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Brilliance in Burgundy

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It was a simple card game. That's all it was supposed to be.

Shigaraki had complete faith in his master, All For One, as did the rest of his slaves. All For One was a beacon of hope for them all, a light at the end of the tunnel. To slaves abused by their masters, All For One was their promise land.

He treated all his slaves with kindness and let their opinions be heard. He saw their potential and used them were they were needed. He never made them uncomfortable unless they wanted to be.

"A leader who is only cruel will not be respected. Only one who knows both sides of the story can be called someone of reason. I am both a person of reason and a leader. I am a master and a teacher. I am forever," he often said.

His slaves held onto those words. Shigaraki, who had been with him since day one, believed them the most. His master was forever. His master would never lose a fight and simply keep accumulating his massive following. He would become the only master left in the game of SCM's.

But then he played that game against what could only be described as the devil himself. A walking madman, a master with only cruelty in his heart, Dabi surely was the final boss in All For One's quest for absolute power.

And he had lost.

The demon king had taken the throne and the peasants were left to weep at his feet and see after his every desire.

Dabi laughed madly at his victory, All For One on his knees in front of him practically licking his feet. He took out his SCM then, holding it up like some victory crown to be worn. It wasn't until a couple days later that everyone saw Dabi's true intentions.

He called all of All For One's past slaves together, having them stand in a line in front of him to watch the show. Shigaraki's eyes slowly widened in horror and the scene they were all meant to witness.

All For One was on his knees, hands cuffed behind his back as well as his ankles shackled tightly together. His head was hung down low, never once glancing at his past slaves.

Slowly, Dabi walked towards him. His shoes clicked against the floor and alerted All For One, who looked up at him sharply with deranged eyes. They were dull, tears flowing openly and saliva dripping from his mouth like some hungry dog.

"Good evening, All For One," Dabi smirked."How has your night been?"

All For One snapped, trying to press towards Dabi but the chains connecting to the wall behind him held him back, just inches away from his salvation."My SCM! Give me my SCM!" he cried, shocking Shigaraki.

How long had it been since he had his SCM in? Was it really true that you would start going insane if you didn't have it in your mouth after a full day?

"Please! Please let me have it!" Tears streamed down his eyes and he hunched over, pressing his head onto the floor in a mock bow."I'll do anything! I'll be the most loyal slave you've ever had!"

A cold bolt of fear ran down Shigaraki's spine as his leader, the one who said he would never give in, the one who said he was forever, was diminished into nothing less than a homeless beggar. An addict looking for his fix. This was not his master. This couldn't be...

"You're willing to do anything?" Dabi questioned."Even in front of all your ex-slaves like this?"

"Anything!" All For One continued to beg."Please...!"

"Hm...well..." Dabi rolled his head around, then looking down at him."My shoes are dirty. Clean them."

Without hesitation, All For One bent over and began licking Dabi's shoes. It was a horrifying image and Shigaraki couldn't bear to watch. He hated this. He hated seeing his true master like this.

"Are you watching, slaves?!" Dabi asked, wicked glee in his eyes as he looked over their despair-filled faces."Watch as your precious leader is turned into a worthless dog made to lick his masters boots!"

Shigaraki couldn't bear it. Not All For One. This couldn't be his end.

Dabi slipped away the foot All For One was licking, moving it up and kicking him harshly in the face, knocking him over to wither in pain pathetically. He walked over to them, walking down the isle and eyeing them up.

"Your teacher is not forever. He will die here in his own piss, wishing to be enslaved and dragged around like a dog." Dabi smirked."Is this your leader?! Is this who you are willing to lay your life down for?!"

None of them said anything, not even looking at one another but they were all thinking the same things. Their dreams had been shattered. Their leader was not forever. He was weak and Dabi was strong.

But Shigaraki just couldn't except that.

"Shut up!" he shouted, interrupting Dabi before he could continue."You will never understand the kindness Sensei showed us! You can never replace what he gave us!"

Dabi's gaze turned cold as he stared down Shigaraki. He languidly strode over to him."And just what does a slave think he's doing, talking without his masters permission."

Dabi sent a swift kick straight into Shigaraki's stomach, knocking him back onto the floor where Dabi rested a foot on top of his chest, slowly applying pressure."You're life is mine. Your freedom is mine. He is nothing but a dream your mind pathetically conjured up."

"But he's still there," Shigaraki coughed, breathing becoming labored the more pressure Dabi applied."You can't take my memories. He will never die!"

"Don't be so sure." Dabi smashed a foot into Shigaraki's stomach, making him wheeze and curl over."Slaves." They all jolted to attention."I want ten kicks each on our little dummy here." He kicked Shigaraki half-heartedly."And be sure not to hold back."

At the order, the slaves began to ruthlessly kick Shigaraki one by one, each more bruising then the last.

"I can't wait for you to watch his last moments as he pathetically weeps for salvation," Dabi said to him, parting out of the room for the slaves to continue their work.

Through it all, hatred was the only thing keeping Shigaraki from completely succumbing to the pain and passing out. He hated Dabi and wouldn't let him get away with what he did to his sensei.

Shigaraki would get his revenge, he swore to it. He would kill Dabi.




Toga eyed up Uraraka and Izuku from across the bar. Her two most precious people were chatting away blissfully at one of the bar tables. She just couldn't decide who to take first. They were both so pure and strong it practically blinded her.

She had met them both in high school, as they all ended up in the same class their first year and made instant friends. She grew to love both of them dearly and wanted to slash, kill, and devour them whole. Where these strange thoughts came from, she had no idea, but she wanted them to bleed.

It was too bad she had to move away her third year, but she never forgot about them. When she finally came back, she searched them out and eventually found them. Such a joyous reunion needed to be perfect. She was so excited she was scared she would just stab them on the spot.

"Don't even think about touching them," someone suddenly next to her at the bar said.

Toga peeled her eyes away from the angelic sight towards the person who was talking to her and her mood instantly soured.

Bakugo Katsuki. He had also been there during her joyous years, being a nuisance and ruining her fun like he was now. He had known Izuku since childhood which made her blood boil because he didn't deserve him. It should've been her there protecting Izuku not Bakugo.

"Bakugo..." She glared at him."I didn't know you were here too. Still trying to get your claws on my precious Izuku..."

"He's with Uraraka now. I've moved on, as should you," he glared back.

"Even better." A massive grin spread across Toga's face."Then we can enjoy each other until the very last moment."

Bakugo couldn't stop the look of disgust that adorned his face."You're sick. Stay the fuck away from them."

"Why should I do that? I'm sure they want to see me too." Her Uraraka and Izuku could never deny an old friend. They were so kind.

"They let me rephrase that." Bakugo pushed closer to her, grabbing her my the collar of her shirt and pulling her up to meet his eyes."I wont let you fucking touch them."

Toga smiled, heart pounding rapidly. Who knew Bakugo could act so noble? She had thought Uraraka and Izuku had just judged Bakugo wrongly but it looked like they really were a good at finding good friends.

"How scary!" Toga shivered."But that wont be enough to stop me..."

Bakugo ground his teeth, dropping Toga with an angry huff."Then I'll just make sure you never meet them." Because he knew Uraraka and Izuku would never believe him if he told them the truth about Toga. They were too trusting of everyones character. They wouldn't believe him unless they saw it themselves which wasn't possible.

"I have a better idea." Since Bakugo was starting to grow on her as his true colors came out, why not snatch him up? If he ended up being a bore, then nothing would stop her from taking her precious people."Let's have a little duel, Bakugo."

"Duel?" His eyebrow raised cutely.

"Yeah, c'mon." She motioned for him to follow, nodding once at the bartender and taking him over to one of the hidden booths in the corner of the bar.

They sat across from each other, Bakugo with a weary look on his face as he watched Toga go through her purse in a clear search for something. She pulled out two things that looked like some kind of strange retainer and Bakugo stared it down as she placed his on the table in front of him.

"These are called Slave Control Method or SCM's. You put them in your mouth like this..." She unwrapped hers and inserted it into the roof of her mouth behind her teeth.

Bakugo looked as his warily, not daring to touch it."What do they do?"

"Basically, what will happen is that we'll 'duel' with these things in. The winner of our duel will become the master and the loser will become the slave. The SCM's trigger a response in the loser which will make them feel 'responsibility' for their promise and follow the winners every command. Easy enough, right?" Toga winked.

"You were planning on using these on Uraraka and Izuku, weren't you?!" Bakugo yelled.

"Not both of them." Toga calmed Bakugo down."They're very expensive, you know? Be grateful I'm deciding to use it on you and not one of them. It would be hard to get another one."

Bakugo narrowed his eyes, suspicious of every word that came out of her mouth. But if such a thing was cheap to buy, he would've heard about.

"Well, Bakugo? Don't tell me you're having second thoughts. I didn't peg you for the type to run away," Toga goaded, sneaky smile on her face.

"Shut up!" Bakugo ripped the damn package open, practically shoving the SCM into his mouth. It felt weird but didn't seem to hinder him much. He stared Toga in the eye."I wont run away."

Again, shivers ran up Toga's spine. Her fingers twitched to grab her pocket knife and slice him open."Great, then let's duel. Our game will be simple. We'll take a shot every minute and the first one to get drunk loses. Is that fine?"

She has a smaller body and I've always been able to hold my liquor well..."Let's just get on with it," Bakugo growled back.

Toga smiled and motioned for someone on the floor to get them some shots. They each had five in front of them at the beginning, which were consumed easily in the first five minutes in silence.

Bakugo didn't want to have to deal with Toga's mind games and needed to just focus on staying sober. She didn't want to seem to do that, though.

"Your face looks a little flushed, Bakugo, have you started feeling it?" Toga asked.

"I could say the same for you," Bakugo mumbled back, knowing she was right. His eyes began to drift more and he felt like he had less and less control over his body.

Toga, on the other hand, looked like her usual self. She had a slight blush along her cheeks but she stared at Bakugo with the same intensity as before.

"I'm feeling just peachy," she smiled."A minutes up, take another one."

"You don't need to tell me that..." he growled off, downing another quickly.

Toga did the same, watching Bakugo the whole time."Bakugo, it's been a minute. Take another."

"Shut up..." he mumbled, mindlessly taking another.

This time Toga didn't, knowing she had won."You know, usually it takes about half an hour for the alcohol to kick in but that can depend on the content of the drink, how much you have, and, most importantly, if something's been slipped inside or not."

"What the...hell are you saying? I'm..." Bakugo rested his head on his arm, body slowly slouching over the table.

"Drunk, clearly~" Toga hummed happily."It's my win, Bakugo!"

Bakugo went to protest her but then suddenly paused. A sharp, domineering feeling swiftly cut through his mind. He knew what it meant instantly as he felt that he physically couldn't go against Toga. It was terrifying, like his body—his life—wasn't his anymore.

"Wha-!" He shot up sharply, fear and despair coursing through his body.

Toga smiled, mad like the devil."Let's enjoy our time together, my new slave."

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Bakugo could do nothing against Toga. Even with the stupid SCM out of his mouth he was still her slave. Why he agreed to such an idiotic thing was beyond him and now he had to pay the price for his incompetence.

Toga brought him back to her home and had him take a shower to sober up. He didn't know what type of drug she had given him, if any at all, but the effects seemed to be wearing off and all Bakugo could feel was a throbbing numbness. It was like his body was trying to escape his current situation while his brain was running wild with anger, confusion, hatred, and a multitude of other emotions.

Bakugo tried to not let it get to him and seem calm but he could barely get himself to exit the shower and face this new master of his. He didn't yet know the extent of Toga's control over him and didn't want to find out. The more he knew the less like his own self he would feel. It was terrifying.

He wrapped the black robe—the only thing Toga left him—around his body and finally left to confront her. She wasn't in the bedroom which made him feel a bit better about what he was getting into. He moved into the living room and found her waiting for him, watching some gore flic.

She instantly met his eyes, as if feeling his presence, and grinned."You look delicious right out of the shower like that."

Bakugo refused to comment. Toga paused the movie and got up to meet him, each step making Bakugo want to take two back right towards the front door.

She ran a hand over his chest."I heard you're good at cooking and I haven't ate since lunch. Go make me something to eat."

She left to go take a shower and Bakugo was left in the empty room. It wasn't that he was brainwashed to suddenly go and make her a meal, but each second he didn't, each second he rebelled, he was filled with an agony so harsh that he felt like he might go insane.

So, Bakugo walked into the kitchen and looked through her cupboards and fridge, using what she left for him to make the quickest meal he could think of, which ended up being a simply pasta dish. He was surprised she didn't have a mutilated hand or jar of blood hiding somewhere.

Toga had rubbed him the wrong way ever since she got cozy with Deku. During high school, she seemed oddly insistent to stay with him and soon Uraraka as well. An outsider wouldn't be able to tell, but since Bakugo had to be around her, he noticed the strange obsession coming out. And then he saw her fiddling with a knife in her bag, giggling to herself and knew that he couldn't trust her and had to get those two idiots away from her.

It seems he didn't follow his own advice, however. He wasn't sure exactly what she liked so much about them but clearly she saw something similar in Bakugo which was why she decided to give him an SCM. It was clearly planned too, though not with him, as she must've talked to the bartender before about the shots they would be given. She had confessed to him after their fight that she was only drinking water and didn't have a single drop of alcohol.

It was his loss from the beginning.

"Almost done?" Toga asked, suddenly up behind him peering over what he was doing."I'm hungry."

"Yes, it'll be done soon," Bakugo mumbled back, not liking how close she was.

Nodding, Toga backed away and turned the movie she was watching back on. Bakugo spared a glance at her and saw she was also wearing a robe which didn't bode well for him. He never once thought he would be raped by a girl but tonight might be the night.

Finishing the simple dish, Bakugo plated it and set it on the kitchen table for her. She looked over at him at the sound."Finally!" she jumped up."Go get me some water, utensils, and a napkin too."

Bakugo did as she ordered, setting it all up for her like some butler as she sat in front of him with a smile on her face."It looks so good! And smells great too!"

Bakugo refused to comment.

"But it's missing one thing..." she trailed off, suddenly grabbing his arm and whipping out her switchblade. Bakugo didn't have enough time to comprehend what was going on before she was slashing a deep crevice into his arm, easily moving through his delicate skin and deeper so his blood drizzled out onto her meal.

Bakugo's knees shook and buckled, soon giving out to the sharp pain encasing his arm. He crumbled to the floor and Toga only giggled, continuing to hold his arm up and squeezing it to get as much blood to come out as possible. Bakugo choked on a scream threatening to rip out, whole body twitching and growing hot with pain.

Letting his arm go, Toga hummed and began to dig into her meal. Her movements were savage and messy, gobbling up the food with the most lewd look on her face Bakugo had ever seen. It was disgusting and all Bakugo could do was clutch his arm and try and keep his breathing steady.

The slurping and sucking noises above him made him want to throw up and Toga's foot, trailing along his crumbled body, only made it worse.

"This is so good, Bakugo!" Toga moaned."Yummy! Your blood is so fucking good! Ah, I can't get enough!"

More moans followed and Toga's foot finally reached his barely concealed member. Without a second thought, she pressed down on it, hard. Bakugo grunted and curled in further. "Shit..." he groaned, just wanting to claw her eyes out and show her what it was like to be someone else's slave.

Toga finished her meal, gulping down her water and letting out a breathless gasp. She had a bright blush across her face and looked like she had just had the most amazing sex ever.

Suddenly her foot was kneading his member and he gasped, feeling it react slightly to the stimulation and forced it down. He would not give in to her. At most, he doubted she could force him to get an erection. It was the small victories.

"Ah," Toga exclaimed, finally letting off him."I'm so dirty!"

With the way she was eating so savagely, Bakugo wasn't surprised. Bits of noodle, sauce, and probably blood stained her robe, chest, and mouth. She looked like a wild cat that had just killed a deer.

"And just after I took a shower, too..." she pouted like what she had just done was normal. Bakugo's arm continued to throb.

Toga looked down at Bakugo."Clean it up."

He gulped, body going into a cold sweat as he stood up to grab some napkins to clean her up.

"No, not like that." She pushed him back down, moving her chair to the side so he had a full view of the mess she made."Use your mouth only. Lick me clean."

Bakugo closed his eyes, wanting to just cry and scream at her. He was so stupid. So goddamn stupid.

Leaning forward, he began at her thighs, licking up what he could and trying not to move the robe too much.

"You're almost like a dog," Toga giggled, running her hands through his hair."Such a good boy, Kacchan. I think I'll call you that from now on. I know you love when Izuku calls you that. It really suits you." Bakugo didn't feel anything when people called him that but coming out of Toga's mouth, he hated it.

She grabbed his mutilated arm, Bakugo wincing in pain, and licked the dripping blood."I didn't think your blood would taste so good. I can't wait to kill you."

Bakugo heard her knife switch open again and tensed. Toga locked her legs around him and pulled his closer so that his face was pressed into her stomach. Small cuts began to tear Bakugo's arm apart and he groaned into her, pain completely taking over all reason.

Still, he licked her robe clean.

Toga smiled at this, purring at his actions."Such a good dog indeed..."




Slaves could not go against their masters but masters couldn't manipulate a slaves emotions. It was these rules exactly that drew Shigaraki deeper into a living hell. He could only think about making Dabi his slave and showing him the same pain and humiliation All For One had to endure before he died.

He couldn't couldn't process his old masters death, even as he watched the whole thing happen. And because of Dabi, he would never move on. His anger would only fester and mold inside him.

He knew he needed to figure out a way to either get Dabi killed or find another master skilled enough to challenge and beat him. One of those idiot, justice-serving masters who would set him free directly after so that he could challenge Dabi and finally exact his revenge.

With this thought in mind, he went to the only person who would be able to find such a master: Giran. He was also one of Dabi's slaves and was the person who found All For One, so Shigaraki held a little ill will for him.

"Giran," Shigaraki called, giving his door a few short knocks and watching silently as it creaked open from the force.

"Sure, sure..." Giran swiveled about in his chair, clearly on the phone, and motioned for Shigaraki to sit down on the couch next to his desk in the small office."Alright, that sounds great! Just come with the paperwork at our next meeting and we'll get it all set up. Okay, I'll see you then. Good doing business you."

He hung up the phone, flashing Shigaraki a crooked smile."What is it this time? Work from Dabi or you?"

Shigaraki sighed, sitting back on the couch and making himself comfortable by putting his feet on top of the coffee table cross from him."Are you satisfied with your life right now?"

"Hoo..." Giran dropped his phone, giving Shigaraki his full attention."What brought this on? Don't tell me you're gonna go off and kill yourself."

"Ha? Hell no," Shigaraki grumbled."Not until I..." He couldn't say the rest out loud. As much as he defied Dabi inside his head, he couldn't say the words out loud.

"I get it. I was that way at first."

"What changed?"

Giran grinned."I realized how much money I could make sticking with him."

Of course, typical of Giran always thinking about money. Shigaraki couldn't understand."But what about the fact that you can't do anything you want? There's no way you can be satisfied the way you are."

"Of course I'm not, but I'll make the best of it." Giran sighed, slouching back."Though if an opportunity arose...I would take it."

If an opportunity to finally stop being a slave arose...

"Im sure you've heard of them," Shigaraki started."Master's who get rid of useless slaves or master's who let go of slaves for justice."

"Yes, though very rare." A grin spread across Giran's face, knowing where Shigaraki was going."But why would I ever search for such a master?"

"Perhaps Dabi ordered you to search for one?"

"That's very uncharacteristic of him. Are you sure he asked you to tell me to do this?"

"I'm not saying he didn't."

Giran slid his laptop over, beginning to open it up."Then I'll take that as I see fit."

"Do whatever you want," Shigaraki huffed, grin on his face as he left Giran's office, sound of typing dying out the creaking of the door as it closed behind him.




"Two in one day, this must be a new record for me," Hawks hummed, watching brightly as all the past slaves were finally freed from their masters and the SCM system in general.

It was a nice feeling, doing good.

"Don't look so damn happy," Kuroiro mumbled, glaring at Hawks. Those were his slaves that he just let go. It felt like all his hard work was put to waste after just one duel.

"You're a feisty one even after being enslaved, aren't you?" Hawks snickered.

"What do you plan on doing with us?" Tokoyami, the other master turned slave, asked.

He and Kuroiro had been working together as masters but the minute Tokoyami was enslaved to Hawks after fighting him, he had no choice but to give over Kuroiro after being ordered.

"Well, since I'm not sure you wont just buy another SCM and become masters again, I'm going to teach you what it's like to be a slave," Hawks said, making the two shudder. After being masters for so long, it was horrifying to lose a duel and become a slave. But such a bet was also what made SCM's so thrilling.

Hawks pondered what he would do with the two of them."But since I have two of you, maybe I'll try for another master? Do you guys know of any? Preferably someone with a lot of slaves. Someone really strong."

"Someone strong?" Kuroiro raised an eyebrow."If I knew somebody like that, I would've fought them by now."

"What about you, Tokoyami?" Hawks smiled, though it looked more like an inquiring grin.

"I might know someone," Tokoyami started."I haven't heard much about them recently, but there's a man by the name of Dabi whose been very successful. I heard he's beaten many first-timers and masters so he's got a big following."

"Dabi?" Hawks murmured. He sounded fishy."Tell me more."

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Mirio had met Eri when he moved in next door to her three months ago. She had been shyly watching him, Tamaki, and Nejire move all his stuff up to the second floor. At the time, Mirio didn't know she lived right next door to him and just assumed she was some kid that lived in the complex.

Throughout the first week of his stay, he kept seeing her. Usually she was watching him from far away, quickly running away whenever he noticed her. Mirio instantly realized she was just shy and decided to try and reach out to her.

She, of course, was hesitant and hid at first but when Mirio offered her some cookies Nejire had baked one day she seemed to finally accept him, if only a little. After that, Mirio continued to offer her sweets and soon allowed her in his home to play with him.

It seemed that her parents usually didn't get home until late so Eri was left alone most of the day after school which was why she was always hanging around the apartment complex. She didn't have any friends her age because of how shy she was so she couldn't play at the park, and her parents refused to give her a key to the house because they thought she would lose it.

Mirio didn't understand how her parents could be so cruel to her but it was not his place to say anything. So instead, he did the best he could to entertain her and gave her a key to his place which she could use if he wasn't home from university when she got back, which was most of the time.

Mirio felt like he had adopted his own kid sister, in a way. It was nice, since Mirio never had siblings of his own.

"I'm home!" he shouted as usual when he got home, smile on his face.

She popped her head out from around the corner of the living room, moving out fully to greet him in the hall."Welcome back!" she shouted back, equally big smile on her face.

"Did you have fun today at school? I want to hear all about how your picture book project went!"

Eri nodded."Yeah!"

The two of them walked into the living room and Eri began talking excitedly about what happened at school, not a care in the world.




Quads, calves, core, triceps, biceps. Every muscle that Bakugo had worked to perfection was slashed open by Toga. Bandages ran over every part of his body underneath his clothes, hidden from view.

Bakugo had lost so much blood that just standing up made him dizzy. Toga made sure to feed him plenty, or at least give Bakugo access to the kitchen, so that he wouldn't completely pass out.

He hadn't realized how much she loved blood and how far her crazy fetish went but it was clearly not healthy. She said she would kill him and at the time Bakugo had rode it off as just talk but now he knew she was serious. Seeing him in pain turned her on along with her obsession with his blood. Surely she would kill him and bathe herself in it before the cops caught her.

He didn't want to end up dead but there was nothing he could do, nobody he could go to because he didn't want to get anyone involved with the SCM's. Toga could make them her slaves as well and further her insanity. Bakugo had to keep his friends safe from this insanity. Especially Izuku and Uraraka.

"I'm so excited for our day out!" Toga giggled, looking at herself in the mirror to make sure her outfit was perfect."It'll be like a date!"

Bakugo didn't respond, itching lightly at the bandages on his arms. His whole body stung. He didn't even want to stand but knew he would have to move at some point.

"Are you excited, Kacchan?"

Bakugo gulped thickly."...Yeah." He just couldn't go against her.

"Good, it wouldn't be fun if you weren't," Toga smiled at him through the mirror. Bakugo tried to keep eye contact but found he was too tired and worn down to do much more than a dull stare.

Toga then turned around and walked over to Bakugo. He tensed as she rubbed her hand over his clothed member."And I know you did as I said." She unzipped his pants, pulling it out to reveal the cock ring he's had to keep around his member for the past couple days.

Toga ran her hands along the underside of his shaft, nails scratching slightly making Bakugo wince. Her touch was painful yet gentle at the same time and Bakugo couldn't help but react slightly, growing half hard.

"If you do I good job today in making me happy, I'll finally give you the release you desire," she murmured, dropping his member and backing away."So work hard, Kacchan."

Bakugo nodded, wincing as he stretched the wounds on his neck. He tucked his member back in his pants, trying to calm down his bulge before they left.

Toga noticed his pain and smiled."I wish I could just show off all your wounds," she purred, pressing into the cut on his neck and reopening the wound."Everybody could see how beautiful you look covered in blood."

Bakugo huffed, fighting through the pain and Toga continued to dig her nails into his wound."But I guess this world is just too 'normal' for that sort of thing."

She sounded sad but Bakugo refused to pity her. Instead, he fought through the pain and hoped that he could last the day. He didn't care whether or not he could cum but he knew that if he passed out today, Toga would surely kill him. For him, this simple "date" was a life or death situation and even with this horrible situation that was placed upon him, he wanted to live.




To anyone on the street, Bakugo and Toga looked like an ordinary couple of young lovers. Toga, who lovingly clung to her boyfriends arm as they walked down the street, and Bakugo, who was the gentleman and made sure she was safe and paid for all the various things she wanted.

Nobody who wasn't looking hard enough would see the bandages peaking out of Bakugo's wrists when he moved or the bloodied ones around his neck when the collar of his jacket wasn't covering them. But not everyone was that ignorant and someone was bound to see.

Shindou was across the street, watching the young lovers standing in line at the outdoor crepe stand. The woman was talking on and on while sticking as close to him as possible while the man stared down at her uneasily. He could see how the female's nails dug into his arm and knew it had to hurt. And it must've happened before, too, if the bandages peaking out said anything.

He thought the guy had a nice face so seeing him with a girl bummed him out, but perhaps he still had a chance if it was an abusive relationship. He could swoop in, a guardian angel, and save the man from his terrible girlfriend. Yeah, that had a nice feel to it.

"We're done, boss," Inasa waved his hat at Shindou, coming out of the building Shindou was standing next to. He placed his hat back on his head and held the door open for Camie to walk through."All squared away!"

"Good work," he said, continuing to stare at the man across the street.

"Someone caught your eye?" Camie asked, looking across the street to find what he was looking at."It's been awhile since you've brought someone to the office."

"Yeah, well I've been looking for a more permanent partner," Shindou leant back against the wall behind him."What do you think about that guy with the spiky blonde hair at the crepe stand?"

"Spiky blonde hair..." Camie mumbled off, squinting her eyes."Ah, him!"

"What, do you recognize him?"

"I still don't see him," Inasa grumbled.

