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A Pack's Dynamic

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Initially, Yuri Plisetsky hadn't wanted to be sent to a new pack. He had considered himself perfectly content in the one he was in, living his life largely as he pleased with his grandfather. He spent his days playing alone down by the river bed during summer and spent the colder months carving wooden sculptures by the fire.

There were other children in the pack he could spend his time with but he knew there was no point in trying. He had long since discovered that the other children treated him differently. The other boys liked to play rough but they wouldn't do so with him, too afraid of the repercussions they may face if they harmed the only young omega in the pack. He didn't like to play with the girls, either. He didn't fit in with them right. They always tried to make him play the dad when they played house. He didn't want to be the dad. It played against his very nature.

Yuri was well-loved by his grandfather but not even that love could tamper his loneliness. He was all but an outcast in his own pack. The betas all claimed that an omega child was a blessing, they waxed lyrical in all their circle meetings about how he was sacred. But he didn't want to be treated like a sacred blessing if it meant being ostracised by the very people who were supposed to nurture him.

It was the end of summer when his grandfather first broke the news to him. It was night time and the two of them had just finished dinner. Yuri was sitting upon his fur covered bed, cross-legged and using his trusty carving knife to slice pieces off an apple. He was most content at this time of day, when his belly was full and he was sat in their den, surrounded by the comforting scent of his grandfather.

"Yuratchka," the old man began. His tone was serious and his scent slightly on edge, instantly alerting Yuri that something was amiss. His posture snapped to attention and his eyes locked on his grandfather, ready to hear what the man had to say. The man's eyes darted to his grandson before turning away once again. "The pack will soon be receiving an alpha. The alpha is from another pack and ventured out on his own to find new territory, he has been staking out our perimeter for some time now and has finally expressed his interest in joining our pack."

Now Yuri was very interested, almost perking up at the announcement. He didn't understand why his dedushka seemed so stressed. Yuri would finally have someone to talk to, someone who was a different dynamic, just like he was. "This is good news," Yuri started, almost taking a reassuring tone. "We need an alpha to help strengthen the pack and the bloodline, you know we have grown weak." It was true, most packs had at least one alpha to breed with the members of the pack. Ultimately, the alpha would breed with an omega in hopes of producing more alphas and omegas to strengthen the pack's status. Regardless, an alpha breeding with a beta would at the very least produce stronger pups than beta/beta matings and even had a small probability of birthing an alpha or omega.

His dedushka sighed dejectedly, "I know. Yuri, I know this will be good for the pack. That's not what I am worried about."

Yuri frowned, confused at what the old man meant. "Is…is this about mating? Are you worried that the alpha will try to mate me before my first heat comes?" At his age, he was on the older age range of first heat presentation but he knew it would be any time soon. He could feel his nesting instincts starting to take a stronger hold of him, though he still maintained enough control to stave them off. Of course, his grandfather would be worried about a strange alpha coming in and mating him before he had heated. Until that time, he would not produce slick and Goddess knows that any mating without it would be painful.

Dedushka shook his head, "No. You will not be mating with the alpha. We have a trade with a neighbouring pack. We will be giving them some of our hunters in exchange for one of their unmated omegas."

Again, Yuri was confused as to why his grandfather seemed so defeated. Couldn't he see this was a good thing! He would finally get to know another omega AND he wouldn't have to worry about mating with the alpha until after he presented. Was it about Yuri needing to share the alpha? Because he didn't care about that. It was common for omegas to become 'sisters' and share their alphas. Yuri began to wonder if his deda knew anything at all about how pack dynamic worked for non-betas…

Another loud sigh, the man must have recognised Yuri's confusion. "Yura, you will not be remaining in this pack."

Yuri froze. This didn't make any sense. Were they casting him out? What had he done wrong?

Deda sighed again but finally approached his grandson, sitting down next to him on the furs and putting an arm over narrow shoulders. "I'm sorry, Yuri. But this is normal. Every fifteen years or so, there is an exchange. Packs trade some members in order to prevent inbreeding."

He paused to let Yuri digest the information but the boy didn't respond. He was so numb. He hated this pack but he didn't want to leave his dedushka. The man was getting very old and he relied on Yuri to help him. He couldn't just leave him!

When there was no verbal response, Nikolai continued. "You are lucky, you're going to a very good pack. They are far from here, but I have heard rumours. They are small but they have several alphas and omegas, which is what I know you have always wanted. You can be very happy there, Yuri."

Admittedly, the thought of being around several other omegas and alphas sends an excited buzz through his system but he represses it for the moment. It sounded like everything he had ever wanted for himself but it still didn't feel right that he would have to leave his deda behind. Yuri wrapped both his arms around his grandfather and squeezed tight, "I don't want to leave you." He whispered. And though it was the truth, with it carried the admission that he had no qualms leaving this place.

"We're almost there," his dedushka announced. Thankfully, the man had been allowed to take him to his new pack. It was a long journey, almost four days time on horseback, but they would very soon be at the meeting point. They didn't want his grandfather coming onto their territory but that was normal. It was rare that any pack extended a formal invitation to any person from another pack. Boundaries were important in order to maintain peace. Yuri imagined that a pack with several alphas would be particularly territorial.

