too, hyung. I was stuck in my studio. Everything looked really backwards and that was how I knew it wasn’t real.” Hoseok breaks away from Yoongi.


“So is this some kind of dream? In there...” Hoseok points to all of the trees inside of the door. “...was just a whole forest.”


“This was Yongho’s doing. He probably wanted to talk to Namjoon alone and used his ‘mind control powers’ to keep us out of the way.” Yoongi expresses with air quotes.


“Who is he anyway?” Seokjin asks.


“Namjoon-ah has told me about him a few times. He used to be one of his underground friends. Had a problem with depression and died back in 2016, I think? Remember when Namjoon went to that funeral?”


“Oh, yeah.” Hoseok remembers. “So he’s back from the dead? What does he want with Namjoon?”


Yoongi shrugs. “I don’t know. I was gonna find a way out of here to find out but I found you guys first.”


“So this must not be any ordinary dream, then. This is like...some kind of mind palace or something. He put us in an environment or memory that makes us the most vulnerable. That makes us scared.” Seokjin speaks up.


“Yes, exactly.” Yoongi agrees. “Which means the kids must be here as well.”


Hoseok gasps. “We have to find them! I can’t imagine what scenario they’re in right now!”


Seokjin nods. “Yeah, they’ve all been through a lot. We should go.”


Just then, a loud howling sound comes from the forest. Getting even closer.


“Ah!” Seokjin jumps and closes the door quickly. “Ok, now we should go.” He points out, holding his rapidly beating heart.


Hoseok laughs lightly. Yoongi smirks. They start off down the hallway in search of the youngest members. On the way, Seokjin notices a small key on the ground and swiftly picks it up before continuing to follow behind the two rappers.


Might be useful later. Seokjin thinks as he puts it in his pocket.

Chapter Text

When Namjoon opens his eyes again, he is surrounded in a completely white room. Not the padded one in the mental hospital, but just a white room with what looks to be a TV screen and a control panel below it. Manager Sejin was right!


He looks down at himself, now actually being tied down in a chair. He sighs deeply, feeling a headache already approaching him.


“Really?” He states in English, clearly frustrated that he is tied up in his own head.


“Your mind is very complicated.” Says Senoe, ignoring the statement from the rapper. Namjoon looks back up at the man, who has his back to him pressing a bunch of buttons. Namjoon doesn’t reply and just rolls his eyes instead.


Senoe continues, “You have one area of your brain that is very logical. Mathematics is not a problem for you, but learning how to control and time dance moves correctly is difficult?”


Confused with what he is getting at but doesn’t want to upset Senoe, Namjoon says, “Well, yeah? I mean, I actually like to dance now but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. I try to think of it as math sometimes and count the steps so I’ll eventually be in sync with my members. Jin-hyung is the same way.” He looks away sadly at the thought of his members, not knowing where they are.


“The other area of your brain, creativity, is very interesting. Look at this.” Senoe presses a button on the panel and the screen, that was black before, shows a play-by-play of one side of Namjoon’s brain. There are sparks flying out like lightning, revealing themselves in all different colors.


Senoe turns around with a smirk. “What are you thinking about right now?”


Namjoon looks at him with tired eyes. “My escape. Have I really not been clear this whole time?”


Senoe stares at him for a few moments...before he bursts into laughter. Namjoon raises an eyebrow.


“Ha! That’s a good one!” Senoe exclaims. He turns back around to face the screen. “You’re funny! And easy to talk to! No wonder we used to be friends!”


Namjoon purses his lips. “Uh, yeah...” He agrees with a hesitance.


“Now let’s see who I used to be, shall we?” Senoe suggests, chuckling at his rhyming joke. He starts pressing some buttons. “Namjoon, where and when should we go?”


Namjoon’s head hurts...a lot. He closes his eyes and groans pathetically. If he didn’t have his hands tied, he would rub his temples to relieve at least some of the pain. “I-I don’t know. Is there, like, a search bar or something? So you can just look up your name?” Namjoon keeps his eyes closed, as the lights in the room are too bright.


Senoe scans over the heavy amount of buttons on the panel. “Hmm..” He sees a variety of things like HEALTH or EMOTIONS. He gets to the right side of the panel, where he finally notices a button called SEARCH. He presses on it, and a search bar comes up on the screen. He starts typing in ‘Senoe.’


“It was Yongho.” Namjoon speaks up, like he knew Senoe would do that.


Senoe chuckles. “Oh yeah!” He corrects himself and then presses the ENTER button right below SEARCH.


The screen shows a list of results in chronological order. The first result is called:

JULY 8th, 2008



Senoe scrolls down the list. It consists of mostly small interactions between them after they first met in the underground. The duration of the “videos” go between 3-5 minutes long. As Senoe scrolls down more, they get to be about 10 minutes to around an hour long. The longest one is about 5 hours long. Senoe cocks his head to the side, like a dog does when it’s confused.


“Five hours?”


Namjoon opens his eyes briefly to see the screen.

FEBRUARY 21st, 2009



“Oh.” Namjoon breathes. Senoe turns around to look at him again.


“That was the phone call where you first told me that you had depression. You called me first because I was about to go to bed. You started crying and told me...some stuff. I-um...” He trails off and looks away, trying to remember the details. “Agh, that was so long ago.”


Senoe huffs. He snaps his fingers and suddenly Namjoon is no longer bound to the chair, because it disappears completely.


“Oof!” Namjoon crumbles to ground and lands right on his butt. He brings his hands to his chest, rubbing at his wrists. He looks up at Senoe.


“Why’d you do that?” He asks.


“You’re being honest with me, so there is no need to tie you up like that.” He snaps his fingers again. Namjoon feels a weight on his ankle. There is a chain on it that is connected to a longer chain bound to the floor a few feet away.


“That doesn’t mean I trust you completely.” Senoe finishes.


Namjoon frowns, tracing a finger along the chain. “Y-Yeah...I guess you’re right.” He agrees, not having the energy to argue. He decides to just watch Senoe press more buttons and scroll through the list.


His headache is still there. It might be because of Senoe taking control over his brain, he really doesn’t know anymore. He wants to escape but Senoe has gotten the upper hand so many times. He just wishes for his former friend to get his memories back and let him and the members go. He thinks of his brothers with worry. Are they okay?


He doesn’t realize he’s been staring off into space until Senoe calls to him. “Hey, Namjoon! I’m gonna play the one you told me. It seems important.”


Namjoon blinks away his overwhelming thoughts. “Ok.” He says in an almost whisper.


Senoe scrolls back up to the “video” in question and hovers over it. He hesitates for a second, and then clicks on the video.


Namjoon inhales sharply. The headache suddenly gets worse. He holds his head, rubbing at his temples and trying to take steady breaths. It doesn’t work. He falls over on his back, his ears ringing. His tightly closed eyes sting with tears. As the video starts, his condition gets worse.


Groaning, he opens his eyes and tries looking up at the white ceiling. He doesn’t know what’s happening at all, black spots making themselves known in his field of vision.


Then everything goes black.


But then it doesn’t.


Namjoon goes stiff. Eyes open, but glazed over, dissociated. He’s not unconscious, but not fully awake either.


