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A/N This is a very strange OOC, AH, AU Twist on New Moon. M for Lemons and Language. New Moon will be quoted directly in a few chapters. There will also be familiar songs, quoted and proper copyright given.

Premise:Edward Anthony Masen Cullen has been split in two Edward Cullen, the actor, non-canon. Anthony Masen, Canon New Moon except it's AH. Is it complicated! Yes! But two VERY distinct characters.

Setting- Los Angeles California... Bella Swan, with her two best friends, Rosalie Hale and Alice Brandon have just moved to LA from New York to promote Bella's book New Moon and work on writing screenplays.

Bella and Rose meet the enigmatic Edward Cullen the actor, mid-career redemption and his brother Emmett Cullen. Edward is just days away from a press junket for his new movie and Bella days away from her book tour for New Moon reading about her past, with ex Anthony Masen, the man who destroyed her in the middle a forest in Forks.

When it comes to love at first sight, what kind of dedication and sacrifice will be required for a relationship to survive two very successful career, crazy exes, paparazzi, and fangirls between two people, who have never been in a successful relationship before?

Is love enough to make it?

Be gentle. Reviews Are Appreciated, they help me guide the story as many of you have with this one. Thanks! (Edited July 13th 2019)

Also, every single character and word within this fic belongs to Stephanie Meyer, and I have no ownership of it what so ever.


"Rose, what band are we going to see?" Bella inquired, sarcastically, "Who else belongs to the Very Important People club?"

Bella, Rose, and Alice had just been anointed "VIP's" in Los Angeles of all places. It was a bit surreal. Bella was not even sure what that translated into other than words.

Bella leaned over the sink, her mouth opened as she applied mascara.

Why does that happen?

She shrugged.

Bella didn't recognize herself for a moment. Alice wanted her to try out a new look before her photo shoot with Rolling Stone. Attending this concert would be perfect, a time to mingle and network. Mingling was not something Bella was particularly skilled at, with her tendency to prattle off-topic whenever she was nervous. She could also lose her filter completely if inebriated.

Bella applied the Russian Red lipstick that she'd purchased from the MAC store. Quickly checking to make sure she didn't have lipstick on her teeth. Bella went into the closet, and she found a form-fitting grey and black lace embellished, V-neck tank top. It had a crochet lace trim along the neckline. Alice left out a brand-new pair of black skinny jeans and silver peep-toe heels. She shuddered to think about how much the outfit cost, but it was nice to know that Bella was the one paying for it all, and dressing the part made her feel good inside and out. It gave her the confidence she needed, even if she had to fake it. Bella grabbed her black military blazer, hoop earrings, and the locket her Dad gave her for graduation. She was ready to go.

Bella had long, thick, curly, brown hair with red highlights. Her curled hair had been pushed to the right side of her head, with three big braids on the left to secure it. Alice did a great job, she looked amazing, her long mahogany curls now spilled off her shoulder and down her back.

Born Isabella, or 'Bella,' Italian for 'Beautiful.' Named by, her flighty, estranged mother, who finally admitted, her disappointment that Bella did not live up to it. Much to Renee's chagrin, Bella was her father's daughter: Ordinary. Bella was the exact opposite of her estranged mother. Realistic, grounded, dependable, and intellectual. She was also a great cook and a hard worker.

Well, you would have starved if you weren't

Bella had always been insecure about her looks, less so as she aged. She saw that her brown eyes, her petite stature, and decent curves, made her 'pretty.' But Bella was not the local flavor and not exotic. She had always been pale, but she did not tan. She was quite athletic, but she was not overly muscled.

"Wow," Rose commented, "I do not know if I will ever get used to seeing you look like that. I mean, you look amazing. Who cares about who will be there or what band is playing? This is the life we signed up for. It's a charmed life if you ask me." Rosalie said, offering a bemused smile.

"Miss Hale, gorgeous as always!" Bella winked.

Rose was gorgeous, and there was no denying it. She looked very, rock and roll in brand new jeans that came with designer holes and a new slashed ripped, cut out, stretchy blouse. Rosalie's beauty was on display at that moment. Her best friend was blessed with the body of an Amazonian goddess, long blonde hair, piercing violet eyes, the epitome of the golden ratio.

Since they moved, Rose was approached continuously by potential 'managers or photographers' who swore up and down she could be the next big thing. What they didn't seem to know, she already was. It did not have anything to do with her looks either. It was because of her hard work and brains.

