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Once upon a time, there was a merman who loved a human prince...


This merman was just a boy, innocent and naive on anything human. But, he loved his prince. Loved him so much that he sacrificed his own voice to win the heart of his beloved. He struck a deal, but did he really think that conquering True Love would be easy?








Atlantica. A beautiful underwater kingdom full of mesmerizing mermaids alike. With their colorful tails swimming against the ocean currents and happy laughter, it seemed like paradise. The king, Triton, was a fair and stern ruler. Truth is, he had changed a bit ever since his beloved wife perished at the hands of surface dwellers. No one brings it up as they too, mourn the loss of ther beautiful and kind queen.


Fortunately, the couple had a child before her tragic passing. A boy that they named Jeon Jungkook. Just as breathtakingly beautiful and kind as his mother. He takes after her so much, it made the king miss her much more when he looks at his son. Jungkook even inherited her angelic singing voice.


It made Triton frightened for his son. His only heir and child. His fear caged Jungkook within the palace his whole life. He constantly told him to never sing in public or go near the surface. There was a problem with this. Jungkook also apparently inherited his mother's stubbornness and curiosity as well.




His companions, Sebastian and Flounder, always told him his curiosity will get the best of him. Maybe they’re right. But he won’t say that or else they’ll rub it into his face.




He just feels trapped. Caged in. Confined.




A prince forever stuck in his own castle. What a joke. Anyone else would wonder why he would complain. After all, he stays in a large and grand castle. Being waited on by many loyal and obedient servants. Never has to fight or work hard, he has it easy. But, they don’t know. How it feels like he’s choking, unable to breathe properly.


He can’t. Not anymore. He can’t just sit in the palace doing nothing when there is a whole world out there to explore. Jungkook will have a chat with his father about his predicament.


He hopes that he will be merciful, at least, for his eighteenth birthday that’s approaching tomorrow...






The next day, Jungkook swims to the throne room where his father awaits.


“Ah! Kook-ah! My son, happy birthday!” Triton bellows happily.

“Thank you, Father.” Jungkook smiles, his father being in a good mood is a wonderful sign that might hopefully help him out.

Triton, “What would you like for your birthday present my boy? Anything your heart desires is yours!”

He sighs out, “Father, I would like to see the surface.”



Silence. No body breathes for a moment. Triton grips his trident so hard that Jungkook can see his knuckles turning white. His father’s dark eyes steely glance at him. His mighty black tail swishes about to display his displeasure at his suggestion. He gulps, knowing what’s about to come.


“JEON JUNGKOOK! YOU WILL NOT, I REPEAT, GO TO THE SURFACE!!” His father yells as his face turns a deep red.

“But, Father!! Please! I...can’t...I can’t live like this!” He pleads.

Triton slams his trident on to the floor, “Kook-ah, do you know what those surface dwellers did to your poor mother? They tormented her and left her to dry! I wouldn’t know what to do if they hurt you as well!”


Jungkook persists, “Father!! I know what happened to Mom was horrible, but I just want to take a look! Please! I won’t bother you anymore about this!! I need to go!”

“NO! For the last time Jeon Jungkook, you will obey me and you won’t go to the surface. You can ask for anything else for your birthday but that!”

”D-Dad please………”

”Jungkook, don’t make me do something I’ll regret. Now, go to your room!” 


“No! It’s always the same thing with you and I’m tired of it! I have been trapped here since I was born! You don’t let me sing which is my one true passion! I-I feel caged in here and I can’ it anymore. I AM GOING AND YOU CAN’T STOP ME!” He screams out with tears in his eyes before he swam out of the palace entrance.

JUNGKOOK!!” Triton yells out to his son before sinking back into his chair.



He....only wanted to protect his son, his only child. Jungkook was the treasure that his wife left behind for him. He was supposed to love and protect him. Triton sighed woefully as he realized something. Maybe in all of his paranoia over what happened to his wife caused him to cage in Jungkook in their own home.


He suffocated him. Kept him from exploring or wondering. Never letting him do much outside of his princely duties. Triton ponders if it was all his fault. That his son never really made friends or became so introverted. Maybe it was his fault that his son never tried to show off his true skill in singing since he was too shy to share that part of himself.



Jungkook…His boy grew up and he didn’t even notice it. He was too scared to really take the time to truly get to know him. Jungkook is now a man. Big, dark eyes that looks at the world with such wonder and innocence. Dark hair that frames the face he got from his mother. A scar on his left cheek, a little mole under his bottom lip. His rainbow colored tail, a rarity amongst their kind, that shines brilliantly in the light.


Triton just stares at the spot that Jungkook was at and tries to hold in the tears.



Did he ruin his relationship with his son forever?












It filled his lungs like a disgusted, putrid greasy liquid inside his lungs. He didn’t want to say what he did to his father. Truly. But, he had to say something or else he’ll be forever caged inside his own home until his father passes away.


