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Chakra Contamination

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Kiba didn't have a dog dick the last time Naruto saw it.

Which had been a while ago, two sixteen year olds in a hurried jerk-off session: pressed up against a wall in an alley of Konoha; a meeting in a training area. The both of them panting and huffing, furiously making out while they ground their dicks together. But, importantly, back then and all throughout their meetings, Kiba had had a perfectly normal human dick.

It had started when they were fifteen, just a chance meeting after Naruto had returned from training. Kiba had smelled him, gotten in awkwardly close, and there had been the kind of uncertain shuffling that teenagers do when they maybe want to do something sexual without ever having to commit to saying or doing anything that they can't laugh off.

Naruto ended up pinning Kiba against a tree as they roughly and inexpertly made out, growling and panting at each other, grinding against each other until Kiba reached down and fished out Naruto's dick. They'd just been horny kids; Naruto had came all across Kiba's front after like five seconds, and then, still hard and aching, returned the favor. They'd done it again, slightly less inexperienced, and then again, until it became a habit.

Their meetings had lapsed during the world war, but still at sixteen Kiba had had a perfectly regular dick. It had been nice. On a petty level, Naruto had really liked having a bigger dick than him.

There was another half to things, though. That half... well, that must've started when Kurama was sealed inside him as a baby. Maybe the first time he'd drawn on the nine-tails' power. Maybe the first time Kurama had thought of him as not just another jailer. Kurama's power had always felt overwhelmingly potent: desperate, hungry, furious, terrifying, when he was a child. Every time he channeled it, in those early years, he came out feeling changed. Like his fingernails were still the slightest bit pointed, or his teeth were ever-so-slightly still warped into fangs. The scent of the fox still clung to him.

As a kid it had been terrifying, that the fox was a living nightmare, the bane of the village, and every time he drew on that power he was taking a step towards... something. Becoming that himself, a feral beast with no desires save destruction. As a teenager he'd carried greater and greater amounts of Kurama's chakra, and whether or not his younger self's vague sense of change was accurate, well, most certainly after he first entered his proper Jinchūriki form his nails remained pointed for hours afterward. He got a little more pragmatic about it, after meeting Kurama as Kurama, instead of as the nine-tails demon fox.

But fangs or pointier nails — or a line of fur across his newly-pointed ears, or itchy whiskers across his cheeks, or any number of other side-effects — were hardly relevant in the heat of battle. He drew on Kurama's power when he needed it to survive, and if during those fights for his life there was sometimes a vague flash of awareness — feeling fur on his forearms, toes digging deeper into the dirt — it was little more than a distraction. And then, with further chakra channeling, when the changes stayed for hours or days afterward, well, that was hardly a cost at all. There were more important things to worry about.

But the first time his dick had changed it had been pretty upsetting. He was aware of it during the transformation: changes all over the place, hair and whiskers and tails and ears. He'd been aware of the shift in his pants, and he could feel the fur prickling across his thighs, but he wasn't about to take a peek in the middle of the battlefield. New and unusual, a strange new cost for using Kurama's chakra, but not important. But afterward...

Well, he'd been aware of it, certainly, just by sensation. He knew what his dick felt like without having to touch it. He remembered thinking, a lot of his transformations just lagged behind. That he'd have all of Kurama's chakra burnt out of him by the time he got back to town. but. That had definitely not happened.

The first time, he ended up having a big fuzzy sheath for two days. Blond-orange fur in curly, fuzzy tufts all across his thighs and sheath, coating that were really quite oversized balls. He had to figure out how to piss with it; it was heavy and stretchy, but it didn't actually hang down at all, it just stuck straight out — very noticeably — between his legs. It had occurred to him, in a humiliating flash of insight, that actually the easiest way to piss would be on his knees with one leg raised. He absolutely refused, and ended up awkwardly leaning forward against the wall, angling his sheath down as much as he could, with the soft pink tip of his fox dick sticking out. He was afraid of even jerking off with it, in case that meant it became permanent, and the fact that he was constantly swamped by overwhelming demon fox hormones from his altered balls made it worse. As a teenage boy, that had been a very frustrating two days. He was so happy he had his regular human dick back he could've cried.

The next time his dick changed he jerked off right after he got some alone time.

His fox dick was a soft, subdued pink, creamy almost. It felt alien inside him, weird internal muscles shifting and pushing as his animal shaft slid out from inside him. It was big. Naruto knew exactly how big his dick was, because he'd measured it both alone and with Kiba: nearly eight and a half inches, gigantic then on his still-adolescent frame, and massively bigger than Kiba's only seven inch dick. Their first time, when things had gotten charged but not so charged that they were making out against a tree, Kiba had been talking about how huge his dick was. He'd tried the whole, "let's compare" thing. He'd said he had a giant dick so Naruto was sure to lose. It has been great.

But the fox dick was... much bigger. He didn't carry measuring tape around with him, and he didn't want to go out looking for some with a gigantic animal dick bobbing out from his crotch, so he didn't figure out its precise dimensions until later. But even then, that first time, he was aware that it was huge: utterly inhuman in both size and shape, spanning up his lithe chest to nearly his pecs. It shone in the air, glistening with some internal sheath fluid, and was so sensitive that it hurt when he touched it with dry fingers. He had to figure that out: sucking on his fingers before touching the raw flesh of his fox dick, so that the pressure slid smooth and frictionless against his slick flesh. Even that first time, he realized it wouldn't be hard to suck himself off; it was so big that he'd just have to lean forward.

He'd contorted himself into a ball, head head propped up against the headboard, ass in the air. His cock lurched down, heavy and dense, and smacked him right in the face. He wildly windmilled his legs before he braced his knees above his head, staring at his own fox dick from an inch away. It smelled. His regular dick smelled too, of course, like a dick, but now it smelled... well, like an animal. He'd tentatively opened his mouth, and licked across the pink flesh. Acrid, a little, and salty. Meaty. That was before he and Kiba had started blowing each other, so he didn't really have anything to compare it to. He tried sucking the pointed tip into his mouth, tongue dragging across the weird divot. It felt good, but... not as good as he'd hoped. Couldn't suck his own dick for the same reason he couldn't tickle himself; the sensation was just kind of boring. But he did lap across his dick enough to catch a spurt of pre: there was a new tension in his cock, a weird heat building inside him, and then his cock lurched, sudden and abruptly, and spat out a string of acrid, watery pre across his tongue. He'd spat out his cock, sputtering, only succeeding in splattering the rank fluid all over his face, with more still drooling out from his cock.

His knot lurching out into the open surprised him. He wasn't an idiot, and also he'd seen Akamaru's dick by accident a few times, so it wasn't so much the presence of the knot itself as the way he felt it bubble up inside him, pressure and sensation, a gut-wrenching slide that ended with it bursting out through his sheath into the open, leaving him panting and wobbly-legged. It wasn't engorged, not really that much thicker than his cock, but it was heavy, bulky and lumpy, with big oval swells of soft, spongy flesh framing the sides of his shaft.

He ended up knotting his fist and came so much he ruined the wall behind his bed. When he woke up after that, he was back to his regular old dick. Despite the intensity of the fox dick, it'd been a relief. He hadn't been sure how he felt about having a fox dick. But some part of him already missed it. Its weight and heft; the feel of it throbbing; the lurch of his knot swelling. The weird, wild-animal fox smell of it. The sheer heat it exuded, radiating in waves.

