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A Journey Together

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Link ignored the princess -as he had done every single day before that- and rolled over in bed, putting a pillow over his head.


It had been about two and a half weeks since the pair defeated Calamity Ganon, and during their quick, two week travels around the Greater Hyrule Region via Sheikah teleportation to let everyone know that all was now right with the world, Link forgot to take his omega suppressant.


He had been so relieved, so exhausted after the defeat of Ganon, that the thought of taking his omega suppressant potion completely slipped his mind. This suppressant was a goddess send, as it not only masked an omega’s natural scent from every being, it also prevented a heat for one month, and acted as birth control, making it the perfect potion for a traveling omega.


Zelda let them rest for a day after defeating Calamity Ganon, before finally pulling him up and using the Sheikah Slate to teleport them across the land, stopping in every major Hylian stronghold or village to let them know that evil had been conquered, and they needed to live in fear no more.


Through these two week travels, between posing for oil paintings, being hosted at dinner after dinner , and constantly being present and around Zelda while she got to know the land and the people once more, Link hadn’t made more of his potion.


The pair didn’t notice until the end of their travels, which landed them in Hateno village. Zelda had promised Link that this would be their last stop and that they would take a month or two to rest, before starting their journey throughout the realm, to help heal and restore Hyrule, and it was just his luck that a small child pointed out his sex once they arrived in the village.


The sun was setting beautifully in this town, and the mayor of the town was hosting a humongous feast in its center, where they would all praise Link and Zelda for ending the darkness that plagued their land and rejoice together in this new era of peace.


Link usually kept to himself during these events, and smiled politely or answered questions when prompted, avoiding small children all the while.


It wasn’t that he hated children, it was just… they were too small, had too much energy, and were always screaming, crying, or talking, which were all things Link didn’t know how to process, or how to deal with.


To his complete and utter horror, the mayor’s granddaughter took a liking to him once the feast began, and managed to glue herself to his side the entire evening. The citizens of this town seemed to love this, so Loki forced his aversion of children away for the night, and allowed the child to sit in his lap while the town fawned over the pair.


Zelda took a break from speaking with the mayor of Hateno to check on Link and was amused to see the child in his lap endlessly prattling away. “May you go play with the other children for a moment, dear child?”


The young girl shook her head, wrapping her arms around Link’s torso. “Nu-uh! Link is my mate!”


Those nearby began to laugh at this, and the girl’s mother stepped forward, running encouraging fingers through her hair. “Come now, sweetheart. Let the adults talk.”


“No! I have to protect my mate!”


She’d caught the mayor’s attention by then, and the jolly Hylian made his way over to the group, shooting a knowing smile at his grandaughter. “Now Ezeral, you know alphas can’t marry each other or mate. Leave poor Link alone.”


“He’s an omega, so I get to marry and mate with him!”


Link’s heart dropped when the child said this, and he widened his eyes in a panic, gently trying to move the child from his lap.


By then those in attendance of this great feast were watching in silence, each of them confused and beginning to murmur.


Zelda laughed awkwardly and opened her mouth to speak, cut off by the mayor. “By the goddess…” he leaned forward and inhaled Link’s scent, his eyes going wide. “Link! All this time you were an omega?! May the goddess have mercy!


This was the absolute last thing Link wanted people to know about him, and he managed to pry the young alpha-girl from him, quickly standing up and turning to leave.


“Hero Link!” shouted the mayor, grabbing at Link’s shoulder and turning him around. “This is nothing to be ashamed about. Why, knowing you’re an omega just makes your journey and accomplishments all that more remarkable!”


Before Link could speak, the mayor turned back around to face the crowd, pulling Link along with him. “To our omega savior! To Link!”


The townspeople cheered, and drank in celebration, Link’s secondary sex the talk of the evening.


As soon as the mayor released Link, the Hylian darted away, wanting to be alone, and decompress from everything.


He ignored all of Zelda’s attempts to contact or comfort him, and it was in his home in Hateno village that he remained, still refusing to come out and speak to anyone or anything, three days later.


Hearing Zelda bang on his door a bit more forcibly, Link groaned, trying to ignore her threat of using magic if he didn’t open up right this instant.


He knew that Zelda meant this though, and to avoid drawing any more attention to his home, he climbed out of bed and threw open his door, glaring at the princess fiercely.


Zelda glared back at him, hands on her hips as she shook her head, not pleased with Link’s appearance. “Link! I will not allow you to waste away because people know you’re an omega. Now let me in so that I may help you.”


Link had learned over his travels with Zelda -before and after the Calamity- that it was just easier to do whatever the princess wanted. 


He did retaliate against her by exhaling in frustration but nevertheless stepped aside, ushering her into his home and quickly locking his door. “Just give me some time, Zelda. We can leave at the end of the week.”


Zelda’s gaze softened then. “That isn’t why I’ve come, Link. We can stay here as long as you need until you feel ready to step outside, but… locking yourself away from anything and everything isn’t the way do to it.”


Link remained silent and moved to make himself and Zelda some breakfast, knowing that he needed to eat, anyway.