All he can see now is the memory.



Namjoon is about to go to bed, literally getting into bed, when he gets a phone call. He glances at the caller ID. It’s Yongho. He smiles. He hasn’t known Yongho for very long but he is easy to chat with. He’s comfortable around him. He can be himself.


He answers the call, putting it on speaker immediately. “Hello?”


Randa?!” Yongho asks in a hurry.


Namjoon chuckles. “Please, Yongho-ssi, just call me Namjoon. What’s up?”


He hears some shuffling and sobbing on the other end.


Namjoon’s smile disappears. “Oh my god, Yongho? Are you okay?” He asks.


N-No!” Namjoon can hear his breathing speed up.


“Yongho? Hey! I don’t know what’s going on but you need to breathe! Can you do that? Breathe with me, okay? Follow my breathing.” He starts taking deep breaths. “In for five seconds, hold for three, out for five. Can you do that?”


He hears shaky breathing on the other end, but it seems to be working. Namjoon stops to hear him.


After a few minutes of just breathing, Namjoon speaks first.


“Yongho? Are you okay? Can you tell me what’s wrong?”’ll make fun of me.”


Namjoon huffs. “Yongho, I promise you I won’t.”


Ok, well...ah, I don’t know. I’ve just been so sad lately. I miss my parents, but they hate me! I don’t think I told you this, but they kicked me out for wanting to be a rapper. I found the underground and they took me in and helped me. I keep thinking that no one here cares about me when I know that’s not true. I’ve just been so depressed, Namjoon-ah, I don’t know what to do. I don’t-I can’t get these thoughts out of my head...” He trails off as he starts crying.


Namjoon isn’t sure what to say, but he speaks up anyway. “ you want me to come over?”


Noo, you don’t need to do that! It’s getting late!” He exclaims through his tears.


“I know I don’t need to, but I want to.”


No, please just...can we just talk like this?” He sniffs.


Namjoon swallows thickly, trying not to cry. He sighs. “Sure. I’m sorry, I never knew you were feeling this way.”


Neither did I, until recently. You’re the only one I’ve told. I feel more comfortable talking to you. Maybe because we’re the same age? Ah, I don’t know. Everyone here will just make fun of me if I tell them. Or kick me out of the team. I can’t...I can’t let that happen. At least not right now, you know?


Namjoon hums. “I understand. Well, I can’t tell you what to do. Only you can decide that. But I’ll support you with whatever you decide to do.”




“Yes, of course! If you just want to talk over the phone, to vent or whatever, then I’ll listen. But not in the middle of the night, yeah? It’ll drive my parents crazy.”


Namjoon hears a breath that almost sounds like a laugh. He gives a small smile.


Deal.” Yongho says.


“Good.” Namjoon pauses. “Do you want to keep talking? You can tell me about your life and stuff. Before the underground? Or does that make you too uncomfortable?”


No, it doesn’t. I can. What do you want to know?”


Namjoon shrugs to himself. “Ah, I don’t know. Just...anything I guess?”


Yongho hesitates, and then sniffs confidently. “Ok.”


They talk for hours. Namjoon doesn’t get much sleep that night.



Senoe watches the whole thing, eventually snapping his fingers to materialize a chair to sit on. When the video ends, he blinks. Speechless.


“Wow...that’s me. I sounded so...sad! Namjoon, how did even stand me?” Yongho looks back at Namjoon, the first time since before he started the video. The rapper is laid flat on his back, arms out with his clenched-up fists. Namjoon groans weakly.


“Namjoon?” He gets up off the chair and strides over to him, leaning over his tired form. “Were you even watching? Do I need to start it over again?”


Namjoon’s exhausted, glossy eyes go wide as he looks up at Yongho. “N-no! I saw it! It was like I was reliving it. Yongho...please. Didn’t you get enough information? I can’t do this anymore. It hurts so much-“


“How dare you!” Yongho interrupts. “You said you would help me! We’re not done until I say we’re done!” He yells as he storms back to the control panel. “If you’re gonna whine and complain, then you shouldn’t talk at all!”


Yongho snaps his fingers. A strip of duct tape appears over Namjoon’s mouth. Namjoon makes a surprised noise and tries to peel it off, but the tape is too strong. He tries to sit up, but he’s too weak to even do that. He lays back down in defeat, tears evident in his eyes. He closes them, ready to face the pain again.


Yongho scrolls down the list, muttering if he should just watch all of them. He contemplates what to do. He decides to watch the ones that look the most important, the ones with the longest duration, as there are quite a few.


“These are probably the most important, right? Yeah, let’s go with those.” He talks to himself.


He hovers over a particular video:

DECEMBER 26th, 2009



That video seems to interest him the most, so he clicks on it and sits back in his comfortable leather chair, not paying attention to the muffled wailing behind him.

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Chapter Text

Seokjin, Yoongi, and Hoseok are trying to make themselves known in the very long hallway to find the maknae line. They yell, bang on doors, anything to get the youngest group’s attention. It doesn’t seem to be working.


“HELLO?! Is anyone in there?! Agh man, why don’t these doors have windows?” Seokjin asks, while knocking on a door. “This key doesn’t seems to be working on any of them either.”


“Hmm...” Yoongi notices a door at the end of the hallway. Despite his poor eyesight, he can also see the very obvious red EXIT sign above it. He squints, wondering if it’s a trap or not.


“I’m gonna go check out that door.” He announces. He makes his way to the very last door that’s practically staring at him. He inspects it, expecting for it to look anything special. Negative. Just a boring white door.


“Hyung, be careful.” Hoseok’s soft voice warns behind him.


“Yeah, yeah whatever.” Yoongi waves him off.


Yoongi puts a hand on the doorknob, half-expecting for it to be locked. He comes to find out that it’s not! Yoongi’s eyes widen. He looks back at Seokjin and Hoseok, who are staring at the door being easily opened in disbelief. He turns back around, fully opens the door, and looks inside.


It’s a stairwell.


“What?” Yoongi murmurs. “Stairs?”


“You’ve got to be kidding me! Are we in an actual building?!” Seokjin exclaims.


Yoongi takes a step forward into the stairwell. “Looks like it.” He says as he looks down. He can’t see the bottom. He then looks up. There is another floor and what looks to be a door to the roof.


“Come on. I doubt the maknaes are on a floor below us, so we’ll go up. There’s only one other floor and the roof.” Yoongi explains.


Hoseok nervously runs a hand through his hair. “You sure, hyung?”


“I’m about 50/50 on this. No, more like 70/30 I think.” Yoongi shakes his head. “Ah, whatever. They’re here somewhere!” He says as he enters into the stairwell.


Seokjin and Hoseok give an amused look at each other. Seokjin chuckles. “Alright, Yoongi-ssi, we trust you.” Seokjin says as he and Hoseok enter the stairwell.


“Come on, you slowpokes!” Yoongi calls out as he barrels his way up to the next floor.



Jimin doesn’t know when he fell asleep, but he wakes up again still sitting against the door. His stomachache is now gone. He sighs in relief.


He looks around. He is still in their old dance studio. He blinks.


