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The Hand of God

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Brother Nines was seething, but he still managed to keep a tiny smirk on his face. His lips twitched, as did his eyes, though his LED light remained a calm blue that was nearly as unsettling and frighteningly cold as his own two eyes always were. He was staring down at Gavin heatedly with a hateful gaze, and he then was quick to bestow much of the same spiteful look towards Greg.

A small breeze blew by before Brother Nines even so much as moved. It was the essence of fear itself to see him just standing there next to the thick tree simply gazing down at them, but it was all he did for almost two minutes before he flashed a white, wide smile at them both. Sunlight bounced off his pearly white teeth, and Gavin almost saw his own facial expression in the whiteness and cleanliness of the android’s perfect teeth. Shivering, he instinctively moved back against his only heat source and form of comfort, and he pressed himself right beside Greg.

That had been the motivating factor for getting Nines to snap out of whatever the hell dreamland he’d been in, and he blinked once before his face settled into a more neutral expression. “Mr. Reed, Mr. Jefferson,” he ground out their last names with a tiny grin still upon his young face, “fraternizing so openly already, are we? Tsk tsk,” he shook his head in disdain, “it seems that not even the wrath of God can prevent you two from pursuing adventures in sins of the flesh…”

Gavin glared at Nines, and he rose to his own feet quickly. “We were just talking!” he cried out, eager to defend his friend, and he felt Greg standing up as well hurriedly.

“As I understand the very definition of the word, it has yet to include being within such close proximity of another person that your lips are seeking one another out…” Nines laughed softly, and he turned away from them for half a second before extending a long arm out. It was pointed in the direction of the school, and without even saying much, both Gavin and Greg knew what was going to happen next.

“Head back inside,” Nines instructed in a deep purr, “and I’m assigning you both detention for a week.”

Greg’s eyes were as wide as small tennis balls, and his fear was no match for Gavin’s. Both teenagers gasped, but they couldn’t argue quickly enough with the threat of the punishment weighing heavily like a dark curtain over a bright window.

Nines was already moving, and he stood before them like a huge army general ready to dish out commands to his soldiers and underlings. Silently glaring at them both, it was enough to get their feet moving, and both young men walked towards the school in a heavy and shameful amount of silence. The world was moving too slowly, and the colors of the natural beauties around Gavin seemed so grey, dull, and lifeless, now. His day truly had been ruined, now, and he didn’t feel he was being dramatic at all about it while he dragged his feet. Every step he took felt like a walk along the gallows, and he glanced every once in a while over at Greg, just to see how the other boy was fairing.

Not much better than himself, so it seemed. Greg’s face was deep red, and his eyes were beyond sad. Feeling nothing short of guilt, Gavin knew how much he’d contributed to this happening, but there wasn’t much he could offer his friend in the way of comfort. Brother Nines was hanging too closely behind them, and he would no doubt see and hear everything if Gavin chose to offer a kind word or two to Greg.

Damn him.

They reached the back doors of the school in no time, and when Greg walked in first, Gavin found himself following in the other boy’s footsteps, only to be halted when Nines gripped his shoulder firmly and tightly. Stopping in his tracks, Gavin half-hiccupped and half-gasped out in shock, which made Greg spin around and glare up at Nines.

Only a smile greeted Gavin and Greg in response. “Mr. Jefferson,” Nines pleasantly hummed out, no doubt so very proud of himself at this moment in time, “you will head to Brother Simon’s office, now, as you’ll be carrying out your detention with him, am I clear?”

Greg barely grumbled out, “Yes.”

That wasn’t enough for the arrogance of Brother Nines, apparently.

“Yes, what?” Nines snickered cruelly, no doubt enjoying how much power and dominance were in his hands over the two young boys before himself.

Shifting his weight between his long legs, Greg practically whined out, “Yes, Brother Nines.”

“Good,” gripping Gavin tighter, Nines hissed into his ear, “and you’ll be serving your detention with me, Mr. Reed.”

