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The Coming Future

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Despite the stereotype that somehow still persisted of dragonriders lazing about in the lap of luxury, the reality was still that it was constant, regular work. Or at least, it was in a Pass. Maybe the stereotypes where true during Intervals, K’vin wouldn’t know and was honestly just hoping he and Beirith lived to see the next one. For now though, like every rider, his days were filled flying Fall, drilling for Fall, tending to his dragon’s every need (and whoo boy was that a job that varied- depending on the dragon oiling an itchy spot could take minutes or hours), gathering supplies for the Weyr (either through tithes or from the wild), and doing whatever odd work he was qualified for. And when all that was done there was still the need to check over all his tools and supplies. A loose stitch in one’s riding straps, a small hole in one’s leathers, a flamethrower with a loose pin, could all be a death sentence during Fall. Or worse, could be the difference between Thread charred to ash or decimating some hold’s crop fields.

Which meant long hours for K’vin, the former Smith pouring over every inch of his strapping or, like today, sat there with his flamethrower in pieces on his desk. Something hadn’t seemed right during Fall today and what had started as a quest to find the problem had turned into a full overhaul. He’d be late for his meeting with the Headwoman, but if he got this right he’d be able to increase the machine’s efficiency by at least twenty percent by his estimate and that would be more than worth the hassle-

Oebbeith rises. Beirith’s voice was soft, sweet, and to the point in his head, and K’vin thudded back in his seat at both it and the message conveyed.

Thank Faranth! If I had to deal with their proddy asses one more time-! Out on her ledge, his dragon gave a rumbling laugh, her amusement washing back over him. They’d really grown more used to each other over the turns. When she was a hatchling his sharp, growling tone would have set her cowering, blaming herself for his temper despite any sign of the contrary, but time had forcibly mellowed him and strengthened her confidence so that now she could see it for the many things it was. Such as playful exasperation over a friend.

She has many chasers.

Doesn’t she always? Rolling his shoulders, K’vin got back to work, using his powers to modify the shape and build of the flamethrower. Now if she had like, three, that would be noteworthy. She just huffed and shared her sight with him- forcing him to slow his work to focus on both views.

Ieshioth and Euth curled together against her warm side. Her own pale, shining forelimb under her chin. The Weyr spread out below. And in the distance, highlighted against the sky, Oebbeith and her chasers. She was giving them the run around again- enjoying these mating flights far too much for someone who had them four times a turn- committing reckless acrobatics that were certain to get a bronze sent to the Healers one of these days. Even the larger blues struggled to keep up with her mottled form.

Beirith seemed enraptured, watching intently as the green made a sudden turn over a brown’s head (Girilth, Mine) and made to fly back over the Weyrbowl. K’vin gave her full access to his confusion and suspicion, she never paid mind to greenflights, not any more than was needed to warn him of their… effects on those around them, and even then she mostly kept him shielded from them so he could work.

What are you doing?

Watch, learn, do. Was it traitor behavior for a dragon to use the words from an old lesson she’d dredged up in her rider’s own mind? It felt like it. If nothing else K’vin didn’t like the implications, and quickly pulled back into himself to run the numbers in his head. Dineth’s clutch had hatched how long ago? Long enough the hatchlings were actually staying awake through weyrling lessons, which meant, yep, just about due. He cleared a space on his desk so he could drop his head onto it and groan without damaging anything.

Rankers don’t fly like that, babe. You would die.

I will ask Oebbeith for lessons.

Yep. Yep. It was going to be a long couple of months wasn’t it?