"It's Bakugo, Inasa!" Camie said, suddenly oddly excited."Don't you see him? Bakugo Katsuki!"

"Ah!" Inasa suddenly shouted—more like yelled—and the other two had to shush him."Wow, I didn't even recognize him! He sure looks like he lost his spunk..."


"So his name's Bakugo Katsuki?" Shindou asked."How do the two of you know him?"

"Back in high school we had remedial lessons with him," Camie explained."It was only for a little while but we had some fun."

"So he's an idiot like you guys?" Shindou liked smart people so if this Bakugo guy was an idiot, forget it.

"No, he's super smart!" Inasa shouted, accepting he was an idiot."He just missed too many days of school or something."

"It's cause he was angry, like, all the time," Camie started."He would pick fights and get suspended all the time."

"Yet he's smart?"

"Number 2 in school at the time."

Shindou hummed with appreciation. If what they were saying still held up today, he wanted him even more. Someone smart who had a temper? It sounded to good to be true. He would offer him a great challenge. All he had to do was snag him away from that girl of his which meant he had to figure out what she had over him.

The Bakugo they were describing would never be willingly tossed around like he was. And, clearly, he wasn't into that sort of play or he wouldn't look so queasy and put off.

"Sounds like someone I'll have to look in to," Shindou murmured to the two of them, turning on his phone and looking down at his SCM map.

The first thing he saw was the two red triangles indicating his slaves—Inasa and Camie—and his blue circle, showing he was a master. As he scoped the rest of the map he instantly noticed the single triangle and circle across the street from them.

Eyes widening, he shot his head up to look back at the couple. There were many different people at the crepe stand so the possibility of it being them was slim, but it would make perfect sense. The girl would be his master and Bakugo could be an unwilling slave, stuck following her orders. They were even positioned in the right spots.

"What is it, boss?" Inasa asked.

"Camie, I want you to follow those two," Shindou started."Be discreet, don't get caught and don't give away anything if you are. Once they are fairly secluded, check your map and report back to me your findings."

"Alright," Camie said, moving to cross the street.

"Let's go, Inasa."




Mirio happily walked back home, carrying a thing of cookies Nejire had made for Eri. She hadn't met Eri officially but she heard enough from her from Mirio to fall in love. She often made sweets for Eri from then on, saying it was a good way to practice her baking skills.

Mirio had asked Eri for feedback but Eri always said everything Nejire baked was delicious.

"Eri, I'm home!" he shouted happily.

Eri didn't respond. Didn't peak her head around the corner like she usually did.

Mirio was instantly worried. He searched the house but she wasn't there. He reasoned with himself, pulling back from running outside and looking for her. She was probably just at home. Perhaps her parents came home early or accidentally left the door unlocked. He shouldn't just assume she would be there everyday.

But still he was worried and barely got any sleep. One day passed into two and on the third day that was all Mirio could take. There was no way she could be home three days in a row. Plus, he had heard her parents come home late as usual so it wasn't like she was on vacation or something.

Without a second thought, that night he knocked on his neighbors door and waited for one of Eri's parents to answer. It was her mom who answered the door, looking at him like the last thing she wanted to do was talk.

"Hello, my name is Mirio I live next door and often play with your daughter Eri," he introduced himself."I haven't seen her recently and was just wondering if she's okay."

"Eri?" her mom questioned."Yeah, she's fine."

Her mom went to close the door but Mirio quickly grabbed it before she could close it fully. He forced it back open with a hard stare."Then can I see her? I'm just concerned. I want to make sure she's okay."

"What's wrong with you?" her mom questioned with a raised eyebrow."Leave us alone!"

She attempted to close the door again but Mirio wouldn't let her. He was much stronger than her so he easily kept it open no matter how hard she attempted to pull it closed.

"Let go! Who cares about Eri?!" she shouted, clearly distressed."Leave us alone! This is none of your business!"

"It is!"

"What's going on?" a voice sounded from inside the apartment, Eri's dad stepping out and quickly assessing the situation."What are you trying to do?!"

"Let me see Eri!" Mirio shouted back at him, standing up tall and staring him straight in the eye."Cant you let me see her? That's all I ask!"

"You son of a bitch! Stay out of my house! I'll call the cops!"

"And I'll call them if you don't show me Eri!" Mirio shouted back."I haven't seen her in three days, have you?!"

The two of them suddenly went quiet and Mirio's eyes widened in horror."You haven't, have you?! Why haven't you told anyone she's missing?! Were you just thinking it was convenient that she was gone?!"

Mirio should've known this would be the outcome. For her to live in a one bedroom apartment with a family of three, Mirio knew she came from a low income family so of course they would be relieved that she was gone. It was one less mouth to feed.

"Shut up! You know nothing! Get out of here!" her father shouted back.

"Don't try and get involved with things that don't concern you," her mother snarked."We're her parents and we'll choose how we raise her."

Mirio felt a boiling rage build up inside him. How could they be so heartless towards their own daughter?

"Raise her? You haven't raised her at all! You leave her to fend for herself the whole day!" he shouted back."You have no right to call her your daughter!"

They were both taken aback, eyes wide and contempt growing.

"If you wont look for her, I'll do it myself!"

He let go of the door, storming back into his apartment and slamming the door behind him. He leaned against it, head in his hands as he tried to steady his breathing.

I'll find you, Eri. Don't worry, I'll find you.

Chapter Text

"We're here," Tokoyami gulped.

Hawks sized up the place, finding nothing appealing about the rundown, exposed office building. The moonlight gave it an eerie feeling. It looked deserted, not a sound or person indicating any type of life. Still, Hawks didn't look frightened at all.

He turned back to Kuroiro and Tokoyami who were standing behind him."Whatever kind of fight we end up getting into in there, it's your choice on which side you will be fighting for."

Kuroiro scoffed."What, willing to throw us away so easily?"

"No," Hawks grinned."I just want you to have a choice. Fighting for me simply out of obligation and fear will not will us this battle. You have to trust in me and trust in one another so that you don't want to end up in Dabi's clutches, unless you want to, of course. But I wouldn't think wanting to be his slave is what you want."

"Are you that confident that you will win against him?" Tokoyami asked.

"You've seen my skills first-hand. But since this is a group game, my confidence stretches as far as my teammates." Hawks began walking forward into the building."Though I am very flexible."

Tokoyami and Kuroiro looked at one another, gulping and hesitantly following after Hawks. Neither of them had the confidence to continue but for some reason, looking at Hawks' strong back and unfaltering stride filled them with a drive to continue and follow this person. With Hawks, they felt like they really would be okay.

It didn't take more than a few steps to gain the attention of the slaves inside the building. The two guarding the door stopped Hawks with a hand in front of him like a barricade. Only the moonlight kept the room lit.

"State your name and business," the larger of the two spoke.

"Hello!" Hawks grinned."My name is Hawks, a master. These are my two slaves." He pointed back at Kuroiro and Tokoyami."I'm here to challenge Dabi. I heard this is where he would be."

One of them gave him an incredulous look while the other stayed fairly blank faced. It looked like not a lot of people came seeking a fight from Dabi.

The bigger slave turned away, talking to someone on the phone in a hushed tone. He looked back at them a couple times, probably reporting information to Dabi about them. It was never good to go in blind after all.

A couple minutes later and the bulky slave finally got off the phone."We'll escort you to see Dabi now."


One slave led them in the front and another took up the caboose like they were some kind of prisoner trying to run. This was Dabi's domain now so it wasn't too far off. Two floors up and then a sharp left took them into a large room where Dabi was waiting.

He sat on a couch in the middle of the room, large amount of slaves nervously standing behind him. Some looked worn down, like they could barely stand properly. It was sad but to be expected.

Dabi looked over at them from his seat."Hawks, right? Nice to meet you."

Hawks' first thought was that he didn't look like somebody who cared about anything. This may prove to be a tough battle.

"I see you've done your research," Hawks commented, walking over and taking a seat on the large couch across from his. Between them was a good sized coffee table. Kuroiro and Tokoyami stood on either side of him behind the couch.

"Know thy enemy," Dabi quoted."And you are a very interesting enemy at that. One of those do-gooders who just can't sit around and watch as people are turned into slaves!"

Hawks shrugged."Guilty as charged."

"And so, justice-serving Hawks." Dabi leaned forward."Why the hell should I fight against you? You have, what, two slaves? What good would that do me?"

"That's assuming you win," Hawks grinned."Which you wont."

Dabi clicked his tongue."Cheeky son of a bitch," he mumbled."It will be fun to bring you off that high horse."

"My words exactly."

His expression turned neutral."So how shall we duel? One on one? All in?"

"Three verses three," Hawks leaned back."You pick."

Dabi gave Hawks a long look, suspicious of his actions, but conceded."Alright then, Giran!" The man closest to Dabi looked over at him with a raised brow."Go grab my deck of cards."

Hawks tilted his head to the side but waited patiently for Dabi to continue.

"We'll be playing a game of matching. To win, you much have more matches than the other team after all the cards are matched. Since this is a regular deck of cards—jokers excluded—matches will go by color and number/face. So one match would be a king of hearts and king of diamond. Another would be a five of spades and five of clubs."

Hawks nodded and Dabi continued.

"We will go one at a time but the trick is that ours slaves can only flip over one card at a time. So, our slaves cannot pick matches, only we can. And only one match per turn. The cards we pick, as well, can only be cards our slaves have already flipped over and back. So, I cannot flip over cards your slaves have picked and vice versa. If one of us picks a card one of our slaves hasn't picked, we will have to forfeit one of our pairs over to the other team. So no skipping turns."

"Easy enough." Hawks watched as Giran came over and started lying the cards face down on the coffee table in front of them after a quick shuffle."But may I add a few more rules?"

"Go ahead."

"We can't order our slaves. In fact, we can't talk at all during a picking and our slaves can't talk to us when we are flipping over our cards." He leaned back."No cheating. Let's keep this fair."

Dabi didn't seemed too deterred by his demands."Fine by me." He looked behind him and motioned at one of his slaves."Up here, Komori." She nervously nodded, coming up to stand beside Dabi. He patted the right side of his couch and she hesitantly sat down next to him."Giran, are you good to play too?"

He grinned at Dabi."That's fine by me." From the crowd, Shigaraki had a wide grin on his face.

"Alright, then sit." He sat on Dabi's left and Kuroiro sat on Hawks' left with Tokoyami naturally taking Hawks' other side."Then, I'll be generous and let your little white-haired friend start, then my Komori, the bird, Giran, you, and then me."

Hawks knew it wasn't about being kind and giving him first pick, but more about giving Dabi last pick. Still, it worked fine for Hawks.

"You seem all to ready to play this, I'm sure you've played countless times before," Hawks egged on.

"Playing the same game over and over again would get boring. This is my first time as well," Dabi scoffed."That's why you let me pick, isn't that right, Hawks?"


With all the cards already set up, everything was in place."Let's begin," Dabi said.

"Yes," Hawks grinned."Let's."

There were 52 cards in an average deck of cards which meant 26 pairings. To win, Hawks needed 14 pairs which meant he couldn't miss a single pair when given the chance or else Dabi would overtake him. On average, four cards could be revealed in a single round which meant they could go through 13 rounds to reveal every card, but that would mean his team would only get him access to half the cards on the board.

Since Hawks couldn't just blindly pick any extra cards this game would clearly exceed 13 rounds. It all depended on how much he and his team remembered about which cards they had flipped over or not and how many matches they could flip up before Hawks could take his guess. Dabi's team flipping some of the cards they already flipped was inevitable just as it was the other way around. So, when it boiled down to it, this game had a lot more luck involved when you really thought about it.

Hawks just had to hope his memory kept up and his teammates memories did as well.

By the start of their battle, everything was going just fine. The first couple rounds bared no fruit with Dabi and Hawks just mindlessly picking card their teammates already did so that they wouldn't have to give up any future matches.

Around four rounds in and the first match was picked up by Hawks' team. Dabi's team followed it up a round after and slowly it became obvious they were just going back and forth with picking up matches. But then, suddenly, in the eighth round Dabi's slave, Giran, picked up his first repeat. Everyone noticed and Dabi's audible flinched at the sight. Hawks stared him down but he refused to meet his eyes.

As they continued, now simply going after a lot of the same cards the others had flipped up, Giran continued to pick the same cards he had already picked. Each time one could see Komori visibly shrink inward and Dabi grow bigger in his anger.

After the eleventh round, Hawks couldn't help but comment."Scared, Dabi?" he asked, body hunched over and staring at his low peering eyes.

Dabi growled in anger."Shut up." He sent Giran a scathing look and they moved on to the twelfth round.

Soon it became very clear what Giran was doing and Dabi could only rely on Komori to open up more cards for him to pick. But because of the tension, Komori was so nervous that even she picked a few repeats and only further Dabi's predicament.

Never could he have expected his old friend and first slave, Giran, do such a thing to him. Even Hawks, who had established the rules letting him do as he pleased without being ordered, had never expected for one of his slaves to use it in such a way to his advantage. Usually a slave couldn't go against their master, but there was no way for the SCM to comprehend that what he was doing was going against Dabi.

Soon, Hawks pulled a clear lead with 13 pairs verses Dabi's 10 pairs. On the table, there was six cards left and four of them Dabi's slaves still hadn't flipped over. Hawks' slaves had flipped them all but two, one match already set with the rest to be flipped this round.

Kuroiro flipped up one of the missing cards, Komori—still shaking in her boots—picked on of the ones they were missing which still wasn't a pair, and Tokoyami flipped up the last card they were missing. Now, Hawks not only knew where every pair was but could flip them up as well.

Giran chuckled after Tokoyami's turn, sitting up from his spot lying back on the couch to pick a card. "Y'know, Dabi, I like you. I really do." He took a drag from his cigarette, looking Dabi in the eye with a grin."But I gotta move on with my life while I'm still vital. Being your slave is just not freedom anymore."

He flipped up the same card Komori did, sealing Dabi's fate.

Dabi was absolutely livid, pulling at his piercings and digging his nails into the palms of his hands until he was bleeding deep, red blood. It was a wonder how he didn't just pounce on Giran right then and there.

Hawks picked up a match and Dabi used his now bloody hands to flip up two random cards that his slaves had, though at that point, it didn't really matter if he had to give up a pair or not. He had already lost.

"Well, in an act of good faith, I'll leave the last pair for you, Dabi," Hawks grinned and Dabi growled back at him.

Cards were flipped, Hawks took his final pair—a jack of hearts and jack of diamonds—and Dabi flipped over the last two cards lying flat on the table: two of spades and two of clubs.

Almost instantly, the suffocating weight of responsibility hit Dabi like a wreaking ball.

The whole building was silent and then Hawks spoke."Welcome to the life of a slave, Dabi." He didn't respond, head still hung low and blood dripping steadily onto the floor. Hawks stood to address the crowd of his new slaves."And for my first order, all slaves who were once Dabi's are now free!"

From the crowd, there was a wave of mad cheering. People who were once slaves were now free and they felt it within every pore of their bodies. It was something that couldn't be described in simple words. The joy felt made it impossible to stop smiling and suddenly a person you didn't know was the person you were hugging closely and crying in the arms of.

This was the enlightenment of freedom. It was being honest in joy and unchained in body.

Hawks felt it deep in his core and, like all the ex-slaves, couldn't stop smiling. This was why he put himself at risk. This was why he did what he did. For others to be happy was truly ones own happiness.

Chapter Text

One life can be equal to another. One life can also be more or less than another. It all depends on perspective.

Every poor person is equal in the amount of bread they can buy, but a rich person can buy the whole factory. In this sense, there is equality in inequality. Equal conditions of the poor, equal conditions of the wealthy, and equal conditions of the middle class.

Equality vs. Inequality

A constant, fruitless struggle. But what if there was a way to change that?

SCM's. They could make a rich man beg down on his hands and knees. They could make people of two different classes equal. They broke this barrier of inequality because everyone had an equal chance. In a duel, it didn't matter how many slaves you had or how much money you saved up. It was real, true equality once you put the SCM on.

That's why Monoma encouraged them so much.

"Wow, that's so wonderful of you!" Tokage grasp onto Monoma's arm tightly, breasts pushing against him seductively."I never thought of it that way!"

Monoma knew he had her right where he wanted her."Yes, so don't be so down about putting that SCM on, even if it was an accident! I'm sure dueling someone will be an eyeopening experience even if you end up becoming a slave!"

Like hell it would be. Being a slave would suck ass. All that happened was misery after slavery. "Equality" my ass. But chicks like her are quick to buy shit like that.

She laughed, eyelashes fluttering."Haha, I feel a bit better now, thanks. Maybe I should have a duel..."

"Why don't you and I duel?" Monoma suggested.

"What? Really?" Tokage blinked."You and I? Are you sure?"

"Yeah, don't you think it would be a good idea to duel somebody you know?" Monoma smiled."I'll even promise to release you right after if you want."

Like hell I'd let such a hot babe go!

"Really?" Monoma nodded wholeheartedly."If it's you then I would feel a bit better...since I know you're more than some freak on the street..."

C'mon. C'mon.

"Alright, let's do it!"


"Great!" Monoma smiled."Then, since this is your first fight, I'll let you decide our battle."

Tokage smiled, leaning in towards Monoma."Then..." She moved to whisper into his ear."Whoever cum's first, loses."

Monoma grinned.


A painful throbbing and an annoying ringing awoke him up. His body felt strange and spread and he couldn't move an inch. Questioning what was going on, he opened his eyes only to widen them further as he found himself naked and strapped down to what looked like was some type of chair they would use in a mental hospital. Except his arms were locked in clasps above his head and the arms of the chair were protruding outward with his legs trapped on top of them.

He had no idea what was going on and couldn't even bother to wonder before a voice spoke to him on his left.

"Hello, Monoma!" A feminine voice cheered."Glad to see you're finally awake!"

Monoma snapped his head towards the voice as best he could in his position. There was a large glass pane filling up a good portion of the wall which looked eerily like something a scientist would put up to look at experiments. There were two girls on the other side of the glass, one with pink hair that he didn't recognize and another he knew far too well.

"Tokage!" he yelled."What the hell is going on?! Get me out of this damn chair!"

"Oh, he's lively!" The pink-haired girl laughed."That must mean he has a lot of energy! You picked a good one!"

Tokage smirked which made Monoma dread what was to come."Well, right after we both agreed to duel, I knocked you out and took you here." Of course, that's why he didn't remember anything after that."You really never checked your phone. You see one girl crying about having an SCM and never once think that perhaps she already has a master? That's so naive of you, Monoma."

She was mocking him.

"If only you had checked your phone perhaps you could've gotten out of this situation," she sneered."Though from the beginning I had my eyes on you. You were exactly that my master was looking for."

"Shit..." Monoma growled."Shit...!"

"And soon she'll be your master too, so you should greet her and listen to her properly, okay?"

"Shit...!" He was fucked. He was so fucked. These people were not normal!

"Haha, Tokage, you're always such a tease!" Her master chuckled, then looking back to him."Nice to meet you, Monoma, my name is Hatsume Mei. I'll be your master from here on out, so please don't struggle too much and cum properly! I would like to test all my babies on subjects who aren't fighting not to feel pleasure!"

"What the hell does that mean?!" Monoma yelled back, struggling against his bindings."What are you gonna do to me?!"

Neither of them listened to his pleas.

"You know, Monoma, I really enjoyed your speech about equality," Tokage smiled, leaning closer to the glass to speak to him more personally."It opened my mind! I mean, who would've thought of equality between a master and slave!"

She grabbed Hatsume's arm, squeezing it like she had done Monoma's not too long ago."So I'm thankful to you, Monoma, really!"

Monoma ground his teeth together. She was taunting him, but he couldn't help but respond."Eat shit and die," he spit back.

She laughed.

Hatsume smiled."Well then, let's get started with the tests! Don't be afraid to cum as many times as you want, Monoma!"

Behind her, Tokage cackled. Monoma only dreaded what was to come.


The first thing Mirio did was go to the nearest police station to report Eri missing. That would've been his only prerogative if it wasn't for the way the police responded to him. They filed it all away and told him they would try their best to find her but the looks on their faces said otherwise.

It felt like they were trying to tell him something. Emotions crossed between "stay away from this" and "help us" moved through their features and Mirio didn't know what to think. The police's enthusiasm to search for her was at an all time low which meant Mirio needed to take action on his own. Clearly there was some sort of outside force stopping these officers from doing their jobs or some other information they weren't telling him.

So, with a heavy heart, Mirio went home and thought up a game plan. He searched all possible routes from the apartment complex to Eri's school and started knocking on every door to and from to see if anybody had seen or heard anything about her.

It was a slow, fruitless process so Mirio quickly put together some money to print out missing person posters to put around town. For the picture, he had chose one he took of Eri in a costume Nejire had bought for her. The photo was meant for Nejire to see but Mirio had thought it was so cute that he saved it on his phone. It was something that would definitely catch peoples eyes when walking down the street, which was why he picked it.

He was just coming back from college, bag full of the posters, when he saw his landlord, Magne, sitting on her foldable chair outside her home enjoying a smoke. She noticed him as well and ushered him over.

Mirio had been paying his rent on time so he grew nervous, wondering what she wanted. Magne was known for having a bad temper. Ever since he started living in the complex, he swore not to get on her bad side for fear that she would unleash it on him.

"Hello, Ma'am," he greeted politely, hoping to get along soon to start putting the posters out. It was already getting dark because he spent so long printing them all.

"Mirio," she started, blowing smoke into his face."I've seen you hopping around here a lot lately. More than usual. What are you doing?"

Ah, so she was just curious? It made sense, since Magne was all alone, she probably wanted something to think about or at least somebody to speak to."Well, the little girl living in the apartment next to mine, Eri, has gone missing. I've been trying to search for her." He chuckled bitterly."No luck yet, though."

Magne snorted, which ticked him off. He didn't act on his anger, however, because unlike Eri's parents, he had something to lose if she got angry at him.

"So that's what's got you running around here all day long?"


"Ya know, I've been living here for a good 20 years now and I've got to say, those parents of hers are the worst to come through." She stubbed her cigarette and lit a new one."They don't pay the rent on time, make their damn daughter sit outside all day disrupting people, and keep the volume on their fucking television cranked all the way up all night long disrupting my sleep. I should just kick them out already."

Mirio ignored the insults but silently wished that she did kick them out, just to prove something. But if that was the case, then when Eri came back she wouldn't be able to see him again and him her. So, he didn't push her further though he knew he could've. Instead, he focused on something else.

"You've been here 20 years?" he confirmed.

"That's what I fucking said."

"Then, have you heard on any missing persons cases in the area before?" Mirio pushed, stepping closer even though he knew that meant he would only get more smoke in his face."Or any sort of major crimes like that happening in the area? Anything will help."

"Crimes? Missing persons cases?" Magne blew out more smoke in his face. By now, Mirio was used to it so he didn't cough."There's plenty of those all over the news. How the hell do you expect me to remember every single one of them that pops up? If it has nothing to do with me, then who cares."

"Surely there's something you remember?" Mirio pushed again."Perhaps some kind of group in the area or a person the news has been warning you about recently?"

Magne shook her head."There's nothing like that on the news, kid. What it sounds like is you want to know about the dirty little secrets that happen all around this part of town. You want to know about the Shie Hassaikai."

"Shie Hassaikai?"

"Yeah." Magne nodded."They're a loan company that does some other shady business on the side. Drug trade, SCM's, all the works. But you didn't hear this from me, alright?"

"Of course." If such a business took Eri, it would make sense that the police didn't want to go after her. They must have them wrapped around their finger, swore into servitude."Is there anything else you can tell me about them? I'll stay silent, of course."

Magne smiled."I like to stir up a little drama, so I'll let you know. Their leader's known on the streets as Overhaul, though his real name is Kai Chisaki. A real ruthless fella, as you'd guess. Although I've also heard he's a total clean freak. It's pretty bad to. He wont even bother sitting down unless the chair is sanitized."

Mirio had no idea how that would help him but kept note of it.

"I'm sure once you start putting up signs and shit they'll take notice. If they have anything to do with the Eri girl, they're sure to act."

Mirio grinned at the first real lead he had. Though the situation was only more dire, he was happy to at least have a starting point at finding Eri.

"Well then!" He stretched, smile widening."I better start posting these around then!" He didn't even bother saying goodbye as he ran upstairs to start prepping.

Magne grinned."Good luck with that," she cackled."Let's hope I don't hear about you on the news as well, golden boy."

Chapter Text

Bakugo bled deep red, soaking his bandages and staining his clothes to the point of no repair. He had already gone through most of his wardrobe because of Toga. Blood wasn't as easy to take off as explained on the internet and most of the time Bakugo just gave up from pure anger and tossed his clothes in the trash. Sometimes Toga took them and did god knows what.

She had gotten more ambiguous. This time they outside, hidden away in a dark alley, when she took out her knife and started carving into him. Sometimes she opened old wounds that just started to close and other times it was just mindless. There was no elegance or plan to her marks. They were just brutal, meant to make Bakugo bleed as much as possible without him passing out.

He was a complete mummy now with all his bandages. Every time he wrapped himself up it felt like her hold was tightening around him. Like instead of fabric, it was her hands tightening around his throat.

She slurped and sucked on the blood pooling in his hand, drooling it over his exposed member which was already throughly coated in her saliva. It had taken some effort, but she got him to react to her sloppy blowjob.

Her mouth was incredibly soft, like her lips, but her teeth were sharp like the point of a knife. It was a deadly combination but made his body shudder and jerk all the same.

"Even with your own blood around your dick like this, you still manage to stay hard." Toga looked up at him from her spot squat on the ground."How dirty."

Bakugo attempted to look at anything other than her, hating the way she taunted him. It was all so disgusting.

"Do you want to cum? I bet you do. I bet you've been aching to cum ever since I put this on you." She rubbed against the cock ring that still remained around his dick. He couldn't help but groan at the small contact."Maybe I'll let you cum today. You've been so good to me and your blood has only gotten sweeter."

Bakugo refused to believe her words but couldn't deny how enticing they were. The cock ring would've meant nothing if it wasn't for the constant stimulation he was given. It was torturous.

She went back down on him, directly sucking his member like it was candy. Coated in his blood, it might just be to her. Bakugo wouldn't be surprised if that was her motivation for taking him so deeply. It seemed she had no real gag reflex as she took him all the way to the base.

Bakugo gasped at the warm feeling of being inside her mouth. It seemed she enjoyed watching his body cringe as she scraped her teeth along his member. Loud sucking and slurping noises came out of the contact which made Bakugo only think even more of sucking on candy.

Just as he felt himself beginning reach his climax he heard a small gasp from his left. It was nothing either of them made, which meant a third party. Instantly, Bakugo began freaking out and Toga stopped her sucking. She pulled away and turned to see what Bakugo was looking at.

"Oh?" she purred."Looks like we have company."

It was a male and female. The guy was huge and blushing profusely while the girl just stared at them with what looked like a resting pout on her face.

"A-Ah!" The guy flushed."I-It looks like we came at the wrong time! My apologies!"

Toga gave him a blank yet threatening stare.

