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A New Forever

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"Dr. McConnell, please present." Dr. Cullen says.

"Emelie Jenson, Fifteen-year-old female who presents with leukemia in the bones, blood, and liver. The patient has tried being treated with chemo, radiation, and surgery, but all have failed. The patient has requested only comfort care, as her prognosis is only 1 week." Dr. McConnell recites.

Yep, that's me. Emelie Jenson, cancer girl. But, hopefully not for long. I've asked Dr. Cullen, Carlisle, to change me into a vampire. I've known he was a vampire since the moment he walked into my hospital room his first day working here. Pale skin, glowing yellow eyes, un-humanlike actions, and SO HOT. I've known about the supernatural world almost my entire life. My parents were both changed into vampires and planned to change me when I was older, but then they accidentally revealed themselves to an entire town full of people when I was seven, and the Volturi stepped in and killed them. They at least had the decency to not do it in front of me, but still. Anyway, I was set off on my own and ended up getting cancer, so my dreams of becoming a vampire were kind of over. Until I met Dr. Cullen.

"Thank you, Dr. McConnell." He said. "Now get going, finish rounds." And all the other doctors walked out.

"So," I asked. "Is today the day?"

"I talked to my family about it last night." He started.

"And...?" I asked.

"Not all of them were on board, but enough were to accept you." He said.

"Yes!" I exclaimed, pumping my arms.

"I can change you here, and we can make it look like you died," he suggested, "or I can say that I'm transferring you to another hospital, and take you to my home to do it."

"Second option, please." I said. "The less people that hear my screams of pain, the better."

"Ok, let me make some calls." He said, walking out.


He came back a few hours later, telling me that he's discharging me and that I need to come with him. I collect my things from my room, and we go to his car. The drive to his home is long and almost painful. When we get there, there's a whole collection of people standing outside the house.

"Everyone, this is Emelie." Carlisle says once we're out of the car. "Emelie, this is Esme," he gestures to a short woman with dark brown hair, "Rosalie and Emmett," a tall blonde woman and a huge black-haired man, "Alice and Jasper," a small girl with a brunette pixie haircut and a man with longer blond hair, "Bella and Edward," a girl with long brown hair and a tall man with copper hair, "and, finally, Renesmee and Jacob." A girl with dark brown eyes, and a boy with dark skin.

"We don't expect you to remember all of our names." A girl, Bella, I think, says.

"Hi, everyone." I say, waving.

"So, are you ready to become a vampire?" Carlisle asked me.

"Yep." I replied.


The three days were excruciating but worth it. I couldn't believe that I was finally a vampire!

"How do you feel?" Carlisle asked me as he walked in with his wife as soon as the change was done.

"Good." I said.

"Good." He said, looking concerned.

"She needs to hunt before she sees Jake or Ness." Esme said so fast I didn't even see his lips move.

"Why?" I asked.

"What?" Carlisle said.

"Esme said that I need to hunt before I see Jake, which a assume is Jacob, and Ness, who is probably Renesmee, and I want to know why." I said.

"Umm, I didn't say that." She said.

"But I heard you." I said. "I can hear everyone talking right now. It's actually kind of overwhelming."

"Emelie, no one is talking right now, not in the house anyway." Carlisle said.

"Do you think that she's like Edward?" Esme asked Carlisle. "Can she read minds?"

"I think so." He replied.