It wasn't long before the horse came to a halt, Yuri was sitting behind his grandfather, so at first he couldn't see who had come to collect him. When his deda dismounted, Yuri looked ahead to see a beta male dressed in plain pants and a long-sleeved shirt. He had black hair styled into an undercut and blue-grey eyes. When he noticed Yuri looking at him, he flashed a cocky grin.

"Your name?" His grandfather asked gruffly, not bothering to extend his arm in formal greeting.

The beta's smile didn't relent, "Jean-Jacques. You are Plisetsky?"

His grandfather nodded his assent before gesturing to Yuri, who was still perched on horseback and now glaring at the beta. "This is my grandson, Yuri. I trust you will all take good care of him." The boy didn't like the cocky attitude and arrogant scent he could smell coming from the beta, so he remained on the horse.

"Of course!" Jean declared, "We treasure all the omegas the Moon Goddess deems us worthy to embrace."

That was a line Yuri had heard more times than he could count. All he could do was hope that being 'treasured' by this pack didn't mean being practically forced into isolation. It was what Nikolai needed to hear, though. He turned and looked up at Yuri, where he was still mounted on the horse. "Come down now Yuratchka, we have to say farewell."

Yuri shook his head, holding back tears. He didn't want to go anywhere with that peacocky idiot. He just LOOKED like a jerk.

"Yuri, now. This isn't up for discussion," dedushka's tone was harsh and the last thing Yuri wanted to do was have his last moments with his only family be filled with negative emotions. So, he did what he was told and dismounted the horse. He immediately hugged the old man though, squeezing him tight.

"I'm going to miss you so much, I don't want to leave you." Only while his face was pressed into his grandfather's shirt did he allow a few stray tears to slip down his cheeks. He truly didn't know if he would have the chance to see him again. There was always a chance the two packs could agree to a meeting one day, but he wasn't sure there was any chance of it being soon. And with his grandfather's health slowly declining, it worried him immensely.

A large, comforting hand stroked through his hair. "I love you, Yuri. I'm sure you can be very happy with them. They can offer you what our pack never could," the words were quiet. Hopefully quiet enough that the stupid, cocky beta near them wouldn't be able to hear.

Yuri squeezed tight one last time before letting go. He stepped back, one step further away from his family and one closer to his new pack mate. "I love you. Thank you for always caring for me."

His grandfather nodded in response, stern expression clearly hiding his own pain at being separated from his own only living family.

A moment, and then the idiot beta was gently placing a hand on his shoulder. "We should be going, the pack is really looking forward to meeting you."

After one last lingering look, Yuri turned away from his grandfather.

And he never looked back.


By the time they reached the pack grounds, Yuri had decided he definitely didn't like 'JJ' as he had been told to call the black-haired beta. He was entirely too loud for Yuri's tastes and talked too much about himself. Thankfully, it seemed he had bonded with another beta female in the pack and had no interest in mating another, so Yuri could at least be relieved that he would never have to have sex with the idiot. Yuri wouldn't want to subject any of his offspring to receiving such stupid genetics anyway.

Yuri's breath was taken away when they arrived at the pack grounds. In some way, the layout was similar to his home pack, but it was definitely smaller. They had thick tents to make their dens, just like Yuri's own pack, but instead of their being almost 50 of these, there were maybe only 10 here. They were all facing towards a large fire pit which was unlit in the height of the new autumn sun. Yuri could already imagine that during the winter, the fire would burn continuously.

When they stepped into the clearing, they were first noticed by a group of four young children, none of which could have been more than six years of age. They stared curiously for a moment before their little faces broke out into grins and they were running over as fast as their little legs could bring them.

JJ dropped to his knees to stop them before they could reach Yuri, though they all looked past JJ and up at him. Yuri stared back at the curious children, all with either brown or blue eyes. Yuri knew in his heart he loved children, though he never got the opportunity to spend time with them.

"Now," JJ told them, seemingly faking being stern. "This is Yuri, he is new to our family. You have to be very kind to him and give him all your love. Do you hear me?"

There was a chorus of agreement from the little pups, all nodding furiously.

"Okay, I trust you all to care for him while I go and get the rest of the family." JJ stood and ruffled the hair of one of the little boys. He turned to Yuri, "Do you mind staying with them? I won't be long, I just need to find the rest of the pack."

Yuri nodded, glancing down at the pups again. "That's fine," he confirmed. JJ nodded at him before turning and walking away in search of the rest of the pack. As soon as he had turned, Yuri went down on his own knees so he could be eyelevel with the kids.

There were three boys and a girl and without scenting them to properly pinpoint their scents, Yuri could tell that at least one was an alpha and one an omega. He had never come across young non-betas before, and for some reason when he smelt that scent he instantly understood why they said alpha and omega were a blessing. He felt lucky just to catch their scent.