Sighing softly, Zelda sat down at the table in the room, looking over at Link with kind eyes. “Link… the world isn’t over because people know you’re an omega. I’m an omega, and no one bats an eye or thinks differently of me.”


“That’s because you’re not the fated “Hero of Hyrule”,” murmured Link, rolling his eyes and cracking eggs into the skillet on his stove. “You know I don’t like attention, Zelda. And being the hero of this land…”


Zelda frowned, rising slightly to stand. “Link-”


“After helping you heal the land, and when I’m not needed anymore… I just want to be alone, Zelda. To be forgotten .”


“Link, how could you-”


“After serving Hyrule, and after serving you, all I want is peace, Zelda. I want to be alone. I want to live in peace amongst the land, I want to go days and weeks without speaking to people, and I just want to be happy !”


The omega snapped his mouth shut after this confession, frustrated that Zelda was now privy to this. “Zelda… I just want what everyone else has. I just want to be happy. And after we’ve helped rebuild the land, and I’m finally free from responsiblity, I want to finally be able to experience the one thing everyone around me seems to have. Is that so wrong?”


The last thing Link wanted was to be having a heart to heart with the princess, but he knew she wouldn’t leave him alone unless he said something.


He wasn’t interested in marrying someone, and being their wife. He wasn’t interested in mating to an alpha, he didn’t want any kids, he just… he just wanted to be alone . Alone, and able to experience what it was like to just be normal.


Just for once in his life.


And it was hard to admit this.


Zelda didn’t say a word to him while he made breakfast, and it wasn’t until they were finished eating that Zelda brought up their trip. “Well… you’ve not taken the omega suppressant in three weeks, which means your heat will come sometime next week. When was your last heat?”


Link sighed, looking away then. “I… I don’t remember. I had a few heats when I first began my journey against the Calamity, but once I reached Kakariko village, Impa gave me the potion, and provided it to me throughout my travels whenever I needed it.”


Zelda hummed, pulling out her own Sheikah tablet and scrolling through it for a few seconds. “Hm… I was told by Impa that your journey to end the Calamity took an entire year to the day of your reawakening, so that means that you haven’t had a heat in nine months.” She looked up at him then. “When omegas take this potion, it is supposed to be taken in increments of three months, with the fourth month being a time for rest and recovery, so that the omega’s body does not lose the ability to have proper heats and bear healthy children. I will not allow you to take this potion anytime soon; you must have a heat before we begin our travels again.”


Link was completely against this, and looked away from Zelda’s intense gaze, refusing to agree to anything.


He knew better though than to go against Zelda’s wishes, and sighed, beginning to clean up their plates from breakfast. “I don’t want to have it here, Zelda. It’s not safe, now.”


“I can assure you, absolutely no one will try to harm the hero of legends during his heat. All sanity is not lost during a heat, Link… I’m sure you know this more than anyone.”


Link stilled his movements when she said this, turning to look over his shoulders and stare curiously at Zelda.


The princess laughed, beginning to blush under Link’s questioning stare. “With my magic, I would often check on you during your travels, and send you energy when I could, healing your wounds.”


“... So you’ve seen me during my heats?”


“That is not the point, Link! The point is-”


“Please answer my question, Zelda.”


Zelda covered her face with her hands then, even more embarrassed. “It wasn’t as if I watched you through each heat’s entirety! I just made sure that you were safe, and in a place with shelter that could mask your scent.”


Hearing this didn’t upset Link too much, and it actually made him feel grateful. Those first few months of his journey had been tough, and… and all that time, he felt that he was never alone.


He was relieved and touched to know that Zelda was the one watching him and guiding him through it.


“You were my inner voice, then…”


Zelda smiled softly, a twinkle in her eyes. “I was always there, Link. I was always with you. And I always will be.”


 There was a hidden undertone there that only they would understand, and for the first time in weeks, Link smiled, setting his dishes down in his sink and beginning to wash them, his mind somewhere else.


They remained in comfortable silence for quite some time before moving to Link’s couch in front of his fire, enjoying the peace and quiet.


It was nice to just relax, and be themselves. Not a princess, not a knight, not heroes, just themselves .


Link finally decided that he was fine with remaining here until his heat was over, and sighed softly, looking over at Zelda. “We can leave once my heat is over.”


And once you’ve given yourself a proper day or two, to recover. Hm?


This put another smile on Link’s face, and he nodded, agreeing to this as well. “I’m going to wash up and swim down by the pond. No one should be able to climb down and reach me, there.”


“I suppose I’ll go speak to the townspeople, and keep their attention away from you, then.”


Link made an agreeing sound and went upstairs to his loft, grabbing a towel and a change of clothes. “Maybe I’ll stop by the market today. I need new pants.”


“Please don’t force yourself, Link…” murmured Zelda, standing up fully. “Just enjoy being by yourself for now. Goddess knows when you’ll have time to yourself again.”


Link jumped down from his loft, following Zelda outside. “If anyone asks where I am, I’m down at Hateno beach fighting Moblins.”


“Noted,” laughed the princess.