Gavin knew that had already been determined, but actually hearing it announced by Nines added more onto the already-growing amounts of copious terror rising like bile in his stomach. He felt his throat constricting, his eyes watered, and he tossed a pleading look at Greg. The other boy returned it, but then moved along down the halls when Brother Nines simply pointed straight ahead of himself.

In no time, Greg had disappeared, and Gavin refused to look at up at Nines.

He didn’t have to; he already knew they were heading down the hall in the opposite direction. Not a single soul was present in the large, looming hallways, and before Gavin could call out for help, he felt Brother Nines pulling away from him momentarily.

Freezing in his steps, Gavin wanted to turn around, but something in his gut warned him not to…don’t look…

“I apologize for this, Mr. Reed,” was all that came at his back, and this time, Gavin ignored his instincts, and he turned around swiftly.

He was met with nothing but darkness.




Gavin knew he’d been blindfolded almost immediately after it’d happened. He had no idea where and how Brother Nines had obtained the blindfold from, but there the warm, soft cloth currently sat about his head, carefully and effectively shielding his eyes from any light source. The android had then dragged him down the halls, and Gavin had to rely on only him to make it through. He was nothing but blind, now, and he hoped Brother Nines wasn’t going to bash him face-first into a wall cruelly. Thankfully, that appeared to be the furthest thing from the android’s mind, but Gavin wobbled on shaky feet when he felt them descending a long staircase.

Surely they wouldn’t be heading into another area of the school no one else frequented, would they???

After a moment or two of heading down the stairs in his sorry, blinded state, Gavin knew that Brother Nines wasn’t going to be foolish enough to do whatever he wanted to him right there in the clear view of the main level of the school. No, what they were likely going to be engaged in required the utmost amount of privacy, and for that, Gavin was certain would occur in the basement level.

A door squeaked open, and his ears then caught sounds of the shuffling of heavy furniture. Nines moved whatever was in the room about, and Gavin could do nothing aside from waiting like a useless object. The ground felt way too thick and heavy beneath his feet, and for the longest time as he drowned out the sounds of items being moved about, he prayed and wished for a horrible earthquake. If such a disaster occurred, then maybe, maybe the floor would open up, swallow him whole, and he’d be out of this mess.


When Nines was ‘ready’ for him again, he grabbed Gavin firmly, and the teenager felt his arms being pushed up over his head.


Something rustled, and as Gavin stood frozen to try and make out what it could’ve been, he felt his hands and wrists slamming together as something thick and strong wrapped itself around the softness of his wrists.

His mind screamed out what it happened to be immediately.


He was being tied up with rope.

He’d already been blindfolded, but now he’d been bound by Nines to one of the pillars of the room. Gavin knew it was a pillar when he smashed his chest and chin into it. Nines had shoved him roughly into the solid material, causing the teenager to whimper and moan as dull, throbbing pain dripped across his body.

“What’re you doing??” Gavin cried out, feeling tears welling up in his eyes as he struggled against the thick rope. Of course it wouldn’t come away easily, but his mind foolishly tricked him into thinking he had the slightest chance anyway.

The knot around the pillar tightened drastically, and Nines spat out icily, “This is what happens to filthy whores, Gavin,” he followed the harsh words up with a deep chuckle, “you want to be a slut? Very well, I’ll make you my slut.”

“I’m not a slut!” Gavin cried out, fighting against his bindings to no avail. It truly hurt and cut bitingly into his skin, but his hot anger overpowered any sensation of pain he currently felt. Why was he being accused of something so horrible anyway?!?!

A firm hand in the center of his back held him in place. “You can only drag yourself along by the rope,” Nines growled out closely behind him somewhere, “pain and anguish are all the same; no matter if the man struggles until he’s bleeding, bound at his wrists or nailed by his hands and feet to the cross…”

Growling away like a feral animal trapped in a net, the teenager struggled and grunted, trying to rip away from the binds and the pillar.