That night was the first time he had the dream. Well, not the dream; he'd been having that dream since he was a kid. Flooded sewer, the depths of the seal, Kurama looming out behind the gate. The fox above him, as big as a mountain.

This was a much different kind of dream. Kurama was pinning him flat on the ground with one massive paw. The paw dug down, pressure all across his chest and stomach, with a hot scrape across his sides, his neck, from Kurama's claws. In the dream everything was hazy, hot, fevered, and he was groaning, humping up against Kurama's hand, his own fox dick fully unsheathed, drooling pre. His cock slipped between Kurama's fingers, spurting heavy arcs of pre all over his fur, smearing down across his body. There was a shock of pleasure, a dizzying slide of flesh against skin as his sheath slurped wide, knot pinned inside it.

He woke up while coming, cock entirely human, gasping for breath. He still to this day wasn't entirely sure how much Kurama put into that dream: if it was solely his teenage hormones, or something more. It had been too embarrassing to ask.

He wasn't exactly disappointed when the next time he had to channel Kurama's chakra he ended up with a fox dick again, and that time it didn't go away for a week. He jerked off three times daily the entire week, whining and panting and sobbing as each overwhelming, animal orgasm ripped through him, and he got very familiar with the cleanup. He started jerking off in his bathtub just to limit the amount of damage.

The dreams picked up then, too: rutting against Kurama turned into being pinned beneath Kurama's building-sized cock, or being held in the fox's massive paws and played with: one single finger half as big as his own body, shoved between his thighs, grinding against his balls as he humped against it. Sometimes there was the sense of having clones: a dozen, a hundred shadow clones pinned under Kurama's cock, making out with each other, sucking each others' fox dicks. Bodies burning with chakra, wrapped in dense red-and-black cords, tails whipping out behind them and cocks swollen enormous and grotesque, drooling a frothy, filmy mixture of come and raw chakra.

With each transformation, with every frenzied dream, his fox cock stuck around longer and longer, until it just stopped ever reverting to normal. Sometimes when he dreamed he swore he could feel the chakra flow: wild heat around his cock, soaking into his flesh. A little bit of the hair and claws and fangs stuck around too. It was hard to tell what parts of that were from Kurama directly, and which were just... growing up. He started growing downy blond hairs across his jaw at some point; that was probably just age.

There were definitely some times when he wondered what Kiba would think, but then the world war hit with all its force, and it wasn't until everything had settled down that they met up again.

After both halves of Kurama finally united inside him, the dreams changed. Got more intense. He was constantly surrounded by his — their — crackling chakra, buzzing just under his skin. He had these hazy dreams: back in the chamber of the seal, door long ago blown open, with Naruto pinned beneath Kurama's bulk. Sometimes one, sometimes the other, or both, or both in one body. In the hazy logic of dreams, Kurama's cock was as big as Naruto's own body — bigger — and also something that fit fully inside him. It was a mess of sensation, heat and drag and push, flattened to the ground beneath Kurama's titanic cock and stretched out around Kurama's knot, with the entire monstrous shaft sunk inside him. Kurama's yin-half and yang-half were hazily separated, sometimes, and Naruto's jaw was cracked open, split as both kitsunes sunk their cocks down to the knot inside him, chakra and come working as the same fluid, flooding into him in rippling waves.

The morning it all started, he was having the dream again. Naruto was hazily half-awake, aware he was lying in bed tangled up in the sheets but equally present in the dream realm: pinned to the ground by Yin-Kurama's cock, arms wrapped around the fox's monstrous shaft, rutting against it as Kurama ground down on him.

His horny half-sleeping mind spun out embellishments: cock as big — bigger! — than his entire body; the flesh of Yin-Kurama's cock a vivid, violent purple, mottled all over in patches; shaft animal in shape, covered in ridges and bulges, with bloated flanges running along its length; Kurama's cock shuddering in his arms as it pulsed, and each spurt of precome came burbling down over the slick flesh and coated his entire body in a slimy layer of rank fluid. Naruto opened his mouth, sloppily kissing across the shaft, and his mouth was immediately flooded with slime, rank and animal, thin watery pre pouring down through the thicker slime clinging to Kurama's shaft, and it all combined in a meaty, musky taste that burst all across his tongue as he sloppily kissed and sucked on the gigantic curves of Yin-Kurama's cock.

Yang-Kurama, his Kurama, was bearing his cock down on him too, both jostling and sliding against each other, drenching him in twice the volume of watery fox preseed — no, he was jerking off, cockhead pressed against Naruto's back — no, he was down on his haunches, muzzle open, enormous tongue slavering out to wrap around Naruto's thighs and ass, tip teasing his aching balls. Yeah, Naruto thought, hazy and horny. Yeah, that was a good place for him. Yang-Kurama's tongue was coiled all around him, slowing his erratic thrashing, tongue heavy and slick and wet drooling all across his thighs, digging between his cheeks, and then Yang-Kurama dove in, tongue slurping between his thighs and spearing into his ass, and he moaned and got another facefull of Yin-Kurama's pre as Yang-Kurama tonguefucked him, foot after foot of his tongue pushing deeper inside him, spreading his ass gaping, slithering up slick and heavy and hot into his guts.

Naruto groaned, panting hard. He was humping the mattress, the one arm pinned to his front forming a slick groove for him to slide against. His thighs were clamped together to squeeze his balls rhythmically. He was leaking, heavily, sheets and mattress already soaked to squelching from just his pre, and half-asleep he was mindlessly thrusting, chasing the heat and pleasure. He came with a shout that woke himself up: sweaty and gasping for breath, dazed, trapped fingers squeezing hard on his knot as it bloated up, hard and immense. His cumshots splattered all across his front, smacking him in the chin and spraying up to glaze his pillow and headboard, and he groaned and kept humping, heavy cock forming a sloppy trough in his mussed sheets as he came and came and came all over his bed. He kept cumming, his release continuing until the distinct spurts faded and the thick white gel of his initial shots gave way to a continual pour of clear watery cum, rank and acrid in his nose.

His dream-fantasy accelerated, got to the point where both Kuramas were fucking him: body impossibly spitroast between them, throat and ass warped, belly bloated out in the shape of their twin cocks, knocking around inside him as they struggled to get their nightmarishly-huge knots settled inside him. Naruto groaned, getting a mouthful of his own load, and he curled himself up, shooting all over his own face, hungrily lapping at his spurting cocktip, gulping down his own watery cum until his mouth felt stringy, slimy, scoured by his rank animal cum, and his stomach roiled from the sloppy weight of it.

Once he finally finished — prying his aching hands off his turgid, slowly-softening knot — he was left to deal with the aftermath. His bed was saturated, sheets dark and glued together, pillow one big sponge, pools of cum forming in the dents in the mattress and slowly oozing down to the floor in sloppy ribbons. He was painted head to toe in churned-up froth, crotch-to-neck a dense, off-white paste of creamy slime. His hair was plastered to his scalp, dripping cum across his brows and down the back of his neck.

Naruto sighed, swinging his legs off his bed and wincing when his feet slurped against the floor. His cock throbbed with his heartbeat, soft but still unsheathed: a big, heavy spar jutting out between his legs nearly to his knees, warping the fabric of his pajama pants. Its pink flesh shuddered, still spasming, and the ripples resonated through his entire body, wringing out a final, dripping cord of clear cum that splattered to the floor, splashing into the slimy puddle he was already resting his feet in.