The little girl immediately approached him and started stroking his hair, "You're so pretty" she said. Yuri couldn't help but smile at her, she had beautiful brown hair and eyes and he could tell now that they were close that she was omega as well.

"You are much prettier than me," he said to her and she laughed, giving him a hug. The three boys then decided they wanted to join on the hug too, so they all forced their way into his arms.

"Are you an omega?" One of the boys asked, and Yuri told him that he was. The kids fired off questions at him rapidly and Yuri answered diligently until he noticed that they were being approached by a group of people.

He stood to his feet, taking in his new pack. There were only 16 of them, JJ included, so they were a very small pack indeed. Yuri's home pack were 60 strong, so the contrast was very stark. The kids who were just surrounding him joined the group, going to stand with their own family.

Though they were a small group, Yuri was intimidated. He would certainly be the outcast with such a tight-knit group.

A couple stepped forward, one was a smiling dark-haired omega and the other a silver alpha. They were a beautiful couple and Yuri felt both intimidated by their presence and comforted by their welcoming scents.

"Welcome to your new pack," the alpha said, extending his arm in greeting. Yuri did the same and they both took in each other's scent from the glands on their wrists. Yuri liked the alpha's scent, he immediately felt protected when he took in the strong smell of what could only be described as earth, salt and snow. His sense of smell wouldn't be able to pick up on the exact nuances of scents until his heat presented but he could gather that much.

The omega male put his arm out next, "We're really happy to have you here." Yuri extended his own arm again and took in the scent of the omega. He smelt warm and sweet and again Yuri was embraced with the feeling of pure comfort and protection.

"I'm Viktor," said the silver-haired alpha. "This is my mate, Yuuri."

That caught Yuri's attention, "Huh? We have the same name." He stated as he half-heartedly glared at the other omega male. He wanted to be mad about the similarity but he couldn't bring himself to when he felt so naturally drawn to the man.

Yuuri laughed, "I'm sure we can figure something out. Do you mind if we use diminutives?"

Yuri shook his head. He had no problem with any of the diminutives of his name. Though he would prefer to be called just by his name, he would have to make do if it was going to cause confusion. Yuuri was older anyway, so he clearly had first dibs on name use.

"Yurenya, come and meet the rest of the pack and then we will get you set up here." Viktor said with a heart-shaped smile, putting a hand against his back and guiding him toward the rest of the pack.

Yuri took in the scents of each of the pack members and his head was soon swimming with the combined smell. There was Christophe, Emil, Minami, Michele, Phichit, Sara, Isabella and Seung-gil who were all betas. Georgi and Mila were the two other alphas and Guang Hong - who was heavily pregnant - and Leo were also omega. Everyone was warm and inviting, telling Yuri how grateful they were to have him be joining their pack.

When he was finally introduced to them all and the four children from earlier, Yuuri came and placed an arm over Yuri's shoulders. "Alright, how about we go and get you situated. I'm sure all these scents are overwhelming you, so we will take you where it's a bit calmer."

Yuri nodded and allowed the gentle omega to lead him to one of the tents, immediately the boy could smell Viktor's scent all over the place. This one clearly belonged to him. There were other scents too, primarily Yuuri's, but it was evident that this was Viktor's den.

"I'm sorry to bring you right into an alpha's territory. I would take you to where we omegas stay most of the time but the babies are asleep in there and I'm worried a new scent might wake them." Yuuri seemed almost sheepish, rubbing the back of his neck.

Yuri was curious though. He supposed that all the omegas shared a den together and that is where he would be living. He was more interested in the mention of there being more children. "Babies?" He asked, face lighting up. It had been a long time since his home pack had a birth.

Yuuri smiled widely back at him, "Yes! Sara recently gave birth and Leo had twins - AGAIN - a few months ago. They're so beautiful, I will have to show you them when they wake."

Yuri felt warm again, the affection Yuuri clearly had for his pack was refreshing. "Are any of the pups yours?" He asked, curious. He didn't think any of the pups he met carried Yuuri's distinct features but he figured he could be wrong. He wish he hadn't asked when Yuuri's scent soured slightly.

"No, not yet." He said with a sad smile. "Viktor and I are trying but we're having a little trouble. A pregnancy doesn't seem to be taking outside a heat but my cycle is irregular so I haven't had one since we started trying." He chuckled with a full blown smile now, "But Georgi and Christophe seem convinced they could get me pregnant now. I want it to be Viktor though. I promised him he could father my first child."

Yuri hesitantly smiled back at him before he asked the question on his mind, "You brought me here to Viktor's den…will I be expected to mate with him?"

Though Yuri felt safe with Viktor and more comfortable than he would have ever imagined, he didn't want to have sex with him. Viktor seemed much too…fatherly.

Yuuri looked shocked at the suggestion, "Oh! No, Yura. You're still a pup. No one here will try and mate you until you reach maturity and even then, who you mate with is entirely up to you. We will never force you to be with anyone you don't want to."

Yuri smiled and nodded, it was comforting knowing he would at least be able to choose who he would mate with. At this stage, he couldn't imagine it with anyone in the pack. But there was time.

