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Weak Man’s Apotheosis

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Izuku opened his eyes to face sun.


What ? Why is so — Oouuch. His tought process was interrupted by lots of pain.

Fighting the urge to stay still to spare himself of more muscle ache he put himself to his feet and looked around.


Oh, now I remember... Kacchan and the others migth have gotten tired of beating me up and left. I just hope Ichigo-kun had time to run far.


Earlier that morning he had found his  friends ( because dam if he still had hope that they were still friends) beating up one of the quieter kids in class for some unknown reason.  And soon enough it became one of Bakugous so called “ lessons” of how powerless he was. Because how could Izuku dare to think he could do  something, how dare he to believe he stand up to  powerful quirked kids whims, how there he to get up and go in their direction to warn then of the wrongness of their acts. No... Iven if he staied quiet in his place  probably they would still find in thenselfs to beat him up for their own pleasure ( that’s what’s happened last Thursday anyway).


To Izuku Midoriya life seemed predetermined to be bad just because his DNA.


Prejudice — such a humam thing — had chosen quirkless people as the new low of the food chain. As a Quirkless human his fate would have lots of beat ups waiting for him. He knew that, and was beginning to accept that. 


Men are not created equal. At the age of 5, Izuku Midoriya knew that.


What izuku did not knew was that the same day some one else opened their eyes confused and aching.  Someone that  took an entire universe with them when awoken. . .


Someone that would love him.