Hands roamed all over his body as Nines whispered, “Keep this up, and I will have to knock you out soon.”

Gavin gasped, “You’re always th-threatening me!!”

Chuckling Nines wove his arms and hands over the teenager’s lithe body, and Gavin soon felt the buttons of his uniform shirt popping open slowly. “I’m doing this for your own sake, silly fool; if you keep it up, you will dislocate or rip your own arms off.”

He knew this was true, yet he struggled back. “I don’t care!” Gavin screamed out, and while his uniform shirt completely opened up, he felt a few strong fingertips resting along his nipples.

“This is our little secret, Gavin; you tell anyone else about this and I’ll rip your jaw off.”

The old threat slammed back into him like a wrecking ball, and Gavin froze up with he felt himself being divested of the rest of his clothes. Nines worked his fingers around Gavin’s buckle and pants, and in no time, Gavin felt his legs being lifted out of them. His underwear was gone next, the final result of everything removed until bare skin met the open air.

Unable to comprehend what had happened as quickly as it had, Gavin hardly noticed Nines’ hands weaving their way down the small of his back. They did, however. Nines ran his index finger along Gavin’s split in the middle that divided his supple, pert cheeks.

Instinctively, Gavin shivered, and his head hung low, and his skin involuntarily rose up in little bumps while the few body hairs he had stood on edge. “You c-can’t…”

A resounding ‘slap’ was delivered to his backside then, in perhaps a light warning.

“You seem to forget that I am the one in charge here,” Nines reminded him while Gavin practically felt the android’s eyes searing into his naked flesh. “I have power over you, Gavin…”

He did…oh God, he did, and there was nothing Gavin could do about it.

“Nines…” he begged in a pathetic moan, gripping the pillar tightly, but Nines only disentangled his fingers from the wood, and instead intertwined his own fingers with Gavin’s. Growling deeply in the back of his throat, he gripped the teenager’s neck in a large hand.

Nines growled again when he felt how pliant and small Gavin felt in the palm of his huge hand. For a split second, he squeezed the boy’s neck, but then in a small move of an apology, he lightly licked the back of Gavin’s neck right in the center, and his tongue soon darted out to taste the clean-yet slightly sweaty-flesh. He moved his way down to lick along the center of Gavin’s back, while Gavin was left in a heady state of whines and moans.

The teenager hated that his damn body responded in kind to the attention he was receiving, but to deny it would’ve been foolish. Nines was touching and licking him in ways no other girl had ever done for him, and a portion of that young, naive side of himself anticipated much more of that sensation over and over again. He was careful not to make too much noise, however; he didn’t want to let Nines know he was in some way enjoying this.

Nines stopped at the small of Gavin’s back, right before his pert, shapely ass cheeks, and he playfully licked down to the bottom of the supple cheeks, causing Gavin to squeal and rear up.

“Nines! What!? What’re you—”

“I don’t believe this part requires a lot of chatter, Gavin.” Nines sucked and licked his way side-to-side along the youthful body standing before him, admiring the supple pink flesh. Almost at the point of losing control, he playfully-but very carefully sunk his teeth into the right cheek, before licking his way around the slight teeth marks in Gavin’s flesh.

Gavin cried out impossibly loudly, “You’ll leave m-marks!!!”

“That’s the idea, you brainless brat.” Nines only grew more addicted to hearing those needy moans and whines, and he wanted more to last them through this. It was about drawing out the pain and pleasure, and he knew the teenager already had a taste for it when they’d been together in the staff washroom before.

Grinning down at the blindfolded boy, Nines ground out cruelly, “Lean your body back into my touch like the wanton bitch you are.”