Naruto got to his feet and started the long, long process of cleaning up. This was not the first time he'd done that; hell, it wasn't the first time he'd done that this week. His entire apartment continually reeked of cum.

He peeled his sodden pajama pants down; stripped his sheets, and threw them into his hamper with a wet smack. He left slimy footprints on the wood as he headed to the bathroom. It was a mess to clean: rinsing off the slurry of cum, airing out the mattress, running his laundry. His sheath jutted out in front of him, jouncing in the air, and his balls were heavy and aching, draping down across his thigh as he moved. He'd been used to being half-hard all the time, but being halfway to unsheathing was still something new: cock turgid and heavy, but still sunk inside him, stretching the weird passage that snaked up between his hips. Sometimes a motion would put pressure on it, in some indirect way, and the first few stubby inches of his cock would spill out of his sheath, flesh sliding around inside him, until he straightened up and it would slurp back inside, leaving his sheath swollen and spread open around the tip of his dick. By the time he was done cleaning it felt like he had to jerk off again.

Instead he crammed his sheath into his pants and got dressed. The air outside was blissfully free of the heavy reek of fox cum, and Naruto locked the door behind him, breathing in deeply, and then turned and ran right into Kiba walking up his stoop.

"Oh," he said. "Hi." It wasn't that he wasn't happy to see Kiba, or get some alone time with him, it was just that, well, the last few months had been a change for all of them. Also he had a fox dick now and his apartment was gonna be a stinking mess to Kiba's nose.

"Hey," Kiba said, and sniffed the air, wrinkling his nose. Yeah, there was no way he couldn't smell the reek of sex. Kiba looked nice. He was wearing a mesh shirt, which was always good, and his fur-collar jacket, and Naruto was maybe just staring at his chest.

"Hey, shut up," Naruto said.

Kiba rolled his eyes. "I missed you too. So, you free...?"

"Uh, yeah." Naruto turned back to his apartment. "Do you want to come in?" Best to get it over with quick. Also, to be honest, his dick was already reacting to Kiba's presence, aching in his sheath, already ready for another round.

"Sure," Kiba said. It was a little awkward. Enough time had gone by that they weren't on the exact same wavelength anymore.

Kiba let out a little laugh when he stepped inside, nose twitching, and Naruto opened his mouth to say something only to have Kiba step into his space, hands curling over Naruto's hips, and kiss him. Naruto groaned, tipping his head to the side so Kiba could bite down across his jaw and neck, nose inhaling deeply against the crook of his neck, and he let out a rumbling groan and shoved Naruto back against the closed door. "Been a while," he said, panting against Naruto's throat. "Fuck, you smell good."

"Yeah," Naruto said, a little breathless, and returned the favor, nipping at Kiba's lips and sliding over his stubbled jaw, biting down across the meat of his shoulder. Kiba groaned, rutting forward, and the heavy swell of his dick ground against Naruto's thigh.

The fox dick thing was going to be awkward. He couldn't really unsheath in his pants; his sheath just thickened, heavy and aching, and his swollen cock ached inside him, bloating his internal passageways. It felt a little like getting fucked: a constant heavy pressure against his prostate, the hard span of his cock throbbing and pulsing inside him. It shifted when he ground down against Kiba's thigh, sending a frisson of pleasure up his spine, and he let out a loud cry, legs almost buckling.

Enough foreplay, he thought. I'm just gonna suck Kiba's dick. "I'm just gonna suck your dick," he said, and dropped to his knees, face mashing against Kiba's bulge — Kiba said, "Uh," above him with a particular kind of urgency — and jerked Kiba's pants down. He only really had a second, seeing Kiba's bulge an inch from his face, to think that hey, the shape of Kiba's dick looked a little different, before it flopped out into the open.

"Um," Kiba said. "I was meaning to, uh..." He trailed off. Naruto was still just staring.

So, Kiba had a dog dick now. It was a bright cherry red, bloated out thicker in the middle, and as Naruto stared it finished unsheathing, the lumpy base pushing out through Kiba's sheath with a squelch and a splatter of sloppy pre across Naruto's face. Rich and tangy where it splattered across his open mouth and caught on his tongue.

Kiba's dick was big. Real big. His knot, even soft, was easily a solid fistful, and his sheath was nearly as big as Kiba's old, human dick had been. His skin was leathery and dark, covered in a sparse coating of tawny fur that prickled all across Kiba's sheath and balls, spreading out across his thighs in stiff tufts. His balls were like a fist, each, and they visibly churned and lurched in their huge, drooping sac.

"No way!" Naruto said, eventually. "No way your dick is bigger now!"

Kiba cracked up, sagging back against the door. "That's what you're worried about now?!" His cock bobbed up and down in front of Naruto's face. The very tip was mottled purple, around the dimple along the sloping tip, and as he watched it bulged out and spread into a smooth circle, pushing out a glimmering bead of precome.

Naruto swallowed heavily. "Yeah," he said, a little hoarse. "That's what you were always thinking about." He leaned in and sucked the tip into his mouth. Kiba made a shocked ghhlk noise, entire body frozen in place. Kiba's dick tasted rank, like wet dog. And it was huge; Naruto could only easily wrap his lips around the tip, and had to open wide to try to fit any more in. He licked along the underside, right along the edge of the sloped tip, since he knew that was sensitive for him, and Kiba let out a squeaking yip, cock spasming hard, tip nearly lurching out past Naruto's lips, and shot of a spurt of rank dog pre, watery and acrid, that hit the roof of Naruto's mouth and splattered all over, dribbling across his teeth, pooling under his tongue. Kiba tasted a lot more bitter than he did, almost sour, and his pre was practically like water. Naruto swallowed, making a face around Kiba's dick at the weird taste, and pursed his lips around the tip when he pulled off so the watery mess didn't drip all over. He sat back and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Yeah," he said. His voice was already a little warbly, pre caught in his throat.

Kiba was just staring down at him, eyes wide. "You're okay with it?!" he said, voice shrill.

"Did you come over to surprise me with your dog dick?"

"I was hoping you'd be okay with it! I didn't think you'd just yank off my pants and stick it in your mouth!"

Naruto snorted. "Can you blame me? It's been months."

Kiba's dick was still right in front of his face, bobbing a little as he talked. Kiba was leaking pre in little wet burbles, glimmering along the slope of his cockhead and spilling down along its fat curve, forming thick, juicy runnels of pre spilling down his shaft. Kiba opened his mouth to say something else and Naruto leaned in, licking along the curve of his dick, catching the cords of dog pre and letting it flood his mouth in an acrid mess. All the breath in Kiba's lungs went out in a loud whuff. His legs wobbled, and he slumped down to his knees, a little wild-eyed. Naruto leaned in, kissing him wet and open-mouthed, sharing the mess of animal pre. Kiba groaned, burbling, and grabbed his face, hungrily kissing back as he lapped up his own pre from Naruto's mouth.

Kiba pulled back, his lips slick and shiny with pre, resting their foreheads together. "Fuck," he said. "You're unbelievable."