“Wow.” He mumbles. He slowly gets up off the floor and makes his way over to the opposite wall where the “BigHit Entertainment” sign is displayed. He brings a hand up to touch it and lightly strokes the “E.”


I miss this place. He thinks to himself. He turns around and takes in the memories that were made here. He can almost see himself practicing the choreographed dance moves all night by himself until he couldn’t walk the next day. He thought back then he was just hard working, but he soon learned that he was just overexerting himself and he needed to slow down.


He also remembers teaching the choreography, along with Hoseok, when they both learned the moves. There were many hours in this room of showing a particular move to Seokjin and Namjoon and they would follow him, but not before getting frustrated with themselves and complaining that it’s too hard. Jimin would just smile at them, saying that “you’ll get it! It just takes a lot of practice!”


“How are you so patient, Jiminie?” Seokjin asks.


“Well if I wasn’t, I’d be like Hobi-hyung!” He teases brightly.


“Hey! I’m not like that!” Hoseok defends from across the room. They would laugh and start the choreography again.


Jimin chuckles at the memory. He tries to remember all the other good things from this room. Eating together, singing together, Seokjin’s jokes, Namjoon writing lyrics in his notebook during breaks and just general nonsense.


He thinks about Namjoon. His hyung. “Ah, Joonie-hyung...where are you?” He whispers in a worried tone as he stares up at the ceiling, trying to find answers.


Looking up must’ve been a bad idea because suddenly, the muscle connecting the right side of his neck and shoulder starts to ache. Jimin grimaces and brings a hand to the area, knowing the pain all too well.


The dull ache travels down his back and starts to throb slowly. Jimin whines and falls to his knees, still holding on to his shoulder.


“No...please. Please...” He begs to nothing in particular. “I can’t...I just-ah...” He groans at the dull ache.


Jimin hisses as he tries to stretch his neck the opposite way to relieve the pain. He also desperately starts massaging his shoulder, as if that’ll help.


“Please stop, please stop, please st-AH! SHIT!” He curses as the pain increases into sharp, painful throbbing.


Jimin doesn’t know what to do. This might be worse than that time in Macau or even when it happened before the Graham Norton Show. The tears start rolling down his face and he doesn’t have the energy to stop it, so he lets it happen.


“SOMEONE HELP ME!” He cries out for the second time, hoping someone will hear him. “PLEASE! ANYBOD-ugh!” He grunts, feeling another sharp jab to the shoulder.


Just then, a noise comes from outside the door. “I heard something come from in here.” A voice says. Jimin, through his tears, can see shadows under the door and he hears someone talking but the pain is so intense that he is unable to speak. So he just watches with glossy eyes.


“Ok, hold on,” says a second voice. The doorknob rattles once, the figure is probably checking to see if it’s locked. Then a moment later, a key going into the lock and turning until there is a clicking sound.


“Wow, that actually worked!”


The door opens slightly, and a head peeks into the room! It’s Seokjin! He doesn’t seem to notice Jimin right away because he looks around the room.


“It’s our old dance studio.” He points out. He fully opens the door, revealing the other two older members.


“Hyungs...” Jimin whines weakly.


Seokjin’s eyes land right on Jimin’s small form. His eyes widen. “Jimin?!” He exclaims.


“JIMIN!” Hoseok yells from behind the oldest. He runs into the room and goes straight for Jimin, landing on his knees in front of him.


“Aigoo, my baby! What happened? Are you hurt? Noo, why are you crying?” Hoseok asks, being careful on where to touch him.


Jimin, still in pain and sobbing uncontrollably, leans into Hoseok’s chest. “Muscle...spasm.” He whispers.


Seokjin and Yoongi come further into the room.


“I got you, baby. You’re gonna be okay. I got you. Hyung is here.” Hoseok soothes, gently hugging Jimin.


“What happened?” Yoongi asks.


Hoseok looks up at them with sad eyes. “He’s having another muscle spasm.”


Yoongi raises an eyebrow. Seokjin’s jaw drops.


“How is that even possible? How did we get off so easily?” Seokjin asks as he kneels down behind Jimin. He starts lightly massaging Jimin’s back.


Hoseok and Seokjin make eye contact. “What do we do, hyung?” Hoseok asks. “Jimin can’t exactly move at the moment and Tae and Jungkook could also be on this floor.”


Seokjin opens his mouth to say something but Yoongi beats him to it. “I could go find them.”


Seokjin and Hoseok look up at him. “Oh? By yourself?” Seokjin asks.


Yoongi shrugs. “Yeah, why not? Of course I won’t go to the roof without you guys because I’m pretty sure that’s our way out of here. Jimin needs you guys right now. But, I’ll let you know right away when I find Tae or Kookie...or both. When Jimin is ready to move, you can bring him out into the hallway and he can rest there. Deal?”


Seokjin and Hoseok look at each other again. They nod, silently coming to an agreement.


“Ok, deal.” Seokjin speaks first.


“Deal.” Hoseok follows.


Yoongi grins. He claps his hands once. “Deal! Yes, ok then.” He says as he rubs his hands together. “Looks like I got a mission!” He announces.


Hoseok giggles. Seokjin rolls his eyes. “Yoongi, go!” He demands.


“Oh, right! Sorry!” He apologizes. He quickly kneels down, smooths a hand through Jimin’s hair, and then gets up to promptly leave the room.


“I’ll be back!” He yells when he’s out of sight.


Jimin sniffs. Hoseok and Seokjin sit with him in silence for a few minutes, with Seokjin rubbing his back and Hoseok hugging his waist while the younger digs his face into Hobi’s chest.


“I missed you guys.” Jimin breathes out, his voice almost muffled through Hoseok’s dirty shirt. “I was so scared.”


Hoseok’s lips touch Jimin’s hair. He gives a single peck. “We missed you too, Jiminie.”


“How’re you feeling?” Seokjin asks.


“Um...” Jimin starts as he slowly lifts his face away from Hoseok’s chest. His eyes are bloodshot and his face is all tear-stained and puffy. The pain seems to have subsided, but Jimin keeps his head down, as if inspecting the damage.


He tries moving his right arm, he can feel everything from the elbow to his fingers but it is hard to move.


“I think I’m okay for now. I can’t feel my upper arm.” He says, lifting his head to look at Hoseok. “Feels numb.”


“ you think you can walk? We need to get out of this room.” Hoseok asks.


“I...I think so.” Jimin says in a small voice.


“Don’t worry, we’ll help you! And if you can’t stand, I’ll just carry you!” Hoseok points out.


Jimin smiles and lets out a soft giggle. “Ah, hyung!” He whines.


Hoseok snorts. “I mean it! You’re not that heavy, you know!”


“He’s right.” Seokjin agrees. “If you need help, just let us know.”


“Okay, hyung.”


“Alright, lets do it!” Hoseok exclaims.


Seokjin, Hoseok, and Jimin spend the next few minutes helping Jimin stand up and escape the room, so to speak. He grimaces as he places his left arm around Seokjin’s shoulder. He then hugs his right arm close to his chest because it’s the only comfortable position he can do with it. Both Seokjin and Hoseok hold his waist so he doesn’t fall and they slowly make their way across the room and out the door.


However, they hear a voice before they leave. “Guys, I think I got something!” Yoongi yells out from what seems like all the way across the hallway.


