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Claiming What's Theirs

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The thing is. The thing is. Once you've been through the shit with a group of people, once you've faced death time and time again, once you've bleed for each other, a bond is going to form. There are just some shared experiences that change you, that no one else will understand, one one could possibly understand. 

Class A of the Hero Course in UA are just...comfortable with each other. In a way only they can be. It wasn't much of a surprise to their teachers that, after graduation, the group had decided to move in together. It was the natural progression of years of them already living together, of shared rooms and kitchens and beds. Of shared laughter and stories and tears.  

It just made sense, the group had said during one press interview. We know each other's weaknesses and strengths. We know who likes to get up early and make breakfast. We know who we need to watch out for to make sure they don't sleep past noon. We know each other's shower schedules and dinner schedules and bonding time schedules. We know each other.

Why wouldn't we move in together?

Of course, even with all that, it still seemed to catch them by surprise when friendly hugs and kisses turned more intimate. 

(Not, again, to their teachers though. Midnight still claims she saw it coming a mile away after that first year.)

A lot of reporters (because they may be heroes and great at combat and saving people, but being stealthy about relationships is definitely not their forte) wondered how a relationship between 20 people work. 

Surprisingly easy, they say. Oh, of course there are fights (made bigger with so many people. They once almost leveled the entire street after a fight over whose turn it was to wash the dishes turned heated) and missteps (figuring out where everyone fits is hard). They have to be cautious, do a lot of communicating, do a lot of reassuring, and do a lot of planning. 

But when it comes to loving each other, it's easy as breathing. 

There are, as always, a few snags. 

They're busy a lot. Hero work seems to never be done. They work long shifts and do a lot of PR. If a disaster strikes, there is no rest. They don’t even get to go home, sleeping in tents and eating at makeshift tables as they make sure no citizen gets left behind.  

For those on the Top Ten Hero list, they get called out of the country a lot. Or pulled into interviews. Or asked to talk at police stations and schools. 

For those like Aoyama and Ashido, who have their own fashion line, deadlines and calls and fashion shows can get in the way. All of them have at least one clothing item or ceremonial cup or shoe line and there are always production questions or problems. 

The list of stuff they have to do goes on and on. There are times when someone is always missing someone, where a month has passed and they haven't seen each other's faces much less say hi.

Luckily for them, group chats exist, and they have people like Yaoyorozu and Iida and Kouda that love to organize. 

Team dinners are always on Tuesdays, whoever is free must come. Dates are planned in advance and if two or three people haven't seen each other in a while, the others remind them to meet up. Even if it's just for a small chat over coffee. If anyone felt like they were being neglected, they were encouraged to speak up. If anyone saw someone else is being neglected, they were expected to speak up. 

Their relationships had snags like buying food and household supplies. 20 different people with 20 different personalities means 20 different needs and cravings and wants. They try for organization, with five people going shopping each week, hoping that it lessens the work. Their shopping list is always at least six papers, and it always takes an hour to come up with it. 

Things were always forgotten or left behind. 

Half of the group forget that they constantly need toilet paper. They all hoard shampoo like treasure. They have two refrigerators and a humongous pantry bursting with food, yet they somehow never have anything to eat. 

Cooking can be a disaster and no one ever agrees on what they want to eat. Picking up fast food usually ends in an arm wrestling competition to see where they go. They have gone to dinners with bloody noses and black eyes. 

Figuring out how to get their taste to mesh is a disaster. Kaminari and Jirou always want the latest tech while Shouji and Orjio like to keep things simple. Shinsou picks everything to be cat themed. Ashido is colorful which tends to go against Todoroki's sleek style. Kirishmari has awful, awful taste and no one allows him to decorate where guests can see.

Hagakure, Aoyama, Ashido, and Shoji own a mountain of shoes that they leave everywhere and always insist that they need a new pair. Tokoyami, Todoroki, and Bakugou go through shirts like chips.