"Yeah, well, believe it." Naruto's own dick ached, a hard swell between his thighs. He clamped his legs together, squeezing down on his dick, and the white-hot flash of pleasure made him nearly cum in his pants. "I got something to show you too."

Kiba's dick was a huge slimy spar between them, drooling pre across Naruto's shirt and pants, and he squeezed his hand down along it to the root before releasing it and grabbing the hem of his shorts. He peeled them down over the sodden bulge of his own dick. It unsheathed with a long, liquid slorp, and Naruto groaned the whole way through. Pre gurgled inside him, squirting out from his sheath in sloppy cords as his shaft could finally push out into the open. It clashed against Kiba's dick, smooth pink compared to his mottled red, the both of them slimy and dripping with pre. Utterly gigantic the both of them, but, yeah, Kiba's dick had practically doubled in size whereas Naruto's had only gained a few inches.

"What?!" Kiba said. "What??" He reached out a grabbed it, like to make sure it was actually real. First time anybody aside from him had touched his dick. Well, this 'his dick'; Kiba had touched his other dick plenty.

Naruto groaned, bucking forward, and plowed his dick through Kiba's fist, hitting his chest with a wet smack, and sprayed a fountain of pre all across his front, drenching his face — watery cords drooling from his soaked goatee — and spurting across his jacket, staining the fabric dark.

Naruto laughed a little. "Haha, sorry," he said, hips still pumping, his cock squelching wetly through Kiba's loose grip. Kiba shrugged out of his jacket, tossing it aside, and Naruto caught a tendril of pre dripping from Kiba's chin and smeared it out across his bare shoulder.

"How did you get this?!"

Naruto shrugged. "Kurama gave it to me."

"Like—" Kiba mimed somebody handing Naruto a dick.

"On accident." Probably. "Just from channeling so much of his chakra." He hooked a finger in his mouth and pulled it out. "Alsho check out these teeth!"

"Huh," Kiba said, still staring blankly down at Naruto's fox dick, fingers idly squeezing its slippery length, like he wasn't even that aware he was doing it. "I guess that makes sense."

"Does it?"

Kiba nodded. "Summoned creature chakra contamination." And then at Naruto's blank look, "I forget sometimes you totally didn't learn anything at academy."


"When you use chakra that isn't yours, it messes with your biorhythms, and in extreme cases —" and he squeezed Naruto's dick for emphasis, making him yelp and arch up, splattering Kiba's front with another hosing gush of pre. "— it can alter your body permanently."

"Oh," Naruto said. "Huh." He looked down at Kiba's dick. "So wait, is that what happened to you?"

Kiba ducked his head to the side, a flush creeping up across his cheeks. "Um," he said.

"You totally yelled at me when I said I thought all Inuzukas had dog dicks," Naruto pointed out. One of the first times they'd jerked each other off, Naruto had said he was surprised, and Kiba had said by what. And he'd said, well, I heard all the Inuzuka guys had dog dicks. Kiba hadn't taken that well. "You said it was just a perverted rumor."

"It is a perverted rumor," Kiba grumbled. "Um. It's like... when we're old? It takes like a lifetime of channeling ninken chakra to have an effect. And it's not something the clan likes talking about, or having outsiders know. Since it's kind of embarrassing. So don't tell anybody I told you."

Naruto stripped off his shirt and slung it to the side. It hit the ground with a wet thwap, the front already saturated and oozing pre. Kiba had it a little better; his mesh shirt didn't actually absorb anything. Also it gave Naruto a really nice look at his chiseled muscles, shifting when he moved, all shiny and glazed with their combined sloppy mess of pre. "I mean, if you don't wanna tell me, that's fine," Naruto said. "I can just enjoy your dick; you don't gotta, like, give me all your backstory."

They were on their knees, cocks pressed together. Idly stroking each others' dicks; not really active enough to jerk off. Not interested in that yet; too unused to the other's alterations. Naruto slid his pre-slick fingers along the sharp edge of Kiba's pointed cocktip, ground his thumbpad against the sloppy divot along the upper slope. Kiba groaned, sagging against him, and Naruto grinned against his neck; that was one of his own sensitive spots too.

"I came here to tell you about it," Kiba groaned into Naruto's ear. He was rutting up slightly, smearing his dick along Naruto's bare chest, coating his skin thickly with each spurt of gummy, slimy pre.

"So keep talking," Naruto said against Kiba's ear, hands on his fat dog dick, stroking and squeezing its dense, rubbery length. Kiba whined, hips rolling, fucking his cock up along Naruto's chest, sliding it against Naruto's own length. "You're not old," he said, and paused. "I don't want to think about forty year old dog dicks." He said it still in the same husky whisper, and Kiba cracked up, baying laughing.

"You fucker!" Kiba knocked Naruto back on his ass and leaned over him. His hands were practically glued to Naruto's dick, with slimy piles of pre sluicing across his knuckles; he pulled free with a wet squelch and dragged gummy cords of pre all up his chest. Kiba planted his hands on either side of Naruto's shoulders, grinding his hips down hard so their sheaths mashed together. Naruto's knot was still sunk inside him, a turgid swell within the base of his sheath. They both groaned, Naruto arching up into the thrust, his own dick skidding up across Kiba's pre-slathered chest. The space between them was a messy, sludgy cocoon of corded pre, drizzling all over their skin, forming finger-thick webs of drooping slime.

Naruto's grip shifted, fingers sliding down Kiba's shaft to play with the stiff tufts of hair across his sheath and thighs, stroking his sheath loosely like playing with a foreskin. "You got a real nice dog dick," he said, looking up at Kiba. "Much better than whatever weird dog dick your dad has."

"Ugh, gross!" Kiba groaned, pinning Naruto flat with his hands on his upper arms; Naruto struggled but not in any real way. "Don't say shit like that while you're touching my dick!"

"You said it!" Naruto squirmed under him, lurching his hips up; the both of them gasped at the erratic contact between their dicks, audibly squelching and slurping as they slid against each other. Above him, Kiba was flushed and panting, brown eyes dark, lips shiny, mouth parted. Naruto grabbed his ass and ground their dicks together hard, pinning them tight between their stomachs — Kiba's spanning up to their chests — and Kiba let out a guttural groan, collapsing on top of him with a wet squelch.

"So what," Naruto said. "You're a prodigy or something? Got your dick early?" His dick pulsed between them, a steady throb as strong as his heartbeat, and the divot at the tip shuddered and spread, spurting out stringy arcs of pre in gummy threads between them, adding to the already-slathered mess coating their chests.

"Uh," Kiba said. "Um. So, it happens from using your ninken's chakra, right? But that's not actually that much. But. There are... other ways... you can come in contact with more of their chakra..." Kiba trailed off, his ruddy flush returning.

"Oh my god!" Naruto yelped, sitting up and bowling Kiba off him. "You've been fucking around with Akamaru!"

"Not so loud," Kiba said, glaring at him.

"You totally did punch me that one time when I said you and him fucked each other!"

"We were thirteen," Kiba hissed. "You shouted it in front of everybody!"

"Oh my god, I was right about everything!" Naruto said. "You don't actually have dog ears too, right? Because then I'd be three for three." He rooted through Kiba's hair for a second before Kiba smacked him off, leaving his hair tangled and matted from his slime-coated fingers.

"I don't have dog ears," Kiba said.