“We’re almost there!” Hoseok responds. The three members step in, and then out of the doorway and into the very intimidating-looking hallway.


As soon as they leave though, suddenly Jimin feels something being pushed through him. It kind of feels like stepping through a force-field. Some type of weird energy courses through his veins. It causes him to forcefully leave his hyungs arms and be pushed further into the hallway, sending him onto the opposite wall.


“What the..? Jimin-ah! What happened? Are you okay?!” Hoseok catches up to him and puts a hand on Jimin’s bad shoulder. He realizes what he’s doing and quickly retracts his hand.


“Oh, sorry.” Hoseok apologizes.


Seokjin’s jaw drops, he looks behind him at the doorway in question. “What the hell was that?”


Jimin, panting and basically hugging the wall, doesn’t notice that Hoseok touched him there right away. He looks up at the rapper with a confused look.


“I shoulder...the pain...” He tries speaking, but it feels like the wind was knocked out of him. “The...whatever that was, took the pain away...I think?” Jimin turns around and leans against the wall, taking deep breaths and holding his shoulder.


“It...pushed me. There was an energy there, hyung! I can’t feel the pain anymore! It healed me, somehow!” Jimin explains. “I felt it going through me!”


“Wow, really? How come we didn’t feel anything like that?” Hoseok asks, glancing at Seokjin.


“Uh...maybe because we didn’t get hurt? We got lucky!” Seokjin says.


“That felt so...magical.” Jimin continues. He looks down at his right arm, testing it. He raises it once, twists and turns it, retracts it and straightens it out again and again. No pain.


“Wow!” He huffs.


“Magic?” Yoongi auestions, coming in from behind Hoseok, who jumps and turns around to see the older crossing his arms.


“Ah, hyung! You scared me!” Hoseok exclaims.


“I mean, I doubt that it was magic. The rooms we were trapped in probably work like a prison. In our mind. You escape that prison, you are free. What you were feeling, Jimin-ah, was your mind most likely repairing itself. You were trapped in your own personal nightmare.” Yoongi explains. “I think I read this in a book somewhere. You’re supposed to be waking up...actually, we all are. But that sad excuse for a human, Yongho, has us trapped here with his stupid mind control powers and now we have to find another way out.”


Yoongi rubs his face with a frustrated sigh. “Anyway, I heard something coming from over there.” He points towards the general direction of one of the doors at the end of the hallway. He looks back at Jimin. “You. Stay here with Hobi. Rest for a minute. Jin-hyung and I will go check it out.”


Jimin smiles. “Okay, hyung.”


“Be careful, you guys.” Hoseok warns.


“Pshh, we’re always careful!” Seokjin jokes.


“Alright hyung, let’s go.” Yoongi says, already walking down the hallway.


“Wait!” Jimin exclaims. Yoongi turns around. “Look, hyung, there’s a key behind you! Is that important?” Jimin points to a small key behind Seokjin laying on the floor next to the room that Jimin was in.


Seokjin turns around and looks down at the key on the floor. He picks it up. “It seems like it is! I found a key on our way here, and that was how I was able to get you out!”


Jimin gapes. “Wow! That’s so cool!”


Yoongi grabs at Seokjin’s arm. “I think it’s strange but yeah, it’s pretty cool too. Now, come on hyung! Maybe the key will be useful here.” Yoongi points out as he practically drags the eldest down the hallway. Jimin giggles at the sight.


Seokjin and Yoongi then set off to go find the other youngsters while Jimin rests with Hoseok by his side.



When Jungkook wakes up, he’s in the same position he was before as he is still laying on a couch. He is still in the same room. However, the pain in his heel is completely gone...and there isn’t anyone in the room with him.


He’s alone.


Groggy as ever, he struggles with sitting up but he gets there eventually. He looks around the room, taking in his surroundings once again. He rubs at his face, trying to get all the sleep out of his eyes. He then inspects himself, bringing his foot up to look at his injury. Still looks the same. No pain anymore either. He looks back up at his environment.


“Hello?” He calls out to the empty room. No answer.


Jungkook frowns. He turns himself around on the couch and plants his feet on the floor. He starts to stand up, legs wobbling, so he grabs the arm of the couch for support.


He looks up again and notices the door. It looks different from when he last saw it, before he passed out. It used to be just a plain, white, backstage-looking door. Nothing special. Now, it is a dark-wood texture with a silvery doorknob. Jungkook’s squints at it. Weird.


He sighs and detaches himself from the couch to walk towards it. When he gets there, he tries turning the doorknob. It’s locked. Of course it is.


Suddenly, he hears something turn on and a hissing noise from above him. He must have triggered a mechanism because when Jungkook stands back to see what’s wrong, he sees a gas of some sort make its way out of the air vent that is placed above the door.


Jungkook gasps. “What the..?” He starts stepping backwards to get away from it. The gas creeps closer, and the younger does not know what to do here.


“Oh god. Oh my god!” He yells as he climbs back onto the couch. The gas has a really funky smell and, as it surrounds him, changes scents every few seconds. Jungkook plugs his nose, but the smell is so strong that he starts coughing and gagging all at once. He screams out of frustration and waves his hands frantically to try to get the gas out of his face.


Nauseated, he grabs the blanket off the couch and digs his face into it. He whimpers as he closes his eyes tightly, hoping the gas goes away soon.


Suddenly, he thinks he hears something from outside the door but he doesn’t want to look. The gas is so thick and the hissing noise is so loud that he thinks he must be hearing things.


The doorknob jiggles, but Jungkook doesn’t hear it and instead groans from the dizziness.


“Someone has to be in here. The door just looks too obvious and I thought I heard someone yelling in here.” A muffled voice, Yoongi, points out.


“Good point. Okay, stand aside. I’m gonna open it.” Seokjin directs. Jungkook does not hear any of this.


The sound of a key inserts into the lock and turns, making a familiar clicking noise. The door opens, followed immediately by a “WOAH!” as Seokjin and Yoongi get a whiff of the gas continuously flowing into the room.


“We found something!” Seokjin yells towards Hoseok and Jimin down the hall while holding his nose. “Ugh, gross! It smells like rotten eggs in here!”


“It smells like moldy cheese to me.” Yoongi says. “Oh, wait. Now it smells like...trash? Ah I don’t know! Let’s just go in.”


Holding both of their noses, the two slowly creep into the room. The gas makes them cough and they wave their hands in the air to try to get the gas out of their faces.


As they get deeper into the room, they hear whimpering and groaning coming from ahead. They go closer and they see a figure cowering on a couch, their face pressed up against a blanket. Going even closer, as soon as they get a glimpse of the flexed biceps and the dark raggedy hair, they know immediately that it’s the youngest.


Seokjin’s eyes widen. “Jungkookie!” He exclaims in a nasally voice as he hurriedly slides over to the couch. Jungkook lifts his head from the blanket slowly, bringing a hand up to pinch his nose in the process. He takes one look at Seokjin and Yoongi with glazed, tired eyes and furrowed brows.


“Hyungs?” He asks in a croaky, nasal voice.


“It’s us, Kook-ah!” Seokjin says.