"Toga Himiko and Bakugo Katsuki," the other spoke, smiling."I'm Camie and this is Inasa. As you can see..." They both opened their mouths, showing off their SCM's."We are both SCM users."

Toga sat up and Bakugo hastily zipped his member back in his pants. She walked up to the two of them with inquisitive eyes. There was none of the usual playfulness which meant she was definitely angry at them for disrupting their little session.

"So what?" she asked frankly.

"We would like to duel you," the big guy, Inasa, stated."One on one. Winner takes all."

Toga narrowed her eyes. Her suspicion was fair."What's your game here? Don't tell me you've been stalking us?" Her eyes widened as a mad grin spread across her face."I knew I felt a pair of eyes following me, so it was you!"

The Camie chick pouted."I thought I had been rather discreet..." she mumbled to herself.

"What is it you want?" Toga persisted."Don't tell want Kacchan too? He's beautiful, isn't he? He's especially great when covered in blood and making that pained face of his!"

"So, will you fight?" Inasa asked hesitantly.

"Fight?" Toga laughed, loud and creepy."No, I'll win! What shall we play?" She grabbed Bakugo who had been tensely standing behind her, pulling up his shirt and ripping off his bandages to expose the blood and cuts that marred his toned stomach."Wanna play around with my dear Kacchan? He's simply a delight!"

Bakugoo's breath hitched as Toga's sharp nails tranced along his sensitive cuts. Thankfully, the other two only looked put off by his display. Seemed not everyone with these SCM's were sadists.

"No, we'll play a simpler game." Inasa shook his head."Have you heard of slide? It's a hand game."

Toga dropped Bakugo's shirt."Yeah, of course. Everyone played that as a kid."

"Then we'll play a game of slide," Inasa started."The first to lose count and slip up will lose."

"Why the two of us?" Toga cocked an eyebrow.

"Bakugo is totally beat up. He would probably be hella slow," Camie explained."I could totally play instead if you want."

Toga seemed to size Camie up."No, it's fine like this." Camie was much smaller than Inasa which meant she was probably faster. This was a game of speed so Toga would do better overwhelming Inasa with his bulky body.

"Alright," Inasa put his hands out."Then let's start."

Toga met his and they started the game.

Usually when playing slide with your friends, you would start out slow and try to keep that pace to see how far you could go but gradually your speed would naturally pick up to the point of no return.

But for Toga and Inasa, from the first moment their hands slid together they were at top speed. It was a wonder how either kept up with the other and the insane pace they were keeping. It looked almost painful as their hands clapped together and knuckles smashed against one another.

Inasa was quietly whispering what numbers they were on which only made Toga grin and push to go faster, since he was clearly having a hard time keeping track. Inasa still met her pace but it felt like he wasn't packing as much of a punch in his claps which meant he was slowly falling behind.

Toga pushed further and soon they were on the tenth set. They finished the left hand first, as they had been doing, and then suddenly as they both moved in to the first clap of the right hand Inasa's arm snapped forward in a quick rush. His whole body pivoted to further push his right hand and as their hand's connected there was an audible crack and then a gut wrenching cry as Toga's hand was pushed back so far her knuckles almost met her wrist.

Inasa pulled his hand back, clapped them together, and then moved it forward again as if to continue the game, but Toga was on the floor screaming as she clutched her broken wrist in her arm. With that, she was unable to keep up with Inasa and lost. Now both of them were slaves.

"Y-You..." she seethed."You...! How dare you!"

Inasa let out a heavy breath, collecting himself and rolling his shoulders back."Camie," he started.

"Already texting him," she said, phone out and clearly contacting somebody.

"From now on, you are both slaves of Shindou You," Inasa spoke and both of their eyes widened."We will take you to our master now and get you treated properly."

"Wait, you're not a master?!" Toga asked exactly what Bakugo had been thinking.

"When did I ever say that?" Inasa asked back coldly."Now, let's go meet your new master."


After being freed, Shigaraki had walked out of that cursed building feeling more refreshed and lost than he ever had before. As a slave, he just wanted to beat Dabi but now that another master had done so and he had seen Dabi in true despair and felt a wave of freedom he hadn't felt in years he didn't know what to do.

Should he still try for revenge and challenge Hawks? Would he be satisfied like that even if he wasn't the direct cause of Dabi's new despair? Though Hawks was on the list of people who let go of their slaves so maybe he should just wait for Hawks to let Dabi go after "reeducating" him. But wouldn't that mean he would be a better person? At that point, would he even be willing to duel Shigaraki? He couldn't force him to put on an SCM and battle him after all.

Maybe dueling Hawks really was his best bet.

"Yo, Shigaraki!" Giran called, walking out of the building to meet up with him."Glad to finally be out?"

"Doubt I am as much as you," Shigaraki responded, beginning a lazy pace down the deserted street with dragging feet."You must've been with him for what, a year?"

"I'd say around that much." Giran took out a smoke."It wasn't too bad until he became power hungry."

Shigaraki snorted.

"It happens to the best of us," Giran hummed.

"Only those who haven't seen the bottom will become hypnotized by power," Shigaraki started."People who have lived through the worst are the ones who know how to use power properly, because they will never forget their roots."

"Are you saying you'll use any power you gain properly?"

"As long as it's something to work for," Shigaraki said, stopping to face Giran."If power was just handed to people, then they are sure to misuse it. Though I don't really want to move around too much..."

"That's why you do all the hard work now so that others can do it for you in the future."

"Ah..." Shigaraki sat back on the railing separating the sidewalk and street."That sounds nice..."

If only it was as simple as finding people on the street and making them his slaves. But Shigaraki knew better, that would only make him want to enslave more and more until the whole world was equally underneath him.

"So, what's your plan from here on out?" Giran asked, taking a drag from his cigarette."Will you keep pursuing Dabi or move on to something else?"

"I don't know...I have no idea what to do anymore..."

Free yet lost. The chains of his past wanting to hold him back but the future beyond looking so appealing. He really didn't know what to do anymore.

"Well then, let's duel," Giran offered, pulling out two SCM's.

"What?" Shigaraki jumped."Where did you get those? All the ones back at the base shouldn't be..."

"You might've forgot, but I organized all of Dabi's affairs," Giran explained, taking another drag of his cigarette."Most of the money we accumulated went towards buying more SCM's so of course we had extras."

"But why..." Shigaraki stared down the SCM's, not knowing what to feel."I thought you said you wanted to be free?"

"I'd been with Dabi for a year, of course I'm also lost." Giran took a step closer to Shigaraki."And I thought that after the answer who had given me, you would definitely be the same kind of master as All For One. You would make me feel free while still being a slave."

So he was testing him...

"But don't think I'll go easy on you either." Giran grinned."The little side business I've been running has become very profitable. I'll be having you help me out if I win."

For some reason, this made Shigaraki smile."Alright then, let's duel." He took the SCM from Giran and put it in, other man doing the same."So, how will we do this?"

"Well, since neither of us are particular about how this ends up..." Giran pulled out a coin from his pocket."How about a simple game of chance?"

Chapter Text

"Alright, Monoma, since this is your first time with us, I would like to ask you some questions for your profile," Hatsume started from behind the glass.

"Wait, Hatsume," Tokage stopped her."He hasn't become your slave yet. Shouldn't you make him yours first before asking him stuff so he wont be able to lie?"

"Oh, you're right!" Hatsume gasped."That's so smart of you, Tokage!"

Monoma shivered at how casual the two women were. He was hoping that whatever these questions were that they would delay the inevitable so that he could better prepare his mind but that looked like it was a no go.

Hatsume's cheerful smile quickly turned into a sad pout."Ah, but then I wont be able to get his input on whatever I use first," she sniffled.

"Just use one of the ones we've already tried out." Tokage boosted her up easily.

"Oh, you're right!" Hatsume shouted again."Which one should I use...Probably shouldn't take too long..."

Hatsume looked around her room and the testing room Monoma was in, thinking hard on what to do. Monoma knew that he was just being used like some test dummy and was probably no more than another variable in their eyes, but when they looked at him as he was in such an open position, he felt incredibly embarrassed. It felt like his pride was slowly dwindling away. He didn't know if he would be able to make it out of this sane.

"Ah, I know!" Hatsume shouted, moving around until she grabbed a controller, like one you would use for a claw machine, and a glove with a lot of technological junk on it.

"I'll just jerk you off real quick, Monoma!" She smiled."Don't worry, all my babies feel good."

Monoma hand no idea what she was talking about. But fear crept inside him and had him jerking back as suddenly something in the room moved. He was scared out of his mind, sweat dripping down his whole body as he waited for whatever it was to come out.

Slowly, a mechanical hand moved forwards and Monoma quickly realized it was Hatsume controlling it. Still, he didn't want that thing anywhere near him.

"What the fuck?!" he shouted."Get it away from me! What are you trying to do?!"

"Relax, Monoma," Tokage spoke."Leave everything to Hatsume."

Monoma gulped, watching the hand warily to see what it would do next. The hand part was completely purple and looked almost rubbery. There were some other smaller details he didn't care to notice as he closed his eyes and attempted to curl up his body as the thing got closer to his dick.

Suddenly, it softly curled around his member and Monoma was shocked by how warm it was. It was almost like a human hand. It also became slippery and felt like some kind of lotion was being coated on his member.

It was strange but Monoma found that if he closed his eyes he could picture a person's hand instead of some creepy robot.

"Does it feel good?" Tokaga asked."Hatsume hasn't even started but your dicks already getting hard. Do you like getting your dick rubbed that much?"

Using the glove, Hatsume moved her fingers to start stroking Monoma. Now it was completely different from a human hand. So tight and soft yet incredibly warm. Monoma couldn't help the muffled groan that left his mouth at the feeling.

"You're amazing as always, Hatsume," Tokage whispered to her."Even with men."

Hatsume blushed, continuing her lithe movements with her hand until Monoma was cumming hard. He gasped for breath, whole body feeling strangely hot and not soon after the weight and responsibility of his newfound slavery completely destroyed that pleasurable feeling.

"How'd it feel, Monoma?" Hatsume asked.

Monoma could only nod, choking on tears and frustration.

"Great! Then let's start with the questioning!" Hatsume cheered, taking a seat."We already have all your basic information, so I'll just jump right into it. Remember to answer all my questions truthfully and as quickly as possible."

Monoma cringed at the order.

"Alright, question number one: Have you ever had sex before this?"

Monoma groaned. So they would all be questions about sex? "Yes."

"How active are you?"

"I'll do it at least once a week unless something comes up."

Hatsume tapped her clipboard as Tokage recorded everything down."Have you ever given or been given a blowjob?"

"I've gotten one."

"What about anal? Have you lost your ass virginity? Have you put it in someone else's ass?"

"I put it in someone else."

Hatsume hummed."Did it feel good? Describe the experience."

"It felt good but prepping took a long time." Monoma gulped the the embarrassing question."The whole time I was scared I was hurting her so we never finished."

"I heard you have an interest in the occasional guy, though you've obviously never gone all the way." Monoma winced."So tell me, which do you prefer: ass or chest—for both men and women?"

"For women, I like their boobs and with men I usually look at their ass first."

Tokage recorded it.

"Any particular fetishes or kinks? Everybody have lots of them, some they don't even know about, so just pick the ones most dominant."

"Ah..." Monoma really didn't want to answer this."I like being praised but outside of that I usually let the girl take over and meet her needs."

"A dormant M?" Tokage commented.

"Perhaps," Hatsume thought."Though he looks more the type to stick it in. Maybe one of those subdued tops who a power bottom or a Queen handles."

Monoma was absolutely mortified at what they were talking about so casually. He just wanted to die. It was all too much.

Tokage finished taking her notes and Hatsume look at Monoma."Well, I think that's it for today, Monoma. We'll begin our experiment now. You wont be able to see us through this glass anymore so that we don't screw up the results. I'll be asking you questions about my babies occasionally through the speaker so make sure and answer them properly. I've tested the safety and durability of everything we'll be using so you should be fine but if something goes wrong or hurts you just let me know. Of course, some of these are supposed to hurt at first so just bare with it."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?!" Monoma shouted at her but she didn't answer, window going dark and leaving him all alone in the testing room with the fairly dimmed lighting.

Then the first toy came out, some kind of pink, fleshy looking vibrator that made Monoma cringe.

"Don't worry, Monoma," Tokage spoke through the speaker."We already prepped you so you should be fine."

That did not make him feel any better.

The thing was threatening and looked massive to him even though it was fairly regular sized. He felt like his ass would tear even with just the tip in.

"Fuck, fuck..." he breathed, attempting to relax and not make this experience more painful than it had to be.

The strange claw arm holding the vibrator seemed to be applying some kind of lube to the toy, slicking it all over until the liquid was dripping onto the floor. Slowly, it was aimed at Monoma's ass and pushed inside.

It was true that they had prepped him as the thing slipped in with minimal pain but Monoma was still breathing heavy at the unexpected girth. He tried to adjust quickly but his whole body jerked as the machine suddenly started vibrating inside him.

His body grew hot and bits of pleasure began to mix through the strange feeling. It grew more and more stimulating and soon Monoma grew fully hard, pre-cum dripping down his still wet member as he felt the pressure building up inside him.

"How does it feel, Monoma?" Hatsume asked through the speaker."Please describe it in detail."

"I-It's...good," Monoma groaned."I-It's so big and it's—ahh—reaching so deep inside me. I keeps hitting the right place...I'm—I'm gonna..."

He attempted to roll his hips against the toy, feeling himself beginning to reach his climax but quickly the hand from before squeezed tightly around the base of his member before he could cum.

"Wha-What?" Monoma looked down, eyes wide in horror."What are you...doing?"

"I'm sorry, but you can't cum until the experiment is over," Hatsume told Monoma."Now, is their anything missing? Any flaws?"

"N-No..." Monoma moaned."Please, let me cum..."

The two ignored him, vibration picking up a notch and causing Monoma to cry out. He back arched against the chair and he strained against his bindings, wanting desperately to get the hand off his member so he could cum.

The torturous stimulation continued and Monoma could only hiss and moan at the incredible feeling. Soon something else came in but Monoma could barely see with his eyes brimmed with tears.

The toy went around his nipples and he jolted as they soon began sucking on the brown buds. Monoma looked down as saw that they looked like two small, pink suction cups. They were sucking and soon began circling around Monoma's nipples, pulling them upwards and causing the buds to grow pert at the stimulation. As the cups continued to rotate, the small bristles of rubber inside rubbed and tickled along Monoma's skin, causing him to squirm and gasp.

He bucked his hips, sensitive nipples going crazy at the feeling of being sucked and teased. Monoma's whole body was wracked with powerful shivers and his breathing picked up as he started going crazy because of the feeling.

"How does it feel, Monoma?" Hatsume asked again."Describe it in detail."

"T-The sucking...feels weird," Monoma attempted to breathe."It's they're b-being pulled. I-Inside it's—ahh—like being rubbed...Feels good..."

Monoma's breath hitched as he felt himself growing closer to his climax again but the hand grasp tighter around his base, stopping it.

"Is their anything missing? Any flaws?"

Monoma struggled to talk through his moans."I-It's—ah! Dry...more—...wet..."

He tried to keep up and suddenly the vibrator was kicked up one more notch. Monoma threw his head back, moaning loudly as it hit him directly in his prostate, continuing to stimulate it nonstop.

"How are you feeling, Monoma?" Hatsume asked.

Monoma could barely pay attention to Hatsume's words, completely wrapped up in his own pleasure and drowning everything out over the sounds of the vibrator.

"G-Good!" Monoma groaned, rolling his hips towards the vibrator."It feels so good!"

"Alright. Open your mouth."

Monoma did so instantly, lips wrapping around something big, soft, and warm. He took it deep in his throat, head turned back to suck everything he could. Only when it was too far did he start gagging but it was quickly pulled back before it went too deep.

It was shaped exactly like a dick, pumping in and out of his mouth and filling him up with warmth. Monoma sucked and licked it as best he could, tears pouring down his eyes as his lips puckered and grew sensitive. It felt so real as the heat overwhelmed him and drool started pouring down the sides of his mouth.

His hips rolled against the vibrator and his member throbbed for attention. Every part of his body felt like it was being toyed with and even a bit of sweat rolling down his stomach had him withering with pleasure.

Monoma felt himself reaching his climax again and this time the hand holding him back began pumping his member quickly. The stimulation was too much and Monoma's eyes rolled back as he came hard, body twitching uncontrollably as he couldn't stop the overriding pleasure from completely monopolizing him.

His mouth was freed and he coughed at the feeling. Most of the toys started to detach themselves when Hatsume asked the question again."How did it feel, Monoma? Describe it in detail."

"It was..." Monoma mumbled off, trying to work his mouth." it was real. The warmth...and the p-pumping in and out was easy to deal with."

"Is their anything missing? Any flaws?"

"I-I don't know..." Monoma answered truthfully."It was good..."

There was a pause and then Hatsume spoke again."Alright then we'll take a little break here. After you're all calmed down again, we'll start another around."

At those words, Monoma knew he had to get out. He couldn't stay with these people like this. He needed to find some way to get out of this, somebody to save him, and fast.

Chapter Text

Mirio put up signs everywhere as he continued his search for Eri. It was fruitless, as nobody called in or told him anything of value, but he persisted. Plus, if he continued then soon the Shie Hassaikai would catch wind of him and act. Magne hadn't exactly explained what they would do or how they would react but Mirio assumed some kind of confrontation.

All he could do was persist so that's what he did. Right after his classes, he would run home and put up signs and talk to people to see if anyone had seen Eri. It was suspicious how nobody had seen her even once. Eri's school didn't give him a crumb of information either, though Mirio had reason to believe she didn't have much of a presence in the first place or at least no notable friends.

It was all so sad and Mirio desperately wanted to cheer her up and show her how great the world could really be. So he kept pushing and pushing until it was pitch black out and his stomach was grumbling out of control.

He called it a night and sauntered back home. Magne was outside smoking her last cigarette for the night as usual, the rest of the apartment complex mostly gone dark. Mirio made it upstairs to his room and fished out his keys in his pocket. He moved to put it in the keyhole but instead of it going in the whole door creaked open.

Perturbed, Mirio let the door slowly push open and waited for threats. The door opened fully and still nobody jumped out at him. Mirio took this as a sign that maybe the assailant left and quickly flicked the lights on so that he could see if there was somebody hiding somewhere.

Light turning on, Mirio was horrified to find that his whole apartment was completely trashed. Pictures hanging lopsided, cupboards pulled out and components thrown all around the room, even his bed was thrown up on the side of his wall and mattress cut into. Mirio could only stand there in awe, not knowing what to do.

Was this was Magne was talking about? Was this the Shie Hassaikai's doing?

Mirio avoided the glass and other objects on the floor, making his way into the living room and finding a note waiting for him on the mostly unscathed coffee table. He picked it up without hesitation and quickly read over the contents.

Disturbances will not be tolerated. This
is your one warning. Any further action
and you will pay the price in blood. An
SCM had been enclosed with this note.
If you wish to continue, then you will
have to fight with your life.
-Shie Hassaikai

The words were printed in surprisingly well-written font. Still, Mirio felt their threat.

He noticed the retainer-looking thing in a protective case on his coffee table next to the note and deduced that it was probably this "SCM" they were talking about. He had heard whispers about them at college and Magne had mentioned them as something the Shie Hassaikai messed with. Mirio would have to research them to understand what this threat really meant, since they obviously intended for him to use it.

Mirio wasn't discouraged, in fact, this only made him want to go and confront the Shie Hassaikai even more. This "Chiaki" character that Magne mentioned was a real piece of work. Mirio refused to let him have his way over this area anymore. He would confront him and expose him for who he really was. Then, finally, he would get Eri back where she belonged.


"Boss! Boss! They've come back!" Twice shouted excitedly, peeping through the window of Shindou's office."Oh, a pretty girl! They brought a pretty girl!"

Shindou walked over from his seat at his desk, looking down to see both Camie and Inasa with Bakugo and his ex-master Toga. In the dark light of the night, it was hard to see but Shindou could tell.

"Go let them in," he motioned to Twice who obediently complied.

The four of them were buzzed in and Twice ran to open the door for them. Camie and Inasa casually went to Shindou's side while Toga and Bakugo stood by the door, looking equal parts in pain and weary of what was to happen next. They were both a mess, Toga clutching her broken wrist close to her chest and Bakugo looking extremely pale with blood seeping through his clothes.

"Hello Bakugo Katsuki, Toga Himiko. Glad you made it here in one piece," Shindou greeted."I'm your new master, Shindou You."

Toga didn't look impressed and Bakugo had mixed feelings. On one hand, he was glad to finally be out of Toga's control, but he didn't know what the future held and what kind of "master" this person was. They were clearly in his office and he seemed pretty well off in his spiffy suit and clean hair cut. Cool, yet casual. Bakugo didn't know what to think.

"You've already met two of my slaves, Inasa and Camie." Shindou motioned to them."And my third slave, Jin Bubaigawara or Twice."

"Nice ta meet ya!" Twice waved, mainly looking at Toga.

Toga ground her teeth together, not liking the situation one bit. She was too hasty and paid for it. She never wanted to get involved with other masters and slaves, just Bakugo was enough for her, and look what happened. Now, her plans to kill him were falling apart.

"I heard that you know Inasa and Camie, Bakugo," Shindou commented."They were excited to reunite with you."

"...What?" Bakugo looked over at the pair, assessing them. When they had appeared, he was too busy focusing on calming his erection and the continuous bleeding Toga started. Since then, he was lost in his thoughts, wondering about what kind of master they had so he had never paid them much mind.

Upon further inspection, their faces did become a bit more familiar as did the names. He remembered them being nosy and annoying, constantly trying to get his help. They had matured, at least in appearance.

"Oh, yeah, I didn't even notice," Bakugo monotoned.

"Seriously?!" The two sweat dropped.

"How could you forget about us?!" Inasa cried."Did we not make many fond memories together in our youth?!"

"Wow, you're so cold, Bakugo," Camie pouted."So mean."

"Who the hell cares?!" Bakugo shouted back."It's not like I wanted to see you losers ever...again..."

Bakugo gulped, slowly realizing how he was just carelessly doing as he pleased. He slowly turned to Shindou who just had an amused smile on his face. Though Bakugo didn't like it, he could tell something else was hiding underneath it.

"Stopping so soon?" Shindou hopped down from his resting place against his desk."Pity, it was such an interesting reunion too."

He walked closer to them and out of the corner of his eye, Bakugo saw Toga tense up. It was something he had craved to see while under her. Now that they were in the same situation, it was time for her to taste defeat as well.

"I must say, you two have quite the destructive relationship," Shindou commented, moving to Bakugo and unzipping his jacket. Bakugo's breath hitched, waiting for anything and slowly dreading what was to come. Blood stains shown on his plain grey shirt which Shindou lifted with two fingers—not wanting to get dirty—to reveal his bloody bandages."As I thought..."

Toga let out a low growl at Shindou's touching, only the power of the SCM holding her back from tearing Shindou apart for touching Bakugo. She didn't like it one bit. He was taunting her.

Shindou gave her a side glance, smiling."From now on, you are not allowed to touch Bakugo, Toga."

"Huh?! Why?!" Toga spit back, growing increasingly angry.

"Don't question my orders." Shindou stared back at her coldly and she shut up instantly.

Bakugo felt so relieved at those words. The terror that had been gripping him ever since he became Toga's slave was slowly starting to dissipate. He wasn't so sure about this Shindou character but being free from Toga was enough. Finally, the wounds that had been paining him so were lightening up.

"Twice." Shindou motioned for him and he perked up."Take Toga to my personal doctor to get her wrist fixed. After that, you can both go home for the night."

"Sure thing, boss!" Twice saluted, moving to drag Toga off. The whole time she never looked away from Shindou, promising death even as she was pushed out of the building.

"Camie, Inasa."


"Yeah, boss?"

"You two are free to go home. You did good work today."

"Thank you!" Inasa cheered.

"Sweet," Camie smiled.

Bakugo watched as they left, wondering more and more about what kind of person his new master was. He seemed to treat his slaves well enough and orders felt more like casual things a boss would say to his employees. It was all just one big mystery.

"Now, Bakugo, follow me and we'll treat those wounds of yours." Shindou motioned with his head and Bakugo hesitantly followed. He really couldn't tell if he was nice or just hiding his true colors.

The room Shindou moved him into was like a glorified bathroom. The thing was huge with a bath that looked as big as a hot tub—including steps leading up to it—a glass encased shower, toilet, and multiple sinks. It threw Bakugo back because weren't they just in his office? Why the hell...

"This office is also my home so don't look so shocked."

Bakugo was still shocked. Why would anyone ever have a need for such a large bathroom?

Shindou moved towards his lower cabinets."Toss your clothes in the trash. I'm sure even you know they're not salvageable. Don't worry, I'll give you some of mine."

Bakugo hesitantly did as he said. He had to remind himself that Shindou was helping him, not getting ready to slash him up like Toga.

It was hard to take his clothes off, every movement stinging and causing further pain. He had only gotten his jacket off and was working on his shirt when Shindou stopped him. He pulled out a pair of scissors from the med kit he got out.

"Here, let me." Bakugo flinched as he picked up his shirt and cut him free, tensing further as Shindou continued and cut the bandages on his chest. Some of the loose strands fell to the floor and made a bloody mess of the white tile."That should do for now," Shindou said once Bakugo's chest was fully exposed.

Though, really, you couldn't see any of his bare skin underneath all the smears of blood and cuts covering it. It was sticky and disgusting, like Bakugo had rubbed blood over his body.

"Go sit on the edge of the tub," Shindou motioned and Bakugo complied. Just sitting made him grimace. He was surprised Shindou wasn't put off.

"I'm going to start wiping you down, okay?"

Bakugo nodded, knowing what kind of hurt was to come.

Shindou started doing as he said and at the first touch on his skin over one of his cuts, Bakugo was curled over, hissing."Shit..." he grumbled.

"Bear with it," Shindou hummed, continuing without remorse. He washed his arms, his back and chest, and around his neck like it was a simple task to be completed.

"I'm surprised by how compliant you're being," Shindou commented, making Bakugo angry. What the hell else was he supposed to be in this situation?"Though I guess when another person has your life in their hands, that's all you can do. I've never been a slave but I'm sure it's hard. You've done good staying alive, Bakugo."

He grunted.

Shindou stopped his movements, looking up at Bakugo."Inasa and Camie told me all about you. They talked about how lively and angry you always were. Where did that go, Bakugo? Was it because you became a slave? Was it because of Toga? As you saw, I don't care about how you act as my slave. You don't have to hide it. I want you to be true to yourself and honest to me."

Bakugo hesitated, wondering if this was some kind of test. But Shindou's eyes, staring directly at him, said otherwise. He could tell that this man really wanted to see the real him not this caved in, compliant personality he had to keep up.

"Shit..." he mumbled, hands moving to cart through his hair."Shit..." And he completely broke down, tears streaming down his face with ugly sobs following after them. His whole body shook and he couldn't stop himself, crying loudly and letting free all the emotion that had been bottling up inside him for so long.

