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Lover of the Sacrificial Bride

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Cooking for them both was something that he enjoy very much. Tamotsu Maki Love making dinner for him and his mother. Let has been the two of them for a long time now before they took in their dog Karin. Today was the usually day. He made dinner for both him and his mother. He also feed Karin her food. His mom would be back by now from her work. His mother own a flower shop that supported their small family. To Tamotsu, life was perfect.

Hearing barking from outside, Tamostu went to the backdoor to let Karin the family in, "Alright, Karin. I'm coming, girl," He said as he open the door for his beloved dog. The family dog quickly went inside as the door had just open for her. Bending down, Tamostu petted his dog on the head. Smiling at Karin, Tamostu wonder how did he and his mother had ever manage to found as a sweet dog in the first.

"Hey, girl, did you enjoy the sunset?" Tamostu said. He love it when Karin barked back at him as if she was saying yes.

Just then, the front door open, reveling a beautiful woman coming in the house, "Hey, honey. I'm home," It was his mother. She just got back from work. Smiling at the scene before her of her only son and their dog playful together.

"Hey, Mom. How was work today?" Tamostu said as he got up. He was still wearing his casual clothes, school won't start for three hours. So he had time to get ready. Tamostu had short black hair and blue eyes with blue glasses.

"It was good, Tamostu. Although, it was a bit slow," She said. Looking over to the table, she saw the food on it. She smile at her son. Knowing full well that her Tamostu had always made breakfast and dinner for them both, "You made dinner again, honey. That's sweet of you," She said.

"It was nothing, Mom. I always enjoy cooking, you know," He said.

"Any girl would be lucky to have you as their husband someday," His mother said teasingly.

"MOM!" Tamostu shouted in embarrassment. His mom sure loved to tease him about that stuff.

"Oh, honey, I'm only teasing you," She said.

"Yeah, I know," Tamostu said. His mom had often said that she wanted grandkids someday.

Both mother and son soon began to eat dinner. The day started out as normal for the two. Tamostu getting up to make breakfast for the two of them, his mother leaving to go to work, him studying for school at night, and finally, making dinner when she comes back before he goes to school.

"Tamostu, your food is wonderful. I'm glad that you took that cooking lessons," His mom said. Eating her son's food had always manage to get her feel at ease with everything going on in the world.

"Well, Mom, to tell the truth, I always watched you cooking since I was a little kid," He said as he took a bite of his fish.

"Honey, I was wondering if you thought about what I said the other night?" His mom said with a worry look on her face. People had often said that he look like her. His black hair and blue eyes were from her. Except, his mother didn't have glasses like he did.

"Mom, I already told you. I like going there. Sure the school only let's its' students go to class at night, but it's so different from the other schools," He said. Ryotei Gakuen High School Academy was a night school of the rich and fame. However, both Tamostu and his mother won't from upper class. He only got there because of a scholarship that only a few manage to get from that school.

His mother look at him for a few second before she finally decide to speak, "I know, baby. But I want you to be at least be comfortable at where you are. I don't want you to think that you need to stay where you're sad because you're trying to give us a better life," She said.

Tamostu nodded at his mother, "I know, Mom," He said.

After dinner, Tamostu change into his school uniform. It was time to go to school now. Walking down stairs, Tamostu went to say bye to his mother and Karin for night. His mother will possible be asleep when he gets back from school.

"See you, Mom," Tamostu said.

"Bye, honey. Have a good night at school. I love you," She said. Although, it did felt weird to say night instead of day.

"Love you, too, Mom!" He said loudly. Walking out of his house, Tamostu already knew that the sun went down a few moments ago. Tamostu wonder what will school be like tonight. Maybe he could be able to talk to her?

Ryotei Gakuen High School Academy

School was the same as usually. Students were joining friends to talk before class started, teachers were preparing for classes. The same as usually. Tamostu did felt a bit out of place. Unlike the other students who were rich, Tamostu was the son of a flower shop owner. Still, some of the students were nice to him. Tamostu also managed to made friends during his first days here.

"Hey, Tamostu," One said.

"How was your day?" Another ask.

Tamostu was happy that he at least made a few friends here. The people here were different from his old schools. Some didn't care about coming to school since they were rich and could inherit their family wealth later in life. Others did care about coming here because school was the only place that get away from their overbearing families. Tamostu was the only student here to come here to get a better life for him and his mother.

When he was about to enter the building, Tamostu heard a girl calling out.

"Look! They're here!" She said. Soon more girls began to line up. Tamostu knew what they wanted to see. Four limousines packed in front of the school building. Tamostu sigh. Knowing full well who they are. "Of course, they're always here." He said.

Many of the female students were waiting to see them. The Sakamaki, Mukami, Tsukinami brothers, and Kino. The popular boys at school. They were known to be very handsome and very rich. Those guys were treated like princes by everyone. Many of the guys hated for having all the girls to themselves. Tamostu himself wonder what was great about them. Those guys didn't treat people right. How they treated women disgust him.

Stepping out of their limousines, the "Princes" had arrive. There were thirteen of them. Six in the Sakamaki brothers, four in the Mukamis, and two in the Tsukinamis. Kino was the illegitimate brother of the Sakamakis, but he preferred to be alone. They all look like that they came from paintings. They had many fangirls at their feet to be love back by them.

"Now, now, ladies. There is plenty of me to go around here," Kou Mukami said.

"Tch. You're already are getting on my nerves, you bastard," Subaru Sakamaki said, getting annoyed by Kou's fliting.

"Please, try to restrain yourself from causing a fight, Subaru," His older brother Reiji Sakamaki said.

"Honestly. I preferred to be at home right now," Their eldest brother Shu Sakamaki said yeaning.

"You all are eyesores to listen everyday," Carla Tsukinami said who was the oldest of the Tsukinami brothers.

"Brother, why do we keep coming here with them again?" His younger brother Shin Tsukinami said.

"Make way for Yours Truly. I'm the best around here," Ayato Sakamaki said .

"Ayato, you always want to make a scene to get people to notice you," Laito Sakamaki said.

"I'm the only one that is going to be the best one here," Kino said.

"Teddy, everyone is annoying here," Kanato Sakamaki said to his teddy bear that he always carried around with him.

"You rich kids think that you're all that, huh? Well you're not," Yuma Mukami said.

"Yuma, please, don't try to fight them again," Ruki Mukami said.

"Yuma, you could punch me if you want to," Azusa Mukami said.

The thirteen poplar guys here as always. Girls would always swoon over them. But there was one person that Tamostu wanted to see.

"Pancake, get over here," Ayato said. But it sounded like an order. Stepping of Kino's limo, a beautiful girl with soft, blond hair and pink eyes came out. Her name was Yui Komori. She was seventeen years old and was in the second year with Tamostu. They had three of the same classes together.

Tamostu had a crush on Yui since her first day at school. But he had never talk to her before. It was because he was shy around girls who wasn't his mother, and because none of the poplar guys never let any other boy near her. In fact, the few times that a guy tried to talk to her ended with them getting hurt. Yui was never seen with anybody else who weren't them. This actually made many girls at school to be jealous of her.

The school bell rang, it was time for class to start. Tamostu look at Yui for the last time before leaving for class. He blush as she walk pass him like always. She possible didn't that he was alive. But what he doesn't know, is that will change soon enough for the both them