Seokjin chuckles. “Yes, we’re real. Look...” He takes Jungkook’s hand, that’s not holding his nose, with both of his and squeezes gently. “I’m here.”


Jungkook chokes, tears filling his eyes. Seokjin smiles.


Yoongi kneels next to Seokjin. “We’re both here.” He places the palm of his hand on Jungkook’s cheek. “How are you feeling?” He asks the younger, who sighs and leans into Yoongi’s hand.


Yoongi’s mouth forms a thin line. “He’s sensitive to smell. Whatever this gas is, it’s making him incredibly nauseous. He’s going to pass out..or throw up, if he stays in here any longer. I’m surprised he hasn’t already.” Yoongi says.


Seokjin nods. “Yeah, me too. Okay, let’s get him out of here. You take that side and I’ll take his other side.” Seokjin directs, leading Yoongi to grab Jungkook’s left arm and tossing it over his shoulder. Seokjin does the same thing with his right arm. They both hold onto his waist and start escorting him to the exit.


Jungkook, heavily intoxicated from all the bad fumes, tries to help as he tightly holds onto his hyungs’ shoulders. His nose wrinkles as the gas makes its way into his system since he isn’t holding his nose anymore. Yoongi sees this and pinches Jungkook’s nose with his free hand. “We’re almost out. Hang in there.”


The three members shuffle their way out of the room. As soon as they get through the door, the energy that flowed through Jimin happens with Jungkook too, but it is  not as strong. He feels a tingly sensation, but it is subtle so he just ignores it. Seokjin gets the key out of his pocket, shuts the door, and locks it. The gas stops flowing, disappearing into the air. The two place Jungkook down against the wall carefully and kneel down around him.


Jungkook looks like a mess. Sweaty, exhausted, and nauseated would be a good way to describe it. He leans his head back on the wall, groaning while breathing deeply, taking in (somewhat) fresh air and trying not to throw up in front of his hyungs.


Hoseok and Jimin, now almost fully recovered, arrive then. Within one look at the youngest, Jimin rushes over and kneels down in front of him. “Jungkook?”


He hovers his hands over the younger’s face, not knowing where to touch him. He decides to run his hand through Jungkook’s hair softly, not really caring about the dampness from the sweat. He looks back at everyone watching him. “What happened?” He asks.


“It was like a stink bomb went off in there.” Yoongi speaks first. He pats lightly on the younger’s shoulder. “A few more minutes in there and he could’ve lost his sense of smell. I mean, it felt that way to me.”


Seokjin nods. “It was bad in there. We could barely see!”


Jimin sits all the way down, his hand continuously running through Jungkook’s hair. “Did that energy thing happen with him too?” He asks.


“I don’t know. If something did happen, it was small. It was not as strong with him. Maybe the gas was too intense? Let’s just hope that energy’s healing qualities work on him.” Yoongi says.


The youngest has his eyes closed, taking steady breaths. He doesn’t want to speak yet, listening to his hyungs talk instead. His nose...his poor nose. It feels like it’s burning, just a constant burn that makes his nose twitch once in a while. It hurts so much that he can’t feel when his nose runs with mucous. He feels fabric swipe under his nose a few times. His nose twitches again.


“Sorry. Your nose is running.” Jimin points out.


Jungkook sniffs, but his nose burns so bad that it tickles the hair in the nostril and he sneezes. He doesn’t realize when he leans forward and Jimin catches him, holding him gently. Jungkook groans into Jimin’s shoulder.


“Easy. You’re okay. I’ve got you.” Jimin soothes.


“Our poor baby...” Hoseok whispers.


Yoongi growls. “That son of a bitch! I swear when we get out of here, I’m gonna-“


“Ah!” Seokjin interrupts. “Not in front of JK! Save it for when we get out of here, yeah?”


Yoongi huffs and crosses his arms. “Ugh, fine.”


“You can kick the shit out of Yongho later. Right now-ah, my knees!” He complains as he also moves to sit down, having been kneeling for quite a while. “I’m sitting down. Hobi and I have been going non-stop and I’m really feeling my age.”


“But, hyung, what about Taehyung-ah?” Hoseok asks.


“All of these doors looked the same except for the one JK was in. Taehyung is afraid of heights. And what is above us now? The roof.” Yoongi explains before Seokjin can, who had his mouth open ready to say something.


“Uh...yeah, what he said.” Seokjin agrees. “We need to take a small break, just until Jungkook is ready to move.”


Jungkook mumbles from Jimin’s shoulder. They can’t make out what he says though.


“What was that, Kookie?” Jimin asks softly.


Jungkook pushes himself off of Jimin slowly, his eyes now open but tired and slightly glazed over. He looks over at Seokjin. “I’m okay, hyung. We can go.” He says in a husky, slightly croaky voice.


Seokjin glares. “Absolutely not! You look like a zombie. Do you even know where we are right now?”


Jungkook blinks.




Jungkook sniffs again. He looks around at the group and then down the hallway, looking at the seemingly endless amount of doors.


“Uh...hyungs? Where are we?”


Seokjin looks directly at Yoongi. The two have a silent conversation about what to do.


Yoongi frowns. “We should get to the roof first. It’d be better if I tell you everything when everyone is here. Just know that we are...” Yoongi looks away, trying to find the right words. “ some kind of mental prison? All of this, is not real.”


Jungkook frowns but nods along anyway. “Oh...”


“Yeah, I’ll explain later. We just...need to get to the roof. I hate this place.” Yoongi mumbles.


“Me too.” Hoseok chimes in.


“Same here.” Jimin follows.


Seokjin looks around at the members agreeing with each other. “Well...I mean,” He sighs. He makes eye contact with Jungkook who smiles lazily.


“I can do it, hyung. I’ll need help but I’ll be okay.” Jungkook insists.


“Yeah, Jin-hyung! I’ll help him!” Jimin calls out.


“I’ll help too!” Hoseok says.


“Alright! Okay, fine! You can help him. But please, PLEASE be careful! We’re going up some stairs, so we don’t want him falling on his face. Got it?” Seokjin demands.


“Yes, Hyung!” Jimin and Hoseok agree simultaneously.


“Alright! Now...” Seokjin moves to stand up.


“Get JK up. We have an ass to kick!”



Taehyung isn’t sure how long he’s been on this roof. Minutes? Hours? Days? He doesn’t know. For some reason, he doesn’t feel the need to go to the bathroom nor does he feel hungry. He’s just, so tired. And confused. The temperature keeps to cold, then cold. He feels like he’s going insane.


He’s too scared to look over the roof again. He’s peeked over the edge so many times, but each time doesn’t get any less scary. He sits down against the side wall where the door is near, hoping for someone to come and find him.


Suddenly, a large gush of cold wind brushes against him for what feels like the thousandth time and he still shivers every time it happens. He’s been timing the cold breezes, each one lasting longer than the previous set. It’s the same with the hot air as well. His teeth clatters, and he rubs his arms intensely hoping it will help warm himself up. He brings his knees up toward his chin and drops his head, trying to hide his face from the cold.