A sad fact, both worked so much, they were very removed from the film culture and gossip. Bella, Rose, and Alice were screenwriters and editors, none of them read gossip rags. They all preferred actual books during their time off.

Bella shrugged, "Okay, let's go get a drink!"

"Lead the way," Rose said, putting her arms through Bella's.

The journey to Los Angeles would not have been possible without Bella's two best friend's Rosalie Hale and Alice Brandon. Bella considered them her guardian angels. They changed her life in so many ways throughout the last eight years. When the three arrived at NYU, it was decided that Bella needed to stop dwelling on the past and move forward. Bella had been worse for wear for a long time. Although she suffered unimaginable pain and loss before college—Bella could not come to regret the choice to move to Forks and the nightmare she lived through…barely because Bella wouldn't be where she was at this moment without that experience.

Alice and Rose had faith in their friend when she did not. Armed with a bachelor's degree in English and an MBA, Rosalie worked for the largest publishing house in New York. Rose submitted Bella's novel, New Moon, to be considered for publication. A story Bella had written during her senior year of high school, for therapeutic purposes, (to keep private.) Bella had always been a good writer but publishing a book about the very darkest time of her life was terrifying.

Bella was sure that no one would take an interest.

She was wrong, they wanted it, badly. Rosalie soon became her editor, agent, and part-time publicist. Most of all, she was the best, protective, and loyal friend anyone could have.

Now, in a few short days, Isabella Swan would be a published author.

She could not fathom why her story had gotten so much buzz. Hadn't everyone gone through a bad breakup? Heartbreak or unrequited love before? There was a tiny voice in the back of her head, always worried about how crazy she would come off. She hoped that in sharing her story, she would help someone. If that turned out to be the case, it would be worth it.

Perhaps the story Bella was telling was a bit unusual. More than strange, she did not just suffer heartache; she lost her mind. Fortunately, so far, no one looked at her like she was crazy.

As a supposed hot commodity's, their financial future's, with the work they had already done, had already been secured quite nicely. The fearsome threesome would continue to be very wealthy women if their career stayed on the same trajectory. This was just the beginning.

Blessing's always came with some curse. It was slowly sinking in that Bella would soon be forced to relive falling in love with Anthony Masen and the day he shattered her entire world. Anthony was the only man Bella loved and trusted. Her first kiss, her first boyfriend, the man she gave her virginity to, she gave him everything he ever asked for. Anthony destroyed her and caused her to lose her mind temporarily.

Anthony decided to disappear from her life by targeting every one of Bella's insecurities like missile's when he abandoned her on the forest floor, across the street from her house. Bella was almost committed due to a five-month extended catatonic state after Anthony left her. In less than ten minutes Anthony managed to rip out her heart, dropping it on the same forest floor he left her on. He disappeared from Bella's life altogether. To this very day, six, almost seven years later, Bella had not heard from him. She was 24 going on 25 and was grateful for his permanent disappearance, now at least.

Despite how and why he left her- Bella craved him for a very long time. As if he was her own personal brand of heroin. Bella wanted him so much that she purposefully put herself into dangerous, reckless, and stupid situations. Unable to take the pain any longer, Bella jumped off a cliff to take her own life. She had a death wish, temporarily, thankfully.

Bella was suppressing so much pain; Anthony's voice became her survival instinct; it was the only thing that could break through -during multiple near-death experiences she found herself in.

Bella's penchant for stupid, reckless, and dangerous things and the loneliness she felt took an enormous toll on her judgment. The worst thing she did was get herself into a rebound relationship with an old family friend, Jacob Black. Another long and painful story, but let's say he was too forceful. Eventually, he became unhinged when Bella refused his insistence that she was destined to be with him. Billy Black, Jacob's father, believed that Bella was betrothed to Jacob.

In the beginning, Bella was terrified that she would forget Anthony. So, Bella wrote down absolutely everything. She wrote about how it felt to love him, every thought she had when he left her. Bella wrote about the first time she saw him. Bella wrote about what happened when he abandoned her and the decision to move forward. Her temporary insanity was not something she was proud of but would soon be available for public consumption. The sheer number of pre-orders caused a knot in her stomach to form when she thought about it.

The book Bella wrote was also a testament to her father's love. Her Dad, Charlie, was the chief of police in Forks. He passed away in the line of duty during her sophomore year of college. He stuck by her crazy ass—When so few did. Bella's poor Dad didn't have it in him to put her in a padded cell. She would always carry the regret of not spending the time she had left with him, sane. Charlie had put up with so much of Bella's insanity.