The pair parted with a promise to meet up for dinner, so Link paraglided down to the small rock outcropping in his personal pond, setting his clothes down and stripping before jumping into the clear, blue water, reveling in the feeling.


Being alone made Link happiest, and as he lied on his back and lazed about in the pond, he took his time to truly enjoy this moment where it was just him.


Zelda would most likely begin her journey in the Zora domain, as there were many things to speak about with King Dorephan.


Link didn’t mind this stop, as Prince Sidon was one of his dearest friends, and was a constant positive light that somehow kept a smile on Link’s face when he was in his presence.


Thinking of Prince Sidon left a light feeling in his stomach, and he laughed, wondering why the thought of seeing his friend once again made him so happy.


He loved Zelda like no other, and she truly understood parts of him that no one else did, but with Sidon, he didn’t have to put up a wall. He could laugh, he could smile, he could be silent, and the Prince would still smile, praising Link for his achievements, and the opportunity to be together.


There was something under the surface between them, and on his journey alone, he accepted that he loved the Zora.


He knew though that nothing could come from it, as Sidon was a prince, a Zora, and Mipha’s brother.


It was no secret that Mipha loved Link, and while he always sensed it, he never felt the same way for her. He loved her in the sense that someone would love a sister, and nothing else.


It broke his heart that she died before he could tell her this, and he spent many of his days traversing throughout the realm apologizing to her spirit, and asking her for forgiveness.


He didn’t have it in him to ask for her blessing.


Thoughts of Sidon flitted through his mind in these moments, and he allowed himself to think silly fantasies, ones where they weren’t a prince and a hero, ones where they were just them ; no responsibilities or other people begging for their attention.


Link almost fell asleep in the shallows, waking up completely only when he heard the sounds of someone approaching from above.


“Hello? Champion Link? Are you down there?”


Link remained flat on his back in the water, and carefully inched his way underneath a rocky outcropping, one that was large enough to completely mask his presence from whatever townie was searching for him. 


Thankfully, the townsperson left after a few minutes, so Link slowly made his way back into the water and swam over to the rocky outcropping his clothes were on, drying off and changing quickly.


He did want to go to the market -if only to buy lunch- and he figured heading up to the observatory to relax and spend his day reading would be a great way to spend his day, so he quickly climbed up the rocks and dusted off his clothing, surprised to see an alpha townsperson waiting for him near the tree outside of his home. 


He was immediately on guard, and frowned, approaching this man. “Can I help you?”


The man jumped, turning around quickly. “Oh merciful Goddess, Champion, you scared me!”


Loki remained silent, continuing to frown at the man, and waiting for his explanation.


When the man continued to blush and look down at the ground, Link rolled his eyes and began to walk inside, slamming the door shut behind him.


He debated about remaining here all day, but thought better of it, knowing that he’d done enough moping. 


He needed to get out of his house.


Hanging his clothes to dry in his backyard, Link opened the side gate and left, ignoring the alpha that was surprisingly still there.


“Uh, C-Champion Link! If I may have only a moment of your time?”


Closing his eyes and muttering a curse, Link turned around, facing the alpha and waiting for him to speak.


Seemingly nervous, the alpha laughed uneasily, finally making awkward eye contact with Link. “Champion Link, it would mean the world to me if you-”




The alpha was taken aback by Link’s curt answer, beginning to babble. ‘I-I’m sorry?”


“I said no,” sighed the omega, turning around and beginning to walk into the main part of town. “If you’re asking me on a date, I don’t want to. I don’t like strangers.”


“But that’s the point!” rushed the alpha, jogging forward to keep up with Link. “Strangers meet because there’s an attraction, and then-”


“I’m not attracted to you, or anyone in this town. Please leave me alone.”


He knew he was being rude, but he didn’t care . These alphas didn’t approach him at all during his journey, and only took notice of him when they found out he was an omega.


And that meant that they didn’t have the best of intentions.


The market was busy this morning though, so Link managed to shake off the alpha in the crowd, and made his way to the general store, hoping to buy some arrows, and a few ingredients to make a meal once he got to the hill the observatory was on.


Thankfully, not too many people spoke to him other than a quick greeting, and he was able to purchase everything he needed, quickly leaving the town’s center to head up the trail leading to the observatory.


“Mind if I join you?”


Link looked beside him, surprised that an alpha was able to sneak up on him like this.


His heat must be a few days away, then.


“I do mind.”


The alpha scoffed and raised an eyebrow, looking down at Link. “Certainly even the Champion needs company?”




Trying to shake off the alpha, Link picked up his speed, annoyed when the alpha tried to match it. “You know… now that I know you’re an omega, that makes everything about you just a little more interesting.”


Rolling his eyes, Link eyed the rocky wall ahead, knowing that if he scaled it, he would lose the alpha.


“If I asked you to spend your heat with me, would you?”


Hearing this sparked a passionate rage within the small Hylian, and he grabbed at the wall, beginning to climb.


“Champion! Please answer me, I-”


“No! My answer is no!” called out Link, continuing to climb up the rocky hill until he was significantly higher on the trail.