Eerily, Gavin obeyed him. His body wasn’t his own anymore; he was Nines’ puppet, only to be used for drawing out pleasure. This troubled and greatly disturbed him, but he couldn’t fight it; not when Nines’ touch was both hot and cold at the same time. It felt as though a hundred pins and needles had been inserted into his skin whenever those fingertips dipped into his flesh and muscles, and yet he found himself putting up with it, and wanting more…

Groaning as he arched his lower body backwards, Gavin felt himself turning into a puddle of sweaty, heated, and messy incoherent nonsense. He had no idea what he was even doing, but he relaxed his body and his hold around the pillar as Nines rested his large hands on his ass.

Carefully, he tenderly parted the cheeks in both hands, and leaned forward to lick the center of Gavin’s body-so open and fresh before him.

Upon feeling that hot, slippery tongue on the most private area of his body, Gavin lost it, and he bit down hard on his lower lip when he felt Nines’ lips and his breath from his mouth hitting his center warmly. He felt himself clenching and then opening up lewdly from the attention he was receiving, and he bashed his forehead lightly into the strong pillar in shame and mortification.

Nines, encouraged by this, teasingly drew out his long tongue, and flickered it once over Gavin’s hole, sampling a taste of what his student had to offer.

Gavin’s toes curled at this, and he suddenly slammed his hips down roughly against the pillar. It hurt like hell, and his hips felt bruised already, but it was the only form of relief he could seek out while Nines’ long tongue worked his hole.

Knowing he had made a right move based on the teen’s reaction, Nines dipped his head forward again, gently stroking and holding onto the back of Gavin’s thighs. He licked a few lazy circles, tracing and outlining Gavin’s greedy little hole before dipping his tongue once in for a few seconds, eager to tease out Gavin’s pleasure.

“Niiinesl!” Gavin cried, moving back and pressing his ass against Nines’ cheekbones. He hated that he’d yelled for the very person he was growing to really despise more than anything. That, to him, already meant that Nines was winning. Gavin was weak, and he bit down hard on his tongue before he could cry out the android’s infernal name ever again. He felt that death was a far better option than succumbing to this madness.

While pressing a warm hand gently on the center of Gavin’s back, Nines began rubbing Gavin in slow, deliberate movements before easing his way over to Gavin’s front, massaging his abdomen briefly before resuming his licks and strokes with his tongue.

Never in a million years would Gavin picture himself being tasted and eaten out by another man, and if years ago someone had brought up the idea even as a joke or insult, Gavin would have decked them hard across the jaw twice before they could have realized what the fuck had gone on. But now, something in the pit of Gavin’s stomach felt that this was the single most amazing experience in his entire life.

Engaging in a silent battle within himself that this and much more that had already occurred was still so damn plain wrong, Gavin screamed when he felt Nines dipping his thick tongue inside his body as his hand began stoking Gavin’s hard cock slowly but firmly.

Gavin felt himself rapidly tightening in his Nines’ hand. The son of a bitch knew exactly what kind of an effect this would have, and Gavin knew the android had been doing everything on purpose. This was all a part of his plan to make him crumble and fall.

The moist ring of muscle his tongue had barely penetrated fit perfectly around the tip of his tongue, and Nines automatically pressed inwards slowly, feeling the tightness clench around his tongue.

Gavin tugged and clawed at the pillar, wrapping and digging his fingernails around the length and width of it as his head, his hips, and ass involuntarily snapped back and forth against Nines’ hand. It soon became clear that he was unable to even control himself there, and he only then had to move back against Nines’ tongue as it dipped in and out of his wet hole, making small but obscenely provocative noises that rendered Gavin both embarrassed, but incredibly aroused as he listened.

Nines began increasing the pace of his strokes, his hand slipping a few times to play with Gavin’s balls not entirely unintentionally as Gavin began moving faster and faster and growing more uncoordinated with his motions.

The noises escaping from Gavin and the steady ‘thud’ of his body as it hit the pillar of the room in time with Gavin’s movements and moans were enough to delight and please Nines greatly. The android appreciated that he was able to feel that Gavin would soon lose all semblances of his control and explode in a mess of screams and cries.