"I-I was just...j-just trying to survive!" Bakugo sobbed."S-Shit...I c-couldn't let her...fuck..."

Shindou smiled, rubbing away the tears streaming down his face."You survived, Bakugo. You're alive. Think of Toga as a thing of the past. Move on and strengthen yourself from this. Don't let yourself fall into despair."

"God...I want to kill her..." Bakugo cried."I j-just..."

Shindou couldn't help but laugh at that."Don't worry, she wont be around for much longer." He pushed Bakugo's hands out of his hair to get a better look at him."I need to bandage you up now, okay?"

Bakugo stared at him and then looked down."Anything to get these fucking cuts sealed."

"That's the spirit," Shindou hummed, finally getting a taste of the Bakugo Inasa and Camie had talked about. He didn't want it to end."The cuts are all small and not too deep but some will scar, no doubt. It wont be big enough to leave a lasting impression, thankfully."

"Shit, that bitch," Bakugo growled, tears finally beginning to subside."I was such a fucking idiot."

"You'll have to tell about how that happened at some point," Shindou said, finishing putting clean bandages on him."But for now, let's finish this up and get you to bed. Hurry up and take off the rest of your clothes."

Shindou moved back and stood up to give Bakugo his space. He was still hurting but the numbness after bawling his eyes out made it easier to take his pants off. After that, he hesitated.

Shindou picked up on it instantly."Underwear too. We're both men here, no need to be shy."

Normally Bakugo wouldn't hesitate if it wasn't for the cock ring he still had on. That was a conversation he didn't want to have, but he knew Shindou wouldn't let up until he stripped completely, so he slowly pulled his underwear off. He didn't dare look him in the eye as he tossed his dirty clothes into the trash, shame running deep.

Shindou clicked his tongue."She really did put you through the worst of it." He bent down and Bakugo flinched, eyes shooting down and body tensing as he slid the damn thing off him. It was all so oddly intimate.

After that, he didn't comment. Instead, he continued to now wash the blood off the rest of his body. Bakugo suddenly felt way to sensitive and with every one of Shindou's movements. He had to hold back the groan that wanted to pass through his lips. The closer he got to his exposed member the worse it was.

There was still blood and saliva coating it, which made Bakugo queasy, but as Shindou moved the wet cloth over it he couldn't help but flinch and react, growing slightly hard. It had been so long since he had cum, yet he had been stimulated so often it was killing him.

"It must've been a long time since you've cum," Shindou murmured, ditching the cloth after Bakugo was clean and instead using his hand to pump his member up and down. It didn't take much for it to grow hard."I bet you've been in agony. Here, let me help you out..."

The offer was too tempting that Bakugo could only wait with anticipation as Shindou spread his legs wider and tipped his head down to take his member into his mouth. It was nothing like Toga's sloppy, pain-filled blowjob. Shindou was skilled with his mouth and tongue, clearly knowing exactly what he needed to do to get a reaction out of Bakugo who didn't hold back his moans.

He grabbed onto Shindou's hair and shuddered and the wonderful feeling. Shindou ran his tongue along the underside of his shaft and sucked on his head, tongue licking and wrapping around him to the point that he was cumming quick and hard onto his face.

It was the quickest he had ever cum, especially from a blowjob. All the tension built up there left and he could only breathe deeply and watch Shindou who neatly cleaned up his face. He noticed Bakugo watching a smiled. This one, Bakugo knew, held other intentions. Good or bad, he wasn't sure.

"Better?" Shindou asked.

Bakugo gulped."Yeah, better."

Chapter Text

Acquiring an SCM was the easy part since Monoma still had one lying around from his days as a master. What came after was hard because who was he supposed to go to about this sort of matter? They needed to be trustworthy but also open to many different things.

This meant no family. They could never hear about the embarrassing things that happened to him and he didn't want to put them in the sort of situation where they could be targeted by other masters and weirdos like him. So it had to be a friend, and he didn't have too many of those or at least friends willing to help him out. Kendo was a no go because she would just call it karma and flip him off and Tetsutetsu was too much of an idiot to fight those girls and win.

He was stumped, utterly stumped, until he realized that he was only thinking of trustworthy friends as people he's known since high school. There was a guy he had met in college named Shinsou, and while he seemed to despise Monoma, he never pushed him away.

It had only been about a month since they had seen each other and while Shinsou wasn't the most pleasant company at times, he was smart and surprisingly kind for his done-with-life face.

So, pitch black out and probably past midnight, Monoma came to Shinsou's apartment and started knocking on his door. It took awhile and far too many knocks until Shinsou came and answered the door. Monoma knew he wasn't asleep by the headphones around his neck, so he didn't need to feel bad about disturbing him so late at night.

Still, the moment he saw Shinsou—his one ray of hope—he couldn't stop himself from bawling his eyes out and suddenly clinging onto his waist and refusing to let go."Shinsou!" he sobbed, barely comprehensible."Help meee!"

"Goddamnit..." Shinsou pushed at Monoma, trying to get him off before he stained his clothes with tears."Get!"

"Shinsou!" Monoma continued to cry, rubbing his face into his crotch.

"You're disturbing the neighbors, get off!" he growled back, still pushing but Monoma wouldn't give in."Monoma!"

"Help me, Shinsou!" Monoma sobbed."Shinsou...!"

"Get the fuck..." Shinsou grabbed him firmly, pivoting his body and sending Monoma flying around."...Off!" He slammed right into Shinsou's wall and cried in pain, letting go of Shinsou and shriveling up on the floor.

Shinsou quickly looked around, maybe checking for someone chasing him—that pure-hearted son of a bitch. Then he softly shut the door and faced the crumpled mess of Monoma crying on the floor.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" he growled."It's 2 in the morning!"

Monoma unfurled himself and looked up pitifully at Shinsou like a homeless puppy. At least that's what he liked to think."Shinsou..." he whined, crawling over to him and grabbing at his waist again. This time he was grabbing more at his clothes."Help me..."

Shinsou looked so disgusted in him when Monoma looked up he knew that he had lost all his charm. Oh, how he wished he had bought a pair of dog ears or—wait—Shinsou liked cats, so he should've bought a pair of cat ears with one of those tails that isn't a butt plug and then come to his house to beg him. He was still so naive.

"You're whinier than usual today." Shinsou still looked disgusted."I'll hear you out, so just come sit down and drink a glass of water or something."

"Shinsou!" He really was a god.

Monoma pranced inside after Shinsou, finding a seat on the floor of his ratty room. Shinsou sat across from him on his usual cushion an raised an eyebrow at him to talk. It was all so official. Like a job interview.

Monoma went into his pockets and took out the magic weapon that would save him from an eternity of being those women's sex slave."I want you to put this on." He slide the SCM towards him all smooth-like.

Shinsou looked down at it, not even touching it like it had some kind of disease."What is this?" he asked.

"It's an SCM," Monoma explained."Remember when I discovered these a month back?"

"Yeah, that whole...master-slave thing."

"Well, I found a place I could buy them for cheap and tried it out and it really worked! So I went to the club and got some girls to be my slaves so I could fool around, of course." Shinsou's eyes hardened and Monoma really hoped he didn't hit him. He had always hated how he played around and he had to admit after being treated as badly as those women, he was wrong. Very wrong.

"I would usually let them go after a day or two, because you can free slaves and they'll be out of the SCM system. So I kept doing this but then I didn't check my phone to notify me of other masters or slaves and ended up getting caught by these crazy women!"

Shinsou sighed, because he knew this would happen. He told Monoma it wasn't a good idea from the get go."So, why do you want me to put the SCM on?"

"I want you to battle them and then win and free me!"

Of course it would be something absurd like this.

Monoma could tell instantly he was losing Shinsou. But he couldn't afford to lose. His life was on the line.

"If you don't save me, I'll be trapped with those women the rest of my life!" Monoma pleaded, scooting closer to Shinsou and pushing the SCM towards him."They're making me bend over and testing out all these sex toys on me! It's insane! I can't handle it anymore, Shinsou!"

Shinsou had that disgusted look on his face again."So you're saying you could before?"

"NO!" Monoma cried, attempting to jump on Shinsou again and give him a crushing hug but he dodged just in time."It's terrible, Shinsou! Absolutely horrible! I hate every second of it!"

Shinsou gave him a blank look."How many times did you cum?"

Monoma's mouth opened and closed until Shinsou knew he couldn't deny it. He then sniffed and suddenly stood up in front of Shinsou."You don't understand, Shinsou! I can't cum on my own anymore!"

Shinsou was about to tell him how much of a contradiction that was until Monoma suddenly pulled down his pants and basically flashed him. Shinsou's eyes widened at the audacity of the man but then his whole thought process ceased to exist.

"Look what they did to me, Shinsou! They put a damn cage on me!" Monoma displayed."I don't even know how they got it around my dick up they did! They used that sex robot of theres! And it's not one of those sexy ones you hear about but like one of those claws from a claw machine! I can't jerk myself off like this, Shinsou! My love life is ruined!"

Shinsou burst into laughter and Monoma fumed red."Stop laughing! This isn't funny!"

"Yes..." Shinsou continued to laugh."Y-Yes it is..."

Monoma had never seen him laugh so hard. It kinda made his heart flutter in a totally normal way.

"Please, Shinsou..." Monoma whined again, slouching onto Shinsou and beginning to cry again."Help me..."

There was pause and Monoma thought Shinsou was actually considering it. Oh boy was he wrong.

"You reap what so sow, Monoma," Shinsou responded."Deal with this yourself."

"But, Shinsou!"

Shinsou stood up, coldly looking down at Monoma."Get out."


Shinsou literally dragged Monoma to the door kicking and screaming."Take your whining elsewhere," he growled.

"But you're my only hope, Shinsou!" Monoma pleaded, hoping this last ditch effort would stop him from slamming the door on his face."I have nobody else I can ask!"

"Tough luck," Shinsou said, slamming the door on his face.


"-and if I see you with SCM's in again, you know what will happen, don't you?" Hawks crossed his arms, foot tapping against the cold concrete on the street.

"Yeah," Tokoyami nodded.

"We got it, alright?" Kuroiro complained.

Hawks smiled even if the words were meant to be rude."Then you're free now. I would throw those SCM's away as soon as possible."

The two of them blinked as if not believing what just happened. They took their SCM's out for the last time ever and Hawks smiled as Kuroiro practically crushed it in the palm of his hand. They had finally gained their freedom from it all and Hawks hoped they had learned a lesson or two from it. That was his whole hope in all this: freedom and gratitude.

"What, so you're just letting them go?" Dabi complained, watching the two walk away into the night."How lame. Hurry up and let me go soon too."

Hawks looked back at Dabi, eyes hard. He knew from the moment he looked at him that he would be different from all the past slaves he had. Dabi wouldn't bend so easily to justice so Hawks had to tread carefully.

Plus, he had killed a man. He was a criminal of the highest offense and Hawks didn't know how to deal with that. Part of him was considering turning him in but he knew the consequences of that would end up killing Dabi, because they would never let him have his SCM inside the prison and without wearing it for a certain period of time, he would go insane and die. He could always turn him in and then free him but for some reason something stopped him time after time.

He had never thought it but it seemed he had too much pride. He was so certain he could change Dabi for good that he didn't want to turn him into the police. There was something about this man that was starting to bring out the worst in him. He couldn't let him infect him like this.

"Hello?" Dabi waved."Are you listening or are you just deaf?"

"That's quite a rude way to talk to your master," Hawks commented."You know I could make you eat your own fingers if I wanted to."

"You wont," Dabi smirked."You would never hurt a fly. You're too kind."

"Don't be so sure," Hawks smirked back."Power like this gets to people. You've experienced it firsthand."

Dabi's cocky attitude suddenly tamed itself and he looked away. It seemed his loss of power was his weak point. Hawks would try to remember that for future use.

"What are you going to make me do?" Dabi asked, voice much smaller than it was before."You gonna fuck me or torture me?"


"You gonna use me and try to break me?"


Dabi's eyes grew hard."I don't believe you," he hissed.

"Then don't," Hawks huffed back."My only goal in this is for you to see how wrong you were in enslaving people and making them do things they didn't want to do."

He snorted back."Good luck with that, hero."

I am no hero.

"Call me as you please, but insults will get you nowhere." Hawks knew they were just words filled with half-assed hatred."I want you to tell me of any master you know of. The stronger the better."

"What, like All for One?"

Hawks' eyes widened and he just wanted to punch Dabi in the face. It was disgusting how easily he could talk about somebody he killed.

"Somebody alive," Hawks stressed, seething."And somebody who hasn't become a slave."

"Well, there's plenty I know of." Dabi leaned back."Giran looked it all up for me. You should've kept him. He would've been useful to you."

"I don't judge people based on use. And I thought you would bear more of a grudge after he stabbed you in the back?"

"Shut up."

Another weak spot, it seemed.

"So, tell me of any master's nearby. You have to remember some."

"Yeah, I know plenty," Dabi grew cocky again."First, we'll start with Mr. Overhaul of the Shie Hassaikai."

Chapter Text

Mirio stormed the Shie Hassaikai's base which was just a small store front in the business district. It was inconspicuous, outside looking like a typical business but inside holding secrets.

Mirio knew this, that was why he didn't bother waiting to talk to somebody as soon as he walked into the loan company. No, he stormed directly in and made for the back door. The people in the front office jumped up and made to stop him as he quickened down the empty hall to find the bosses office.

"Wait!" voices behind him shouted.

"Stop right there!"

He refused to cave in, pushing forward even as some of the workers started to physically hold him back in an attempt to stop him. Soon he reached the end of the short hallway and found the door he was looking for. Without a single bit of hesitation, he lifted his foot and smashed the door open.


"Chiaki!" Mirio shouted."I'm here to fight you!"

There were two people in the room but Mirio could tell which one was Chiaki. He sat at his desk directly across from him, only thing odd about him being the black medical mask he wore. He screamed danger.

"I'm sorry, boss!" one of the workers behind him shouted.

"We couldn't stop him!" another yelled in anguish.

Chiaki put a single gloved hand up and they all stopped blabbering."That's fine. This is a client of mine. You may all leave."

And just like that, with a simple wave of his hand, all the people attempting to hold Mirio back even now disappeared. The only ones who remained where Chisaki and the man who was already in the room with him. Mirio quickly deduced that he was probably his bodyguard.

"I assume you're prepared to face me properly, Mirio Togata," Chisaki droned, opening his mouth slightly and pointing to the SCM in the roof of his mouth.

"Of course." Mirio pulled out his own SCM with confidence, still wrapped and waiting to be put on.

He had done loads of research on them online and had even gone to Magne to ask her what she knew about SCM's. They were horrid devices that he was glad weren't popular. With them, it was like they were backtracking to the older days of slavery and he hated it. People were not to be toyed with no matter what they had done. It just wasn't right.

"I'm surprised you came so quickly. It's rare to find someone so eager." Chiaki was trying to rile him up, that much was clear.

"Be quiet, Chiaki!" Mirio shouted back, stepping into his office and closing the door behind him."Let's battle!"

"Don't call me that," he seethed back, calm demeanor cracking if only for a second.

Mirio ignored him."If you're a man, then face me fair and square! No tricks! No games! Just you and I!"

Mirio made it up to Chiaki's desk, slamming his hands down on it and staring Chiaki deeply in the eye. He dared him to take up his challenge and Chiaki just couldn't ignore that look in his eye. His challenge was saying he was considered weak if he didn't agree. For relying on tricks and games, he would be weak in this mans mind.

He couldn't let that be.

"If you insist..." Chiaki sat back in his chair and stared up at Mirio."I will let you choose how we will duel, then. I agree to any idea you come up with. I'm sure you have something in mind, don't you?" Not like that would stop him.

Mirio grinned, knowing he had caught Chiaki."Of course," he fumbled in his pockets."You'll agree to any type of duel?"

"Yes, I'll agree to battle you in any way you see fit."

"Perfect," Mirio smiled brightly at him, pulling out two pieces of clearly chewed gum just wrapped back up in their wrapper messily. Chiaki had the most horrified expression on his face as they were placed on his desk."The first to blow a bubble with one of these pieces of gum wins."

"Wait! You can't be-"

"You said anything, Chiaki," Mirio cut him off."You can't take that back now. You already agreed to this fight, so pick up the gum and chew."

Chiaki quickly broke out into hives and Mirio was so happy Magne's information about him being a germophobe held true. It was his win.

He picked up a piece of gum and unwrapped it, plopping it into his mouth without a single care. Eri meant so much more to him than some ABC gum. For her, he would do anything.

Chiaki visibly flinched back as he watched Mirio begin to chew the gum. Nausea clenched around his throat and his head throbbed at the thought of putting that disgusting gum in his mouth. He knew what would happen if he didn't, knew the dire consequences of his actions, or lack thereof, yet he couldn't bring himself to even touch the disgusting, vile chewed gum.

It was dirty. So dirty and disgusting. He couldn't do it. Couldn't push himself even a step to get it all over with. He began to sweat as the hives continued to spread, only worsening.

Mirio finally stopped chewing and blew a bubble. It was a fairly small size and deflated rather quickly but it was a bubble. He had won and Chiaki promptly threw up into the trash can beside his desk.

The feeling of servitude didn't even faze him as he continued to retch into the trash bin until he felt like there was nothing left.

Mirio spit out his gum back into the wrapper and grabbed the quivering leader as he finished throwing up, dragging him upwards so they could face each other."Now where's Eri?! Give her back to me!" he yelled.

"Eri?" Chisaki had the most confused and fear stricken look on his face."What are you talking about?"

Mirio's eyes widened. Slaves couldn't lie to their master. That meant that Chisaki wasn't lying. He didn't have Eri.

"Are you messing with me?!" Mirio raged, jumping over the desk and shaking him to the point where he fell out of his chair and onto the floor. Mirio was right there after him, grabbing him by the collar of his jacket."You really don't have Eri?! Then why did you trash my place?! Why did you react to those posters?!"

"It was a job!" Chiaki shouted back."Somebody asked us to!"

Mirio paused, hands loosening."Wha-"

"Hello, is Overhaul here?" another voice spoke, causing the two of them to pause.

Mirio stood up and Chiaki followed behind him, trying to get all the dirt and dust off of him with fervor. There were two odd-looking people at the door of his office. They both screamed danger and Mirio could only wonder how they were involved with this criminal.

"Who are you?" he asked.

The shorter man looked down at his phone and then back up in succession."Wait, what?" He looked over at the taller man with black hair."This isn't what you told me! He's already a slave!"

"Hey, I didn't know! This must've happened recently!" The other defended, though he didn't seem to be trying too hard."Still, a master is here, right? So no harm."

The other grumbled and turned to face a confused Mirio."Hello, my name is Hawks," he introduced himself."And this is my slave, Dabi. We've come to duel you."

Duel? What was going on? Mirio had only just become a master...

"Why?" Mirio asked, eyes narrowing."If you've come to take over the Shie Hassaikai, then I wont let you! There days of illegal activities are over!"

Hawks' eyes widened."Wait, you're trying to stop people from using SCM's too?"

"Wha-no!" Mirio quickly shook his head."I put on this SCM on to take back somebody important to me who has been kidnapped! I thought Chisaki had her but it turned out he didn't. So I need to-"

"Ah, shut up," Dabi moaned."Nobody wants to here your whole life story."

"You shut up, Dabi," Hawks ground back, shooting him a quick look before focusing back on Mirio."If that's so, then duel me and I can get you out of the SCM system."

"I refuse!" Mirio shouted back."I still need this so that Chiaki can help me track down Eri! I wont battle you!"

Hawks hesitated and then sighed. He stepped towards Mirio which made him tense up but when he pulled out his business card he stopped."Then take my card for the future once all of this is done. I can guarantee that I'll free you once you become my slave, if you will believe me."

Mirio hesitantly took it, not knowing what to think.

"And just one piece of advice," Hawks continued, forcing Mirio's eyes away from the card."Don't let any of your current slaves go. As Overhaul's underlings, they will probably fight to get their boss back."

Mirio nodded."Thanks for the help."

Hawks nodded back and the two of them were on their way.


By choosing heads, Shigaraki had won his fight against Giran and gained a slave. Giran for his part seemed fairly okay with the situation and gave little reaction to his servitude other than a congratulations.

But unlike Giran, Shigaraki didn't know what he wanted to do and his only thought was of his old master: All For One. He thought of what he might do in this situation and could only think to gain more slaves. People like Dabi and All For One only thrived as masters because of the massive following they had. But that was also their inevitable downfall.

So, with that in mind, Shigaraki could only think to gain a good amount of slaves, but not too many that he gained the attention of people like Hawks. He needed to start small and recruit people like him: slaves.

He hung around a popular park, staring at his phone like he was obsessing over it. In reality, he was watching for masters or slaves to appear near him. Giran would show up occasionally to bring him food and tell him about what sort of progress he had made in acquiring them a place to stay and any other stuff he was acquiring with the side job Shigaraki let him have.

It was late at night when he finally got a response. The two slaves seemed to be walking right towards him, getting ready to soon pass him.

He looked up and saw a girl and guy. The girl seemed to be hurt, cast around her wrist and sling propping it up. He knew it, they were perfect.

"Giran," he nudged the other who looked up in question. Nodding towards the two of them and seeing Shigaraki's phone, Giran knew exactly what was up.

"Hey, you two!" he shouted towards them and they stopped, looking over at him in question."You're slaves, right?"

The girl twitched, practically growling at him."So what?" she shouted back.

"If your master hasn't forbid you from fighting other masters, we would like to make a proposition," he said back and Shigaraki could tell their interest was peaked.

They guy looked hesitant but with a bit of pushing from the girl he reluctantly followed after her to meet the two of them."What sort of proposition?" she asked, suddenly much more friendly.

Giran grinned."You see, my kind master over here couldn't help but notice the cast on your arm and was concerned for your health and safety. He's not the type of force things upon people, as an ex-slave, which is why he hates to see such cruelty. He would like to fight you and take you away from your current master."

The guy looked weary."I don't know about this..."

"Shut up," the girl glared back at him.

"If you're not interested, then leave," Shigaraki spoke, not wanting to waste time on indecisive people.

The girl stared at him."You really were a slave once?" she asked.


"Then I'll do it."

"Wait! Don't be so hasty!" The man spoke.

"I can't stand the way things are currently," she stared back him."I'm doing this and you're either in or reporting back to your master."

The guy gulped and contemplated without much thought."Ah, fine! I'll do it!" he suddenly shouted, making Shigaraki grin.

"Good, then the battle is simple." Shigaraki pulled out two DS's."If either of you beat me in Mario Kart, you win. If I beat you, then you're both my slaves."

The two stared at the consoles like they had never touched such a thing before in their life. It could be true.

"Don't worry," Giran grinned, pulling out a cigarette."Shiggy-chan's a pro at this game. It'll be an easy battle."

"Just one course?" The guy asked.

"Yeah, I'll even let you pick."

The girl looked up at him."How do you turn it on?"

Oh yeah, Shigaraki would win.

Since they didn't even know which course to pick, Shigaraki picked one of the tracks from one of the starting cups to make it easier on them. By lap one, it was clear neither of them had ever played any type of video game which made Shigaraki's rage boil. It was like they missed out on their childhood.

He was on lap two moving into his third and they still hadn't finished lap one. As it turned out, the guy was actually worse than the girl as he tried too hard to turn the whole DS like a car instead of using the D-pad. The girl just kept running into walls and getting hit by everything in her path.

In the end, Shigaraki finished his third lap with the guy still in lap one and the girl screaming as she tried to get herself out of the corner she got stuck in on her second lap. It was an absolute disaster, but he had still won.

Victory had never felt so pathetic.

Giran laughed his ass off at the scene."Good job, Shigaraki!" he continued to chuckle."It looks like you got your first official slaves."

"Yeah." Shigaraki couldn't help but grin slightly underneath his ratty hair."You two, what are your names?"

The two of them looked up from their DS's which they were still focused on, trying to finish the course and totally forgetting about the reason they were playing in the first place.

"Oh, us?" The guy jumped."You can call me Twice!"

The girl grinned, finally realizing what had happened."And I'm Toga Himiko. Nice to meet you, master."

Chapter Text

Shindou stepped outside the bar, leaning against the back wall and finally taking out his phone which was ringing out of control. He checked once to see it was Camie and quickly took the call.

"What's happened, Camie?" he spoke into the phone, voice calm.

"Twice and Toga haven't shown up to the office and it's far past the time you ordered them to be here," Camie answered, Inasa shouting some kind of nonsense in the background.

"So they've found a new master."

"It looks like it. There would be like no other way for them to go against your order, unless they're dead. Inasa and I have been checking the news but nothings happened. Though the killer might just be that good or maybe they killed themselves?"

"Dead or alive doesn't matter. But if the police were to get involved, that would be troublesome..." Shindou mumbled off."Keep me posted on the situation and if nothing happens by the end of the week, we can only assume that they engaged in a battle and got a new master."

"Got it, boss."

"I don't care what happened to Twice but keep your eyes pealed for any signs of Toga." Shindou grew angry just saying her name."She's gone too far, toying with Bakugo like she did. I don't want her running around on the streets free from all this. Plus, I'm sure she's pretty angry that I stole her precious Bakugo away from her. I'm sure if she's still alive she will come after the both of us."

"If what your saying is true, shouldn't we be with you and Bakugo to protect you right now?" Camie questioned through the line.

"No, that's okay." Shindou's eyes grew hard but a grin spread across his face."If she comes for us, I'll pay her back ten times over."

Camie remained silent over the line, knowing exactly what Shindou's treats entailed. They were not to be taken lightly.

"You know, Camie, I'm glad Toga left," Shindou suddenly spoke, voice growing dark."Because if she had stayed, who knows what I would've done to her?"

Camie continued she silence, shivering at the deadly intent behind her bosses voice. He truly was a man that commanded fear.


Monoma, like the smooth and slick man he was, slid down onto one of the stools at the bar next to his target. His suave nature was one people fawned after and made women just die wanting to talk to him. Yes, it was the perfect technique for seducing every beauty in the vicinity and guaranteed a 100% successful "yes!" from anyone who was put under it.

Monoma was beyond genius for this technique. Nay, he may have even transcended God himself because of his brilliance.

"Huh?" His target looked over at him with the most scathing look. This was the expected reaction, so Monoma had already prepared a countermeasure.

Like the suave beauty he was, he smirked at his target and put his head into the palm of his hand. Slowly, he reached over to brush his targets hair back."Why hello there-buah!"

A hand grabbed his before he could go any further, crushing it harshly. The cold, fiery eyes of the angriest man alive glared back at him."What the fuck are you doing here, Monoma?" he growled.

Bakugo Katsuki. His rival in life ever since college and bane of his existence. He was Monoma's last thread of hope, even with his attitude and general hate for him, before turning to Kendo and getting chewed out by her and then spit out into a fine paste.

Yet again, Monoma was reminded of what a sad existence he led. After all this mess was figured out, he would vow to do better with himself and those around him. No more gambling and host clubs.

"Listen, Bakugo, I know we've had our differences in the past." He snorted. Monoma ignored it."But I really need your help right now."