Naruto looked pointedly down at Kiba's dick. "You can see why I'd assume." He leaned forward, reversing their former positions: Naruto on all fours, stalking over to Kiba, sprawled on his ass.

"So it's like, not something your clan does? I kinda figured like half your clan was fucking their ninken already?"

"What?!" Kiba sputtered. "What kind of clan do you think we are?!"

"Uh, the kind where sometimes people fuck their dogs and get a dog dick out of it," Naruto said. "Clearly."

"Ugh, shut up."

Naruto grinned, laying atop Kiba, just slowly fucking their cocks against each other. "So, Akamaru, huh? I wasn't blowing you enough so you had to turn to him, huh?"

"It wasn't like that!"

"Oh yeah? So what was it like?"

Kiba turned his face away. "He's got a really big dick."

Naruto laughed into Kiba's shoulder. "You got a weakness for big dicks, it's true." The first time they'd jerked each other off, Kiba had wanted to compare dicks, and when he saw Naruto was way bigger he hadn't gotten mad or humiliated or anything like that. He'd gotten all wide-eyed and said something like, 'Wow, that's really big,' and then he'd just reached out and grabbed it. "So how long as that been going on? Long enough to get you this —" he said, gripping Kiba's dick and pumping it. Slime oozed out between his fingers, smearing across Kiba's stomach, and he let out a soft moan, hips jerking up reflexively, sending Naruto's fingers slipping all the way down to smack against his knot.

"A while," Kiba said, voice catching. "Like a year or so."

It'd been a while since they'd fucked around, but it hadn't been a year. Which meant Kiba's first time with Akamaru had been some time when they were both still meeting up somewhat regularly to fuck. His first thought was actually indignation: how dare Kiba go jerk off Akamaru and not invite him along for a threesome! They were... something, at least. Fuckbuddies. But honestly, a year ago, with his dreams about Kurama only starting to ramp up, he probably wouldn't have wanted to touch a dog dick. Now, well. Given his growing appreciation for his own fox dick, and just how intense the look was on Kiba: defined muscles, straight hair down his stomach that turned into shaggy curls, and then smack between his thighs his fuzzy sheath and giant balls, anchoring the gigantic, absurd bulk of his transformed dog dick, purple-red and shiny... well, yeah, there was something appealing to the thought of Kiba pinned under Akamaru, jerking off some gigantic dog dick. Maybe him too. "Huh," was what he said, though.

"Akamaru started getting ruts," Kiba said. "And, uh— I mean, he knows about us, right?"

Naruto nodded; hard to really keep that secret from somebody that was constantly smelling Kiba's scent. They hadn't really told anybody they were having sex — why would they? — but he figured most of Kiba's clan knew.

"He, uh. You wouldn't believe the shit he says. His sex drive is out of control. He gets like, really pent up. He wanted me to help him out. He, uh. He said he could smell how turned-on I was getting when I looked at his dick."

"Were you?" Naruto asked.

Kiba looked away, flushed dark. He nodded.

"So you started blowing him," Naruto said.

"Yeah." Kiba swallowed. "You're not, like, mad?"

"I'm not gonna be jealous of a dog," Naruto said. Like, if he found out Kiba was fucking around with Shino or Chouji and hadn't told him, he'd be kinda pissed. But Kiba was about as close friends with Akamaru as it was possible to be, and whatever he was getting out of that wasn't really conflicting with whatever Kiba had with him. Clearly, since he'd come over to talk about it and to fuck.

"Not jealous," Kiba said. "It's like... I mean, seriously don't tell anybody about this; my mom would ground me like forever."

"Ground you," Naruto said. "You're seventeen!"

"As my clan leader," Kiba specified. "Like, we're not supposed to fuck our ninken! It'd be like fucking a summoned animal! Kuromaru would kick my ass!"

In the civilian part of Konoha there were stories and plays about ninja, and an ever-popular play was about a forbidden love between a ninja and his summoned creature, who was a delicate fox maiden. It was all very dramatic and tragic and civilians loved it. Ninja less so, because they knew just how explosively bad that kind of relationship usually went; they were forbidden for a good reason. It was in bad taste. Naruto had never really thought about Akamaru in that sense, though.

Kiba went on: "Like they're our friends, and we take care of each other, but they're ninja tools. It's unprofessional! It's basically incest!" Kiba said. "Like if the members of a squad all had crushes on each other." He narrowed his eyes at Naruto. "Maybe that's a bad example for you, though."

"Hey!" Naruto sprawled out on top of Kiba, pinning him in a tangle of limbs. "I think it's fine? I don't have a problem with it, at least. Akamaru's your friend, right? Like, go for it."

"Huh." Kiba looked a little nonplussed to actually get Naruto's blessing, as it were. "Thanks? I wasn't actually asking for permission."

Naruto rolled his eyes. "Whatever."

"But," Kiba said, "I didn't come here to just talk."

"Oh yeah, talking," Naruto said, reaching down to squeeze Kiba's dick, to freshen up the gummy, half-dried pre across his fingers with the slick, wet stuff coating Kiba's shaft. "That's what we've been doing."

Kiba let out a growl and flipped Naruto over, pinning him to the floor. He ground his hips down, their cocks wetly squelching against each other, and Naruto let out a shaky moan, eyes squeezed shut. Kiba kissed him, nipping across his jaw and down his neck, and slid a hand between them, fingers slipping across the sharp curve of Naruto's cockhead.

"I wanna see you shoot," Kiba said, lips rasping against the hollow of Naruto's throat. He sprawled back opposite Naruto: his elbow pressing against Naruto's stomach, his head pillowed on his thigh, and bodily yanked off the rest of Naruto's clothes, tossing his pants to the side as he looked down at Naruto, sprawled on the floor entirely naked, fox dick throbbing up across his stomach. He leaned in and wrapped both hands around the slick, fat spar of Naruto's dick.

Before, their touches had been idle strokes, fingers teasing over the tip or along the bulging underside. This was different. This was active. Kiba wanted Naruto to come, and soon. He stroked Naruto base to tip, pumping a slow, steady rhythm that had Naruto whining and arching up into it, sloppily fucking Kiba's hand. Kiba ground the heel of his hand down against Naruto's bulging sheath, the pressure sending a electric jolt of pleasure all through his body, thrumming up his stomach, and Naruto let out a gasping sob.

It was the first time anybody aside from himself had touched his dick. Naruto smacked his hands against Kiba's back, fingers curling around his upper arm and side, holding him as an anchor as he fucked Kiba's hands. Kiba slid down his shaft all the way to the sheath, a ring of pressure and sensation, and Naruto whined, hips jerking up, mashing his sheath across the heels of Kiba's hands with a wet smack. Kiba let him grind down for a second, pleasure bursting across his sunken knot, and then drew back, fingers skimming all the way up to curl around his pulsing cocktip. Kiba stroked him steadily, fingers slipping over the slick, rigid surface and coaxing out a few more heavy arcs of pre, splattering across Naruto's stomach in hot bursts, droplets of pre hitting all across his skin.