Uraraka is constantly breaking cups and plates when she accidentally uses her quirk. They've resorted to buying plastic utensils. 

Their relationships have snags like not everyone respecting it.

When this thing started to become a thing , it was a secret. Or they tried for a secret. They just wanted to explore, to let this fragile thing grow till it's more steady.

That went out the window when Midoryia got caught kissing both Todoroki and Shinsou. For a week, papers ran the story about the Cheating Hero. Newscasters ranted about it, the number one trending hashtag was #cancelDeku. Midoryia's ratings went down the drain.

It was the only time Bakugou hated getting the number one spot.

So they had to come out, to do one big interview where they put their relationship on trial. After that, they tried to be more public with their affections. Pictures of Ashido and Uraraka and Yaoyorozuo holding hands at the supermarket, pictures of Sero and Satou kissing, pictures of Asui and Kouda at the park. 

They have never felt more watched as they waited for the world to digest their relationship. 

Eventually, eventually , the press calms down enough that they aren’t immediately swarmed every time they go outside. That doesn’t mean there still aren’t questions. That there still aren’t doubts. 

There are several radio shows that bring it up every few weeks, always finding a new way to find faults. Apparently, their relationship is causing the collapse of the economy. Who knew?

Gossip blogs love to claim that they have broken up, that every fight is their last, that the group is breaking down. 

The secret admirers do not go away. In fact, they get more intense. People claiming that they can “fix” someone, that they can give them more love and attention than their datemates. That if they are just going with the flow, too afraid to break away. 

Ashido, Aoyama, and Tokoyami love to do dramatic readings of the love letters they get, whenever the group needs a good laugh. 

See, the group knows they love each other. They know they have each other’s backs, that they only work when they work all together. They aren’t afraid to show it, to touch each other, and reassure them that 19 others are there to catch them whenever they stumble. 

The problem is...not all of them show it the same way.

Iida doesn’t like pda, hand holding is as far as he goes most of the time. But he loves doing romantic gestures. Flowers that show up at work and taking them out to an intimate dinner. 

Asui has trouble voicing romantic words, but she has no trouble wrapping an arm around their waist or touching their lower backs, bringing them in closer to share personal space.

Tokoyami does best when writing poems or sonnets. He puts them in random places, where the person it’s supposed to go to will find it. 

The public has seen most of the group do one of these things, something that screams yes, we’re still so, so in love. 

The public has seen this from everyone of them...except Bakugou. 

The group understands. Bakugou has a hard time showing love and affection. He is still the rough edge guy, who is prone to shouting and insulting others, who growls and barks and glares. He doesn’t like pda. He doesn’t do love letters or flowers. 

What he does do is cook for them. He makes Sunday dinners, a big feast for everyone who is there. Birthday dinners or breakfast in bed. Random lunches when he feels like it or when it's a special request.

What he does do is take care of someone when they are sick. He has literally forced soup and water down a few of their throats. Checking their temperature, making sure they get sleep, making sure they are comfortable and have enough covers to bundle up.  

What he does do is help. Helps with training, with sparring, with warming up and cooling down. Helps clean whenever he is asked. Helps taking calls and writing up press releases. 

He helps and gives them small kisses on the cheek and wraps his arms around them during movie nights. But the public does not see any of those things. 

Which means that Bakugou is targeted the most whenever the radio shows go on their rants. He’s targeted the most when the gossip blogs point at their relationship breaking down. He’s targeted by admirers hoping to steal him away. 

The worst part is that Bakugou is mostly oblivious about this. Sure, he hears about the radio shows, but only takes that as them doubting his or one of his partners abilities. He doesn’t read or care for gossip blogs. And lord help him, but he has no idea about anyone flirting with him. 

(It took them way too long to convince him that they actually like him. And they actually had the benefit of seeing him every day, training with him, and fighting with him.)

The group is patient with Bakugou, letting him work within his comfort zone. 

They are not so patient with the rest of the world. Bakugou is part of their relationship. They will show it.