"You broke?" Bakugo smirked."Fucking pathetic. So little people are willing to help you that you go to the person who hates you most in this world."

"Hahaha! You're a fool to think you're the person who hates me the most," Monoma boasted."There are plenty of people who hate me in this world!"

Bakugo gave him a disgusted look and Monoma blinked, quickly reminding himself that he wasn't here to fight Bakugo but convince him to help him. He needed to get it together, seriously.

"Wait, no, that's not what I'm here to talk to you about!" Monoma shook himself back into the right mindset."I'm in an even worse situation than you think! I've been enslaved! Yes, I put this SCM on and ended up in a master-slave relationship with this crazy lady and her henchman!"

Bakugo had an even more disgusted look on his face but Monoma refused to give up.

"I can't let things stay like this, Bakugo! I refuse to stand equal with the rest of the slaves in this world! I want inequality! I want to bask in the inequality of being a master yet again and looking down on the masses of equal people who are no less than puddles dirtying by new shoes at are, like, a million dollars!"

"What the fuck are you saying?" Bakugo continued to look at him like he was a some kind of alien."Equality? Inequality? Stop with the fucking weird ass philosophy and get with the program! You're not the only one who had become a slave!"

Bakugo opened his mouth and took out his SCM, showing it to Monoma whose eyes grew wide as dread slowly filled his every pore.

" way..." he gasped."You..."

"I got fucked over myself and now I have to deal with this shit." Bakugo pulled the thing away from Monoma. He just wanted to crush it in the palm of his hand and be done with all this shit but that was impossible. Instead, he just shoved it back into his mouth with a sour look on his face.

"Shit...Shit!" Monoma shouted, bartender giving him a harsh glare. Noticing it, he quieted down."How am I supposed to free myself now?! I'm so screwed!"

"Why don't you try Shinsou?"

Monoma stiffened, instantly remembering their meeting. Why did he have to be so cruel? He had thought they were friends, too.

"Shut up! I don't want to hear that from you!" And the five other people who had said that."You don't understand how dire my situation is!"

Bakugo flipped him off."Fuck off, Monoma."

"Fuck you too, Bakugo!" Monoma flipped him off in return."I hate you even more than you hate me so suck on that!"

He turned and walked out of the bar."Cunt," Bakugo murmured under his breath, turning back to the bar and noticing Shindou coming back from taking his call outside.

"Who was that?" he asked, seeing the tail end of his fiasco with Monoma.

"An acquaintance," Bakugo growled.

"It doesn't seem like you like him too much."

"I hate him."

Shindou smiled, sitting down beside Bakugo where Monoma once was."It seems like you got some of your old fire back," he commented."Though it feels like your anger is only increasing. Like this, it's like it will soon consume you."

"That's the fucking point." Bakugo took a large sip from his drink."Everything about everything pisses me off."

Shindou chuckled back."I can see that. It's a wonder how Toga got you to be so compliant. It feels like I couldn't stop your mouth from moving even if I ordered you."

"You could," Bakugo said back, seething silently."You saw what she did. She cut me up like she was just toying with me and the blood loss wore me down to the point that I couldn't fight back, because I didn't even have the energy to do so. Plus, I was new to this whole SCM thing. I didn't know what she could do to me."

"Well, I hope some of my explanations helped. It's scary to not know what people are capable of."

"Fuck," Bakugo grumbled, downing his drink as Shindou watched with a keen eye."I don't want to think about that bitch ever again."

"Don't worry." Shindou slid his hand over Bakugo's arm, tenderly rubbing over his bandages in a reassuring way."You wont be seeing her again."

Bakugo tensed, acutely aware of Shindou's every movement even with layers of clothes and cloth covering his skin. Since Shindou gave him a blowjob in his bathroom, he'd been weary of him, not sure what he was thinking. It might've just been a spur of the moment thing or it could've had more implications than Bakugo thought.

After Toga, he knew he shouldn't be so trusting of Shindou, but after how he treated him, he couldn't help but already favor him far more than Toga. Clearly Shindou was hiding many things from him, but Bakugo found himself not thinking so hard the more Shindou gave him his freedom back. It was a strange type of manipulation that Bakugo wasn't totally opposed too.

"Say, Bakugo, how was my fellatio?" Shindou asked and Bakugo jumped at the question. What the hell was he asking?"I know you and Toga did lots of things together, so I was wondering, skill wise, whose was better?"

Bakugo growled. That wasn't even a question."Yours, of course."

Shindou grinned and his hand drifted upwards, caressing the back of Bakugo's neck and causing him to shudder. He turned his face so they were staring at one another."If you ever want another one, I'll be happy to service you."

Bakugo could only click his tongue and swat Shindou's hand away, forcing his heart to stop pounding out of control.


Monoma knew it would turn out this way. Life was a lie and he had no friends.

Bakugo, sure, he knew he wouldn't help him. They both hated each other, though his final reason of actually being a slave too was surprising. But Shinsou? His good friend Shinsou who hated him just a tiny bit less than the rest of the people in the world? It seemed impossible for him to refuse Monoma, but he had done it.

Maybe he shouldn't have shown him the cage around his dick but he was just so frustrated. Hatsume and Tokage were devils, or succubus in this occasion. The crazy minxes were out for him and there was only so much embarrassment he could take. Sooner or later, they would have him parading around in the stuff they made and Monoma would then die in jail.

Or maybe he would contract some type of disease before that. Maybe then he would be free from this nightmare.

Monoma's phone began ringing and he quickly grabbed it out of his pocket, one look at the caller filling him with a newfound hope.

He answered it."Shinsou!" he cried pathetically into his phone.

"Shut up," the other demanded, sounding tired and annoyed as usual.

"Shinsou! I need you!" Monoma sobbed."Please, help me!"

"Would you shut up?!" Shinsou shouted through the phone and Monoma finally shut up enough for him to talk."You're so goddamn annoying sometimes."

Monoma sniffled."I'm sorry."

"I'll help you, okay?" He sighed through the phone, probably rubbing the back of his neck."I'll help you out so just come over to my place and we can figure this all out, alright?"


He knew he was a good friend. He shouldn't have ever doubted Shinsou. He had always been there for him when nobody else would put up with him.

"Thank you! Thank you so much, Shinsou!" Monoma cried."I knew you wouldn't give up on me! You really are the only person who really cares about me!"

Shinsou made a sound like some hybrid between a whine and growl."J-Just...get here quickly or I might just change my mind."

"I wont make you regret this, Shinsou!" Monoma smiled, beginning to run off to Shinsou's place."We'll beat those crazy women once and for all and get me my freedom back!"


Chapter Text

Apparently, Toga had been a master before and lost a duel. That was the whole reason her wrist was broken which made Shigaraki shudder at the thought of the person behind that sort of power.

Twice seemed to have been a slave from the beginning. As their previous master was starting up his business, he requested Twice's help and used an SCM to battle him for his unwavering obedience. From his account, their master didn't seem like a horrible person. It made Shigaraki wonder why Twice joined him in the first place.

"I'm surprised you got a new place so quickly," Shigaraki commented, looking around the condo Giran had procured. After gaining Toga and Twice, they desperately needed to move out of their small two bedroom apartment to accommodate them since they agreed to live together.

This new condo had a large living room connected to the kitchen and four separate rooms with three bathrooms. Shigaraki, of course, took the master and proceeded to get Giran to cover up any bit of light that wanted to seep through. The other gave in, saying they would have to air out his room every once in awhile at the very least.

The other two were noisy as hell and Giran couldn't tell them to shut up for him because he was gone most of the day. So, Shigaraki had to deal with them constantly barging into his domain demanding for a rematch in Mario Kart. He knew he shouldn't have given them those DS's but he needed something to get them to shut up and now they wouldn't stop talking.

At least they had improved to the point where Toga was about halfway through the third when Shigaraki finished and Twice was just starting his third. He had added CPU's but kept them on easy or else Twice and Toga would get too pissed off and want to break their DS's in half.

"Waaah! Another red shell!" Twice yelled, shaking his DS as he spun out on screen and two CPU's passed him."What the hell?!"

"Pick up more items and get back at them," Shigaraki droned, already hearing that more times than he could count. Twice practically commentated everything that happened onscreen.

"Damn, stupid toad bastard," Toga seethed under her breath."I'll kill you. I'll kill you. I'll splatter your pretty little blood all over. I'll furnish my home with it."

Toga, Shigaraki noticed, was also a raging psychopath. She would often get into fits of mumbling about her past master, Shindou, and her old slave who was now his, Kacchan. Shigaraki found it was best to just leave her be when she was like this.

"He should just die," she growled."That damn bastard Shindou needs to die for taking him away from him. He's mine. Mine to kill. He can't have Kacchan."

"Alright, I'm in sixth place!" Twice cheered."Wait, no, turn! Turn!" He went back into his old habit of turning his body instead of the D-pad and Shigaraki smiled slightly at the sight.

Shigaraki finished the race in first place again."Say, Toga, who is this 'Kacchan' you keep talking about?"

She growled, pressing the keys extra hard and finishing in fourth."He's called Bakugo. Don't call him by that name. That's for me only."

"Okay, so Bakugo." Shigaraki nodded."Who is he?"

"I met him in high school and then he became my slave a little while ago. I was going to go after his friends, but he stopped me so I made him my slave instead. His blood is the sweetest I've tasted yet and he was fun to toy around with. He was mine to kill until those slaves came along and did this to me." She held up her broken wrist, fingers barely moveable in their cast.

"I don't understand how you can play with your hand like that. Doesn't it hurt?"

"It reminds me of who I need to kill."

"What, eighth place?!" Twice shouted, falling onto the floor in disbelief."No way! These CPU's can't be on easy! No way!"

They both ignored his fit.

Shigaraki contemplated Toga's predicament. Knowing her, she wasn't doing anything morally right to Bakugo and was probably just torturing him and flexing her power over him. But with Shigaraki now holding her reigns, wouldn't she have to be tamer? It might be okay for her to take Bakugo back.

Maybe this was his purpose. Gaining and helping slaves fulfill their needs to make them feel free in chains. Because people would always be chained down, but even like that, freedom could be achieved.

"Why don't I help you take Bakugo back?" Shigaraki offered.

Toga froze up, dropped the DS in her hands and staring at him with wide eyes."Are you serious? You'll help me defeat Shindou and get back Kacchan?"

"If that's what you want," Shigaraki shrugged."Though I can't guarantee Shindou will accept the duel or I will win. We'll be coming to him so we'll be on his turf. We will have to tread carefully and make sure to create a duel that we will win."

"Let's do it," Toga decided."Let's do it right now! Let's get my Kacchan back!"

"I don't know about this plan," Twice imputed."Shindou's strong."

"But you've been around him long enough to know some of his weak points," Shigaraki reminded him."With that and any other knowledge Giran can pull together, we can think of a way to fight him where he thinks we're on even ground when we're actually not."

"Oh!" Twice gasped."You're so smart, Shigaraki!"

"I don't want to waste any time," Toga demanded."The longer we wait the more Shindou will have Bakugo wrapped around his little finger. I don't want him forgetting about me."

"As soon as everything's set up, we'll strike. Don't worry."

The door to the apartment opened and Twice gasped again. He quickly jumped up from his spot sprawled on the floor and came rushing to greet Giran at the door.

"Is that food?" His mouth was drooling."I smell Indian! Let's eat!"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm back," Giran chuckled, holding it away from him like he was some type of dog trying to swipe his food."And with food."

"Giran, I've decided what I want to do," Shigaraki told him, coming up to grab his food.

"Really?" Giran smiled, grabbing a cigarette."Good for you, Shiggy."


Magne eyes bulged out of their skull when she saw Mirio walk by her on his way home. The cigarette in her mouth dropped and the bottle she was holding almost slipped out of her hand if it wasn't for her quick reaction.

Mirio had taken Overhaul, boss of the Shie Hassaikai and leader of many other unknown underground businesses, and brought him home with him. What was that idiot thinking? She never knew he could pull it off but she didn't wear glasses, her vision was perfect. That was surely Overhaul.

Oh, how she couldn't wait to see what happened next.

"We're here," Mirio said, pulling out his keys and unlocking the door.

The mess made by the Shie Hassaikai was still not cleaned, as he didn't have the time to do so. The only thing he fixed but was his bed, a little bit of the kitchen, and the bathroom which were really the only essentials. Chiaki almost vomited again at the sight.

"What is this?" he shuddered."Disgusting. How can you live like such a savage?"

"It was your men who did this." Mirio tried pushing Chiaki inside but he took a step back, avoiding his hand."Stop complaining and get in here."

At the order, Chiaki had no choice but to take two steps inside. He stood at the doorway, door closed behind him, and didn't move an inch from there. All around him was broken glasses, fallen objects, and disgusting trash. If he was to move a single inch to touch any of it, he might just barf.

"Chiaki," Mirio stressed, trying to get him to come inside further.

"Don't call me that."

Mirio ignored him."I don't want to order you, but if you keep being stubborn, you'll leave me no choice."

"Then make a path for me," Chiaki growled."I can't stand this dirty house."

Mirio sighed and then looked at Chiaki with a smile."Come here, Chiaki."

He shivered at the order, forcing the bile down and slowly finding a path through the destruction. It was a tedious process and by the time he reached Mirio his nausea was quelled enough to where he didn't feeling like he would throw up right away. His body was still littered with hives, however.

"I said...don't call me that."

Mirio ignored him."I'm surprised you've survived this long if your condition is that bad." Mirio took Chiaki further into his apartment until they were both standing in the living room."Especially with a job known for doing dirty work."

"Somebody always does dirty work for you," Chiaki replied, looking up at him."Though I doubt you could ever understand that."

"You're quite the stingy one, aren't you?" Mirio smiled."Sit down here, Chiaki."

The cushions on the chair were ripped open, clearly from a blade, and there were a couple pieces of clothing hanging off it."But this chair is-"

Chiaki started to feel the pull of the order, threatening insanity and servitude upon him unless he obeyed. Hives increasing all over his body, Chiaki slowly sat down in the chair and attempted to keep as little of his body touching it as possible. Mirio noticed his tense position instantly and knew it was enough penitence for the man. It wasn't like he had kidnapped Eri, but he had trashed his place and broken many things worth a lot of money.

He sat in front of him, ready to start getting some information out of him now that his head was cooled. He didn't want to stay in that office for a second longer.

"Since I know you can't lie to me, I know for certain you don't have Eri," Mirio started, rage boiling inside him just at the thought of who had her."So then why did you retaliate against me? Was it because of that job you were talking about?"

"Yes." Chiaki looked away from him at the mess around him like it would jump out at him."A business partner of mine asked for us to deal with somebody who had been snooping their business recently. Something like that could always come to kick us in the ass, so I had my men send you a warning. And if that didn't work..."

"You were going to enslave me so I couldn't talk," Mirio finished and Chiaki nodded."Why not just kill me? Wouldn't that be easier?"

"Unlike in the movies, it's not that easy to just kill somebody and cover it up. We might have control over the police here, but murder brings higher forces here which we can't control. I don't have time to create a scapegoat."

"So who is this 'business partner'? Where can I find them so I can get Eri back?" Mirio pushed, getting heated over the thought of what this person could be doing to Eri right now. He didn't have time to twaddle around.

"I don't know."

Mirio's eyes widened."You don't...know?" He jumped up, grabbing Chiaki by the collar with a seething glare."What do you mean you don't know?! You work with this person, right?! How the hell do you not know who they are?!"

Chiaki looked down at the hands on him wearily."In this business, nobody gives out their real name and we never meet in person. Any transaction is done in a discreet location using lackeys."

Mirio's hand, which clutched his coat, were now shaking. His head teetered downwards and he dropped to his knees in front of his slave."Damnit."

Chiaki stared at him with wide eyes, thoughts differentiating. Did this girl mean that much to him? No, of course she did. He was willing to duel him to get her back having already known his background. He was crazy yet loyal. Chiaki couldn't understand it.

People could only be that loyal if they were controlled to be that way. By the way Mirio talked about her, they weren't even family. How could he go to such lengths for someone he wasn't even related too? He wasn't even a slave to them. This kind of loyalty wasn't possible. He couldn't understand it. People were meant to be used not loved and certainly not something someone would fight for.

Only you could fight for yourself.

"Gentle and La Brava."

"Huh?" Mirio looked up at him.

"Those are the aliases they used," Chiaki continued."As long as it's done discreetly, my people can find them."

So why was he deciding to help this man? Did he perhaps pity him? Did he remind him of himself? Maybe this was all because he was his slave now? Was there something he was hoping to get out of this?

Mirio smiled brightly up at him. It was like the sun."Then I'll be relying on you from here on, Chiaki!"

No, people were pawns. He didn't need anyone.

"Don't call me that."

Certainly not a friend.

Chapter Text

"You're an idiot," Dabi commented as they left the Shie Hassaikai.

Hawks turned back to him in question."How so?"

"You just let him go," Dabi droned, passing Hawks and continuing his lanky stride, not waiting for him to catch up."There's no way of knowing what he'll do now with that newfound power, especially now with all those slaves he has. He could've been lying to you about that whole kidnapping thing and really been out for revenge or something."

Hawks smiled."Are you concerned? I thought you weren't interested in what I did?"

"I'm not."

"Are you sure?" Hawks cut him off, staring at him with a smug look on his face that Dabi didn't like."Cause you seem awfully interested."

"I'm not," Dabi stressed."You know I can't lie to you. You're just a naive master on some kind of quest for justice. I hate you."

"That hurts." Hawks clutched his chest in fake pain."I think I'll have you pay for lunch."

"Why don't you just fuck me instead." Dabi smirked down at him."I bet that would make you feel way better."

"With the amount of times you bring it up, I would think that you want me to fuck you." Hawks words were playful but his eyes were cold. It was a scary look that caused shivers to run down Dabi's spine.

"Why not?" Dabi continued to egg him on."I'm sure you will at some point anyways, why not just do it now and get it over with? See if you like it or not?"

Hawks stopped moving and Dabi waited with excitement for what he would do. His eyes widened as he was suddenly pulled into the side street next to him and shoved against the dirty wall there. Before he could recover, Hawks pushed him back and crashed his mouth onto his.

One of his hands held onto Dabi's neck and the other circled his wrist in a crushing grip. There was nothing sensual about the kiss as Hawks ruthlessly devoured him, biting at him and invading into his mouth without care. Dabi couldn't breathe properly and pushed against Hawks to try and get away but to no avail. He couldn't go against his master.

With one last bite to his lip, Hawks pulled away just as quickly as he had pressed against him. He wiped his bloody mouth with his jacket sleeve as Dabi fell to the floor, gulping in as much air in as he could. His eyes were wide and his heart pounded out of control.

Hawks grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head up so he was looking up at him."Don't take me lightly," he glared."I'm too much man for a powerless coward like you."

Dabi could only continue to breathe raggedly, never thinking he would be honestly scared of somebody as knightly as him. Hawks stared at him and then let his hair go, Dabi's head falling back down like a lifeless doll.

"I want to free people from this horrid slavery and eradicate SCM's for good," Hawks declared."I believe everyone can be saved, no matter how much time it takes. So you can either allow me to help you or make this harder on both of us. Choose wisely, but know that I have little patience when it comes to your bullshit. I will tolerate you, but will not forgive you unless you want to be forgiven."

Dabi coughed, looking back at Hawks with an equally threatening glare."Is this what you call justice?" he asked.

Hawks turned away from him."Get up. We're searching for another SCM user."


"Hello and welcome to Wheel of Fortune!" The game shows music started playing from the speakers in the corner."I'm your host, Tokage Setsuna, with our co-host the beautiful, sexy Monoma Neito!"

She played some random cheer track with a cheeky smile and Monoma glared at her. She stood behind a podium with a cue card in her hand in a crisp black suit with a gold tie. Unlike her, Monoma stood over by the large board against the wall where the puzzles would appear. He was in a tight, black bunny girl costume with black and white ears and a puffy white tail. He detested it but the live audience loved it.

"Now, let's meet our contestants, shall we?" Tokage questioned, followed by more fake cheering."First we have Hatsume Mei, a wonderful scientist with a bright and aspiring future." Hatsume waved towards the camera facing her, grinning madly. She stood closest to Tokage behind the shared podium."And lastly we have Shinsou Hitoshi, a smart yet trashy man who wants to steal our precious Monoma away!"

Wasn't that a little too biased?

Shinsou didn't even bother a wave, just glancing at the camera for a few seconds before looking away."He might be a little camera shy, but let's treat our special guest well!"

An actual duel with fists was impractical so the pair dueling one another decided on a more practical type of duel that would suit both their needs: Wheel of Fortune. They were obviously competing to become master or slave, not for money, but the points system was still the same. They would only have to solve one puzzle and Hatsume couldn't give her slaves any orders to help her win.

The wheel was smaller than the one in the gameshow—for obvious reasons—and looked similar to one you would find at a booth which let you spin for prizes. The wheel didn't include wilds, cruise trips, and halves of cars but instead added more lose a turn and bankrupt wedges. Players could buy vowels for $250, like usual, and would not gain any money for guessing the vowel right. After spinning the wheel, if the contestant landed on a money wedge and guessed a consonant in the puzzle correctly then they would gain that money. The amount of consonants would not increase the money, but if a contestant gets one right, they can spin again until they either don't land on a wedge allowing them to guess, guess a letter wrong, or solve the puzzle.

The contestant who solves the puzzle, even if it is just filling in one last letter, will gain a $1000 bonus. The player with the most money at the end of the game will win, so even if one contestant solves the puzzle, if they don't have more money than the other contestant they will still lose.

"We'll be playing a short one round game, which is why we only have two contestants." Tokage motioned to the two next to her.

They were streaming everything live from a special room Hatsume had made up for the occasion, already prepped from previous shows. Shinsou seemed fine doing it live. Though he saw it as unnecessary, the girls seemed to love to add this sort of pizzazz to whatever they did. Monoma hated it, especially the stupid bunny suit they were making him wear. It was just like all the other sex toys they made him test out.

"Do you like the outfit I made Monoma wear, Shinsou?" Hatsume whispered to him."Bunny girls are all the rage now. I gotta keep up with the trends."

Shinsou stared at it, not knowing what to think. Monoma was probably mortified, though he might've already thrown all his pride away. Still, he didn't want to respond to Hatsume's taunts.

"Here." Hatsume pulled out a remote."Watch, the ears even move too." She pressed a button and like she said, the ears started moving. Monoma jumped as he started to feel the shifting against his head."And the tail."

"Ah!" Monoma shuddered, falling to the floor.

"Oops, I forgot that the tail is also attached to the vibrator." She turned it off and Monoma could finally breathe again.

Shinsou was appalled. Had Monoma really abandoned all his pride? To be wearing a vibrator at such a time and being affected by it so little...something was wrong with him. Though it didn't seem to be on at least.

"The suit is also skin tight but very comfortable and easy to move around in. The material makes it easy to slip on and off, as well. The ears are strapped on tightly so they wont move around. The vibrator is optional and I can put a flap there for easy access or adjust the vibrators position if requested." She looked over at him with a sly eye."Though you don't seem like you would need any adjustment."

"Are you trying to sell it to me?" Shinsou stared at her. He now knew where Monoma was coming from. These women were crazy.

"Only if your interested," Hatsume smiled."Of course, if you beat me, you can have it for free."

"Now that everything is in place, let's begin the first and last game of the day!" More fake cheering followed."Now, let's see the category..." Tokage looked down at her cue card."Phrases!"

On the board, a row of eleven blue tiles flipped to white, indicating that the phrase was only one word.

"Now we'll see which contestant goes first with a spin of the wheel!"

Hatsume came up first since she was closer, spinning the wheel and landing on $700.

"$700! Let's see if Shinsou can top it..."

Shinsou spun the wheel, ending up on $600.

"Oh, too bad, only $100 off! It looks like Hatsume will be starting us off!" Shinsou didn't look too put down. The starting hand didn't mean an instant win."Now, Hatsume, take your first spin!"

She did as Tokage said, spinning the wheel and ending up on $600. She looked at the board and since nothing could be decuced yet, she made a random guess."S."

"Let's see if there's any S's?" None of the tiles glowed."Oh, too bad! Looks like there's no S's!"

Again, it was still early game so the only thing both the contestants did was mark that consonant in their minds as one not to guess later."Now it's your turn, Shinsou!"

He spun the wheel and landed on a $550 wedge. Again, another guess."R."

"Are there any R's on the board?" Tokage looked to the board and three places glowed."There are! Shinsou strikes first with three R's, gaining him $550!"

Monoma walked by and pressed on each of the glowing tiles to reveal the R's there.

"Now, Shinsou, you can either spin the wheel again, buy a vowel, or solve the puzzle. What do you say?"

"I'll spin." Shinsou stayed at the wheel, spinning it and just narrowly passing over a bankrupt wedge, instead landing on the $700 next to it. He guessed again."N."

"Let's see N!" None of the tiles glowed.

"Too bad! There are no N's!"

Current Puzzle
_ R R _ _ _ _ _ R _ _

Current Scores
Hatsume: 0
Shinsou: $550

Letters Used
N, R, S

"Now, dear master, please spin the wheel!" More cheering sounds followed.

Hatsume spun the wheel and landed on $700."T."

"Is there a T?" Monoma sighed."Sorry, no T!"

Hatsume cursed and Shinsou went up to the board to spin, not bothering to buy a vowel. The easiest way to acquire more money would be to continue spinning for consonants even if it meant risking going bankrupt. Plus, if he bought any vowels that would help Hatsume figure out the answer.

He landed on $600. There was still no hint as to what this word could be. And it was a phrase, too. He had to remember that. Well, it was best to just go with common consonants for now."M."

"And the board says...?" Nothing glowed."No go!"

Current Puzzle
_ R R _ _ _ _ _ R _ _

Current Scores
Hatsume: 0
Shinsou: $550

Letters Used
M, N, R, S, T

Hatsume went up to the board to spin. A near miss with a lose a turn wedge landed her a high $800. With that, she guessed."D."

"Are there any D's?" Tokage looked to the board and a single tile glowed."One D puts Hatsume on the board with a large $800, surpassing Shinsou!"

He cursed and Hatsume smiled, deciding to try her luck and spin again.

"Lose a turn!" Tokage shouted."That's too bad, Hatsume-chan!"

She didn't look deterred, walking back and smiling at Shinsou."Good luck!"

And that was really the base of this game, wasn't it? Shinsou needed good luck at the start to pick the right consonants and good luck when spinning the wheel so that he got money and didn't lose anything.

"Will Shinsou buy a vowel to potentially catch up or continue to spin the wheel?"

Shinsou ignored Tokage's question and just spun the wheel. It was a "lose a turn" wedge as well.

"Oh, too bad! It looks like you cant guess this turn!"

Current Puzzle
_ R R _ _ _ D _ R _ _

Current Scores
Hatsume: $800
Shinsou: $550

Letters Used
D, M, N, R, S, T

"Now, Hatsume, what will you do?" Tokage turned to her.

"You know what, Tokage, I think I'll buy a vowel," Hatsume smiled at her and Shinsou knew exactly which one she would pick. The first letter was obviously a vowel and their were only two that made sense: A and I. Since A was more popular, the choice was obvious.