Naruto keened, thrusting his goopy cock through Kiba's hands with obscene wet squelches. Sparks burst at the base of his spine and spread upward through his entire body. He let out a loud cry, back arching, fucking up into the air. Muscles inside him flexed hard; his knot finally surfaced from his sheath in a messy explosion of backed-up pre. His knot was fat and fist-sized, its flushed pink color muted by the thick smearing of frothed-up pre clinging to its bloated flesh. Gooey lines of translucent sludge drooled from his spread sheath across his stomach; his sheath shuddered and pulsed, slowly tightening along the base of his knot until with a final gurgling squelch it closed up around the very root of his dick, cutting off the grimy flow. Naruto could still feel it swill around inside his sheath, thick and gummy; Kiba tipped his head to look, warm breath billowing across the raw, sensitive flesh of his knot, and curled a hand around his sheath and squeezed. Kiba milked out a sloppy squirt of goopy slime, burbling up over his knot and spilling down Kiba's fingers in thick cords. Naruto howled and squirmed, bucking up into Kiba's fist, letting him rhythmically squeeze until all he got was a sludgy burble.

Each of Kiba's strokes bottomed out by smacking against his knot. The impact made his entire body jolt, muscles across his stomach and hips tensing. Naruto stared blindly at the ceiling, hips pumping up, mouth open, guttural moans ripping their way up his throat each time Kiba's palms smacked against his burgeoning knot. Kiba laced his fingers tight, spreading them slightly as Naruto thrust up, feigning him fucking open a tight hole, only to draw back, try again, after a second had gone by. Naruto was gone, just gasping and yowling, feeling only the desperate throb of his knot: bulging fatter and fatter, harder and harder, as his entire cock shuddered and swelled, his turgid flesh becoming rock hard. His knot beat a tattoo against Kiba's hands as he frenetically fucked through their grasp. Slobbery webs of pre smeared all over, stretching out when Naruto pulled back into swaying cords that snapped and splattered all across his stomach and thighs. All his excess pre frothed up into a dense lather, coating Kiba's hands in creamy dollops of churned-up ooze, spilling down his forearms in thick lines. Naruto's hands clenched, digging into Kiba's skin, anchoring him in place as he brutally thrust up, knot hitting Kiba's hands with a loud smack and splattering pre all over.

Naruto ground his knot against Kiba's hands, huge and slippery, its swollen flesh creaking and squelching as it pushed deeper into the open cavity between his hands. Naruto thrust again, and again, and again, trying to tie, and finally — surprising the both of them — his slick, slippery knot popped through, suddenly smacking into place, held in Kiba's hands like an immense burning coal. Kiba squeezed down, faking a tie, and Naruto jerked back and forth, only able to thrust a half-inch, locked in place. Cords of slime burbled out between Kiba's fingers, squelching as he adjusted his grip, always squeezing across its heavy, dense bulk.

Heat burst in the base of Naruto's spine, knot beating like a second heart, bulging out hard against Kiba's fingers, clenching it tight. He howled, letting out an animal cry that trailed off into erratic yips. He only knew he was cumming when the first rope of cum smacked his chest in a hot wave; the spasm of shooting was lost under the desperate, aching throb of his swollen knot. It was nothing like knotting his own hand. Sparks went off behind his eyes; his entire body arched up, and he sobbed and howled, open-mouthed panting, chest heaving, as he blew his load all over himself. Hot ropes of cum splattered up his chest, clinging to his skin in thick, gummy lines, but as rope after rope splattered all over him they smeared together, forming a thick, goopy waterfall sluicing down his sides and spilling all across the floor. Kiba kept his grip on his knot, squeezing just tight enough, keeping him going, and Naruto whined, hips uselessly jerking, his erupting cock firing off into the air in great spumes.

Naruto collapsed, boneless, and flung one arm over his face — more cum splattered down against it, smearing through the mess already coating his face. "Oh fuck," he groaned. The rush of orgasm subsided into a steady pulsing: internal muscles rhythmically pumping, a continual current of heat and pleasure flowing through him.

"You never done this before?" Kiba asked, face still close enough to Naruto's dick he could feel the curl of his breath.

"Yeah, my hand," Naruto said. "Different when it's not just jerking off." Kiba's fingers squelched as he shifted his grip, and the slide across his knot wrenched out a fresh cry from Naruto's throat, long and sobbing. Kiba did it again, grinning against Naruto's thigh at the full-body shudder, at the way Naruto's dick flexed sharply, nearly slapping down across his stomach.

When Naruto knotted his hand he usually stayed knotted for maybe five minutes: a minute of cum, four of watery sludge, and then his knot sagging and shrinking. He hadn't been counting, but his cock was still rhythmically pulsing, its initial giant spurts of cum replaced with wet, heavy arcs that splattered all across his stomach, and it was only just starting to thin, to go from the thick ooze at the start into the wet, watery cum that he'd be continually pissing out until his knot softened. Kiba was intentionally aiming his cock so he shot all over himself, drenching his entire body in watery, acrid fox cum. It smelled rank and heavy, not like what he figured was human cum; this was rank and animal, a weird bitterness in the back of his throat just from breathing in the thick smell of sex.

Kiba seemed just as enthralled as he was. His thumbs dug in to the underside of Naruto's swollen knot, just enough pressure to get something inside him to spark, and Naruto let out a long, groaning sigh, rutting back and forth, flinging wet sprays of cum through the air as his dick wobbled back and forth, grinding the underside down against Kiba's hands. Ooze squelched under his ass, slurping as it got smeared all up his back, all down his legs.

"You're helping clean all this up," Naruto said, breathlessly, voice still shaky and reedy.

"Sure," Kiba said, absently, and leaned in enough to lick a stripe up Naruto's dick, wrenching out a guttural cry and filling his mouth to overflowing with Naruto's rank, animal issue. He sputtered, swallowing, and absent being able to wipe his mouth with his hands he just leaned in and sloppily sucked along the underside of Naruto's shaft. Naruto whined, overstimulated, cock still hosing him down as Kiba kissed and drooled his way across his shaft, just smearing the both of them more thickly with his issue.

"I can't believe you still have your pants on," Naruto said. Kiba's shorts were shoved down his thighs nearly to his knees, fabric tangled and soaked nearly black from the pre slathered across the both of them, but they were definitely still on his body.

"Shut up," Kiba said, laughing softly, and he squirmed, hips shaking, trying to drag them down his legs without unclasping his hands from around Naruto's knot. Naruto reached up and pulled, cupping Kiba's giant balls for a second before shoving his hand inside the crotch of Kiba's pants and dragging them down to his calves in a messy, inside-out tangle of sodden fabric, letting Kiba kick them off.

"We should've done this in a bed," Naruto said, before looking at the destruction around them. "Not my bed, though." His mattress was still airing out anyway.

Kiba just hummed in agreement, dipping his head down to lap across his cum-slathered fingers, tongue sliding up along Naruto's shaft, and that got him to stop talking.

It was minutes until Naruto's knot started to soften. The messy spill of watery issue poured down his shaft all across Kiba's cum-slathered hands for the last minute, before the pulses inside him finally stopped. Kiba pried his hands off Naruto's dick and shook his fingers out, stiff from being clamped in place for something like fifteen minutes.

Naruto just lay there, panting, unmoving even as his dick swung down and splattered all across his stomach and chest, splashing droplets of cum everywhere. His body still thrummed with the afterglow of his orgasm, a warm heat suffusing his body, and also he didn't want to open his eyes to see just how much of a mess he'd made. Cum burbled at his sides, spilling out across the floor, and he was practically slathered head to toe again. He finally braced himself and opened his eyes, and immediately groaned. Yeah, the floor was slathered, and also he'd hit the wall behind him more than a few times, with a splotchy trail of shots past his head and up the wall. He was in the middle of a broadening pool, oozing out over the floorboards, and they were definitely gonna warp if he let all that soak in. That being said...