"Leave your things here for now, I'll show you around."

Six months passed and Yuri became very accustomed to life in his new pack. He loved the way they lived, as one big family who were simply there to help each other. No matter who birthed the pups, they were all raised communally and it was never discussed in great detail who sired which pup. Yuri learned that while some people in the pack mated almost exclusively - such as JJ and Bella, and Mila and Sara (and at times it seemed that way with Viktor and Yuuri) - the rest of the pack freely mated together and without any boundaries based on secondary gender. Even beta men, like Emil and Michele, would mate together.

He loved living in extremely close quarters with his sister-omegas, sleeping all together with them and cooking meals. He felt truly loved when he was cuddled up with Yuuri, Guang and Leo almost every night. It was in that way Yuri also learnt that when heats came on suddenly, the other omegas were not afraid to help each other. He first discovered this when it was the middle of the night and he woke to the oppressive scent of heat and slick. Guang had gone into heat for the first time since his birth. Leo had been quick to sink into Guang, providing him with much needed relief until morning when Seung-gil had come in and pulled Guang away to his own den for the remainder of his heat.

Yuri had lay awake the rest of that night, blushing red and completely hard as he listened to Guang Hong begging Leo to cum inside of him.

Over the winter, Yuri had become very aware that his nesting instincts had taken over. He was always perfecting his own nest or making new ones for the babies and the pups. He would spend hours in a daze, remaking his nest and later dragging Yuuri and Viktor into it to show them what a good job he did. In this time, he essentially adopted the couple as his sire and dam. He wasn't sure whether he did this out of his own deep-rooted desire for parents or because Yuuri had yet to go into heat and be able to conceive and he was trying to satisfy their desire for a child but it happened all the same.

Viktor, as his new sire, would often scruff him when he was getting too hostile with JJ and would scent him heavily to calm him and stake his claim on this orphaned pup.

One night, at the end of winter, Yuri snuck out of the omega's tent after Minami, Emil, Phichit and Christophe decided they would come in and all mate together with Guang and Leo. Yuuri wasn't there because he was spending the night in Viktor's den again, so Yuri decided he would climb into their nest if the two of them weren't mating as well.

When he arrived at Viktor's den, he hesitantly poked his head in to make sure it was safe to enter. He saw that his parents were just sleeping, so he padded over to their nest and climbed in, forcing his way in between the alpha and omega so he could lay between them.

"Dekta?" Viktor asked, wrapping an arm around him.

At the same time, Yuuri stirred. "Yura?"

"Yeah it's me, sorry for waking you." He said as he nuzzled into Yuuri's neck, inhaling his comforting scent from the potent glands that were there.

"That's okay, Yura. We need to talk to you about something anyway," Viktor said as he sat up, dry washing his face. Yuri thought it was quite odd to be having a conversation so late in night. Yuri just came here because he wanted to sleep, not get a talking to from his sire.

"Is this about JJ falling into the fire pit? Because I still maintain that he pushed himself in," Yuri responded, sitting up as well and crossing his arms. Yuri hadn't been wrong when he first met JJ, the guy was a jerk. A harmless jerk, but one all the same. They had a nice back and forth going on of terrorising one another.

Yuuri laughed and also sat up, "No, Yura, it's not that." Yuuri took a deep breath, seeming like he was preparing himself. Yuri felt his dam look at him in the dark, "I'm pregnant."

Yuri was immediately overwhelmed with joy, he pulled Yuuri into his arms and held him tight. "Oh my god, that's amazing! Finally! Congratulations!" Yuri loved children and he was so overjoyed that Yuuri and Viktor would finally be having their own pups. He would finally have siblings.

He felt Viktor's hand against his back, "There's something else." Yuri turned to look at his sire, frowning. Viktor's scent was off. "We're bringing in another Alpha."

He was immediately hit with de ja vu. Were they going to send him away? Was it because he was taking too long to present? He knew it was only a matter of time now before it happened and he felt comfortable enough to mate with Minami or Georgie when the time came. He didn't want to go away, he finally felt at home. "Are you…are you getting rid of me? Do I have to go to another pack?" He was panicking now, reaching one hand back to grab at him dam and holding onto Viktor's shoulder with the other. This was his family! Viktor and Yuuri had scent claimed him as their pup, they couldn't make him go!

"No, detka, no. That's not what I meant, not at all." Viktor released comforting pheromones and tugged his adopted pup into his arms, nuzzling into his hair.

"Oh, Yurenya, of course not. I promise, you're not going anywhere." Yuuri joined into their hug, "We're just concerned. We know it's any day now that you'll go into preheat and we're cautious about bringing in a new alpha around this time, especially an alpha in his prime. He's from my sister's pack. She trusts him but you're our pup, I don't feel right about someone coming in and trying to court you." Yuuri smelt possessive of him, the way Yuri imagined any dam would when their pup could be whisked away by some foreign alpha.

Yuri smiled at his parents, though he wasn't sure if they could tell in the dark. Hopefully they could smell the pleased scent he was letting off. "Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. This is normal. Worry about your new pup. Now, can we please sleep? And don't start fucking or I'll go and sleep with the pups."