"A vowel!" More fake cheering."That will cost you $250!"

"Yes, I would like to go with...A."

"Let's see an A!" One tile glowed."And there it is!"

Monoma winced, walking across and pressing the A.

"Now, Hatsume, let's see that spin!"

Hatsume spun the wheel, this time landing on 500."Hm..." She stared at the board and Shinsou could tell she was as clueless as him."...C?"

"Well...?" They all looked to the board, full of suspense, until a single tile glowed. Shinsou's eyes widened."I see a C!"

Hatsume spun the wheel again and landed on $700. Shinsou's breath hitched."L."

"An L!" Nothing glowed."Or not! Hatsume's streak ends!"

Monoma touched the tile.

"Alright, Shinsou, let's see what you got!"

He still didn't buy a vowel, knowing he wouldn't be able to come back from such a purchase. He just had to trust lady luck on this one. He spun another $550."...H."

"H!" Tokage cheered, looking to the board but nothing glowed."That a no!" Shinsou could see Monoma's doubt growing.

Current Puzzle
A R R _ _ _ D _ R C _

Current Scores
Hatsume: $1020
Shinsou: $550

Letters Used
A, C, D, H, L, M, N, R, S, T

"Hatsume's on a winning streak with $1020 and Shinsou's far behind with $550 but that doesn't mean he can't make it up! Now, let's see if Hatsume can pull through!"

"I'll spin the wheel, Tokage," Hatsume decided, glancing at Shinsou with a smile."It looks like luck is on my side."

Though that wasn't a good idea. From Hatsume's last performance, it was clear that she didn't know the answer just like him. It was clearly a phrase neither on them heard often. This was a risky move.

She spun and the wheel teetered and ended up on "lose a turn". Shinsou smirked.

"Oh! It looks like Hatsume's luck has run out as she loses her turn!" Tokage's voice got a bit nervous at that.

Shinsou knew this was his time for a comeback."I think there's one crucial thing you don't understand about luck, Hatsume." Shinsou walked over to the wheel, giving it a hardy spin."It only comes to those who need it most."

He landed on $500 and didn't hesitate."V."

"Is there a V?" Everyone looked to the board and a single tile glowed.

"Yes!" Monoma shouted out of pure joy, running over and pressing the tile so the V appeared.

"And Shinsou pulls ahead with a single V, only $30 more than Hatsume!"

Current Puzzle
A R R _ V _ D _ R C _

Current Scores
Hatsume: $1020
Shinsou: $1050

Letters Used
A, C, D, H, L, M, N, R, S, T

"Now, there are no more consonants left so Shinsou will have to solve the puzzle," Tokage spoke and anyone could tell by her voice that she was getting more and more nervous."If he gets it wrong, Hatsume will try and solve it. If neither get the right answer, we will move into a bonus round."

Monoma audibly gulped.

"30 seconds on the clock, Shinsou."

Time started ticking down and Shinsou stared at the puzzle. The only vowels left he had to use were E, I, O, and U. It was a phrase that he clearly didn't know, which meant it had to be foreign. By how it currently looked, Shinsou would guess European.

The vowels between the V looked like they would spell "arrive" which kept sticking into his head so he rolled with it. For most words, more than three vowels was too much so the rest of the puzzle should have an E and/or I.

Current Puzzle
A R R I V E D _ R C _

So where were they? Clearly the last vowel wasn't E, that just didn't look right.

Current Puzzle
A R R I V E D _ R C I

And then everything seemed to come together. Back in college, Shinsou had an Italian roommate which would often accidentally speak to him in his original tongue. But it was never a lot, just small phrases and greetings. He would have to thank that roommate later.

"Arrivederci," Shinsou spoke, shocking everyone in the room."Spelled A. R. R. I. V. E. D. E. R. C. I. That's the phrase."

"Well, let's see it!" Tokage's voice croaked, already knowing the result. The board glowed and flashed, all the letters filling in to show that Shinsou had, indeed, gotten it right.

"And Shinsou wins! Congratulations!"

Arriverderci: meaning "See you later" or "Goodbye" in Italian.

Suddenly, the SCM's activated and Hatsume especially was crushed with the weight of responsibility. Shinsou let Tokage close up the livestream and Monoma came barreling towards him.

"Shinsou, you did it!" he cried, jumping into his arms.

Shinsou grew stiff at the contact, the thin bunny costume making him aware of every part of Monoma pressing against him. His ears turned pink and he stuttered to say something, hands clutching at nothing.

"Now, Shinsou, free me!"

Oh, right, that's why he was doing all this. Monoma was just using him to gain his freedom. It wasn't like it had to be Shinsou either, right? Again, he was just using him without giving him anything in return.

Shinsou was sick of getting the short end of the stick. He was sick of how his kindness got him nothing in return, not even a change in feelings from Monoma. That hatred suddenly bloomed inside him and he knew that enough was enough. He needed to take action.

"I'm tired of you always using me and then running away whenever I need help," Shinsou started, peeling a shocked Monoma off him."I wont free you. It's my turn to get what I want, Monoma."


Solved Puzzle

Final Scores
Hatsume: $1020
Shinsou: $2050

Letters Used
A, C, D, E, H, I, L, M, N, R, S, T

Chapter Text

4 Years Ago

"2..1...And Lighter is completely knocked out! Gale Force wins!"

The crowd cheered while others had dejected looks on their faces as they lost more money. The underground fighting ring was filled with energy and a sweaty air.

The fighter, Gale Force, who had just won walked out of the caged ring with a ragged breath, sweaty and bloody. At the bottom of the stairs, a stranger he had never seen before greeted him.

"You're Inasa Yoarashi, correct?"

"Huh?" Inasa blinked looking down at who was talking to him while rubbing his face with a towel."Who're you?"

The stranger put a hand out with a smile."Hello, my name in Shindou You. I'm here to recruit you."

"Shindou, huh?!" Inasa grinned, taking his much smaller hand in his and squeezing. The force was great and he had broken peoples hands with it's immense power many times before, yet Shindou didn't even flinch at the pressure. In fact, he squeezed back with equal force.

Inasa's grin widened and he backed off first with a smile. Shindou definitely held a mound of muscle underneath his crisp suit."So, what's this 'recruiting' thing you're talking about?"

"Very soon, I will be entering into the center of a very...shady type of business," Shindou explained slowly, keeping his voice low."I will be in need of strong bodyguards to protect me from potential outside threats."

Inasa tilted his head to the side."That makes sense, but why are you asking me? Recruiting people in this type of place is not a good idea. They're bound to betray you at some point."

"Camie Utsushimi." Inasa's eyes widened at the name."She's your friend, right? I also intend on recruiting her after the match she's currently participating in."

"Eh?!" Inasa blinked."Why Camie?! How did you know about us being friends?! Are you a stalker?!"

Shindou didn't bother calming him down from his little freak out."Both you and Camie have had zero losses since you've entered this ring. You both use a mix of martial arts and street fighting for technique and quick reaction to unexpected situations. You're both like me."

Inasa paused."What?" Like him?

"I once fought here, same as you, and while in the ring I realized how adaptable humans needed to be," Shindou started."Society is in a constant state of change and if humans don't adapt, just as animals have done, they will be left behind and die out. I intend to thrive off of others like a bird cleaning a crocodiles teeth."

Inasa scratched his head."Are you saying you're a bird?"

That's when Shindou realized that Inasa was an idiot.

He let out a heavy sigh, deciding for a different tactic. While his two new slaves were both incredible fighters, they were both idiots in every other field. He pulled out an SCM."Here, put this on."

Inasa took it an inspected it.

"It's called an SCM," Shindou explained briefly."Put it in the roof of your mouth like me." He showed his to Inasa."And then we'll have an arm wrestling competition and whoever loses will become the others slave."

"Wow, so cool!" Inasa held the thing up but then his head snapped back down to Shindou. He had a deathly took in his eyes."But you seriously think you can beat me?" His voice was hollow and threatening."I'll destroy you."

Shindou grinned."We'll see about that."

Afterwords, Inasa and Camie were sent to the emergency room with broken arms.


Mirio had made Chiaki stay with him ever since he became his slave. He didn't trust what he would do when not under his watch and wasn't confident enough in making sure there was no way for Chiaki to cross him over, so he had just ordered him to stay at his home and do any work he needed to from there.

It was an awkward arrangement at first, but once the last piece of furniture was set in place and the last speck of dust was cleaned up, Chiaki stopped frowning and glaring at him and days went by a lot smoother. The former master was still a pain to deal with and Mirio had to go and buy a bunch of products and cleaning supplies Chiaki refused to go without.

The greatest upside to the situation was that Chiaki bought him all new furniture, since his house was practically bare with how much his men had destroyed. Chiaki refused to live like that and even bought a bed for himself.

It reminded Mirio of how Eri would always wait for him at home, though Chiaki definitely didn't run to the door to greet him like she did. He found he liked the feeling of knowing somebody was waiting for him. It was that feeling of family that he had missed so dearly.

Though Chiaki would probably yell at him and attempt to kill him if he said anything.

"Chiaki, foods ready!" Mirio called to him as he sat in his usual chair, typing away on his laptop and making calls.

"Don't call me that," he mumbled under his breath, staring intently at something on his laptop.

Mirio ignored his comment, setting their plates down."I said foods ready! Are you going to eat?"

"Shut up," Chiaki mumbled."This is important to both me and you."

Mirio jumped at that."More information on Gentle and La Brava?"

"Yes, I've found their location," Chiaki started, making Mirio run over him to look over the screen."All that's happening now is preparations for fake licenses and a reason for you to enter their house since it's still unclear that they even have this girl you talk about."

"Shouldn't it be 'we'?" Mirio looked away from the screen at Chiaki.

"It's my business."

"But it's their work."

Chiaki clicked his tongue."I don't need you lecturing me on how I talk."

"It's not how you talk," Mirio explained."It's your lack of teamwork."

"Who cares about that!" Chiaki growled back, turning to face Mirio."It's not like I'll be staying with you after this. You're going to give me to that Hawks guy afterwords."

"Why?" Mirio looked genuinely confused.

His straightforward thinking couldn't process the complex thoughts which had been running through Chiaki's mind since day one. He didn't remember and account for every little detail on the situation like some people need to do. He was a person who lived in the present and never backed down.

For someone like Chiaki, who had never tried to understand others, he thought everyone below him was the same. So a unique, strong character like Mirio was an element he could never predict. Every word out of his mouth sounded like nonsense yet moved him to do something. Sometimes he didn't always know what that was.

"You're not seriously thinking of keeping me and my lackeys as your slaves, are you?!"

"Why not?" Mirio's confusion only grew as Chiaki became more and more appalled."I know that your work is bad but as my slave I don't need the polices help to stop your operations."

"So you'll keep me locked up in your shitty apartment?!" Chiaki growled back."I'm not your damn pet!"

"No, you'll be family."

Chiaki's eyes widened. His whole body paused and he stared at Mirio like he was crazy."Fa...Family?!"

"We don't have to be blood-related to be family, Chiaki," Mirio smiled at him, as bright as the damn sun."It's fine to care about other people. It doesn't make you weak, I promise."

"What-What the hell are you?!" Suddenly hives broke out along Chiaki's body. No, they weren't hives, they were goosebumps.

"Like I said, family!"

"You..." Chiaki couldn't handle this man. Every word out of his mouth was just crazy."Do you want to save that girl or not? If we want to do this, you need to give me time to prep and tell you the plan."

"Right!" Mirio jumped, smile brightening."Let's save Eri!"


"Welcome back," Camie greeted from the couch, watching some type of teen drama and eating chips without a care in the world.

Inasa jumped over the couch and moved towards him."Did you hear about Twice and Toga?! Those traitors!" He raged."Why I ought to go find them and beat them up myself!"

"It's fine," Shindou smiled, ushering Bakugo in before closing the door behind him."There's no need to find them. I had a feeling this would happen."

"Toga's...not your slave anymore...?" Bakugo's eyes were wide and he stared at the floor. His whole body began to shake."If you can't control her anymore, that means that she..."

"Even if she does come back here to challenge us, she cannot duel me unless I also give consent for battle," Shindou reassured him."And you've seen how strong Inasa is. Camie is just as strong, so if Toga attempts to attack us, we can handle her."

"...Fuck!" Bakugo clenched his fists. He was so weak still, letting this get to him. He would be fine. He knew he would be fine.

Shindou lifted his face with a hand on each cheek and stared at the hardened anger emitting from it, tears threatening to pour just at the sheer rage. It was so beautiful.

"Inasa, Camie, you can go run that errand I tasked you with," he spoke to them, refusing to look away from Bakugo.


Camie grabbed him, catching on to the situation."Got it, boss."

She dragged him out of the room, hand squeezing into his arm to get him to shut up. Once the door closed, silence enveloped the room. Bakugo's eyes began to stray from Shindou's but when he started speaking, they snapped right back.

"Bakugo," Shindou started."Do you know what one of the strongest emotions in this world is?"

"Huh?" Bakugo raised an eyebrow."What the hell are you talking about?"

"Resentment," Shindou finished for him, bringing Bakugo's face closer to his."People feel that they are entitled to many things, so when the reality of a situation doesn't meet their expectations, they feel resentment. We are not like animals who only think about their needs, we have moved beyond that to wants and desires. But, beneath all these luxuries, our innate 'animal' nature will always be our driving force.

"Food, water, shelter, and the need to reproduce. So, when we think our higher 'needs' are not met, we resent the reasons why they were not. I am no saint. When I feel I was treated unfairly, I get mad and become petty. This doesn't mean every bit of resent it just or unjust. In some peoples eyes, you are a hero and in others you are a villain.

"But the world cannot just be painted in two colors. Emotions are as complex as colors. They are sporadic and beautiful when mixed and placed next to one another and can change someones else's mood in an instant. To me, resentment is beautiful because of this. Emotions like hatred and jealousy which are portrayed as ugly and unneeded by society fill me with joy."

Shindou leaned down and kissed Bakugo squarely on the lips, other gasping in shock. When he moved back, an indescribable look painted his face."I love your anger, Bakugo. I love you."


Bakugo could barely think properly, mind swirling at Shindou's words which he spoke so boldly.

"You don't have to answer me now, but I want you to know my intentions." Shindou dropped his hands, smiling at Bakugo."And I especially want you to remember that no matter how ugly or weak you may think you are, inside and out, I will love you."

Love at first sight. Wasn't that what they called this?

It was a cliche, but why couldn't somebody fall in love with somebodies looks or the vivid emotions crossing over their face? Why did it have to only be a fairytale? Why couldn't people be honest with themselves and go after what they wanted? Why did love have to be seen as painful?

It was one of the most colorful emotions out there. Something that was never just black and white.

Something brilliant.

Chapter Text

Monoma was never expecting Shinsou's betrayal. He had complete trust in his friend to make him free again and was too focused on that to realize that Shinsou might have other intentions. Of course, even if he freed all his slaves he would still have to wear his SCM. He would not be freed and could be targeted by other masters.

So now he was Shinsou's slave for who knows how long, maybe the rest of his life. He would be yelling, screaming, and complaining but he knew the Shinsou past his cold face was incredibly kind. He would never do anything to harm him. He would never become obsessed with power and start using him in his sex toy experiments like a living cock sleeve. No, no way. Shinsou wasn't like that at all.

He hadn't been that horrible to him, right? He had only borrowed his Xbox, lots of money, and a lot of food without paying him back. Those weren't that big of a deal. Surely Shinsou would be civil about all this and just order him to talk like a baby or something. Yeah, it would all be fine. Shinsou was a good person.

"There's some trash over there," Shinsou pointed out, lounging on his usual cushion and going back to playing on his Xbox which Monoma had to give back to him.

Monoma, fitted in an apron like a housewife, moved to pick it up."It's because you just threw it there!"

"Don't complain. You did this to yourself." He looked so smug saying it, too.

"Shinsou!" Monoma whined."I said that I'm sorry a million times already! What else do you want from me?!"

"I want you to finish cleaning my room." Shinsou exited his game, getting up and stretching."I'm gonna go take a shower. We'll eat dinner afterwards."

Monoma continued to grumble until Shinsou closed the door to the bathroom behind him.

All Shinsou had been making him do since his servitude was was clean his apartment like some kind of maid. He had left Hatsume and Tokage to their own devices but kept them as slaves incase they tried something. The two women were so wild that it didn't look like they cared too much, though Tokage had obviously kept an eye on Shinsou until he left.

Monoma's little panic attack (understatement of the century) seemed to be for nothing. He knew Shinsou was a good guy. He didn't know why he had doubted him so much. Maybe it was because he felt like Shinsou was always hiding something from him.

But no, that couldn't possibly be. They were both so close even though it had been around a month since he had seen him before this incident. It's not like you always needed to keep in touch with your friends anyways. He was sure Shinsou understood that as well which was why he was being so generous to him.

Monoma was so people smart. (He really wasn't)

Finished with all the cleaning, Monoma stared as his work with a smile. The room practically sparkled, but all that work did make him hungry.

He opened the first door to the bathroom but didn't bother taking off his clothes there, listening to see if Shinsou was still washing his body or already in the bath. Since he couldn't hear the shower head, he assumed the former and deemed it okay to enter.

"Hey, Shinsou, do you want take out—"

Monoma froze, looking down at Shinsou squat down on the tiled floor.

But of course he wasn't just casually hanging out of the floor, no, what would be the point in that? He had something planted in his ass and a hand around his hard and leaking member.

A dildo. It was a dildo. His long time friend, Shinsou, had a dildo up his ass. Was this reality? Was this what God intended for him to see?

"" Monoma blinked, pointing down at it with a shaking finger."Why do you have a dildo up your ass?! It's really in there! Oh my god, Shinsou!"

Shinsou's face turned scarlet as he stared at Monoma with wide eyes and a gaping mouth, thinking of what to say.

"There's a dildo in your ass! What's going on?!" Monoma cried, taking a shaky step back."Shinsou! It's-It's in your ass! A dildo, Shinsou! Shin—!"

"Shut the hell up!" Shinsou shouted and Monoma instantly shut up at the order. He still pointed a shaky finger towards him with disbelief in his eyes.

"You've taken it in the ass too, right?! You have no right to complain!" Shinsou shouted and Monoma just shook his head wildly.

"Just shut up and get over here," Shinsou growled, voice suddenly growing dark.

Monoma gulped, unsteadily walking over towards Shinsou so that he stood a couple feet away from him.

"Shit..." Shinsou mumbled, grabbing him by the thigh and pulling him closer so that his crotch lined up with his face.

Shinsou moved Monoma's apron aside and began unbuckling his pants. Monoma just stood there, still in shock, with a desperate look in his eyes. Shinsou glanced up at him and sighed.

"You can talk, Monoma, just don't start yelling again."

"Shin-Shinsou..." Monoma mumbled hesitantly."You're..."

"Just shut up and enjoy yourself," Shinsou mumbled, letting his pants drop to the floor and grasping his member softly.

Monoma jumped at the contact as Shinsou grabbed and squeezed his ass closer, licking and sucking his member awake. He rolled his hips against the dildo still in his ass and moaned into his member as he hit his prostate.

It had been so long since Monoma felt anything but the cold touch of toys in his ass or around his member. The feeling was godly and could never be topped. He reveled in it and moaned heatedly as Shinsou took him deeper. His hands went to Shinsou's hair and clutched it tightly.

"Ah...Shinsou..." he moaned."Feels good..."

Shinsou's hand reached down to stroke his own member as his other moved deeper to prod at Monoma's hole. A single, slick finger entered and Monoma jumped at the feeling."Sh-Shinsou?" he questioned but as soon as Shinsou curled his finger he was gasping and curling over.

"Shinsou...I'm gonna...!"

Shinsou continued to rub at his prostate and Monoma pulled out of his mouth, cumming hard on his face with a breathless gasp. Shinsou continued to roll his hips up and down the dildo as he pumped his member and soon came into his hand, pressed up against Monoma's thigh.

They both took a couple seconds to catch their breaths. Monoma's legs were shaky and he wanted to collapse right there as he shuddered at the pleasurable aftereffects.

"Never..." Shinsou managed to catch his breath."Never talk about this to anyone. As far as I'm concerned, it never happened."

"Of course." Monoma was far too quick to respond, making Shinsou wince.

"Now get out of here and buy me take out." Shinsou stared down at the floor, finally sitting down and refusing to meet his eyes.

"What kind of food do you-"

"Thai! Now get out!"

Monoma almost slipped and fell with how fast he ran.


"Giran! You're finally back!" Toga jumped."That means we can go, right?! Let's go right now!"

Giran sighed. He couldn't rest for even a second."Did Shigaraki say we would go today?"

Twice popped up besides Toga in some sketchy Spiderman-looking mask."We're going?" It looked like he had been in his usual trace.

"He said to wait for you," Toga explained."Though he hasn't opened his door once since yesterday! He wouldn't even let me or Twice in and he wouldn't play Mario Kart with us! He said we sucked!"

Well, you do.

"So are we going or not?" Twice tilted his head to the side and the eye cutout's even moved along with him."It would be fun to see my old master again!"

Again, Giran sighed. His master was one pain in the ass."I'll go talk to him." It was probably just one of his moods, or he had found some knew game he couldn't stop playing.

"Yay, Giran!" Twice cheered as he left.

"Get him out here! I need that bastards blood!" Toga cheered along with him.

Giran made it up to Shigaraki's door and knocked twice."Hey, Shiggy-chan, are we going or not?"

He was met with silence. It was nothing he couldn't deal with.

"I know you can hear me," he called."I'll turn off the wifi if you don't answer me~"

There was another long bout of silence and then some rustling inside the room. The door was opened the tiniest crack and Shigaraki peaked through at him with a deathly stare.

"Well?" Giran gave him a toothy grin.

Shigaraki opened the door a bit further and Giran took it as a sign to enter. Once the door was closed behind him, only the light of Shigaraki's monitors kept the room lit. He could barely walk without stepping on some trash or clothes. It was exactly the kind of mess he expected.

Shigaraki dragged himself back to his desk, sitting down and staring at his screens again. Giran knew this was all he had been doing since yesterday. He doubted he got any sleep.

"I don't want to go, Giran," Shigaraki started, trying to keep his voice cold but it started to shake."I know I should, but I don't want to."

Giran sat against the edge of his desk, pulling out a cigarette."Are you scared?"

"You read what I did about him." Shigaraki's hands suddenly stopped working, so he just stopped moving them."I'm pale and boney. He could probably break my neck with just his pinkie finger. I don't want to die. I just became free again and I like it here." He then looked over at Giran, whole body beginning to shake as he looked at him with pure fear pouring in his eyes."G-Giran...what should I do...?"

Giran blew out some smoke."It's okay to move on instead of getting revenge." Personally, he had moved on from all that stuff.

"I-Is it?" Shigaraki asked hesitantly."Don't I usually have to try and get revenge and then before I break down completely, somebody stops me?"

"We're the type to break rules, Shigaraki." Giran grinned, putting a single hand on his master's chest."Stop. You don't need to get revenge."

"I think I see the error in my ways. I'll stop my revenge mission," Shigaraki played along."But what about Toga?"

"I'll handle her, don't worry." Giran took his hand away, moving it up and placing it on top of Shigaraki's head."Her situation is very different than yours, but I'll make her understand why you're pulling back on this revenge mission."

Shigaraki leaned over and rested his head against Giran's leg. Giran's hand drifted along with him and he pat his head."I'm so lost," Shigaraki mumbled.

"And you need a shower too." Giran looked around his room."We need to air out this room as well."

"Are you my mom or something?" Shigaraki snorted.

"I'd like to think we're closer than that." After all we've been through.

"Shut up."

Giran let out a small cackle-like laugh. He stubbed his cigarette in the ashtray he kept beside Shigaraki's desk. There was practically one in every room because of him.

"I'll go tell the two idiots outside." Giran slowly sat up, as if attempting to not waken a sleeping cat.

"Okay." Shigaraki got off him."I want food too."

"As you wish, master," he grinned, leaving the room to try and explain the situation to Toga, mainly. He knew Twice probably wouldn't be too disheartened.

"Well, is he getting ready?" Toga questioned madly.

"He..." Giran wasn't sure how he should explain this."...decided we're not going to go."

"Really?" Twice asked.

"Is he serious?!" Toga yelled back."Why not?!"


"Whatever!" She jumped off the couch, storming towards the front door."If nobody wants to help me, I'll go and get Bakugo back myself!"

"Wait, Toga!" Twice shouted, running after her but she slammed the door on his face.

Chapter Text

"Ahh! Hatsume!"

"Shh...somebody might hear you if you're too loud...Just trust me..."

"I-It's so big...I don't think it will fit..."

"Don't lie, you've tried bigger..."

The doorbell rang.


"Just ignore it...Focus on me...I'm going to enter now..."

It rang again.

"Maybe we should..."

"No, I've been waiting too long for this moment."

This time there was some rapid pounding followed by the doorbell ringing out of control.

"Let's just wait on this, we have all the time in the world," Tokage said, pushing Hatsume away and getting up."Whoever's at the door is annoying the hell out of me."

"My baby..." Hatsume sniffled, then with much vigor, she jumped up and quickly stretched."Well, you're right about being able to come back to this."

Tokage put on her robe and Hatsume followed after her towards the door. The pounding was still as insistent as ever."Shut up, I'm coming!" she shouted, getting more and more ticked off.

She stormed towards the door and slammed it open, ready to yell at whoever was being such an asshole but then quickly paused. It was two hotties. Oh, Hatsume would like this.

"See, I told you they were here," the shorter one mumbled to the other who just clicked their tongue.

"Who is it, Tokage?" Hatsume finally caught up to her, glancing at the two with a curious and somewhat excited expression.

"Ah, so you're Hatsume?" The shorter one asked with a smile."Then you're a master and this is your slave?"

"Check your phone," Tokage said coldly, leaning against the doorframe.

The shorter did just that, finding two red triangles. Slaves.

"Damn, again?" he cursed.

"Is there someone you're looking for?" Hatsume asked.

"I'm sure you've heard of people like me who fight masters to free slaves," the shorter explained."I was planning on trying to get you to battle against me, Hatsume, but it seems you already have a different master."

Hatsume and Tokage looked at each other and grinned.


"This whole thing is way too sketchy," Dabi whispered to Hawks, eyeing the two girls in front of them walking with giant smiles on their faces.

They were weird from the beginning and all too enthusiastic about bringing them to their master. He understood the desires to get away from ones own master, but the consequences of this meeting if their master didn't agree to duel Hawks could be dire.

"Yeah," Hawks agreed."But it's better to take a chance then do nothing."

"Still, I don't like it," Dabi droned.

"Concerned?" Hawks smirked over at him.

Dabi thought back to that kiss they shared and how scared of Hawks he was in that moment. He had never experienced that sort of pure submission before in his life. Though it was what his slaves felt all the time around him.

So, yes, he was concerned for Hawks. He would rather keep him as a master than somebody else who kept and controlled him like an actual slave. Plus, he was growing to like him little by little.

"If you want me to be." But he couldn't just say that to Hawks. It would be like he lost.