Goddess, if one more alpha tried to woo him, he would lose his mind.


And unfortunately, the alphas did just that, coming at him in droves.


Every day leading up to his heat was spent turning down alphas, or running away from them just so that he could be alone, and he was even more annoyed to find that Zelda telling everyone to stay away from him wasn't enough. 


Granted, it had been over 100 years since her rule, and she was, unfortunately, a figurehead now, which was something they would need to work on while building New Hyrule. 


If the people didn't trust her as their future queen, then that would only throw the land into more chaos and disarray.


No, these travels around Hyrule that Zelda wanted to make were imperative to restoring the land and its people to its rightful glory, and Link knew it couldn't happen without him.


That didn't solve the issue of his heat, though. 


He hadn't used toys in over a century, and because he'd gone almost a year without a heat, he knew that this one would come back into full force. 


Zelda did stop by the night before his heat, offering him toys that were a gift from the omegas in town, and although he was embarrassed to use them, the more his heat raged on, the better they looked. 


Hylian omegas usually had heats that lasted 24-36 hours each month, and it took them about a day to fully recover from their heats, so Link knew he'd be unable to leave Hateno village for at least 2 days.

By hour two of his heat, Link was losing the battle of wills, and everything felt too hot, the fabric of his clothes rubbing at his skin in the worst way possible; they needed to come off, now .


Stripping from his clothing, Link bit back a moan when the cool air of his home hit his flushed skin, heightening his senses, and thrusting him even deeper into his heat.


Collapsing back onto the bed, Link reached up and rubbed a thumb over his nipple, thoughts of Sidon beginning to fill his mind.


Sidon’s long, purple tongue encircling his nipples, drawing them into his mouth, and lavishing his tongue upon them.


He gasped as he imagined Sidon’s tongue making its way down his body, licking every single inch that he begged the Zora to.


Now his hand was grasping at his length, and he ran it desperately along his shaft, imagining that it was Sidon and not him.


Sidon held him so tenderly in the lust-driven delusions of his heat, and he cried out as he came, imagining that the Zora finally licked upon his length and ravished his tongue around it.


Thoughts of Sidon touching him, loving him, holding him, overtook his mind, and he gasped as he climaxed once more, knowing that his fingers wouldn’t be enough .


Desperately, he dug around in the bag that contained his gifted toys, immediately going for the largest one.


He imagined that Sidon was bigger than this, given the Zora’s height, but this dildo would do for now.


There was no need for prep because it was his heat, and he pressed the thick head of the dildo into himself, letting out a guttural groan when it sank deep into him, soothing the carnal ache within; even if it was only for a moment.


Carefully he moved the toy in and out of him, getting used to its size and shape before thrusting it harder and faster into him.


Soon he couldn’t hold his voice back and he was sobbing, crying out for the Prince and writhing in the sheets of his bed, grasping at them and pulling with his free hand.


Climax after climax, he kept going, not able to stop, the fantasy of Sidon being here, with him, too real. 


He took breaks every few hours when he felt he could handle drinking, eating, or resting, and went right back to fucking himself with the dildo, his mind the only thing that made this experience even remotely pleasurable.


He was unfortunate enough to have a heat that lasted just under 36 hours, and by the end of the second day, he was spent, and bone tired.


He didn’t have it in him to clean up or bathe and promptly passed out, waking up the next day just as the sun was rising.


He and Zelda would most likely leave today, so he forced himself out of bed, and grabbed his traveling clothes, drinking what seemed like a pitcher of water before leaving his home.


The pond outside of his home was one of his favorite places in this town, as it was nearly inaccessible; very few in this town could scale the rocky walls to make their way down to the spring.


He remained here in the peace and quiet for what seemed like hours, and only stirred when he heard Zelda’s voice call out to him.


“Link? Are you down there?”


Link knew she would look over the edge of the entrance to the pond, and remained silent, a soft smirk on his face.


Not even 2 seconds later, Zelda looked over the edge, pinching her face into a frown. “Link! If you were down here, why didn’t you respond?”


“Would it have mattered?”


Rolling her eyes and groaning, Zelda paraglided down to the sandy shore of the pond, landing in the sand next to Link. “Will you be ready to go before noon?”


Link looked up at the position of the sun, noting that it was about 7 am. “Give me a few minutes. We can leave once I’ve gathered my things.”


Zelda nodded, turning away to give Link privacy as he dressed. “I’m thinking that we should head towards the Zora domain. I’ve received word that people that wish to travel there are being prevented from doing so by monsters. I’d like us to attack the monsters at their source since there’s no blood moon to revive them.”


One thing that made Link excited was being to kill monsters, as although he was a loner, he still wanted to help the beings in this land live peacefully.


Everyone wasn’t as gifted at fighting monsters as they were, and since there was no more blood moon to bring them back, Link felt it was his personal duty to rid the land of them. 


The monsters would only get in the way of the beings of Hyrule starting their lives again and expanding into a new era, so Link knew he couldn’t rest and finally live in peace until he rid the land of these beasts.