He’s so tired. Trying to brave hot air and cold air almost at the same time is exhausting for Taehyung. The skinny jeans and the black “Love Yourself” short-sleeve tour T-shirt that he is wearing has provided zero help in this situation, even with the hot air. He whimpers, trying not to cry AGAIN as he shakes violently.


Feeling helpless and alone, he can’t help but start crying helplessly. He holds himself and rubs up and down his arms faster. He can barely feel his fingers, though.


Suddenly, he can hear noises coming from the door. The doorknob shakes and muffled voices can be heard. Taehyung, thinking it’s someone out to kill him like in those horror movies, starts sobbing harder. Through the crying, chattering of teeth, and the loud wind freezing Taehyung to death, he can’t hear the click of the key go through and the door open.


The one who unlocked the door comes through it first, Jimin. “Hyung, you’re right! It is the roof!” He exclaims. As he walks out, he feels the chilly air immediately followed by a sound of someone crying off to his left. Jimin follows the sound to around the corner of the wall, where a body has wrapped around themselves tightly and shivering uncontrollably.


Jimin’s eyes widen. “Taehyung-ah!” He yells as he, almost at the speed of light, slides over to Taehyung’s side. Taehyung, still shaking with tears slipping down his face, looks up slowly.


He sniffs. “Jiminie?” He whispers. “Is-is that r-really you?” He asks, struggling from the cold.


“It’s me, Tae.” To prove it, he gently takes hold of Taehyung’s freezing hands in his warm ones. “It’s me.” He engulfs Taehyung in a bear hug. “I’m here.”


“We’re all here, actually.” Yoongi speaks up. Taehyung looks behind Jimin to see everyone else, except Namjoon, all standing there. Hoseok and Yoongi are holding Jungkook’s waist with his arms over their shoulders.


Jimin turns around, a worried expression on his face. “Hyungs, he’s freezing! Ah, I wish I had a jacket or something!” He goes back to covering himself over Taehyung, trying to warm him up.


“Here, Hobi, let’s lay him down here next to Tae.” Yoongi says. Hoseok nods and they move to lay Jungkook down against the wall (now the second time) next to Taehyung. Jungkook, still healing but now aware of his surroundings, gets as close as possible to Taehyung. He leans his head on his hyung’s shoulder and takes his whole left arm to hold, hugging it.


“I got you, hyung.” Jungkook whispers. Jimin coos at this while still bear-hugging Taehyung. “We both got you.” Jimin follows. Taehyung tucks his right arm to his own chest as he hugs Jimin back.


Taehyung’s face is also still hiding in Jimin’s chest, his teeth still chattering and his whole body still shivering but not as violent now. The maknae line a tangled cuddle pile.


Jungkook looks up at the oldest members looking down at them with soft smiles. He points to the ground. “Sit? Tae is here now. Can you please tell us what’s going on?”


Taehyung’s head comes up halfway, with only his eyes visible above Jimin’s shoulder. “W-Where are we?” He asks, shakily. “I-I remember what h-happened backstage, but I don’t remember p-passing out. I woke up here. I t-thought I was a-alone.” Taehyung’s glossy eyes close as another rush of wind passes through the members. Taehyung whimpers and he goes back to shoving his face against Jimin.


Seokjin, Yoongi, and Hoseok all sit down, forming a circle with the three youngest. “Oh, Taehyungie. If we knew how bad it was out here, we would’ve gotten here sooner.” Seokjin apologizes, shivering slightly from the cold.


Yoongi frowns. “I don’t remember passing out either. I do remember that bastard insulting me in front of Namjoon, though.”


“Where is Namjoonie-hyung? Is he in one of the rooms?” Jungkook asks, clueless about the whole situation.


Yoongi and Seokjin look at each other. Seokjin raises an eyebrow, as if to say ***You tell them. Yoongi sighs.


“No...he isn’t. Ah well, it’s better just to tell you from the beginning. Taehyung, you listening?”


“Mhm..” Taehyung hums distantly. Jimin shifts a little, sitting with his right side facing the oldest members and his chest facing Jungkook. He adjusts his legs so they make an arch over Taehyung’s legs. He is now half-hugging Taehyung, whose face is digging in his shirt looking for warmth.


“Alright. So...that man was Namjoon’s longtime friend, Yongho. I met him a couple of times. He was always friendly, but quiet and reserved. Anyway, before Wings came out...ah, do you remember when Namjoon went to that funeral?”


The members all nod in agreement.


“That was for him.”


All of the members’ eyes go wide. Jungkook’s jaw drops. “What?! Then why is he..?” Jungkook asks but trails off, not knowing what to say.


“I don’t know. He had severe depression. When know...he must’ve absorbed radiation in the water or something. You all saw those powers, right? I mean this place,” he gestures/waves his hands to all around them, “is not real! He is playing with our minds!


As to why Namjoon is not here, well, maybe Yongho took him. I remember Joon-ah saying that Yongho was the only one who supported him when he left the underground, so he tried keeping in touch with him when Namjoon got recruited for BigHit. Yongho’s parents kicked him out when they found out he wanted to be a rapper, and the underground took him in. Namjoon met him there and they became friends. I know he was just taking control of our security guard, but the body language and the attitude from the way he was was like Namjoon did something bad to him. But I know that he has showed nothing but kindness towards him. Maybe he lost some memories and is using Namjoon in some way to get them back? Or maybe he’s just crazy and is playing some sick game with us.


Either way, I hate it here and I want to leave so we can figure out what the hell is going on!” Yoongi exclaims.


Seokjin pats Yoongi on the shoulder. “I know, me too. We have to wait a little longer, though. Give Tae and Kook a second to get their strength back.”


Yoongi pouts but he nods anyway.


“How are we gonna get out of here anyway?” Hoseok asks.


“Well I’m assuming we jump.” Yoongi points out in a dead serious tone.


A muffled squeak can be heard from Taehyung, followed by Hoseok yelling out a “JUMP?!”


“Hyung, seriously?!” Hoseok continues.


“Dude, where else are we gonna go? Down the stairs? You saw how that looked!” Yoongi argues.


Hoseok huffs. “I...I guess you’re right.”


“Wow! So are we jumping off the roof? Awesome!” Jungkook screams excitedly. “Can I go first?” Jungkook asks as he starts moving to get up.


“Well hold on, Kook. How are we gonna do this, hyung? Altogether?” Jimin asks.


“At first I thought that we should go in pairs...but if JK wants to go first, then he can. We’re literally jumping into consciousness, so I don’t feel like we’ll be in danger.” Seokjin explains.


“I agree.” Says Yoongi. “Go for it, Jungkook-ah. We’ll be right behind you.”


Jungkook gives a genuinely wide smile as he makes his way over to the edge of the roof. He takes a glance at the bottomless pit, but he notices something. He gasps. “Guys! There’s like a purple glow towards the bottom!” He exclaims.


Taehyung lifts his head a little with confusion written on his face. “That wasn’t there l-last t-time I checked.” He says. “It was just a foggy void.”


“The dream gods have lit up the way!” Hoseok yells and pumps his fist.


Yoongi scoffs. “No such thing.”


Seokjin starts humming the melody to one of their new songs from the soundtrack of their game, BTS World. “Dream Glow oh oh, oh oh!” He sings, and then starts to giggle.