Bella hoped he was proud of her.

In their junior year of high school, Bella learned about an uncanny sense of intuition Alice possessed. Alice was more right than wrong. She seemed to know how everything would work out for Bella. Alice steered Bella through every obstacle to get her to where she was. (She warned Bella about Anthony…) Conspiring with Bella's father, Rose and Alice had registered Bella for college before she even knew she would be attending college in general.

Alice always knew that Bella was in store for a life less ordinary. She had a vision of Bella's eventual success, and given the extreme turmoil that Bella found herself in with the black family; the three friends left Forks behind to attend NYU. They never looked back.

Alice was a visual artist, an accomplished photographer who lived and breathed fashion. It was only a matter of time before she would get the big break she so richly deserved. Until then Alice was Bella's business partner, personal stylist, and part-time publicist,

Few authors had perks like that.

That was because Rose was a force of nature.

Bella's manuscript had been passed around their publishing house, impressing all who read it. Eventually, it ended up with someone outside publishing, but very much inside the film industry. This shot caller, as they are called, asked the girls to look at a script and give notes. That was a big moment for them because none of them would provide just notes if it needed more. So, they doctored it, more than that- they re-wrote about 75% of it. Naive to the business at that point, they didn't think it would hurt, because the product represented them, and it was so much better. It was a gutsy move, that paid off, although pissed off the original author of the screenplay. Their revision was accepted, and it garnered the attention of more shot callers in the film industry. Behind the scenes, these women, with their talent and no holds barred confidence, had an attitude that demanded others pay attention, and they did. Rose was suddenly fielding scripts and novels everywhere. At the same time, the word about Bella's new book started to spread. It was like they had won the lottery.

This good fortune allowed them to keep their little band together. Rose quit her job the three formed their consulting firm, agreeing to freelance, with their choice of studio's and agents, they were not tied down to anyone. Folks from every walk of life begged them to adapt their books into screenplays. The hype and buzz surrounding them exploded all at the same time.

Alice had a strong ability to see how words could be visually represented, and she had a knack for knowing what books could become movies or had the potential to be. Alice was a storyboard master. Bella was a wordsmith, and Rosalie was the most thorough editor anyone had known. She was also a Jedi when it came to business. Bella's bachelor's degree in Film Making was tremendously helpful. Rose's English degree and MBA rounded out the skills they needed to be successful in this endeavor.

Despite Alice's intuition, nobody, but nobody could have predicted how quickly and radically their lives would change. The film industry turned into a whirlwind of change. Bella, Rose, and Alice had to leave their beloved flat in New York to settle permanently in Los Angeles. Something Bella did not want to do. When they Agreed to write screenplays, moving became necessary. Bella had fallen in love with New York, and she was scared to leave it.

Whenever Bella started to feel sorry for herself, she thought about all the paths she could have traveled if she had stayed in Forks. What would have her life been like if Anthony stayed? If he came back? If she found him? It would not have been the life she was living at that moment, that's for sure.

New Moon would be on the shelves in a few days. Bella snorted, suddenly wondering what Anthony's reaction to her book would be? Would he see her featured on the cover Rolling Stone magazine? It was frightening that she would soon be going around the country, reading the words she wrote during the worst time of her life, and the cruel words he spoke. Another tiny voice wondered if she could handle it emotionally. Who knew? She would have to get used to it. Bella would settle on not vomiting during the numerous interviews and photoshoots she had been scheduled for, or the audience coming to hear her read and sign her book.

She had to believe everything would be okay. Bella was about to start working on her second book, and the girls were in the final stages of picking the novel that they would be adapting for the big screen. The script they had altered so drastically was about to go into pre-production, a director had been selected for it. Rosalie was about to go to war with the studio over getting credited as co-authors of the screenplay. Nobody doubted she would win, Rosalie usually did.

This evening, Rosalie would be accompanying Bella to a concert where, the very important people, Beautiful people congregated.

Bella really needed to get Marilyn Manson out of her head.

First, they would have a few drinks at the hotel bar. Alice would be joining them later to celebrate.

As Bella shut the door to her hotel room, she wondered if fate would open another soon. She started missing one specific thing in life- something she had been content without. Bella was beginning to feel lonely. Thinking about everything going on in her life, she wished that she had someone to share it with. That scared the hell out of her.