Kiba was pressed up against his side, his cock a hard spar sliding against his hip. Untouched while he'd been knotting Kiba's hands, his dick had partially softened and retracted into his sheath, becoming a tapering spike that jutted out a handspan long. It was still slick, coated in a coating of pre, and Naruto rolled to face Kiba, kissing him again as he slung one hand over his back, the other reaching down to wrap around his fat shaft.

"Before we clean up," Naruto said, tugging on his shaft, "I wanna return the favor." Naruto cupped Kiba's length in his hand, two fingers sliding along the underside.

"Oh yeah?" Kiba groaned, his cock unsheathing easily. His dick was heavy and slick in Naruto's hands, slurping out over them in pulses, another handspan and then two sliding from Kiba's sheath. Kiba's knot burst out at the slightest touch, the twin chambers on the side of his dick slightly bulging even with his knot spongy and soft, and Naruto held it in one hand, the other stroking up and down his giant length, getting him fully hard again, rutting it against his stomach. It was seriously gigantic, about the length of Naruto's forearm when fully unsheathed, and judging by Kiba's full-body spasms when his skimmed his fingers along the underside, it was just as sensitive as Naruto's own. Naruto played with the tip as he made out with Kiba, thumb sliding along the bulging divot, catching the messy gushes of pre and smearing them back out across Kiba's already-slathered cockhead.

Naruto sat back, settling himself between Kiba's splayed legs. He wrapped his hand firmly around Kiba's girth and pumped him steadily. Kiba's shaft was flushed a dark, angry purple-red, with mottled splotches across the tip, and it gleamed, coated in a messy, sticky coating of thickened pre. Kiba whined, hands clamping around Naruto's forearms as he pumped, fingers clenching whenever he hit somewhere sensitive or dug down somewhere intense. Kiba's cock shuddered, spurting out glimmering webs of pre all up his chest, splattering across his neck, and Naruto enjoyed aiming his dick so that it gushed all over Kiba's face, making him spit and sputter. Naruto grinned up at him, leaning in for a quick kiss — lapping up the rank, bitter mess of pre dribbling down Kiba's chin — and then dipping down to suckle on the tip, catching the next spurt all across his tongue. He still wasn't used to how bitter it was, making a face around the spurting tip as he milked out a slobbery gush of pre all across his tongue, but he still swallowed a mouthful before pulling off and letting the rest drool down all over Kiba's slathered cock.

"You wanna knot my hands?" Naruto said, grinning down at Kiba, squeezing his knot. "Cum all over my face for ten minutes?" He talked around Kiba's cockhead, letting Kiba drench his face in glossy cords of pre, spurting all across his forehead and cheeks until his face was entirely glazed and dripping.

Kiba humped up, smearing his cocktip across Naruto's face. "Yeah," he whined, panting. "Come on, stop teasing!"

Naruto suckled on Kiba's cocktip, hands sinking to the root of Kiba's shaft to grind against his knot. "Don't worry," Naruto said, words inarticulate around the pointed tip of Kiba's dick. "I'm gonna be drenched by the time you're done." He spat out a watery cord of pre, just letting it overflow down his chin mostly. "More than I am already," he said, a little wry, and Kiba let out a bark of a laugh that turned into a shaky moan when Naruto licked across his cockhead.

"You look really hot like this," Naruto said, a cord of pre gushing from Kiba's dick and webbing across his eye; he squinted, pre sluicing down his face, stuck in cords across his eyelashes. Kiba was a mess, panting and sweating, writhing on the floor, his immense dog dick fully unsheathed, knot just starting to swell into a massive, inhuman lump. Pre poured in thick cords down his sides, following the gullies of his flexing muscles, forming thick rivers across his hips. His head was tipped back, throat exposed, a mess of gummy pre stuck in the stubble across his jaw, gluing his goatee to his chin.

Kiba's hips jerked up each time Naruto bottomed out on his cock, knot beating up against his hands, and Naruto ground down, smacking his hands against Kiba's swelling knot in imitation of what he'd done to him. Kiba moaned, entire body jolting from the wet clap of impact, and his knot visibly pulsed bigger, the twin mounds bracketing his shaft swelling. Kiba's balls were drawing up into a giant lump between his thighs, his furry sac bigger than both of Naruto's hands put together, and it lurched and jounced, heavy enough it audibly smacked back down against his thighs with each of Kiba's thrusts. His chest was heaving, sheened with sweat and slime, his abs clenching into hard blocks before Kiba would whine and exhale, relax, stomach hollowing until he could see the shadow of Kiba's ribcage. Kiba writhed on the ground, slurping through the mess of Naruto's load, erratically fucking up through his hands, giant knot bloating fatter and fatter. Naruto smacked down against its bloated mass, each stroke coaxing out a sharp, streaking burst of pre, and as Kiba got closer his thrusts got shorter: mashing his knot against Naruto's hands over and over, only pulling back to get more leverage to grind back down.

Finally Naruto spread his interlinked fingers fractionally, letting Kiba bear down hard. The rubbery flesh of his knot deformed from the pressure — Kiba growled and yowled, claws digging into Naruto's forearm — and his knot lurched up into the tight opening between Naruto's hands, sinking fractionally deeper with each thrust of his hips, until Kiba finally sunk in, socketing his knot into place between his hands with an obscene squelch, a gummy ooze of pre burbling out between Naruto's splayed fingers.

Kiba howled, back arching, knot beating like a heart, flesh bloating to full hardness, full expansion: hard and dense, with almost no give, and so big that Naruto's hands barely met around its bulk. His cock lurched hard, muscles across Kiba's stomach clenching and flexing in clear relief, and his cock erupted with its first shot of cum, lancing up in a finger-thick rope and smacking against the ceiling, splattering down everywhere in a messy rain of goopy droplets. Naruto yelped, watching everything he owned get even more drenched in cum, but the sight of Kiba writhing on the ground in front of him, whining and sobbing, his monolithic dog dick spraying everywhere, pulled his attention right back. Kiba's entire cock jerked wildly with each shot, shooting each huge rope of cum in a random direction, each time smacking hard against the ceiling and leaving a messy splatter. Cum drooled down in heavy ropes, snapping with a crack and raining down to the floor.

Kiba, meanwhile, was seeing none of it: eyes squeezed shut, gasping, hips trembling, tears running down his face, as he kept cumming. Naruto groaned, squeezing his knot, his own cock hard again and grinding against Kiba's hip. He whined too, sharp and feral, as he rutted his cock up along Kiba's belly, smacking their knots together with an impact that made him see stars. The initial burst of Kiba's load subsided only after absolutely plastering Kiba's front with thick white cum, and the thick goop burbling from his spurting dick turned into watery slime pissing out all over his belly. Naruto fucked his length across the slimy mess coating Kiba's stomach, their hips pinned together, wet planes of froth smearing between them as Naruto churned up the mess painted across Kiba's front, turning it into a dense, creamy lather of mixed sludge.