Three days later, the new alpha arrived. Yuri smelt him before he saw him, even though he was in the omega's den, surrounded by thick scent. It was absurd. Sure, his exposure to alphas was limited but none of those from his pack threw their pheromones all over the place like this new alpha was.

Yuri had been busy trying to get the omega child, Anna, to sleep in his nest. She was insisting she wasn't tired but Yuri was desperate to have someone in his nest and his little shadow seemed like the best option. He nesting instinct had been making him delirious recently and he knew his preheat would be arriving very, very soon.

"Come, Anna, we have a new member of our family to greet." He picked her up and carried her, despite her struggles to get down and walk herself. For whatever reason, he didn't want to face this new alpha without a human shield. That scent was intimidating and it was starting to make him tremble, for whatever reason.

He walked them out to the clearing, joining the rest of his pack where they were gathered, blocking his view from the new alpha. He pushed himself between Leo and Guang, joining his fellow omegas to appraise the alpha who was permeating the scent.

He was gorgeous.

He had black hair in an undercut, dark eyes and a jaw that could cut glass. He wasn't very tall but for what he lacked in height he made up for in muscle. His shoulders were broad and he was extremely toned and lean. He was shirtless, with only a fur covering his shoulders - bear, it looked like. Their eyes locked and Yuri immediately looked away, submitting to this powerful alpha.

"Welcome to the pack, I'm Viktor." Viktor stepped forward, squaring up to the other alpha. They eyed each other for a moment and Otabek finally extended his arm. Alphas didn't greet each other by wrist scenting, so they simply grasped each other's forearms. Viktor nodded at the new alpha, "Come and meet your new family."

They started furthest away from Yuri, with Yuuri. One by one, the alpha greeted each of them, quietly introducing himself to them. As they drew closer to him, Yuri became more nervous. His stomach was fluttering and he found himself holding tighter on to Anna for support.

Soon, he was scenting the wrist of Leo next to him. "I'm Otabek," he introduced himself to the other omega. That smooth voice sent a shiver down his spine and he was half tempted to kneel and submit himself completely.

He had never submitted himself before. Not even to Viktor, Georgi or Mila.

Then the alpha was before him.

Yuri met his eyes and quickly diverted them again, Yuri took Anna's little arm and extended it. "Let him introduce himself," he said quietly to Anna. He watched the little girl's expression as Otabek took her scent and offered his own wrist. Yuri caught a whiff of that scent, so close to his own nose and almost started drooling. He smelt like sage and vanilla and Yuri felt the desire to take that gland in his mouth and suck the scent from its source.

"Privyet, varobushek. What's your name?" He asked her, tone calm and even. This man was going to make Yuri melt with his voice alone.

The brown-haired little girl wasn't shy, just like her mothers. "I'm Anna! You're a pretty alpha."

Yuri couldn't help but chuckle and nuzzle her cheek affectionately, "Silly. You said that I was pretty when I came here, too."

Anna laughed, "You are pretty, Yura!"

Leo gently nudged Yuri, "Give her to me so you can introduce yourself."

Yuri handed the girl over and his attention was completely back on the alpha. His eyes were so intense that it took everything in him to fight his instinct to submit. He extended his arm, his hand was shaking so he curled it into a fist. Otabek took his wrist in his hand, Yuri was expecting that his grip would be harsh but he was surprisingly gentle. He didn't just sniff at a respectable distance, he pressed his nose right against the skin and took a deep inhale, closing his eyes as he did so.

Otabek didn't pull away, continuing to scent at him but now opening his eyes and staring Yuri down. The alpha's free arm was dangling by his side and Yuri reached forward to grab it and pulled the wrist to his own face. In a challenge, he did the same as the alpha did, closing his eyes and taking in a lungful of the sage and vanilla.

It made him dizzy and when he opened his eyes he knew they were probably glazed over. He had the sudden urge to make the best nest ever to attract this alpha and get that scent all through it. He wanted his pups to have that scent.

Otabek tugged Yuri forward by the wrist he was still holding, he stumbled but then he was pressed against that muscular body and the alpha's face was in his neck and dark hair was brushing against his face. He relished in the feel of the nose pressed into his neck and the breath puffing against his skin.

It didn't go on long enough. Before Yuri could even stuff his own face into the corded muscle of Otabek's neck, there was a hand on Yuri's shoulder and he was being gently tugged back by Phichit. "Come on Yuri, he still needs to meet the others and I want your help making dinner."

Their eyes stayed locked until Phichit was able to physically turn Yuri around and walk him away.

Yuri wanted that alpha in his nest and his pups in his belly.


The following afternoon, Yuri approached Otabek when the alpha was alone and skinning a fox he had hunted earlier that day. He sat cross-legged next to the alpha and shoved a wooden carving at him, not making eye contact. "Here, this is for you."

Otabek grabbed it and inspected it for a moment and Yuri caught whiff of the pleased scent coming from him. "Thank you, Yuri. I love it, you're very talented at carving."