Zelda turned around then, eyes focused on her Sheikah Slate. “I plan on staying in Zora’s domain for no longer than a month… maybe two. I need King Dorephan’s input on how we should all go about rebuilding this land.”


Link was glad that Zelda was focused on her tablet, as he would’ve died if she noticed the faint blush spreading across his cheeks at the mention of the Zora kingdom. 


“It will probably take about two or three weeks to get there… hm… maybe four, depending on how many monsters there are along the way. I’ll be waiting on the ridge for you, Link.”


Link made an agreeing sound and grabbed his clothes, using Revali’s gale to lift them both in the air and depositing them softly on the ground. He admittedly still felt sloth-like from his heat and wanted to conserve all of his remaining energy so that he could fight monsters.


At least… that was what he was telling himself. 


He wasn’t lazy.


Not him.


Zelda shot him a knowing smile but said nothing, walking towards her noble horse and making sure everything was fastened and held in place as it should. “I’ll feed our horses. Please, take your time gathering your things.”


Nodding in thanks, Link made his way into his house, looking around the small cottage. He had a feeling that he wouldn’t be here for a very long time, and listened to his intuition, gathering anything that he felt was important.


He debated about grabbing his toys, before blushing and stuffing the bag into a larger one, making it look as inconspicuous as possible.


He wanted to avoid anyone knowing about these items.


He also gathered an important keepsake from his traveling days, and placed it in his chest pocket, sending off a prayer of well-wishes and safekeeping to the goddess Hylia.


The keepsake was a Marquise-cut ruby that Link had specially crafted by the Zora. It was extremely shiny and a gorgeous gemstone, and he got it specifically for Sidon, but… he never had the courage to give it to him. 


He didn’t know if he’d be able to give the gem to Sidon this time, but he knew that as long as he had it with him, he remained at peace, the love he had for the prince echoing in his heart.


Feeling that he packed everything necessary or valued for their trip, Link exited his cottage and began to tie his bags up to Epona, praising the sweet horse, and giving her affection. She wasn’t the same horse Link used a century ago, but her heart felt the same, and for that Link was thankful.


He climbed into her saddle and grabbed the reins, urging her to begin trotting away, Zelda close behind him.


Their journey to the Zora realm was surprisingly packed with monsters, monsters that were stronger than they should’ve been, which Link found concerning.


Zelda theorized that Calamity Ganon sent the final embers of his existence into the monsters of this land, causing a new breed to come forth; golden monsters.


Red monsters were nonexistent from what they saw on their travels, and Link was very concerned to see that each group of monsters they happened to find or run into had either an albino monster or a golden one; sometimes both if they were unlucky.


Luckily, there were no more blood moons, so through their month-long travel, the pair were relieved to see that the monsters were not respawning.


With each passing day, Link found himself getting more and more excited, thoughts of Sidon and his warm smile consuming his thoughts.


When they were about a day’s ride away from the Zora domain, Link admitted that it would be best if he and Zelda made camp.


Zelda had been pushing herself to get here as soon as possible, and she was still getting used to traveling again, so Link convinced her to rest, and set up camp while she washed in the river, setting up a warm campfire, and letting his wet feet dry next to the fire.


The pair caught fish that were nearby and cooked them with some herbs for dinner, both of them taking the omega suppressant potion to put off their heats for another month. 


The morning that they packed up their things, they made haste to the Zora domain and approached the Ruto Lake Pass, the Great Zora Bridge off in the distance.


Although he tried not to, Link found himself counting down the seconds until he saw Prince Sidon, and although all he could offer the prince was a smile, in Link’s heart, he was doing his best, and… and that was enough.




Sidon received word that the Calamity was defeated, much like everyone else in Hyrule, a few days after it happened.


Of course, the Zora were suspicious beings by nature and sent out scouts along all of the great ponds and rivers of the greater Lanaryu region to verify these accounts.


Their last scout returned to their kingdom a mere 2 weeks after verifying this information, and he and the rest of their people were relieved that they needed to seclude themselves no more.


Of course, this would take time, as with all things, but time was something that all Zora had, their average lifespan being 300 years old.


Sidon was only 112 years old, so he knew he had plenty of time to see this beautiful land transform and become what it was always meant to be; what it had been like when he was young.


It was also around this time that gossip in his town about Link reached his ears, and he decided to follow it, wanting to know what it was all about.


Link was his very dear friend -he wished that there could be more, but it was not to be- and he treasured him very closely, so if Hyrule was spreading a nasty rumor about his beloved, he wanted to put an end to it all.


Because Bazz was a bit older than him, and close to Link as well, Prince Sidon approached the black-scaled Zora early in the morning, wanting to catch him before his knightly duties. “Bazz, my friend! I wish to ask you something!”


Bazz perked up and smiled, making his way to the towering prince. “Prince Sidon! How can I help you?”


Sidon gestured for them to go to a more private place where others could not hear, and stood in front of Bazz, blocking his view from everyone passing by. If there was a truth to this rumor about Link, Sidon didn’t want anyone else knowing. “Forgive me for asking, dear friend, and for the secrecy, but… I have heard rumors spreading throughout the realm, and I was hoping you could validate them.”