Sebastian, his father’s most trusted crab servant, approaches him, “My Prince! Do not be so stubborn! If you go back and apologize to your father, he’ll surely forgive you.”

Jungkook huffs, “I know that. But....I couldn’t be stuck there for years without having a little bit of freedom. Sebastian, I-I need this.”

“My Prince…”

“Prince Jungkook!!!” A high pitched voice screeches out.


Flounder. Jungkook’s other companion. Honestly, the only interactions he gets other than with his father or servants are Flounder and Sebastian. It’s kind of sad. Jungkook pushes his hair back at the sight of his two closest friends. They have been there since he was born and really, he owes a lot to them. With his stubbornness and never ending curiosity, he imagines he wasn’t the easiest person to take care of.



“Hi Flounder...” He greets his old friend.

“Prince Jungkook, are you going to the surface?” The yellow and blue fish questions.

“My Prince....don’t go.” Sebastian pleads with him.


He looks up at the pale moonlight piercing the water. It must be dark now. He wishes it’ll be daylight soon. Oh, he wonders how the sunlight would feel on his skin. Jungkook thinks about what the air feels like through his hair. What kind of things do the humans have that Atlantica doesn’t. He needs to know. And no one will stop him otherwise.



Best say what’s on his mind and in his heart, “I....need to. Or else...I’ll just have these questions for the rest of my life. I don’t want to grow old and wonder on what could have been when I can make it a reality! Besides...I just want to take a look, that’s all.”

Sebastian has tears in his crusty eyes, “My Prince. If that is what you truly want, then I cannot stop you. But! Don’t you dare come back with broken dreams and a shattered heart because I’ll say I told you so from now till the end of my days!”

Flounder deflates, “Go....Prince Jungkook. Go and realize things that no merfolk ever has before.”


His heart feels lifted and warm. Getting approval, even if it’s reluctant, from his most trusted companions is everything he had ever hoped for. If only it was the same with his father. He smiles, showing off his teeth and crinkling his eyes. Sebastian and Flounder feel dread inside as their prince swims off towards the surface.



They have this terrible feeling that this will be the last time they’ll see him again.







Jungkook hums happily as he peeks his head above the water. His nose scrunches up at the sight of dark clouds over head. Ah, a storm. He pouts. Of all things, a storm to happen on the eve of his eighteenth birthday. Oh well!


He spies a ship sailing by. Squinting slightly, he tries to read the loopy, gold lettering on the side of the massive boat.




Reading human tongue is considered forbidden in their kingdom, but that didn’t stop Jungkook from learning as much as he could on his own. It’s not perfect, but it was something. He swims a little closer towards the ship and hears people walking about, shouting out orders and whatnot.


They must be preparing to face the storm soon. Speaking of, tiny droplets of rain already start drizzling from the sky. The distant claps of thunder and flashes of lightning nearly made him jump out of the water. The sky got darker too, he can’t even see the pretty stars anymore. Too bad.


Two men go up to the side of the boat. One was dressed in purple and black with what seems to be simple armor over his chest. There’s a small holder for a dagger attached to his hip along with a large bow resting on his back and a container full of arrows strapped to his leg. The man has a lithe and delicate frame, but something about him tells Jungkook that he’s not as weak as he physically appears.


The man has dark, wispy hair and sharp eyes too. Mysterious and quite good looking. But the other man standing next to him nearly took the breath out of Jungkook’s lungs.


Standing tall and mighty, in rich garbs of purple and black, is a handsome man. Soft, sculpted features. Dark, inquisitive eyes and soft brown hair that has Jungkook yearning to pull through his fingers. His body is not overly muscular, but he could tell that this person can hold his own in a fight. He must know who this man is!


“Prince.” The armored man says simply.


Whoa! For someone so small and soft looking, he has a deep voice. It’s kind of raspy and has a bit of a lazy drawl to it. It also kind of sounds like he’s purring too. Jungkook leans in to try and catch more of their conversation and hopefully get this person’s name.


“Yoongi-Hyung! I keep telling you to call me Taehyung or Tae like you used to! We’ve known each other for way too long for you to use my title!” The other chirps happily despite the downpour and splashing waves.


So, he’s a prince? Of course he is! He’s too handsome and dreamy to be anything but! His melodious, deep baritone voice sends shivers down Jungkook’s spine. Oh, how he wishes to hear that whispering things in his ear, calling his name, grunting....and, he’ll stop there! The merman can feel himself flushing from his rather intimate thoughts.


Now, he has a name of the beautiful prince of his. Taehyung. It’s just as magnificent as he is. Jungkook HAS to meet him! Talk to him, find out the things he likes! His huge, dark eyes sparkle brightly at all the things he wants to do with this man. Oh, he wants to marry his prince right there on the spot!


He giggles softly to himself. He may not know Taehyung at all, he practically fell in love with a stranger! But, he doesn’t care. Not one bit! Jungkook is just filled with so much joy and affection, blossoming inside his heart. He does the one thing his father had always prevented him to do. His one true passion.





Jungkook began to sing...