Jimin snorts. “Ah, hyung! Good one!” He and Seokjin high-five.


Jungkook comes back, still smiling from ear to ear. “Ok, I’m gonna go first! Love you guys!” He confesses as he quickly goes around and hugs each of them, being gentle with Taehyung. He goes back to the edge and climbs on top. He holds his arms out to the side as the wind blows past him.


Yoongi purses his lips. That looks oddly familiar, he thinks as he recalls the sight from the Bangtan universe where Jungkook is standing the exact same way on a roof. He chuckles quietly to himself.


“Hyungs, can you do a countdown?” Jungkook suddenly requests.


“Sure! Get ready!” Seokjin announces as Jungkook gets into position.






Jungkook slowly exhales.




Everyone holds their breath as Jungkook leaps off the building. He falls for what seems like forever towards the purple glow. Purple becomes white as he gains momentum that causes him to pass out, now entering consciousness.


The rest of the members still stare at the spot where he jumped off. A noise that sounds like an explosion blasts through their ears and a cloud of purple dust bursts into view.


Jimin smirks at Yoongi. “Still don’t think this is magic, hyung?”


Yoongi rolls his eyes.


Everyone lets out the breath they’ve been holding.


Seokjin shakes his head. “He’ll be fine!” He looks around at the other members.


“So...who’s next?”



Jungkook can hear his own heartbeat as he inhales deeply, like he’s coming back from the dead. His brain is going a mile a minute, while his body is falling behind. He just wants to get up and see where he is and what is going on, but he has no choice but to wait. So he does.


After a few minutes of wiggling every body part he can think of, he tries opening his eyes. He pries them open, but now he’s staring at the ceiling. It’s not too bright like he expected it to be. The lights in the room are off, but a window wearing blinds next to him says it’s the afternoon as a bit of sunlight shines into the room. Jungkook blinks a few times to try to get rid of the sleep. He looks down at himself, wondering what exactly he is laying on.


A...mattress. He’s laying on a mattress that is placed on the floor. He feels the material. Not bad, but it’s not exactly comfortable either. He looks around at the whole room, causing him to quietly gasp. The rest of the members are all lined up, starting with him, along the wall of a wide open space of a room. It’s big, so he tries to think of where and what this place is but he can’t come up with anything. The room is just empty except for the dirt and grime on the walls. So they are in something that’s very old. Jungkook makes a mental note for later.


He groans as he, very slowly, sits up. He doesn’t know why his back feels so sore, until he remembers being thrown across the room by his manager. He was not in control then, so he places the blame on Yongho and makes another mental note to beat him up with Yoongi later.


Speaking of his manager, he sees him passed out on one of the mattresses on the opposite side of the room. Next to him is Seokjin, then Yoongi, Hoseok, Jimin, Taehyung, and himself. Age order? Jungkook asks himself. Interesting.


Suddenly, a couple of strong inhales fill the room, one right after the other. Jungkook witnesses the whole thing. It’s Yoongi and Hoseok! They must’ve jumped off together. As they come back into consciousness, another inhale comes through. Seokjin. Then, after a few more minutes, Jimin and Taehyung simultaneously.


Jungkook just waits. There is really nothing he can do, so he sits facing his hyungs and waits for them to come back into reality like he did. He is ready to face the threat. He is ready to save Namjoon.


He is ready.

Chapter Text

Senoe is only a few “videos” in but it’s been hours. He’s learning more and more about himself as he goes through them. He can’t stop watching! He’s in the middle of watching one that is particularly interesting:





Namjoon and Yoongi have no choice but to take in all the nasty things being said to them. Through Namjoon’s eyes, literally, he glances at Yongho with sad eyes. Yongho, who is standing there at the back of the room with his arms crossed, trying not to react. Namjoon can see that he wants to, desperately, but he lives with those people sitting at the table. His family, for now.


Namjoon comes back into the argument that Yoongi is currently having with one of the rappers.


“I just want to be able to reach out to a lot of people with my music. I know Rap Monster wants that too. I think you might take this the wrong way, but personally, I want to be the bridge between underground and major. The reason for this is that I’ve been in underground before, in Daegu, and went through a lot of hardships myself. I finally released a track and tried to sell it but couldn’t earn a dime off of it. Doing music like that, it was really hard.” Yoongi, SUGA, explains to the room.


“So you went to Seoul because you didn’t want to experience hardships?” The other rapper spits.


“No, it’s not like that.” Yoongi defends. “I eventually came to Seoul because I wanted to continue doing music with my crew hyungs and I thought to myself that it’d be good to first build up more recognition, and that would be a way to continue doing music with the hyungs.”


“So then being an idol is a temporary thing to make money?” The rapper taunts.


The table continues talking like this for a few minutes. Namjoon and Yoongi get almost speechless every time the table try to intimidate them with weird questions. The atmosphere is heavy with body heat and awkwardness. The two BTS members spend an agonizing amount of time arguing and defending themselves, and Yongho is there watching the whole thing.


Senoe sits there and just watches this, jaw to the floor. He questions why he didn’t stop this bullshit. He grips his bowl of popcorn that he snapped into existence earlier. He mentally slaps himself for being angry at Namjoon for his betrayal to hip hop. After watching Namjoon’s memories, he can see now why he left the underground.


An overwhelming sense of protectiveness washes over him, almost possessive.


He’s not angry at Namjoon anymore.


He is angry at everyone else.


Suddenly, he hears a voice coming from outside of Namjoon’s head. He pauses the video.


“Senoe-ssi? Are you guys okay? It would be ideal to take a break now. RM’s brain is firing at a rapid speed and his heart rate is increasing. You should come out now.”


Senoe raises an eyebrow as he turns in his chair and finds that Namjoon is sitting up but his head is in his hands and his shoulders are shaking. Senoe gets up and goes over to the rapper. Namjoon is sobbing...hard.


“Namjoon?” Senoe kneels beside him. “Are you okay? What’s wrong?” He reaches his hands out, touching him on the shoulder. Namjoon flinches. “Don’t touch me!” He hisses. He moves to turn away from him. Senoe takes his hand off quickly as if its been burned. He frowns.


“Namjoon?” Senoe asks again. Namjoon just cries and cries, and cries some more. Senoe purses his lips. He looks down at the chains on Namjoon’s ankle. He growls in anger as he snaps his fingers, chains now gone. Namjoon still doesn’t move.


Senoe turns his head to the side in confusion. What happened? Why is he even crying in the first place? Why isn’t he grateful?


“Look I’m not gonna-I won’t, hurt you...anymore. Please, tell me what’s wrong. Was it the memory?” Senoe asks as politely as possible.


Namjoon nods through his tears.


“Did it bother you? Namjoon, please, look at me!” Senoe demands.


Namjoon just continues to cry with his back to him.


Senoe sighs. He looks up at the ceiling in frustration. “Ugh, fine! Let’s get out of here. I’ve seen all that I’ve needed to see anyway.” Senoe announces.


He grabs Namjoon’s arm, who flinches again, and snaps his fingers.


Everything turns pitch black.