Bella was frightened that she might end up like her father. Charlie, until the day he died, never got over her mother. Bella knew that she would always love Anthony, no matter how much she hated him, (and she despised him a lot.) Her heart had been held hostage by his ghost. Bella was about to start a new life, so she banished Anthony's memory to the furthest corners of the world. Anthony would no longer haunt her.

It was about damn time.


"So how does it feel to be nominated for Sexiest Man Alive again?" Edward's brother, Emmett, teased over the phone.

"Pretty pathetic, honestly there are better-looking celebs out there. I happen to be famous for playing a stupid vampire when I first started. Shower nozzle masturbation flicks for teenage girls." Edward couldn't help but roll his eyes.

"I sure hope you keep that shit to yourself now that you have a good movie you are promoting, everything on the internet is written in ink, not pencil. You would think that you would be a little more appreciative! Talk a little less shit about those 'stupid movies,' in public; since you still receive a percentage of the revenue from each installment. Income that will last you forever, no pun intended." The pun was intended. Emmett couldn't hold back his laughter; he appreciated his sense of humor, especially at his brother's expense.

"It sure came in handy when nobody would touch your ass. You talked trash about your films when you were supposed to be promoting them. Don't talk about them again, especially during this junket and be grateful Hollywood has a short memory." Emmett chuckled at the sexiest man alive who hadn't always had the best judgment.

Edward scoffed as he mocked being offended.

The truth was, he knew his brother was right. Those films had transported his fame to the highest level. The unexpected success of his first movie and his relationship with the lead actress garnered attention from absolutely everywhere. Edward had no privacy. He avoided going out and having fun. His love life was constant dissected. Nobody gave him a lesson on how to deal with that. He still lost his mind occasionally trying to cope with them, ten years later.

You would think he would be used to being stalked by photographers and being linked romantically with co-stars, friends, and even people he merely opened the door for occasionally. They were as frustrating as they were irritating and useless to fight against. He should have stopped dating his co-stars a long time ago; he may have spared himself some grief.

His publicist Carmen tried at first to battle them. Carmen had been a family friend, who took Edward under her wing ten years earlier. Her husband, Eleazar, did the same becoming his manager. Soon, Seth came into the picture as his P.A. Seth was a rare find, he did his job well, and he was a very decent person, in general. Seth quickly folded into his tight-knit professional family. Edward was grateful for their friendship and the work they did for him. At the same time, he was aware that if he no longer was able to afford their services, he could not say for sure that they would continue to be family. It was sad, but it was also Hollywood.

Edward only had his brother and parents.

He did love his fan base, while Edward could get overwhelmed, most had good intentions. He had celebrity idols before he was one and still had a few if he admitted it to himself.

His fans got him to where he was. So, Edward owed his fans a great deal for their support, well 99.5% of them. There was a faction of fangirls that scared him, stalkers, and group hunters. He had his fair share early in his career. As time went on, most of them had moved on to younger actors or singers.

Thank You, Jonas brothers.

He was tired of making movies that were created solely for box office revenue. The last installment of the vampire tent pole he played the lead in, was directed by an Oscar-nominated writer, who didn't care about it at all. It was an unmitigated disaster of a film. It should have been the best of them, but the studio didn't care. They knew it was the last installment, no matter how sloppy, it would still make a lot of money, in the end, the studio and director cared so little, they even disregarded things like continuity. Films shot by college students would get a failing grade if they ignored half of what that director did.

While Edward had to gain muscle for this movie (and tan for the 'sex scenes' playing a 17-year-old vampire?) his co-star, was forced to lose weight for the role the result? She looked like the spokeswoman for eating disorders. The CGI was worse than in the first movie, one that had practically no budget for CGI in the first place.

If only they had kept the female director from the first movie, they might have been decent films, as silly as they were. Each installment made a ton of money for the franchise, no matter the quality.

Despite the overwhelming success, the saga tanked his career… in hindsight, perhaps calling his character a psychopath wasn't the most excellent idea. They were his first movies and… well… okay… he did it to himself... He took himself way too seriously at the time.

Remember how you almost got fired for refusing to smile? The author of the books had to write half a book for your stubborn ass.

You are lucky the guy who plays the man of steel, turned down the role. Cause you wouldn't be playing Superman if he hadn't.

Edward sighed.

Emmett was right, taking a percentage from the series over a large salary was a wise choice. That money still trickled into his bank account and sustained him quite well when he was a pariah. Edward was filthy rich and would continue to be if the movies and books kept a fan base.