Yuri blushed and hid behind his hair, "It's whatever. I've made one for everyone in the pack. And you can call me Yura, just because it gets too confusing with Yuuri being here."

"You can call me Beka, just because I want you to."

Yuri smiled then and finally looked at Otabek, whose face was still stoic but softer than he had seen it in the short time he had known him.

"That's the biggest fox I've ever seen," Yuri said to change the subject. He was awed by Beka's hunting skills and needed to express it. The man was clearly everything the perfect alpha should be.
Beka resumed skinning, "Will you make me a stew from it?" Yuri nodded furiously in response, keen to satisfy his alpha by making the best meal he had ever eaten. Beka held up the fur of the fox slightly, "And will you accept this as a gift?"

He had never been gifted a fur by anyone other than his family and he preened at the thought of adding the beautiful orange fur to his nest. His alpha was gifting him something precious!

"Can I…scent you?" Otabek looked at Yuri when he said that, clearly surprised. Yuri had to explain himself, "It's just that you got to stick your nose in my neck yesterday and I didn't get to do it back."

Otabek sighed, "Phichit pulled you away from me for a reason. You're so close to preheat I can practically taste it in the air, I don't want it to be my fault if you scent me and it pushes you into early heat. A presentation one at that."

Yuri scoffed, not impressed by the faux chivalry. No doubt Viktor and Yuuri probably gave Beka a talking to and tried to scare him away after their obvious connection the day before. "Well, your nose mustn't be as good as you think it is because I'm already in pre. And it's not because of your stupid scenting yesterday, it has been due to start any day for a while now." Yuri paused and looked down, "You can keep your mating gifts if you won't let me at least scent you back."

Otabek growled lowly in his throat, simply going about his work. He did, however, tilt his head ever-so-slightly to the side. Permission. Yuri rose to his knees so he would be at the right height and pushed his nose against the alpha's gland. Again, his brain went foggy when he was flooded with that potent scent. It was especially delicious where it permeated from his bonding glands.

"I need my nest," Yuri muttered into the alpha's neck, dizzy. He grabbed at the alpha's shirt to help hold himself up. He just wanted to shove his face into the furs of his nest and present himself for his alpha.

"I'd love to take you there, but I'm covered in blood right now. So get up and go to your nest, okay? I'll come and get you when I'm done carving and you can cook for me." Yuri normally hates being bossed around but right now he needs it. He just wants to be good for his alpha, he will do anything his alpha says.

That night, at dinner, Yuri hands a bowl of stew to Beka. "This is for you," he says and sits down next to him. Close enough so that their knees are touching where they are folded on the ground. He watches intently as Beka takes a spoonful, desperate to see whether his alpha enjoys his cooking. He worked hard to make this the best meal he had ever made. He needed to feed his alpha well so that he would have all the energy he needed for hunting and mating.

Beka gives a half smile, "Really good." He eagerly eats a few more spoonful's and Yuri watches him with a smile on his face. He was glad he had managed to impress his intended mating partner twice in one day. Beka then turned to him and extended the bowl, "Hold this for me for a moment, I need to get something for you." He got up and Yuri watched as he hurried into his den, returning quickly with the clean fox fur. He draped it around Yuri's shoulders and sat back down, plucking the bowl from his hands again and resuming eating.

Yuri stroked the fur that was over him, it was incredibly soft and smelt very slightly of Otabek. Even for a large fox, it still wasn't big enough for more than covering his shoulders and back. But that small fur meant the whole world to him. Besides, it was the perfect size to wrap a pup in.

He pulled it tighter around himself and smiled affectionately at the alpha. He was so strong and so perfect. Yuri had to mate with him before anyone else could. He needed to have him first.

Otabek was looking at him again while he ate and Yuri was sure that his own face was red from the attention. "So are we going to be mates or not?" Now Yuri is definitely red but he nods his head. He won't be able to speak without sounding like a fool. He knew the alpha was interested in him but he didn't expect him to word his intentions quite like that. "Good, I'm going to dream of your eyes tonight, Yura."


That night, when everyone else was asleep, Yuri scooped his nest into his arms and left the omega's tent. He carried everything over to Otabek's den and poked his head inside. The alpha was asleep on his own piles of furs so Yuri entered the den, dumping his own nesting items on top of Beka to wake him up.

It achieved its purpose with Otabek stirring and blinking bleary eyes up at him. He looked both cute and sexy and it was disgustingly infuriating. He gave a sleepy smirk and dry washed his face, "Are my dreams coming true or are you a demon sent to deceive me?"

Yuri huffed, not impressed by the joke. He pushed lightly at Otabek's shoulder, "Move. I need to make us a nest."

The alpha obliged, rolling from the bed of furs and sitting on the floor. Yuri promptly got to work at arranging his own nesting items with those that belonged to Beka, combining their scents beautifully and making a safe place for them to mate. "Are you close, djetka?" Beka asked, watching him construct their nest intently.