He pressed open mouth kisses to Gavin’s impossibly wet hole, stroking his student faster and harder. Gavin’s moans and cries of discomfort would be both the death of Nines, and also his own source of magnificent sexual pleasure. Nines’ tongue traced its way up and down Gavin’s perineum, and with his free hand, he pressed his index finger flatly down over Gavin’s hole once.

That was all it took.

Gavin suddenly threw his head back and cried out thickly and loudly before coating Nines’ hand and the top of his own thighs in his release. Sticky, wet, hot, cold, embarrassed, angry, sad, and elated, he couldn’t keep up with all the emotions pouring out of him at the same time he’d sprayed all over the pillar and his legs. He was still dripping with his own essence, and his knees trembled like elastic bands trying to hold up a house.

Of course it came crumbling and tumbling down, as did Gavin.

Nines didn’t even bother catching him.




“Here,” Nines growled as he forcefully shoved what appeared to be a cigarette right beneath Gavin’s nose.

Shortly after his painfully explosive orgasm, the teenager had fallen to the floor, and Nines untied him from the pillar. After he’d removed the blindfold from around Gavin’s eyes, the boy had to blink many times before his eyes adjusted to the dim lights in the small room they’d been hidden away in.

It appeared as though they were indeed in a basement or cellar room of sorts. This room had a few shelves bearing old books, spice jars, Christmas decorations, as well as old statues that had collected so much dust it made them appear grey and filthy to touch. The walls were painted an off-yellow color, and it was a terrible choice and hard on the eyes. Gavin peered down at the old, dusty floorboards, massaging his wrists tenderly now that they were free.

Glaring up at Nines, he then sneered at the offered cigarette. “The sex wasn’t that fuckin’ good; no need for a joint, now.” Of course, he knew he was lying, but it wasn’t like Nines would know for certain.

“Just shut your fucking mouth and accept a gift when it’s offered to you,” Nines spat back, practically forcing the cigarette in between Gavin’s lips.

Grunting, the teenager had no choice to accept it. “Fine,” he hissed, “but only if you smoke one yourself.” He’d only suggested this as a joke because he’d seen that Nines held two cigarettes. Not wanting to smoke both at once, Gavin nodded at the second cigarette, “That’s yours, right?”

Nines merely shrugged as he stared down at the other cigarette he was currently holding on to. “It can be,” he mumbled, “although I don’t frequently engage in this sort of activity.”

Moving to rest his back against the cold, hard wood of the pillar he’d been previously tied to, Gavin felt his opening still burning and throbbing. He was terrifyingly wet down there between his cheeks, and he didn’t want to move in case Nines somehow felt it, sensed it, saw it, whatever.

He could’ve sworn he also still felt the invading tongue lapping at his opening, and he clamped his thighs together tightly in response to that odd, phantom feeling. He waited until Nines lit a match he’d taken from an old matchbox hanging by one of the old statues of Jesus Christ, and then the android lit up both cigarettes. Gavin leaned back, holding his cigarette loosely, watching carefully as Nines slid his own cigarette between his lips. His teeth were grazing the length of it gently, and he huffed the smoke out in a thick cloud.

“What do you want?” came the rude question, presumably asked because Gavin had been staring for too long.

Shrugging, Gavin averted his gaze and instead glared away at his own cigarette. “Nothing…just wonderin’ how you can smoke.”

Another heavy cloud of tobacco blew above his head before Nines gruffly spoke out. “It’s not in the same way humans do it,” he explained lazily, eyes rolling up towards the ceiling, “I don’t have lungs, you see, but I do have the ability to pump oxygen and such in and out through another mechanism built within me.”

It sounded rather creepy, and Gavin had to check it all out for himself. Studying Nines intently, he watched as the android ‘inhaled’, but his nostrils and throat didn’t budge at all in the process. After merely a second, he ‘exhaled’, expelling the foul-smelling smoke high into the air. “See?” Nines chuckled, “magical, isn’t it?”