Bazz blinked nervously, so Sidon shot him a reassuring smile, wanting him to know that he wasn’t in trouble and that he wasn’t mad. “Fear not, my close friend. I only wish to know these things because you are close to Link as well, and older than myself. You might know something that I don’t.”


Laughing and clasping at Sidon’s side, Bazz shook his head, beginning to relax. “Goddess, Prince Sidon! You had me scared there for a moment.” He hummed then, trying to recall what he’d heard about his old friend Link. “There are quite a few rumors about Link, I’m afraid. None of them too outlandish though, so I wouldn’t worry.”


Prince Sidon’s shoulders sagged in relief, and he began to laugh, overjoyed by this news. “So there is nothing to worry about, regarding Link being an omega?”


Bazz tensed at the mention of this, which surprised Sidon to no end. “Bazz? Is being an omega a bad thing? Should I be concerned?”


Bazz frowned and shook his head slowly, a contemplative look to his face. “No… not at all.”


“Why do you look as if I’ve said something troubling, my good friend?”


Bazz blinked a few times, staring up at Sidon curiously. “Male omegas of the Hylian race can create and bear children. If Link truly is an omega… then he has this ability.”


Sidon’s eyes widened in shock, in complete disbelief. “Goddess have mercy! Male Hylians can bear children?”


“No, no only male omega Hylians.” corrected Bazz, looking at the position of the sun. “Forgive me, My Prince, but I must take my leave; my shift starts soon. Please speak to Muzu if you have more questions about male Hylian omegas.”


This was an excellent suggestion, as Muzu was a teacher to both himself and his deceased sister Mipha when they were young, and if anyone knew about anything, it was him.


“Forgive me, my friend. I shall speak to Muzu; I hope the rest of your day fairs well.”


Bazz bowed low quickly before speeding off to his post, so Prince Sidon made a beeline for the royal library, knowing that most mornings, Muzu could be found here, in his old age.


Muzu was 310, and because he knew his time to become one again with the great goddess Hylia could be at any moment, he spent his mornings and afternoons in the royal library, or in correspondence with the king. 


Thankfully, Muzu was in the library this morning, so Sidon grinned, rushing towards him. “Muzu! I require your utmost assistance immediately!”


Surrounding Zora in the library frowned and shot dirty looks at the Prince, which he saw and bowed low for. “Forgive me, everyone! I apologize for my interruption!”


Muzu growled low and grabbed a book, hitting Sidon’s side roughly. “Hush, boy! What do I always say?”


“To speak carefully when I’m indoors…” murmured the prince, looking away in embarrassment. “Muzu, I know this; I am not a young pup anymore. I-I am just excited because I would like to know about male Hylian omegas.”


Muzu growled again and shot Sidon a disgusted look. “Why the hell would you like to learn more about the dirtiest Hylians?” He shook his head then, completely repulsed by the thought. “Dirty Hylians, begging for the cocks of others to sate their monstrous sexual appetites.”


Sidon blushed deeply when Muzu said this, averting his eyes once again. “Dear teacher… I do not believe that Hylians are “cock-hungry monsters”... they are living beings, and thus must have a healthy sexual appetite just like the Zora.”


Muzu shuddered in disgust once more. “Do not compare the healthy, pure sexual appetites of the Zora to the aberrant sexual needs of a male Hylian omega.”


Sidon frowned then, wondering why male Hylian omegas were more prone to have sex than their counterparts. “Dear teacher… I understand that you feel negative about Hylians, but… two Hylians saved this land from Calamity Ganon when I could not. We owe our lives to them.”


Muzu muttered under his breath and stood up, pushing in his chair and grabbing his books. “Why do you want to know about male Hylian omegas, My Prince? They are not important to your reign.”


“They are most important to my reign!” countered Sidon, forgetting to speak softly. “My belo- I mean, the Champion Link is a male omega if I have made sense of the rumors correctly. If he is a male omega, I wish to know all about these “omegas” among the Hylian race.”


Muzu stopped himself from vomiting and took in a shuddering breath, shaking his head once more. “I always knew something was off about that boy…”




“And to think our precious princess wanted to marry him? Ugh! It would have been an impossible, grotesque union. A Hylian has not married a Zora in centuries, and I’ll be damned if it happens again during my last years in Hyrule!”


Prince Sidon perked up here, excitement rising within him. “Zora can marry Hylians? Can they reproduce?”


He caught Muzu as the old sting ray Zora grew faint, just the thought of a Zora and a Hylian reproducing causing his still-beating heart to almost go out. “May Hylia have mercy, Sidon! The child of a Zora and a Hylian is an ignominy! A disgrace! And I will see to it that it never happens again!”


“So it’s happened before, then?”


Muzu went silent here, snapping his mouth shut.




His teacher remained silent, so Sidon helped him back onto his feet, steadying the poor old man. “Teacher?”


Muzu sighed softly and shook his head, a painful look on his face. “Why do you want to know about male, Hylian omegas, My Prince? I do not wish to talk about them.”