"Too bad," Hawks hummed."I guess you'll be paying for dinner this time."

It's not like you have any money anyways.

"We're here!" Hatsume shouted, pointing Hawks and Dabi towards a large apartment building."Shinsou's here!"

"Alright, then let's go meet him." Hawks smiled at the two women and they both practically swooned. Dabi was so fed up with his fake attitude.

The women led the way up multiple stories and down a fairly long hallway until they reached the guys apartment. Tokage had the pleasure of knocking on his door, which was more like a mad pounding until it opened.

A guy who clearly wasn't getting enough sleep answered, and when he saw Hatsume and Tokage grinning at him, he had the most horrified expression on his face. His eyes even held a little mania.

"W-What are you doing here?" he asked, voice shaking.

"Yo, Shinsou!" Hatsume called."Somebody wanted to meet you!"

So this was their master? Why did he look so terrified?

"Ah, so you're Shinsou?" Hawks greeted him with a hand."Nice to meet you, my name his Hawks and this is my slave, Dabi."

Shinsou looked over at them, eyes wide."Another master..."

"I'm here to duel you, if you should agree," Hawks explained."All conditions will be your decision, of course. But no cheating or ordering of slaves is allowed."

"W-What's going on?" He sounded so confused."Why should I..."

"C'mon!" Tokage egged him on."Duel him! Monoma's probably sick of you! I'm sure he wants his freedom the most!"

"Monoma?" Dabi asked, getting more and more intrigued by what was going on. A master afraid of his slaves? It was hilarious.

"Yeah, he's the whole reason Shinsou became a master in the first place," Tokage explained.

"He's not here right now, so you can leave," Shinsou growled.

"Are you sure?" Tokage sneered back.

Hawks got in between the two of them, looking at Shinsou."I'm here to duel you. Anything outside of that doesn't concern me. I hope you understand that."

"He's going to take my test—Monoma away, Shinsou!" Hatsume jumped in."Don't listen to Tokage! She just doesn't like you!"

"You have the social skills of an angsty teenage NEET!" she yelled at him.

"Well your hair looks like dried seaweed!"

"Oh, going straight for looks? Well with your panda eyes I bet I could put you in an exhibit and people would think you were real!"

"What kind of childish fight is this?" Dabi mumbled, watching the two go at it even with Hawks in the middle trying to calm them down."So are we gonna duel these guys or not, Hawks?"

"One second." Hawks finally used his full strength and pushed the two apart, stepping in front of Tokage and ending up directly in front of Shinsou."Well, Shinsou, I'm not playing around. You either give me a reason not to duel you or we will battle. Even if I have to force you."

"F-Force me?" Shinsou backed up into his home, glancing at the two girls for help but neither of them looked his way."O-One second." And he ran inside his apartment.

"I hope he's not running away," Dabi hummed and Hawks sighed.

At the same time, Hatsume got a message.

Shinsou: Help me get these guys off my back
and I'll lend you Monoma for a day

Hatsume: No

A loud "fuck!" was heard from beyond the door.

Shinsou: Fine. One week.

Hatsume: Deal

Shinsou walked out of his apartment and Hatsume continued looking through her phone. He looked towards her warily.

"Right, Shinsou, I finally uploaded that livestream to YouTube," she started."Were you looking for the recording to show Hawks?"

"Ah," Shinsou jumped."Right, yes..."

"I knew it," Hatsume looked at Tokage with a hard expression."Why did you keep my baby from him? After all our hard work, shouldn't we share it with the world? I know you hate Shinsou—"


"—but you should've given it to him. I'm disappointed. We might be through after this."

"Wait, no, Hatsume!" Tokage cried."I'm sorry!"

Hatsume huffed."What's more important, me or your hate for Shinsou?"

"You, of course!"

They both hugged it out, acting all sappy and Shinsou scoffed.

"Wait, what's this video your talking about?" Hawks asked, growing more and more confused.

"Oh, it's number one in gaming right now, you should check it out!" Hatsume blasted over to him with bright, sparkling eyes."We did a live Wheel of Fortune game and whoever won would become the master! It was great!"

Hawks looked towards Shinsou with a raised eyebrow.

Shinsou sighed."I didn't have anything to do with it. It was all their idea."

"You wanted to see Monoma in the bunny girl outfit, don't lie!" Tokage shouted and Shinsou's face was burning red.


"What did you say?!" Somebody called from inside Shinsou's apartment.

Shinsou's eyes widened and he swiftly grabbed Hatsume and Tokage and threw them inside his home."Well, I gotta go, bye!" Quickly, the door was shut on their faces.

They both just stared in shock.

"What just happened?" Dabi asked.

"I'm not sure myself, but it can't be helped," Hawks shrugged, walking away without a care.

"God, I hate that carefree attitude." Dabi caught up."I can't believe I lost to someone like you."

"You didn't lose to me, you lost to your slaves," Hawks explained.

"Either way I lost."

"Yeah, you lost."

Silence enveloped the two as they made their way down the apartment complex. Dabi looked over at Hawks' face and couldn't find a trace of any emotions after what just happened. He decided to prod at him a bit.

"You know those guys were lying, right?" he asked.

"Whether they were lying or not doesn't matter." Still nothing. Dabi grew angrier.

"They clearly were! Did you not notice how awkward they sounded and how that woman was on her phone while the other was in his apartment? They were definitely communicating."

"Are you trying to tell me to trust you, Dabi?" Hawks finally looked at him."What makes you think you have earned my trust?"

That was a deep blow into Dabi. Had he really thought Hawks would trust him? What had he been thinking?

"Shit," he mumbled, looking away.

His pride couldn't handle all of this. Why was he suddenly wanting things like trust from this guy?

"They were suspicious," Hawks started and Dabi perked up."Their acting was terrible and I noticed the phone thing as well."

He smiled at Dabi and he was breathless at the tinge of happiness that flowed through him. Hawks put a hand on his shoulder at pat it, moving over towards the buildings mailboxes. He found Shinsou's and slipped his business card inside.

"Though it was suspicious, Shinsou didn't look like a bad person," Hawks explained."You saw how terrified he looked when Hatsume and Tokage greeted him. I doubt he treats his slaves bad and someone like him is sure to come to me at some point looking to be free of all this."

"It's just like the last master," Dabi droned."Ever since I became your slave you haven't fought a single battle."

"Yeah, it's too bad," Hawks pouted. Pouted."I haven't been able to show you my cool side yet."

Dabi scoffed."Whatever you say, birdbrain."

"Oh, is that a new nickname for me?" Hawks smiled.

"I'm insulting you and your stupid name."

"Then perhaps I should refer to you as 'Incinerator' from now on."

"Piss off."


"Shit, that was so close," Shinsou breathed, back coming to rest on the back of the door.

"What happened, Shinsou?" Monoma asked, coming into the hallway and instantly noticing Hatsume and Tokage standing there."Wait, what are they doing here?! Shinsou, what's going on?!"

"Hello, test subject," Tokage purred."It's nice to finally see you again."

"You look good in the apron!" Hastume gave him a thumbs up.

Monoma took a cautionary step back."S-Shinsou..."

"He sold you out to us!" Tokage laughed at him, stepping closer and Monoma wanted to run away.


"That's right, he sold you out to protect himself! Now you're back to being our test subject yet again!"

"What's she talking about?" Monoma asked desperately, looking to Shinsou who refused to meet his eyes."Shinsou, what's going on?! Answer me! Hey!"

"Just come along, Monoma!" Hatsume cheered."My babies are waiting!"

"Shinsou?!" Monoma went up to him and grabbed his arm."Shinsou?! Hey?!"

"Go with Hatsume and Tokage," Shinsou order, still not looking him in the eye."Do everything they tell you."

"Are..." Monoma became furious."Are you serious?! Why?! Why are you doing this to me?!" he yelled as he was forced to follow Hatsume and Tokage out the door.

"This is way of keeping you..." Shinsou murmered.

"Stop being such a coward and face me, Shinsou!" Monoma shouted."That night back in college, I was awake, Shinsou! I was awake and still decided to stay with you, so don't leave me!"

Then, slowly, the doors were shut on his face.

Chapter Text

There was a single ring of the doorbell and one of the tenants went to answer it. A man with greying hair and a finely kept mustache answered with a strange vigor not usually seen in people his age. He had a bright smile on as he greeted whoever was at the door.

"Hello, I am here from Sunny Plumbing to fix the problem with sink," the younger man greeted, hat tipped down in greeting. He had on a jumpsuit with a tool belt around his waist and a box of tools in one hand."Are you Mr. Tobita?"

"Why, yes! Yes!" Mr. Tobita greeted, bowing respectively."Please, come inside!"

He moved to the side to allow the plumber in. The young man picked up his tools and walked inside."Pardon the intrusion," he murmured on his way in. Once fully inside he waited by the door for where he should go.

A young girl came bolting around the corner with hopeful eyes."Did my package arrive?" she asked wildly.

"No, sorry." Mr. Tobita pat the top of her head."I'm sure it'll be here soon, so just go and watch some television while this young man and I talk."

"Fine..." she grumbled, giving the plumber a long side eye before leaving. The plumber seemed perturbed by her actions and Mr. Tobita laughed.

"Sorry about her glaring. I guess I've spoiled her a bit too much."

The plumber opened his mouth to ask the relation but then thought otherwise. He followed his client through his large home. It was decorated cleanly but he could see the touches of chaos the girl left all around. There were many rooms as well and sure to be more than just one bathroom.

When they reached the kitchen, the plumber was shocked by how nice it was. It looked like they had completely refurnished it compared to the rest of the house which looked fairly worn down.

"We just had this all redone but for some reason the sink just hasn't been working properly since then," Mr. Tobita laughed, running a confused hand through the back of his hair."I hope you can figure it out. I'm just too old to get down there and look myself."

"Don't worry, Mr. Tobita, I'll be sure to find what is wrong with it." The plumber tilted his hat again.

"Thank you," Mr. Tobita smiled."If you need anything, I'll be in the living room."

"Okay," the plumber nodded."If I may ask, Mr. Tobita, when did you get your kitchen redone?"

"Hmm..." He put a finger to his chin."Two weeks ago, I think?"

Right around the time Eri was kidnapped.

"I see. Thank you."

"Yes, of course."

Mr. Tobita, Gentle, left and Mirio pretended to get to work. He set his tool box down and opened up the cabinet below the sink. In the tool box, he grabbed his phone and wireless earbuds and put them in. From there, he connected the line to Chiaki.

"Everything's gone smoothly so far," he whispered into it.

"Were they both there?"


"Okay, keep your eyes peeled. You don't want to be caught. Try one room at a time and if you're creaking around too much, go back to where you're supposed to be. The more suspicious looking the place the better. You'll probably be looking for a basement or attic."

Mirio didn't bother to respond, standing up and looking around quickly to make sure nobody in the house was watching him. Quietly, he made his way down the other hall connecting the kitchen which he hadn't been down before.

The first room he encountered was a bathroom and looked just as normal as the rest of the house. The next was a bit stranger. It was a completely barren except for three monitors at the far back wall. There were no windows and it was painted much blander than the rest of the house.

Mirio moved on, growing more and more anxious as he went on. They could come to check up on him any time now. He needed to hurry but not make a sound. It was a race against time with a noose around his neck. He couldn't afford to lose.

Two more doors were a bust and Mirio decided after the last door on this hall he would go back. He still hadn't explored the other side of the house yet but it would be much trickier because that would clearly be where those two slept. Protruding into their domain was the last resort.

With hope and fear in his heart, Mirio opened the door and was shocked by the overwhelming pink in the whole room. Every wall, floor, and piece of furniture was some nasty shade of pink. He was certain this was La Brava's room and almost closed the door when he noticed a familiar face sticking out from the sheets on the bed. It was Eri.

It was Eri.

"Eri..." he breathed, moving to rush over to her and cradle her in his arms.

An unexpected hand creeped around his shoulder before he could move. He tensed up instantly, eyes widening at the sudden close contact."Don't worry, we haven't harmed her, Mirio Togata."

His cold voice made him shiver with fear. He had been caught. He was so screwed.

"Gentle..." he growled, snapping away from him to put himself between Eri and the criminal."What did you do to Eri?!"

"I knew you would come, so I just knocked her unconscious for a bit," Gentle smiled, hands politely behind his back. Was Mirio supposed to believe that?"Like I said, no harm has been inflicted upon her since her arrival."

"You mean since you kidnapped her!" Mirio shouted back.

"Now, now," Gentle put out a calming hand."Kidnap is a strong word. We just invited her into our family."

"What family?!" Mirio shouted back."You kidnapped Eri! You forced her into this 'family' of yours!"

"But isn't that how families are made? Blood relations and ancestry is forced upon people from birth and whoever they are stuck with are their family. They get no say in their birth or where they are forced to live with siblings or attend family gatherings. That tie of 'family' and that blood will never go away."

"You're wrong!" Mirio growled, taking the time to give a gentle look towards Eri."Family is more than just obligation! It can be whatever you want it to be with whoever you want it to be!"

Gentle began laughing madly, shaking his head as he continued."Family can be whatever you want it to be? Oh, how foolish! Young man, you still have lots to learn from the world. People only keep such close family ties because they want to imprint something on this world. It's the same as when a couple has kids. They want to leave some everlasting mark on this world that only the ties of blood a true family has can do."

"That's not right! Family is about safety and support! True family, no matter who it's with, are people you can laugh with and always look after! It's being able to sit around a dinner table and really enjoy yourself with those you're with!"

"Is that why you're trying to save Eri?" Gentle smirked."Well, to bad, but you'll die here. And soon after I'll go after that pest Overhaul you've been keeping for all the snooping he's been doing."

"You wont!" Mirio declared."I wont let you have Eri and I wont let you touch a single hair on Chiaki's head! This is the end of the line for you, Gentle!"

"What, so you wont let me go but you'll let Overhaul?" Gentle moved his finger back and forth."Tsk. Tsk. Young man, you're contradicting yourself."

"Chiaki's paying his dues!" Mirio shouted back."He's different from you, Gentle! He's family!"

Gentle began laughing again, this time even clutching his stomach with how hard he was doing it."Family? With Overhaul? Oh, that's news!" His laughing died down and he stared down Mirio."Overhaul doesn't care about anyone. You might think of him as family but he doesn't. I'm sure at the first chance he gets, he'll dump you."

"What?" Mirio growled. What did he know about Chiaki?

"You've been communicating with him this whole time, haven't you?" Gentle tapped his ear where Mirio's earbud was still in."Go ahead and try contacting him. See if your precious 'family' will help you even now."

Mirio glared at him and held a hand to his earbud."Chiaki, are you there?" he tried lowly. There was no response but he continued to wait even as the static persisted.

"Well?" Gentle looked smug.

"Hey, Chiaki?" he tried again. Should I try ordering him?

"See?" Gentle shrugged."He's gone. Family without blood ties doesn't have any obligation to help one another. With no incentive, what's the point? To Overhaul, your just sprouting baseless words that have no meaning!"

No, that couldn't be true. Those times he spent with Chiaki were not a lie. He had felt a connection there. It wasn't a lie. Chiaki had become "family". How else would he have been able to stay with Mirio and eat at the same table as him? Why else would he have helped him this much to find Eri?

It couldn't be...That was all a lie? Was Chiaki really just trying to find a way to run away from him?

"Face it, young man, these people are not your family. They're just faces and names you hoped to give meaning to. There are no ties whatsoever."

"Even so..." Mirio raised his head."Even so, I believe in Chiaki and I believe in Eri!"

What he felt that time couldn't be a lie. The casual familiarity, the feeling that even if they didn't see each other for years, it would feel exactly like home when they saw each other again was not just some lie. Gentle could never take that away from him.

"Then die here in your lies." Gentle pulled out a gun just as somebody in the house screamed. It was La Brava.

"Gentle!" she cried out to him.


Mirio took advantage of the situation and punched Gentle straight in the face. The force pushed him back and he hit the wall behind him and slid down with a grunt.

Before Mirio could even process what happened, there were police storming in with guns in their faces yelling at them. The rest was a blur as the situation was quickly assessed and Mirio was madly questioned and carried off by forceful hands into a police car.

All he demanded was that they keep Eri safe as he was pushed into the car. The station wasn't too far and Mirio didn't have time to reflect before he was put into a chair and told to wait for further questioning. He sat there and finally let out a large sigh. He didn't know what to think. Then a door creaked open and Mirio perked up at who it could be.

To his horror, Chiaki came out in handcuffs being escorted by a policeman. His head was low and his movements slow. Mirio couldn't believe it.

"Chiaki!" Mirio shouted at him, standing up."What's going on?! What are you doing here?!"

Chiaki didn't answer, just keeping his head down like he hadn't even heard him.

"Chiaki, answer me!" Mirio ordered."Why are you here?!"

And then Chiaki turned to him, mouth covered by his mask but Mirio could tell by his eyes as they crinkled at him."Family is all about safety and support," he quoted."Let me keep you safe, Mirio."

"Chi-Chiaki..." he mumbled with wide eyes. Chiaki had protected him? No way, he hadn't tried to run away?

The policeman started pulling him away and Chiaki followed without a second thought. Mirio knew things couldn't end like this. He needed to say or do something. He couldn't let him leave like this.

"You and all your men are free, Chiaki!" he shouted."You aren't my slave anymore!"

Chiaki turned back to him.

Mirio smiled.

Then he turned away and left without another word. Mirio just couldn't stop smiling.

His family was finally okay. All that was left was to call Hawks and he was finally free. Him and Eri both.

Chapter Text

Shindou hadn't been able to spare a single second for Bakugo since his confession. His plan was to confess and then slowly continue to win him over by completely monopolizing him. He knew Bakugo was at least interested because he hadn't just flat out rejected him right then and there.

He had a chance but he was just wasting it sitting at his desk like this. Still, he had work to do and recently there had been some major problems hindering him. He was on thin ice.

"After Gentle and Overhaul's arrests, I feel like I haven't gotten any sleep," Camie complained."I'm so tired."

"True," Inasa nodded, eyes unnaturally wide and staring at nothing."If I close my eyes for one second, I'll fall asleep."

Bakugo laughed mockingly at the two."Eight hours, fuckers!"

"I think, by now, I need a whole day to recover," Camie groaned."Boss, let us sleep. At least an hour."

"If I let you sleep, you wont wake back up even if the police come barging in here to arrest us," Shindou explained and the two groaned. He sighed at the sound."But it's better if you're awake when I'm asleep and I'm definitely sleeping tonight, so I'll let you rest."

"Yes!" Inasa cheered, eyes still creepily wide and bloodshot.

"Go into my bedroom and rest." Shindou shifted a hand at them in a dismissing manner.

"Thank you, boss!" They shouted, using the last remainders of their energy to bolt into his bedroom and promptly pass out on the first comfortable surface available.

Bakugo chuckled at their pathetic display which quickly grew silent. This was the first time he had been alone with Shindou after that day. He wasn't sure how to act as he had been avoiding looking at him since then. In the short time they had known one another, he had deduced that Shindou was, indeed, a good person.

His job was shady and he was definitely doing some kind of illegal thing but he himself treated Bakugo like he wasn't a slave but on equal ground as him. Orders were rarely given and not unreasonable and he didn't pry too much into his life. The main thing holding him back was the SCM and Toga.

"Something on your mind?" Shindou asked, looking away from his work and towards Bakugo.

He kept his eyes on the coffee table."Yeah."

"Are you thinking about me?"


Bakugo's eyes widened as he realized what he said and quickly jumped up in defense but knew he couldn't lie to Shindou. The other just looked back at him with a pleased smile on his face.

"You finally looked at me," he spoke with that same deceiving smile."It's nice to see you again, Bakugo."

Bakugo looked away, scratching the back of his head."Yeah, same here."

Silence followed as Shindou went back to his work. Bakugo decided to just say screw it and walked over to Shindou's desk, ready to say his part like the other had.

Just as he had reached his desk, the door to the office banged open. Bakugo took a step back as Toga took one forward, storming into the office with her knife in her good hand and a heated glare directed at Shindou.

"Get your hands away from him!" she yelled."Kacchan's mine! I'm here to take him back to where he belongs!"

Shindou slowly stood up to greet her, cool as ever with a smile on his face. He raised his hands in the air."I'm not even touching him."

"You know what I mean!" Toga yelled back."I bet you've already tried to lay your filthy hands on him! Well I wont let you any longer!"

"Come on, let's be civil about this," Shindou tried, stepping out from behind the desk to stand next to Bakugo. His hands were still in the air like he was trying to approach a large animal.

"Civil?" Toga giggled."When were you civil when your bodyguards broke my wrist or when you stole Bakugo away from me, huh?!"

"Toga..." Bakugo growled, first words he's said yet. Shindou gave him a wary glance.

"Don't worry, Kacchan, I'll get you out of here soon," Toga grinned and him.

Bakugo grimaced but didn't back down. He wasn't Toga's chew toy anymore. She couldn't kill him like she wanted to before."Get the fuck out of here. Go find someone else to indulge your sick perversions!"

Her eyes widened and she slowly put down her knife."Wha—...Did he tell you to say that, Kacchan? It looks like I'll have to kill him after all! Then we can finally be together!"

She charged towards Shindou and he quickly pulled Bakugo back, meeting her knife with the switch blade he quickly pulled out of his coat pocket. Toga's eyes widened at the contact and she quickly pulled back with a frustrated hiss.

"It's best to fight on equal terms, right?" Shindou smiled, switching his knife open and closed threateningly."Though what will you do with that cast still on your arm? All this movement must hurt, right?"

"I'm fine," Toga grinned, licking her knife."I can cut you up just as easily with my left hand than my right."

Shindou fixed his stance."We'll see about that." Then he charged forward for a quick gab right to Toga's center. It looked like some kind of fencing move.

Toga twisted her body to the side and dodged the blow but was stuck having to attempt a weak kick to his stomach because she couldn't attack with her right arm. The blow connected but Shindou didn't even flinch. Instead, he turned the blade and drove his arm to the left towards Toga. She narrowly bent away from it, some of her hair getting cut from the blade. The single leg keeping her balanced couldn't hold up in such a position and she ended up collapsing onto the floor.

Shindou went for a quick downwards gab but before he could even start his decent, Toga somersaulted backwards away from the oncoming threat. She put her hands up to block just in time for Shindou to deliver a swift kick towards her. The force still knocked her back until she hit the wall behind her. She let out a gasp of pain at the forceful connection.

It was clear since the beginning that she was being overwhelmed by Shindou, but she refused to give up. Shindou quickly attacked but she blocked the switchblade with her casted arm, blade getting stuck there. She used the open opportunity to send a quick gab towards his face. Shindou narrowly dodged the blow, not expecting her to use her cast as a shield, and clipped part of his ear.

He grabbed her wrist and jerked her hand away, completely pinning her down. Foot raised, he smashed it directly into her face. Blood spurted from her nose and a tooth might've come out. Toga spit out some blood and glared at him.

"As Bakugo said, get the fuck out of here," Shindou glared."I wont ask twice."

She continued to glare up at him, not giving up. Shindou smashed her face in again and this time gave her another kick to the stomach. She hurled up blood at the impact.

"You've been a nuisance since day one," Shindou growled back, eyes growing dark."I should've just killed you when I had the chance!"

He smashed his foot into her face again and this time it looked like Toga was out for good. Pulling his knife out of her cast, he stepped away and waited for her to move. Only her shallow breathing continued but he seemed satisfied and rolled his head back towards Bakugo, holding the knife out to him."Want to finish the job?"

"Sorry, but no jobs are being finished today!" A new voice shouted and the pair looked towards the door to find someone who could only be Twice standing there pointing a finger at them with a weird mask on his face."I'm sorry, old boss, but I'll have you step away from Toga now!"

Shindou stared at him with disbelief but then let out a resigned sigh."I guess I'll let you take her. For old times sake." Plus, he didn't want to give the police another reason to go after him.

"You've always been a good man, Shindou!" Twice scurried over, patting him on the shoulder and quickly hiking Toga up on his back in a wobbly piggyback."I'll see you around!"

"But don't bring her back here!" Shindou yelled."Next time I wont even hesitant in killing her!"

"Got it, old boss!" Twice ran outside, thankful he had escaped with all his arms and legs intact.

Still, he was scared, especially for Toga's health, so he jogged as quickly as he could. They would need to get her treated as soon as possible. Shindou had been crazy strong ever since he met him, so it was no wonder he suppressed her so quickly. He had thought he was right on Toga's heels too. The fight must not have lasted more that a minute at most.

Toga started to shift and grumble on top of him and Twice was surprised by her resilience. He continued his pace, waiting for any signs that she was awake.

Suddenly, Toga was thrashing in his arms and trying to get off him."What are you doing? I need to get Bakugo back, let me go!"

"Sorry, Toga, no can do!" Twice kept a tight grip on her and continued running."I don't want to see you get all beat up again. Shindou will really kill you."

She feebly gripped his head, trying to get him to stop."What do you know? I'll kill him first and get Kacchan back and then kill Kacchan in the most pleasurable way possible."

"Then what will you do after you kill Bakugo?" Twice asked and Toga went silent, not sure herself."That's the hardest part of life: making goals. They're just for the present, so once you complete them then it's like, what's next? I like to live in the present too, which is fun, but late at night I like to picture where I'll be in the future with the current path I'm on."

Toga silently let him continue."When I was working for Shindou, the future I pictured was boring. I would either die in the field for him or end up with a wife and kids in a nice house. That's not really my style, so when you told me to come with you to duel Shigaraki I thought, why not?

"I couldn't picture my future the first couple nights, but the more fun we had together, I started seeing multiple futures. Each was filled with laughter and frustration but with each one we were all together and we were happy. I like that kind of unpredictable future with people I want to be with. Which means you too, Toga. I want to see what kind of future we can all make together, what about you?"

She thought back to the four of them living together and all the memories they had created in the time they were together.

She thought of Shigaraki beating them in Mario Kart over and over again. She thought of Giran coming home late at night with take out and all of them sitting haphazardly around the living room while The Last Witch Hunter played on the television for the 20th time.

She thought of Shigaraki yelling at them for coming into his room without her permission. She thought of Twice accidentally downloading porn onto Giran's computer. She thought of Giran giving her money to spend when Twice and Shigaraki weren't looking.

All of these little moments made tears fill in her eyes. She hadn't realized it, but she was happy. Bakugo wasn't there, yet she was happy. She didn't need to latch herself onto one person when she had three others she could be with forever.

"I want to go back, Twice," she whispered horsily."I want to go home."

"Alright!" Twice grinned."Then let's create this future together!"

He sprinted them home and Toga had never realized how simple happiness could be. She finally understood why Shigaraki didn't want to follow through on their revenge mission. He had found a place he wanted to stay and didn't want anything to threaten or take that away from him.

"We're back!" Twice shouted, slamming the door behind them."Get the first aid kit!"

Giran, who was casually smoking a cigarette on the couch, jumped up with wide eyes as soon as he saw Toga."We're gonna need more than just some first aid kit to fix that," he mumbled but rushed off to grab it all the same.