Rolling his eyes at the tall android who was being far too sarcastic for his own tastes, Gavin slowly crept towards his underwear and clothing discarded unceremoniously to the side. He felt Nines’ eyes on his body the entire time, and it made him feel dirty. Suddenly ashamed of his state of undress, Gavin gave up on smoking his cigarette, putting it out and shoving it into one of his pants pockets. Rather than enjoying it, he instead took to hiding behind the wooden pillar in the old room, trying to take cover so he could change.

Nines snorted derisively at him for it. “Now you’re coy and shy? Should’ve thought of that before practically asking and begging for that Irish lad to fuck you.”

Gavin glared heatedly at him, “What’s your fuckin’ problem all of a sudden?!”

“I have no problem.”

“Yeah you do!” the teenager snapped, shimmying into his underwear and uniform pants quickly, swaying and shaking off-balance in the process. “You’re cussing a lot lately, and I swear, you’re probably just jealous!!”

Words that shouldn’t have been spoken had already left his mouth and lips. Gavin slammed a hand down over his mouth when he saw the dangerous look shining brightly in Nines’ eyes, but the android merely scoffed. A smile soon followed, and it appeared as if Nines had been able shrug off the accusation as easily as throwing dirt off his shoulder.

Grinning lightly over at Gavin, he hissed, “Jealous?? Is that what you really think is going on here?”

He’d been meaning to insult Gavin just by his snippy tone by itself, and it worked. Feeling absolutely vitriolic, Gavin sought out revenge immediately. “Greg wants to fuck me, you know.” He could hardly help but add in the self-assured grin upon his face, and Nines only smiled back brightly. Nothing Gavin had said affected him at all, and he continuously beamed in a cheerful, lovely manner at the younger male.

Thinking he’d lost, Gavin’s shoulders sank.

So Nines didn’t care??? It was just that easy for him to use and discard him?

“Fine,” Gavin growled, backing up towards the door, “fuck you too.”

The doorknob barely rattled beneath his grip, when a hand slammed down on the old wood of the door right above Gavin’s head. Not even moved or shocked, Gavin merely glared at Nines’ hand which had rammed itself into the door in an effort to stop him.

Tugging once on the doorknob, Gavin ground out angrily, “I want to leave, now.”

Leaning his weight into the shorter male, Nines purred, “So soon?” he chuckled, “don’t you want to cuddle?” It all came out as a sarcastic slap to the face, and the teenager resented it all immediately as anger boiled within his body.

Spinning around viciously, Gavin shoved Nines as hard as he could in the chest. The android hardly budged from his spot as he smoked his cigarette while his eyes glowed beyond the thick puffs of smoke flying forth at Gavin. If anything, Nines suddenly looked like a dark, menacing, predatory dragon right out of a fairy tale.

Clearing his throat so he could hide how worried and nervous he was, Gavin cried out, “What’s it to you, anyway?? Huh??? You don’t care if I may want to sleep with others!” He winced and cringed internally at how needy, desperate, and clingy he sounded. No doubt like a big, sissy girl…

Drumming his stick-like fingers against the door, Nines slowly collected and composed himself, and he eventually just stood deathly still. His eyes bore into Gavin’s, and the tension was too thick for Gavin to even breathe. If he didn’t know any better, he would’ve assumed that Nines was either thinking on delivering another threat, doling out another punishment, or perhaps he was just trying to wear him down. After all, the android was quite sadistic, to say the least.

Flicking a finger upwards, Nines pushed down on his cigarette, dropping and peppering the ashes down by Gavin’s feet. “I don’t really care about monogamy or loyalty, Gavin,” he eventually sneered through his response, “although, if you’re asking me, you don’t look like the sort who can handle multiple partners easily.”