Yuri blushed even harder at having him enquire about what stage of heat he was in but he knew it was normal to share with your mate. "I'm in pain, so it can't be long." The cramping in his lower abdomen wasn't unbearable but it was uncomfortable and he had been having it since dinner ended hours ago. He knew this was the last stage before he divulged into his proper heat.

Beka didn't respond - thankfully, as Yuri didn't want to talk about his body any more than was strictly necessary - and simply watched as Yuri squeezed at different parts of the nest to test their comfort and durability. Eventually, he was satisfied and he lay down in the nest, gesturing for Otabek to get in with him. The alpha climbed in and immediately laid down on his side next to him, their bodies pressed together. It was the closest they had been and Yuri stared nervously at the roof of the tent while he felt the alpha's dark eyes on his face.

"Relax, djetka and go to sleep. You've only got a few hours left, you need to rest before it starts." Otabek said, seemingly shameless as he put one of his arms over Yuri's body and putting his nose close to the gland in his neck.

Yuri listened and felt himself drifting to sleep, comforted by the warmth and scent of his alpha and the weight of his arm over his chest. Right as he was about to drift off, a thought popped into his head and startled him awake. He slapped Otabek's arm to gain his attention, "Beka!" He rolled over to be face to face with the alpha, who was blinking sleepily back at him. Yuri wasn't being the best omega by continuously waking his alpha but he needed to get this out. "I need you to kiss me now! I need to remember it and I don't trust my omega brain."

Otabek said nothing but smirked at him, he grabbed the back of Yuri's head and tugged him forward, closing the distance between them and gently pressing their lips together. His lips were both soft and firm. Though the contact was brief, Yuri felt his stomach pool with warmth.

He wanted more.

He wasn't given the choice. His head was guided down to Otabek's neck and the alpha released soothing pheromones, which forced him into sleep.


When Yuri woke, he was gasping. He felt hot. Much too hot. He tugged at his shirt, pulling it over his head. He sighed in relief when the cold morning air hit his skin but it was only brief, his skin temperature soaring once again. His pants felt like sandpaper against his skin, so he tugged them off and threw them out of the nest.

With the hindrance of his clothes removed, his heat-riddled brain focused on alpha. There was an alpha asleep in his nest. The strongest, most handsome alpha on the planet.

Yuri whined desperately, slick gushing out of his ass. His cock was leaking profusely and his abdomen was burning. He felt so empty and he wanted his alpha inside of him as soon as possible. He needed his alpha to knot him and fill him with hot cum and breed him full of pups.

He didn't want to wake his alpha and ask for his knot. He had already woken his alpha twice during the night. He couldn't do it again. He would be a bad omega.

Instead, he presented himself. The side of his face was pressed into the base of the nest and he was on his knees, ass in the air. He reached one hand behind him and pressed two fingers past the rim of his hole. He was so wet and his inner walls so naturally softened that his fingers met hardly any resistance as they pushed in.

He didn't want it easy. He wanted it to burn, he wanted to feel like he was being torn apart regardless of how much slick he was making. Still he moaned as he started moving those two fingers in and out of himself, cock dripping even more precum into the base of the nest.

His face was turned towards his alpha but he wasn't actually seeing him, too busy visualising Otabek mounting him and breeding him. It was with those visions in mind that he came for the first time, expelling his seed and gushing slick on his own fingers. "Otabek!" He cried out as he came, practically crying with how desperate he was to have the alpha inside of him. His hand that was inside of him was so coated in slick that it was dripping down his arm.

Cumming had done absolutely nothing to quell the hunger that was surging within him. He tried to be good but he couldn't wait for the alpha any longer. Speaking of that alpha, Yuri was going to FUCK HIM for sleeping through his first orgasm. For an alpha in his prime, his nose was clearly abysmal in responding to a willing mate's pheromones. He should have been awake and pouding into him before Yuri even knew his own heat had started.

"Beka," he hissed out and pushed at him with the hand that wasn't still buried inside of him. He was pissed. He felt neglected and he needed the alpha to make it up to him, whether it made him a bad omega for waking his mate or not.

Otabek - FINALLY - jolted awake and immediately looked at Yuri. His scent went from placid to downright savage when he saw the omega presented and already prepared for his knot. Crooning deep in his throat, Otabek gave a quick caress to Yuri's hair and wasted no further time in moving behind him. He pulled Yuri's fingers from inside him and pulled the hand to his mouth, sucking the slick off his hand and relishing in the taste. Yuri tasted like pure sugar and Otabek had a secret sweet tooth. The taste immediately brought his cock standing to full attention, knot beginning to inflate at the base.

He couldn't waste any more time, he needed to breed this omega full of his pups before anyone else got the chance to steal him away. Growling now, Otabek placed a hand on Yuri's hip and used the other to line himself up. Yuri was letting out a series of desperate whines, trying to entice the alpha to hurry up and enter him. He couldn't get rid of this fire that was burning inside of him, one that wouldn't put doused until he was stuffed full of a knot and flooded with cum.

