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A Raven's Calling

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Teaser Chapter

It seems that you've chosen the right path, little black sheep

Her voice is soft and motherly, her claws outstretched into darkness as her body wraps around your own.

You've chosen a path of redemption, a path of truth bathing in liters of blood and tears

Her fingers glide over exposed skin, feather light and comforting; like hot chocolate in a winter's storm. Each of her fingers are wrapped in threads, most black and an orangey yellow. Threads wrap each place she touches, your body jerking at each tight pull—you felt no pain, no tightness, as if you has just completely died from the inside. But you felt new—You felt alive.

You will become a wolf in sheep's clothing. You will become my perfect pawn

A gasp leaves your lips as threads tug and pull, forming into soft clothing and heavy boots. The heavy beat of crow and Raven wings swarm to your shoulders as The Entity steps back into the shadows. Three of the many cover your face while more cover your arms, revealing a new weapon in your grasp and a mask upon your face.

Go, my little nightmare—show them what The Raven can do