Why did everything have to be a challenge or a competition with Nines?! Why couldn’t he just have been…happy? No…he never was content!! Though he wasn’t one to back down from an obstacle or challenge, Gavin knew which battles to head into heart-first, and which ones were lost causes. This one happened to be the latter, and he didn’t want to leave things as they were. Choosing instead to try and rely on Nines’ sympathies, he threw the android a troubled look and pouted.

“Look,” he ground out, knowing he likely had a very ridiculous facial expression currently, but that wasn’t important. What was important was how much he trusted his own skills and art of manipulation, and he hoped he was as clever as he attempted to be in order to trick and fool the android as best as he could. Inching closer to Nines, Gavin gently pressed a hand over his thick, strong sternum. “Nines, I just want it to be us…you know?” not waiting for a response, he let out a soft sigh and gave a light smile, “I’m not interested in Greg, or anyone else!!”

It wasn’t entirely a lie, but it wasn’t the truth either. Gavin still didn’t feel he was fully attracted to any man, and he didn’t see Greg as more than a friend. If anything, Greg was a little brother, at the best. But with Nines, he still felt that the android wielded enough power, lust, and some experiences in pleasure, and while he didn’t want that to end anytime soon, it wasn’t all that sexy or fulfilling having Brother Nines insulting him constantly.

Eyeing him with suspicion, the android moved half a step back, his shoes crunching down on the floor like the steady beating of Gavin’s heart. “I see,” was all Nines said for a moment, and then he ran a hand through his hair before straightening his clothes. He then looked down at his cigarette as if it had all the answers in the world for him, and when only smoke and ash rose from it, he sneered coldly. “Well,” he began softly with the faintest of grins playing at his lips, “I suppose we’re married now then?”

Embarrassment hit Gavin like a cold wave of the ocean, and he shoved Nines hard once more in the chest while crying out, “Screw you!!”

Gripping him like a boa constrictor coiling around its prey, Nines’ limbs wove around Gavin, and he spat almost mockingly in his ear, “You already have; multiple times, need I remind you?” Putting out his cigarette, he tossed it over his shoulder carelessly, and instead focused all his attention on Gavin.

Blushing madly, Gavin tried stomping down on the powerful android’s legs, but then Nines pushed him against the door and threw him a serious and intense look. Gavin deadpanned, and he felt his breath hitching in his throat. Nines suddenly seemed so rigid that it neared on angry, but realizing he wasn’t, Gavin softly sighed out in relief.

With a calm, blue LED light, Nines reached forward with a hand, and he almost delicately and gently laid it over Gavin’s forehead…though it didn’t seem to be entirely for comforting purposes. Gavin closed his eyes, wondering what had caused this strange lull and turn of events. Nines seemed…pleasant? Calm? Gentle? He truly didn’t know how to categorize it, but whatever was going on, it was a nice reprieve from their bickering and torments.

Leaning up against Nines, Gavin found himself chasing after that gentle tenderness, but it was unfortunately gone. Like the wind change directions abruptly, Nines lowered his hand down by his side, and he regarded Gavin with an empty, blank gaze.

A shadow fell over the android’s face, and before Gavin was able to identify what it specifically was and what the source of it happened to be, Nines intervened with a cold comment as he pressed his lips impossibly close to Gavin’s ear. They couldn’t get closer than this, but Nines somehow did, and he molded and meshed his body against the smaller man’s. They remained like that for a few seconds, but just when Gavin had been trying to wriggle away from Nines, the android did the unthinking; said the unthinkable.

“I’d been meaning to tell you something,” he purred delightfully, “you have a phone call awaiting you from your family…”

Gavin froze, but then shook his head. If this were a trap, he wasn’t going to foolishly fall into it.

But then Nines proved it wasn’t a lie or a fabricated statement.

The name sent shivers down Gavin’s back and spine, but it didn’t alter the fact that Nines had said it clearly as the sun shining outside.

“Elijah wishes to speak with his older brother…”


His blood ran ice cold.