It hurt Sidon to know that his teacher was this distraught over speaking about male omegas, and he stood carefully, looking down at him. “Perhaps… perhaps there are books that I can read, to study up on this subject myself. And… and if I have any questions, I will speak to the royal doctor about this. Forgive me for upsetting you, Muzu.”


Muzu still had a very pensive contort to his face, and nodded slowly, gesturing for the prince to follow him. “Follow me, Dear Prince. I will show you to the section of this library that contains everything we knew about the male omegas of the Hylian race. After this, we will speak of this no more . Is this understood?”


“As you wish, My Teacher,” murmured Sidon, following Muzu through rows and rows of scrolls and books throughout the vast royal library. 


After a minute of walking, Muzu stopped in the furthest right corner of their library, pointing up to a section of books that were unreachable by any Zora of average height. “The first three rows of those top shelves contain all that we have and all that we know about Hylians, and their male omegas. Study these to your heart's content.”


Prince Sidon nodded and thanked his teacher once again, making a special note to go catch Muzu’s favorite fish later, as a peace offering. He wasn’t sure why speaking about male omegas made Muzu feel so upset, but he knew that it must run deeper than what he currently understood about the man.


Once Muzu left, Sidon searched on the top shelf of the bookcase, pulling out a title called “Hylians: Volume Two: Male Omegas”. 


Grabbing it and sitting down in a comfortable chair nearby, Sidon flipped open the book and began to read, his eyes wide in shock and disbelief the entire time.


According to this book, Hylians had two sexes: their primary sex, and their secondary sex. There were two primary sexes which were male and female, and there were three secondary sexes, which were alphas, betas, and omegas. Betas seemed to make up 50% of the Hylian population, with Alphas being 25%, and Omegas being 25% as well.


A Hylian could only have one primary sex and one secondary sex, and it was their secondary sex that determined their reproductive natures.


Alpha females and male omegas were the only Hylians that could bear children and also aid in their creation, and it was very common for alphas and omegas to “mate” which involved them biting each other’s necks, and bonding on a level that surpassed common understanding. 


All Hylians produced certain scents, which allowed them to smell the secondary sexes of those that they were speaking to, for mating purposes, and these scents were usually masked by perfumes or colonges unless the Hylian was around familiar company. 


Sidon also learned that 75% of Hylian omegas were female, meaning that Hylian male omegas were extremely rare. Because of their rarity, they were also the most fertile Hylians, falling pregnant during the first or second heat spent with someone, all of them generally carrying healthy children to term.


Sidon wanted to learn more about what this “heat” was, and flipped through a few pages of the book, finding the section labeled “Male Omega Heats”.


In this section, Sidon learned that each month, omegas went through something called a “heat”, which was an altered state of mind, and that it caused them to crave voracious amounts of sex for up to 36 hours. Omegas were most fertile during their monthly heats, and Sidon began to blush, finally understanding why Muzu called male omegas “cock-crazed monsters”.


Sidon spent the first half of the day in this library, reading about male omegas from this book, and it wasn’t until the sun was high in the sky that Sidon realized he hadn’t eaten all day.


He stood up carefully from his seat and grabbed what he felt were the most interesting books about this subject of male omegas, checking them out with the bookkeeper, and making his way to his quarters, swimming up his personal waterfall, and placing the books in a chest for safekeeping.


He’d have to return to his princely duties sometime this week, but for now, he would remain here.


His room was at the very top of the Zora domain, and faced the East Reservoir Lake, spanning on for miles and miles all around, and because no one was allowed into his private quarters -unless the king ordered them too of course- Sidon could be here, in peace.


Jumping into the water, Sidon caught whatever fish were nearby, not caring for the species. He just wanted to sate his hunger so that he could learn more about this marvelous group of Hylians that Link belonged to.


For the next month, Prince Sidon studied everything he could about male omegas, and read everything there was to know about their marriages with Zora.


He did have to work this in between his duty as the prince of his people, and coordinating the borrowing of these books with Bazz. The Zora knight seemed very interested in this subject as well, which Sidon didn’t mind. The more Zora that knew about this, the better, as he didn’t want his people to remain secretive and recluse during this new age of Hyrule. 


He became an expert on everything there was to know about male omegas, intermarriages between them and the Zora, and the offspring produced from this pairing, feeling fairly confident that he could pursue Link.


He thought their love could never be because they were both males, but now that he knew Zora and Hylians had successfully borne children together, Sidon felt hope .


He didn’t know if Link would return his feelings, and he didn’t know if his efforts would be fruitless, but… now that he was armed with information, he wanted to try .


It was then that he began his planning.


He didn’t think telling anyone about his plans would aid his efforts -in fact he believed that it would impede these efforts- so he kept his plans to himself, and began to spend his days thinking of the best way to connect with Link on this level.


And a week later, he received his answer.


His father informed him that Link and Princess Zelda would be arriving in their realm in a week’s time and that they would be staying for at least two months, so it was with this information that he began to work his plan.