Senoe and Namjoon awaken at the same time in the exact same way, with a deep inhale and their eyes as wide as saucers. Senoe pants as he quickly takes his hands off the sides of Namjoon’s face. Namjoon coughs violently. He can’t cover up his mouth because of the strait-jacket so he tries to turn his head to the side. A scientist comes over to pat him on the back.


“It’s alright, let it out.” The scientist encourages him.


The lead scientist is standing off to the side holding a trash can. “Wait for it..” She says ominously.


Namjoon wheezes after his coughing fit, looking as pale as ever. He then gasps as a wave of nausea overtakes him. He starts gagging and saliva makes its way out of his mouth. The lead scientist quickly places the metal bucket under him and, half a second later, he violently vomits into the can.


Senoe, who hasn’t moved, looks up at the lead scientist with confusion. She looks down at him like he’s supposed to know something.


“Senoe, we told you this would happen. Remember? You went into his head. There were going to be repercussions when you came out, with him taking the blunt of the damage.”


Senoe thinks back to the meeting. “Oh. Yeah...that’s right.” The lead scientist rolls her eyes.


“Anyway, RM’s symptoms seem to be what we predicted: nausea, coughing fits, wheezing...and looking at his brain activity, I haven’t found any visible damage. The only symptom I haven’t seen is seizing, so that’s a good sign. However, he is very mentally exhausted so he will need to rest for a while before you go back in.” She explains.


Senoe shakes his head. “No. No need.”


The scientist gives him an interested look. “Oh?”


“I saw everything that I needed to see.” Senoe points out.


The scientist squints her eyes. “You have?”


“Yes,” Senoe answers. “It seems that I got it all wrong. Namjoon-ssi isn’t a bad person. He was never mean to me. The memories that I saw of me have all been...enlightening in some way. But I can’t help but wonder, Namjoon, why you were particularly upset with the last one? The hip hop event.”


The scientist that was helping Namjoon pushes the vomit bucket away from him and wipes his face with a tissue. Namjoon groans weakly as he moves to sits upright again, as he had almost fell over from spilling the contents of his stomach. The scientist helps give him another sip of the water from earlier. He swallows and glances up at Senoe with exhausted eyes, but then looks down at his lap.


Senoe doesn’t understand the situation. Before he could ask the rapper, he looks down at Namjoon’s torso which jerks slightly from Namjoon’s arms unconsciously trying to find a way out.


Senoe sighs and looks up at the lead scientist again. “Take the jacket off.” He demands.


The scientist looks down at him, surprised at the sudden demand. “What?”


“Take the jacket off! He’s not gonna go anywhere! You said he needs rest, didn’t you? At least make him more uncomfortable!” Senoe pleads.


The lead scientist squints her eyes at Senoe, thinking about what to do. She closes her eyes and inhales...then breathes out. She opens her eyes, now looking at Namjoon who seems to be on the brink of passing out. His head is down, staring at the floor in front of his captors, blinking slowly and breathing steadily.


The lead scientist huffs. “Fine.” She states, as she nods her head to other scientist, the assistant, that was caring for Namjoon. “Do it.” She says to him. The assistant nods back, going to work on taking it off. Namjoon is pushed around and moved throughout the whole process. He doesn’t struggle. He wants the damn thing off too.


However, as soon as the jacket is off, the lead scientist takes a pair of handcuffs out of her back pocket and slaps them on Namjoon’s wrists. Namjoon grunts when she grips his arms. The exchange was so fast that Senoe didn’t have time to stop her.


“Why did you do that?!” He asks her in an angry tone.


“I had them handy in case he was to escape. He seems like the type that would. Magicians do it all the time! I was just being cautious.” She hugs her clipboard with a cocky smirk.


Senoe huffs from where he’s still sitting on the floor in front of Namjoon. “You are being ridiculous. Don’t forget who is in charge here!” He stands up suddenly, getting in front of her face. “Now, get out before I make you! I need to talk to Namjoon...alone.” He demands menacingly. He looks around the room at all the assistant scientists, frozen in their spot.


“All of you! Out! NOW!” He yells. The scientists closest to the door flinch and scurry out of the room. The assistant helping Namjoon pats the rapper on the shoulder, puts the glass of water on the floor next to Namjoon, bows to Senoe, and leaves as well.


The lead scientist scoffs. She turns around dramatically and promptly leaves the room, slamming the door. Namjoon jerks at the loud sound. Senoe glares at the door.


“Maybe I should put her in a mental maze too. That’ll teach her.” He mumbles before looking back at Namjoon. The rapper is looking down at his lap. With his hands partially free, he is able to touch his legs. He pokes his thigh, then frowns when he doesn’t feel anything.


Senoe sits back down in front of Namjoon, sitting cross-legged. “Namjoon?”


Namjoon looks up at Senoe with sad, glossy eyes.


“What’s wrong?” Senoe asks.


Namjoon looks off to the side. “Everything.” He responds in a quiet, but raspy voice.


Senoe raises an eyebrow. “Can you tell me now about what happened? At that event?”


Namjoon sighs and turns to look at Senoe again. “Why? You saw it.”


“Yeah...I did. But it made you really upset before we came back out. Why is that?”


Namjoon’s shoulders tense. “Because...because it was one of the worst days of my entire career, and it barely started. It was only a few months since our debut and I never thought-“ Namjoon gets choked up. “I never thought I would see them again. The same people that-that kicked me out. I knew that it wasn’t going to go well but it was so...bad. Really, really bad. I cried for hours after that. Yoongi-hyung had to calm me down. So when you were, um, watching it, it felt like I was there again...” Namjoon stares down at his lap again, a single tear rolling down his face. He sniffs, miserably fidgeting with the handcuffs.


Senoe swallows. He suddenly remembers watching the memory of Namjoon getting the phone call about his death. Going to his funeral. Writing that song about him and-wait...the song? The song! Spring Day! Senoe’s eyes widen.


He quickly leans forward and reaches his hands out to touch Namjoon’s face again. Namjoon gasps. “No, please!” He begs as he tries moving away unsuccessfully. “I don’t want to go back!” He closes his eyes tightly as Senoe grabs hold of Namjoon’s head with two fingers on each side.


“Hey, relax! We’re not going back. I just need to get some air. You need rest, so I’m giving it to you.” Senoe states. “Relax.” He says.


Namjoon’s tightly closed and stressed out eyes become more and more relaxed as Senoe concentrates.


“Relax.” Senoe repeats softly. Namjoon’s body slumps and his breathing gets more even.


“Sleep now, Namjoon. You need this.” Senoe says. His voice echoes into Namjoon’s body and mind.


The last thing Namjoon hears is Senoe’s voice as he falls into unconsciousness once again.



Senoe positions Namjoon’s sleep-induced body onto the white matted floor entirely. He doesn’t want his back or neck to hurt sleeping against the wall like that! He also doesn’t want Namjoon to be mad at him again when he wakes up. The last thing he wants is to not hurt him again. Namjoon doesn’t deserve that.


Senoe steps out of the room and goes down one flight of stairs before he walks through a set of doors that lead to a laboratory. He goes straight toward an office, where the lead scientist is sitting in a chair typing on a computer. She looks up at him.


“Show me.” He demands.


“Excuse me?” She asks, confused by the sudden outburst.


“Show me the song.”