Twice slowly placed Toga onto the couch and she could barely move a muscle with how badly she was hurt. Still, she couldn't pass out just yet. Not yet.

Giran came out with the first aid kit and started cleaning up her face. Shigaraki also came into view, worry in his eyes as he scratched his neck to the point in started bleeding.

She stared at him, attempting a smile but it all hurt too much."Th-Thank you..."

Shigaraki's eyes grew wide and he stopped scratching her neck."Don't do something so reckless again," he ordered."That was illogical and—"

"I know," Toga rasped, closing her eyes."I know..."

"Good," Shigaraki nodded, odd smile adorning his face."I'm glad your back, Toga."

"We're all glad," Giran corrected.

Twice waved a hand across her face."I think she's already passed out."

Giran and Shigaraki chuckled and gave each other a passing look, knowing they would be just fine. Like this, they would all be okay.

Chapter Text

Shinsou met Monoma in his second semester of college. During his first class of the day, he had sat as he pleased towards the middle of the room and waited for class to start with the usual lazy expression on his face. The professor walked in, class started, and about five minutes later a student came barging in panting out of control, obviously late.

Shinsou dreaded life more and more as the student made his way down and sat directly next to him with the cockiest attitude he had ever seen. It was depressing and he hated him instantly.

At least he didn't talk but the minute class was over he turned to Shinsou with a smirk on his face."Hey, I'm Monoma," he greeted."I'll be counting on you this semester."

Shinsou wanted to strangle him, his fingers actually tingled with the need to do so. Instead, he glared at him."I don't know you, so stay out of my way."

Monoma did not give up even at his nasty glare."That's why I'm telling you my name now, so tell me yours so we can be better acquainted."

Shinsou refused to answer, grabbing his bag and leaving the room. Monoma followed after him like it was the natural thing to do."Have you eaten yet? Let's go to the dining hall if not!"

"No," Shinsou droned back."Eat by yourself."

"That's probably just what you'll do if you don't eat with me," Monoma shrugged back.

That hit Shinsou hard, real hard. Monoma had been at more of a moderate hatred but now he was in the flames, burning in the hell in his own mind.

"Ah, wait!" Monoma cried, running to catch up with him."At least tell me your name! I'll stop bugging you after that, I promise!"

Shinsou considered it and even if he persisted in his stubbornness it would get him nowhere. It was just a name. No point in not telling him.

"Shinsou," he mumbled, walking away and leaving Monoma behind.


Monoma had lied about leaving him alone, of course, and walked up to him brightly shouting his name at their next class. He hated him so much and didn't look at him once the whole time.

Monoma let him be and asked him to go to lunch with him again after class ended and again Shinsou refused. Things continued like that and Shinsou couldn't help but respect Monoma's persistence. When he finally did cave in, he simply stayed silent as Monoma probed him. They ended up in the dining hall together again, sitting at the same table, with Monoma yapping away about the lecture.

Shinsou let him do his thing but refused to hang out with him outside of that. But then they started studying together. They liked the same movies and ended up going to see one together. They ate outside of the usual lunch and got drinks together. They had become what someone would call "friends".

Enter their third year and Shinsou knew pretty much everything about Monoma. He knew about all his friends, including ones who didn't go to the same college. He knew about how Monoma just couldn't be left alone and how he forced people (like Shinsou) to be his friend because he thought they look diligent and would help him in classes. He learned about Monoma's inferiority complex and how he would whine like a kid when life was shitty but still manage to get back up even stronger.

He realized, soon, that he would become the go-to guy when it came to Monoma. If he was missing, people would ask Shinsou. If he was acting weirder than usual, people would ask Shinsou.

It was around that time of reflection that he had come to understand that he was madly in love with Monoma.

He hated him more than he loved him half the time, which was why it took so long, but his hatred and his love ran along the same vein and he couldn't stop the realization from completely breaking him down.

That night, he bawled his eyes out as he jerked off thinking about Monoma. Because Monoma was shitty and if he liked Monoma that meant he was worse than shit. Not even horse shit that could be used as fertilizer. No, just straight out shit.

It was all so disgusting and he still hated Monoma but that night he jerked himself off so many times—back and front—that he ended up passed out in the shower with tears still in his eyes and curses spilling out of his mouth.


"Hahaha, Bakugo you look like a stupid dog," Monoma hiccuped, bottle in one hand and wobbly finger pointing at Bakugo."Like one that would piss on the rug and then lick it."

"What the fuck did you just say?!" Bakugo stood up, glared sharp as he grabbed Monoma by the collar."Say that again, you fuck. I'll destroy you."

Monoma continued to laugh, drunk off his ass."Haha, stupid dumb dog."

Bakugo was about to punch him square in the face, which he deserved, but Shinsou stepped in and blocked it."Okay, that's enough," he droned, staring at Bakugo waiting to see if he would snap."I'll take Monoma home. He's clearly about to pass out."

"Aw, already?" Somebody shouted from down the table."Things were about to get interesting..."

"Take good care of him, mom!"

"See you on Monday!"

Shinsou waved them off, grabbing their stuff and then hoisting Monoma up. He put one of Monoma's arms over his shoulders and pulled the rest of him away and out into the open air. Then he started walking, hoping to get to an open street to call a taxi.

"I wanna go ta yer" Monoma mumbled with a small groan, words slurred.

"No, I'm taking you home," Shinsou said, done with his bullshit for the night.

"No!" Monoma shouted, throwing his weight onto Shinsou and causing him to stumble back."We're goin' ta yer house!"

Shinsou sighed. He didn't want to do this because of how far apart they lived, basically opposite sides of the campus."You'll regret it..." he hummed, taking him towards his house instead.

Monoma grinned and cheered the whole way home until he threw up in Shinsou's toilet. He couldn't understand how people wanted to get themselves wasted like that which was why he was usually the only sober one at any drinking party. But Monoma was always drunk so it worked out perfectly for everyone. Except Shinsou, of course.

"Go lie down on the couch," Shinsou directed him and Monoma whined in protest.

"Don't wanna!" He attempted to push Shinsou away but it was a feeble attempt in his drunken state.

"No, you're on the couch."



"...Okay." That was the only nice thing about Monoma when he was drunk, he was much more compliant.

Shinsou dropped the usual on the coffee table."Water and pills. Get some rest."

Monoma passed out instantly and by the time Shinsou got out of the shower and cleaned up, he was snoring lightly and in a complete state of bliss. Shinsou watched him with a careful eye, growing more and more fond of his childish sleeping face as time went on.

He had never indulged himself like this before and it was blissful. Slowly, he squat down to look closer at Monoma. It was stupid of him, completely stupid, and made him want to cry and jerk off all over again.

With feelings still running rampant in his mind, Shinsou's sense of reasoning was a bit more skewed than usual. He was going crazy, like Monoma, and couldn't help but lean down and kiss him chastely on the lips. Probably like a second of contact but he felt his dick twitch a tiny bit.

"I hate you, Monoma," he murmured sadly, voice cracking slightly."I hate you so goddamn much."

Then he left to his bedroom and remained abstinent for a week as penitence.


Shinsou raced to Hatsume and Tokage's house, throat hoarse and heart pounding so hard he thought it might burst. God, he was such an idiot. He didn't know what was wrong with him, thinking leaving Monoma to those chicks was a good idea.

What was he thinking? Had he become hungry with power after having gotten a little taste of what he would have? His desire for Monoma was beginning to outweigh reason and he was paying for it.

He had been awake that night. He had felt it and heard it and he still let Shinsou suck his dick. He had still let him be his friend even years later and then Shinsou just gave him away like that to the people he probably hated and feared most in the world.

God, he was such an idiot.

Reaching Hatsume and Tokage's place, Shinsou began to madly ring on the doorbell and bang on the door like some crazy drunk. He couldn't spare a single second and had to free Monoma before things got worse. If he let them be, Monoma might really leave him for good.

Tokage answered the door with a scowl and a glare ready but Shinsou couldn't bother with her antics right now.

"Move!" he ordered and she practically hit the wall with how hard she shifted out of his way.

Shinsou sprinted down the hall and down the steps into their lab with a panting breath. He made it to the control room and slammed the door open, Hatsume turning around in fear by how aggressive he was being.

"Stop the experiment right now!" he yelled the order."Stop everything and free Monoma right now!"

Hatsume quickly did as he said and Shinsou ran into the testing room where Monoma was, grabbing his clothes in the hall on the way in, and easily opening the door to where he was.

He was desperate and Monoma was just hopping out of whatever strange chair they had him strapped down in, stretching out his limbs so casually that Shinsou just wanted to break down and cry.

"Monoma!" he shouted, running over to him and hugging him tightly before he could say anything."I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

"Shinsou..." Monoma sighed into the hug."You're an idiot."

"I know," Shinsou mumbled, voice cracking.

"You may even be dumber than me."

"I'm not."

Monoma chuckled."Okay, going too far."

Shinsou pulled back and handed him his clothes."Put these on, we're leaving and never coming back to this place again."

"What about Hatsume and Tokage?" Monoma asked, taking his clothes and beginning to put them on.

"I'll deal with them right now."

Shinsou stormed away and got Hatsume and Tokage lined up. Using his SCM, he ordered them to stay away from them for basically the rest of their lives. He vowed to never take his SCM off even with potential dangers ahead. He couldn't let them get to Monoma again until they were old, senile, and could barely walk.

Monoma was not their toy and none of their business. In the event something happened, he would put himself in their testing room before Monoma any day. He couldn't let this happen again and have Monoma lose all his faith in him. Not a second time.

The two left the building soon after in silence. Shinsou didn't know what to say so he waited for Monoma, sure he would have a few words for him before he beat him up. Monoma, of course, just smirked at him.

"Looks like I have the upper hand now." He was so goddamn smug. Shinsou hated him.

"I..." Shinsou stumbled off."I didn't know you were awake that day."

Monoma looked all triumphant."Of course you didn't. I'm a pro-actor."

Shinsou rubbed the back of his neck, not sure what else to say. He had no idea where Monoma stood. Did he like it? Did he hate it? The smug bastard was unreadable.

"So, what'll you do, Shinsou?" Monoma asked, stopping and turning towards him expectantly."Are you gonna man up or keep running away?"

Shinsou was breathless, yet he knew exactly what he would do."From now on, for eternity, I'll do better by you, Monoma, until you can't help but fall madly in love with me."

His voice was resolute. Monoma smirked."Do your best."

Chapter Text

"God, I can't believe those two fucking idiots," Bakugo grumbled as soon as Camie and Inasa left."Slept through the whole goddamn thing. 'Bodyguards' my ass."

"Give it a rest, they were tired," Shindou smiled casually."After all that, I am too."

Bakugo looked over at Shindou, complicated expression on his face. Finally free from Toga for what felt like for good, he wondered if he would be okay. Should he ask Shindou to free him or would it be better to stay like this just in case? He wasn't sure how he would feel out of Shindou's care.

Then he noticed the blood on the side of his face."Your ear's bleeding," he pointed out.

Shindou moved his had over to where Bakugo directed, wincing as he touched it and bringing his hand away to find blood on it."Woah, you're right. I should probably clean that up."

This was all his mess, yet Shindou was so casual about it."I'll do it," he said, feeling guilty.

Shindou perked up at his suggestion, smiling at him."That would be great. Thanks, Bakugo!"

He led him to the bathroom and Bakugo followed, feeling nostalgic at the sight of the large room again. Shindou took out the med kit, setting it down on the counter and Bakugo moved towards it to get out what he needed.

"I'm going to start up the bath too," Shindou said, moving towards the insanely large bathtub."After all that work, I deserve a reward."

Bakugo snorted at that, letting him do his thing."You should probably get your clothes cleaned before the blood dries or it'll stain."

"I know," Shindou chuckled, taking off his suit coat. Next he loosened his tie and unbuttoned his white undershirt, hanging them up so they didn't also get blood on them.

Bakugo stared far too long, soon looking away and cleaning up the blood on Shindou's ear. His extremely ripped body was so close to him and he felt the heat emanating from it. Bakugo worked out and was proud of his body, but this guy was on a whole other level. He was glad he wasn't his enemy.

"It might sting a bit," he mumbled, Shindou waiting with clenched teeth.

Shindou soon started hissing in pain, eyes closed and watery as his whole body tensed. Bakugo couldn't help but stare, enraptured by the sight. So sexy. As soon as he put on the bandage, Shindou looked at him.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"I didn't know you looked so good before," Bakugo just blurted out, not really thinking straight.

Shindou quirked an eyebrow."Does that mean I wasn't before?"

"No," Bakugo quickly retorted."I just wasn't looking before."

"So can I take that as you paying attention to me now?"

Bakugo paused at those words, heart beating out of control as something electric struck through him. He suddenly wanted to grab him and do something."Hey, Shindou, do you remember that offer you gave me?"

"Offer?" Shindou tilted his head.

It was such an obviously botchy acting job on his part. Shindou obviously knew what he was talking about. Did he have to spell it out for him?

"The blowjob," Bakugo ground out, getting a bit pissed.


Bakugo sighed, rubbing a finger between his irritated brows and then looking up to stare Shindou in the eye."I want you to give me a blowjob."

A smile broke out on Shindou's face with turned into a full on laugh. Bakugo was about to just forget it and leave but Shindou pushed him back with a hand on his chest, suddenly bending down in front of him.

"You're so blunt, Bakugo," he murmured, pulling out the others member and holding it in his hand. He thumbed and stroked it awake."But that's what I like about you."

Slowly, he ran his tongue along the base and Bakugo's whole body shuddered with anticipation. His hand came down to brush along Shindou's hair, fingers curling into his black locks as Shindou suddenly took in his girth.

His mouth was so soft and warm, Bakugo couldn't help but thrust into it. He groaned at the feeling."Fuck...Feels good."

Shindou kept up with Bakugo's thrusts, hands coming to grasp the back of his legs. He pulled back, kissing the beaded tip and running his tongue along the shaft until he reached his balls. Bakugo's leaking member rubbed against his cheek as he sucked on his balls, earning a heated groan out of the man.

"Shit..." Bakugo pulled Shindou's head back, getting impatient, and pushed his member back into his mouth.

Shindou took it all in, Bakugo thrusting into his mouth with a quickened pace. Bakugo's hands clenched around Shindou's hair as he soon started to reach his climax. He came hard in Shindou's mouth, the other choking a bit on the cum as he slowly pulled out with a ragged breath.

Shindou let the cum dribble out of his mouth, quickly spitting it out in the sink and then moving over and giving Bakugo a kiss. The force of it caused Bakugo to be pushed backwards and had him in a sort of euphoric state.

When Shindou pulled back, he was staring at Bakugo with clever eyes and a bright grin. He rubbed his bulge against Bakugo's member, other jumping at the contact.

"Shall we go all the way, Bakugo?" Shindou breathed against his neck."I was going to wait, but I don't think I can anymore."

"Wait, Shindou!" Bakugo wanted to clear the air before they continued, but he just kept grinding against him and soon he was hard again."Just wait—!"

"Do you love me, Bakugo?" Shindou asked, pulling back and looking at him with a serious expression."I'll stop right now if you don't."

"I..." Yeah, that wasn't too hard to answer."I do. I love you. Probably ever since we met."

Love at first sight, right?

He didn't understand it, but ever since he met Shindou, a compressing feeling started to build up inside his stomach. It was like a ticking time bomb and whenever Shindou looked or said anything to him, its hand turned a bit more. Only after Shindou confessed did Bakugo realize what that bomb was waiting for.

Shindou grinned."Looks like we're one in the same." Then kissed him passionately.

Bakugo melted into it with the same fervor, pressing up against Shindou and grinding against him. The two only backed away when Shindou put a hand on him, looking over towards the bath."The baths done, let's get inside first."

Bakugo nodded, taking off his clothes to follow Shindou in.

"You should probably take this out too." Shindou took out his SCM, twirling it at Bakugo before setting it down next to the sink.

Bakugo did the same with his, setting it down with a conflicted expression.

"I can set you free if you want," Shindou offered, looking at Bakugo seriously.

Bakugo knew he was telling the truth, but something stopped him."Not now," he said, looking away from the thing."Later."

He was still afraid of Toga. No matter what, she would still be a threat to him.

Shindou smiled."Whatever you say."

He plopped into the bath, beckoning Bakugo who came in right away. Their lips met, bodies drifting towards one another in a heated passion. Shindou scooted on top of Bakugo, grinding against him and making him groan at the feeling.

He put a hand on Bakugo's chest, massaging it and rubbing his hands over his perky nipples. Bakugo twitched and pulled away from the kiss with a heated breath. He moved instead to kiss and suck against the rough skin along Shindou's neck, beginning to push him backwards. Shindou reacted, instead using his superior strength to roughly shove Bakugo against the back of the bathtub.

"Ah..." Bakugo was shocked by the force and his head hit the soft padding of one of the cushion around the bath. He looked up at Shindou with a slight wince, needy and wild expression in his eyes.

Shindou smirked, wrapping a hand loosely around Bakugo's throat and using the other to begin prepping himself. Bakugo watched his every movement carefully.

"Just sit back and enjoy yourself, Bakugo," Shindou grinned, voice fluctuating as he added more fingers."I'll make you feel real good."

His rough fingers pulled out of his ass, instead moving over to graze along the bottom of Bakugo's shaft. He angled it upwards, shifting forward and slowly taking it in. Bakugo grunted at the feeling, Shindou's own member rubbing against him as he took him in.

His hole was so tight and warm, Bakugo just wanted to start thrusting into him right away but knew Shindou held the reigns in this situation and waited patiently as the man took his time to take in his full length. Soon it was all in and Shindou sighed almost happily at the feeling, gazing down at Bakugo with foggy eyes. He leaned down and kissed him, hands moving away from his neck to rub along his neck and ears.

Bakugo took all he could get, moving his hands down to set around Shindou's waist but the other stopped him before he could get the chance."Ah, Bakugo..." he tutted."There would be no point in this if you were doing all the work, right?"

Shindou smirked down at him, pulling Bakugo's arms up and pinning them over his head. Bakugo strained at the movement, glaring at Shindou and ready to protest. The other just smiled, running his thumb along Bakugo's pursed lips."Now just be a good boy and let me fuck you," he purred into his ear, Bakugo growing hot at the words.

Shindou chuckled lightly at his reaction, pulling back and giving Bakugo a chaste kiss before beginning to move his hips. His movements were sudden and rapid, so much so that it felt like Bakugo really was being the one fucked in this situation.

He could only pant and moan as Shindou's tight hole sucked him dry. He flinched as the other moved his free hand down his chest, playing with one of his nipples. He twisted and tugged against it, electing sharp hisses of pain from Bakugo.

"You look a bit mad, Bakugo..." Shindou murmered, splaying his fingers over his chest.

Bakugo glared back at him, breathing ragged."Shut...up..."

Smiling, Shindou bent over and sucked against his collar bone. The marks extended and deepened as Shindou ran a trail of bites and future hickeys along his neck, soon reaching the end of Bakugo's broad shoulders and instead moving down to suck and nibble on Bakugo's other nipple.

He strained against the feeling, trying desperately to break free of Shindou's grip but he was far too strong. His whole body was hot with pleasure and the bath did nothing to help it. The water splashed along them as Shindou moved, hips keeping rhythm and rolling against him.

Bakugo felt his member throb as it began to reach it's climax. His face flushed even more and he let out a string of curses.

Shindou stared down at him, breathless, and let go of one of Bakugo's hand. He led it towards his body."Touch me..." he instructed, moaning heatedly.

Bakugo grasp his member as he asked, jerking it in time. The pressure continued to build and he came hard inside Shindou, other following him not seconds after and leaning down to kiss Bakugo. Their teeth collided in their passion, tongues melding together as their mouths were smashed together.

Shindou pulled out of Bakugo and collapsed on top of him, breaking the kiss to adjust himself better in the bath, basking in the afterglow.

They didn't say a word to one another for a few seconds, taking time to come down from their high. Shindou let out a long sigh, resting against the back of the tub across from Bakugo and letting their legs tangle together. Bakugo rolled his head upwards to look at him.

"You're so good, Bakugo," he lazily grinned at him. Gently, he picked up his leg and planted a small kiss to the top of his foot."I'll cherish you the rest of my life."

Bakugo watched the movement, shivers crawling down his spine as that same burning electricity flew through him like a firecracker. He grinned back at Shindou, simply rubbing his hand along his leg.

"And I'll continue to love you," Bakugo vowed."No matter what 'ugly' emotions cross your face."

Shindou scoffed."I'm sure they'll all look good on me."

Bakugo raised an eyebrow, playful smirk on his face."You looked pretty scary taking down Toga."

"I looked sexy too, admit it."

"A bit," Bakugo admitted."But asking me to finish her off went too far."

Shindou sat up and leaned forward to kiss Bakugo again."I'll be more careful in the future."

"You fucking better."

Bakugo met his lips without hesitation.

Chapter Text

The guards led Mirio down a cold, isolated hallway. Everything was grey and white which Mirio couldn't stand the sight of. He was put into a room with other pairings—siblings, parents, lovers, friends—chatting with one another to the point where the volume in the whole place was slowly picking up.

Mirio was placed at one of the benches and waited, watching the groups of people converse. He paid particular attention to the inmates in their numbered jumpsuits, looking starved and desperate and covered in various markings. He held his breath the more he saw, fearful, and when the gate creaked open he was scared to even look.

From outer appearances, Chiaki looked the same, though his features were definitely hardened and rougher. His face remained stoic, even as he noticed Mirio and the bright smile he had on his face. Slowly, he was walked over and sat down across from Mirio, left to his own devices.

"Yo!" Mirio greeted, still continuing to smile."It's been awhile."

"Yeah," Chiaki replied, voice raspier than usual."I haven't seen you since the trial."

"Oh, right." Mirio scratched the back of his head."I tried to get you a lighter sentence with my testimony but they were a tough jury to appeal to."

"At least I'm not in here for life."

"Yeah." Mirio brightened up."Do your best to try and get out as soon as possible!" Chiaki grumbled back and Mirio took that as good a sign as any."So, have you gotten any tattoos yet?"

Chiaki snorted, fists clenching on top of the table."Like I would let them get the chance. Outside of my boys, I found a fairly strong group of people who don't do that shit. I would never dirty myself with a disgusting tattoo."

Oh, right, Mirio had almost forgotten about Chiaki's condition. He had wanted to give him something, anything, but it seemed it was impossible.

"Well, have things been alright?" he asked."I know how big of a germaphobe you are..."

Chiaki leaned towards him, face suddenly dark."I hate it here. Everything's dirty. This uniform, the cot I sleep in, the halls I walk, the trays I eat on. Hell, even the soap in this place is probably dirty. The first day here, I vomited three times in the course of five hours and the next day was just as bad. I've had no choice but to endure and endure. It's all so disgusting though. I hate it. My hives just finally calmed down the other day."

He shuddered, staring at Mirio."Shit, I bet your clothes are all clean and freshly washed. They probably smell nice too. I didn't realize the luxury I had when I was outside. Your trashed apartment or that ABC gum is nothing compared to this hell hole. I should've just chewed that damn gum, then I wouldn't be in this trash bin."

Mirio's smile faded and his expression got serious."Would you really rather go back in time and beat me?"

Chiaki's stared at his serious face and smirked."Don't you think everything happens for a reason? Traveling back in time is illogical, just some hoax to make people forget about their current struggles. I was meant to be here, sitting across the table from you having this conversation. This is how it was supposed to be."

"So is that why you agreed to be family?" Mirio asked.

"I..." Chiaki stopped there, trailing off as he didn't know what to say."When I heard you fighting with Gentle, I just suddenly reacted. It's not normally something I would do, so I tried to blame it on the SCM, but I realized that it was your words that made me want to move and help you. I've always seen family as nothing more than a nuisance and people as nothing more than pawns, but the kind of family you described sounded nice. I wanted to be apart of it."

"Well you are," Mirio smiled brightly at him."You'll be my family forever, even if you say otherwise."

Chiaki just stared at him.

"So when you get out of here and start your new life, stay with me," Mirio started."The SCM's are gone, I can't order you anymore so the decision it all up to you, but I'd be happy if you stayed."

Chiaki looked down at his hands."I'll think about it."

A guard came over to the two of them and told them it was time to go. They both stood and Mirio didn't bother to take his hand or give him a hug. He just smiled at him."See you soon, Chiaki."

Chiaki smiled back."Don't call me that." This time he wasn't serious.

Mirio turned around and walked out of the prision, taking the bus back to his apartment building. He was quiet but kept a small smile curled around his lips the whole way.

The apartment complex had the usual nostalgic greeting smell of Magne's cigarettes and he greeted her on his way up to his apartment. She gave him nothing more than a small nod and continued smoking. He walked up the steps and down the hall to his room, smile growing bigger and bigger until he reached his front door.

Pulling out the keys to his apartment, Mirio unlocked the door with a smile as bright as the sun."I'm home!"

Eri popped her head around the corner."Welcome back, Mirio!"


Why were SCM's created? The master-slave relationship was a simple and understandable want, but why did the creator of such a device go around selling it instead of conquering the world through vile trickery and deception? Was it that they saw a flaw in them and abandoned them, or did they find making a profit to be a better option? Perhaps the creator was just a sadist looking for a new toy to play around with?

They were powerful and demeaning tools but always ended up in the right hands. Perhaps the person who created SCM's saw the strength in good and knew justice would prevail even with such a device in play.

Such thoughts left Hawks pondering until he met Dabi. After being with him long enough, he came to understand how SCM's brought people together. They were a binding relationship for both parties, it was just that one side had a little more give.

And so, something started to burn deep inside Hawks.

"Say, Hawks," Dabi started, waiting until Hawks was done setting free another ex-master that had been with them for awhile."Let's say all this ends up doing some good and you eliminate all the SCM's. Then what about you? No one will be able to take you out of this system and you'll be forced to keep that SCM on until your teeth rot away."

"If I keep continuing to win these battles and continue freeing people like this, then I'm fine with keeping my SCM on the rest of my life," Hawks spoke resolutely.

Dabi let out a short, mirthful chuckle."Then you'll probably go insane when you're older cause you can't keep your SCM in your mouth anymore."

"So be it," Hawks brushed off Dabi's retorts."At least I wont be the only one."

Dabi raised a brow."What does that mean?" he asked."Is there gonna be someone else with you?"

Hawks look at him like he was crazy."Do you really think I'm gonna let you go?"

Dabi blinked, confusion and shock evident on his usually neutral face.

Hawks reiterated."Dabi, can you honestly tell me you will not put on another SCM once I let you go? Can you say you will not harm anyone else without me restraining you?"

"You..." Dabi slowly let a smirk cross his face."You know me too well, Hawks. I didn't realize a little bonding could get you to see inside my heart."

"I knew from the beginning what kind of person you were." Hawks took a couple steps towards Dabi, just enough to be outside his personal space."You and I will be linked together for the rest of our lives. I will always be your 'master' and you will always be my 'slave', though our relationship will not center around that. Even with your personality, I will try my best to show you the right path."

It was bound to happen, meant to be.

Dabi tilted his head back, smirking."Try your best, hero."