He decorated the balcony, railing, and deck of his personal quarters with Blue Nightshade, which gave off a light, iridescent glow while the moon was out. He also added a cooking pot station in his quarters, wanting Link to be able to come here to escape and relax whenever he felt the need.


Finally, when Link was due to arrive in two days, Sidon left the Zora domain and slept in a small spring adjacent to the Ruto Lake Passing. Here, he would be able to surprise Link and the princess and would walk with them back into his kingdom, thus propelling his plan into motion.


And the goddess Hylia must’ve been looking down on him in favor, for Link and the princess arrived a mere 12 hours later.


He woke up to the sound of battle, and sprung up, looking over the rocky wall, and seeing Link and Zelda fight a black Moblin.


Everything in him wanted to help the pair, but he was unfortunately not very skilled at land combat.


Watching Link flip and twirl away from the monster’s hits stopped Sidon’s heart, and seeing Link in actual combat made it soar once more.


Link fought with such elegance, such beauty , and all Sidon could do was stare in awe.


His beloved took down this monster with such gracefulness , and Sidon was transported back to those days a century ago, where he was but a small child and would watch Link fight for hours upon hours , marveled by his excellence.


When the monster exploded into a puff of black smoke, Sidon couldn’t help but cheer and shout, clapping his hands proudly. “Marvelous, marvelous , Champion! You fight with such grace, such beauty ! I am honored to call you my closest friend!”


Hearing Sidon’s voice was the absolute last thing Link expected to hear this morning, and he turned sharply, a huge blush spreading across his face.


He was too enamored by a dripping, rippling Sidon to actually formulate a reply, and stared at his heart’s innermost desire, eyes wide, and face red.


Sidon jogged over to Link, thankful that his skin did not color and turn red like a Hylian when he was embarrassed. “Are you alright, my friend? Have your travels been tiresome?”


Link continued to blush, which made Sidon laugh. Bending over to pick up the Hylian, Sidon pulled him close, hugging him tightly. “Oh how I’ve missed you; you were on my mind every second of every day.”


Hearing that Sidon thought of him every second of every day made Link’s entire face beet red, and he couldn’t help but wrap his arms around Sidon’s wet neck, inhaling his familiar salty scent. “I missed you too…”


He knew Zelda was flabbergasted watching this scene play out -the prince hadn’t even greeted her yet- but… for this singular moment, Link didn’t care.


Right now, he was in Sidon’s arms once again, and he was hugging the prince, and the prince was hugging him , and… and he just wanted to be here a little longer.


Sidon squeezed him one more time and pulled back to smile at him, which absolutely melted the omega’s heart. “I’m glad to have you in my domain once again, dear friend.”


The pair smiled sweetly at each other before Sidon set Link down, widening his eyes once he realized he forgot about Princess Zelda. “Princess! My deepest apologies! It warms my heart to see you too!”

Zelda laughed softly, obviously amused with the pair. “I had no idea you two shared such a close bond.”


Sidon and Link inhaled sharply, with Sidon rushing to explain. “Not at all, Dear Princess! We’re friends, just like you and I!”


Link’s mask faltered for a second, and he looked down at the ground, his mind beginning to spew him lies. Of course, they were friends, Sidon was a Zora, and a male at that. Link wasn’t even an option for him, just a friend , and-


“I-I mean, Link is my most special friend!” corrected Sidon, his heart breaking when he saw that his answer hurt Link.


He got down on his knees to be eye level with Link, large hands on his shoulders. “You are very important to me Link; you are my most precious person. I value no one else as I do you. Please do not think otherwise.”


The Hylian didn’t know why he was being so emotional when it came to Prince Sidon -he was usually so good at masking his face and true emotions- but hearing that he was Sidon’s most precious person did give him hope; even if it was only a little.


Reaching out to hold Sidon’s face, Link smiled, a softness in his gaze. “Thank you, Sidon.”


“Well, I would like to see your father sometime today, Prince Sidon,” announced Zelda, climbing back onto her horse. “We’ll be here for quite some time, so you’ll be able to spend a lot of time with our friend.”


Sidon hurriedly stood, beginning to laugh as well. “My apologies, Princess. Shall I help you onto your horse then, Link?”


Link blinked rapidly in confusion, raising a questioning eyebrow at the prince. “... I can get onto my horse just fine, Sidon.”


Sidon realized that he was being too overbearing again, and widened his eyes, a worried look on his face. “Please forgive me, my dear friend! I did not mean to patronize you for your size! You are a most fearsome warrior -one of the fiercest I’ve seen in my life- and I am honored to be your closest friend and stand by you. You are-”


Link stepped into the saddle of his horse and sat down, offering Sidon a rare laugh. “I know, Sidon. You have a good heart.”


Hearing Link’s precious laughter, and being complimented by the hero in the same sentence, caused the biggest smile to spread across Sidon’s face, and he began to laugh at Link, completely beguiled by the Hylian. 


“I suppose I will have to meet you both in the throne room,” giggled Zelda, beginning to trot over to Ruto’s Lake Passing.


Both Sidon and Link jumped, absolutely mortified by their behavior.


This would be a long two months.