"Beka, please!" He managed to find his words, "Please, please fuck me. Please breed me. Breed me good, alpha, please." He was practically writhing with the wait, toes already curling just at the thought of finally, finally, finally being filled.

Otabek crooned and pressed the head of his cock against the rim of Yuri's ass, very slowly sliding inside. Yuri's insides were so damn hot he felt like his dick was going to melt. His walls were soft and he relished in the way they stretched to make room for his intrusion. He was only halfway in, enjoying every movement Yuri's insides made around his cock, when Yuri slammed his own hips back. The omega cried out in pleasure when he finally had all of Otabek inside of him.

The alpha was so big that Yuri felt like he was being torn apart, just as he wanted. He needed Beka to move, he needed him to pound him into their nest so hard it would make Yuri black out. "Please, Beka. Move, Otchka, breed me good."

Otabek was more than happy to comply with the beautiful little kitten's requests. He pulled out until just his tip was in then he slammed back in, "Hnnn…so good Beka. More." Otabek gripped Yuri's hips tightly in his hands and began thrusting in and out. He wasn't going fast but he was forceful and purposeful in his movements. He was about to come as it was, just from the pheromones in the air, the sugary taste that lingered on his tongue, and the slide of Yuri's walls against his shaft. He needed to make every movement count to get Yuri off as quickly as possible before he popped his ever-inflating knot and locked them together.

Yuri's mind was not so analytical, he could think of nothing except how good it felt. How happy he was to finally have a heat so that he could be mated by his perfect alpha. Every thrust was so hard it made his eyes roll back into his head and Otabek's cock was near always rubbing against his prostate. When Yuri felt that Otabek could no longer slide the whole way into him because his knot had inflated too much, he resumed his begging. He needed that inside him, to stretch him further than he will ever be stretched. He needed them to lock together so that Otabek could put his seed inside of him and make sure that none of it got out.

"Beka, knot me. Knot me, alpha. I want it so bad. I want your pups. Fill me up with your pups, alpha."

Otabek groaned and turned Yuri onto his back, sliding back into him and slanting their lips together. He knew how badly Yuri had wanted to be kissed last night and he needed to make sure that he kissed him while they were mating. Besides, he wanted to look into those gorgeous eyes when he knotted him. He wanted his pups to have those beautiful eyes and goddamn he wasn't going to let his omega down and not give him what he was asking for.

"That's right, djetka. 'M gonna fill you up and you're going to carry my pups so good. Gonna fuck you full of them and when you give birth 'm gonna do it all over again." Yuri only let out a loud moan in response and Otabek kissed his mate once again, getting as much of his saliva into Yuri's mouth as possible so his scent would be everywhere.

When he was satisfied, he pulled his mouth away once again to focus on getting his knot inside. It was almost fully inflated now and Otabek was an idiot not to have put it in earlier. It was going to be harder now and he would probably hurt Yuri, but he couldn't deny his mate the knot he had been begging so prettily for.

He used one of his hands to jerk Yuri's own smaller dick, hoping the pleasure would distract from any pain. He used the other to spread Yuri's legs further as he pushed his knot forward, watching as Yuri's rim slowly stretched and swallowed the additional girth.

Yuri was moaning so loud the whole pack could probably hear him but he was relishing in the stretch of Otabek pushing his fat knot inside of him. His knot was so good that Yuri never wanted to come off it. When it was fully inside of him, Yuri sighed in satisfaction and moved his own hips, helping his alpha to grind into him until they came undone. Beka's hand was still wrapped around his dick and the pressure was putting him right on the edge. He couldn't let go until he felt his mate cumming in him.

"Bite me, alpha. Bite me and give me your pups, please!"

Ever the pleaser, Otabek complied. He looked at Yuri's gorgeous face as he ground his knot into him. He relished in the way those watery eyes looked up at him like he hung the stars and when he couldn't hold it back anymore, he surged forward and bit down on Yuri's bonding gland as his knot popped.

Yuri came at that moment, crying out his alpha's name as he shot cum over his own stomach and Otabek felt him gush more slick. His knot was throbbing as wave after wave of cum shot into his mate, filling him up with all that was needed to make a litter.

But he wouldn't stop now. He would keep going until he knew for sure that Yuri was pregnant with his babies. He needed children with those eyes and half of that tantalising scent of apples and white sugar, half of his own.

Their mating continued for days and in one of Yuri's scarce moments of clarity, they were discussing their future children.

"I'm determined to have the biggest and strongest litter of pups this pack will ever see. I'm going to be the best omega we will ever have." Yuri was determined, showing his strength and passion in his desire to be the best.

"You already are the best omega I have laid my eyes on," Otabek admitted to him, kissing any part of exposed skin he could get his lips on.

Yuri wasn't having it, though. He was too set on his new found goal, "And our pups are going to be WAY cuter than Viktor and Yuuri's. We're way better looking!"

Otabek laughed and simply rolled Yuri over to mate him one more time. He knew in his heart that his seed had already taken to Yuri's freshly presented womb but it wasn't enough.

No moment spent inside of Yuri would be a moment wasted.

~ Fin ~