It had only been in the last few years that he had made a comeback. Scripts started pouring in after he accepted a role in a Broadway play, the right people had noticed his hard work and dedication to the production. Edward could now afford to carefully select the parts he wanted to play these days and expand his range.

His latest movie, Red Ribbons of Fate would be premiering in a few weeks. It was an independent film and a role that called to him (perhaps fate?) He wanted the part badly. Once he was cast for the part, he took a small percentage over a large salary, again. Truth be told he would have accepted the low wage, just to be involved. There was a lot of good things being said about his movie and about him. The word "Oscar" had been coming up frequently. Vanity Fair had Edward on a shortlist for their annual "Young Hollywood" edition.

Soon he would depart for an international press tour for the movie. At first, Edward thought it would be a great idea. He wanted the film to be talked about. Despite how much he loathed the press in general, they were cogs in the machine, and he felt passionate enough about his work to put up with them.

Edward did not want to talk about the latest Hollywood breakup scandal…

Because it was… his own…

His co-star and girlfriend Lauren Mallory had been caught more than once by the paparazzi cheating on him, with another co-star, Tyler Crowley. When he finally confronted her, she had no remorse or empathy. He had been dating a sociopath and didn't even realize it.

It was over, just like that. Edward didn't think himself a sociopath; he didn't care about relationships. Love was a very foreign concept to him.

A PR war ensued, and it was ugly. Lauren was only allowed to talk to Carmen if it were necessary. Carmen did not want to end up in prison for strangling her.

In every interview Edward had so far, Lauren and Tyler were mentioned. Lauren was the female lead so he couldn't trash her, as he wanted to. Edward looked like a doormat, and he was humiliated.

Now would be forced to spend time with the said sociopath, and the guy she was cheating on him with.

Well, stop fucking co-stars

Err so celibate it is!

Edward loved his job, acting came to him naturally, just as music did. His mother, Esme, a respected architect and designer, and his father Carlisle, a respected surgeon, did not like to see their son wasting his talent and the music lessons he had taken throughout his life, playing in a garage band. He eventually had to quit the band, after landing his first significant role—as a vampire. They supported their children's ambition to act, moving from Chicago to Los Angeles to let them chase their dream. Esme worried about the lifestyle Edward might have if his band was successful. The irony was that he could have done either successfully. The group Edward played in managed to be heard and adored in every corner of the world. Sometimes he would be in the studio with them recording a song. Edward did it for the love of the music and wanted no credit for his participation. Music was now his best coping mechanism, and it still managed to fill him with joy. Writing songs, playing his piano, or guitar was as much for him as it was anyone else. He didn't want to cheapen it.

He could either be touring with a band or traveling to promote his movie. Either way, there was always a price to pay, but he hated paying the price that came along with fame. He was not allowed to be himself when it came to the public. He was forced to be an asshole with a cocky, panty-dropping smile and aloof persona. A bad boy and womanizer. The personality that said I don't give a fuck, but please watch my movie because I'm sexy, not because I worked hard on it. Very few people knew the real Edward Cullen. They knew the actor, the masked man in front of the cameras. Edward Cullen, the man every girl wanted to marry, who made them swoon. Most of all… he was Edward Cullen, the actor who had absolutely no privacy. His family became worried that his public and private persona would soon merge. Someday soon he won't be able to tell the difference.

"Okay, Edward, you have the concert tonight and two interviews tomorrow. Where should we drop you?" Carmen asked.

A few paps were following them. Edward had one single place to lay his head, nobody knew about yet. The security was tighter than Fort Knox, and the deed was in his mother's name. He blew out a breath, "drop me off at the hotel, I don't want these guys knowing where I live. The interviews are set up at the hotel tomorrow, anyway. The show won't be a big deal. I want to keep the condo off the radar for as long as possible."

Carmen nodded sympathetically.

Seth drove to their hotel.

"Okay, I will be back for you in two hours," Seth said, cheerfully.

If anything, Seth would accompany Edward to this event.

"Sounds good, I'm going to grab some whiskey." He grumbled.

Edward walked to the hotel bar, trying to find an excuse to get out of going to the concert that Carmen had scheduled him to attend. He was somewhat scared of his publicist at times, so he resigned his fate, looking for a glass of whiskey with a defeated sigh

A/N We all have flaws; we all don't show who we are all the time. The path to redemption may need to be shocked out of you. Sometimes it takes another person to do that. Nothing comes easy; the journey is essential. This is just the beginning, for everyone!

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