Naruto's eyes rolled back in his head, his cock aching, his knot nearly-pinned between Kiba's thigh and the bulk of his sheath, and he shot off again, adding to the grimy slurry of their combined issue: his second load wetter and thinner; without him properly knotted in anything his spurts subsided nearly as quick as they did with his human dick. Still, he painted Kiba's chest, thick white cords of cum in streaks through the watery mess pouring across his chest from his still-spurting cock. The floor beneath them was flooded, piled up at their sides in frothy heaps, slurping with their every movement. Kiba's bare ass squelched every time he sagged down from a thrust, ooze burbling out under his thighs, ropes of cum smearing together into froth.

Kiba pissed out cum all over himself for another few minutes, gasping and breathing hard the entire time, until finally his knot sagged, sluggishly collapsing in on itself in a turgid bulk, and Naruto pried his stiff fingers off it, wiggling and shaking them out. Kiba's cock smacked down across his chest, pointed tip reaching nearly to the flooded hollow of his neck, fat shaft nestled between his pecs, and Naruto groaned, giving its slathered, foam-coated length a pump. He swallowed, spit heavy in his mouth, and leaned down, licking up the bitter, sour mess of Kiba's watery load, leaning up to kiss across Kiba's face, drooling the messy slurry into Kiba's open and panting mouth. Kiba groaned, tongue lapping out to catch the mess across Naruto's lips, and they hungrily made out, Kiba's dick pinned between them, still spurting weakly, adding to the slimy mess smeared across their entire bodies. His cock slid along Kiba's as they made out; he could feel the softening bulk of his knot trying to pull back into his sheath in shuddering spasms, just enough stimulation to stay fully unsheathed.

Naruto lapped up the bitter mess drizzling down Kiba's jaw, tongue sliding over Kiba's cheek to his mouth. Kiba groaned, struggling to sit up but just lurching awkwardly; his body was overwhelmed from his orgasm. They kissed, mouths clashing together, both panting and huffing. Naruto let Kiba bask in the afterglow for a few minutes, just sloppily making out in the puddle of mingled slime, cocks unsheathed between them, but...

"The mop is in that closet," Naruto said against Kiba's lips, and Kiba let out a confused whuff of breath before he started laughing breathlessly. Naruto laughed a little too, sitting back, idly pinning their cocks together and ladling slime along their lengths, one hand cupping their sides. He ground down, spongy knots clashing together, and they both let out a shaky cry. "Seriously though," Naruto said afterwards, voice uneven. "Gotta get up."

Kiba let out an entirely different kind of whining groan, but he sat up, grimacing at the mess of cum sluicing down his chest. Naruto got some towels, leaving behind slippery footprints all the way to and from the bathroom.

"I just finished cleaning up a mess when you got here," Naruto said, chucking a towel into Kiba's lap, covering the half-unsheathed spike of his dick. "At this rate my entire day is gonna be cleaning."

Kiba looked at the mess: cum still dripping from the ceiling, soaking into the wall, spilling all over the floorboards. When they'd haphazardly tossed away their clothes, some hadn't made it out of the splash zone and were now sodden heaps at the edge of the puddle, soaking up the spreading mess until they were entirely saturated. Naruto dumped their clothes into his hamper with a wet splat.

"You came a lot," Kiba said.

"I came a lot?!" Naruto said, and Kiba ducked his head, embarrassed but still grinning.

"Yeah, uh, one of the clan's issues with the dog dicks is just that... it's messy. If this is what it looks like when you jerk off..."

"I wouldn't want to see a clan compound full of guys with dog dicks," Naruto agreed.

Naruto used the towels to soak up as much of the cum on the floorboards as possible, then tossed them in the hamper too. Their skin was getting crusty, hair frozen into sticky tufts. He got out the mop.

"You know," Kiba said, standing on Naruto's shelves, daubing slime off the walls and ceiling. "Like, my mom told me about all that when I was still a kid? Just as part of the Inuzuka clan's heritage, and the dangers that came with it." At Naruto's look, he clarified: "She didn't actually say 'dog dick'. But I got the idea. And I knew I'd probably end up with one eventually, but..." His cupped his sheath, where his cockhead was only just peeking out, a weird red spike a finger long and three times as thick. "This was still really weird when it happened. It took a long time to get used to."

"Sure," Naruto said.

"But you seem to be taking it real well. With yours. And also with mine, I guess." Kiba leered. "You're just really into dog dicks, huh?"

Naruto snorted. "Listen, first of all—"

"It's a compliment," Kiba said.

Naruto laughed. "Is it?" He paused, just mopping for a bit. "And it's a fox dick, thanks. I dunno, I just like having a big dick." He stuck his tongue out at Kiba, who grinned back and cupped his sheath, a half-inch of slimy red shaft slipping out.

"Not as big as mine now, huh?"

Naruto rolled his eyes. "You're so obsessed with dick size." He had to admit there was something about Kiba's newly-gigantic dick, but it wasn't really the same effect as somebody just having a human dick that was a regular human bigness to it. Even now, just washing the walls naked, his sheath was impossible to miss: oversized on Kiba's body, grossly sexual, with his slimy cocktip peeking out and his gigantic balls lolling against his thighs, swaying in heavy lurches when he shifted his weight. When Kiba bent over his balls were framed under his ass, dark and fuzzy, with prickles of hair curling out across the back of his thighs, thinning out along the root of his dick. Naruto's own dick lurched, unsheathing to jut out across his stomach, drizzling glimmering threads of precum.

"Also, uh," Kiba said, not turning around, unaware of how Naruto was staring. "You know, when my mom told me all about this, she said I had to be really careful about who I married because most people aren't into dog dicks."

"What, so you just not gonna show anybody your dick for the next twenty years?"

"Well, nobody but you." Kiba turned around, leering, and caught him: just staring at Kiba's naked body, his dick unsheathed and starting to drip. He let out a surprised laugh, jumping down from his perch and stepping closer, balls smacking against his thigh, his own dick starting to spill out. "Doesn't look like you got a complaint, huh?"

Naruto rolled his eyes, refusing to be embarrassed. They just fucked; nobody was gonna blame him for looking. "You're so romantic," he said, and pulled Kiba in for a kiss. He could still taste the bitterness of their loads in Kiba's mouth. Or maybe it was in his mouth. Their dicks throbbed between them, the sluggish drizzle turning into a wet gush, and Naruto peeled away, letting fresh ropes of pre drool out between them. "Okay, no way are we doing this again," he said. "I'm not cleaning again."

"Man," Kiba said, looking at him with a goofy smile on his face. "You're one of a kind, you know?"

"Yeah, you better believe it," Naruto said. "Now get back to work. After we're done we're fucking in the shower."

Kiba perked up. "Oh yeah?"

"Uh, yeah, obviously," Naruto said. "No knotting, since I really don't think—"

"Akamaru can knot me," Kiba said, and then cut off with a snap, face turning beet red, and ducked his face down.

"No shit," Naruto said slowly, a giant grin spreading on his face. "Wow, that sounds like you just volunteered to get fucked." His own cock lurched, knot catching on the inner lip of his sheath for a second before it burst out into the open with a messy spatter, untouched, solely from the thought of that. Neither of them missed it.

Kiba swallowed. "Sure does," he said, still blushing all the way down his neck.

Naruto leaned in for a quick kiss, lips skating across Kiba's cheeks. "Finish cleaning my apartment first, though."